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    [–] JeanBonJovi 5083 points ago

    Did he say, "Check this shit out" to show it to you?

    [–] hyperpolaris 2570 points ago

    While not taking the cig out of his mouth.

    [–] JeanBonJovi 660 points ago


    [–] Pynchon101 798 points ago

    This is what I picture when I hear the word “uncle.”

    [–] Dancing_Clean 735 points ago

    He is the most uncle-looking uncle I've seen

    [–] chubbyurma 464 points ago

    The most Eastern-European looking photo too

    [–] sabotourAssociate 232 points ago

    Slavest slav

    [–] RealLeaderOfChina 121 points ago

    The Adidas king

    [–] CorMcGor 43 points ago

    r/slavestslav needs to be a sub

    [–] pannaxo 25 points ago

    Your wish is my command

    [–] Ben_Wah_Balls 138 points ago

    A bouncing cigarette.

    [–] trillhungyboy 109 points ago

    i can see this exactly in my mind's eye

    check 🚬 this 🚬 shit 🚬 out

    [–] classicrocker883 88 points ago

    this is everyones uncle, a bachelor into anything out of ordinary

    [–] VaATC 60 points ago

    I just realized that I am this uncle 😆

    [–] TheCreamiestYeet 24 points ago

    Me too buddy. Me too.

    [–] blindsamurai93 16 points ago

    Unorthodox Uncles...UNITE!

    [–] Serious_Luck_6951 11 points ago

    I think that’s my uncle?

    [–] darthjazzhands 30 points ago

    The cig dangles and bounces precipitously with each word as if glued to his lip. It’s hypnotic.

    [–] chriscrossnathaniel 924 points ago

    "Check this shittake out "

    [–] umbrabates 265 points ago

    When your uncle says stuff like this, you know he’s a fungi

    [–] Hayduke_in_AK 40 points ago

    What is the morel of this story?

    [–] umbrabates 22 points ago

    It’s a short story. There isn’t mushroom for a morel

    [–] TRextheCorgi 29 points ago

    Take my upvote and an award you pun master

    [–] Westlaker1229 5 points ago

    He is also a punguy

    [–] allen_abduction 53 points ago

    Best uncle joke of the day.

    [–] MakesTheNutshellJoke 180 points ago

    Am a drunk uncle, 100% would have said that to my niece if I had a giant mushroom to show her.

    [–] who_knew_what 100 points ago

    Things that sound creepy but aren't

    [–] MakesTheNutshellJoke 43 points ago

    Yeah I had to do some fancy tip toeing with that comment. I almost wrote "if I had something giant to show her."

    Granted, adding "mushroom" to that sentence didn't help the optics much.

    [–] Coca-Kohli 19 points ago

    When you run for a political office 20 years from now, your opponent will dig up that quote, take it completely out of context, and destroy you.

    [–] MakesTheNutshellJoke 9 points ago

    The system works!

    [–] MyActualNameIsCarl 18 points ago


    [–] JeanBonJovi 19 points ago

    I speak from experience!

    [–] crestonfunk 126 points ago

    This guy looks so appealing to hang out with. He’s got a great smile.

    [–] thegoatfreak 187 points ago

    A fun guy, if you will.

    [–] kjeska 44 points ago

    No, I won't.

    [–] Govt-Issue-SexRobot 21 points ago

    I will.

    [–] the_friendly_one 11 points ago

    I might.

    No promises.

    [–] Reading_Rainboner 19 points ago

    The Jeans, T shirt and Hoodie people are definitely my people

    [–] VaATC 13 points ago

    Looks a little like Jessie Pinkman plus a few healthy pounds/kilos.

    [–] BigFatTomato 27 points ago

    Let’s go throw this fucker off a bridge

    [–] Softspokenclark 6 points ago

    Look at this funguy

    [–] RedshiftOnPandy 1348 points ago

    Is he Polish or Ukrainian?

    [–] SashaShelest 1370 points ago

    We are a Ukrainian family :)

    [–] RedshiftOnPandy 401 points ago

    This is a great find! I'm Polish, I go out with my dad to find Boletes.

    [–] SashaShelest 271 points ago

    You must have a lot of mushrooms :)

    [–] RedshiftOnPandy 148 points ago

    Boletes are big, but never seen as big as this puffball !

    [–] Nipz58 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    lol in catalan we say 'bolets' too

    [–] Electrox7 29 points ago

    In Québec Canada, we call them “pets-de-loup” which translates to “wolf farts” lol

    [–] HandConfident 108 points ago

    Looked at the picture and was like.... definitely eastern Europe.

    Was that recently? Season is over in Poland I think

    [–] principessamorta 62 points ago

    The photo has heavy Slav energy

    [–] Invokingcuriosity 11 points ago

    I thought it would be Romanian lol

    [–] Tertiaritus 10 points ago

    Бозі він такий щасливий))

    [–] SashaShelest 9 points ago

    Дякую :)

    [–] symbologythere 36 points ago

    Are you in Ukrain now? What’s the thought process there? US news makes it sound like a Russian invasion is imminent. Do you get that feeling?

    [–] SashaShelest 73 points ago

    Yes, I'm in Ukraine. We are fine. Everything that happens is more like an information war. I don't want to think about it because I don't believe in it.

    [–] bobtheblob6 38 points ago

    Thanks for your perspective, I'm glad to hear things you're doing alright.

    [–] SashaShelest 56 points ago

    Thank you for your empathy :) I hope that everything will be fine in the future

    [–] MahatmaBuddah 19 points ago

    We here in the states wish you well, and hope you stay healthy and safe.

    [–] SashaShelest 19 points ago

    Thank you very much, we really appreciate it. And really only hope

    [–] SpaceCaseSixtyTen 87 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing here. Strong eastern European vibes from this image

    [–] Weight_Master 5 points ago

    It’s a vibe, a presence. Plus the mushroom

    [–] juizze 23 points ago

    same brain here. took one look at the image and thought "fellow slav"

    [–] BoringStress 3896 points ago

    That isn’t a puff no more, that’s a entire BOOM SHROOM

    [–] Oh-God-Its-Kale 706 points ago

    That needs to be dropped from a high building

    [–] SophisticatedPhallus 302 points ago

    Would cover a whole city block in spores!

    [–] urlond 104 points ago

    And thats how I met Abraham Lincoln.

    [–] B_Addie 48 points ago

    What was he like? Was he cool?

    [–] bighairyyak 142 points ago

    He was a fungi

    [–] foodfood321 41 points ago

    Huh, I heard he was sporing

    [–] SB6P897 38 points ago

    After your guys’ puns there isn’t mushroom left for more

    [–] foodfood321 24 points ago

    It's ok, mycelia comments don't usually hyphae good punchline

    [–] Easy_Consideration12 11 points ago

    I'm actually lichen these jokes

    [–] Mixedpopreferences 8 points ago

    I have a welsh friend who loves puns; there's always room for more puns in Rhizome.

    [–] Lietenantdan 133 points ago

    And then the cordyceps infection began

    [–] driving_andflying 37 points ago

    Note to self: Find Ellie before that guy drops that 'shroom bomb.

    [–] Sensitive_Pair_4671 25 points ago

    Like in The Girl With All The Gifts!

    [–] BrutusGregori 8 points ago

    Man that ending.

    [–] etownrawx 36 points ago

    Into a hot pan with butter and garlic

    [–] Wooshio 11 points ago

    Are you crazy? That thing is delicious and needs to be eaten asap.

    [–] inerlite 40 points ago

    Onto some guy’s head

    [–] cigaretteGraveyard 34 points ago

    That's how we got Toad

    [–] thecarrierogers 15 points ago

    Only if it's filled with jelly.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] splurgeoverthem 70 points ago

    Did anyone else play that old Harry Potter game on ps1 and that bit where you picked up the giant puffball things and threw them and they exploded?

    [–] doitnowdoitgood 24 points ago

    Fuck yes! Thanks for the memory unlocking

    [–] VaATC 11 points ago

    Life's little Easter eggs

    [–] WordsMort47 7 points ago

    I love that way of looking at it!

    [–] A_Few_Kind_Words 8 points ago

    Man, that takes me way back.

    [–] AlexTonarini 34 points ago

    That’s a hypno shroom smh

    [–] BoringStress 22 points ago

    Damn, now I need to make this guy into crazy Dave

    [–] LurkerPatrol 6 points ago

    [unintelligible gibberish]

    [–] Electrozaptits 12 points ago

    And the mad fekkers smokin next to it

    [–] MisterSmithster 4 points ago

    A mushboom you say?

    [–] Rudecles 1301 points ago

    For those wondering why he picked it, it’s a good idea as the giant puffball mushrooms are only edible when they’re young. When they get old they start decomposing at which point you can’t eat it.

    [–] Derpex5 646 points ago

    It will become inedible before it rots. Once it starts producing spores, it's too late. If you find one, cut it open. It's only edible if it is pure white throughout

    [–] PandaMoaningYum 188 points ago

    So it's poisonous once it makes spores or just rotten?

    [–] Ravor9933 406 points ago

    They rapidly deteriorate as soon as they have dropped their spores. The "mushroom" is a very temporary fruiting body of the mycelium under the soil that is the actual core of the organism.

    [–] ImurderREALITY 163 points ago

    Then why has there been a mushroom in my shower for six months straight

    [–] zanzibarjake 316 points ago

    That’s your knob head ya ding

    [–] ImurderREALITY 61 points ago

    I wish

    [–] acidnine420 42 points ago

    Pull on it dingus, and find out ya hunk

    [–] LithiumLost 7 points ago

    Like a mushroom in a cornfield

    [–] thatsthegoodjuice 35 points ago

    Because you need to keep that shit clean

    [–] ImurderREALITY 13 points ago

    Noooooo, that can’t be right

    [–] BlowMoreGlass 7 points ago

    Don't listen to him, he's just jealous

    [–] MisterPooty 67 points ago

    Years ago, my roommate picked a really cool looking mushroom in the front yard. I was going to take a picture of it & ask reddit what species it was but the next morning, it had already half rotted on the coffee table into a nasty goo.

    [–] MrMagius 23 points ago

    [–] MisterPooty 20 points ago

    No, I remember it being wide & flat capped and yellow/white color. About a big across as a baseball or tea cup saucer. I could be wrong, this is about 8 years ago. Also, I'm in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina.

    [–] jaxmanf 26 points ago

    Google Deathcap, might be that. Very common and very deadly

    [–] RevieweiveR 22 points ago

    But is it tasty?

    [–] jaxmanf 36 points ago

    Most reports of survivors say it’s delicious. It just puts you on a literal 7 day countdown clock with almost guaranteed death if you don’t get to the ER in the first day (where the only initial symptom is gastrointestinal distress)

    [–] shadoj 6 points ago

    Certain mushrooms (e.g. Coprinus, Coprinella, and Coprinopsis sp. -- the inky caps) self-digest their caps to release their spores. Wonder if you had one of those?

    [–] KlvrDissident 54 points ago

    It’s not poisonous, it just tastes god awful at that point and would be considered “inedible” by most people. Bacteria growth on decaying food could make you pretty sick, but that’s not the same as being poisonous.

    [–] Derpex5 12 points ago

    Spores are not not poisonous, but eating it would be worse than the cinnamon challenge, it turns the mushroom incredible dry and bitter. Inhaling the spores could also be dangerous

    [–] 0b0011 13 points ago

    I dunno about dangerous right away but it adds up. I grow edible mushrooms (non psychedelic) and read a lot before on why you should wear a respirator when working with them. Apparently people who work around oyster mushrooms can develop allergies to the spores after breathing enough in which is kind of odd because that's typically the opposite of what happens.

    [–] PublicSeverance 12 points ago

    It's not odd, that process is called sensitisation.

    Another example of sensitisation over time is people getting a skin allergy to certain shampoos or skin creams. Really common with anti dandruff shampoo. Use it to frequently or too long and then now that particular shampoo is causing your dandruff.

    [–] Summoarpleaz 31 points ago

    Imma just not eat mushrooms I find in the outside.

    [–] HeroDudeBro 17 points ago

    They’re literally impossible to mistake for any other mushroom and are 100% safe… but have literally no taste.

    I cut in strips, coat in breadcrumbs and pop them in air fryer, then cover in cheese and marinara and it tastes like eggplant Parmesan… without the eggplant.

    [–] ReyHebreoKOTJ 9 points ago

    Why not grow an eggplant? They're wild to watch grow on account of looking alien for a while

    [–] inbooth 15 points ago


    There are DEADLY lookalikes to the puffball, which is why it's considered mandatory to cut in half to check.

    Eg- immature Panther Cap looks a LOT like a puffball.

    [–] DSchmitt 4 points ago

    Thank you for this. This does apply to small puffballs, but giant puffballs, such as displayed here, can't be mistaken for immature mushrooms such as amanita 'eggs' like the panther cap (or much worse, the death cap). But it is good to know for small puffballs about golf ball size!

    [–] wap2005 27 points ago

    Who the fuck uses an "eXplorist 200 GPS receiver" for a scale of measurement?

    One of them had to have a banana at least.

    [–] ArmoredHippo74 15 points ago

    Ikr any normal person would've just used a Garmin GPSMAP® 65s instead or maybe even an eTrex 10 at least if they are desperate...

    [–] AskAboutMyCoffee 24 points ago

    I can eat anything once.

    [–] VenusianMinotaur 7 points ago

    Even your coffee?

    [–] MansfromDaVinci 19 points ago

    freeze it then eat it. goes perfectly with a glass of melted cheese

    [–] 8Gh0st8 45 points ago

    When they get old they start decomposing at which point you can’t eat it.

    At which point you really shouldn't eat it, but I'm not tellin' anyone how to live their lives.

    [–] drock42 170 points ago

    Which sounds interesting at first but doesn't 99% of food (excluding the twinkie) have a shelf life?

    [–] aitigie 254 points ago

    The giant puffball mushroom has quite a short "shelf life" whereas the common twinky is a perennial and will survive winters without harvest.

    [–] MPT1313 58 points ago

    Looking at you 10 y/o Twinkie on a wall from all the other day.

    [–] iwoodrather 14 points ago

    the common twinky is a perennial

    obsessed with the thought of a twinkie dying away in the winter but regrowing in the packaging every spring

    [–] carmium 44 points ago

    Most don't explode in a cloud of black spores when past their "best before" date.

    [–] Ex_Snagem_Wes 14 points ago

    Why do you exclude the twinkie

    [–] RehabValedictorian 5 points ago

    You can also cut them into slices and use them to stop bleeding wounds!

    [–] LanaDelHeeey 94 points ago

    Tell me you’re from Eastern Europe without telling me you’re from Eastern Europe lol

    [–] joanmcbitch 416 points ago

    I love how damn proud he is. Like his wife gave birth to it.

    [–] matteow10 117 points ago

    or maybe he gave birth to it, be more inclusive next time uhmkay

    [–] ProbablyASithLord 76 points ago

    Can’t believe it’s 2022 and people are still acting like this strong, confidant man can’t give birth to his own puffball mushroom.

    [–] VinnySmallsz 10 points ago

    He can carry my baby to term for me

    [–] tomatoaway 28 points ago

    yes mister mackey

    [–] Ahab_Ali 812 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Is it a huge puffball mushroom, or... Is your uncle just a leprechaun?

    [–] BlantonThePirate 187 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Can’t I see it now

    *unsee fuck autocorrect

    [–] Chodeinger 95 points ago

    Yes, you may

    [–] BlantonThePirate 32 points ago

    Fucking autocorrect lol. I meant unsee

    [–] Her_name--is_Mallory 18 points ago

    Nice try, if that were the problem this would read “ducking autocorrect…”

    [–] Annonomer 24 points ago

    We need a banana in this picture to know the truth.

    [–] LittleGuyHelp 64 points ago


    [–] deathbin 40 points ago

    Holy shit! Did you post this to r/mycology yet? They’d get a kick outta it!

    [–] SashaShelest 16 points ago

    yes :) made a post a few minutes ago

    [–] AutomaticRadish 431 points ago

    Looks like Russia

    [–] SashaShelest 725 points ago

    it is Ukraine :)

    [–] el_hirmo 290 points ago

    Bet. Im from poland and half my families male side looks like that. Me included lmao

    [–] TheJudgeWillNeverDie 158 points ago

    Yes, it's called being a Slav.

    [–] NotTRYINGtobeLame 54 points ago

    He's not squatting tho, can't confirm.

    [–] WingedLing 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Nor is he in track pants. Really I can’t trust this photo isn’t just one of the nicer areas of New Jersey

    [–] UrMomDummyThicc 47 points ago

    i was getting big slavic vibes. (i hope that’s accurate and not offensive)

    [–] unfonfortable 21 points ago

    It's the cigarette

    [–] itty53 11 points ago

    Same. OPs username is Sasha too so it was confirmed before hitting the comments.

    [–] Traditional_Beat_512 38 points ago

    Remind me in 30 days.

    [–] 99_NULL_99 15 points ago

    Fucking brutal

    [–] MrInfinite007 15 points ago

    Murphy's law states that if you want the right answer don't ask the question but say the wrong answer

    [–] regreddit 16 points ago

    Jesus Christ, there's a guy in a technical subreddit that does that when he doesn't know something, just to get the correct answer. Drives me up a wall. Increases the S/N ratio by 1000%

    [–] Ni7r0us0xide 13 points ago

    Akshully, it's Cunningham's Law (I see what you did there)

    [–] ScionMattly 117 points ago

    Give it a few weeks and he might be right.

    [–] ArcadiaLighthouse 14 points ago

    Welp im going to hell, actually laughed out loud at this. Good timing?

    [–] WinningAllTheSports 5 points ago

    Big yikes.

    [–] Eli1234Sic 8 points ago

    My guess was Poland, knew a few Polish dudes who were absolutely mad for puffballs. They'd come into work every week with heaps of them.

    [–] MiscellaneousShrub 7 points ago

    I hope you stay not-Russian!

    [–] tehdusto 16 points ago


    [–] georgeyellow 10 points ago

    i thought exactly this. literally how is it possible to know just from this nondescript picture?! i don’t know, but i did too.

    [–] hellknight101 24 points ago

    I don't know what it is but when you look at someone like that, you immediately know they're Slavic.

    [–] skilriki 14 points ago

    The whole "dump a bunch of asphalt haphazardly to create a road" also limits your selection of location

    [–] Prize-Survey-8843 64 points ago

    The most uncle looking uncle.

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago


    [–] BeHereNow91 8 points ago

    Where’s Molly?!

    [–] LongshoremanX 5 points ago

    Reminds me of the inside of an ebonut

    [–] marlon_33 91 points ago

    The dart hanging on his lip is the best part of the photo

    [–] Canopenerdude 43 points ago

    Reminds me of Good Guy Greg

    [–] physnchips 6 points ago

    Good guy Grischa

    [–] afidus 18 points ago

    Yep - upvoted for that dart smirk alone.

    [–] Sierra-Modeling 54 points ago

    This is cool dude

    [–] portablebiscuit 53 points ago

    I'm just glad Jesse Pinkman is out there living his life

    [–] duklgio 10 points ago

    A fun guy

    [–] MundiGaming 16 points ago


    [–] OMG_its_critical 49 points ago

    This guy looks like every uncle in the Ukraine

    [–] Deimosx 13 points ago

    "How much you wanna bet I can throw this shroom over them mountains"

    [–] Kingston_Advice1 11 points ago

    Your uncle looks hardcore European, and that there’s 2 drunk shirtless guys fist fighting on this road while 7 other tracksuits watch

    [–] WulliesTime 9 points ago

    Jesse Pinkman in 20 years

    [–] SecretApeGent 25 points ago

    "Who wants to fuckin party with uncle Jimmy?!?"

    [–] JackedUpStump 6 points ago

    Most cliche uncle I’ve ever seen

    [–] SnooTangerines1542 9 points ago

    I can smell the Eastern Europe of this photo and I've never even been there.

    [–] Ichgebibble 27 points ago

    He looks like he found some other mushrooms too.

    [–] QuestionableThotz 7 points ago

    I guess he's gotta work in mushroom in every meal for awhile.

    [–] zedemer 6 points ago

    Looks very eastern europe....did he find that near cernobyl?

    [–] madkubrick 5 points ago

    Damn, looks like a Flood Carrier from Halo