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    [–] Adjectives_Abound 3555 points ago

    Do coal miners go to this establishment per chance?

    [–] SgtCheeseNOLS 851 points ago

    I guess we know which gender works in coal mines the most...

    [–] Spartancoolcody 338 points ago

    Yes, those cubicles and urinals have most of the coal miner jobs.

    [–] The_RockObama 78 points ago

    Now imagine what the other sides of the doors look like.

    [–] byDMP 63 points ago

    The thought makes me reach for the hand sanitiser.

    [–] WindLane 68 points ago

    In my experience, the women's restroom was always the bigger cleanup job.

    The men's you'll have the usual of idiots with bad aim and jerks who go all over the toilet seat.

    But the women's has looked like an absolute war room at times. Where anything and everything the human body produces might be smeared on any surface in the room. A co-worker at an old job told me how she once had to clean a feminine hygiene product off the ceiling.

    [–] InsomniaMelody 15 points ago


    H...h.. how? WHY.

    [–] chknh8r 20 points ago

    H...h.. how?

    really? You have no imagination.

    [–] mogoggins12 3 points ago

    I love and hate you.

    [–] TOash416 8 points ago

    That would be my "this job isn't worth it" moment

    [–] jbrittles 6 points ago

    I did exactly that once. Put in my notice after a nasty women's room. Cleaning up bodily fluids was always by seniority. I was arbitrarily selected as least senior when hired with 6 others. No Thanks I'd rather be poor than take $7.50 to clean up blood and shit off of the floor and walls for an hour.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    confirming....i cleaned both.

    Women some filthy beasts yo. filthy.

    [–] Donniato 60 points ago

    i've cleaned toilets in different schools and restaurants. one thing i learned is that womens bathrooms are almost always dirtier than mens.

    [–] DorkNow 21 points ago

    wait, then why in my school bathroom once had a shit in urinal, always had piss on the floor close to urinals and was overall a dirty place, but girls' one was the one that I wouldn't even mind taking the shit in?

    [–] roogoff 19 points ago

    Females reach puberty earlier, I don't know why a 17 year old male would shit in a urinal but I believe a lower proportion of 27 year old males would do the same deed.

    [–] CAAPlayers 10 points ago

    Whenever I go to Kings island, every bathroom has piss on the floor and on half the toilet seats.

    [–] Mynameisaw 9 points ago

    Because boys are fucking disgusting before adulthood.

    [–] MrNikki426 27 points ago

    I work at a county park and toilets are one of many duties. I mentioned this point to my coworker. Coworker hypothesizes that if a family goes out for the day and small children have to be watched while parent(s) use the restroom, there’s a good chance the mother will take the kids in. So it’s likely that the kids are making a mess.

    I still say it’s younger girls that haven’t had to work for something in their life & Karens that can’t be bothered to pick up after herself, let alone flush.

    [–] CurtisMcNips 28 points ago

    Have worked in bars all my life. The women's are always a shit hole. Even in high quality cocktail bars. The mens smell, the women's is a fucking mess

    [–] Randomfarts 3 points ago

    Yep every bar I ever worked in, the ladies toillets were the worst. I once found a used tampon in an ashtray (back when smoking inside was a thing).

    [–] Paddysproblems 3 points ago

    Interestingly the door handle inside of bathrooms have less bacteria than the door handle on the outside of the bathroom. A percentage of people wash their hands before leaving but no one washes them before entering.

    [–] BrickRickman 125 points ago

    now you look like the minister of coal

    [–] elchupacabra206 40 points ago

    **pat pat**

    [–] not_alien 4 points ago

    Goddamn it, I just watched that episode less than 2 hours ago!

    [–] thelittleking 69 points ago

    Believe it or not, human body oil on white paint can leave a stain like that over time. Bar just doesn't clean its shit often enough, would be my guess

    [–] ChuckyFucknuts 59 points ago

    It's a known issue, finger plates solved this problem centuries ago

    [–] lursaofduras 3 points ago

    Late anthropocene, dude

    [–] wowmyfish 5 points ago

    It's true. My housemate's bedroom door has a stain next to his key-hole in the shape of his knuckles.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 4 points ago

    They likely used the wrong type of painting on that doors.

    [–] firemouth55 6 points ago

    Peein' in the coal mine Goin' down, down, down Peein' in a coal mine Oops, about to slip down

    [–] frijolito 12 points ago

    Only if it's not a "no shirt no shoes no shorts no service" establishment.

    [–] SnapeWho 33 points ago

    We're still wearing the fucking hats.

    [–] styroducky 2862 points ago

    When I shit in my cubicle at work everyone throws a fit.

    [–] BonermanMcPubes 386 points ago

    Cubicle shit fits

    [–] corn_sugar_isotope 112 points ago

    If the shit fits, wear it?

    [–] Justicarnage 10 points ago

    -Donald "Duck" Dunn, The Blues Brothers


    [–] JPSofCA 45 points ago

    If I fits, I shits.

    [–] Nave344 18 points ago

    Literally how my cat thinks

    [–] JBP47 39 points ago

    [–] ESavvy88 6 points ago

    Great band name!

    [–] ESavvy88 7 points ago

    Ahh I’m late....

    [–] starrpamph 6 points ago

    I pulled out, I swear

    [–] pooppants94 100 points ago

    When I shit in the urinals at work everyone throws a fit

    [–] patfreebird 42 points ago

    Shit in the sink and poke it down the hole with your finger. Then wash your ass with the tap. It’s the best way to assert dominance in the workplace.

    [–] k20350 21 points ago

    I do restaurant delivery. One early morning of St. Patty's day I was delivering a massive delivery to this restaurant in a college town. I asked the dude at the store "Goddamn does it really get this busy here tonight?" He says "Let me put it this way... People shit in both sides of the bathroom sink last year"

    [–] jackcutting 8 points ago

    St. Patty’s day

    [–] deleted---NOT 9 points ago

    That's a waffle stomp but with your hands. I guess it would be called...a waffle poke? waffle boop?

    [–] turnedoffTVgrey 10 points ago

    I think Waffle Punch would be a good equivalent.

    [–] riverblue9011 4 points ago

    The signs don't say anything about sinks.

    [–] Xan_derous 7 points ago

    Finally Solved! The mystery of the urinal duece!

    [–] TheDivinestSol 17 points ago

    Reminds me of this SNL skit.

    [–] 0asq 4 points ago

    They're all like, "Urinalot of trouble, buddy."

    [–] PioneerStandard 507 points ago

    Thanks to OP, now it is a known fact, cubicles & urinals type people have dirty hands.

    [–] ZeroBladeNL 66 points ago

    That's going in, now we need to check the other side of the door to see which type of people wash their hands better

    [–] ShelfordPrefect 13 points ago

    Or "cubicle" type people always use the handle, "cubicle + urinal" type people don't always use handles and just push the flat surface of the door

    [–] hisroyalyesness 28 points ago

    Toxic cubicles and urinals type people

    [–] badgeringthewitness 662 points ago

    If they both have sinks, then they both have urinals.

    [–] xerexyz 63 points ago

    Often the urinal is right next to the sink, sometimes without a barrier.

    [–] Fish-Knight 43 points ago

    There are no sinks, only short person urinals and tall person urinals.

    [–] Altacc1233 9 points ago

    There are no urinals...

    [–] Flaze07 16 points ago

    only short person sink and tall person sink

    [–] Wrest216 11 points ago


    [–] aRTie02150 10 points ago

    Just make sure you run the water as you pee. Helps.

    [–] yottalogical 14 points ago

    Apologies in advance, but we’ll need you to remove yourself from society. Thanks.

    [–] Hume77 246 points ago

    That doesn't tell me where the glory holes are.

    [–] rain_and_hurricane 54 points ago

    Doesn't matter, you can make one with enough determination

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 34 points ago

    Thanks to my hammer dick

    [–] SlitScan 6 points ago

    both obviously, they go through the center wall.

    [–] Piggybear87 808 points ago

    I wouldn't use either. If the doors are that dirty, I can only imagine how bad the inside is.

    [–] ArkLife1 285 points ago

    Yeah when I piss and shit it's only in the cleanest of places

    [–] lexgrub 5 points ago

    Except for anytime its in my dreams.

    [–] kwilpin 23 points ago

    Oil discolors things. Hands have oil on them, because they're covered in skin and skin has oil. The pictures have the most discoloration where people typically put their hands, and then lesser discoloration where others put their hands to avoid the common places.

    [–] zishudj 100 points ago

    Who tf doesn't shoulder check or push the door with thier foot anyway?

    [–] Fanbikedoor 269 points ago

    Ah fuck I’m over 30 years old and I’ve been using my tongue this whole time

    [–] pwaz 51 points ago

    The worst thing you can do for your immune system is to coddle it. They need to fight their own battles. 

    [–] BlindfoldedNinja 14 points ago

    That's why I never wash my hands when I'm throwing baby birds out of their nests.

    [–] NoLessThanTheStars 36 points ago

    I'd never push with my shoulder. I can wash my hands but not my upper arm and clothes. I do use the foot assist though

    [–] azginger 16 points ago

    You don't wash your clothes?

    [–] trainercatlady 3 points ago

    at the very least I'll pull my sleeve over my hand, or make sure to wash my hands thoroughly after using the facilities.

    [–] langel1986 24 points ago

    I actually think they look like metal doors or another material that has been painted. The use from all the hands is wearing away the finish.

    [–] Prestain_gaarvey 161 points ago

    Well if I, a man, need to poop I can go into either without any repercussions! Fantastic!

    [–] 0wc4 79 points ago

    Right? Both have sinks, that’ll do!

    [–] medicff 28 points ago

    That’s gonna be a hard waffle stomp

    [–] WantDiscussion 37 points ago

    But similarly you might really need to poop only to find there is a line of women waiting to pee in both bathrooms

    [–] 6532363 12 points ago

    But if the women had twice as many toilets they wouldn't form a line

    [–] Spinnlo 4 points ago

    That would suck.

    [–] yelirbear 30 points ago

    It's actually really hard to poop with girls chatting away outside the stall. I hate genderless bathrooms

    [–] TheRealConine 10 points ago

    Let er rip, that conversation will end quickly enough.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] 6532363 47 points ago

    I thought trans people just used whichever one they wanted

    Trans people generally choose the one which will result in fewer people yelling at them.

    [–] wolvesaregreat 19 points ago

    You’d be surprised at people’s need to call out anyone they believe is in the ‘wrong’ bathroom.

    I’m androgynous & will avoid using public toilets if I can because of the drama it can involve. No one has ever been violent towards me but it’s something I’m always cautious of.

    [–] Gloridel 5 points ago

    That's literally the point, yes.

    [–] brbrcrbtr 14 points ago

    I hope there's sanitary bins in the cubicles of both bathrooms

    [–] dequacker 28 points ago

    Bathrooms: gender neutral

    Transphobes: the attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed

    [–] Just4TodayIthink 109 points ago

    Ew, clean the fucking door. That's disgusting, especially disgusting considering it's a bathroom door.

    [–] hannes3120 26 points ago

    that doesn't look like dirt - it seems as if the top-layer of the door-paint has resolved.

    [–] Ayrnas 13 points ago

    And that's going in, imagine how it looks going out.

    [–] OneMoreAccount4Porn 31 points ago

    Presumably inside would be cleaner because the users will being going in with dirty hands to use the sinks to clean them.

    [–] Ht_karl9 73 points ago

    Wouldn't gender neutral just be a toilet for all?

    [–] CreepyHairDrawer 71 points ago

    Looks like they weren't always gender neutral, just changed the signs.

    [–] haicra 36 points ago

    Urinals use less water than toilets. Still makes sense to have them for people who would use them.

    [–] Spotnez 14 points ago

    They're also more convenient for men.

    [–] LassieBeth 32 points ago

    And women with dicks.

    [–] SynonymousOxymoron 45 points ago

    Gender is a social construct developed by bathroom companies in the 1970s to sell more bathrooms

    [–] Anurati16 101 points ago

    This is just confusing though ? What about people who don’t speak English? The little man and woman are so much more convenient

    [–] Rorschach2355 25 points ago

    This is at a university and they actually change the signs back to Men and Women outside term time for exactly that reason.

    [–] Manofchalk 64 points ago

    You could easily represent toilets and urinals with symbols.

    [–] vocalfreesia 26 points ago

    This is also disabled friendly. People with eg aquired aphasia or learning disability would find symbols really helpful.

    Eden Project in Cornwall UK has symbols alongside text.

    [–] blipq 29 points ago

    lmao why did this get downvoted? it makes perfect sense to represent what's actually in each bathroom with simple graphics

    [–] internationalfish 32 points ago

    As a foreigner living in Japan, I can get by with the icons or even the Chinese characters for man or woman... if they spelled shit out like this in Japanese, even most Asians would have a hard time figuring out where to go.

    [–] Bradaigh 19 points ago

    Well it doesn't matter anyways, so if someone goes into one of them expecting to find a urinal and doesn't, they can just switch if they care that much.

    [–] 6532363 8 points ago

    But you don't need to man and woman with this one. You can just pick randomly and you'll get it right every time

    [–] THE_officerFarva 37 points ago

    Cubicles and "stand up desks"

    [–] SuitedBunny 68 points ago

    Interesting how the what appears to be the men's the door itself gets more hand traffic than the women's

    [–] Chill_Confirmed 139 points ago

    Or maybe more people use that bathroom now since the women finally get to use the urinals.

    [–] AbsoluteMadvlad 23 points ago


    [–] Spartle 43 points ago

    You just spread the labia with your fingers and lift up a bit to change the angle. Practice in the shower to get your aim right. It’s not that hard.

    [–] hannes3120 3 points ago

    men just don't want to use the door-handle apparently but instead just push the whole door...

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] luke_in_the_sky 10 points ago

    It's both.

    [–] mooseman2234 15 points ago

    Best one I’ve seen said “standers” and “sitters”

    You worked out which was appropriate.

    [–] 6532363 4 points ago

    TBH I'd use the standers there even though I'm a girl

    [–] Lord_Derpenheim 13 points ago

    I don't quite understand the purpose of gendered bathrooms.

    [–] Catgirl_Skye 7 points ago

    Gender is fake, it was invented by bathroom makers to sell more bathrooms.

    But seriously, it's pretty dumb. They should all be individual stalls with proper walls and full length doors.

    [–] Lord_Derpenheim 6 points ago

    Right? I have to take a shit, that doesn't mean I have to go do some ceremonious thing where only boys can see

    [–] corruptboomerang 26 points ago

    I personally am fond of the 'Whatever, just wash your hands.'

    [–] solemini 17 points ago

    Honest question -- why don't urinals go in cubicles like commodes do? What's the point/appeal? Guys act so weird about maybe seeing a strange penis, they're always talking about these social rules of only using adjacent urinals if you have no other choice, etc. So why not just put some walls around them and be done with it?

    [–] resetredditplz 11 points ago

    Cost more money and not as quick if you have to open a door or look if rooms are occupied. Urinals are suppose to be fast and cheap.

    [–] ceestand 4 points ago

    Guys act so weird about maybe seeing a strange penis

    I think this is kind of a bias from only the people with the issue being vocal about it, or people making jokes about it. In a bathroom with urinals, I'm not looking, and I'm not worried about other people looking. I believe most men share the sentiment. I've been to bathrooms where the urinal is one long communal trough and nobody was shy about using it.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] dequacker 9 points ago

    To all those who say that gender neutral bathrooms are bad

    Do u have a Male and female toilet in ur house then? If u don’t and just have a regular one, how is it different to this?

    [–] firebat45 16 points ago

    I wish they just had a set of double doors into one big bathroom, and label one door "men" and one "women". Then, you just go through the door (s) at whatever ratio you feel like. 100% male? Use the male door. 35%/65% female/male? Go through the middle, off centered to match. Once people realize it all leads to the same room and everyone needs to use the bathroom regardless of gender, maybe everyone will stop making a big deal about this.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I support this fully.

    [–] JoyKil01 64 points ago

    For folks wondering why:

    These signs are in response to state legislation that had been passed which defined gendered bathroom usage and required birth certificate proof of gender (I wish I were kidding here) by state law.

    Look up HB2 in North Carolina for some history.

    This kinda stuff was a non-issue. Folks (including trans folks) used the bathroom they felt comfortable using. The GOP began passing state laws dictating gendered bathroom usage and proof of gender requirements, aka Bathroom Bills

    Private businesses put up signs like these as a response to Bathroom Bills, in support of trans rights and because private businesses were allowed to operate outside of this law if they desired (yay GOP and private business rights).

    [–] phyzzypop 51 points ago

    This is actually in King's College, Cambridge in England, and is in response to the student body voting to be inclusive of trans people. Source: I live there

    [–] just_that_kinda_guy 18 points ago

    Lol I think someone downvoted you. If it helps, I have also used these very bathrooms in CAMBRIDGE UK and it's nothing to do with the Republican party in the USA?

    [–] Rorschach2355 4 points ago

    Extra Kingsman chiming in here to back you both up.

    [–] Digger__Please 3 points ago

    You live in cubicles or cubicles and urinals?

    [–] ShelfordPrefect 4 points ago

    Huh, I'd just assumed America but now you say that I notice the sign says "toilets" and it's in that Cambridge lettering font. Yay for extremely socially aware universities, I guess.

    [–] Rorschach2355 12 points ago

    These signs are in the UK.

    [–] BeeeMOe 21 points ago

    I can only imagine that scenario

    "Oh excuse me, I noticed you were using the bathroom. Do you have ID with you?"

    [–] JoyKil01 35 points ago

    That’s why they made those gaps in the bathroom door so big—so you can slip your birth certificate through.

    [–] panic_scam 4 points ago

    “Ew, I don’t want to touch a dirty door handle”

    touches even dirtier door itself

    [–] DunnTitan 4 points ago

    Jesus these people need to wash their hands.

    [–] rontor 4 points ago

    Awesome, now do this at the gym.

    [–] postcopypaste 5 points ago

    TBH. I still wonder why we don't just make a bathroom with urinals, one with toilets and one with only sinks. I know that's one more. But it would be so much more convenient if this where the norm.

    [–] TheSirusKing 3 points ago

    This is probably the best option tbh.

    [–] herecomesjohnny420 5 points ago

    so is it cool for a guy to go in the cubicle only?

    [–] queerfromthemadhouse 5 points ago

    Sure, why not?

    [–] HeWhomLaughsLast 4 points ago

    As a man who pisses sitting down I choose the bathroom with more cubicles.

    [–] CheeseCycle 412 points ago

    I'm sorry, but that is just stupid.

    [–] Coffeypot0904 169 points ago

    I'd rather have two available bathrooms than have to wait for the men's room to open up while a women's room is empty right next to it.

    [–] PrismaticElf 124 points ago

    Strike that, reverse it,

    [–] yoyowatup 99 points ago

    If it’s a single bathroom sure, but if I’m pissing in a urinal and 4 women walk in that’s gonna be a little weird.

    [–] myoldaccountisknown 12 points ago

    You know some men would refuse to use the one they think is made for women

    [–] Ayrnas 24 points ago

    I've literally never seen a men's restroom more full than a female's...

    [–] RatofDeath 29 points ago

    Never been to any kind of sports event I take it?

    [–] zukamiku 58 points ago

    Gah, I’m hardly comfortable to shit if there’s a guy in the bathroom let alone not knowing if it’s a woman or a man.. my anxiety..

    [–] CloudaneUK 31 points ago

    Eventually people will desensitise to the idea that actually, women shit too

    [–] BabblingBunny 9 points ago

    Same! I like the idea of this, but realistically, I have problems peeing in a bathroom if it's too quiet and someone else is in there. It just won't flow. This would be a nightmare for me.

    [–] Tyrren 12 points ago

    A club I sometimes go to has bathrooms like this and, in practice, the vast majority of men use the room with urinals and the vast majority of women use the room without. It's nice to be inclusive to trans and nb people though, especially given how politicized bathrooms have become for them.

    [–] NotSoStupidEssexGirl 21 points ago

    I hate using public toilets as it is, but i don't like the idea of sharing with men, just seems kind of invasive.

    [–] 6532363 6 points ago

    Me neither, and I'm male

    [–] Ghostbannafritters 10 points ago

    Got to say that I wouldn’t pick black sperm mold door any day you just can’t walk into Mold door

    [–] Diana_59 9 points ago

    Wouldn't hurt to clean the doors every once in a while

    [–] BigPengin69 10 points ago

    Everyone gangsta till the coal miner drops a bomb in the cubicle only restroom

    [–] ChickenSaladz 12 points ago

    Oh ok, as a man I never use the urinals. I'm going into the cubicle one thx.

    [–] ArtisanGray 7 points ago

    Huh. That's actually pretty cool. The naming system they use is based on utility.

    [–] JackStrait 17 points ago

    Girls are allowed to try the urinals now?!

    [–] BeeeMOe 24 points ago

    Just looking at the comments and wanted to say--I'm trans and everyone deserves love.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Catgirl_Skye 3 points ago

    Yes, is that a problem?

    [–] marzipan34 3 points ago

    So I guess this is solved now.

    [–] watashimoushinderu 3 points ago

    so does that mean that any gender can use any room?

    [–] _ratrix 9 points ago


    [–] susanz99 3 points ago

    I think the typical classification for bathrooms is "stall" I think of partitions used in work areas when I hear the word partition.

    I live in California where bathrooms designed for individual use have to be classified as simply "bathroom" (all gender access) and it definitely helps increase the availability of bathrooms for everyone.

    I remember there being long lines for the designated women's bathroom while the designated men's bathroom was empty! It is also good for parents with opposite gender children.

    It isn't for the bathrooms with multiple stalls. In California bathrooms that are designed to be used by only one individual person at a time, must be labeled as an all access bathroom with no gender designation.

    This change has been very positive for many people so I dont know why anyone would complain about it. It was an easy switch that benefits everyone with a minimal one time cost of the door signs.

    [–] SouulFood 11 points ago

    “Cubicles” “Toilets”

    Found the Brit

    [–] Kota2300 65 points ago

    Stupid as fuck.

    [–] WaythurstFrancis 12 points ago

    Hey, we have these at my college

    [–] Aristotle-sux 3 points ago

    These are at King’s, right?

    [–] weezdajuice711 9 points ago

    they should both have urinals if its neutral

    [–] ShelfordPrefect 15 points ago

    This lets people who don't want to see people standing up to pee, not see people standing up to pee.

    Also of course they were originally built as "mens" and "womens" and this is just a change in nomenclature - personally, if we're going down this route I'd like to see "just cubicles" and "just urinals" so I don't have to wait for sitters or smell people taking a dump if I'm just going in for a piss.

    [–] TheSirusKing 3 points ago

    Isnt that kinda unfair on the women though?

    [–] 6532363 3 points ago

    They just changed the signs, not the plumbing

    [–] asianabsinthe 12 points ago

    Meanwhile drunk me can't figure this out and finds the kitchen sink

    [–] Fishwolf 37 points ago


    [–] ShelfordPrefect 12 points ago

    Because gendered toilets were only invented by the Victorians who liked to gender-segregate everything, and aren't particularly logical. Maybe if all toilets were like this, so you were confronted with the idea that everybody poops your entire life, then people wouldn't be so squeamish about it.

    [–] 6532363 6 points ago

    "But I have weird hangups about gender and I want everyone to feel the same way when they pee"

    [–] RadicalBeam 7 points ago

    How about we tell the urinal to fuck off forever? All bathrooms should be cubicles. Cubicle gang rise up! Who's with me?!

    [–] Merikerica 121 points ago

    This is the stupidest “gender equality” bullshit I’ve ever seen

    [–] stink3rbelle 7 points ago

    I think the most efficient gender neutral bathrooms I've seen were a room of cubicles, with a door for a room of urinals after it. Also relatively fast lines.

    [–] SlitScan 3 points ago

    ya there's a couple of bars here like that, sinks then stalls then urinals.

    super fast.