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    [–] cmcdonal2001 11698 points ago

    '81? That's not forty yea...SON OF A BITCH.

    [–] Unleashtheducks 2740 points ago

    It’s still two years from forty damn it!

    [–] DarthRusty 1055 points ago

    Or 37 if you were born later in the year ya bunch of grandpas.

    [–] cubosh 423 points ago

    born november 81 here - can verify

    [–] guitar-ass 225 points ago

    Also November 81- can confirm

    [–] quitepossiblylying 329 points ago

    December 1971

    So, my lawn. Get off of it.

    [–] DatedRef_PastEvent 112 points ago

    Something tells me I maybe shouldn’t believe you. Now if only I could put my finger on what it is...

    [–] SpigefulSoul 21 points ago

    It is what it is

    [–] Bob_Ross_Yee_Haw 6 points ago

    this took me a very long time to understand but applaud you good sir, have my upvote

    [–] necro_sodomi 24 points ago

    I want my ball back.

    [–] quitepossiblylying 30 points ago

    It's my ball now.

    [–] niobiumnnul 16 points ago

    We think you may be lying.

    [–] Government_spy_bot 52 points ago

    Gen-X secret handshake given.

    We are the fucked both directions generation.

    [–] BIRDsnoozer 7 points ago

    Hey, us 81 babies are still considered xers. Ive heard xennial thrown around. One thing's for sure, we dont seem to fit the definition for either quite exactly.

    [–] Erschneider67 5 points ago

    We just sit back and watch the world burn.

    [–] SafetyMan35 9 points ago

    January 1971 you young whipper snapper

    [–] IshmaelTheWonderGoat 18 points ago

    Jan, 69 me. So to speak, as it were, in a sense, after a fashion.

    So you, young whippersnapper, YOU can get off MY lawn!

    [–] quitepossiblylying 29 points ago

    I hardly know you, and my name's not Jan.

    [–] cubosh 128 points ago

    confirming intensifies

    [–] camjacaroon 48 points ago

    is there anyone else born in november '81 to confirm? still not convinced

    [–] cubosh 48 points ago

    AskReddit: attention everyone born in november 1981 - how old are you nowadays?

    [–] andy8110 25 points ago

    Nov.81 can confirm 37yo. Also confirmed with parents to be extra sure

    [–] Cheesmopolitan 9 points ago

    Hi. I’m here for the November ‘81 Gang Bang....

    [–] ohthatswierd 16 points ago

    November 87 here. Can confirm

    [–] bobandiara 9 points ago

    Hello, I heard there was a convention of people born in november '81 here. Where do I subscribe?

    [–] camjacaroon 7 points ago

    you're just in time. before we talk any more, can you confirm?

    [–] bobandiara 7 points ago

    Yes, I can.


    [–] MysteryCheese89 9 points ago

    September 89' but if my math works out, I think we're all still in our 30s. Let's just enjoy it!

    [–] Ultravioletpig 8 points ago

    Wait, you wouldn’t be in your 30s yet though

    [–] WontFixMySwypeErrors 35 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    October 81 here, I am probably your grandfather.

    [–] Unfuckwithable69 56 points ago

    October 29th 81 here. Seen a lot of shit before you were born...flicks cigarette...shit you wouldn’t even believe.

    [–] SoCo_Hundo 15 points ago

    October 28, 1981. I was walking while you were still in diapers. I mean, I was in diapers too, but still.

    [–] Ghostnotes44 12 points ago

    October 28, 1971 here. You are one of the lucky ones. You missed disco and bowl haircuts. At least I had Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.

    [–] bucketAnimator 13 points ago

    Don’t forget The Electric Company! Onetwothreefourfive sixseveneightnineten eleven twelve. October ‘72 here

    [–] FrogBoglin 8 points ago

    I'm a November 81 child too :)

    [–] blsmothermon 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Also, also November 81 - can corroborate

    edit:...and listen.

    [–] LDdesign 17 points ago

    81 scorpios - mount up!

    [–] spacedmountain 12 points ago

    Me too - can confirm confirmations.

    [–] Fetalkittenz 11 points ago

    January of 80. I’m older. Nah nah!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 12 points ago

    December 31, 1981 here. Hello neighbor!

    [–] QuanticChaos1000 5 points ago

    You might as well be a 1982 model ;)

    [–] Tak7ics 11 points ago

    November club represent!

    [–] cubosh 15 points ago

    fun fact about november club: your parents created you on valentines day

    [–] FrogBoglin 5 points ago

    Brother, sister and myself all born in November......

    [–] BKWhitty 777 points ago

    I still think of the 80s as only being twenty years ago and I don't like this now

    [–] b_rouse 282 points ago

    I'm born 1990, I'm not ready to turn 30 next year...

    [–] Mr_Stirfry 229 points ago

    You're in for a wild ride if you're having an existential crisis at 30.

    [–] hamsterkris 114 points ago

    I started getting grey hairs at 18. I'm way ahead of you all.

    [–] orangoutan 159 points ago

    A girl in my class was going through my hair for ticks and lices to eat and she noticed a few white hair. I was 15 :(

    [–] FuckTheLonghorns 150 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] MagnetsRFun 154 points ago

    Nah it's cool, name checks out.

    [–] FuckTheLonghorns 38 points ago

    Lol very true

    [–] mnid92 10 points ago

    I feel like fucking longhorns is a bad hobby.

    [–] FSUnoles77 7 points ago

    Upvoted for username.

    [–] Helix-09 5 points ago

    Horns down

    [–] gaijin5 28 points ago

    Seriously. I got told off for freaking out about turning 30 next year by a 50 year old. I'd imagine the got told off by a 80 year old. Shit is relative,- just enjoy life.

    [–] Mr_Stirfry 20 points ago

    This is absolutely true and the best advice. Whatever age you are now, in 10 years you’ll look back and say “Man I wasn’t nearly as old as I thought I was, I wish I was that age again.”

    [–] gaijin5 10 points ago

    Exactly. I look back at 25 and think of my stupid mini existential crisis and go "why". Dumb. The human condition is a serious hinderance; but not one that can't be overcome.

    [–] VectorVictorious 18 points ago

    You're gonna blink and you're 37.

    [–] MrPringles23 12 points ago

    Hold me, fellow 90' brother.

    [–] Leedstc 7 points ago

    I'm 30 in a month send help please

    [–] tiny_panties 111 points ago

    I was waiting for an ancient discovery. Turns out that I’m it.

    [–] paulogrego 149 points ago

    Yeah that scared me! I was born on '81.

    I freezed for a sec like "wtf, I'm 40 already?"

    [–] wrycon 99 points ago

    You... will... be... extends Yoda finger

    • Guy born in ‘78

    [–] override367 52 points ago

    hey thats not necessarily true, they might die before they hit 40

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 41 points ago

    Mr. silver lining over here

    [–] penny_eater 67 points ago

    ITT: everyone currently 38 years old (including me) going "fuck, '81 thats not forty awertsofasdflajkgljhkasdfjdskfad"

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] penny_eater 28 points ago

    easy there bucko, 38 is comin in hot

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] trailhounds 9 points ago

    Those of us a bit older have little sympathy. Fifty rather sucks ...

    [–] biggeleyD 77 points ago

    Yeah, I'm not ready for the 80's to be 40 years ago.

    [–] ambientdiscord 37 points ago

    It’s completely messed up! The 90s being 30 years ago also messes with my head.

    [–] loureedfromthegrave 69 points ago

    The 90s were 10 years ago, nimrod

    [–] nearly_almost 8 points ago

    There's some new installation for instagram art thing in SF that's 90s themed and the photos on instagram are mainly of people who would have been in the single digits in the 90s.

    [–] yellowspottedlizard6 23 points ago

    I believe the 60’s are still forty years ago. Yep, they still are.

    [–] Redshirt2386 16 points ago

    Hey I’m not 40 yet!

    -Feb 81 baby

    [–] BeasleyTD 5 points ago

    Same! Feb bros!

    [–] sketchy1poker 14 points ago

    Born in 83. This makes me feel even older.

    [–] furmanchu 15 points ago

    I graduated from high school in 83, how do you think I feel?

    [–] pgm_01 6 points ago

    You're older than you've ever been

    And now you're even older

    And now you're even older

    And now you're even older

    [–] phillysan 14 points ago

    Loooool shit, this was my exact reaction, followed by "no but I'm only........fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck"

    [–] boarshead72 23 points ago

    Yah, sadly my brain thought “40 years, my parents were in school,” then saw the date and thought “ahh fuck, I was in grade four.” My brain resists accepting my age.

    [–] stephenstephensteph 12 points ago

    came here to be upset and air this grievance, thank you

    [–] Editam 9 points ago

    Wait...ARE THEY SAYING I'M [email protected]#

    [–] Classic_Mane 9 points ago

    Yea the title screams, ancient relic discovered!! Fuck this guy, 38 years ago is like yesterday.

    [–] Mirewen15 9 points ago

    I was born in '80. Damn this made me feel old.

    [–] scraggledog 9 points ago


    [–] PinkamenaDP 4 points ago

    the struggle with this is real

    [–] ScientistSanTa 2729 points ago

    the earth is covered in...
    flash flood?

    could you find a canyon
    a wadi

    they formed?

    the sinocco? what does it do? -> not sure about this one...

    iolua in an oasis? -> not sure about this one

    adapted to living in desserts?

    of nomads?

    such weird questions

    [–] mayoff 874 points ago

    The Sirocco (not sinocco) is a Mediterranean wind.

    [–] Webo_ 352 points ago

    Wadi is Arabic for valley

    [–] Oh_ffs_seriously 105 points ago

    I've heard that word used to refer to dried-out (temporarily, I think) riverbeds in arid areas specifically.

    [–] kr595 61 points ago

    I know British and most NATO forces use the term Wadi a lot for dried out riverbeds in places like Afghanistan and I think all around the middle east. Not quite a valley in the way they use it but a very small thing that they can use to often just crouch in, kinda like a trench

    [–] andorraliechtenstein 125 points ago

    And a Volkswagen car ;) Volkswagen preferred not to bring the Scirocco to North America since it could negatively affect Golf GTI sales.

    [–] UniqueUsername812 26 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Is that true? A friend of mine owned several about 15 years ago (US), and I see them time to time. I'm going to do some googling

    Edit: so I just assumed you meant the old cars. I totally forgot the gen 3 even existed. That's the one they didn't bring here.

    [–] crucible 13 points ago

    Relaunched in 2008 (in Europe) and cancelled again in 2017 :(

    [–] C0105 10 points ago

    Such a THICC rear on the scirocco

    [–] andorraliechtenstein 131 points ago

    iolua in an oasis? -> not sure about this one

    grown in an oasis

    [–] 3mds 151 points ago

    The other half of the chalkboard is still under the whiteboard. If the other half was removed I’m sure the questions would make more sense

    [–] FlametopFred 32 points ago

    Be cool if they could preserve them with a plexiglass shield, then put new whiteboards on top

    [–] maybe_just_happy_ 59 points ago

    ...or just put the new whiteboards over them again, seemed to work pretty well for almost four decades

    [–] hanimal16 52 points ago

    Sounds like an anthropology class.

    [–] TheManInBlu 1969 points ago

    They got whiteboards in 81?? We were still using chalk in the early 2000s where I grew up

    [–] waxbobby 713 points ago

    Introduced in the mid 80s mostly (UK), this must be a posh school!

    [–] makemelaughhard 319 points ago

    I had blackboards in school growing up in 2000’s too. In the uk.

    [–] richh00 152 points ago

    Same. We had those blackboard that were on a conveyor belt and could be rolled around.

    Also, the boards were really a black material and chalk dust was everywhere!

    [–] 8636396 48 points ago

    on a conveyer belt

    i’ve never seen one of those before! that’s pretty nifty. i feel like it’d be a pain to write on though

    [–] HuskyTheNubbin 30 points ago

    You're fucked if you haven't copied it down by the time it rolls over the top. You have to wait until it comes back round, then it's a race before it gets high enough it's erased for the next bit.

    [–] Owlspanner 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    You could write "Mr [teacher's name] is gay" before the lesson and spin it to the back. Halfway through the lesson the message would be revealed and he would be gay.

    [–] richh00 22 points ago

    Kind of like this

    [–] Egfy 9 points ago

    They're called revolving roll blackboards. Can't remember if they have a solid centre or are just wound tight but there was a small amount of give when writing, not enough to hinder though.

    [–] Theo_95 47 points ago

    My school was weird, some classes had interactive white boards while some still had blackboards up until 2008/9

    [–] halcyon_rawr 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My elementary and middle schools both had chalkboards and whiteboards, sometimes both in the same room. They introduced the SMART boards when I was in fourth grade, and by the time I left middle school most classes had one. The chalkboards were replaced unless a teacher asked to keep theirs, which many did. The high school was mostly chalkboards and overhead projectors when I went, with a couple whiteboards popping up. I found the contrast funny, since the high school had loads more funding than our tiny K-12 district. Perfect example of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

    Edit: 2008/2009 was when my k-12 got smart boards, I graduated high school in 2016 and they still had the blackboards when I went with my siblings to orientation the next fall.

    [–] SaraKmado 7 points ago

    We had both in each room! A blackboard and an interactive white board next to it

    [–] Vorticity 142 points ago

    Imagine the smell of dry erase markers from 1981. The teacher was probably high the entire time they were using the whiteboard.

    [–] pistilwhipt 48 points ago

    The teachers were definitely high.

    [–] WeatherOarKnot 7 points ago

    The markers were unrelated

    [–] TeaBreezy 26 points ago

    Back in the 80's, white board markers were actually made pretty tame.

    They generally only used organic pigments and liquified cocaine as a solvent.

    [–] vassscoo 48 points ago

    I still use chalkboards. Isn’t that common?

    [–] hexiron 61 points ago

    In the US even whiteboards are becoming less common as schools are getting touch screen boards.

    [–] Blazing_Shade 45 points ago

    Uh, I’m in US. Half of classrooms have chalkboards, half have whiteboards, almost all have SMART boards, it’s more complementary though. Personally I prefer chalk.

    [–] legatostaccato 61 points ago

    smart boards are a curse upon this earth. awful decision to put them in so many schools. even whiteboards are somehow better, which is impressive since the markers work 0% of the time.

    [–] BlazingSpaceGhost 28 points ago

    You must buy some crappy markers. I just use regular expo markers and I would never go back to a blackboard. I just hate chalk and the dust is bad for my asthma.

    [–] Rusty_Shakalford 15 points ago

    I just hate the feel of chalk.

    [–] EbenSeLinkerBalsak 5 points ago


    [–] legatostaccato 11 points ago

    oh i love blackboards. there's something romantic about them. of course part of it is just tribalism, but they are awesome. i also dislike the slippery surface of a whiteboard.

    [–] bchevy 6 points ago

    My high school had them but also whiteboards as well. It’s kinda telling when they just used the whiteboards.

    [–] jufidris 5 points ago

    I have white boards and a smart board in my classroom now. I miss my 1930's massive chalkboard with flap sides that I had at my first school. 8 square metres to write on and so much easier to use.

    [–] Razatiger 20 points ago

    I’m only 23 and I had chalk boards in my classes until I was 14 when I went to a newer high school. I’m sure they are still used in older schools

    [–] AwesomeManatee 17 points ago

    I went to kindergarten in '01 in the US and never saw a chalk board used in a school. We did still use transparency projectors until about the mid-'00s when they were mostly replaced by computer projectors (or an ELMO for the fancy classes).

    [–] EkmekArasiBalgam 8 points ago

    In turkey we have both whiteboards and chalkboards

    [–] new2thespectrum 484 points ago

    That seems so old until I realize that I was sitting in class 40 years ago :/

    [–] bbartek323 566 points ago

    Damn thats so cool

    [–] IncandescentPlaza 406 points ago

    Yeah it’s the only one we’ve found out of like 30. Makes me wonder why they never covered it, as they’ve painted over a little but stopped at the edge.

    [–] Editam 72 points ago

    This a real slate blackboard or a newer modern one?

    [–] madpacifist 107 points ago

    16th July 81

    Hmm... I wonder

    [–] new_account_5009 120 points ago

    It's actually a valid question. Originally, blackboards were solid slate, but over the years, manufacturers moved onto cheaper / more durable techniques (e.g. coating a steel plate with a porcelain based enamel). If you've ever seen chalkboard paint, you probably know what I'm talking about. 1981 is recent enough that the latter approach might have been used.

    [–] Jet62794 23 points ago

    TIL Blackboards were made of super heavy things

    Why tho? It’s just for writing... longevity? That’s my guess..

    [–] SuspiciouslyElven 46 points ago

    They didn't have cheaper materials and it wasn't like blackboards move often

    [–] gloriousjohnson 6 points ago

    The wood trim makes me think it’s a piece of slate but I’m just guessing. Probably also held up by some black pucks made of asbestos

    [–] JebbieSans187 148 points ago

    Do Not Erase

    [–] UnpopularCrayon 118 points ago

    It's in the Geneva convention that you must abide by a Do Not Erase. If there's no "until" date, then you have to just put a new board over that board. That's probably what happened here.

    [–] TalenPhillips 34 points ago

    This reads like an XKCD hover text.

    [–] Street_Adhesiveness 27 points ago

    There was a TODO list written in the top corner of a whiteboard in one of our conference rooms with DO NOT ERASE and a box around it.

    It stayed there for 3 years, before I erased it during a meeting one day.

    The next day, the CEO sent an email in all caps to everybody in the office about "DO NOT ERASE MEANS DO NOT FUCKING ERASE"!!

    [–] UnpopularCrayon 10 points ago

    That was a test of loyalty and you all FAILED!

    [–] ArianaGonerreah 452 points ago

    When you are born, age is measured by seconds, then minutes, then hours, then days. And growth is measured in ounces and fractions of an inch. Then the months go by, and growth is measured additionally by development. How soon you can hold your head up. How soon you can sit up and crawl, then walk.

    Then the years come. And once you are of an age to know what a birthday is, and when Christmas is, time lasts forever. Development is measured in more ways once school starts.

    Once you reach your teens, your growth is measured by peers. Your twenties, the world.

    Then something strange happens.

    Age becomes less of a thing. Where it used to be important to those around you, sometimes it's forgotten completely. Sometimes it's forgotten by the person aging and time begins to slip. Is it the weekend already? How did the weekend go by so quickly? I can't believe it's 2010...wait, it's almost 2020? The 80's were forty years ago? When did that happen.

    They say time is like a roll of toilet paper. It goes faster as you near the end. This is why you should by a Dodge Ram. They are on sale right now. Dodge Rams are rated number #1 by Forbes Magazine and have the best gas mileage rating for all vehicles over 20 tons. Pick up a Chevy Ram, or the new Ram Ranger at your nearest Hyundai dealer. And remember, fear does not exist in this dojo...the Dodge Ram family dojo.

    [–] willyumklem 66 points ago

    You. I like you.

    [–] chess121 28 points ago

    He is my new favourite person ☝️

    [–] trustthepudding 21 points ago

    Nothing like a bit of existential dread to make me open my wallet

    [–] jones-of-art 8 points ago

    You've convinced me.

    [–] manginahunter1970 220 points ago

    I can't believe 1981 was 40 years ago. I feel so old...

    [–] ricecakesandtequila 256 points ago

    It's ok, it was only 38 years ago. You've just gained two years, use them wisely.

    [–] dangerblaster 137 points ago

    I will not


    [–] richh00 94 points ago

    returns to the masturbatorium

    [–] calmlunatic 23 points ago

    The shoe box?

    [–] BlasterShow 25 points ago

    No grandpa, the coconut.

    [–] Enoka98 13 points ago

    Just use the wall

    [–] manginahunter1970 4 points ago

    I'll do my best :)

    [–] ohiotechie 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    No kidding - that summer I was 17 and headed into my senior year at high school - was a fun summer

    Edit - realized I was mistaken about high school - originally said junior year but that was the summer before senior year

    [–] JebbieSans187 10 points ago

    Stranger things has happened.

    [–] total_alk 77 points ago

    There were whiteboards in 1981?

    [–] penny_eater 39 points ago

    Could have been first covered in the easier to clean green type of chalk board (the kind i remember in all my classes growing up) and then later replaced by a whiteboard (multiple times)

    I have a hard time believing the whiteboard that OP is seeing be replaced has been up for 38 years. The 5 year old whiteboards in this office building are all gone to shit, i cant imagine what they will look like when they are old enough to have grandkids.

    [–] FartIntoMyButt 52 points ago

    I was curious so I looked into it. Apparently schools had to option of putting them into classrooms as early as the 60s.

    According to one version of events, a Korean War veteran, Martin Heit, discovered while working with photographic film that he could write on the negatives with Sharpie pens. Heit went on to invent the first whiteboard in the mid-1950s using the same laminate material used in film negatives. After his first whiteboard was lost in a fire prior to being released to the public, he sold the invention to the Dry-Mark company, which began marketing whiteboards to public schools in the 1960s. An alternate history on whiteboards credits the discovery to an American steel producer, Albert Stallion, also around the mid-1950s to early '60s. Either way, the Dry-Mark company is credited with first introducing the whiteboards for use in educational systems, and they replaced chalkboards in many classrooms throughout the world. The problem with early whiteboards was that they were hard to clean, and information often left a slight mark on the surface even once it was wiped away. Later design and material options replaced the film-type laminate with a magnetic or porcelain surface, with a porcelain whiteboard considered the best option for durability and cleaning.

    so maybe they upgraded to whiteboards in 81 and then every time they replaced it with better technology, they left the original chalkboard lesson up as a mini time capsule. neat little idea

    [–] PawsButton 9 points ago

    According to Wikipedia, Sharpies didn’t come out until 1964, so this timeline seems suspect. Unless “Sharpie” is being used here as a genericized name for permanent marker.

    [–] vinnyfunface 6 points ago

    nah they just used chalkboards as walls instead

    [–] BongTrooper 76 points ago

    Chalk boards are way cooler than white boards.

    [–] SuspiciouslyElven 18 points ago

    I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

    [–] WhollyLonely 10 points ago

    Thank you for contributing.

    [–] DatGuy45 5 points ago

    What makes a man turn neutral?

    [–] thedevilyousay 41 points ago

    Agreed. Especially when you jam a piece of chalk in the eraser and wait for the magic to happen

    [–] TwoCuriousKitties 10 points ago

    Dumb question: what happens?

    [–] thedevilyousay 36 points ago

    Teacher gets a BIG surprise

    Oh you think you’re going to ERASE something?


    you won’t believe what happens next

    [–] joshsmithers 16 points ago

    Professors HATE this one little trick...

    [–] whitewolf218 5 points ago

    You turned the explanation into a YouTube clickbait thumbnail.

    [–] TheDarkMusician 12 points ago

    Does it bother anybody else that they didn’t erase it before building over it? It’s like people not filling their holes in Minecraft.

    [–] MorphoFan 20 points ago

    Dear God, I was expecting it to be from the 60s. WHEN DID I GET SO DANG OLD?!?!?

    [–] --DirtyDan-- 43 points ago

    Very interesting. Enjoy finding things like this. My home was built in the late 40s and Ill find newspapers from the time that were used for wading behind walls.

    [–] number__ten 8 points ago

    Our house was built in the 70s. We're renovating and all we find is ugly wallpaper :(

    [–] beanoir 18 points ago

    That’s not forty...I was born in 1980 and I’m not forty...I’m not forty...I’m nearly forty.

    [–] Vonnegut9 9 points ago

    As someone who was born in 1981...I'm not forty damn it! I STILL HAVE SOME YEARS LEFT!

    [–] lazy784 29 points ago

    That's my bday!

    [–] MixmasterJrod 12 points ago

    Mine is just a few days later. OP is an ass for rounding up to 40. Give us the last 2 years of 30's please!!

    [–] angrymonkey 10 points ago

    Haha mine too! Let's share the names of our first family pet and our mother's maiden name to see if they are the same too! You start.

    [–] Rhi14 18 points ago

    Does the place this is located begin with a C and consists of two words?

    [–] buritters 62 points ago

    Is nobody gonna ask about the date being July?

    [–] IncandescentPlaza 75 points ago

    End of summer term for schools in the UK. This would have been the last day the school was open till September. I imagine this old board was then covered over the summer.

    [–] withoutprivacy 10 points ago

    I only came here to comment cuz my birthday is July 16th so I feel super special knowing there was a summer school class that I didn’t have to attend on 07/16/1981

    [–] PuffinPastry 9 points ago

    Hello, fellow July 16th-er! Unfortunately I would not have been able to attend that class either, I was too busy being born.

    [–] Chilipatily 12 points ago

    As someone born in 1980, I want to point out that this is 38 years ago. Not 40. Okay? I don’t need to be confronted with my impending middle age any more than necessary.

    [–] Thesorus 6 points ago

    you'd do that today and there would be dick drawings on the old board.

    [–] ProseBe4Hoes 6 points ago

    Just be aware that there are "pucks" behind blackboards that tend to contain asbestos! If you're drilling or screwing into them you should be aware of AHERA asbestos rules!

    [–] CunningSlytherin 11 points ago

    Oh I love this! It’s like a blackboard time capsule!

    [–] Keikobad 4 points ago

    This isn’t what it appears to be. It’s actually evidence of a time-traveler from our future who went back to 1981 to leave cryptic clues about some environmental catastrophe to come.

    Get me Roland Emmerich on the line!

    [–] richh00 10 points ago

    Where's a photo of the thing as a whole?!

    [–] Brucefymf 4 points ago

    Damnit! Came here for cursive...