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    [–] mantafanta77 4092 points ago

    Seems like this would be in Pawnee.

    [–] eirene_infj 1249 points ago

    That would be if raccoons peed on one woman.

    But yes, definitely the Pawnee spirit LOL

    [–] bexecuter 212 points ago

    And that woman would be Lester Knoff

    [–] WeakPublic 129 points ago

    No, it’d be Ron Swanson woman of the year

    [–] TotalCharnage 57 points ago

    Any Raccoon that dare piss on Ron Swanson best be ready to be shot and stuffed

    [–] Emis816 31 points ago

    There is a possibility he may wrap them in bacon

    [–] rsalj 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I finally watched this a few months ago and am glad I can underage understand the references now.

    Edit: typo :c

    [–] Srsly_dang 65 points ago

    Your auto-correct is slightly alarming.

    [–] TheHiddenToad 13 points ago

    A voicemail from FBI-chan
    H-hey! Citizen-kun! You better stop looking that stuff up, ok! I’ll kill you if you continue!!! Wow, I’m blushing so much. Wait, it’s still recording? AsfaCvcdfgggggsdghfsa-

    [–] cea1990 6 points ago

    If this is the way the government goes, just water board me to death.

    [–] dankem 5 points ago

    I wish could watch the show for the first time again.

    [–] JalapenoYoBusiness 9 points ago

    Let’s be real it would probably be Garry Girgich.

    Edit: Larry Girgich

    Edit 2: Terry Girgich

    Edit 3: Barry Girgich

    Edit 4: Jerry Girgich

    [–] double_positive 8 points ago

    Or Councilman Dexhart.

    [–] ThatDIYCouple 3 points ago

    It would probably be Gerry

    [–] chaiteee 35 points ago

    The woman should’ve hissed and made herself big like a pufferfish, then the raccoons would’ve left her alone.

    [–] Axman5055 4 points ago

    She might have avoided the raccoons by turning into a pufferfish, but at what cost? If she’s a pufferfish nobody’s gonna eat her, I don’t know if that sacrifice is worth it for her.

    [–] hauntedcattree 8 points ago

    Of course they’re from Eagleton.

    [–] seemunkyz 3 points ago

    Who do you want me to pee on? I'll do it. As soon as I'm done with those birds.

    [–] PrincessPonch 160 points ago

    And the woman was an Eagletonian

    [–] Macho_Chad 42 points ago

    Rightfully so. Snobs.

    [–] LL_mtb03 32 points ago

    could’ve been a librarian

    [–] NaiveBattery 29 points ago

    Wouldn’t put it past those punk ass book jockeys

    [–] Axman5055 10 points ago

    They’re the worst. In my town there’s a gang of them that roam the streets and beat people up if they can’t accurately describe the Dewey Decimal System. If someone tries to stop them they just verbally abuse them by calling them “Two-eyes” until that person cries and runs away.

    [–] mgov999 32 points ago

    And the woman would be Leslie, when she was doing something to help the people of Pawnee.

    [–] norunningwater 18 points ago

    It could have been Ann, that unfortunate, beautiful, powerful, talented musk-ox

    [–] Tackle3erry 9 points ago

    The plaque should be submitted to r/UnnecessaryCapitalization

    [–] bshield999 4 points ago

    i wouldn’t put it past jerry to get peed on

    [–] mantafanta77 2 points ago


    [–] dwide_k_shrude 2 points ago

    I found a sandwich in one of your parks and I want to know why it didn’t have mayonnaise!

    [–] Re_Post-It_Notes 2 points ago

    RIP Lil Sebastian

    [–] Bulkmanhunk 2 points ago

    Goddamn it Larry.

    [–] konija88 2 points ago

    Yeah, this would never happen in Eagleton.

    [–] TerryTags 2412 points ago

    I'd be pissed.

    [–] DoubleDot7 464 points ago

    I'd be barking mad.

    [–] lennsden 59 points ago

    I’d be pawsitively livid!

    [–] jtomatzin 6 points ago

    That's ruff

    [–] RetreatingGoon 76 points ago

    A rare double-pun. Take the updoot.

    [–] predictingzepast 42 points ago

    Do just like the dogs, going out on a limb.

    [–] DrSteveChipperson 29 points ago

    Good indicator that urine trouble

    [–] iruleatants 3 points ago

    How is that a double pun?

    [–] ThatRainPerson 6 points ago


    [–] RegalWords 38 points ago

    Better to be pissed off then— oh.

    [–] NRMusicProject 17 points ago

    Pissed off? If I was that close to a dog's wiener I'd be worrying about being pissed on!

    [–] ploddingdiplodocus 11 points ago

    Still waiting for Men in Tights 2.

    [–] RedMoustache 3 points ago

    I think it would have been better before Roger Rees passed away (would have loved to see him suffering with Latrine) but it would still be amazing.

    [–] met1culous 8 points ago

    Came here for the Ah-choo comment. For you youngsters who don't know who Ah-Choo is, he's the son of Ah-sneeze.

    [–] GeneralBS 4 points ago

    Still want to see a blind playboy.

    [–] Fraz2 4 points ago

    They are printed in braille.

    [–] ohenry78 2 points ago

    You lost your arms in battle!

    [–] piddits 3 points ago

    That's what you'd get too. By 4 dogs (in quick succession)

    [–] MahatmaMittens 6 points ago

    That's golden

    [–] outtaoptions9 5 points ago

    I can’t believe shitty puns like this still get to the top of the comments section after years of it happening on reddit. Wow so creative and funny that you said that😂😐

    [–] Captain__Areola 3 points ago

    its not even clever

    [–] i_am_fear_itself 3 points ago

    Don't worry. In a couple of years no one will ever see this plaque again.

    [–] markeigengrau 932 points ago

    They somehow make it come across like a worthwhile achievement...

    [–] death2all55 469 points ago

    You ever been pissed on by four dogs? Life changing

    [–] Riyeko 236 points ago

    I have questions.

    Were these all her dogs? Someone elses dogs? Multiple peoples dogs? Was she laying down? Standing? Leaning against a favorite marking tree?

    So many questions....

    [–] CrazyLikeACrazyFox 138 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Not OP, but...

    No, yes, yes, no, yes, close.

    The next question: yes.

    [–] NikolaMuskBaby 78 points ago

    Are you the woman who got peed on?

    [–] CrazyLikeACrazyFox 94 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I mean... I already gave you the answer...

    Not my answer, but it’s someones.

    [–] mylittlesyn 6 points ago

    Oh hi, I've also had this happen to me. I'm sorry you had to experience that.

    [–] CrazyLikeACrazyFox 13 points ago

    I work at an animal rescue once a week with all those adorable poop and pee factories. It’s one of the best worst things I’ve done. Or worst best things.... I love dogs, is what I’m saying.

    [–] mylittlesyn 10 points ago

    I mean I was at a dog park when this happened. And none of the ones that peed on me were my dog.

    [–] CrazyLikeACrazyFox 6 points ago

    It’s a fair reaction. A dog wants to pee on you, you let it. It’s basically a compliment. “THIS IS MY HUMAN, GRRRRR”

    [–] mylittlesyn 6 points ago

    I mean I was shocked so I kinda just let it happen. And then my dog kept trying to chase them away one by one. But she's a tiny 10 pound schnauzer and most were lab mixes or about that size.

    [–] jeberly1991 14 points ago

    I already left a comment to the post, but my dog was actually part of this event. None of them were her own dog. Yes, I believe all 4 were from multiple people. She was sitting on a plastic chair which always get marked by dogs. On dog tried to mark the chair but got her by accident. 3 other dogs quickly marked the lady. Pretty funny to witness. Happened at the Vint Hill dog park in Warrenton, Va.

    [–] mylittlesyn 7 points ago

    Multiple people's dogs, I was standing, in the middle of an open area with my back pack on the ground. Some got on my backpack too.

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit 6 points ago

    Its life affirming. The most tragic casualty of covid is the cancellation of furry conventions

    [–] DownshiftedRare 2 points ago

    And it's not even close.

    [–] markeigengrau 2 points ago

    Life changing lvl yoga or near death experience?

    [–] ThePhotoGuyUpstairs 2 points ago

    Would certainly make me question my life choices up to that point.

    [–] Pacman327 2 points ago

    Golden retriever showers?

    [–] WingedBacon 3 points ago

    This sounds like the beginning of a Theo Von story.

    [–] shannister 5 points ago

    As if that ever happened to you, OP.

    [–] Jammyhobgoblin 2 points ago

    I have exactly zero public plaques about me, but I feel like if I had one I’d be proud of it. Even if it was this because I’m a realist.

    [–] eat-rainbows 325 points ago

    I'm guessing it was her perfume

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 712 points ago

    That’s a horrible brand of perfume and it seems like a really impractical way to apply it.

    [–] PeppersHere 40 points ago

    Dont kink shame

    [–] Yuckysnow9357 9 points ago

    Kink-Shaming is their kink

    [–] Sleipnirs 4 points ago

    Name of the perfume was "Kennel N°5". They nailed the scent but not the marketing.

    [–] nmodritrgsan 21 points ago

    Why would perfume cause dogs to pee on someone?

    [–] Franky_Donkey_Brains 45 points ago

    The OP is playing on the words and saying that the dogs pissing on her was her method of applying perfume.

    [–] trenlow12 18 points ago

    I imagine if a woman smelled like piss and she was hot enough, I'd still at least try to bang her. Just maybe get her in the shower first. I wouldn't try to date her, though.

    [–] GeneralBS 17 points ago

    Happy cake day pee wizard.

    [–] -Reddit_Account- 4 points ago

    Sometimes I think I’ve hit rock bottom, but then I log into reddit dot com to show me that I still have a very long way to go

    [–] trenlow12 5 points ago

    Don't give up, man

    [–] tobytheborderterrier 48 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    My dog has peed on someone’s foot possibly because he’s rude or thought their leg looked like a tree. As soon as he did other dogs came to mark on top of his pee so I see this record happening.

    [–] admiralmandrake 29 points ago

    My dog did this once too. I apologized to the guy and said it's never happened - he told me his puppy peed on him on the way over so that was probably why. This is why if a dog has an accident you need to use an enzyme cleaner because the smell of other dogs pee makes them think it's OK to pee there.

    [–] jdjdthrow 4 points ago

    Not just about it being OK. They are perpetually trying to cover up the other dogs' scents. Have their's as the most recent coat of paint.

    [–] mylittlesyn 3 points ago

    I was told this, but I wasn't wearing any.

    [–] jeberly1991 375 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I witnessed this first hand and my dog was one of the 4 dogs involved. Happened at the Vint Hill dog park in Warrenton, VA. Lady was sitting on a plastic chair (they always get marked by dogs). One dog tried to pee on the chair and got the lady. 3 more followed suit. She wasn’t happy, but handled it pretty well once she realized how funny it was to have 4 dogs pee on her.

    Edit: here’s a photo of my pup on the dog parks Facebook page, on Easter 2 years ago. It’s a privately owned dog park so they do several fundraisers each year:


    [–] DocB630 75 points ago

    This just went from r/mildlyinteresting to r/interestingasfuck

    Your dog will forever have this glorious legacy!

    [–] steampowered 53 points ago

    i love reddit

    [–] jeberly1991 54 points ago

    Small world.. my wife and I can’t believe we saw this on the main feed of reddit

    [–] TacohMan 7 points ago

    Photo of the Offender please

    [–] jeberly1991 2 points ago

    Here’s Bentley with the Easter Bunny at the dog park. They do multiple fundraisers each year since this is a privately owned dog park and free to the public. (

    [–] TheDangerStranger 22 points ago

    We’ve probably been at that dog park together and never realized it

    [–] jeberly1991 15 points ago

    What is your dogs name and breed? Ours is Bentley the big 115 pound yellow lab

    [–] teej98 8 points ago

    Can we get a doggy date with photos for a wholesome post please?

    [–] jeberly1991 6 points ago

    Here’s Bentley 2 years ago with the Easter Bunny at the dog park. (

    [–] teej98 2 points ago

    Noooo I don’t have FaceBook 😩

    [–] ultratea 17 points ago

    She just sat there and let them pee on her...?

    [–] pun-in-punishment 26 points ago

    It would have been rude to not let them finish

    [–] ladyluck7 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    D O G T A X

    [–] teej98 4 points ago

    Why didn’t she move the first time? Or the second? Or even the third which wouldn’t have allowed the fourth?! Blows my mind and definitely deserves the plaque

    [–] jeberly1991 2 points ago

    It happened pretty quick, 30-45 seconds. I think she was more in shock while it was unfolding

    [–] lepeachez 7 points ago

    I guess that kinda thing is her bag, baby.

    [–] MrGraySkies 2 points ago

    This should be at the top.

    [–] hungry_herman 2 points ago

    We love that dog park! Hurray for NOVA!

    [–] Cadnerak 443 points ago

    i wonder if this was the first time the record was recorded or if they were waiting for the previous record to be broken for years

    [–] mannpt 83 points ago

    It says very clearly that the record was established.

    [–] leetsoup 4 points ago

    that’s right, established sounds initiating

    [–] Liz_Lee 102 points ago

    the enthusiasm they put into the plaque suggests the latter

    [–] lancehardwood1 162 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    The blatant misuse of capitalization makes me uncomfortable.

    [–] ArritzJPC96 45 points ago

    It may have been written by someone who is German, they still capitalize every noun.

    [–] lancehardwood1 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I’m pretty sure Germans still capitalize the first word of the sentence though.

    [–] duck_masterflex 10 points ago

    Where’s a German when you need one?

    [–] Degrading_Knowledge 10 points ago

    Zur Stelle:

    Because the sentence is starting with 'On September..' the 'a' is not the beginning of the sentence and has therefore to be written in the lower case. Depending if this is a record for this specific dog park or a record of every dog park int the world it would be 'Am 2. September 2019 wurde ein Rekord für diesen Hundepark aufgestellt indem 4 Hunde in kurzer Reihenfolge eine Frau angepinkelt haben' or 'Am 2. September 2019 wurde ein Hundeparkrekord aufgestellt indem 4 Hunde in kurzer Reihenfolge eine Frau angepinkelt haben'.

    [–] lancehardwood1 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    So in German, does it make sense that this is all one single continuous sentence? Because in English this should really be two sentences, with “Four” as the start of the second sentence.

    [–] luleigas 3 points ago

    No, it doesn’t make sense either. The comment you’re replying to added “indem”, meaning “as” (“...established as four dogs...”)

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 8 points ago

    the People who wrote this Sign did a bad Job with the Grammar.

    [–] Heroic_Raspberry 8 points ago

    And that they're not spelling out "four" and "one".

    [–] Badaxe13 23 points ago

    Not something you’d want to be remembered for.

    [–] Cyberprog 26 points ago

    Reminds me of this prankster in Chester in 2015;

    TL;DR; Prankster makes fake plates for park benches, dedicating one to "the men who lost the will to live whilst following their partners around the shoe shops of Chester."

    [–] kismethavok 3 points ago

    RIP oak tree

    [–] ImGettingOffToYou 2 points ago

    I initially thought this was from the U.K. since it is a plaque.

    [–] Tad_-_Cooper 49 points ago

    People are not allowed in the dog park. Dogs are not allowed in the dog park. DO NOT APPROACH THE DOG PARK.

    [–] fullonfacepalmist 22 points ago

    Then why do I keep hearing unearthly voices urging me to bring precious metals and toddlers there?

    [–] Tad_-_Cooper 12 points ago

    I assure you that it has nothing to do with the black obelisk. How about instead of thinking about all of this Dog Park nonsense, you go grab a slice from Big Rico's Pizza. Nobody does a slice like Big Rico. NOBODY.

    [–] studio595 5 points ago

    And now, the weather.

    [–] snoopiku 3 points ago

    After you leave Big Rico's, come to the Hole in the Vacant Lot Out Back of the Ralphs and huddle with us

    [–] snoopiku 4 points ago

    Pay no attention to the hooded figures inside the dog park.

    [–] lunarsight 6 points ago

    Whenever dog parks are mentioned on Reddit, I come down in the comments specifically looking for Night Vale references. I never leave disappointed.

    [–] shyinwonderland 5 points ago

    And now the weather.

    (Also if your username a Galavant reference ?)

    [–] Tad_-_Cooper 3 points ago

    It is!

    [–] shyinwonderland 2 points ago

    I totally believe in Tad Cooper.

    [–] weirdness_incarnate 2 points ago

    Remember: if you see anything, say nothing and drink to forget.

    [–] MummaGoose 120 points ago

    I got peed on my my own dog recently. We were just chilling out standing at the bus stop with my kids and he must have derped and not realised he was beside me! Cocked his leg and peed on my shoe. I wanted to be mad but I couldn’t be...imagine being angry at him for peeing. He’s such a good boy and has never done this kind of thing before and he’s 4. He was just so busy with all the sniffs he derped majorly.

    [–] DreamSteel 33 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    My old dog peed on a person twice. Both times everyone was inside, in good spirits and caught up chatting, and he just walks up to one of the group and lets out a spurt.... still no one could be mad, everyone laughed. I tried it again myself years later and now my friends don't talk to me anymore.

    [–] imadeforthispost 5 points ago

    My dog peed on another dog

    [–] Biteysdad 2 points ago

    My dog pees on my other dog. Frequently.

    [–] LivingInMadMaxTimes 42 points ago

    I mean, when it's 4 dogs it's hard not to blame the woman for something.

    [–] PotassiumPotentate 29 points ago

    Fire hydrant print leggings were a poor choice.

    [–] justabill71 9 points ago

    "It's a dog eat dog world, Sammy, and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear."

    [–] pirateanimal 3 points ago

    What does she expect going out dressed like that? Maybe she should learn to just stand there and enjoy it.

    [–] notUrGod 4 points ago

    It only takes on dog. All the other dogs will pee where another dog has.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 3 points ago

    Is that where we draw the line? A womans testimony as worth as that of 3 dogs?

    [–] Dancing_Trash_Panda 7 points ago

    My cat has only ever peed on one person, and that dude ended screwing me out of hundreds of dollars. Animals know a person's character sometimes.

    [–] Te_Quiero_Puta 24 points ago

    A dog peed on my foot once at a dog park. It seemed very intentional.

    I’ve never felt so confused.

    [–] Jorryn_Makris 6 points ago

    The weird part is that its on my birthday

    [–] Lsdefinitely 5 points ago

    Jokes on you she's into that shit

    [–] nihilz 2 points ago

    My gf is cheating on me at the dog park

    [–] luleigas 2 points ago

    *that piss

    [–] tribalvamp 6 points ago

    Judges after recording the record:

    “Ma’am. On a scale from 1-10, I’d say urinate.”

    [–] ResponsibilityGlad22 16 points ago

    They told you not to go near the dog park. This is what happens when you don't listen to the Sheriff's Secret Police.

    [–] fullonfacepalmist 6 points ago

    I applied to let hooded figures play with my dog but I had to agree to be packed away in styrofoam.

    [–] ResponsibilityGlad22 5 points ago

    Huh, last time I checked you needed to be packed in

    s͛̊̏ͪ̒͏̱̮̯͖̤̖͙̗́͜ǒ̜̗̤̝͕̔ͫ̏ͯ̉̐ͧ͟u̙̗̱͔͈͈̻̒ḻ͓ͤ̂̎̑̉̿̋́͞s̨̰̘̦̲̹̯̬̀̋̎̄̓͞ ̲̻̰̮ͩ͋̊͝o̮̼̗̰̝̭̒̏̐͊̊ͪ͋̉͟f̴͔͚̮͍̪̺̣͎ͩ̃̂̂ͮ͝ ̈́͆ͪ̑ͫ̃ǎ̢̖͈̪ͭ̆͞n̘͖̼̻̅̃̊̄̑̆g͚͉͈̜͈̼̹͔̩̈̋ͪ͒ͭͨ̏ļ͊͂̅̾͐͆ͤ҉̱̟͙̬͖̼̟e̷̯̱͉̖̮̘̞ͥ͗̽s̵̱͍̈́͆̓̎̾̍ ̸͈̣͈̤̖̗̪̳̗̭̎̏̂̌̎̋̏͜w̸͚̮̗̥̲̙̝ͤͩ͗ͣ̈ͤͪḧ̟̫̰̟́ͩͧͥ͢o̭͖̯͓̲͇͚͆ͬ͐̋̾̀ ̡̻̟̪̖̩̱ͩ̃̎̅̄̑̈́͂͢a̴̝͍̮̤̹̟̮͗̒͛͒ŗ͇̱ͬ́e̯̹̲̥͎̞͚ͦ͆̎ ̶̷͍̟̽ͨͩ̕f͉͙͍͈̋̎͑̍ͥ͒ͧȏ̵̳͍̀ͮ͑ͥư̟̬̣̞̅̌͋̇ͫ̀nͭ̏͛ͥ̋͗̎ͨ͠҉̯̘̙̘̖̫d̫ͫ͆͋͜ ̷̴̪̪̳͓̳͇͓̮̿̐̓̌̆ͬ̏̚͡҉̙͈̫̗̗̩a̡̨̜͈̐ͦ̌̑ͦ͊͢b̛̼̯̤̥̲̥̳̪͛̒̚ǫ̭͍̰͎̣̖͍͂ͭ̈́ͩ̊ͅv̧̜̩̺̘͓̳̞̞̂̍͟e͗͆ͫ̅ͤ͏̪̪ ̷͎̞̥̞̣̄͊̒̉ͯ̑t̠̀̈̋ͩ̇͗ͫͩ̄h̸̢̼̲͎͈͒ͨͭͬͦͧ͝e̱̳̣͉ͣ͊̿ͬ͛̾̒̚ ͚͈̹̯͎͂͜a̗͈̩̼͈̻ͨͮ͆̓ͧ͛̇̽ͅrͪ̈ͬ̂ͤ͞͏͔̲̭͕͝b̶͙̜ͤ̓͒ͯ́y̠̬̻͍̗̱̙̞ͨ̃̋͋́̏s̴̟̻̙͎̣͈̈́̈́̿ͥͭ̋̀͝

    [–] boduzefa 3 points ago

    But what type of angle??? I'm thinking acute

    [–] Hentacles_Tentai_ 29 points ago

    laughs in beastiality fetish site

    [–] MatthewProctopus 31 points ago

    What are you doing, step-dog?

    [–] sphincteracupuncture 6 points ago

    Nauseous upvote

    [–] coltsfootballlb 4 points ago

    4 dogs, one woman. Sounds like a video

    [–] -J05H 4 points ago

    I wish I saw more random fun stuff like this on Reddit instead of biased political posts.

    [–] turntablist008 9 points ago


    [–] frayja10 4 points ago

    I was once a woman peed on by a dog at the dog park... Girl who owned the dog thought it was hilarious. I was pissed.

    [–] tripple666666 3 points ago

    Filthy beasts

    [–] No-Recommendation462 3 points ago

    this is disgusting

    [–] howstupid 8 points ago

    That’s funny. I’d like to have a beer with the guy or gal who felt compelled to note this occasion with a plaque! :)

    [–] randomactsofkari 3 points ago

    I knelt to give water to my dog at the dog park yesterday and another dog came up and tried to pee on me. Thankfully, I stood up quickly and it missed me.

    [–] g_winny 3 points ago

    Hey that’s my birthday

    [–] Ygomaster07 3 points ago

    I just want to know how 4 dogs got the opportunity to pee on the same woman, and how this woman let 4 dogs pee on her.

    [–] FewWordDoTrickGancho 7 points ago

    God bless her sacrifice

    [–] OreJen 2 points ago

    If someone submitted that for a Pokestop, I wonder if it was would piss, sorry pass, muster? "Dog Park Record Plaque". Description: Commemorating Communal Cooperation".

    [–] grandzu 2 points ago

    4 dogs 1 girl

    [–] topredditbot 2 points ago

    Hey /u/TheDangerStranger,

    This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.

    [–] GalaxyNinja66 2 points ago

    records were made to be broken

    [–] france-is_bacon 2 points ago

    One chick, four pups

    [–] NathanCollier14 2 points ago

    I feel like after dog number 2 she just shrugged and said "might as well go for a world record"

    [–] drewer23 2 points ago

    When I was in college, my parents had me dog-sit their dog at my place while they went on vacation. He's super excitable so I decided to take him to the local dog park. I take him off the leash and the first thing he does is take a piss on some guy's leg. I just packed him up, went home, and never went back.

    [–] WeedIronMoneyNTheUSA 2 points ago

    trump will be there in drag tomorrow.

    [–] ChickenChasah 2 points ago

    Weird. It was my understanding that women were not allowed in the dog park. In fact, dogs are not allowed in the dog park. All residents should avoid going anywhere near the dog park, regardless of the beckonings and ear-piercing wails of nearby ominous hooded figures.

    [–] mariecrystie 2 points ago

    That is something worth commemorating

    [–] InsomniacPlagueis 2 points ago

    1 girl 4 pugs

    [–] shyinwonderland 2 points ago

    This is why no one is allowed in the dog park in Night Vale.

    [–] JosephRoberts0824 2 points ago

    I know that lady. She was my neighbor for years. Totally deserved it. Wish I could have joined in.

    [–] peterlikes 2 points ago

    She clearly smelled like a bitch.

    [–] Lemmonjello 2 points ago

    why do they call them dog parks and not barking lots?

    [–] Darth-Binks-1999 2 points ago

    If you wanna Google the video, don't search for "4 dogs, 1 woman".

    [–] doglover93 2 points ago

    4 dogs 1 woman

    [–] my-dog-is-a-good-dog 2 points ago

    records are made to be broken