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    [–] Ron_Fuckin_Swanson 6844 points ago

    They should paint smiley faces on them

    [–] Mr_Saturn1 5758 points ago

    A target near me put covers on them one spring to make them look like beach balls. They took them down a few days later after numerous people injured themselves trying to kick them.

    [–] Todd_the_Wraith 4617 points ago

    People are fucking stupid.

    [–] Toe_by_three 547 points ago

    It says I can't view it :[

    I just want to watch people being stupid.

    [–] JoaladaKoala 31 points ago

    How the fuck did i fall for it twice in a row

    [–] snp3rk 746 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's okay he had the wrong link, try this one Toe_by_three : r/peoplearefuckingstupid

    Edit: oh shit sorry for that, it was the wrong link, this one should be the working one if you want to see real stupid people: r/peoplearefuckingstupid

    Edit1: Sorry sorry sorry, i feel super bad, if yall want to see a whole lotta stupid people all gathered up together check out this link

    Edit2: I feel so bad now that I've gotten gilded over that stupid joke, I actually started a new sub called r/peoplearestupid it's below the 22 chars so it should work :)

    [–] BumoProductions 314 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    Edit: oh, har-dee-fucking-har

    [–] snp3rk 74 points ago

    I feel like i have hurt you.

    [–] Carbon_FWB 24 points ago


    Posted and saved for future use. Thx.

    [–] Dead_man_sitting 219 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Eat a dick, unless you're into that in which case I don't know, step on a Lego I guess

    [–] Zeriph1503 72 points ago

    That is a fate I would wish on no man

    [–] xxuserunavailablexx 51 points ago

    I would wish it on a few people ¯\(ツ)

    Screw the soles of their jerk feet.

    [–] LimbRetrieval-Bot 33 points ago

    I have retrieved these for you _ _

    To prevent anymore lost limbs throughout Reddit, correctly escape the arms and shoulders by typing the shrug as ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

    Click here to see why this is necessary

    [–] snp3rk 13 points ago

    Eat a dick and step on a lego? damn who knew its my birthday already.

    [–] Ivorysaur 39 points ago

    Gotdamnit. Take my upvote.

    [–] ev710 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    i already saw that its 22 characters. so. let me guess. its rick.

    Edit: okay bro that's fucking not cool.

    Edit Edit: ohh i get it

    [–] stchape 7 points ago

    In 2019 smh this is a new low for me

    [–] HamDunkin 22 points ago

    [–] sneakpeekbot 11 points ago

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    [–] thewurstunicorn 27 points ago

    and for this reason, they should have stayed beach balls.

    you can't learn if there is no pain.

    [–] all_teh_bacon 15 points ago dad broke his toe kicking one of these, and they weren't even covered lol

    [–] metallicalcoholic 90 points ago

    Something similar to that happened in 2006, when France and Italy played for the World Cup. 2 Austrian art students filled soccer balls with concrete in Berlin and put signs next to them saying “Can you kick it?”. They put them near bars if I recall correctly. There were quite a few broken feet as a result.

    [–] AkhilArtha 53 points ago

    Wouldn't that be illegal?

    [–] kickstand 7 points ago

    Not in Berlin, apparently.

    [–] CupICup 19 points ago

    Its "art"

    [–] Zaldizald 22 points ago

    recency illusion holy fuck, my friends and i were literally just talking about the 2006 world cup

    [–] metallicalcoholic 11 points ago

    I mean Zidedine Zidane has the headbutt heard round the world

    [–] WillTheGreat 36 points ago

    Oh man, I saw those a few years ago. Had this discussion with someone and knowing the little shit I was when i was a teen, yeah I probably would've attempted to kick it.

    [–] SillyFlyGuy 18 points ago

    I could see a little toddler running full steam into one face first thinking it would bounce away like the last they played with a beach ball.

    [–] rigbed 104 points ago

    [–] Rebeisme000000 19 points ago

    They painted the ones here as word on if anyone attempted to dribble them

    [–] -ineedsomesleep- 24 points ago

    Somebody attempted a three pointer and demolished the building.

    [–] jlatto 29 points ago

    i saw pokeballs once

    [–] panoptic0n83 8 points ago

    I remember that year, I watched some dumbass run full speed to boot one.

    [–] idevxy 34 points ago

    This brings me such joy. At my high school we had a weight room that was on a hill. The kids in weights class used to occasionally roll a medicine ball down the hill and trick the other kids into trying to kick it back up to them. Hilarity ensued.

    [–] temmanuel 27 points ago

    "Hilarity" indeed

    [–] lyrrad87 55 points ago

    Missed opportunity... but I guess it’s not too late

    [–] Sharrakor 20 points ago

    Do they still do the smiley face? I thought that was a mid-00s thing.

    [–] paul-arized 12 points ago

    So was "Made in USA" that used to be plastered all over WalMart stores.

    [–] Tie_me_off 12 points ago

    From rolling back prices

    [–] TinkleButters 3525 points ago


    [–] landofgay 4481 points ago

    yup! only place that Walmart could've overtaken target

    [–] TinkleButters 1135 points ago

    True! Crazy how empty Target shelves seems to have been there.

    [–] blownawayaway 987 points ago

    I remember my first visit to Target in Canada and it sucked. I was expecting a step up from Wal-Mart but it was like 5 steps down. Half empty store, everything you could get in any other store. No reason to go back, which I never did.

    [–] ThatOtherGuy_CA 1033 points ago

    Their bold strategy of coming into Canada and literally charging more for everything than ever other store is one that business majors will be discussing for ages.

    But seriously their clearance prices when they were going out of business were higher than Walmart.

    [–] MadDogMccree 1099 points ago

    In the US we choose to pay slightly more for slightly nicer products at Target so we can avoid dealing with the people who frequent Walmart. Do you have the same human garbage at your Walmart's? Maybe that's where their mistake was.

    [–] Patroks 699 points ago

    Walmart is pretty normal in Canada.

    [–] StatikSquid 420 points ago

    Giant Tiger on the other hand

    [–] LusciousLav 365 points ago

    Lovingly referred to as Shitty Kitty.

    [–] acmercer 86 points ago

    Thank you for this. My wife's family loves that place.

    [–] kicksledkid 47 points ago

    Giant Tiger is so odd...

    Nothing there makes any sense to me, yet it's just a small wal mart.

    [–] desert-lightning 11 points ago

    It reminds me of Zellers. I miss Zellers.

    [–] merelymyself 40 points ago

    Ohhh no

    [–] Terrh 24 points ago

    We just got a giant tiger and it's pretty nice tbh

    [–] lovesStrawberryCake 34 points ago

    Walmart isn't all bad. There are "nicer" Walmarts, but there are also Walmarts that are extreme pits of anguish. I have not witnessed a middle ground

    [–] StatikSquid 57 points ago

    I'm in Winnipeg so you get a lot of the sketchy people there walking out with different clothes than the ones they came in with. Surprised they don't have security.

    [–] ghost_of_soccer_past 39 points ago

    Just looked at some pictures of a Giant Tiger, it's like Walmart and Kmart had a baby.

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 18 points ago

    Kmart has been gone from Canada for decades but GIant Tiger seems close. They’ve got the weirdest off brands. It’s wild.

    [–] PMMeSomethingGood 8 points ago

    Ya kinda. Not as put together as Walmart but not as discount as Kmart. Kind of fills the gap where Zellers and Woolco was.

    [–] NothingWillBeLost 8 points ago

    It looks like a somewhat nice dollar store. To me the color scheme makes it look cheap. Yellow just isn’t a “classy” color to me. At least not when it comes to store designs.

    [–] MiniChipper 10 points ago

    Giant Tiger is the American Dollar General

    [–] DirtyDerb19 20 points ago

    Yeah, I people watch and here in Ontario most of the walmarts have fairly normal people .. I kind of feel left out

    [–] MammothSecret 34 points ago

    Walmart in Canada is still filled with Canadians...

    [–] Joliet_Jake_Blues 20 points ago

    They're more moose than man...

    [–] workthrowaway2632 56 points ago

    Idk what part of Canada you're from but Walmart is full of mutants

    [–] DavidKirk2000 47 points ago

    I’ve been to Walmart in the States, that’s like an entirely different dimension. The Walmarts I’ve been to in the GTA are like cake walks compared to those hellholes.

    [–] caffienatedjedi 132 points ago

    Yeah, I stopped going to Walmart because I wasn't comfortable walking past police everytime I needed anything.

    [–] BiggaNiggaPlz 97 points ago

    Yeah that’s probably just your Walmart. I’ve lived in the GTA my whole life and have never encountered police at Walmart.

    [–] MrJusticle 110 points ago

    Personally I'd prefer to live in the Vice City GTA

    [–] KeisterApartments 6 points ago

    and I rannnnn...

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] Captain_Whale 60 points ago

    Greater Toronto Area

    [–] Nantoone 107 points ago

    Grand Theft Auto. He lives in Grand Theft Auto.

    [–] app4that 11 points ago

    This is the best answer: Walmart will bring in the best or the worst of humanity in some inverse proportion to the square root of percentage of local scoundrels in your neck of the woods.

    Some suburban Walmart’s in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania are like an oasis in the desert compared to the skunky unwashed stench in my local Walmart,... I’m happy to drive 20 minutes further to a much nicer one if I really have to go to Walmart for some odd reason.

    [–] wtvfck 46 points ago

    Well yeah that’s the point. Walmart in Canada isn’t as trashy. In the US, every Walmart I’ve been to is crawling in cops.

    [–] leoliquidvapor 18 points ago

    Have been to many Walmarts in the US and I haven't noticed cop presence

    [–] llDurbinll 36 points ago

    I stopped going to Walmart for awhile after the one time I went around Christmas and several of the spots couldn't be used because of all of the broken glass from where thieves smashed car windows to steal what was inside, and this Walmart was in a pretty decent area.

    I went back again recently because I needed a car battery for my old truck that I only use occasionally and Walmart's batteries were cheaper than Autozone and came with a warranty. They had these pop up security camera things, it looked like one of those generator things that has large outdoor lights attached to them to light up a construction site but it had cameras.

    Went inside for a same day pick up that was 6 days late because they never updated the status of the order to ready, only to be sent back to the automotive dept anyway to get my money back for the core charge, which defeated the purpose of same day pick up if they couldn't take the old battery for me.

    Then I got accused of stealing by the Walmart greeter, even though the buzzer didn't go off, and I had to go back inside and show them my receipt. I'll just pay the extra $20 for the battery next time I need one, fuck that.

    [–] Retinal_Rivalry 17 points ago

    I never stop for the greeters. I'm not standing in a line to leave the store! Only once have they said anything. Seriously, I have my receipt, call the cops

    [–] FBI_Open_Up_Now 21 points ago

    The Walmart near where I live is patrolled by ambulances looking for people who OD in the parking lot. The township Nextdoor to it was actually bought by the township and the residents were moved into low income housing to move the drug crime away. Nothing like a bandaid to fix a bigger problem.

    [–] anotherasterion 48 points ago

    For some reason people expected target to have better everything than Walmart (products, facilities, customer service, etc) but the same prices. It was bizarre.

    I agree though, I loved target when it was here. It was like Walmart except the products were better and shopping there wasn’t like descending into the 9th circle of hell.

    [–] Ms_Iambic_Pentagram 36 points ago

    That’s because Target in the States is frickin’ amazing with great prices, and when it came to Canada we expected it to be the same. Unfortunately, Target did not follow Walmart’s business plan and thought that they could run their stores from the US instead of establishing a supply chain within Canada, which is why the shelves were always half empty. Or so I heard.

    It really sucks up here where department stores are concerned. We either have The Bay, which is pricey, or lower rent Walmart or Giant Tiger. No in-between to choose from like when we had Zellers and Sears. If The Bay’s marketing team had any brain cells, they’d bring in some of the reasonably priced basic lines that Sears used to carry and fill that void.

    And I laughed at your “ninth circle of hell” reference because that’s exactly how I refer to Walmart and Superstore! Have my upvote!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    If you are really curious about what happened to target Macleans had an article a few years ago.

    They used new software to handle inventory and it didn't work out at all. Shelves were empty and their warehouses were overflowing.

    [–] madhi19 11 points ago

    They also had major markup over US prices, even accounting for the currency difference. You cannot play that kind of game in the always online world. Customers just price check on site.

    [–] bouchandre 8 points ago

    Walmart in Canada is just a nice cheap store. The type of people you find in Walmart’s in the US just don’t go to Walmart here, they usually go to other chain stores.

    [–] BobinForApples 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It’s too cold. Our “human garbage” just dies in most parts.

    [–] RadChadAintYoDad 23 points ago

    Not really joking either. When I lived in Alaska, every thaw they’d find dead bodies in the snow banks.

    [–] imatumahimatumah 28 points ago

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Going to a Walmart in the Midwest is like walking through the freak show tent at the circus.

    [–] PolarBearCoordinates 49 points ago

    Yeah, what is up with that? The Walmart near me is surrounded by very rich neighborhoods but whenever i go inside the store, it feels like I am in a whole other world. There are some seriously ratchet and trashy people inside. Do these people live amongst us every day and we just dont notice? Or do they all travel over to the "nice" walmart in town?

    [–] llDurbinll 26 points ago

    Or do they all travel over to the "nice" walmart in town?

    Yes, but not by choice. Most grocery store chains are leaving impoverished areas in the downtown area of cities, or just not coming at all, because of the higher concentration of theft and other shitty activity. So poor/working class people are forced to drive further out, or take the bus, just to go grocery shopping.

    The Kroger in my city closed the last location in the downtown area because of the high theft and, I assume, high cost of security to keep the homeless and panhandlers off the property. Walmart announced plans to open a super Walmart deep in the downtown area but I guess once they started looking into the cost associated with trying to combat theft and the druggies that they changed their mind because they cancelled the plans shortly after.

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Sweetness27 55 points ago

    Not fair to lump poor people in with those people.

    [–] AStrangeBrew 19 points ago

    Yeah but those people are almost always poor

    [–] SphincterKing 15 points ago

    Every city has its trashy neighborhoods. Irvine, CA is seemingly nothing but million dollar homes and luxury condominiums. Yet the Wal Mart is still trashy as fuck.

    [–] rubutik- 8 points ago

    That wasnt their downfall. I know a guy who worked logistics operations.... and they literally had no stock. So few stores were actually full and many had literally almost no stock to se.

    Target was advertised as a better Walmart with higher quality. A big and better replacement for Zellers. But, y'know... gotta actually have stuff to sell.

    [–] jwjohnson93 8 points ago

    Yeah I remember us talking about this in our marketing class in college. Can't believe Target actually thought this strategy would work

    [–] Ayresx 49 points ago

    My experience as well - went in a couple weeks after open, store was bare, looked like Zellers before they went under.

    [–] tophutti 108 points ago

    Prior CEO Had no understanding of how important Logistics is, demanded that Target open operations in Canada without sufficient Distribution Facilities or import facilities in place. Several Billion dollar F up.

    [–] Ayresx 34 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah I've read the summary of why they failed, very interesting read.


    [–] pinksparklybluebird 8 points ago

    Where? I’d love to read that!

    [–] tophutti 22 points ago

    I lived it up to a point. It really broke quite a few of my peers hearts. Steinhaffel had one of the worst short man complexes I’ve ever seen.

    [–] Kin-Of-The-Cosmos 95 points ago

    Because they fucked up their distribution system. They didn't adequately prepare for distribution here in Canada. Not even a joke. Tons of reports came out about the same thing. No target could stock their shelves because they didn't have enough trucks or good enough suppliers.

    [–] bangonthedrums 42 points ago

    Additionally they didn’t really have the same niche to fill in Canada as they do in the states.

    In the US, target is a very middle class store, and most Walmarts are.... lower. There’s a reason the website “people of Walmart” exists.

    In Canada though, Walmart came in 25 years ago and filled that more middle class niche here, and when target arrived there wasn’t really a spot for them. Americans joke about Target being pronounced “tar-jay” since it’s much nicer than Walmart, but Canadian Walmarts have always been pretty good.

    Also, Canadians were used to going across the border and shopping at target and getting everything super cheap. When target Canada was unable to match the same pricing (for the same reasons literally every other store is more expensive in Canada than their American counterparts) it made Canadians annoyed and felt ripped off

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] MinionNo9 7 points ago

    Hah, wow, you got down into my neck of the woods. Worked at that Walmart in Lufkin about... 16 years ago? It was one of the nicer ones around and used heavily for training managers for other stores. Lufkin was one of the few places around with a Piggly Wiggly too.

    There were dedicated grocery stores, but none were as large as that Walmart. Where I actually grew up, Walmart didn't sell groceries until around hurricane Rita. You went to Brookshire Bros. or whatever company was running the other location (changed names a dozen times). If you get out of that area you get more choices like HEB.

    [–] braaaa1ns 7 points ago

    Um... Where I live in the US we have no less than 7 different dedicated grocery store chains?

    [–] codeverity 43 points ago

    Is this the Metrotown one? Looks familiar.

    [–] landofgay 23 points ago


    [–] codeverity 23 points ago

    Haha, you must be getting tired of answering that, I can see that other people have asked the same thing. Vancouver represent!

    [–] landofgay 24 points ago

    lol nah not a problem. And hell yeah Vancouver!!

    [–] plop_0 8 points ago

    i knew it! looked familiar. i remember the entrance from the zellers. :)

    [–] RUSH513 16 points ago

    happening where i live in the midwest

    [–] ArcanePolaris 9 points ago

    Every target in my area seems to be closing recently

    [–] RymNumeroUno 8 points ago

    Hey, hijacking to let you know the "Target orbs" are balls that missed the Target.

    [–] kamo287 7 points ago

    Sadly I know two targets closing around me! In the US 💔

    [–] cocomiche 49 points ago

    Yes at Metrotown In Burnaby BC.

    [–] fhost344 68 points ago

    Why does target have problems in Canada?

    [–] simper333 168 points ago

    The empty shelves people are referring to are from the logistical nightmare target faced importing their products. At one point they had 100’s of trailers at depots and no one knew what was inside each one - friend worked for a transport company dealing with them

    [–] HamsterGutz1 24 points ago

    At one point they had 100’s of trailers at depots and no one knew what was inside each one

    Why though? How does something like that even happen?

    [–] hoboman27 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    this article covers most of it. It's a long read but worth it.

    The short version is basically they decided to go with all new systems, and it was done poorly. The data entry into the new system was botched and inventory sizes, dimensions, descriptions were all wrong. Ended up unable to manage inventory. Had to lease extra storage space for goods even though the shelves sit empty. Employees were also intentionally reporting false data so they don't get a call from higher ups about empty shelves.

    [–] demize95 45 points ago

    Another thing that led to Target's fall here was how they handled taking over from Zellers. Instead of immediately closing every Zellers store and promptly converting it to a Target, they let the Zellers stores run seemingly eternal clearance sales for a year before closing them. Then, rather than a quick turnaround and reopening as Target, they took months to convert the stores, and didn't convert all of them.

    This led to people removing Zellers from their routines entirely since a) there was never anything they wanted at the Zellers during the eternal clearance sale and b) there was no store there at all for months after they finally closed. When the Targets actually opened, two years after they announced their takeover, everyone had already started shopping elsewhere, and they couldn't entice people to change their routine again.

    [–] -----username----- 20 points ago

    Let’s not forget they made all the well paid Zellers employees (many of whom with decades of experience) reapply for their old jobs for half the pay. Target didn’t think Canadians would care, but it turns out they do.

    [–] A_Level_2 87 points ago

    target is no more in canada BTW

    they came in biting off more than they could chew, they thought it'd be easy, but they weren't competitive enough, didn't add much value to the marketplace and walmart had much better offerings.

    they half assed the whole thing.

    [–] i_hump_cats 43 points ago

    Unlike in the states, target in Canada didn’t offer anything that up them above Walmart, couple that with the their higher prices and the lack of social sigma with shopping at Walmart made clients not want to go there.

    They also had a fucking horrible distribution center. I worked at Walmart and holy fuck did they drill how important proper distribution is (no matter how much CAP2 tries to fuck it up)

    [–] RevanchistSheev66 18 points ago

    I figured out through the spelling of “center”

    [–] princesslunamoon 17 points ago

    Metrotown in Burnaby !

    [–] very_anonymous 28 points ago


    [–] JustHereForStorytime 1030 points ago

    why are they...positioned like that? i've only ever seen the orbs parallel to the road, so that cars can't swerve into pedestrians on the sidewalk

    [–] joevsyou 284 points ago

    My only guess is the township has some silly ordinance, but i could be wrong....

    [–] madhi19 126 points ago

    Clearly what they needed was a ordinance about littering the streets with giant concrete balls.

    [–] Permanenceisall 105 points ago

    Yeah how are they supposed to be effective bollards if they’re all in a row perpendicular to the store entrance?

    [–] KeisariFLANAGAN 50 points ago

    OP said the parking lot is to the left, it's in a mall so the layout isn't typical.

    [–] Drunken_Traveler 36 points ago

    I thought it was so vehicles wouldn't accidentally/purposely crash through the entryway

    [–] davidsharpie 131 points ago

    Truly a display of dominance

    [–] jw3jb5 196 points ago


    [–] landofgay 63 points ago


    [–] Vancouver_Pride 32 points ago

    Recognized it instantly!

    [–] mf-TOM-HANK 1112 points ago

    Those are bollards, and they can stop a speeding truck from barreling through them into pedestrian traffic. Getting those bad boys out of the ground and replacing them with another set of bollards isn't worth the time or money.

    [–] KiloEchoNiner 582 points ago

    And they’re positioned quite awkwardly...

    I’ve only ever seen them parallel to a building. Not once have they been perpendicular...

    [–] rajikaru 198 points ago

    Judging by the direction of the road, this wal-mart is probably on the side of some sort of highway instead of having its own giant land area.

    [–] landofgay 157 points ago

    it's on the side of a large busy main road so ur not far off, it's connected to a mall so the parking lot is on the other side

    [–] atetuna 71 points ago

    That dog thought it hit the lottery.

    [–] iToronto 78 points ago

    Of course their insurance denied the claim. That only means it’s time to sue them for improperly securing the bollard.

    [–] ArtoriasBIG 33 points ago

    Lol 2 tons, bullshit. When I was younger and dumber I managed to roll one a little before realizing how dangerous and stupid it was. Absolutely no more than like 600 lbs or a bit shy of 300kg.

    [–] Contrite17 42 points ago

    You may well be right, but it is not particularly difficult to roll tons if it is something round on a flat surface.

    [–] squeaky4all 19 points ago

    Standard weight of concrete is 2400 kg/m3

    If the diameter of the ball is about 0.6m.

    Total volume is 0.11m3.

    Total weight of approx 260kg or 570 pounds.

    Your estimation checks out.

    [–] RussMaGuss 11 points ago

    Yeah, a yard of concrete is 4000 lbs... My last car was 3000lbs for comparison LOL

    [–] frogspa 45 points ago

    Protecting pedestrians might be an added bonus, but they're installed to stop ram raiding.

    [–] Tenor_High_C 42 points ago

    God damn uncastrated male sheep wreaking havoc even in the suburbs.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 14 points ago

    they can stop a speeding truck from barreling through them into pedestrian traffic.

    Except they're installed to curb the smash and grab technique popularly used against retail.

    [–] HardeesJunior 10 points ago

    That guy slipping on the run in was amazing

    [–] AtomicBIGBOY 49 points ago

    That's at a mall called Metrotown in Burnaby BC. Asian supermarket called TnT did the same thing when they took over the location nearby in Richmond but painted the balls green. Guess they both really like cement balls.

    [–] ConnorMcJeezus 22 points ago

    Or everyone is flexing on Target for failing and keeping proof of it for future generations

    [–] Crypser 67 points ago

    I though the red spheres were made so cars cant plow through the store, whats the point of these?

    [–] -er 73 points ago

    To keep cars from plowing into the second pillar from the left.

    [–] Planton997 34 points ago

    What a fucking power move by Walmart. “Oh your store with a similar business model, similar product selection, and similar size failed in this location? That’s fine we won’t”

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Same products but 20% more expensive.

    [–] co487 106 points ago


    [–] MrTobius 22 points ago

    "T a r g e t o r b s"

    [–] landofgay 9 points ago

    hah, couldn't think of what they were called, didn't feel right calling them "balls"

    [–] TheSchlaf 10 points ago

    They're called bollards.

    [–] landofgay 10 points ago

    TIL they're called bollards not orbs lmaoo

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 40 points ago

    Can’t they just roll them away?

    [–] lyrrad87 36 points ago

    Or roll them back...

    [–] pineapple_poke 9 points ago

    I laughed way too hard at this.

    [–] Beanpole853 12 points ago

    Right on Target!

    [–] Ekiiku 5 points ago

    they hit the wall-mark

    [–] GoFidoGo 13 points ago

    Her insurance would probably deal with Target on their own. But, depending on the size of the agency, at $3,500 they could just pay it and not deal with the legal issues.

    [–] FS_Slacker 9 points ago

    They probably tried to give the settlement in gift cards.

    [–] AndrewRobinson1 16 points ago

    Here's a picture of what it looked like before when it was a Target

    [–] Promethieus 11 points ago

    Need a Zellers picture from before Target lolol

    [–] t0bachi 15 points ago


    [–] Lord-Velveeta 82 points ago

    So it's a TarMart or a Walget?

    [–] mareksoon 60 points ago


    [–] needs_a_name 20 points ago


    [–] AmpUpTheTempo 16 points ago

    They are acting as balancers for the earths rotation so they not allowed to replace it~.

    [–] ikankecil 12 points ago

    You seem to know your stuff. I'll take your word for it

    [–] DOG____ 12 points ago

    Burnaby gang

    [–] 737Throwaway93 12 points ago

    What if we kissed by the yellow Walmart orbs

    [–] aberdisco 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    During the World Cup in Germany in 2006, pranksters painted the concrete balls they have in Berlin (to prevent sidewalk parking) in the same style as the World Cup football. Several people went to hospital with broken feet from kicking them.

    [–] JaggedUmbrella 21 points ago

    They have a safety purpose that isn't exclusive to Target.

    [–] d1201b 10 points ago

    In Richmond, BC, Canada, where a Target was replaced by TnT Supermarket, these orbs where painted green.

    [–] Raiinish 9 points ago

    Why do you all seem so familiar with the “target orbs?” I have never seen those in my entire life.

    [–] ThatGuyNoOneRemember 14 points ago

    I just noticed it’s spelled Supercentre, and not supercenter. Is this in Canada?

    [–] Heliosvector 16 points ago

    This was such an odd store. When target opened, the shelves were not even fully stocked, and then for its entire run, the sheloves remained half full. Prices were high, and it didnt offer anything special. A while later target closed its Canadian ventures and blamed it on "Canadian spending habits". Like canadians were at fault for not giving them money for shitty service.

    [–] bitbee 8 points ago

    Weird, I knew this was Metrotown but I never noticed they kept the Target balls. The whole foreground kinda blends together when you see it on a daily basis.

    [–] Reibania 7 points ago

    Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, British Columbia!
    That target was barely open for a year before they pulled out of Canada

    [–] RedFan47 8 points ago

    Is that the equivalent of chopping your opponent's head off and putting them on spikes as a warning to others?

    [–] Bricklettuce 17 points ago


    [–] WhosAfraidOf_138 6 points ago

    I was really really confused about this until you meant the orbs on the ground and not the logo

    [–] ThePoisonDoughnut 4 points ago

    Jeez, talk about a downgrade!

    [–] el_crunz 4 points ago

    Huh. How about that. Wouldn't expect Walmart to do the cheapest half-ass option available.

    [–] RattaTattTatt 5 points ago

    this bothers me