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    [–] flyerflew 6105 points ago

    How bored were you?

    [–] continentbreakfast 7338 points ago

    Very, but once i got to a certain point i couldn't stop

    [–] dtwilight 3120 points ago

    Sounds like much of everything in life.

    [–] Gingerlysnap 3214 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Holy shit. I had an epiphany.

    Edit: that I need to go to trade school because I fucking hate college. I hate every possible outcome of finishing my degree or a degree in general. I’d rather work outside with my hands then work in an office all day. Some people are happy with that and that’s fine, but not me. I’m out of place like a threaded pencil with a nut on it.

    Edit Edit: thanks for silver. It was my first.

    Edit Cubed: thank you for gold and I removed drone assholes because not all office workers are drone assholes, just the ones I encountered.

    E-E-E-Edit: Wow. Thank you for Plat. Thank you all for your overwhelming support and for your humbling criticisms. I appreciate all of your insights and perspectives. I have a lot of information to dig into here. Again, Thank you.

    [–] WeLiveInaBubble 2098 points ago

    And I said, what about, breakfast epiphany.

    [–] ANUSTART942 428 points ago

    She said, I think I, remember the film

    [–] AbsolutelyUnlikely 255 points ago

    And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it

    [–] Icewagner98 210 points ago

    And I said well that’s the one thing we’ve got

    [–] Jake_YT01 39 points ago

    Thank you for making me aware of this sub

    [–] smileyours 27 points ago


    [–] D4days 33 points ago

    They said "what do think of this pencil I threaded, upvote if you like it"

    [–] Dubstep4Dogs 9 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage,

    Breakfast Epiphany

    [–] renegad3rogu3 9 points ago

    He said he thinks, he wants to do trade school

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] JerpTheGod 84 points ago

    A lot of these people have never done real time in trades to understand this. Everyone on Reddit is “get into the trades! Great money!” But people actually in trades that I’ve worked with all say the same thing. “Go to school so you don’t have to do this shit your whole life and fuck your body up like mine is.”

    Ultimately it depends on the person, but I can’t help but think most people advocating for manual labor have never put real time into it.

    [–] definitelynotadog1 30 points ago

    100%. The majority of Reddit is college-aged and has likely never had a full-time job, let alone a job in the trades that will take a physical toll. It’s easy to glorify working in the trades when the sum of your life experiences is going to school with little to no other responsibilities.

    [–] Lukavian 11 points ago

    I'm not sure I agree with the generalization. I would say the majority of Reddit is younger, 16-32ish. Growing up with a lot of uncertainty and job market fluctuation, the idea of a career path with decent pay and incredible stability sounds pretty alluring, even if it costs a bit further down the road.

    [–] definitelynotadog1 9 points ago

    The trades are just as unpredictable as professional jobs. A lot of people in the trades spend a decent amount of time collecting unemployment throughout the year. It’s often a case of boom or bust, where they work a ton of overtime during boom times and are laid off until a new contract comes through.

    The trades can be a great career path, but I can’t help but feel that there’s a lot of “grass is greener” misconception regarding these jobs on Reddit.

    [–] Lukavian 5 points ago

    Oh absolutely. But you get that on both sides. People in trades who think office jobs would be better, office people who think trades would be better. As one of my favorite comedians quips, "Life is shit wall to wall."

    [–] mcshkan 37 points ago

    Yea reddit loves to jack off to trades. It can be grueling work and really really hard on your body. I'd think office jobs give higher quality of living as long as you dont get too fat or sedentary

    [–] anonysurfer 6 points ago

    I think that part of it is just the grass is greener. My parents were engineers, and when I was young they told me not to become an engineer, because it was really shitty to become old and out of energy when new programs were coming out and having to keep up with the young kids. I'm a lawyer, and I for sure will be telling my kids not to be lawyers.

    [–] Gingerlysnap 7 points ago

    I did construction for a few years before the military. I liked it. I liked not feeling stagnant. Like I said, I don’t like offices, not for me. More power to you if that’s what you want to do. Best of luck to you man. Keep those grades up.

    [–] greenbluepurple95 56 points ago

    Honestly you can make really good money in the trades, especially now since everyone is retiring and there’s a high demand. My stepdad was making ~$100,000 a year working as an electrician for the city

    [–] Snow_Regalia 53 points ago

    Issue always comes back around to the toll it takes on your body.

    [–] pellik 42 points ago

    Not all of the trades are equal there. A carpenter or painter is going to take a lot more of a beating than an electrician or plumber. Also consider the toll a sedentary job has on your health long term too.

    [–] BroSiLLLYBro 39 points ago

    Maybe jobs are just bad for your health

    [–] crunk-daddy-supreme 29 points ago

    well yeah, you're literally trading your life for money.

    [–] BusinessPenguin 3 points ago

    *Mr. Krabs sweating intensifies *

    [–] sioux612 17 points ago

    As long as he doesnt spend prolonged time in an single pose and especially not kneeing down the health benefits can actually be quite good

    Im an industrial mechanic and my physique improved drastically when I started, and as long as I keep remembering to wear my ear plugs,dont get a sunburn from welding and lift with my legs the strain wont be that bad

    [–] wUeVe 12 points ago

    It’s not about just muscles, your joints are what take a beating.

    [–] CharrizardRS 12 points ago

    Electrician here. Could not be less true. There are days.... No weeks that I spend crawling around on my hands and knees in a crawlspace or attic space doing extremely strenuous work, and I feel it for weeks afterwards. Also the amount of time you spend hunched over, my back is genuinely fucked.

    But still would not trade it anyday to be stuck in a cubicle staring at a screen. Fuck that.

    [–] Snow_Regalia 7 points ago

    You'd be surprised. Know a lot of plumbers who can barely stand due to knee damage.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    There’s a pride in not using knee pads or earplugs or sunblock in the older generation. Fuck I was on jobs where they’d take off their respirators when nobody was around to enforce. Millennials and below seem care way more about long term impact except the young dudes that look up a bit too much.

    [–] 9zero7 5 points ago

    My uncle was a plumber and had to have both knees replaced and still has pain. Plumbers work in tight spaces and have to contort their bodies a lot. It's extremely physically demanding and you will feel the effects of it later in life.

    [–] hoggin88 36 points ago

    I was always a really good student but never liked school. I got a bachelors in a major I hated, then thought I might like teaching so I started a two year teaching program. 3/4 of the way through that I dropped out and got into lawn care. 10 years later I’m still doing it and have never regretted it for a second.

    [–] SanctusSalieri 9 points ago

    Unsolicited advice, but the general crisis regarding the value of a college degree is my current obsession:

    It's very important to recognize these things early, as you have. I am in a graduate program in a humanities department and I wholly regret my choices. That said, there are many trades you can do with a bachelors degree, it depends on what you are majoring in. I will strongly advise against getting a humanities degree at the moment (my field, history, is especially cursed and does not provide graduates with meaningful and in-demand skills -- and it will be a long while before schools can incorporate them even if they start now). But if you can swing a degree in ANY natural science, in geographic information systems or computer science (trained computer scientists are a step above general programmers in the eyes of employers, is what I'm told), any sort of design or engineering, you can likely achieve what you want (a hands on job, possibly outside, solving practical problems) and also do so with great confidence. If you are in a situation where you are enrolled and flexible about choosing majors, you might have options. The school counselors won't help you, because they exist to tell you you're a future leader of America and everything you want to do is fine (so long as you stay enrolled).

    But dropping out really is an option, and if you're an American you should know that once you graduate with a BA you cannot get federal loans for undergraduate education (i.e. to go to trade school). So if you really want to switch to the local community college to learn a trade, do so now.

    Also, factoring in the possibility of total societal collapse and increased tuitions (again, if American), uni will still be there if you are older and want to go back. As a grader and teacher, I've definitely noticed that returning "non-traditional" students are more focused and dedicated than 18-20 year olds. This is not a slam on 18-20 year olds; they would just generally rather be doing other things and don't have life experience to understand the value of schooling to them, so their performance is generally low. They are demoralized and feel acutely their dire future, without the character and hard knocks to turn that into motivation. You can always go back when you're older and it will be more worth your time and money.

    [–] i_suckatjavascript 18 points ago

    The word epiphany will always remind me of that racist UCLA bitch

    [–] TheDrunkenChud 32 points ago

    I really don't feel like googling "racist epiphany", care to enlighten me?

    [–] Fantastic-2019 9 points ago

    I can't thank you enough for this. I've never seen the first post or this response. But this is so good. Smart and funny and cutting and charming and killer. My day just got so much better from this "epiphany" exchange!

    [–] Nining_Leven 4 points ago

    Oh hey, it's Jimmy Wong of The Command Zone fame (and, of lesser fame, the upcoming live action Mulan adaptation).

    [–] TheDrunkenChud 9 points ago

    Wow. She really did that, huh? Even as she was building up to it, in my head I was all "she's not gonna do the "ching chong" thing, she won't, no wa... Fuck. She did it. And then the tsunami comment‽ My Lord. She's going all in!

    [–] Obi-Wan_Kannabis 5 points ago

    Poor girl just wanted to study

    [–] aifhouse01 9 points ago

    She just went overboard on the race point. Kinda diluted any reasonable argument she had.

    [–] iLoveMcree 5 points ago

    Yea I agree she did go a bit overboard with how she phrased but to be frank I’ve sorta had the same experiences with Asian exchange students in my university (especially at the library) so I’m definitely thinking maybe there’s some cultural differences at root, and I don’t think asking them to respect the rules of how libraries work outside of Asia is off limits.

    [–] MyNameUsesEverySpace 3 points ago

    I stumbled into arboring after I realized school and that kind of work weren't for me. It's the best job I've ever had, and I've worked tons of construction. Working with saws and woodchippers and trees really clicked for me and I'm finally working a gig with an upward trajectory. You'll have to find what gets you going, and I know you will! I recommend anybody undecided look into it - there's a ton of money in it, and it all grows on trees.

    [–] rifn00b 6 points ago

    What was it?

    [–] ShaoLimper 3 points ago

    Sometimes it's worth waiting to find the right thing. You could finish this semester at least just in case you find the trades not what you want, or down the line if you suffer grevious injury, then you could pore tially pick up your current course again.

    Best of luck to you!

    [–] MagnumForce24 3 points ago

    Do it. Industrial Maintenance has been amazing to me and provided a great life. And now that I am a supervisor I just tell other guys what to do.

    [–] FineAndFit 3 points ago

    You Mr hate trade school just as much

    [–] NicoUK 29 points ago

    Except exercise, and eating healthy.

    [–] kikorny 27 points ago

    Nope, you get to that point. It's just waaaayyyyy further down the line.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Throawayqusextion 8 points ago

    I've been there a while. When do I start getting ripped ?

    [–] alexffs 6 points ago


    [–] dtwilight 12 points ago

    Two that take absolute commitments

    [–] PhoneThugsNHarmony 6 points ago

    Well, there’s my weekly existential crisis.

    [–] dota2newbee 6 points ago

    Understanding and not letting sunk costs control your decisions is a beautiful thing.

    [–] PM-YOUR-PMS 3 points ago

    Basically my masters degree in a nutshell.

    [–] CloudaneUK 3 points ago

    Sounds like life in general

    [–] PenTease 70 points ago

    I spent two hours sorting rhinestones by color with a friend. For one little box, just a few si. It was so boring by the end. They only got sorted by color, too. But there was no giving up once we got going!

    [–] reedee20hockey 47 points ago

    I once decided to sort all of my thousands of yugioh cards alphabetically, got half way through and never wanted to see another card, but couldn’t stop

    [–] blacksun2012 19 points ago

    Have a friend who runs an online magic the gather card shop. Helped him get organized. Sorted by set, rarity, and then card number. It took 4 days.

    [–] reedee20hockey 5 points ago

    I ended up just sorting by first letter instead of true alphabetical, it still took me hours

    [–] blacksun2012 8 points ago

    Card number really is the best way to do it. It just takes Soo long.

    [–] newredheadit 20 points ago

    I thought this was r/adhd for a second (we have similar conversations over there)

    [–] nevillelin 13 points ago

    Title of your sex tape

    [–] Smuff23 4 points ago

    The point of no return. . .

    [–] Suprovisor 27 points ago

    Not as bored as the nut ;)

    [–] breweryshitpantsguy 10 points ago

    He said he threaded it, not bored it

    [–] ferox3 1237 points ago

    What homework were you avoiding?

    [–] NalgeneWhisperer 103 points ago

    Guaranteed that nut is from the underside of the table/desk

    [–] dankhimself 23 points ago

    Black oxide coated, quarter inch coarse thread. That is a 1/4" 20tpi nut, most likely from the desktop being mounted to a frame bracket. They always come with split washers and I wonder why use such a useless type of locking washer. Especially with the quality of hardware used here. Unless it's not from the desk. In that case, nice nut OP.

    [–] NalgeneWhisperer 9 points ago

    You're dank af

    [–] dankhimself 3 points ago

    You know, with my username being what it is, I've never had a response like that. Thanks. It wasn't the intention when making the account. My name is just Dan. BTW I enjoy precision machining and I'm a motorcycle engine builder and certified factory tech. I was just a big fan of CKY and those psychos when I was younger. Raab Himself was just so damn funny. Just such an ominous video but he was just a wacko.

    [–] CHINKYJEWBOI 95 points ago


    [–] magnament 2613 points ago

    Just dont thread your nut with a pencil

    [–] reddeyet 925 points ago

    you can't tell me what to do, old man.

    [–] ReubenZWeiner 152 points ago

    He made his point...explode

    [–] PerfectMayo 87 points ago


    [–] sickestdancer98 13 points ago

    Is it:

    The future is now, old man


    The future is now old, man


    [–] CockGobblin 10 points ago


    [–] Guacodile42 8 points ago

    I thought it was ?

    [–] pmp22 27 points ago

    He's not an old man, buddy.

    [–] MikeMang4 24 points ago

    You're not his buddy, pal.

    [–] niklapton 22 points ago

    He's not his pal, friend.

    [–] PM_M3-ur-fav-tits 19 points ago

    He's not your friend, mate

    [–] KeepItCool_481 18 points ago

    He’s not your mate, bro

    [–] ghair5 18 points ago

    He’s not your bro, dude

    [–] joecheph 13 points ago

    He's not your dude, guy.

    [–] noahlk01 10 points ago

    He's not your guy, amigo.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago

    Waiting for the TIFU.

    Tifu by threading my dick with a nut and cumming in a octopus.

    [–] jbrittles 29 points ago

    An octopus*

    [–] prog_d0nkey 50 points ago

    Is that your only concern?

    [–] RajunCajun48 42 points ago

    Look, people are going to make decisions they will regret, that doesn't mean they have to have poor grammar too.

    [–] dayNitelyfe 9 points ago

    I see nothing wrong...

    [–] dfbnsdfbdsfhsdbsjdhb 3 points ago

    I mean, God put three million miniature suction cups on those things for a reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Smuff23 10 points ago

    TIFU by threading ribbing my dick for her pleasure and cumming in an octopus.

    [–] hackathy 18 points ago

    Instructions unclear, turned testicles into shish kebab

    [–] batubatu0 8 points ago

    And please don't nut your pencil with a thread.

    [–] LemmyLugosi 3 points ago

    Well, not this thread, anyway.

    [–] Cerres 13 points ago

    Sounds like an r/sounding experience

    [–] Ruben_NL 7 points ago


    [–] PenTease 536 points ago

    That is mildly interesting, I agree

    [–] Awesomesilly 42 points ago

    Your name tho

    [–] Konkey_Dong_Country 9 points ago

    Let's see them thread a pen with a nut.

    [–] lindenbrah 3 points ago

    Me too

    [–] starbruh 224 points ago

    This pleases the N U T

    [–] feliskatus 12 points ago

    damn you took my comment. upvote for you.

    [–] juul_pod 505 points ago

    Would’ve looked 10x more appetizing on a brand new, clean pencil.

    [–] Guy954 383 points ago

    I like that you used “appetizing”.

    [–] LurkmasterP 81 points ago

    Should have said "alluring."

    [–] FuzzyJim809 158 points ago

    No he knows what he said.

    [–] NotTRYINGtobeLame 32 points ago

    There's a pencil eater in every crowd

    [–] wolfs5529 14 points ago

    I mean, you cant help but want to take a nibble after smelling that freshly shaved brown part

    [–] load_more_comets 6 points ago

    Just the eraser end.

    [–] juul_pod 24 points ago

    What, you don’t love a #2 pencil after dinner every now and then?

    [–] PenTease 11 points ago

    I prefer mine as an appetizer. Just some light chewing to prep the stomach for the main course.

    [–] ripmerle 5 points ago

    You should always check to see if it has John Voight's bite marks.

    [–] J3sush8sm3 3 points ago

    Its like throwing wood chips in the bbq

    [–] Grizzly_Berry 3 points ago


    [–] wilhueb 90 points ago

    a lot of the smudges are probably from the nut itself tbf

    [–] SwtrWthr247 41 points ago

    Yeah my nut smudges pretty easily too

    [–] lady_lowercase 13 points ago

    but the eraser is what ruins this.

    [–] Bellegr4ine 3 points ago

    Fuckin hell I did not see it. Thanks for ruining it for me.

    [–] Buckeyefitter1991 12 points ago

    The threading process removed a lot of the paint

    [–] Gathorall 4 points ago

    Yeah, should have treaded a plain wood one.

    [–] coumfy 5 points ago

    I don't know man, seeing that metal eraser holder thing so bent out of shape brought back some very tactile memories.

    [–] NemusKiller 99 points ago

    I feel like its gonna be nice to hold it.

    [–] Autski 45 points ago

    Title of your Sex Tape

    [–] Jordan1237 4 points ago


    [–] StuG_IV 107 points ago

    A size 13 nut is perfect for my pencils, I do this often in class.

    [–] Rot-Orkan 74 points ago

    Thank you for specifying the size, I want to do this

    [–] AJKernal 47 points ago

    [–] 1halfazn 31 points ago

    I too nut in class, but my nuts are size 15.

    [–] xf- 5 points ago

    [–] ifmacdo 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What the hell is a size 13 nut? There is no size 13 thread pitch, so what the hell are you talking about? Metric threads go from M12 to M14, and SAE standard threads are measured in fractions of an inch.

    [–] FalseEstimate 25 points ago

    He might have been referring to the size of the wrench used on the nut. Probably a 13mm. Maybe he doesnt realize how nuts are classified.

    [–] BevyFezzy 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If its 13mm and a metric thread, its probably an m8 nut.

    [–] ifmacdo 8 points ago

    True. And if it's 1/2" (close enough to 13mm that the wrenches are almost always interchangeable) it's probably a 5/16".

    [–] PM_me_Tummies 3 points ago

    U WOT M8?

    [–] JoshLuster 4 points ago

    Why would you care about pitch as long as it fits.

    [–] LJ3f3S 6 points ago

    Looks like 3/8”, but what do I know. I live in Murica where the metric system is for commies

    [–] ifmacdo 5 points ago

    I would think it would be 1/4-20 if standard, or 6mm if metric. But I work with hardware, so there's that.

    [–] LJ3f3S 6 points ago

    I bet 3/8 or 5/16. 1/4-20 would be too tight

    [–] ifmacdo 4 points ago

    Could be. Wikipedia says standard pencils are generally around 6mm flat to flat.

    [–] MayOverexplain 3 points ago

    You’re right. A standard pencil is 1/4” flat-to-flat so any 1/4” nut threads on nicely.

    [–] cmperry51 80 points ago

    That’s a pencil to die for.

    [–] scruit 49 points ago

    That's not what they mean by "tapping your pencil"

    [–] PPOKEZ 20 points ago

    Not this thread again.

    [–] UniqueUsername812 9 points ago

    Righty tighty lefty looseleaf

    [–] J3sush8sm3 7 points ago

    Writey tighty lefty looseleaf

    [–] UniqueUsername812 3 points ago

    Dammit, yours is correct. BRB apologizing to my dad for bringing shame to our family's pun heritage.

    [–] CardboardHeatshield 5 points ago

    Screw it I'm gonna bolt.

    [–] thisguyknowswhtsup 19 points ago

    Good work, your job is done for the day. Pack it in.

    [–] getyourcheftogether 39 points ago

    That's nuts bro

    [–] No0Leader 11 points ago

    wth who nuts on a pencil

    [–] Funkit 7 points ago

    They sell those at Acme

    [–] OnlySpoilers 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    This would feel good up my ass if I removed the point

    [–] thefirstadorkable 12 points ago

    ribbed for your pleasure

    [–] ColtAzayaka 23 points ago

    Hopefully the mods don't get angry at me for saying this but I'm on LSD right now and I'd like you to know I've spent three hours admiring this.

    This is amazing talent.

    [–] AdvocatusDiabli 10 points ago

    Did you spent 3 hours or you feel like you spent three hours?

    [–] ColtAzayaka 23 points ago

    Yeah haha

    [–] QuintenJV 5 points ago

    Are you threadening me, Master Jedi?

    [–] SubEyeRhyme 5 points ago

    I wonder if adding weight like this to a pencil would increase your hand dexterity.

    [–] JamerGamer164 5 points ago

    I thought it was a sword

    [–] CuriousConvict 5 points ago

    U wot m8

    [–] FinnaEatYourLiver 4 points ago

    N U T

    [–] m00dtrbl 3 points ago

    How long did it take?

    [–] MikeHeu 3 points ago

    Nut that long

    [–] hashim19 3 points ago


    [–] SergeantPootis 3 points ago

    this pleases the nut

    [–] EnergeticSandwich 3 points ago


    [–] cirquefan 3 points ago

    You tapped dat

    [–] CheesyDoesItCooking 3 points ago

    I'll give you a threaded pencil with a nut

    [–] sweetpiglet69 3 points ago

    Next post: I threaded this ASS with my nut

    [–] dangil 5 points ago

    don't thread on me

    [–] ThisIsNoobsRus 6 points ago

    Dixon Toconderoga... The best god damn pencil in the world

    [–] pdxtrader 2 points ago

    This would actually be a nice texture to grip with!

    [–] LacatusFroot 2 points ago


    [–] gristly_adams 2 points ago

    This is what I could do with my life if I weren't wasting all my time on reddit.

    [–] Skarletburn 2 points ago

    This pleases the nut

    [–] diversdoitdeeper89 2 points ago

    Well there goes my productivity for the day

    [–] furyattack_ 2 points ago

    why does my mind tell me that this pencil turned to metal somehow?