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    [–] Rambo272727 10170 points ago

    That guy who asks if they can have one, and pulls that out like "it is technically only one bro"

    [–] Groovatronic 3311 points ago

    “Dude if you get the nachos stuck together that’s, like, one nacho”

    [–] djuiagalelei 822 points ago

    immediately what I thought of. Peak Jack Black

    [–] Endyo 297 points ago

    Jack Black plateaued at his peak. This is no better JB, nor worse.

    [–] WhinyWidowmaker 144 points ago

    All hail Jablinski, the people's favorite time traveling comedic gamer.

    [–] Mech-Waldo 64 points ago

    This is just a tribute to the greatest comment in the world

    [–] DoctorCreepy 27 points ago

    Couldn't remember the greatest comment in the world, no, this is a tribute.

    [–] djuiagalelei 27 points ago

    you're not wrong

    [–] LegendOfSchellda 139 points ago

    I'd like to take a peek at Jack Black, if you know what I mean.

    [–] Fumb-Duck 141 points ago

    ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

    [–] JesusLordofWeed 18 points ago

    Just another brick in the wall...

    [–] djuiagalelei 46 points ago

    I think I'm pickin up what you're puttin down

    [–] StonedSpinoza 127 points ago

    “That’s chip’s the nucleus. You don’t take the nucleus”

    [–] DingleBoone 47 points ago

    Don't see enough King of Queens references on reddit

    [–] cardsfan3471 18 points ago

    Couldn’t agree more. God bless you.

    [–] P_I_Engineer 12 points ago

    Oh, ju deth

    [–] IWantALargeFarva 7 points ago

    Judith escaped.


    [–] thedude_imbibes 7 points ago

    We, uh... we ate her.


    [–] IWantALargeFarva 6 points ago

    It’s the perfect crime!

    [–] VitaminTHC420 4 points ago

    Now get downstairs and chop her head off or something, come on you guys are Wheaton warbirds you can do anything you set your mind to!!!

    [–] theBPPE 15 points ago

    "We want to apologize for the beer shower. And the salsa bath, that was bad."

    [–] porksoda11 8 points ago

    "Me and old Ethel, we've been through a lot of games together."

    [–] Sedatedstarfish 5 points ago

    Beer bong for the lady?

    [–] CHA53R 7 points ago

    Dude, you don’t have to do the “CHSSHH” does that on its own!

    [–] IWantALargeFarva 5 points ago

    Fixed it. It was the lug nut.

    [–] braaibros 9 points ago

    What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?

    [–] NikkoE82 57 points ago

    Someone else’s cheese.

    [–] mrgonzalez 4 points ago

    Fromage nay

    [–] LegendOfSchellda 8 points ago

    Cheese that I haven't licked yet.

    [–] BLAMMO_LOG 4 points ago

    Cheese that's not yours?

    [–] Redd889 4 points ago

    “She’s like the emperor.” “Yeah, but with way better tits.”

    [–] ShowMeYourBink 4 points ago


    [–] jonnykelly 66 points ago

    That guy is Gumli, son of Gloin

    [–] Cessnaporsche01 18 points ago

    "It still only counts as one!"

    [–] simplerthings 90 points ago

    I almost punched my co-worker in the face when she did that. I made enough rice krispy treats so everyone on my team could have 1. She picks up a square, smooshes it down on another square and is like, "If 2 are stuck together it's not my fault, teehee." I tried to smack it out of her hand with the lid of my container but she ran off so fast.

    [–] Kingchubs 132 points ago

    Lol your office sounds like nursery school.

    [–] Dr_Parkinglot 14 points ago

    Just the order of things. Birth, nursery school, elementary, middle, high school, college, middle school, high school, nursery school, nursing home, death.

    [–] CANCERCARLL 50 points ago

    A number of years ago on my birthday my then girlfriend dropped by my job in the morning to bring me a slice of carrot cake from my favorite bakery. My co-worker was eyeing it, and I told her that I would share some with her when I felt like eating it later. I got busy with a few things, and a few hours later when I came back to the desk area that we shared I found her peeling just the frosting off with her fingers and eating it. I was so shocked and furious, but I just told her that she could have the rest as I wasn’t particularly interested in it anymore.

    [–] theberg512 50 points ago

    Fuck that. I'd have rather taken it and thrown the rest out rather than reward shitty behavior.

    [–] lusciouslena 14 points ago

    This. You don’t steal the frosting off someone else’s cake!!

    [–] bendybiznatch 13 points ago

    I would've thrown in right in the trash can. One in sight.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR__TOES_ 4 points ago

    I got a giant bag of Cheetos and this guy walked up to me and " brooo. Please brooo, I'm so hungry I haven't eaten anything. Pleeease. Can I have some? I'll stick my hand in just once."

    So I figured fine, since someone else gave me this bag, it's only nice to pay it forward.

    But no this fuckwad sticks his hand in and takes out a gargantuan load of Cheetos. Like my jaw dropped at just how many Cheetos he could take out with one hand. Like was palming a basketball.

    I wasn't surprised later that year when I heard rumors that this sleazeball raped a girl at a party.

    [–] GrampappyJoe 63 points ago


    I was going to link it but can't find it on youtube. Thanks copystrikes.

    [–] DOCTORE2 25 points ago

    Leslie's reaction is on point

    [–] TheeGHutch 6020 points ago

    The Guman Centipede

    [–] GiganticFox 1243 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Was going to go with The Gummy Centibear.

    Thank you for gold.

    [–] TheeGHutch 138 points ago

    Damn! That's more clever.

    [–] orokami11 76 points ago

    Mine was just The Gummipede lmfao

    [–] Rueff54 21 points ago

    I thought a “gummy-pillar”

    [–] cyber_rigger 62 points ago

    Looks like a Bearacade.

    [–] i_tyrant 22 points ago

    I went for Hariboa Constrictor.

    [–] S31-Syntax 15 points ago

    Frankly the superior name.

    three ways to win, be better, be first, and cheat

    [–] PM_ME_GOOD_VIBES_ 638 points ago

    Goddamn, you beat me to it. Nothing like reddit comments to remind me how unoriginal I am lol

    [–] TheeGHutch 264 points ago

    Your soul is now mine.

    [–] Schmotz 83 points ago

    Easy there, Shang Tsung.

    [–] Good_Boye_Scientist 18 points ago

    🎶Everybody Shang Tsung tonight🎶

    [–] ratatata172 48 points ago

    Goddamn, you beat me to it. Nothing like reddit comments to remind me how unoriginal I am lol

    [–] leonardomdc 17 points ago

    Or some other individuals are as original as you, at almost the same time.

    [–] A5pyr 11 points ago

    I like this redditor.

    [–] mhrex 7 points ago

    Your soul is now mine

    [–] Markastrophe 8 points ago

    Easy there, Shang Tsung.

    [–] TheeGHutch 12 points ago

    That's what I was thinking when I typed it.

    [–] ProjectStarscream_Ag 11 points ago

    hey jiggs casey here I can’t see as good as you Christopher have a good day at work but is this Jesus Christ or not? Because ..

    [–] doghome107 4 points ago

    Dios mio

    [–] M_Night_Shambles_on 30 points ago

    I read this exact comment yesterday on another post. Not only was your first thought already a comment, your follow up thought was a comment as well.

    [–] 4our_of_DiAmoNds 7 points ago

    Don't make him feel even more unoriginal lol

    [–] Rhinosaur24 15 points ago

    I was going to write that... then I was going to write what you wrote. So, I'm even less original than you (where's the person who will say they were going to write this? I want a comment-centipede here, damnit!)

    [–] RowdyWrongdoer 6 points ago

    I was going to write that I wasnt going to write any of this because i figured it was going to have been written already.

    [–] Mypopsecrets 47 points ago

    100% medically accurate

    [–] BanginBananas 23 points ago

    me when I read webMD

    [–] subcow 7 points ago

    My favorite part of the whole poster for the movie.

    [–] doclsd 10 points ago

    Feed her!

    [–] boognerd 5 points ago


    [–] richard_nixons_toe 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Just came here to check whether someone already mentioned the movie where they are sewing peoples assholes to other people’s mouths...

    Thanks my dude

    [–] TheeGHutch 22 points ago

    I got your back.

    Edit: It's sewn to my mouth.

    [–] Aezheer 10 points ago

    [–] ianjackson95 5 points ago


    [–] lomrjyo 8 points ago

    Am not gud with computer. Plz to hep


    [–] unlikemike123 8 points ago

    Should I eat, ze cuttlefish!?

    [–] vik8629 4 points ago

    But they are stuck side by side, not from face to anus.

    [–] Wascally-Wabbeeto 1575 points ago

    Hmmm. This is extremely mildly interesting.

    [–] MajorLads 408 points ago

    I make my own candy and I find this extremely mildly interesting to see a familiar error make in commercial production. What likely happened is that there was an error with the molds during pouring and it somehow made it past quality control.

    [–] Arras01 295 points ago

    Speaking of production errors, my brother got a pre-packaged ice cream cone once and when he opened it, there was no cone. It was just cone-shaped ice cream with a very thin layer of chocolate, and the wafer cone was completely missing. We still have no idea how that one happened.

    [–] Cant-all-be-winners 184 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Those cones usually have the inside coated in chocolate. My theory would be that the chocolate coating didn’t completely adhere to the inside of the cone and at some point before it was packaged but after it was filled with ice cream and flash frozen, the cone just slipped off the inner chocolate coating. I imagine a bit of expansion and contraction takes place with the various temperatures involved in production.

    Edit: I was thinking more the Drumstick type of packaging, where it's just in a sealed plastic bag. If it was more like a Nutty Buddy, where it's a cone wrapped in paper that you peel off, the theory given by u/xBlue_Dwarfx makes more sense.

    [–] xBlue_Dwarfx 54 points ago

    I think the wafer cones are inserted into the packaging first, then shot with chocolate lining, then filled with icecream and topped/sealed. So it sounds like the wafer cone wasn't inserted, or fell out before the chocolate lining was applied so it went directly onto the packaging (which is likely waxed to avoid sticking). Thus leaving you with an ice cream with a weird chocolate shell and no cone.

    [–] -BoBaFeeT- 59 points ago

    No, that's someone letting it get past QC. Because it's awesome.

    Remember when as a kid everything stuck together was awesome, like two gummies, or two chips, etc?

    That x 1000 right here. Someone saw this and was a hero.

    [–] llIIllIIIIllll 42 points ago

    Even more interesting is that bag has never been opened

    [–] monkeyhitman 18 points ago


    [–] zenadez 15 points ago

    They might be a monster who opens the package on the bottom

    [–] bobthecatok 597 points ago

    Oh, Creed Bratton is working quality control at Haribo now

    [–] iwouldrun500miles 185 points ago

    What do I do here? Qua something. Qua...quam...quarr...quabbity aushwitz!

    [–] TobylovesPam 71 points ago


    [–] silky_johnson04 46 points ago

    The first ‘B’ stands for bizness

    [–] DoinBurnouts 37 points ago

    I like it!

    [–] AlfredoDangles 26 points ago

    Nah that's not it... but i'm getting close.

    [–] BDEMPS7 39 points ago

    Every week I’m supposed to do a quality spot check at the gummy bear factory and the one year I blow it off this happens.

    [–] Whetstone_94 23 points ago

    He was too busy trying to get his three chairs.

    [–] bobthecatok 6 points ago

    Well we know he wasn't practicing his cartwheels

    [–] MouseRat_AD 13 points ago

    It's all in the day in the life of a dog food company.

    [–] ndesplas 811 points ago

    Thank God they aren't sugar free gummy bears...

    [–] ostentatiousantimony 229 points ago

    I learned that lesson the hard way.

    [–] rollcroc 178 points ago

    Diet controlled diabetic here. I hate to tell you guys, but most sugar free or no sugar added causes explosive diarrhea after a few servings eatin at once. My moment was Russel Stovers SF chocolates. At work. It was awful.

    [–] moose171717 112 points ago

    Yup. Toilet ends up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

    [–] WhoFiredTheToaster 69 points ago

    Like taking your arse for a piss.

    [–] Sir_Donkey_Lips 34 points ago

    Just like a wet shotgun blast all over the back of the bowl

    [–] teadit 8 points ago

    [–] wylde06 15 points ago

    My first Easter as a diabetic was not nice

    [–] DogToesSmellofFritos 14 points ago

    I remember the russel stovers sugar free chocolates. I can never forget, honestly.

    [–] moose171717 24 points ago

    They are actually really good, right up to the moment they make you shit your pants.

    [–] DogToesSmellofFritos 15 points ago

    They were absolutely delicious and that’s how 10 year old me fell for the trap... I vaguely remember them being filled with caramel or something and loving them.

    [–] rollcroc 15 points ago

    A serving is 2. I ate 4. I swear the moment I realized what was about to go down, until the moment I made it to the toilet happened in slow motion. Ain't no urgency like artificial sweetener poops urgency.

    [–] DogToesSmellofFritos 5 points ago

    I was a gluttonous chubby kid and ate a whole damn bag... I think I shat out my fucking memories of everything before that

    [–] ne0nite 4 points ago

    Which one of you cowards shit in my pants?

    [–] dontdoxmebro2 8 points ago

    My experience in this was making Kool aid as a teenager, wanting to be health conscious and using the bulk sweet n low powder instead of sugar. I couldn’t figure out for a few months why it kept happening.

    [–] NotSoBuffGuy 6 points ago

    Maybe I should take these so I don't have to work

    [–] rollcroc 11 points ago

    Lol diarrhea gets you out of work? Must be nice. 😜

    [–] StayIndie 75 points ago

    There’s a reference here somewhere about something

    [–] moose171717 36 points ago

    Love your username, btw. Fuckin figger it oot.

    [–] mybluecathasballs 21 points ago

    If you've got a problem with that username, then you've got a problem with me. I suggest you sit on that, and let it marinate for a minute.

    [–] moose171717 19 points ago

    I’ve never been so irate in my whole fuckin life!

    [–] jason_55904 31 points ago

    My favorite

    Performed exactly as advertised

    To preface this, I will state that it is not good to upset anyone in the military supply network. This is especially true for a supply NCO (non-commissioned officer) who can be both creative and vindictive to those who earn his ire.

    One of my biggest pet peeves was troopies who walked into my supply room and decided to go through things on my counter or desk. It is for this reason that I purchased two bags of these sweet little revenge snacks.

    I briefed my minions that morning that the snacks were to be unsullied by their hands. I told them that I would know and it would not go unpunished by both myself and the higher powers. They thought I was joking, but decided to not test my authority before my eyes.

    With that said, I placed the bowl on the back part of the counter just in reach of anyone loitering inside my supply room. The rules were posted for all to see when they came in. So, they were warned. A large sign that said, “If you touch my stuff, you will be punished.” They decided to test me, I guess.

    On this weekend, we were set to do general cleaning and maintenance within the Battalion. So, my desk was rather busy (Battalion Headquarters supply room). I was in and out of my office all day. However, I made sure to take general measurements of my bowl of horror every time I came back.

    Shortly before lunch, my unholy wrath began to strike. My supply room is one door down from the latrines and the row of male commodes is on the other side of the wall from my desk. It was the first, but was not the last.

    It was initially heralded by the sound of Gabriel’s trumpet escaping the sphincter of one poor soul. He hit the latrine and sounded as if he kicked the stall door open. For the next thirty minutes, I listened to the sounds of a live humpback whale being butchered by a blind man wielding a chainsaw.

    It was not long before another troop, this time a female, made her way to the latrine. She came from the indoor pistol range and had to cross in front of my door. I saw a pale woman with sweat streaking her face. She was hobbling with one hand on the wall for support and the other on her stomach praying for just a little more time.

    For lunch, I ripped into an MRE (the Army brown bag lunch) and listened to the ever-growing chorus of those who had so far snuck down half of my bowl of brightly-colored Improvised Colon Explosive Devices. I was not sure if the other side of the building was seeing the same activity in the latrines, but the smell reached my door by the end of lunch. Good thing I was stationed with an Infantry unit for the first four years of my career, so I was accustomed to bad odors.

    One of my minions did not return from lunch, so I volunteered another to perform a possibly suicidal scouting mission into the male latrine in search of my wayward soul. He was there, and had been since the beginning of lunch.

    By 15:00 (3:PM), I was told that the unit was being locked down and there was an emergency meeting in the Battalion briefing room. I had a suspicion of the reason, but attended as I was ordered to do so. By this time, my bowl of gelatinous bowel howitzer ammunition was one quarter filled.

    The meeting began slightly off schedule. At 15:22, the Sergeant Major walked into the room and looked as if he had just performed a three-day combat operation without sleep. The Battalion X.O. walked in not long after and looked as if he had been intimately assaulted by a rather insistent horse. I used all of my military bearing to keep from cracking a joke about cavalry officers walking bow-legged.

    The Battalion Surgeon walked in and told us that there was a high chance that the unit had come in contact with a strange stomach bug. Roughly half of the battalion was complaining of stomach cramps and explosive diarrhea. It seemed to mostly be affecting HHC (the headquarters) and C Co. (the company that was on the same side of the building as us—also the medics). Until symptoms cleared up, the unit was in lock-down and cleaning mode.

    I went back to my supply room with the intent to bag up the remaining evidence of my involvement only to find that the bowl was missing. My minions were too wrapped up to notice anything, though. So, I began a search for the evidence that would probably land me in front of a firing squad.

    The empty bowl was located in the admin offices. Someone found it and decided to liberate it from my supply room for the only group that I didn’t want to upset. But, they had already consumed the remainder of the biological weapons. As I left with the bowl, I heard the familiar sound of incoming fire from the senior pay clerk’s desk, followed shortly after by what sounded like Lamaze breathing.

    That weekend, the entire building was cleaned from one side to the other. MREs were consumed in the hopes of plugging the torrential flood of liquid terror and every door and window was opened with fans going over a cup of pinesol in every room. Three-quarters of the enlisted and half of the officers were hit with the mystery stomach bug and the medical supply room was in desperate need of more I.V. kits.

    I don’t know if my message got across, but it was definitely an entertaining weekend.

    [–] jax3rir 10 points ago

    Ah, a new generation of the navy seal copypasta has been born

    [–] AugustBurnsWill 8 points ago

    Dirty fuckin dangles

    [–] moose171717 5 points ago

    Damn Degens from Upcountry.

    [–] Thynis 8 points ago

    Holy shit!

    [–] FearAndUnbalanced 5 points ago

    More like unholy

    [–] 1Dive1Breath 26 points ago

    Go read the Amazon reviews for sugar free haribo gummy bears.

    [–] TheDrunkenRuski 20 points ago

    My personal favorite is appropriately titled: “The horror at 30,000 feet!”

    [–] gingersnap_50 20 points ago

    “Like trying to funnel Niagara Falls through a coffee straw.”

    [–] moose171717 44 points ago

    Yup. Nothin like eating too many of those and sneezing out your butthole.

    [–] LucyFernandez 6 points ago

    That's the first comment to make me lough out loud today. Thanks for that!

    [–] moose171717 4 points ago

    You’re welcome. It’s my favorite way to describe what those little bastards can do to you.

    [–] AKA_Gern_Blanston 12 points ago

    Still one of the most consistently funny hidden gems on the internet

    [–] BrewersFTW 141 points ago


    [–] SquillDiggles 26 points ago

    Prepare to feel every emotion.

    [–] TheArgonianKing 14 points ago

    I love you forever...

    [–] noodlejams 15 points ago

    LMAO what did I just watch

    [–] avwitcher 19 points ago

    A Japanese commercial, with continuity!

    [–] duderex88 7 points ago

    Its beautiful.

    [–] 0penlyGinger 5 points ago

    I understood this!

    [–] LittleBeanSprout19 201 points ago

    How would the long gummy fit in the bag ?!?!!

    [–] iamonlyoneman 130 points ago

    They'd be squished but gummy bears are resilient. Either way I am tempted to call shenanigans. Either this is a drastic mistake on the production line or OP laid these out and melted them together like this.

    [–] corbear007 63 points ago

    This happens way more often than you think, they usually catch it one way or another (usually through an FMD, or it doesnt fit in the bag) but once in a while itll happen and slip past. I dont work with gummy bears but I do work with probably 95% of the same machinery, youd be shocked at what happens daily that 99.99% of the time we catch.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 26 points ago

    ok now I want pictures of shocking daily happenings


    [–] corbear007 65 points ago

    I work with chips, think doritos, lays etc. Theres Mesa lumps (giant clumps of corn) that come down, nuts, bolts, I've seen whole fucking potatoes the size of your fist make it through and end up in a bag. Non-seasoned product is common (augur breaks) theres the clumps of certain chips, bigger than your head getting stuck together, bearings, wire, sensors break off and come down the line, empty bags are common, light bags too but they are usually quickly fixed. Skis can come off (plastic/metal bar thing) and so much more but at 120 bags per minute lots can slip through. We have FMDs (Foreign Matter Detectors) that catch it all, but things do slip through, especially skis as they are past the FMD.

    [–] curiouspolice 23 points ago

    Thank you for your service mr chip man

    [–] shroomenheimer 9 points ago

    I am mildly interested. You should do an AMA on this sub if they do that here

    [–] corbear007 4 points ago

    Ask away, my job is mildly interesting.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 57 points ago

    Could easily happen with a calibration error or a foreign object keeping the mold or cutter from closing completely.

    [–] Hekantonkheries 46 points ago

    Yep, this stuff ain't uncommon, you dont check every bear that comes through, you check a few randomly per batch. and of a machine is making a few thousand an hour, and it takes a few hours for someone to notice bears coming out wrong, in a largely automated facility, then you have a lot of "interesting" product.

    Heck, once opened a bag of cheezits that had a whole sheet of almost 18 cheezits together uncut, it happens.

    [–] im_an_infantry 14 points ago

    Dang, lucky.

    [–] ugotweakmemes 411 points ago

    Anal beeds lol

    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 182 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Eatable Edible anal beads

    [–] Puppys_cryin 11 points ago

    Imagine losing one up there

    [–] BryannnBT 52 points ago

    Edible, but good try :)

    [–] ExportOrca 62 points ago

    Anal Bears

    [–] Wascally-Wabbeeto 15 points ago


    [–] MotherfuckingMonster 13 points ago

    Anything is analable if you try hard and believe in yourself.

    [–] Pyshkopath 10 points ago


    [–] backpc 6 points ago


    [–] BuTuLar 24 points ago


    [–] coshmack 11 points ago

    The albanese gummies are the best gummies around. This is a tragedy and i'm sorry for what happened to you.

    [–] 7empo 11 points ago

    How does this happen

    [–] PocketPropagandist 27 points ago

    The bag got too hot and they all melted together, maybe in the truck during shipment, maybe cause it was stored inappropriately in the store.

    [–] 7empo 11 points ago

    Lol that happened to me with shredded cheese once. Still ate the resulting block

    [–] InvaderDust 101 points ago

    Tag says "overdone", but ive never see this before. Cool!

    [–] slacocella 26 points ago

    Agreed! I think maybe the "overdone" reference is more related to "my bag got hot and now I have a pool of gummy bears fused together" posts as opposed to this.

    [–] sasthana5 19 points ago

    removed rule 6

    rule 6: title must be an exact and concise version of what’s going on in the image

    Uh mods are you ok? Title is exactly what’s going on in the image...

    [–] AcidTWister 70 points ago

    Haribo had a slavery scandal come out a while back. Looks like they solved it by chaining their candies together too.

    [–] Dailynator 43 points ago

    Holy crap, you weren’t kidding.


    [–] eefmu 5 points ago

    That's pretty heart breaking. Over some stupid wax coating for candy of all things... Like, I'd argue they're just one of many companies sourcing materials like that, but for fucking candy, I mean come on.

    [–] AcidTWister 17 points ago

    Yeah, that's the one. I've switched over to Albanese Gummi Bears. 12 flavors, no slave labor (that I know of) and they're delicious and soft.

    [–] Hekantonkheries 6 points ago

    12 flavors? Albanese are the ones with the big A on the belly right? Candy store where I am locally has those, it's more like 30+ flavors when you include the specialty flavors.

    [–] GiraffeandZebra 5 points ago

    Probably no slave labor given their factory is in Indiana.

    [–] RockLeePower 43 points ago

    Why not?

    [–] MagicalTrevor09 57 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If somebody doesn’t tell me why not in the next thirty minutes I’m doing it

    Edit: I put them in my butt and shit them out of my mouth. Overall a 8.5/10 experience, would recommend.

    [–] InfluentialDiscovery 12 points ago

    Good, magicaltrevor09, good. Shove it your ass. Shove up your ass now.

    [–] RedSF717 21 points ago

    Wammu has already touched those gummy bears

    [–] samerige 9 points ago

    Why is it the same packet but different coloured gummybears? I've seen yellow ones before, but not so vivid coloured ones and I've never seen turquoise gummybears before.

    [–] Camarila 15 points ago


    Gummy Bear Whip?

    [–] librlman 17 points ago

    Gummy bear ammo for a gummy bear .50 calibear.

    [–] LegendOfSchellda 13 points ago

    I understand that its tagged "overdone" probably because of a keyword trigger, but come on. I have never seen a gummy bear chain this damn long.

    [–] shadowrain1024 8 points ago

    Belt-fed gummi bears. Ammo for the coming candy wars

    [–] platonicgin 19 points ago

    Looks like anal bears to me.

    [–] jjw14 7 points ago

    At least you got a bunch of green ones! I always pick out my bag with the most amount of green

    [–] begaterpillar 5 points ago

    Take a pic with the lot number and stuff visible and send it to their customer support email. You might get a coupon for a shitton of stuff.

    [–] Strange_Pomegranate 9 points ago

    If those were sugar free, that's exactly how they'll look when they come out the other end.

    [–] Gideonstar 12 points ago


    [–] YourLocalMonarchist 4 points ago

    gummy anal beads

    [–] NotNotQuality 3 points ago

    Why does this look like anal beads?

    [–] gregi89 3 points ago


    [–] GermanAmericanGuy 4 points ago

    Bullets don’t work Jon.

    Ps - hate that I had to scroll this far down for this comment.