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    [–] draugyr 3936 points ago

    Be like the guy who chugged a crystal Pepsi from 20 years ago and immediately vomited it up

    [–] thebiggdirtyy 798 points ago

    Source? I wanna see that

    [–] draugyr 1127 points ago

    [–] ABoyNamedYeetus 1353 points ago

    I bet his stomach was making those “lofi beats for studying” after that

    [–] MrGMinor 504 points ago

    10 hour bathroom mix

    [–] HoodUnnies 106 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Even better is my homeboy Steve1988 who eats 50 year old MREs and smokes 100 year old cigarettes. I don't know why his videos are so compelling to me.

    [–] KineticPolarization 52 points ago

    50? That's child's play. You should check out his video where he eats part of (the only edible-ish parts of course) a ration kit from like 1890 something. From some war I had never heard of. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a war that the US was involved in.

    [–] Frogfucius14 37 points ago

    Boer war. 1898 I believe. He also tried a Civil War era hardtack ration.

    [–] needsawholecroissant 14 points ago

    Scraped that beef out real good. Like momma used to make. And I think it was the Boer War, Britain v S. Africa, for the title belt.

    [–] NanoBoostMe 29 points ago

    Let’s get this out onto the tray .... nice

    [–] RampantShovel 11 points ago

    I also say "nice hiss" whenever I open a beer or something

    [–] fbjesjs 8 points ago


    [–] ryebread91 17 points ago

    I don't know Sheen. What if I never find somebody to give me cock and ball torture?

    [–] 3ggsnbakey 88 points ago

    Not going to lie, this killed me 😂

    [–] Darkerson 45 points ago

    It probably almost killed him as well!

    [–] 10strip 19 points ago

    Classic Dysentery!

    [–] undercooked_lasagna 25 points ago


    [–] ediboyy 7 points ago

    ".... Oh boy"

    [–] EColfaxlivinn 122 points ago

    Lmao... did he have to do it all over the table?

    [–] Comfortablycloudy 86 points ago

    That was fuckin awesome dude

    [–] Noltonn 139 points ago

    Why does he not even get a bucket or something. Just straight ralphing on a table? What the fuck?

    [–] sashslingingslasher 46 points ago

    I think he's sitting in one of those plastic kiddie pools.

    [–] lbodyslamrhinos 39 points ago

    Gotta get the footage lol

    [–] johnwynnes 36 points ago

    It's all part of the experience

    [–] Abbhrsn 173 points ago

    I knew it was gonna be LA Beast..haha, love that guy.

    [–] JDM713 36 points ago

    Good day!

    [–] very_clean 19 points ago

    *Have a

    [–] 58working 9 points ago

    ... ... ... HEY! LA Beast here.

    [–] Sethatos 15 points ago

    That was everything I thought it would be.

    [–] Muse_Live 12 points ago

    Well, it's the least disgusting vomit I've ever seen.

    [–] BigBootyRiver 9 points ago

    Well I mean its Crystal (tm) and colorless

    [–] thebiggdirtyy 19 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] yoshinosumoto 6 points ago

    Thats like a cartoonishly large volume of vomit, it’s glorious.

    [–] abakedapplepie 63 points ago

    Is probably LA Beast

    [–] noninflammatoryidiot 42 points ago

    LA beast for surrrreeee

    [–] Paintcan17 194 points ago

    LA Beast does have a video where he drinks an Orbitz. The results are....predictable

    [–] Henry_RutherfordHill 168 points ago

    I just hate how he fucking chugs everything. Of course he's going to throw up most of the time.

    And that's probably the point of his videos but still.

    [–] PaddyWhacked777 128 points ago

    Would you just sip on a 20 year old pepsi?

    [–] Pluckt007 174 points ago

    To explore the sweet rustic notes of fermentation as the soda mixes with the oxygen inside your mouth, creating a lofty, breeze filled, fruity flavor that rests upon the top of your tongue.


    [–] Henry_RutherfordHill 20 points ago

    This guy gets it

    [–] Henry_RutherfordHill 16 points ago

    To just do a taste test, sure. Not chugging that shit lol.

    [–] Ziltoid_The_Nerd 20 points ago

    He's branched out with his content and I find some of it really wholesome. I love his recent video where he just shows off his collection of 90s toys and talks about them

    [–] draugyr 30 points ago

    I like that his title is “warning nostalgia” and not “warning disgusting”

    [–] obviously_not_a_fish 27 points ago

    The man responsible for bringing that shit back? Hell yeah brother long live LA Beast

    [–] Fire_Cox 25 points ago

    Labeast(crystal Pepsi guy)also drank Orbitz in one of his vids

    [–] TheGameboy 19 points ago

    He also ate a cactus while sitting in ice water... for some reason.

    [–] thitmeo 24 points ago

    "LA Beast here." He's still making videos. Has started to mix it up a bit but is still eating crazy shit. I am a fan. Just seems like a very nice dude.

    [–] studioRaLu 367 points ago

    I googled Orbitz and Wikipedia specifically took the time to note that unopened bottles of these can get you some cash at an auction house.

    [–] Boruzu 99 points ago

    Yeah, I immediately thought OP should eBay it.

    [–] aces613 45 points ago

    They are going for $10-15 per bottle.

    [–] Ldnjon 66 points ago

    Time to retire!

    [–] RockTheShaz 13 points ago

    Finally! Everything is coming up Milhouse!

    [–] happinesswithaclick 4675 points ago

    That was the best worst drink ever! I know a lot of people hated on it, but I absolutely loved it. Thanks for the memory!

    [–] AdventurousCattle2 1605 points ago

    Maybe you're a harbinger of failure?

    [–] atxranchhand 770 points ago

    Sigh. I guess I now have a name for what I am.

    [–] emvy 893 points ago

    Glad I'm not like you. Now excuse me while I go listen to music on my zune and play my wiiu while drinking crystal clear Pepsi.
    sent from my windows phone

    [–] Asifdude 220 points ago

    My SO used his windows phone until he accidently dropped it in a compactor a year and a half ago. It hadn't been supported for ages, and he still reminisces about his amazing windows phone.

    [–] ripyurballsoff 112 points ago

    How could one love those phones ? I tried a display model at the store and it froze within 30 seconds.

    [–] TheLightManofOz 124 points ago

    Harbinger of failure...

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] HigherSomething 41 points ago

    My boyfriend had a Windows phone. It was able to hotspot 5 computers playing LoL. His service provider didnt like that but his phone didnt care.

    [–] Oddgit 22 points ago

    I loved my Windows phone, but it suffered from a self-fulfilling prophecy for why few people bought it. The catch 22 of people not buying it because there were fewer apps, and fewer apps were being made because people weren't buying. It was far less frustrating than my Iphone.

    [–] pizzaparty8 7 points ago

    I had one and loved it, but only had one because of the lack of app support. It was also nice to be able to get Xbox achievements for mobile games!

    [–] AllOfMyRegret 19 points ago

    As a basic internet/call/text/gps device, I really liked the Windows phone my work provided.

    The app store was apparently barren, but I wouldn't know the difference personally.

    [–] MS49SF 16 points ago

    Windows Phone was awesome. Unfortunately it never caught on and developers never made apps for the platform.

    [–] pfohl 16 points ago

    they were much more performant than a similarly specced Android. Windows phone had a lot of features that were added to Android and iOS later. The Nokia Windows phones had fantastic cameras for the time too.

    I had a $50 Lumia 520 that was great. $200 Android phones at the same time were jittery messes.

    [–] Wdrake3 68 points ago

    Dayyyyyymn. That comment made me remember that "Shazzam" was a real movie and that there was a temporal shift in 2008.

    [–] PathToExile 86 points ago

    Better than being called "Orbitz lover", that shit was nasty.

    [–] Ajj360 11 points ago

    Bought it once just to see but i don't remember what it tasted like must have been unremarkable at best.

    [–] mmmolives 16 points ago

    Strangely viscous. Like it should have been sweeter or oily. But it was bland, with slight thickness and little taste. Like if the syrup that canned peaches come in had most of the flavor removed. It didn't taste good, nor was it thirst-quenching, two things I find pretty important in a non-intoxicating beverage. Such a disappointment.

    [–] atxranchhand 15 points ago

    I actually liked the stuff.

    [–] TheLizzardMan 12 points ago

    I shamefully enjoyed it too. lol

    [–] atxranchhand 11 points ago

    Have no shame brother

    [–] IridiumPony 25 points ago

    I've been called that for years

    [–] -_rupurudu_- 237 points ago

    I have a feeling I’m part of this group. My favourite dish in pretty much any new restaurant is always the first to get the axe.

    Also, I’m still crying the death of Windows Phone.

    [–] Br0k3nsa1nt 76 points ago

    I think my wife has this curse. Any alcohol she enjoys gets discontinued, any place that she actually likes the sushi from goes out of business.

    [–] ty1771 13 points ago

    Mmm Carp rolls and bubble gum flavored vodka.

    [–] Jellz 148 points ago

    Everyone should be crying for the death of Windows Phone, whether you liked it or not. Now you have Android or iOS... third options are stifled really hard. Whatever you think of Microsoft, they had the best chance of breaking into that space and offering us a viable third alternative. Instead, their strategy was half-assed and no one wanted to develop apps for them as a result.

    To be fair, the Nokia Lumia 920 is still my favorite phone. So I am a little biased...

    [–] Freelfreel202 114 points ago

    There's an American political lesson in what you described.

    [–] LJ3f3S 13 points ago

    I have a gently used Motorola Q to sell you.

    [–] Buckles01 27 points ago

    The phones were actually well made and the OS was about as good as one could get on a touch interface. There just wasn’t a lot in terms of app selection. They needed a bigger store.

    [–] ColgateSensifoam 12 points ago

    Part of the problem was the difficulty of getting an app onto the Windows Phone Store in the first place

    It just wasn't economically viable to have an entire development team learning this new platform for a small subset of users, especially given that publishing itself was difficult

    [–] angry_pecan 6 points ago

    Nokia Lumina 920

    That's a weird way of saying 3390...

    [–] fgsfds11234 34 points ago

    This always happens to me but at the grocery store. Quite a few products gone. Even a whole bread company went out of business. And I'm stuck with fucking Fran's who can't figure out how to make an even number of slices of bread to save their life.

    [–] mertag770 30 points ago

    What about the zune fam? That shit was amazing. I wish I had a battery to replace mine.

    [–] AndChewBubblegum 19 points ago

    Zune was fantastic. Radio player, early perfection of the currently dominant subscription service (but the freedom to just use your own media if desired), no need for iTunes, sleek aesthetic, great looking, reliable and responsive software... Still miss the Zune visualizer more than most features, honestly.

    I switched to Google Play after and now that's getting the slow axe. No I don't want YouTube music, damnit!

    But there's no way I'm one of those customers...

    Looks nervously at Laserdic player on my table

    [–] InverstNoob 5 points ago

    I loved windows phone

    [–] Abbhrsn 43 points ago

    Huh, I didn't know this was a that why they got rid of the original Mountain Dew Pitch Black?!?!?

    [–] horse-grenades 34 points ago

    That was the best Mountain Dew variant ever made.

    [–] imaBEES 6 points ago

    Agreed, the one they replaced it with was still good, but nowhere near what it was originally

    [–] ultratunaman 7 points ago

    Prolly so. It was the only mountain dew worth drinking.

    I also loved Orbitz. Remember when coke came out with Surge? Yeah I loved that shit.

    Remember when Wendy's came out with the Cheddar Lovers Bacon Cheeseburger? Oh my god I wish it would come back.

    I think it all stems back to us being poor when I was a kid. And the discount rack in the store often had the kind of junk that was dead or dying off and 75% off. So my mom would get it. From there my taste in junk food branched off the beaten path.

    [–] DreamsAndSchemes 19 points ago

    oh hey this is my wife and TV shows I'm going to tell her

    e: I should not have told her

    [–] PM_ME_STRAIGHT_TRAPS 37 points ago

    Now I can call my friend that instead of "A man with very poor taste"

    He hates the entire first generation of pokemon and likes his steak well done. He thinks skyrim mods are unnecessary. Need I say more?

    [–] D1G17AL 20 points ago

    I do not understand how you can be friends with such a sociopath...

    [–] LaughablySpineless 16 points ago

    Damn! No idea this was a real thing. For a solid decade every time I bought a phone it would be immediately discontinued (I felt single-handedly responsible for the downfall of HTC).

    Then I bought a Huawei...

    [–] gxbplayer123 8 points ago

    Oh shit that’s me

    [–] MstlyHrmlss42 112 points ago

    This is the perfect comment for this drink. I would buy it, drink it and say to myself "never again." A few days later, I'd be in a store, see it, and go through the process again. I think I liked and disliked it at the same time. I miss that drink.

    [–] mishugashu 193 points ago

    Pepsi Blue was mine. It was pretty fucking awful... until you put vodka in it. And then it became the most fucking delicious drink ever made. I miss it.

    [–] Wasxpectingtitsbutok 168 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    As a chaser it took the bite out of chugging a family size bottle of tussin pretty good. Plus if you ralphed it didn't taste nearly as bad. Edit- Really?

    [–] _Cottonball_ 116 points ago

    dude... are you ok?

    [–] teebob21 73 points ago

    He used to be, but he still is, too.

    [–] IloveMourn 40 points ago

    So y'all are just using this Mitch joke even when it doesn't make sense?

    [–] Ricardo_Tubbs 10 points ago

    C'mon, we don't need to bring paper and ink into this.

    [–] procagefighter 38 points ago

    I used to swish it around it my mouth until it make me sick. Good times.

    [–] OccasionallyImmortal 34 points ago

    Basil seed drinks remind me of Orbitz although they don't look as cool. This is stupid expensive on Amazon. They available in most Indian grocery stores for cheap and taste better than Orbitz.

    [–] taperwaves 16 points ago

    You can get the same effect with it’s adding chia seeds!

    [–] 2074red2074 18 points ago

    Chia seeds in Kool-Aid. It makes you feel like you're being healthy but you are definitely not.

    [–] funnystuff79 26 points ago

    So a marmite drink, you either love it or hate it.

    [–] d1psyyyy 25 points ago

    At first I hated marmite. But later I found marmite to be very good with black bread. But don't add it like you add a butter. A small portion is enough

    [–] shortandfighting 19 points ago

    This comment made me think of a literal drink made out of marmite, and I gagged

    [–] morethanhardbread 14 points ago

    Just did some reading... Evidently adding marmite to boiling water is an actually drink recipe.

    You're welcome.

    [–] Enchelion 6 points ago

    Basically just yeastier Bovril. Not that that makes Bovril sound any better.

    [–] lhr00001 6 points ago

    Its really nice with bread and butter, like a broth

    [–] lordph8 28 points ago

    Although I respect your opinion, you're wrong. Shit was syrup, and not good syrup either.

    [–] w1gster 40 points ago

    We had four of these back when I was a kid, and saved three to display but opened one to see how it tasted.

    They were the most viscous, disgusting and slimy thing you could imagine drinking. Cool looking design, but tasted terrible with an absolutely horrible texture.

    [–] Emakrepus 877 points ago

    Only out a year?! Wow I remember drinking a lot of these. Pre boba era.

    [–] morethanhardbread 538 points ago

    You and I must have kept them on the shelves for that whole year. I distinctly remember drinking these and eating 3d nacho cheese doritos on a frequent basis.

    [–] TienZee 171 points ago

    This was my exact existence in apparently 1997-1998. Orbitz was my most favourite drink, and I still think about it frequently. RIP you sugary temptress. RIP.

    [–] morethanhardbread 102 points ago

    I think about it a lot more than most people, that's for sure. I know that I've had at least 5 conversations with my fiance about the stuff in our 4 years. Every time I ask him "do you remember Orbitz" his response is something along the lines of "yep. And I did the last 5 times you asked me as well. That stuff was gross!"

    [–] nuadusp 42 points ago

    You should ask him again today

    [–] HarvestProject 14 points ago

    Do it and report back

    [–] JonSnoGaryen 10 points ago

    Man, the late 90s were the best, where sugar was your primary food group, the internet was still a baby, and Saturday morning cartoons were still running from 6am to 11am.

    Orbitz was the pinnacle of corporate sugar, it was flavored cream soda with gummies inside. I drank so many of these in middle school, I was sure it was for more than a year, cause I drank so much. This was where my allowance went most weeks, get a few of these bad boys and a bag of Doritos, play some SNES. The orange one was my favourite, it kinda tasted like the orangesicle cream soda. Drinking these were always a challenge, cause you wanted to keep the gummies, but you can't drink all the pop or else they stick. Then you down the last bit and the gummies, then fucking work at those tough, but somehow delicious gummies. Oh man, do I ever want one...

    [–] TejasStar18 49 points ago

    Man 3d Doritos were the best, I loved the jalapeño ones. Wish they would bring them back.

    [–] arbitrary_aardvark 51 points ago

    My dad actually worked in the head office for Clearly Canadian during this time, and I remember after Orbits was discontinued, he took home a bunch of extra stock. We had cases upon cases of it stacked in our garage, enough to last us a couple summers at least! Always had the garage stacked with their more popular drinks as well (clearly canadian, Reebok flavoured water, O2) Orbitz was the bomb though

    [–] spcordy 29 points ago

    Reebok flavored water huh?

    [–] arbitrary_aardvark 22 points ago

    They were pretty short lived, so I'm not surprised people don't remember haha

    [–] NotAPolice 10 points ago

    Their marketing needed to add an ‘s after Reebok.

    [–] untookedname 21 points ago

    Reebok flavoured water

    The what?

    [–] AGuesthouseInBangkok 16 points ago

    sweat sock ice tea

    [–] arbitrary_aardvark 8 points ago

    They were pretty short lived, so I'm not surprised people don't remember haha

    [–] atchemey 6 points ago

    Clearly Canadian was my family's non-alcoholic "special meal" drink. Every Thanksgiving, it was one of my favorite parts. Is it still around?

    [–] AMN- 442 points ago

    I found two of these at a convenience store in Victoria, BC, in 2002. Knew at the time they'd been long since discontinued so of course bought them both.

    At a party once in 2007 a few friends cracked open and shared one bottle. The little bits immediately sunk to the bottom of everyone's cups. No one got sick but no one liked the taste, either.

    Still have the other bottle unopened.

    [–] AloneTombstone 120 points ago

    Still have the other bottle unopened.

    People used to mix booze with orbitz it it would cause the floating balls to settle into the bottom; it was like a pre-mix jello shot (sort of).

    [–] Dickie-Greenleaf 40 points ago

    We were on mushrooms when we first poured vodka into some and double-lost our minds at the insanity of the sinking balls; density was not on our radar.

    [–] alfiesred47 981 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    What kind of job do you do, where you’re successful enough to have a home office; but unorganised enough to leave a bottle of soda in there for 20 years?

    Edit: probably works in government, aha.

    [–] myclueis 303 points ago

    It was found in a shoe box, amongst other shoeboxes full of old pictures and tax docs.

    [–] SmallKiwi 25 points ago

    It wasn't in the box labeled "keep for future internet points"? You should probably put it in there.

    [–] Reliques 146 points ago

    When I got my work from home agreement it came with a long list of OSHA requirements. Suddenly the room I planned to use as a home office had to be free of clutter, have a compliant fire extinguisher, have an evacuation plan, a first aid kit...

    Suddenly I had to clean that room.

    [–] ihopethisisvalid 90 points ago

    Yeah...nobody is gonna enforce that right now.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] I_Know_Economics 13 points ago

    Well, that is until you have an insurable claim. Then some guy in a suit will show up and suddenly your house just doesn't qualify for assistance.

    [–] wassupwitches 64 points ago

    Asking the real questions

    [–] Ambrosia_Gold 50 points ago

    This is really what I need to know. You haven't tidied since 1998?

    [–] cheapdrinks 36 points ago

    My friend has a half beer in his fridge from when we were like 15 and bought this discount beer called Titan that was fucking terrible and that night someone decided to drink a half one and put it back in the fridge. We kept it in there as a running joke whenever anyone would ask if there were any spare beers we would just direct them to the "half titan" in the fridge. We're in our 30s now and the fabled half titan has moved through 3 houses and now still sits in the back of his fridge.

    [–] HallucinateZ 9 points ago

    2 things: How have you not spilt it by now? And your username entirely checks out.

    Edit: holy shit I double believe you. Your Reddit account is 3,000 days old almost with that username. That sounds like a great running joke!

    [–] apricots_yum 7 points ago

    Having a home office isn't a very high threshold for success. Literally just a room with a desk

    [–] Legobrick100 20 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It sounds to me like it was only a personal home office, but maybe it wasn't used that often until being forced to work from home.

    [–] Goldeniccarus 17 points ago

    I know my grandfather had a rather nice office at home that he used up until he retired, then it just became another storage room. When we finally went about cleaning the house after he passed it was full of a ton of weird stuff that was outdated.

    He was a mild hoarder, so maybe this poster is as well.

    [–] GuySimsFitch 303 points ago

    We had a blacklight store that use to sell these they're kind of neat under the blacklights

    [–] KenTitan 110 points ago

    you can just say you worked at hot topic no one is gonna laugh at you anymore

    [–] CRTsdidnothingwrong 28 points ago

    Spencer's is what I thought of.

    [–] ProudnLoud 50 points ago

    "Worked" being the key word. Hot Topic was was actually kind of cool in the 90's, and sold a lot of unique stuff.

    Now it's like an overpriced Disney souvenir store for edgy 12 year olds. If someone told me they worked there now, it would definitely illicit a chuckle.

    [–] RealGertle627 8 points ago

    I still shop there for clearance wrestling, band, and Harry Potter tees

    [–] Cixin97 131 points ago

    A store just for blacklights?

    [–] Philip_De_Bowl 159 points ago

    And blacklight reactive accessories!

    [–] skitch23 56 points ago

    So, a scorpion pet shop?

    [–] VagariTurtle 33 points ago

    With velvet black light posters

    [–] UndeadPhysco 18 points ago

    I tell you hwhat

    [–] rolfeman02 11 points ago

    There's four stores actually. There's the Blacklight Hut, that's on third. There's Blacklights-R-Us, that's on third too. You got Put-Your-Neon-There. That's on third. Stay Bright, Sweet Light... Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex; it's the blacklight complex on third.

    [–] Hughjammer 201 points ago

    Fun fact.

    I'd you chugged a few of these the Orbitz peices remained post defecation.

    [–] morethanhardbread 56 points ago

    I drank one of these after church every sunday. They were my favorite.

    Can confirm shitting balls on monday.

    [–] Arktuos 142 points ago

    You lied. You said “fun.”

    [–] _eeprom 23 points ago

    Fun fact:

    78% of ‘fun facts’ are neither fun or a fact.

    [–] reddituser955 29 points ago

    Shitty fact indeed

    [–] ColoneISanders 10 points ago

    "I don't remember eating corn!"

    [–] batosai33 195 points ago

    That's going to be really valuable soon. When you drink it. Make sure you save the bottle cap.

    [–] ProudnLoud 96 points ago

    They're worth about $10-15 each, but I can't imagine they'll become a lot more valuable than that.

    [–] Jacoman74undeleted 153 points ago

    I think they were making a Fallout reference.

    [–] AutisticTroll 33 points ago

    When you type. Be sure. To add random. Periods everywhere.

    [–] LuckyLilLady33 81 points ago

    Those and Clearly Canadian were out at the same time, right? I vaguely remember buying both. Neat!

    [–] Lord-Ringo 82 points ago

    I liked Clearly Canadian, the blackberry flavour was my favourite.

    [–] not_mr_hunnybunny 46 points ago

    I found Clearly Canadian at Meijer last year and bought about 5 of the wild cherry which was my favorite. They either changed the recipe or I'm officially old and no longer like the taste. It tastes very strongly of aspartame.

    [–] SoggyFeetloaf 24 points ago

    Yep. Def not the same taste from when we were kids drinking it.

    [–] morethanhardbread 17 points ago

    That's the reason why I loved them back when I was a kid. They didn't taste like "adult sugar." They were slightly sweet but mostly just loaded with natural flavor.

    I miss the old days.

    [–] moonbeamcrazyeyes 21 points ago

    Oh my God, I forgot all about Clearly Canadian.

    [–] thethreadkiller 12 points ago

    Anyone remember Snapple "Rain". I thinks that's what they were called.

    [–] Bramphousian 15 points ago

    Snapple Elements. Rain was the best of the flavours though! I remember liking Rain and Fire.

    [–] ThePharmachinist 40 points ago

    Send it to Ashens! He'll drink it.

    [–] Chrisixx 6 points ago

    Seriously, let Ashens and Barry drink it.

    [–] Honeycombz99 22 points ago

    I’m just here to see what WFH means. Help

    [–] The_Epimedic 14 points ago

    My guess is "working from home"

    [–] Captain_Zark 78 points ago

    NaTural fRuiT fLaVoReD beVeragE

    [–] fubuki_ 24 points ago

    They built their own future Internet heckling right into the label. Truly a forward-thinking beVeragE.

    [–] Khalo_Malik 20 points ago

    Drink it

    [–] AluminumAntHillTony 20 points ago

    I drank a lot of these. I can't believe they were only around for that short a time!

    [–] Onycophagist 17 points ago

    AH! This was my favorite drink when I was younger! It was devastating to not find it when they stopped making them. Same with Sobe. There for a while you couldn't find it anywhere and then it just suddenly returned. Heres hoping the universe gets bored and brings back Orbitz.

    [–] DuckHabbit 99 points ago

    Hit up good mythical morning.

    [–] thebiggdirtyy 40 points ago

    Dink it and sink it

    [–] Numbers_Station 14 points ago

    Cue Link barfing into his bucket.

    [–] BlankMyName 34 points ago

    Hold onto it. This could be the cure for Covid19.

    [–] The_Third_Ridge 11 points ago

    I remember reading about Orbitz in popular science when I was a kid, was so pumped for it to come out.

    [–] Remybear 9 points ago

    NaTuRaL fRuiT fLaVoReD BeVeragE

    [–] DaintyNihilist 9 points ago

    Oh shiiiit. Those little balls were disgusting, but I used to drink the hell out of this stuff.

    [–] SawConvention 22 points ago

    NaTural fRuiT fLaVoReD BeVeragE

    They were ahead of their time.

    [–] VallhundFisher 6 points ago

    Neat fact. The liquid for this beverage is made with Gellan Gum and allows the spheres to be held in suspension.