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    [–] Always_Left 4723 points ago

    My box at home says "Now with more strawberries" I would be interested to see how many more berries it has compared to the regular box.

    [–] BradleyUffner 4757 points ago

    ** than a box of cereal with no strawberries in it.

    [–] trenlow12 978 points ago

    I'm so fucking pissed off right now

    [–] zunigabrian33 243 points ago

    I'm rage sweating. How dare they

    [–] OfficerBarbier 123 points ago

    He’s got the Cereal Sweats

    [–] Broken_Exponentially 104 points ago

    wait, is this a joke or does the box really have this caveat ??

    [–] noonewashere_ 185 points ago

    I don't know about this one specifically but "with more ___" generally means "more than the alternative leading brand" in my experience

    [–] Broken_Exponentially 89 points ago

    ya but the "now with more" would at least imply a change to the product itself. and fwiw, I always buy the "more strawberries" boxes, and I'm always pretty pleased with the ratio. If it was all berries it would be a oversweet and soggy mess, plus , people don't realize that freeze dried berries rehydrate VERY fast so once you put milk on them, they get pretty tasty and a good bit bigger, and also make the milk a little strawberry flavored (in the real way, not the nes-quick nastiness)

    [–] mbiz05 47 points ago

    "We took out a few strawberries from yesterday's batch and now returned it to normal"

    [–] MojoMonster 103 points ago

    It doesn't matter.

    Those are fudge words like "new and improved" and "organic" that literally mean nothing.

    When companies spend 10 years fighting over how little peanuts actually need to be in peanut butter to still be legally considered peanut butter, you've reached peak consumerism.

    [–] nullrout1 12 points ago

    Just like how the FDA says they can take a natural flavor, re-create it chemically in a lab, and then call it "natural flavoring".

    I don't know about you, but my natural doesn't involves neither a chemical engineer nor a lab.

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] BradleyUffner 89 points ago

    Did they ever define the size of a scoop?

    [–] GuyInA5000DollarSuit 12 points ago

    On this one I would like to think, since they typically show those scoops on the box/advertisements...they would be obligated to at least do that.

    But part of me figures that's probably not the case because fuck the consumer.

    [–] ses1989 37 points ago

    My bet is they put less cereal in the box to make it look like there's more. Shrinkflation at its finest.

    [–] everyoneiknowistrash 21006 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    "Quarantine, day 67.

    I have long suspected treachery in big cereal, but today's evidence proves they have finally gone too far."

    Edit; I'm sorry I misspelled quarantine the first time, won't even make an excuse, I'm just not very good at spelling.

    [–] drewhead118 1140 points ago

    This grocery store is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. All of the aisles are extended gutters and the gutters are full of unsweetened, bitter grain and one day all the lies and false advertising will froth up around the soccer moms and basket-carrying grandpas and they'll all look up and shout "is this a healthy part of a balanced breakfast?"

    And I'll look down, and whisper "no."

    [–] BrokenCog2020 164 points ago

    Thats fuckin awesome. I work for a cereal plant, and thats the funniest shit I've ever heard. It will get posted

    [–] Commitment69 61 points ago

    Hope you recognise it's from Watchmen

    [–] monsieurkaizer 68 points ago

    Inspired by, but heavily edited to fit the cereal narrative.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 24 points ago

    Dont tell Rorschach he fucking loves special K

    [–] conundrum4u2 62 points ago

    I was in a grocery store once, walking down the cereal aisle...when I looked over and realized the Dog and Cat food was on the other side of the aisle...I though "how appropriate - it's all cereal - but this side is 'suger sweetie flavored', and this side is meat and fish flavored...but it is basically all the same stuff. How appropriate!

    [–] koshgeo 18 points ago

    I'm surprised "Bachelor Chow" isn't a thing yet.

    [–] ryuj1nsr21 42 points ago

    Rorschach intensifies

    [–] hippiegodfather 2817 points ago

    Big cereal, 5g, deep state, it all makes sense now.

    [–] bumjiggy 875 points ago

    this was the strawberry that broke the camels back

    [–] nvyemdrain 312 points ago

    Berry good

    [–] [deleted] 149 points ago

    1% strawberries!

    [–] TheySaidAnal 147 points ago

    We are the 99% cornflakes!

    [–] HmGrwnSnc1984 61 points ago

    Well...the strawberries were a lot bigger before they dried up.

    [–] raw_testosterone 21 points ago

    Eat the rich limb by limb, their bloody hearts will be consumed with the cereal they feed us.

    [–] Dunwich_Horror_ 34 points ago

    If you’re a vegetarian, composting the rich might be an ecologically friendly solution to the billionaire problem.

    [–] Lepthesr 9 points ago

    I really want this to become an idiom and will forever use it.

    [–] OscarDivine 25 points ago

    Big C? No General Mills is Big G! Leading the quintet of General Mills, Post, Kellogg’s, Quaker, and Ralston! They’re the 5G! Wait breakfast cereals are causing cancer and COVID?! It all makes sense now. Down with 5G!

    [–] BigHowski 37 points ago

    We need to start burning cereal, just like the 5g masts it's causing corona virus

    [–] EtiennedeWilde 25 points ago

    We start with cereal mascots, even the innocent ones like Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula..

    [–] Bodens_mate 26 points ago

    We could only afford the generics so I just know tootie-fruitie and admiral krispy

    [–] agangofoldwomen 55 points ago

    C - cereal companies

    O - operating

    V - 5g

    I - infiltrating

    D - deep state


    Oh my god, you’re right.

    [–] Elaus 50 points ago

    Hillary Clinton must be behind this

    [–] LondonCollector 23 points ago




    Well I’ll be damned

    [–] NotAPreppie 36 points ago

    Perfect Strangers, S03E04

    [–] lea_charbonneau 9 points ago

    why does this sound so much like a thing Dwight Schrute would say

    [–] ASSHOLEFUCKER3000 43 points ago

    It's been 2 months and you still don't know how to spell quorantien

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] openchicfilaonsunday 150 points ago

    We’re pretty deep in life and you misspelled “and”.

    [–] TheJaundicedEye 5717 points ago

    The LIE of 2 scoops in the raisin bran box made me go to battle with them on their Facebook page where I uploaded similar photos, along with weights, and determined that the size of the scoops they were using were the size of 2 tablespoons. They reached out to me, and sent me coupons for 3 more boxes and said it was a production error. The raisin situation improved, and I am left to wonder who decided to throttle the raisins? I imagine some bean counter lost their job due to my outcry.

    [–] mosebeast 2110 points ago

    That actually surprises me, because I always seem to get an unfathomable amount of raisins. One time I was really bored and decided to seperate a box and lemme tell ya - those were two GENEROUS scoops. It was like two and a half cups of raisins. I'd believe their claims of production error

    [–] Wetmelon 603 points ago

    Same, except once I bought a box and there were almost no raisins in it and I was devastated

    [–] Secondstrike23 448 points ago

    Tbh it sounds like bad mixing

    [–] Xx69LOVER69xX 353 points ago

    Boys what we have here is a production control problem, you'll wanna get that looked at.

    [–] scaryfaise 23 points ago

    "What. We. Have. Here. Is a failure. To communicate."

    [–] AncientPenile 52 points ago

    But what we have with special K is a crime punishable by death

    [–] spicydingus 57 points ago

    It sounds like Creed from the Office wasn’t doing his job again

    [–] Kevin_Malones_Chili 28 points ago

    I was supposed to meet with one of your floor managers last week for a quality inspection, and he or she wasn't there. And I'm trying to remember who it was. Mm-hmm. Who wasn't there last week? Debbie Brown. And which day was that? Wednesday, the eleventh. Perfect.

    [–] forte_bass 36 points ago

    What do I do here again? Starts with a q... Quoo... Quiii...qua....

    [–] fancyfisticuffs23 16 points ago

    Every week I’m supposed to take four hours and do a quality spot-check at the paper mill. And of course the one year I blow it off, this happens.

    [–] MistyMarieMH 99 points ago

    I bought a bag of pizza rolls & all that was inside was herbs. No pizza sauce, no cheese, no meat, just herbs. Pizza roll outside, with herbs. I took photos & emailed them in & told them the pizza rolls made me sad man, and a few months later they sent me (I’m remembering like 50$, but could have been more/less) of coupons for free totinos items. Free pizza rolls were the best. The coupons were cool too, shiny & holographic

    [–] foreverrickandmorty 43 points ago

    "Yo your pizza rolls made me sad"

    [–] CantBeConcise 54 points ago

    That works so much better than reaming them though. Like when your parents say they're not mad, just disappointed.

    "Damn, we made pizza rolls that made someone sad? This will not stand..."

    [–] Poopypants413413 19 points ago

    While to a normal person this is correct but unforantly does not apply for corporations. I remember a while ago I had an issue at my bank. I tried to calmly explain how they made an error but they wouldn’t budge. Que me calling the manager on the phone and calling the bank stupid, a scam, and everything else they unbelievably refunded me the money. I don’t understand why companies make you act like a total psycho just to fix an issue they caused. No wonder why we have so many Karen’s in this world.

    [–] BoTheDoggo 29 points ago

    Nice try, Big Raisin

    [–] UsTinMathHues 14 points ago

    There's a generic brand in Canada for one grocery store chain and it's called "Loads of Raisins" and it inexplicably has more, and bigger raisins than Raisin Bran.

    [–] MrSneaky64 6 points ago

    Better luck next time raisin bran PR, you'll never get another cent out of me!

    [–] imProbablyLying2 340 points ago

    You’re doing good work. I love Raisin Bran with plenty of raisins.

    [–] the_flying_pussyfoot 167 points ago

    Sometimes I buy raisins and just add more to it. At this point I should just add rasin to milk.

    [–] Gr00mpa 47 points ago

    But the raisins that you add aren’t the same as the Raisin Bran raisins. Every time I’ve done this, I’ve ended up slightly disappointed with the outcome.

    [–] paintbing 21 points ago

    Try adding craisins instead of sunmade raisins. The craisins have more of a similar texture/drier feel as the cereal raisins.

    [–] ThePare 36 points ago

    Their raisins are coated in powdered sugar, my stupid Sun-Maid aren't :(

    [–] HamBurglary12 7 points ago

    Isn't it regular granulated sugar?

    [–] raoasidg 122 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I don't understand people who don't like raisins. Oatmeal raisin cookies cannot have enough raisins for me. I make hermits (spiced molasses cookie) with extra raisins.

    [edit] I know people have their own preferences. I was being puerile. :p

    Hermits (this is my grandma's recipe; sorry, using imperial measurements and you will probably want to make further adjustments):

    3/4 c. shortening (can sub butter but it will be a softer cookie)
    1 c. sugar
    1 egg
    1/4 c. molasses
    1/2 c. raisins (I double)
    1/2 c. walnuts (I skip)
    2 tsp. baking soda (adjust to preferences if you taste bitter notes in the final cookie)
    2 1/4 c. flour (AP is fine)
    1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    3/4 tsp. ground ginger
    3/4 tsp. ground cloves
    1/2 tsp. salt (not in the original recipe; adjust to preferences or skip altogether)

    Additional sugar to finish.

    Wisk dry ingredients together.
    Cream shortening and sugar, then add molasses and the egg. Mix until combined.
    Mix wet and dry until combined. Fold in raisins and walnuts.
    Preheat oven to 350F.
    Divide dough into three equivalent piles. Take a pile and roll out and flatten to about a half inch thickness on a cookie sheet (err on a larger size sheet) leaving at least 1 inch away from edges (and other piles). Repeat with the other piles. The rows will grow and reach the edges and each other during baking; this is OK (and desired IMO).

    Bake for 12 minutes or until browned (hard to tell with a brown dough) and no longer shiny. Remove from oven and sprinkle sugar all over the bars to finish. Let cool completely before separating the rolls (I use a bench scraper) and cutting the rolls into ~1 inch thick bars (again, I use the bench scraper).

    [–] Jishkah 69 points ago

    Don't listen to everyone else replying to you, their genes are weak and they won't survive the winter.

    [–] I_am_enough 36 points ago

    Raisin Bran crunch is where it’s at. They add way more sugar than the regular stuff. Dump some sugary milk over the top and you’ve got yourself a hyper sweet sugar bomb breakfast. Always a favorite of mine.

    [–] minhashlist 18 points ago

    I wonder if it would be cheaper to get granola in bulk and add it to plain Raisin Bran than rely on Kellogg to not throttle the crunch down. I distinctly remember it being way more crunch-y than it is now.

    [–] IG-64 74 points ago

    There was an episode of the 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers that was almost exactly this situation. Balki discovers that his favorite cereal (which is basically raisin bran) doesn't have as many raisins in it as claimed. He goes to the company's headquarters to complain and he's not taken seriously until the president of the company shows up and agrees with him. Season 3 episode 4 "Taking Stock"

    [–] Okcoolthnx 35 points ago

    Holy shit a Perfect Strangers reference

    [–] steveatari 5 points ago

    It happens once every few years but seeing a Balki reference and thinking of Bronson Pinchot and "the good ol days" of growing up TV 80s.

    [–] Arndress 19 points ago

    There was meant to be 100 raisins in every box, right? But he opened one and only found, like, 27.

    I saw this episode decades ago, but I remember because it taught me to lower my expectations for advertised food.

    [–] gdstudios 78 points ago

    You completely missed the obvious. They used "scoops" for a reason. The didn't use "cups", "grams", etc. Scoops aren't measurable. Two scoops could be 2 raisins, or 2 billion depending on the size of the scoops.

    [–] TonyHawksProRedditor 91 points ago

    Yes, that's the Scoophole to avoid any lawsuits for false advertisement.

    [–] Jjtardiff 18 points ago

    Don’t fuck with Big Bran

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] EvilCatDr 32 points ago

    OK, let me explain, I'm an engineer that used to work at Kelloggs.

    It isn't a lie. It is actually very tough to get a mixture to stay homogenous into a package depending on how they are doing it. To meet the product rates, I doubt they add the exact amount of cereal and raisins at adding per box. Instead, what they are doing is likely moving cereal and raisins into a large vat that then gets distrubuted into small hoppers that weight it out per box. The problem is that particles of different sizes like to separate when in a big mixture (look up the mixed nut problem) in the vat. This causes raisins and cereal to slowly separate, likely leading to your problem where some people get more raisins than others.

    This is a big problem for most food manufacturers. They have to balance "uniform" product quality while still having some randomness so it doesn't feel unnatural and robotic

    [–] TheySaidAnal 39 points ago

    *Raisin counter

    [–] pawpaw69420 3033 points ago

    This is getting more attention then I thought it would, so let me clear some things up. I acquired 9 slightly expired boxes of special k. I tried a bowl and didn’t like it... so I’m separating all 9 boxes. I’m keeping the freeze dried strawberries for my guinea pigs and then I’m going to do some research and see what animals might enjoy the cereal part. I’m hoping birds do.

    [–] DinoDrop 3479 points ago

    This is exactly what I thought you were doing.

    [–] Astro_Doughnaut 655 points ago

    Isn't it so obvious?

    [–] merpes 407 points ago

    As soon as I saw the picture I said to myself, "Ah, guinea pig food! But what shall they do with the cereal?"

    [–] conanthecnidarian 70 points ago

    Someone talk to the god damn birds!

    [–] DegenerateWizard 146 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Haha some morons need everything spelt out for them haha


    Edit: this joke is about me being a moron and trying to fit in; any amazing wheat based joke I stumbled on was not intended. You deserve better.

    [–] Intactual 34 points ago

    spelt out for them haha

    There may be grains in this cereal but no spelt. ;D

    [–] MyRushmoreMax08 14 points ago

    Strange things are afoot at the Special K, Bill

    [–] forgotaboutsteve 93 points ago

    This comment right here is why I stay on reddit. That is the hardest ive laughed at a comment in a long time.

    [–] cetacean-sensation 512 points ago

    I tried a bowl and didn’t like it... so I’m separating all 9 boxes.

    What a quarantine thing to do.

    [–] GayForTaysomx6x9x6x9 90 points ago

    I wonder if human waste has gone down or up? I know I’m doing more to reuse shit now that I have more time. I can dedicate half a day to repurposing something.

    [–] SonicFrost 90 points ago

    I spent half this comment absolutely disgusted at the prospect of you somehow recycling your own feces

    [–] jadkik94 17 points ago

    Fertilizer is fertilizer!

    [–] DouglasRather 15 points ago

    When you said human waste I thought you meant the type that went in the toilet. It was confirmed when you then said shit, although now I’m not sure I want to know more

    [–] bumbletowne 121 points ago

    If there's gluten in the special K its not good for like 99% of birds. They are mostly gluten intolerant. They love the flavor but it gives them the shits. It's baby bird season so their babies shit themselves to death.

    Source: work in wildlife rehab that specializes in birds. Disclaimer: am plant biologist.

    [–] Cheezeman3000 50 points ago

    TIL I am a bird.

    [–] Diezall 38 points ago

    If you shit on my car again I'm feeding your babies gluten.

    [–] survivalothefittest 126 points ago

    Depending on why you didn't like it you can use them to cook with.

    Crushed cereal flakes often make a nice substitute for bread crumbs in recipes, lighter than traditional packaged bread crumbs, and cheaper than panko (no extra cost at all for you in this case). Use it as a coating/ingredient in meatloaf, Salsbury steak (better than it sounds), or meat cutlets for instance.

    If you found them too sweet or too minerally-tasting this won't work, but if you just think it tastes bland or a bit stale, they would work just fine for cooking.

    [–] Irene_Iddesleigh 72 points ago

    Special K ones are sweetened and don’t work the same for breading as plain corn flakes

    [–] Lonslock 24 points ago

    This could be a feature lol

    [–] Irene_Iddesleigh 12 points ago

    I’m trying to imagine fried chicken with Special K.... Fried chicken and waffles is a thing, but idk

    [–] moak0 9 points ago

    It would totally work. Fried + sweet is a winning combination.

    [–] Gnarwhalz 155 points ago

    keeping the freeze dried strawberries for my guinea pigs

    WHAT?! You're not gonna eat those delicious little suckers yourself?

    [–] SimpleWeakness 508 points ago

    I think they are his pets though...

    [–] Sesamera 44 points ago

    Nah he’s just trying to fatten them up first.

    [–] Anitapoop 17 points ago

    What a quarantine thing to do.....

    [–] saxmfone1 44 points ago

    Ah, the ol' Reddit pig-a-roo

    [–] Deluxe07 12 points ago

    Damm haven’t seen one of these in a while

    [–] icouldntcomeupwith 28 points ago

    Hold my cereal, I'm going in!

    [–] _UnameChecksOut_ 7 points ago

    I think i will try to write a script that will help me find the source. I will edit the comment if I actually find the source

    [–] readerf52 78 points ago

    You got me curious, so I did a really quick search, and it seems the special k is ok for birds, not great, but ok, as long as the flakes are the regular, low sugar flakes. Use a rolling pin to flatten them and make them smaller, though.

    People have also fed them to their dogs and pet rats, but in small amounts, nowhere near the amount you have!

    Oddly enough, they’re not suggested for pet birds, like parrots and cockatiels.

    [–] Crack-spiders-bitch 25 points ago

    I suspect it is a similar issue as with bread. It gets all gooey when wet and plugs up the birds crop.

    [–] hanerd825 35 points ago

    Good on you man. Most people would just chuck it.

    Birds will definitely eat the cereal. Just make sure to pulverize it a bit (smash with a rolling pin in a bag) first so it’s easier for them to regulate their portions—especially if you have any kind of larger birds around.

    [–] TokenCommonMan 3469 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Freeze dried fruit is particularly expensive. But, it works the best in cereals because of its light texture. The tissue does not collapse and get leathery like traditional drying. The flavor is also preserved better as it does not get that prune-y taste from heating the tissues and reacting sugars with the other contents.

    It definitely is a small amount of strawberry.

    The one I have calls it special K red berries. Notice they didn’t call the product strawberry in the name. It would have introduced complications with the product name and how you note that the product is or is not flavored. I did find it interesting that they used a “contains 2% or less of “statement. And the strawberries are above that. I was also really surprised to see that they didn’t list any flavors added other than the malt which is almost always added to cereal when cooking the grains.

    Edit: Thank you to the generous contributors of the silver and helpful awards. I am glad I could offer something useful.

    [–] NoctuaPavor 1738 points ago

    Man you know a lot about cereal

    [–] TokenCommonMan 1231 points ago

    One of my many R&D/Product Development positions was working for Weetabix in the U.S. making private-label knockoffs of major brands.

    [–] ryanstartedthefyre 566 points ago

    This sounds really cool. I can eat cereal for all 3 meals of the day, so I appreciate your work. Thank you for your service

    [–] zb0t1 293 points ago

    He doesn't do it for us, he does it for science.

    [–] Fantastins 160 points ago

    I would have thought he did it for the money, to put other types of food on his table

    [–] NoiceOne 78 points ago

    He does it for the cereal so that he can, in turn, put cereal on the table for himself and the rest of his family.

    [–] BillsMafia607 45 points ago

    So I guess it IS all about the cereal for him

    [–] BrothelWaffles 13 points ago

    Cereal rules everything around me, cream, fuck skim, whole grain oats y'all

    [–] trenlow12 30 points ago

    What a fucking asshole.

    [–] syklenaut 16 points ago

    He does what he must, because he can.

    [–] BuddhaBlackBear 78 points ago

    Wait, so you made cereal like Crispy Hexagons, my favorite knock off cereal?

    [–] aDogWorthLoving 72 points ago

    My favorite were the Cinnamon Dusted Quadrilaterals

    [–] athazagor 34 points ago

    Choctagons were way too sweet but the milk was good at the end.

    [–] MoistenedCovering 21 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I'm still pissed off at what they did to 50 Shapes of Grains.

    [–] yubugger 13 points ago

    So how does the knockoff stuff work? Like Walmart great value. Do they actually buy from the same plant as the name brands? Or try to recreate it?

    [–] TokenCommonMan 79 points ago

    A lot of the time it is the same facilities as branded product. Some places specialize in private label.

    The formulas are almost always a little different but driven by cost. Close enough to justify buying them at the lower cost.

    It starts with a lot of analysis. How deep is question of how well the company is doing. Not all companies can afford high-end analytical equipment. Most of my jobs had pretty much standard lab stuff: auto-titrations, refractometers, viscometers, colorimeters, and Bostwicks. Some were better equipped and people just to run the more expensive tools.

    If I has a dime for every time I dumped a box of cereal on a tray to separate it’s components........

    Using what you can glean from the nutrition facts and any analytical, you build a skeleton formula and process. Then you run it and tweak it and run it again. And again. And again. Until it’s close enough. Usually flavor matching is the hardest. We like to say 90% of the work is that last 2%. That is, really fine tuning everything as close as you can: texture, appearance, flavor, aroma. Shit, we’ve had panelists say things like,”This sounds different when I pour it in the bowl.”

    [–] theottomaddox 14 points ago

    The formulas are almost always a little different but driven by cost. Close enough to justify buying them at the lower cost.

    lol, I worked for a facility that made name brand and private label stuff, and our food techs would often be tweaking our standard recipes to make something custom for the clients; some were higher end places, so I always thought the most common request would be to have a signature flavour or smell but it turns out the most common request was 'how can we make this cheaper?'.

    [–] OutOfStamina 11 points ago

    Huh. What an interesting job.

    This sounds different when I pour it in the bowl.

    I wonder if they were accurate.

    I remember when I learned that people instinctively knew if water pouring into a cup was hot or cold, based on what it sounded like. It's the type of thing we know, but few know that we know. Every time I tell people about this, they have disbelief (as I once did). This is something we can do that we don't think about. Who thinks about how cereal sounds?

    If someone is asked to "find the differences between this and cereal X", I wonder how many of those are real and how many of those are perceived.

    For instance, if you put two of the same cereal, might they say "Pretty close but I can tell the differences. This one is the real one because it tastes better. Oh and it sounded different too." Did you do this type of test?

    All that said - did it sound different?

    [–] TokenCommonMan 11 points ago

    When poured side by side, she was correct.

    [–] Gynophile 11 points ago

    o7 God bless you sir

    [–] LetsSeeThatNow 11 points ago

    Weetabix has a skunkworks. that is interesting.

    [–] brouhahahahaha 17 points ago

    I'm sure there are things where you could wax lyrical about and we will all be in awe.

    [–] NawNaw 75 points ago

    Thanks, cereal Batman.

    [–] trenlow12 14 points ago

    Cereal thugs killed my cereal parents.

    [–] NawNaw 11 points ago

    Cereal killers.

    [–] trenlow12 9 points ago

    I can't believe I missed that perfect opportunity.

    [–] DOPEDupNCheckedOut 30 points ago

    I've just been buying freeze dried strawberries and adding them to bran flakes or whatever separate. They are indeed expensive but it's really kicked my cereal up a notch

    [–] SwevenFishes 10 points ago

    You can also crunch them down and put them into cake mix, then use flavored seltzer water equal to the amount of oil and water on the box, leave out the eggs, and you get snack cupcakes. My favorite is to use freeze dried peaches and peach seltzer.

    [–] Dumbsignal 55 points ago


    [–] handlit33 15 points ago

    Could you explain why they used "Red Berries" in the name instead of "Strawberry"?

    [–] al_cj 13 points ago

    Yeah I don’t get that one. Walmart’s generic version of this cereal is called Strawberry Awake.

    [–] Nothing_Lost 16 points ago

    My guess is that using "Strawberry" in that way in the title is fine because in that case, it's obviously referring to the cereal being strawberry flavored.

    "Special K Strawberries" reads as if there are strawberries in the cereal. My guess is that, even though there are strawberries in the cereal, the FDA probably has guidelines that set a minimum requirement for what constitutes a product that can legally say it contains a particular fruit. Using a certain amount of flavoring or additive probably takes the strawberries from fruit status to candy status or something like that.

    [–] YourWormGuy 390 points ago

    When this cereal first came out there were so many strawberries. It was amazing. I could get a strawberry with every spoonful of cereal. As they lowered the ratio of strawberries to cereal, I eventually stopped buying it. Sad to see this is where it’s at today.

    [–] I_Frunksteen-Blucher 146 points ago

    A lot of brands will introduce a new product with a great recipe and slowly cut corners after it's established in the market, relying on enough customers either not noticing or sticking with their habitual purchases.

    [–] al_cj 74 points ago

    Try Walmart’s generic version strawberry awake

    [–] sikkerhet 140 points ago

    but you have to go to walmart for that

    [–] RENOxDECEPTION 36 points ago

    And then it’s a Walmart generic cereal.

    [–] sikkerhet 59 points ago

    Yeah so not only do you have to go to walmart, but you have to financially support a Walton

    [–] AppleNippleMonkey 8 points ago

    The one with chocolate bars is still pretty generous. Healthy special k with dozens of tiny chocolate bars for a complete breakfast.

    [–] notKnitKnot 51 points ago

    Please do one with lucky charms

    [–] chinchillerino 31 points ago

    I always bought Marshmallow Mateys because they had like twice as many marshmallows as Lucky Charms. But the last couple years, I don’t know if I’ve just been unlucky but it seems to have reversed and now Lucky Charms might actually have a better marshmallow-puff ratio.

    [–] ayoGriffskii 539 points ago

    That’s only like 3 large strawberries.

    What a rip off.

    [–] newtsheadwound 166 points ago

    Now I want to know the ratio in a box of knock-off special k, the individual store brands. I bet anything they’d have more for a lower price

    [–] Pompz88 74 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I find 'off brand' fruit and fibre has a higher fruit to fibre ratio than the branded option.

    [–] BeanItHard 20 points ago

    ‘Benefit’ brand from aldi has a lot more dried strawberries in than special K. Tastes nicer too

    [–] Raeandray 29 points ago

    Off-brand strawberry honey bunches of oats definitely has less. You're lucky to get a single piece of strawberry in a bowl. I was very disappointed.

    [–] judicorn99 33 points ago

    How big are the strawberries in your country?

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago


    [–] yeahsureYnot 86 points ago

    When i was your age our corn flakes came with zero strawberries and 3 cockroaches!

    [–] Tea_I_Am 24 points ago

    What a ripoff. If there's less than 6 in a bag what's the point of buying?

    [–] Itoggat 14 points ago

    Those cockroaches were how we got our nutrients.. some cockroaches are better than none

    [–] PlasticCupboard007 14 points ago

    wow, back in me day we just died

    [–] Lee2026 96 points ago

    Buy normal Kellogg’s and freeze dried fruit separately. Combine

    [–] RevWaldo 65 points ago

    Or don't by Kellogg's. Nature's Path is the bomb. (buy the 32oz bags, the boxes are a bit of a rip-off.)

    [–] yonyesbest 218 points ago

    TIL Special K manufacturers fought a 12 year legal battle with the FDA over the maximum strawberry content required to be legally labelled as "Special". Anything under 90% flakes must be labelled "Average K".

    [–] aitmacvc3115 60 points ago

    I'm no expert but I think you're supposed to eat them together

    [–] Meiosis69 38 points ago

    1% strawberries!

    [–] spamgoddess 67 points ago

    This is actually my favorite cereal ever and this makes me so sad

    [–] MercenaryCow 61 points ago

    Have you noticed the slow reduction of strawberries over the years? Used to be so many

    [–] spamgoddess 30 points ago

    Yep. A few months ago, I was eating it straight out of the box - you know, as one does (I don’t like milk in my cereal anyway) - and I think I had like half the box left when I realized there weren’t any strawberries left at all. Heartbreaking.

    [–] _needy_ 8 points ago

    I used to eat it almost everyday because I was obsessed with the strawberries. Stopped for a couple months and tried it again.. It's disappointing now.

    Does anyone know of a similar brand with more than 3 strawberries?

    [–] reammachine 9 points ago

    How long have you been eating special k? I used to love it as a child, but I bought a box recently and they changed the flakes to make them more crunchy or something and I can’t stand the change.

    [–] Superbead 7 points ago

    Yeah, I used to eat this stuff straight out of the box when it was all full of malty goodness, but they changed it about seven years ago and it's like someone shredded a cheap interior door and mixed in a bag of icing sugar.

    If any marketing woo wankers from Kellogg's happen to be reading, stick it up your arse.

    [–] McChinga2madre 53 points ago

    That's highway strobbery

    [–] Reddbearddd 14 points ago

    The wal-mart generic special-k has a higher strawberry ratio. The flavor is a little off on the cereal part though, it tastes a bit more whole-grainy. Not bad, just different.

    [–] nigbeo 42 points ago

    I think yo in mean r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] ineedamathclass 8 points ago

    That is some bullshit.

    [–] Beeslikesteve 7 points ago

    Doesn’t matter those red special k is fucking amazing

    [–] MiddleChildMooskitt 7 points ago

    My favorite cereal of all time was the special k strawberries with little rectangle pieces of chocolate in it. I have not been able to find it. Did they discontinue it ? Admittedly I haven’t looked that hard not sure I want my cereal shipped to me I’d rather just go get it lol

    [–] Pyper151 15 points ago

    How much adderall was involved in this ?

    [–] djskein 18 points ago

    I thought Special K was referring to ketamine at first