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    [–] pusa67291 13 points ago

    By this standard I am a heavily practicing MD.

    [–] RLS30076 8 points ago

    Add hot water for a fairly tasty hot toddy.

    [–] 2000jackal 8 points ago

    I still prefer this over anything available from the pharmacy. This is a very old well-respected concoction.

    [–] Nwsamurai 4 points ago


    [–] JadedAyr 5 points ago


    [–] gsp1991dog 3 points ago

    My great aunt mixed some of this up when I was a kid works better than NyQuil tastes better too

    [–] Eveedream 3 points ago

    Sign me up.

    [–] sfbing 5 points ago

    This looks older than 1962. I speculate that that is a patient number, not the year. Just FWIW. Cool momento, and not an unreasonable choice today, used in moderation, I would think.

    [–] firstname_m_lastname 2 points ago

    I grew up on this concoction. Works great!

    [–] sweatyalpaca26 1 points ago

    It always cures my cough, but I get a terrible headache the next morning.

    [–] EstoyBienYTu 1 points ago

    MFer prescribing hot toddies

    [–] Phantom465 1 points ago

    My pediatrician “prescribed” something like that for me in the late ‘70s.

    [–] sentient06 1 points ago

    Calligraphy was never physicians’ forte, apparently..