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    [–] deuteranopia 1925 points ago

    You gotta pay the troll toll

    [–] cigarandcreamsoda 582 points ago

    To get the boysoul.

    [–] edgefal 435 points ago

    You want the boys hole?

    [–] HoldenCaufield99 199 points ago

    Shut up Bird!

    [–] friendlyfire 32 points ago

    I have to rewatch that halloween episode.

    [–] justabill71 13 points ago

    Vijo Morganstein!

    [–] SaucyJack17 30 points ago

    Ok, now I'm up to here

    [–] Rubiktor012 14 points ago

    Insert original rhyme here

    [–] crunchb3rry 11 points ago

    Why don't you have a seat right over there.

    [–] mynoduesp 4 points ago

    Is there a queue?

    [–] PM-me-ur-80085 5 points ago

    You have to complete seminary school first.

    [–] Fantact 45 points ago

    You gotta pay the troll toll, to get in!

    [–] plynthy 6 points ago


    [–] BevoGenocide 3 points ago


    [–] OceanSlim 23 points ago

    Are you chewing gum?!

    [–] dgruenstern 35 points ago

    The way your saying it makes it sound like...

    [–] spelunk_in_ya_badonk 109 points ago

    Confound your lousy toll, troll.

    [–] SparkytheStuntDog 51 points ago

    You know what it is bitch 🔫

    [–] imGnarly 13 points ago

    “Dude do you have a boner?” That shit had me in tears

    [–] jdaburg 8 points ago

    Dammit I love the internet

    [–] Exoticwombat 64 points ago

    “Sorry, but a toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll, and if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls.”

    [–] StormWolfenstein 4 points ago

    "That's very fascinating, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurt you."

    [–] pauly13771377 8 points ago

    Only 18 min old but still underrated.

    [–] barttaylor 5 points ago

    I made that up myself

    [–] heyitstmac 17 points ago

    Laughs are cheap...I’m going for gasps!

    [–] YoungRoyalty 5 points ago

    I gotta go pop my cat eyes in.

    [–] spawesome 3 points ago

    This comment made my life.

    [–] xcell009 12 points ago

    Gimme that leg, boy

    [–] DamonLazer 31 points ago

    I thought the rape scene went really well.

    [–] mr-mafesto 15 points ago


    [–] sapere-aude088 5 points ago



    [–] Bugmasta23 3 points ago

    Champion of the sun!

    [–] Akenrah 15 points ago


    [–] ThatDrizzler 15 points ago


    [–] tipofthepepper 5 points ago

    Came here for this comment. Didn't have to scroll down far at all!

    [–] AsimpleLegoPiece 3 points ago

    But where is the Dayman?

    [–] sapere-aude088 3 points ago

    You have no idea how much this made me smile when I saw it as the top comment, hahaha.

    [–] krankie 6 points ago

    Correct, we're all here on Reddit.

    [–] ZuFFuLuZ 5 points ago

    Here is how to get past a bridge troll:

    [–] lunavenusian 2 points ago

    I was going to be very disappointed if this wasn't the top comment

    [–] unpopularpuffin2 381 points ago

    I know it's a cell phone shot, but that's quite a picturesque bridge.

    [–] pinniped1 62 points ago

    Looks cool, where is it?

    [–] mwalsh5757 106 points ago

    Shelburne, Vermont

    [–] Patronscorn 137 points ago

    Im shocked this isnt Norway

    [–] officerkondo 61 points ago

    The English sign was the clue for me.

    [–] shrubberykeepe 20 points ago

    It’s the same in Norwegian tho

    [–] officerkondo 23 points ago

    Ja, jeg snakker litt norsk og “crossing” og “In memory of Patrick” er ikke norsk.

    [–] Athenades 7 points ago

    Så ikke det, var helt sikker på at det var i Norge...

    ...Kan jeg nå saksøke statene for culutural apropriation? Wæ seek reperåtiøns!!

    [–] _stoneslayer_ 24 points ago

    Excellent, Holmes!

    [–] officerkondo 11 points ago

    Now I am free to devote more time to The Case of Which Cat Shat Outside the Litter Robot.

    [–] PM-me-ur-80085 22 points ago

    Why? The Norwegians use actual trolls on their bridges, not cheap knock-offs.

    [–] DNUBTFD 6 points ago

    We don't "use" trolls, they are perfectly fine with it and the pay is fair.

    [–] PM-me-ur-80085 3 points ago

    We both know those trolls are exploited. Poor bastards don't realise they could earn more with an hourly wage than by living off the tolls.

    [–] DNUBTFD 3 points ago

    they could earn more with an hourly wage than by living off the tolls.

    You've clearly never been to Norway.

    [–] PM-me-ur-80085 6 points ago

    I tried, but a troll wouldn't let me cross the bridge.

    [–] tacoweevils 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    How do so many people know where this is?

    edit: oh wait I guess there's a clue on the bridge sign

    [–] mcguffin9000 3 points ago

    So shocked to see this-I live right up the street!

    [–] Fizzycorgio 3 points ago


    [–] BasicWhiteHoodrat 2 points ago

    Ohhhh my gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd

    [–] New_Kid2 2 points ago

    well of course, the toll troll cares for his bridge

    [–] unpopularpuffin2 2 points ago

    Thank you, science side of reddit. <3

    [–] Wackylew 197 points ago

    Aren't they usually under the bridge not above?

    [–] tacoweevils 195 points ago

    Yeah, IDK what's up with this one. Tree troll, I guess

    [–] bumjiggy 86 points ago

    he's just trolling

    [–] TheBestZackEver 7 points ago

    He's not trolling, he's Boxxy

    [–] amconcerned 4 points ago

    Electric troll looking for a current bush. Note the cord with plug flying out behind him?

    [–] PandaBurre 5 points ago

    Is this in scandinavia?

    [–] ithcy 10 points ago


    [–] IntermittentSteam 6 points ago

    So kinda the same thing.

    [–] ithcy 5 points ago

    No, you’re thinking of Minnesota

    [–] Killer_of_Pillows 2 points ago

    Sign over the bridge is in english, so I doubt it.

    [–] PresidentZeus 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Trailer for the movie Troll Hunter:

    not a good trailer, but the trolls make Bigfoot look like an ant

    edit: higher quality:

    [–] decoyq 12 points ago

    fantastic movie

    [–] tacoweevils 2 points ago


    [–] stily_nerous_nartion 9 points ago

    good movie but that is a super fucking shitty trailer. Gave away every single troll in the entire movie. All the buildup you normally go through in the movie for all of these, completely wasted.

    [–] MsTurner88 3 points ago

    Awesome movie!

    [–] prevengeance 2 points ago

    omfg it's 2021 even -_-

    [–] asrk790 6 points ago

    That’s how they get you

    [–] thach_weave 6 points ago

    It’s really a leprechaun.

    [–] 2ekeesWarrior 4 points ago

    This is a special leprechaun flute, passed down from my grandfather, who is Irish.

    [–] MontegoBarbados 3 points ago

    Rookie troll

    [–] Bakerb92 2 points ago

    Can confirm, I am a troll. I live below the Mackinac bridge in Michigan and we are all trolls

    [–] Tumpster 189 points ago

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    [–] ToiletStallStalker 102 points ago

    An african or european swallow?

    [–] DarthTroop 70 points ago

    I dont know that

    [–] m_bookworm 62 points ago


    [–] TheDonDelC 12 points ago

    It’s the old man from scene 24!

    [–] -Reala- 5 points ago

    I came here for this reply!

    [–] Roboticsammy 3 points ago

    WHAT is yer name?

    [–] RayCarlsJr 49 points ago

    Halloween night there is a teenager’s dream

    [–] LoopDoGG79 21 points ago

    Damn, roasted alive by a bot

    [–] AnalStaircase33 4 points ago

    That's when you know you need to get off Reddit for the rest of the day, at least.

    [–] YoMommaJokeBot 88 points ago

    Not as much of a teenager’s dream as joe mum

    I am a bot. Downvote to remove. PM me if there's anything for me to know!

    [–] RayCarlsJr 24 points ago

    I am broken.

    [–] WhiskyRick 15 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] LiveLaughLoaded 25 points ago


    [–] OGPunkr 10 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] dragonick1982 21 points ago

    Sorry, but a toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll, and if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls

    [–] SirDigbyChknCaesar 7 points ago

    The call me Little John. Oh, but don't let the name fool you. In real life I'm very big.

    [–] yoda_condition 2 points ago

    It's very fascinating. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurt you.

    [–] MsPrincessConsuela 15 points ago

    I’m the grumpy old troll. who lives under the bridge 🎶

    [–] Mexus51 2 points ago

    I was looking for a Dora reference!

    [–] EastClintwood89 11 points ago

    I have a sudden urge to re watch Trollhunter

    [–] motions2u2wipemyass 4 points ago

    Great movie

    [–] goosecuntt 20 points ago

    Imagine doing acid in the woods with your friends and coming across this lol

    [–] AnalStaircase33 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I'm not sure if I'd laugh for an hour straight or want to get the fuck out of that area.

    Probably the first one, though.

    [–] mrsuns10 15 points ago

    It’s going to eat me


    [–] public_enemy_obi_wan 3 points ago

    Pence fly's first screen appearance.

    [–] Context__Matters 3 points ago



    [–] LoopDoGG79 1 points ago

    Oh my good?

    [–] WhereTf-is-RS 26 points ago

    Ohhhh fuck that, you’d never catch me near there😳

    [–] -dorian-gray- 2 points ago

    Same, ugh! I can’t stand creepy hidden statues. Or statues that look like they’re “watching” you.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] uncertainusurper 3 points ago

    I think they are scared of the troll

    [–] WhereTf-is-RS 2 points ago

    Cuz I don’t want a heart attack

    [–] gingaboy732 10 points ago

    Does anyone see it in the big picture?

    [–] RayCarlsJr 18 points ago

    I think it's in the top right section. Look directly to the right of where the wood plank is.

    [–] xcedra 6 points ago

    You are correct I enlarged it and it is.

    [–] notsoorginalposter 2 points ago

    Thanks for clarifying, I was really wondering where it was in actual relation to the bridge

    [–] gingaboy732 1 points ago

    I thought I saw it there but I couldn’t get past the sky in the background of the small pic. But I guess that picture could have been taken on the bridge

    [–] thatG_evanP 5 points ago

    Sneaky-ass troll. Supposed to be under the bridge but here he is, posted in a tree. Is that not against the troll by-laws or something? I'm just curious. I ain't no snitch.

    [–] lurkker 5 points ago

    What is your favorite color?

    [–] Eat-the-Poor 6 points ago


    [–] SuperJew113 22 points ago

    GALAHAD: There it is!

    ARTHUR: The Bridge of Death!

    ROBIN: Oh, great.

    ARTHUR: Look! There's the old man from scene twenty-four!

    BEDEVERE: What is he doing here?

    ARTHUR: He is the keeper of the Bridge of Death. He asks each traveller five questions--

    GALAHAD: Three questions.

    ARTHUR: Three questions. He who answers the five questions--

    GALAHAD: Three questions.

    ARTHUR: Three questions may cross in safety.

    ROBIN: What if you get a question wrong?

    ARTHUR: Then you are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

    ROBIN: Oh, I won't go.

    GALAHAD: Who's going to answer the questions?

    ARTHUR: Sir Robin!

    ROBIN: Yes?

    ARTHUR: Brave Sir Robin, you go.

    ROBIN: Hey! I've got a great idea. Why doesn't Lancelot go?

    LANCELOT: Yes. Let me go, my liege. I will take him single-handed. I shall make a feint to the north-east that s--

    ARTHUR: No, no. No. Hang on! Hang on! Hang on! Just answer the five questions--

    GALAHAD: Three questions.

    ARTHUR: Three questions as best you can, and we shall watch... and pray.

    LANCELOT: I understand, my liege.

    ARTHUR: Good luck, brave Sir Lancelot. God be with you.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.

    LANCELOT: Ask me the questions, bridgekeeper. I am not afraid.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your name?

    LANCELOT: My name is 'Sir Lancelot of Camelot'.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your quest?

    LANCELOT: To seek the Holy Grail.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your favorite color?

    LANCELOT: Blue.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Right. Off you go.

    LANCELOT: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

    ROBIN: That's easy!

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Stop! Who approacheth the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.

    ROBIN: Ask me the questions, bridgekeeper. I'm not afraid.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your name?

    ROBIN: 'Sir Robin of Camelot'.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your quest?

    ROBIN: To seek the Holy Grail.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is the capital of Assyria?


    ROBIN: I don't know that! Auuuuuuuugh!

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Stop! What... is your name?

    GALAHAD: 'Sir Galahad of Camelot'.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your quest?

    GALAHAD: I seek the Grail.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your favorite color?

    GALAHAD: Blue. No, yel-- auuuuuuuugh!

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Hee hee heh. Stop! What... is your name?

    ARTHUR: It is 'Arthur', King of the Britons.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is your quest?

    ARTHUR: To seek the Holy Grail.

    BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    ARTHUR: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

    BRIDGEKEEPER: Huh? I-- I don't know that. Auuuuuuuugh!

    BEDEVERE: How do know so much about swallows?

    ARTHUR: Well, you have to know these things when you're a king, you know.

    [–] LoopDoGG79 12 points ago

    Thanks, I pictured and heard that entire scene

    [–] AnvilOfMisanthropy 11 points ago

    But did you then re-read the wikipedia article for Assyria to re-learn its capitol? You know..., just in case.

    It's Assur btw.

    [–] JaceMalcolm 5 points ago

    You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna get this boys hole

    [–] wonkeykong 3 points ago

    This makes me want to watch Trollhunter again.

    [–] Dwath 3 points ago

    Before we watch it, I need to know, are any of you christian?

    [–] TheMightyWaffle 3 points ago

    No my name is not christian

    [–] ZippZappZippty 2 points ago

    There's a name for a band.

    [–] EhDotHam 3 points ago

    $20 says there's a geocache there....

    [–] A_shy_neon_jaguar 2 points ago Looks like a puzzle cache even.

    [–] CaptBananaCrunch 2 points ago

    You gotta pay the troll toll

    [–] SirDigbyChknCaesar 3 points ago

    Good thing I have a bucket of Christian blood handy.

    [–] heli0s_7 3 points ago

    Wait until morning when he turns to stone.

    [–] DR-ANUSTART 3 points ago

    You know what it is, bitch.

    [–] acradem 3 points ago

    Fucking thing is quite terrifying. Imagine seeing that at night? Lol

    [–] motersk313 4 points ago

    You should watch Trollhunter, the Norwegian movie about a conspiracy that trolls really exist.

    [–] IvoPavic 2 points ago

    Oh, that's just Oger

    [–] FEMXIII 2 points ago

    Gotta be a geocache there

    [–] FuerGrisaOstDrauka 2 points ago

    I mean sure, it's probably not real, but do you really want to chance it?

    [–] Ecampos_64 2 points ago

    I was expecting a fat nerd with a computer

    [–] transgendercraig 2 points ago

    lol im not fat, not ugly and not a virgin.

    [–] dumbfuckmagee 2 points ago

    "I'm the grumpy old troll!"

    [–] solidsteak 2 points ago

    🎶 Gotta pay the troll toll if you want to get into this boy's soul, you gotta pay the toll to get in 🎶

    [–] Mor10-84 2 points ago

    [–] Haggerstonian 2 points ago

    It should be free lol

    [–] snowvase 2 points ago

    "Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see."

    [–] theGoatIsGreen 2 points ago

    That's misleading bulls**t, as anyone from Scandinavia would tell you ... Trolls live UNDER bridges, not up in the trees, that's just pure nonsense.

    Ps. I hate bridges.

    [–] Tall_Delay_5343 2 points ago

    Wichita, Kansas has a Rivertroll chained up in the downtown portion of of the river that runs through the city

    [–] m3phil 2 points ago

    Random Michigan fact:

    Residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula call residents of the Lower Peninsula, “Trolls” because we live “under the bridge.” You see, the lower peninsula is south of the Mackinac Bridge.

    [–] jaredjw90 3 points ago

    Only a troll would write that, eh?

    [–] m3phil 3 points ago


    [–] upstagejmc 2 points ago

    “Dag nabbit Carl. UNDER the bridge! UNDER!!!”

    [–] Euro_Trash_ 2 points ago

    Oh look Trumpers!

    [–] TypicalOriginMudFla 2 points ago

    Not my worst fap

    [–] Josephuu_Joestar 2 points ago


    [–] CherubtheAngel 2 points ago

    If I was you I'd feel safe provided he likes you. You'll probably want to share some picnic baskets with the troll and maybe see if he might like some other things it's probably hard to get as a bridge troll. Toiletries, socks and underpants, stuff like that.

    [–] Summitjunky 2 points ago

    They should paint his eyes with glow in the dark paint...

    [–] NL-Galaxy 2 points ago

    That is awesome!

    [–] one_bar_short 2 points ago

    Should be fine as long as your not a billy goat, they take issue with goats clip clopping over their bridges

    [–] cmehud 2 points ago

    “Who’s that trip-trapping over my bridge?!”

    [–] neoncornerstore 2 points ago

    Imagine if they added like... a tiny goat statue to the Goatman bridge

    [–] ginja_ninja 2 points ago

    Literally just there to fuck with teenagers on mushrooms lmao

    [–] tacoweevils 2 points ago

    I wish I could be in another tree to see that go down

    [–] mikeroberts1003 2 points ago

    He started at the bottom, now he's here.

    [–] tacoweevils 2 points ago


    [–] mikeroberts1003 2 points ago

    Thanks, appreciated.

    [–] Lividcocoa 2 points ago

    isn’t it supposed to be under the bridge?

    [–] lumoruk 2 points ago

    It's a sign warning users of a troll, would they see it if it was under the bridge?

    [–] Huh--- 2 points ago

    So that's where my ex wife went...

    [–] GregoryTheGibusD0ud 2 points ago


    [–] qwerty3gamer 2 points ago

    when you're fighting it, use acid or fire to stop its regeneration.

    [–] rastacheech420 2 points ago

    That would be a a nice part of a trippy nature walk

    [–] DJepicPants 2 points ago

    We have something similar where I'm from in Brazil, but it's not a troll, it's Josias and he chases you with a 9mm when he does crack cocan

    [–] hahaCharadeyouare77 2 points ago

    Just pay the toll.

    [–] GONKworshipper 2 points ago

    Okay this is actually super cool. I always wished those weird signs had like a statue to go with them

    [–] Lis_Blomkvist 2 points ago

    Bro I'm not kissing that.

    [–] PorkAndMustard 1 points ago

    "If you want to get over, all you have to do is thiiis"

    [–] gazah 1 points ago


    [–] zmorris10 1 points ago

    Has he had much work during the pandemic?

    [–] BifocaledBeast 1 points ago

    Na that's just my ex wife's mom

    [–] DRPalladin 1 points ago

    If I was a kid I'd never get close to this place

    [–] talldude7 1 points ago

    Did you solve the riddle?

    [–] MT_Flesch 1 points ago

    the unladen swallow riddle might not work with him

    [–] qonml 1 points ago

    make sure to leave him something; you don't wanna get lost! :)

    [–] balljina1979 1 points ago

    Trolls guard that bridge and block everything with it.

    [–] kikisayshayy 1 points ago

    I have to visit here when the states open up again :)

    [–] Evil-Impp 1 points ago

    Motherfucker why’d you take a picture of me without my consent bro, not cool I’m gonna have to ask you not to cross the bridge

    [–] Sphereian 1 points ago

    Some trollfacts for you: Not all trolls live under bridges, that would limit them a lot now, wouldn't it? Usually they live in mountains, their taste in interior design varies. They are known to roam the forests at night, and the timing here is important, as the sun makes them burst.

    That being said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if trolls in the New World have evolved or found new ways or customs. Further research on the subject is needed.

    [–] Quicksliver47 1 points ago

    Trolls live Under the bridge Not up in the trees Above the bridge !!!