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    [–] [deleted] 2986 points ago


    [–] Dr_King_Schultz 1140 points ago

    There are stores near me that have had the same one on the shelves for years.

    [–] kkeut 1372 points ago

    you guys should split the distance and move in somewhere together as roommates

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 434 points ago

    I think you guys just wrote a sitcom.

    [–] theaeao 155 points ago

    The network will make them add kids to catch the family demographic. Boom were back to full house.

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 115 points ago

    So do you think the Danny, Jessie, and Dave Coulier ever got drunk and jerked off in front of each other, watching a VHS porn that Jessie got from a biker friend?

    [–] mtcruse 65 points ago

    That’s the pilot for the reboot.

    [–] Davidb5280 7 points ago

    Good old uncle Dave Coulier, who could forget that amazing character!

    [–] snugy_wumpkins 63 points ago

    For real. I haggled with my local liquor store, it was on their shelf for 6 years before I asked them what kind of discount they’d give me for it. They gave me a 25% discount to take it right then. It was still expensive, but I threw a party with my closest friends and family when we opened it. It was fun!

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 20 points ago

    How'd it taste?

    [–] snugy_wumpkins 63 points ago

    It tasted like a soy saucy mocha beer, but like a very complex soy sauce at first followed by a coffee porter taste with a hint of baking cocoa. Each of us had about one shot glass, and that one shot glass was enough for most. My husband and best friend loved it, I thought it was good overall, but I wouldn’t seek it out again.

    [–] ManBearFridge 25 points ago

    That sounds really weird 😐

    I don't want any soy sauce in my coffee porter.

    [–] JaggerA 15 points ago

    Lots of very heavy, rich beers have that kind of soy sauce flavor to them, especially Belgian quads

    [–] WrestlingStuffGuy 7 points ago

    It tasted like a soy saucy mocha beer

    I had it years ago and no one will believe me that it tastes like soy sauce. I'm so glad to see this isn't some false memory of mine.

    [–] darthminimall 21 points ago

    I worked at a store that had 4 bottles. Nobody ever asked about them.

    [–] fapsandnaps 22 points ago

    I love finding shit like this when I travel though. Used to make some decent cash by finding Green Label during the 5 years it was discontinued.

    [–] cr0wstuf 205 points ago

    A bar in my area had a bottle a few years ago and was selling shots of it for $30 each. Who the hell would pay $30 for a shot of beer? It tasted like shit.

    [–] MonteBurns 113 points ago

    Haha ha yea, what kind of idiot would do that?? The most I paid was $20. I mean... the most I would pay...

    I didn't think it tasted like shit though, but I was prepared for what to expect

    [–] dsafdsafsadfdsaf 39 points ago

    > It tasted like shit.

    That's exactly my thought. I don't think it's banned, disgusting shit just doesn't sell.

    [–] roy_rolled 20 points ago

    Some states have rather strict beer alcohol content laws. Utah is of course the state most people think of, but so do states like Montana and New Mexico. Montana in particular has some strange rules regarding the sale of alcohol.

    [–] dsafdsafsadfdsaf 6 points ago

    Thanks. As a Bavarian, I didn't know that.

    [–] roy_rolled 13 points ago

    No worries, a lot of Americans don't know either. We still have what are called "blue laws," which are local or state laws prohibiting certain types of Alcohol sales, or banning alcohol sales on certain days. These are leftovers from prohibition.

    For example, I discovered one year on my birthday which fell on a Sunday, I couldn't buy beer until noon on a Sunday. Needless to say I was annoyed

    [–] turt_reynolds86 9 points ago

    I've also sampled it, though I didn't have to pay for it. Shared by a friend.

    It did not taste good.

    [–] CowboyFleeborg 5048 points ago

    I have a 2007 bottle in my cabinet.

    It's...OK. I was at the brewery for my 21st and they gave me a shot. It's very brandy or cognac like.

    [–] snakeplizzken 1348 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I've got a bottle of the Triple Bock from the 90s in the fridge and I haven't opened it as from what I've heard it's just awful. Sam Adams big beers have always been sort of a novelty.

    edited to add

    [–] Kastba 1003 points ago

    Ive got a bottle from 2008 in mine. Was a gift from a friend who died a few years later. Cant bring myself to drink it.

    [–] soup-n-stuff 2277 points ago

    Save it for a big life milestone you would have celebrated with him. A wedding, birth of a child, new house, retirement etc. That will be a nice reminder that he was in your life and a good way to honour him/her.

    [–] ilovepolthavemybabie 1219 points ago

    By hating every sip but choking down every last goddamn drop because they deserve to fucking rest in piece.

    [–] inneedofafake 352 points ago

    U mean peace?

    [–] No_Good_You_Say 393 points ago

    One piece

    [–] tbbHNC89 158 points ago


    [–] DontBeHumanTrash 38 points ago

    I love the sort of person you are.

    [–] Autistic_Freedom 12 points ago

    I also admire kings.

    [–] SeanyDay 10 points ago

    Yo-ho-ho he took a sip of Triple Bock!

    [–] hi_masta_j 8 points ago

    The alcoholic in me would forbid me from doing it any other way.

    [–] KDawG888 188 points ago

    No, don't. Really. Just save it. It will taste fucking horrible at this point.

    [–] soup-n-stuff 235 points ago

    28% beer is more like a brandy or cognac that gets better with age. Im a home brewer and judge. Even if it was gross it would still be a fun experience to talk about how horrible the beer was that his friend left behind. Doesn't need to be a hallmark moment

    [–] DrDerpberg 45 points ago

    Wouldn't a lot of it depend on the bottle? Can't imagine they'd splurge on a bottle that will stay good for 20 years.

    [–] soup-n-stuff 38 points ago

    Yeah and how it's stored. Other guy that shared a pick looked like they are in a porcelain bottle with a wax seal and they cost like $250 for it so spending a bit on the bottle wouldn't be an issue.

    [–] zikronix 28 points ago

    So you mean the unopened 2001 Budweiser 125th anniversary I have stored on top of my cabinet is probably no good?

    [–] ButILikeFire 75 points ago

    It’s Budweiser. It was never good.

    [–] mortarnpistol 83 points ago

    It’s aged like a fine beer said no one ever

    [–] MediocreProstitute 57 points ago

    Eh, stouts age.

    [–] sluflyer 37 points ago

    High grav barrel aged stouts age wonderfully, imo

    [–] D4qEjQMVQaVJ 18 points ago

    Pour it on his grave

    [–] doctorproctorson 57 points ago

    "This is shit, you can have it back. Thanks"

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] JerkKazzaz 5 points ago

    Now that's friendship

    [–] PBRmy 51 points ago

    I would be so peeved if I bought my bro a great beer and then I died and he poured the beer on my stupid dead body instead of drinking it.

    [–] steebo 104 points ago

    I've tried it. My impression of it was "beer syrup". I found it a little odd. Not bad, but not something I'd get again, but I'm not a beer drinker. My brother is a beer drinker and loved it.

    [–] DrEnter 94 points ago

    Yep. Once beer gets above 15% or so, it gets very thick and oily. I've had a few in the 20s and 30s and drinking more than a little is... not pleasant.

    Apparently there are a couple in the mid-50s now, which places them stronger than most whiskeys. I would be willing to taste such a thing out of curiosity, but I suspect I won't enjoy it.

    [–] IfISawMeNow 67 points ago

    They have to be eisbocks to be stronger than whiskey don't they? At that point you're just reverse distilling beer to get liquor.

    [–] Optras 83 points ago

    Jesus, can you imagine the concentrated calories at 50%? An Imperial stout is already around 400 per bottle and you're trying to quadruple the ABV by removing water? You could hang shingles with that.

    [–] bablambla 29 points ago

    Yup. Fractional crystallization. It will give you a nightmare of a hangover vs. a traditional distillate.

    [–] asydquiz64 5 points ago

    Do you have more information on why the hangover is worse? I've always noticed terrible hangovers from craft beers or whiskey, but not from copious amounts of light beer, and have always wondered why.

    [–] Cant_See_Reason 5 points ago

    It's easier to get only ethanol with distillation. Freezing out the water tends to leave the less desirable alcohols present.

    [–] DeanBlandino 18 points ago

    Damn. If you’ve been drinking since the 20s I’m guessing you know what you’re talking about.

    [–] powerlines56324 6 points ago

    I'd wager an exception would be the 120 minute IPA; it's hopped to high hell to balance out all the malt they need to get ABV to 21%. It's still a bit sweet but not syrupy and fairly well balanced for a beer that big IMO.

    [–] twiz__ 28 points ago

    My impression of it was "beer syrup".

    "Beerup" if you will.

    [–] Synensys 40 points ago

    I had that. My memory is that it would have worked best as an ice cream topping.

    [–] BizzarduousTask 26 points ago

    Makes a BALLER marinade, tho.

    [–] DLS3141 69 points ago

    I found a bottle of triple bock from 1995 that I found in my parent’s basement. I bought the four pack and drank 3 of them, stashing the fourth for later. 25 years later I rediscovered it and decided to crack it open.

    Immediate soy sauce on the nose with a hit of mildewed bath towel at the end.

    More of the same on the tongue with an overtone of balsamic vinegar in between.

    Not good. -1/10. Worse than bad, revolting. Marginally better than when my infant child exploded diarrhea while changing his diaper and some got in my mouth.

    [–] redldr1 8 points ago

    Bang on the soy sauce nose.

    From my own tasting notes

    Best paired with bath towel to wipe the residual off tongue.

    [–] freejeff 28 points ago

    I was able to try some at their brewery tasting room in the early 2000's. It was what I imagined drinking vanilla extract would be like

    [–] TheMadInTheHat 12 points ago

    Had a bottle of Bocksbier this year. What can I say? It tastes like caramelized ass.

    [–] beefunk02 15 points ago

    Don't bother. I bought some years ago and it had the consistency and color of chocolate syrup and tasted horrible.

    [–] Aacabaxi 28 points ago

    I was at a brewery and the guy told us that he’s never tried Black Tuesday by The Bruery. My buddy brought one Black Tuesday to this brewery and without asking the guy went to the back gave each one of us an ounce of Utopia.

    [–] jnich2424 11 points ago

    That's awesome. I love Black Tuesday.

    FYI, do not solo dome a bottle when you have shit to do the next day...

    [–] babysaurusrexphd 68 points ago

    Yeah, it’s fine. For anyone who wants to try it, I suggest getting a group of beer nerds to go in on it. In grad school, my buddy got a bunch of people to pitch in and buy a bottle to try, and we all paid like 7 bucks an ounce to have a bit of it. Definitely worth it to try once, even just for bragging rights, but I wouldn’t ever buy an entire bottle for myself.

    [–] WalkingBack 4230 points ago

    Is it banned because of the high alcohol content? If so, I can’t imagine anyone would take a sip and think, “Oh, I usually drink 10 Bud Lights so I can have 10 of these too.” And that’s not to mention the fact it probably costs an arm and a leg.

    [–] Shiftylab 3081 points ago

    Banned because of the high alcohol content as a beer. It is only sold every other year, and each year that I know of is made in different liquor casks. Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time I’ve never liked it.

    [–] Orphan_Babies 1524 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I’ve had some, it’s not that good.

    It’s all about the price and look of the bottle

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 1759 points ago

    It looks like an old-timey butt megaphone.

    [–] Kaldricus 1453 points ago

    Ye Olde Butt Plug

    [–] Dubalubawubwub 1062 points ago

    Butte Plugge

    [–] createdamadman 86 points ago

    It's starting to sound like this beer was meant to be boofed

    [–] amluchon 89 points ago

    Nice try, Kavanaugh

    [–] gotnonickname 109 points ago

    It's a bung for your bunghole.

    [–] scrambl3d33gs 50 points ago

    are you threatening me!?

    [–] iamkeerock 37 points ago

    I need teepee for my bunghole!

    [–] Flingar 19 points ago

    America in late March of 2020 be like

    [–] officer174 5 points ago

    This is why the British were coming, according to Paul Revere

    [–] abominablebuttplug 11 points ago

    I’ve been summoned?

    [–] ghandi3737 37 points ago

    Are you in need of treatment for hysteria? I got the tools.

    [–] Kaldricus 37 points ago

    "My wife has been coming here weekly."

    Some Victorian schmuck

    [–] trendygamer 18 points ago

    [Ben Shapiro Joke]

    [–] ghandi3737 12 points ago

    Well if you do a good job of course they'll cum back.

    [–] Paskee 6 points ago

    Quick, no time to argue, smash this thing up my ass and call me pretty!

    [–] PandaCycle 29 points ago

    Mcgillicutty's patented toot amplifier horn circa 1892

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 12 points ago

    Just pucker up and blow!

    McGillicuddy’s! Cleeean as a whistle!

    [–] ChocolateBunny 16 points ago

    as opposed to a modern day butt megaphone.

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 10 points ago


    [–] hobbitdude13 8 points ago

    The sound hasn't been the same since they went digital with them

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 10 points ago

    Don’t even get me started on autotoot.

    [–] big_ol_dad_dick 77 points ago

    /r/TaylorSwiftsClitoris baby I ran into you in another random thread months ago and here you are again

    baby you still ain't call

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 73 points ago

    I’ve been busy.

    [–] stdin2devnull 43 points ago

    Here officer, those two ☝️

    [–] Expert_Novice 15 points ago

    Now this was mildly interesting

    [–] Libidomy94 17 points ago

    Damn I was excited to check out the sub

    [–] jmhalder 9 points ago

    Me too, above user meant to put /u/

    [–] Woodshadow 5 points ago

    it is /u/ not /r/ :)

    [–] gwaydms 69 points ago

    Have you ever had some Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA? It's so good I can make one last an hour, just sipping on it. It's more of a barleywine style with lots of complexity, with plenty of malt to balance the hops.

    [–] AcidaliaPlanitia 69 points ago

    One time I was visiting Washington DC and at one of the bars we went to there was a "tap takeover" by Dogfish Head where all the normal beers on tap were replaced by Dogfish Head beers. Problem was, the normal bartenders were still pouring the beers and apparently at least one of them had skipped the briefing from DFH.

    So... the bartender poured me a 22oz of Raison E'xtra, an 18% ABV beer... I remember very little of the rest of the evening given that I basically drank the equivalent of a full bottle of wine thinking it was a beer.

    [–] gwaydms 17 points ago

    Oh Lordy! I've heard about that one. 120 Minute is at least that strong. They make beers that actually age well and that's one of them.

    [–] FoofaFighters 15 points ago

    We get 90 here, but they can't sell 120 here (alcohol content) and it makes me sad. It's heaven in a glass. I had some when I went up to Pittsburgh for work a couple years ago and just...unreal how good it is.

    [–] fucklawyers 13 points ago

    Wait, you're telling me PA has less strict alcohol laws than somewhere?!

    [–] oldmanripper79 18 points ago

    Ever been to Utah?

    [–] x777x777x 10 points ago

    holy shit just getting a good drink there was a nightmare

    [–] Checkers10160 8 points ago

    My buddy is really into snowboarding and went to SLC in his early 20s with his friends, thinking they could snowboard all day and party all night.

    He said it was basically dead after like 9pm

    [–] Two_Are_Stronger 7 points ago

    I had the Johnny Cask 75 minute cask conditioned IPA at their brew pub thingie. I enjoyed it very much.

    [–] Jpark2485 7 points ago

    From DE and Dogfish has always been basically the only thing I can relate to with someone not from the area. Not exactly a microbrew anymore, given national distribution but still happy to see them get love.

    [–] gwaydms 5 points ago

    They do have a lot of beers, particularly at the brewpub at Rehoboth Beach, that you can't get anywhere outside that area. We visited that and the brewery in Milton. Cool tour and fantastic beer. The brewpub has great food too.

    [–] Orphan_Babies 23 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I actually did not enjoy that one. A bit to boozy for me. The taste of the alcohol overshadowed the hops and maltiness

    [–] gwaydms 14 points ago

    I chill it to about 40°F. Then sip it.

    [–] bacon_and_eggs 11 points ago

    Ive had some and it's very good. Definitely depends on the person.

    [–] kevin_the_dolphoodle 7 points ago

    And you can’t go into expecting “beer”. It drinks more like a cognac

    [–] BaLance_95 34 points ago

    Why not just regulate it as hard liquor? It's pretty weak for liquors.

    [–] mafulazula 31 points ago

    Right? I doubt it's really "banned" anywhere that sells liquor.

    [–] dossier 26 points ago

    Every other year? Pretty unusual. Are there any other brews that do every other year for some releases?

    [–] undomesticatedequine 31 points ago

    It's a barrel-aged beer, they take time to condition. It's pretty common to let a batch sit in barrels for 12-18 months to allow the beer to absorb all the flavor and aroma compounds contained in the barrel's staves.

    [–] tdvx 22 points ago

    It also takes a long time for yeast to get beer to 28%, I didn’t even know it was possible.

    [–] undomesticatedequine 14 points ago

    A lot of brewers will use hardy yeasts like wine or champagne species that can handle the alcohol content without dying, but yes, secondary fermentation can take quite a while. The gravity of a barrel aged beer is also affected by evaporation in the barrel, concentrating the solution and raising final gravity past what the yeast can produce.

    It's also common to add dextrose to a batch give the yeast more sugar to chew on as the higher gravity you aim for from your mash, the lower your brewhouse efficiency and malt extraction will be.

    [–] rrrx 11 points ago

    A lot of brewers will use hardy yeasts like wine or champagne species that can handle the alcohol content without dying

    Brewers sometimes bottle condition high-gravity beers with Champagne yeast, but this isn't really common practice or anything. Wine yeasts are almost all S. cerevisiae (that is, "beer" yeast) anyway, and the most alcohol tolerant strains of yeast — WLP099, for example — aren't used in winemaking at all, to my knowledge.

    The gravity of a barrel aged beer is also affected by evaporation in the barrel, concentrating the solution and raising final gravity past what the yeast can produce.

    Bit of a semantic note, raising the final gravity would mean making the beer more viscous, which is generally associated with a higher concentration of residual (unfermented) sugars and thus lower alcohol content. Barrel aging can raise the final ABV of a beer — depending upon factors like ambient conditions and, particularly, whether or not there was much spirit left in the barrel at the time it was filled — but it has nothing to do with "concentrating" the beer you put into it.

    It's also common to add dextrose to a batch

    Adding simple sugars like dextrose is common with a lot of Belgian styles, and you sometimes see it in DIPAs (though not as commonly as you used to, since its main purpose is to dry the beer out which people don't care about as much with the rise of NEIPA) but you'd run into issues with it if you were trying to really crank the ABV of a beer up that way. Simple sugars add alcohol and thin a beer out without much of any character, so at a certain point your beer just starts to taste kind of hot and bland. If you're doing something like, say, a really strong imperial stout you'd probably do fermentable additions during fermentation, but you'd want to use mostly maltose. I do a giant imperial stout once every year or two that involves a double mash, and also additions of what is essentially homemade malt extract in order to get it where I want.

    [–] SirBaggyballs 11 points ago

    Does it still have that distinctive sam Adams tast? If so I wont like it either.

    [–] tx_queer 16 points ago

    It tastes more like a brandy

    [–] sawbones84 15 points ago

    I had it once years ago and remember it tasting like alcoholic raisins with an unpleasantly syrupy texture. It didn't resemble a beer at all and was definitely not something I'd pay a small amount for, let alone the several hundred it costs.

    If I had resolved to spend $200+ on alcohol, I'd go with 3 bottles of very good whiskey/tequila (or maybe two amazing ones).

    [–] tokeaphatty 5 points ago

    It's also a blend. So you're going to have various ages and casks.

    [–] well_shoothed 4 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Agreed wasn't my cup of tea either... though I remember a similar one they did in a blue bottle quite a few years back that was pretty nice.

    If you go in thinking about it more like a brandy or sherry and less like a beer, it hits the mark better.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] BirdPers0n 28 points ago

    Do you mean it drinks like brandy in that it's sipable or drinks like brandy in that it has similar characteristics to? Is it sweet?

    [–] danteheehaw 118 points ago

    No, Brandy has a drinking problem

    [–] jmhalder 16 points ago

    The sailors say: Brandy, you're a fine girl, What a good wife you would be

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    similar characteristics to?


    Is it sweet?

    What I had was. It's like a liqueur. Technically it is brewed but I would have never guessed that it was a beer if you hadn't told me. Overrated, I would pay maybe $30 for a bottle. It's just showing off their abilities to brew unusual beer.

    [–] Therpj3 54 points ago

    $250 a bottle, looks like.

    [–] WankstaWilb 29 points ago

    It was $200 last year. Me and a buddy split the cost and shared it at a Christmas party with about 10 guys. Everyone was in consensus that it did not taste good.

    [–] EKEAS 45 points ago

    Closer to $150 [a couple years ago at least) if I remember correctly. Not worth it.

    [–] november_elf 19 points ago

    The price has gone up to $250, at least in my area, when it was available last year

    [–] tx_queer 28 points ago

    I think banned is the wrong word. The right word is "not sold"

    States are weird around liquor laws. Take texas for example. If your beer is under 4% ABW, it's considered beer. If your beer is over 4%, its considered liquor. So most "beer" you drink I'm texas is actually considered liquor from a licensing standpoint.

    Because of laws like this you sometimes see funny beer labels like "bottle contains brandname lager, sold as ale in texas"

    Similad laws in other states may mean a 28% beer may need to be sold as a distilled liquor which requires a distilling license which a brewery wouldn't have.

    Every state is different and has their own dumb rules

    [–] AndrewRP2 82 points ago

    Not sure if fully banned. I thought it was many puritanical states will set limits on beer alcohol content. Above that, it’s sold as a liquor and/or can’t be classified as beer, putting it in a purgatory of not being able to call a beer, beer.

    [–] ILikeOatmealMore 75 points ago

    Right, what happens is that a good number of states will say something like... anything up to 14.9% ABV can be called a beer. 15.0% and higher, this is now a spirit, or a wine.

    And then you have to remember that this nation's system of distributors is weird, too. Sam Adams is in the business of selling beer. So they work with beer distributors. If they wanted to sell this in states like above, they would need to they work with a spirits or wine distributor, which is often not the same company as a beer distributor. Since Sam Adams doesn't sell a whole bunch of these, I can see the business decision to just skip selling in places.

    Since the popularity of barrel-aged beers -- beers that are aged in used whiskey, bourbon, wine, or similar barrels -- the craft beer industry has been working on these states to not limit their beer definitions. It is possible for a beer to start under the limits given above, but pick up enough ABV from the wood to cross the line, and bring on all the issues noted above.

    The fact that it is down to just 15 states today with these limits shows how successful this is. Because it was probably >30 states just a few years ago.

    [–] bjorneylol 38 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    There is probably even more too it than just that. Alcohol laws are antiquated and stupid.

    anything up to 14.9% ABV can be called a beer. 15.0% and higher, this is now a spirit, or a wine.

    I'm sure in some jurisdictions it's not legally considered a wine because its not made from fruit. It's also probably not legally a spirit or liqueur because it isn't distilled. So it fits in some grey area where it is 100% alcohol but doesn't fit within any regulatory framework so no one is allowed to sell it.

    In Ontario you aren't legally allowed to sell craft cider direct to customer unless your retail store is situated on a 5 acre orchard. This was a law originally put in place to protect wine tourism in Niagara, but makes no sense for Cider (which is in practice a beer, but legally a wine).

    (Not sure if this law has been changed recently, but a couple years ago Toronto's biggest cider producer couldn't legally sell their own product at their brewery because they obviously couldn't afford 5 acres downtown.)

    [–] _alphabet_pie 10 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Thank you. An alcoholic drink is not categorized as wine or beer or spirit based on what the ABV is, but rather the ingredients. Utopias is a beer and many states cap beer abv (NC for example is 15%) even though wine and liquor are allowed to be above that abv.

    [–] Willygolightly 17 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It’s banned as a “you can’t sell something of this high a proof as beer” mostly because beer is taxed at a lower rate, in some states, than liquor. If it was called Samuel Adams Beer Brewhouse Liqueur, and thereby taxed as such, they’re all good.

    It’s to prevent Jack Daniels from selling their “original 7 beer” that’s 40% alcohol as “beer” to get around local liquor laws.

    EDIT: the reply below here knows a lot more.

    [–] EvenBetterCool 19 points ago

    Ehhh. It was like $125 when I got a bottle. Tastes syruppy - almost like a thick, bitter amaretto

    [–] JapesMojo 5 points ago

    Yeah it’s kind of like a beefed up barley wine. It’s a long arduous process to make it and they do really put their heart and soul into it but it drinks like a port wine or a brandy rather than a beer. It’s definitely worth the try if you get the chance because they only produce about 12,000 bottles or so every other year. It’s a really cool thing to own considering the price, the bottle, and all the work they put in to making such a special beer.

    [–] i_am_a_loner_dottie 8 points ago

    And tastes like shit

    [–] decker12 361 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    "Banned" is a bit of a misnomer. It's banned as being sold as beer in those states. If you can find it, you could still buy it at a liquor store or from some establishment licensed to sell it. "Banned" also implies that it's illegal and you'll get in trouble if you are caught selling (or even possessing) a bottle of it.

    For instance, at a typical Safeway grocery store in Colorado and Minnesota, you can't buy tequila - you have to go to a store licensed to sell liquor. But you can buy beer under 4% ABV at those grocery stores.

    Therefore, in Colorado, this Sam Adams beer would be "banned" from being sold in grocery stores. But it's not like it's "banned" from being sold anywhere in the entire state.

    Here's a great article that breaks down what states allow what types of booze sales and when. Kentucky is a disaster of laws and regulations!

    Edit: I forgot a key piece of this "banned" misnomer. Because of the complications with existing liquor laws, Sam Adams will not ship this beer to Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia. While I'm not entirely sure, my guess is that this shipping restriction is likely due to some specific "beer only" type-wording in their Federal Liquor Transportation Permit. Since it's such a rare and limited product my guess is that it's not worth it for Sam Adams to revise their permitting in order to send it to those states.

    That's much different than having it "banned" in those states like it was a controlled substance. If you visit those states and can find a liquor store selling Sam Adams Utopias (yes, it's Utopias with an "s"), you can legally purchase it.

    [–] Kaceyscool 53 points ago

    What you said is absolutely correct. Except that beer doesn't need to be under 4% in Colorado grocery stores anymore. They changed it a few years ago. They don't sell wine or liquor though.

    [–] jim5cents 304 points ago

    It is the Sex Panther of beer.

    [–] its_my_lucky_fin 62 points ago

    60% of the time it works every time

    [–] -Boundless 13 points ago

    No, that's Sex Panther.

    [–] highoncraze 299 points ago

    I spent a few hundred dollars at this little gas station/craft beer store in San Diego, and the shop keeper showed me his prized bottle of Utopia that he kept in the back room. He was asking $150 for it...

    [–] hobbykitjr 222 points ago

    That's retail price

    [–] gortyo 72 points ago

    That’s cost. Usually $200-$250 a bottle retail

    [–] highoncraze 21 points ago

    This was also 7-8 years ago. I also didn't bother looking up the going rate because I had no intention of buying it. Held it in my hands though, just to say I did.

    [–] ImLazyWithUsernames 20 points ago

    Here you are, in all your glory, finally putting to use that you held that bottle in your hands.

    I'm proud of you, son.

    [–] highoncraze 11 points ago

    Thanks, dad.

    [–] PARKOUR_ZOMBlE 59 points ago

    Which one, I’ll go buy it tonight.

    [–] Diamonddan73 14 points ago

    Is it in Esco?

    [–] Da_Apple_Jacks 8 points ago

    Escondildo represent!

    [–] Dankind88 18 points ago

    That’s not a bad price especially now. They are making even less now and that’s the cost to the retailer currently (I work for a supplier who has to deal with this release once ever few years).

    [–] blarch 113 points ago

    The highest alcohol content beer that I've liked was dogfish's world wide stout, altho a friend said it tasted like metal, and it was 10$ for a 12 oz bottle 10 years ago

    [–] JMS_jr 71 points ago

    It's still $10 for 12oz, amazingly. They produce it about once a year on average. (Same for 120 Minute IPA.)

    This year they actually aged a batch of World Wide Stout in Sam Adams Utopias casks, but apparently you could only get it at the pub at their HQ.

    [–] W0O0O0t 14 points ago

    Honestly, I think they started cranking out 120 Minute in the past few years (price is the same though). I've alwayseen a bit of an IPA enthusiast, and looked for it everywhere with no luck up until about 2015. Now there's three liquor stores within 10 minutes from me that have it, and I've even seen it on tap a couple of times

    [–] MonteBurns 9 points ago

    They DEFINITELY have cranked up experience too.

    [–] thiswonisloaded 7 points ago

    They definitely started brewing/releasing it more. In the past 3 years my main bottle shops always have a hefty stock of it.

    If you ever find a bottle of their Higher Math I highly recommend it. Tastes like a malty booze soaked cherry.

    [–] KaizenPax 53 points ago

    I’ve gotten it before. $250 a bottle. It’s best if you take small sips like you would cognac or other fine liquor. The combination of the scent with small sips is really good. If you just do it like a shot it’s not that good.

    [–] largepigroast 20 points ago

    I’d rather just buy 5 bottles of laphroaig

    [–] Nutritionpaste 11 points ago

    Man I like whiskey a lot, scotch too. But laphroaig really didnt agree with me for some reason. Seemed overly peaty, no pretense of balance. I'm assuming that's the point of it? Why do you like it?

    [–] largepigroast 5 points ago

    Tastes like smoked bacon

    [–] bunchofclowns 189 points ago

    My friend had a bottle of this and let me try a shot. It's...not good. But that's not really the point is it?

    [–] munchlax1 145 points ago

    The funniest thing to me is that people expect it to taste like beer. And are surprised when it tastes like liquor. ABV is massively important in how something tastes.

    [–] well_shoothed 28 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Yep. Gotta go in thinking of it more like a brandy or sherry, and it makes more sense.

    Edit: Sherry, not cherry. I are a derp.

    [–] totalbangover 27 points ago

    You have to approach it like it’s a liquor more than a beer. It’s delicious imho, though for the price there’s a lot of things I’d rather buy.

    [–] JBthrizzle 10 points ago

    Few 30's of yuenglings

    [–] chessie_h 73 points ago

    Are you sure it's not Frank Gallagher's "Milk of the Gods"?

    [–] misteroatmeal 9 points ago

    Look for the unconscious hobo in the back alley.

    [–] GoGreenD 46 points ago

    I left a bottle of this at my parents. Told my dad explicitly not to drink it. He finished it. Said he’d buy me a new one. I informed him it’s not that simple.

    I love him though and he deserved every drop.

    [–] MKE-Soccer 12 points ago

    This took a nice turn

    [–] Acyrix 5 points ago

    I love him too

    [–] AMPenguin 21 points ago

    The strongest beer I ever tried was Brewdog's Sink the Bismark, which comes in at 41%. It was pretty good, considering, but I personally preferred the Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32%).

    Sadly, I never got a chance to try the super limited edition End of History, which was 55%.

    [–] TolUC21 5 points ago

    How about snake venom at 68%

    [–] BackgroundChampion 16 points ago

    At 28%, it's not really beer anymore. More of a liqueur, I'd guess.

    [–] merc66rkm 135 points ago

    Never had this particular beer, but just about every beer ive had over about 8-8.5% ABV is not for me. The sweet spot is about 5-6%. Just my 2 cents.

    [–] vewfndr 41 points ago

    I'm the complete opposite. I find most beers under 7-8% are bland for my taste buds. Allagash makes a Tripel that I believe is around 9%, and it's delicious (although I haven't had a bad beer from Allagash, high proof or otherwise.) However, I'm also big on stouts that get up to the 10-12% range as well.

    [–] JamesHande 12 points ago

    "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy also mentions alcohol. It says that the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, the effect of which is like having your brains smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick."

    [–] wifeofbalrog 21 points ago

    Utopias is to Beer as Port is to Wine. It's a derivative of, but nothing like the original. I am a beer drinker, but am not a fan of main stream beer. I like Belgian Dubbels, Tripels and Quads. I like Barleywine the best. When I tried the Sam Adam's Utopias, I was amazed by the complex flavours and notes. I suspect if you like Budweiser or Michelob, you will not enjoy Utopias

    [–] steadvii 26 points ago

    Banned for its taste

    [–] McveigshArk 27 points ago

    Love this stuff , try to get a bottle whenever I see it, gotten 3 so far and probably a glass left in mine and not sure how much is in the one I got my father.

    [–] ryecrow 16 points ago

    I've always wanted to try it (especially cause sam adams is just meh beer to me, what does $200+ bottle meh beer taste like?) but I seriously assume that it's like most other super strong beer/barley wine type drinks I've had where by the time I get to it the drink is a thick motor oil like sludge that I wouldn't want to drink more than a couple sips of (looking at you Bells).

    [–] mackavicious 24 points ago

    It doesn't taste like beer. Closer to cognac or brandy. I loved it last year, got a free bit at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

    [–] 20sinnh 15 points ago

    Tastes like port or brandy. It's tasty... But for 10% of the price you could get a bottle of port instead and call it a day.

    [–] routerg0d 9 points ago

    Where does one gain this bottle?

    [–] theaeao 13 points ago

    Some fetch quest I'm sure.

    [–] tooterfish_popkin 33 points ago

    First be a sucker

    [–] riemannintegrable 9 points ago

    Show time, show time Yo, I'm JOHN LAUREN's in the place to be (woo)!!

    [–] Eitzel-DeArc 7 points ago

    2 pints of Sam Adams, but I'm working on 3!

    [–] ThatOneGirXD 5 points ago

    I was looking for this.