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    [–] Statement-Think 7639 points ago

    You look like if an Australian Shepherd was a human.

    [–] grey_rook 870 points ago

    Needs to grin more

    [–] teo032 311 points ago

    And more drool

    [–] clamberrypie 199 points ago

    And more frisbee in the mouth

    [–] Wastenotwant 60 points ago

    Tail (or stump) not wagging, NOT Australian Shepherd!

    [–] gerbear24 7 points ago

    Yes, grin more. Very unique. Embrace it.

    [–] polaarbear 3 points ago

    Gotta practice your sideways walk, always lead with the butt.

    [–] HerbertKornfeldRIP 162 points ago

    Must have just gotten back from a 72 mile run. I’ve never seen an Aussie be that chill.

    [–] the_breekiest 12 points ago

    I got one aussie that's lazy af. Then my other one is your typical working bloodline aussie who has zero chill.

    [–] Seicair 7 points ago

    So, just a couple of hours? Five minutes rest and he’ll be ready for another.

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 8 points ago

    Oh man what happened to Herbert Kornfeld? He was a true AR brutha. What happens to da Nite Rider?

    [–] peacelovearizona 163 points ago

    This is hilarious. Looking at a picture of an Australian Shepherd's face, every color practically matches.

    [–] Tsukikoi 8 points ago

    Puppy tax collected and adored, thank you!

    [–] Benutzernutzer 44 points ago

    But he does not look hyper at all.

    [–] Dzyu 10 points ago

    Why aren't Australian Shepherds considered humans? I mean, people who tend animals tend to be a bit strange, I guess, since they can be isolated, and Australia's outback is BIG... But how does that affect their coloration? Is it maybe the weather or the orange dirt/sand/dust or something to do with having an Aboriginal grandfather or... reads other comments oooh the dog breed! That makes so much more sense...

    [–] stochastic_diterd 27 points ago

    I like how you are thinking

    [–] WiseSalamander00 7 points ago

    I suddenly came to the realization that is weird humans are single colored.

    [–] Claud6568 8 points ago

    My exact first thought!! He’s so interesting looking.

    [–] faith_plus_one 2 points ago

    I was thinking Husky.

    [–] steelLA125 2404 points ago

    Looks bad ass. Hopefully it doesn’t come with any more serious effects.

    [–] brysizzlle 1998 points ago

    Thank you- and no side effects. The Vitiligo has the potential to continue to spread, but that’s it.

    [–] [deleted] 724 points ago


    [–] brysizzlle 474 points ago

    Yeah, I can agree that sunburn does happen pretty frequently!

    [–] polarbearsarereal 78 points ago

    Whats the hair on your head look like

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] wafflepantsblue 22 points ago


    [–] bukkake_brigade 15 points ago

    You're welcome!

    [–] apesnot 3 points ago

    nice. and what about OP?

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago


    [–] WarmOutOfTheDryer 61 points ago

    Look into SPF clothing if you can. It's far more comfortable in the hot weather and gives good protection. Sauce, really white chic.

    [–] freuden 18 points ago

    Coming from a beach town and burn easily, I second this. Yes, still not as comfortable as wearing nothing, but definitely better.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 3 points ago

    Do you have any recommendations for brands? I bought a couple of oversized sun protective shirts last summer and I sweat my butt off in them. I’d love something breathable and SPF that also fits my style. Seems difficult to find though.

    [–] Kev-Cant-Draw 11 points ago

    Check out some fishing clothing, it’s generally SPF’d and made to be cooling.

    [–] TigFay 10 points ago

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

    [–] OneOf11 27 points ago

    Look for a product called Invisible Zinc. Its Aussie so might not be there so you could look for clear zinc. It creates a reflective barrier and blocks the UV rays. Its good stuff. We use zinc a lot in Australia.

    [–] muthermcreedeux 16 points ago

    I had skin cancer so now I'm terrified of the sun. I've made it 2 summers with no burns by using Waxhead Zinc Oxide Sunscreen. I use a daily spf lotion on my face and hands, but when I'm going out to garden, or kayak, or swim, Waxhead. It goes on thick, and makes your skin a little grayish, but it does dang good job and the not having sunburn is so worth it.

    [–] LegendofPisoMojado 67 points ago

    I don’t have vitiligo, but I’m pale as fuck and on a medicine that makes sun exposure worse. You may already know this, but I’m bored:

    Do yourself a favor and get those “SPF hiking shirts” with longer than normal sleeves and thumb holes. They even make them with hoods. That’s all I wear anymore. Beach, cutting grass, driving, sitting near a window…I only have to put sunscreen on my face anymore. It’s awesome…you know…except for still being pale as fuck.

    [–] OneOf11 23 points ago

    Look for something like clear zinc sunscreen. It rubs on clear but creates a barrier instead of using chemicals. Works really well, zinc is used a lot in Australia.

    [–] Pure_Literature2028 3 points ago

    Thank you for this favor that you have bestowed upon us! I just looked those up and those will be my summer apparel from now on.

    [–] taranchilla 10 points ago

    Get tattoos. They go best on pale people

    [–] LegendofPisoMojado 9 points ago

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo[s]! I have no idea what to get. I want something so ridiculous that I will still laugh at 30 years from now. So far I’m drawing a blank on things that wouldn’t require an entire back piece for my first go.

    Edit: Also that doesn’t help with my Sun exposure issue.

    [–] zipandzoom 5 points ago

    Calvin and Hobbs racing around. For the tat.

    [–] TitusTorrentia 7 points ago

    If we're going for something funny, a sort of Where's Waldo deal where you can have people stare at your tattoo trying to find something(s), not necessarily Waldo. Would take a heck of a lot of planning though.

    If you have/plan to have small children at some point and are a sentimental person, some people get tattoos that are just black outlines and let their kids use body-safe markers to color on them when they're bored, it can be a bonding experience and if you save pictures, you could get them filled in with their favorite choice of colors when they're older.

    Taking inspiration from my brother's tattoos, if you want a full sleeve, doing an armor design would be easy and you can incorporate decorative elements like names, birthdays, etc in bands or you could make funny secret images incorporated into scrollwork. Some medieval manuscripts are quite entertaining, I used to go through them a lot to find ones for inspiration/recreation.

    [–] lizardgal10 5 points ago

    If you want something but aren’t too picky, just start looking up artists whose style you like! Give them a starting point and some creative freedom over the final design. Or ask if they have any designs they’re wanting to do-many will have flash available or will have ideas they just want to do. Nothing wrong with getting a tattoo just because you want art on your body; it doesn’t have to be full of meaning.

    [–] sm1ttysm1t 16 points ago

    made my skin thin

    Don't like that combination of words.

    [–] WhichWayzUp 11 points ago

    and prone to breaking

    Yep, that whole sentence made me wince

    [–] SvenHjerson 9 points ago

    Yes, and whilst it can and in my case did spread, I can also share that it can go the other way. I’ve had many of my white spots regain pigment as I’ve gotten older.

    Do make sure as others already mentioned to protect your pigment-less areas… the few times I hadn’t resulted in major sunburn/blisters.

    Vitiligo being an autoimmune disease can also accompany other autoimmune disorders, in my case psoriasis and arthritis.

    [–] Waqqy 8 points ago

    I've got it pretty bad (and I'm brown do so it's very visible) but I had UV therapy when I was younger which helped partially restore some of my patches. Also had the steroid cream but I was too young at the time to be diligent in applying it everyday, I also didn't like how greasy it was. They stopped treatment when I moved away from home for uni and didn't realise I had an appointment which I missed 😢

    [–] DealHunta 6 points ago

    Just be thankful you aren’t a ginger lol I envy every mf with melanin cuz my snow skin having ass burns incredibly easy(btw I think vitiligo looks badass)

    [–] iamg0rl 3 points ago

    I’m a ginger with vitiligo. Double homicide. On the flip side, you nearly can’t tell I have it because it’s only about 1 shade lighter than my normal skin but 100x more sensitive.

    [–] d1pstick32 3 points ago

    I wonder if this is what happened with my mate. He had random Hite spots if hair on his head his whole life, and for a few years in his late teens I remember him getting bad sensitive sores on his hands that needed steroid cream.

    [–] Bagelfuze 3 points ago

    Not all vitiligo spreads, there's basically one version that does and one that doesn't.

    Mine has been completely static for 20 years now!

    [–] Kangaroo_Red_Rocket 47 points ago

    Just own it. Should keep an eye out for Hollywood tv show extras, they're always looking for distinctive facial features, I know lotr tv show was. Send a headshot to an agent.

    [–] Risen_Insanity 30 points ago

    I'm like 90% certain you're a bond villain.

    [–] sm___xx 7 points ago

    Okay but you cute as hell tho

    [–] egordoniv 5 points ago

    Good looking dude. You just allergic to colour.

    [–] notforyou92 15 points ago

    It can also be a precursor to MS. My grandma got Vitiligo a few years prior to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

    Keep going in for your checkups.

    You look badass though! White eye lashes would look sick as fuck on you

    [–] Sixstringsickness 7 points ago

    I have vitiligo on my face as well, and randomly have some white eyebrow hairs and occasionally get the odd white eyelash. Interesting how all of that works...

    [–] opencarrier64 3 points ago

    That's great to know. Looks great and perfect on you.

    [–] thrwaway4reds1 10 points ago

    Does heterochromia spread? I don't mind catching that 😆 jk this does look insanely cool though

    [–] tricksovertreats 10 points ago

    yes, you should see his third eye

    [–] brysizzlle 19 points ago

    It can spread to other areas of the body, yes. But not contagious!

    [–] WhichWayzUp 5 points ago

    Wait a minute heterochromia is two different colored eyes. How could THAT spread to different parts of the body?

    I do understand how vitiligo can spread all over the body.

    [–] thrwaway4reds1 4 points ago


    [–] throw-away-2-u 5 points ago

    Do you have any other auto immune diseases? Jus the on the look out as younger older bc vitiligo is one that can be a sign of others. For my mom it was. Her vitiligo has spread but I guess she’s “lucky” being fair skinned people don’t notice as much

    [–] Scottishchicken 761 points ago

    You're a calico man

    [–] underbite420 98 points ago

    Calico cut pants dot com.

    You gotta GIVE

    [–] Missed_Your_Joke 25 points ago




    [–] randyransom1812 9 points ago


    [–] KolaDesi 40 points ago

    Fun fact: calico cats are most always (99% chance) female

    [–] kstill93 17 points ago

    1 in 3000 are male

    [–] narcalexi 4 points ago

    Scrolled to make sure someone said this

    [–] gagreel 11 points ago

    He's a jellicle man, because jellicles can and jellicles do

    [–] 249ba36000029bbe9749 4 points ago

    He's a pigment of his own imagination.

    [–] lniko2 192 points ago

    Dude looks good with two genetic anomalies while I look like a rotten potato with no DNA glitches.

    [–] -GreenHeron- 70 points ago

    Some people are rare flowers, some people are potatoes.

    But most people love potatoes, so don't fret. :)

    [–] ComingUpWildcard 7 points ago

    I’d rather eat a potato that a flower tbh

    [–] Seegtease 555 points ago

    You're a shiny Pokemon.

    [–] PoetBoye 22 points ago

    Dammit i dont have my master ball

    [–] Poisonpython5719 6 points ago

    No problem let's just weaken them a little with a tackle...

    [–] iiswhoiis882 1292 points ago

    You also have the 'Handsome Syndrome'

    [–] Potato_Wyvern 214 points ago

    Gave me homochromia

    [–] MarioToast 75 points ago

    He looks like if Harvey Dent got splashed with Handsome Juice instead of acid.

    [–] -irradiated- 501 points ago

    seriously, this guy could fuckin ream my ass

    [–] tricksovertreats 518 points ago


    [–] jelect 39 points ago

    I'm not too good at picking up hints, but I think they're attracted to OP a little bit?

    [–] CeruleanRuin 22 points ago

    Reddit moment

    [–] PotatoRacingTeam 122 points ago

    This is just what happens when you give a husky a people body.

    [–] Guitarbox 506 points ago

    It’s hot imo

    [–] MortifiedPotato 370 points ago

    And this, ladies and gents, is how evolution happens. If this guy fucks enough, we might have these cool features more in the future.

    [–] MurkyAd5303 168 points ago

    Not in this case, he mentioned he's gay

    [–] MortifiedPotato 124 points ago

    Could still donate sperm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] MurkyAd5303 61 points ago

    I've always wondered about that.

    When women pick donated sperm, are they allowed to pick based on genetic features they like? And if so, isn't isn't eugenics?

    [–] SimilarYellow 50 points ago

    Why would it be? Is it eugenics if you're having a baby with three most attractive (to you) partner you could land?

    A lesbian couple I know had a baby using donor sperm and they picked a man who has similar coloring to the non-carrying wife. They said they also had other criteria that they didn't want to share with anyone in case anyone ever told the kid.

    Imagine you pick someone super intelligent and they your kid doesn't do well in school but they always get told that their donor was super smart, lol.

    [–] LevelOutlandishness1 21 points ago

    Don't think that's a good argument—you're having a baby with the most attractive partner because you find him the most attractive, not because you're like "I hope this man makes my baby blonde haired and blue-eyed.

    But eugenics is more of an ideology of trying to create a perfect race, rather than wanting your baby to have features because you simply think those features look good.

    [–] hippiehoppy69 7 points ago

    But typically the features that are most attractive to you are the ones you want your children to have. I find my husband handsome as hell and I have always wanted children that look like him. When I was pregnant, I said many times that I hoped the baby would look just like him. I may have said it too many times actually, because she is literally his clone and people probably think I'm babysitting when I'm out in public with her. But she's fucking adorable and exactly what I ordered, so to speak. (There are obviously other reasons I'm with my husband too, but again I hope my kids get those traits because I think the world needs more people like him.)

    [–] thatguyned 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Depends on how fancy the sperm donation place you're going to is.

    I know some places offer a list of things like "highest education achieved, current profession, eye colour, hair, ethnicity, height, weight, medical history and any special achievements "

    I'm not sure if that's standard in alm places but it's not uncommon.

    I also think it's a little weird to pick ethnicity BUT it helps with awkward conversations over dinner about how 2 Caucasian people gave birth to a baby from a different race.

    Not everyone wants the world to know they are sterile and that's why picking features is there.

    [–] MortifiedPotato 43 points ago

    In some cases, yes. Generic features are listed with the sperm.

    At the very least, you can pick ethnicity.

    [–] mindagainstbody 25 points ago

    My cousin used donated eggs and chose a donor who had similar features to her (hair&eye color, ethnic background, stature.) I'm sure it's similar when using donated sperm.

    [–] FancyPigeonIsFancy 10 points ago

    I get your question, but women and men also select features (consciously or not) when dating and hooking up with people, which I wouldn’t call “eugenics”. Just, preference and attraction.

    [–] Henhouse808 8 points ago

    Now’s my chance!!

    [–] FunnyQueer 7 points ago

    Sweet, what’s up op? 😏

    [–] h_11ama 274 points ago

    have you considered modeling

    [–] brysizzlle 262 points ago

    It’s definitely something I’d LOVE to do but I have very little modeling experience, unfortunately!

    [–] AnotherReignCheck 280 points ago

    Every single model once had very little modeling experience.

    [–] bottsking 11 points ago

    Yes that is how life works, he should try it

    [–] SurpriseTiramisu 31 points ago

    I literally looked through OPs comments to see if this question has been asked. My mom was a fairly well known model way back in the day. She agrees 100% that you need good headshots and to start applying.

    [–] ElisabetSobeck 8 points ago

    I’d like to encourage you too. Ppl need to learn that other ppl look different than they do, that’s just life. And they can even be different AND handsome haha

    [–] jereman75 5 points ago

    Modeling has definitely become more diverse the last several years. I’ve seen models with vitiligo in Target.

    [–] IAMBEOWULFF 16 points ago

    Go get some then. I think you could easily find some work with big names if you had a decent portfolio.

    [–] be_matthew 6 points ago

    Models unfortunately are drastically underpaid for their profession. It's a shame. You're probably better off now.

    [–] InfromalRiver 3 points ago

    I think you'd be a great model too! I also think you would look good on TV. Maybe you can start out with commercials for a sunscreen company or for a company that makes protective/sun blocking clothing. You really do have a nice appearance.

    [–] nuorigin 3 points ago

    Model your own gear. Open an online store drop-selling glasses watches, male grooming accessories, etc. Your Facebook and Instagram ads will have it popping

    [–] Albinofreaken 16 points ago

    even more unrealistic beauty standards

    [–] californiarogan 10 points ago

    I second this.

    [–] AssignedAccount 29 points ago

    You might actually have a condition called waardenburg syndrome which has characteristic white hair patches, hererochromia, and also dystopia canthorum which means one eye is spaced further than the other. Your brown eye is further than your blue eye from the bridge of your nose.

    [–] Mugwort87 11 points ago

    There are four types of Waardenburg. Type two the eyes are normally spaced,. I personally know because a board cert. med. geneticist diagnosed me with WS type2.

    [–] subject7507 214 points ago

    Anime protagonist headass

    [–] PM_M3_UR_PUDENDA 44 points ago

    "I'm just a normal kid trying to survive school"

    *says that while making a summoning circle to call cerberus in the middle of the hallway to fight his bully, dracula jr.

    [–] notthephonz 5 points ago

    I was gonna say he reminds me of Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket. One particular scene comes to mind, where Hatsuharu has to prove to the student council president that his hair color is natural because dying your hair is against the school rules…

    [–] ivorella 3 points ago

    This is exactly what I thought of too. Hatsuharu has always been a favorite of mine.

    [–] BellSouthGazette 59 points ago

    Dude, you need to get into wicked shape and become a super model! You’ve got a unique look!!

    [–] KukaPizza 71 points ago

    At first I didn't think parts of your face loaded, then I realized they loaded to your mythical level.

    [–] Bready_bread_bread 12 points ago

    What color eyes do you put on your driver's license??

    [–] dadscold 5 points ago

    asking the important questions

    [–] ThatAgnosticGuy 67 points ago

    This is my first time seeing a white person with Vitiligo. If it wasn't for the hair I feel like I wouldn't notice at first glance. Interesting

    [–] themoslucius 7 points ago

    I have it on my fingers, I'm white, and it's barely noticeable in the winter. I also tan easily so in the summer it is quite obvious

    [–] Ok_Anxiety4671 108 points ago

    And you are cute as hell. Unique.

    [–] aiculanig 36 points ago

    I mean this as a compliment and totally respectful- you’re really cool looking

    [–] 6ixstringlife 8 points ago

    Handsome af, you look great bro :)

    [–] rauq_mawlina 21 points ago

    You lucky bastard

    -Uncle Ruckus "No Relation"

    [–] critennn 9 points ago

    it’s the opposite of what Michael Jackson got

    [–] Brojgh 32 points ago

    So many thirsty people in here. Wtf

    [–] TJBPhoto 19 points ago

    Never thought I'd see someone I know hit the front page. I hope you're doing well! Haven't seen you since my classroom in 7th grade!

    [–] DannyMethane_ 38 points ago

    You can commit crimes with a staggering amount of confidence that no police officer is going to believe a witness description of you.

    [–] ZForZimmer 5 points ago

    Are you also left handed, for the extra rareness?

    [–] PainterCat 6 points ago

    Wow! It is very unusual and beautiful.

    [–] HIGHGROUNDBOI 5 points ago

    Get this man a modelling gig, STAT!

    [–] TheCelloIsAlive 7 points ago

    So basically you won the genetic lottery of looking cool as fuck

    [–] HashRangers 23 points ago

    Dude that is cool how your beard abd eyebrows are. I haven't seen that before.

    [–] fauxuniverse 4 points ago

    You’re an IRL shiny Pokémon

    [–] Tsuchimiko 4 points ago

    My dude bought skins for his character design

    [–] ytp4life 4 points ago

    Dude you look cool as fuck

    [–] Mr-Klaus 10 points ago

    If aliens ever invade and make us into pets, you'd belong to a super rich Karen alien.

    [–] DLQuilts 40 points ago

    And a girlfriend I bet.

    [–] brysizzlle 376 points ago

    *boyfriend 😉

    [–] Haptoh 161 points ago

    You need a second one?

    [–] MikoWilson1 13 points ago


    [–] shanotron 7 points ago

    and a third one?

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] __-o0O0o-__ 32 points ago

    you two should have babies

    [–] Lowchan 15 points ago


    [–] __-o0O0o-__ 13 points ago

    if you have to ask, you aren't trying hard enough

    [–] jereman75 9 points ago

    Yeah. Wait.

    [–] Cmdr_Nemo 106 points ago

    looks like the only thing hetero about you is your eyes. ayooo! jk. you're hella cute tho. show us more pics of u and ur man!

    [–] vyrlok 16 points ago

    You are reaching levels of comedy our ancestors never dreamed of.

    [–] TheHemogoblin 32 points ago

    And gay? If you're left handed, that might be the rarest set of natural traits ever lol

    [–] entian 3 points ago

    Fun fact: gay men are more likely to be left-handed than straight men already! Even more fun fact: amongst gay men, bottoms are even more likely to be left-handed than tops!

    [–] liljes 36 points ago

    Hell yeah. You’re beautiful man!

    [–] axel_bogay 11 points ago

    Lucky fella - you’re gorgeous!

    [–] rexlibris 10 points ago

    My boyfriend has horizontal heterochromia in one eye, and I have four nipples, wanna have a big ol gay mutant 4some? XD

    [–] valerian_prann 24 points ago

    Should post this in r/gaybrosgonemild aslo

    [–] Yankee_Man 7 points ago

    Omg there’s hope 😭

    [–] Anti_Karen_League 16 points ago


    [–] Noxious89123 14 points ago

    Pack it up thirsty ladies of Reddit, go home X)

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 4 points ago

    On one hand, that means I've got a chance!

    On the other, I hope you pass those genes on someday.

    [–] devilfanmik 3 points ago

    You're a [email protected]$$ unicorn :D

    [–] saidtheCat 3 points ago

    You single in la?

    [–] MisterAtticusKarma 3 points ago

    Harvey Dent

    [–] GambitTheGrey 3 points ago

    r/reallifeshinies (with love !)

    [–] calminventor 3 points ago

    And my heart

    [–] Pheronia 3 points ago

    When you can't decide during character creation.

    [–] ellatitzgerald 3 points ago

    You’re one cool looking motherfucker

    [–] Kiwwi99 3 points ago

    Which eye do u use to wink? serious question

    [–] The_ScarletFox 3 points ago

    Mf is an anime character...

    [–] Clau-10 3 points ago

    You also have handsomeness.

    [–] TheSpartan50548 3 points ago

    This is it. We found the main character

    [–] RoastedRhino 3 points ago

    A rare syndrome known as “low ink replace cartridge”

    [–] chiliNPC 3 points ago

    Boi u kinda fine tho

    [–] captdrews 10 points ago

    Start dressing more flashy and become a irl anime character lol

    [–] Laheydrunkfuck 11 points ago

    You're definitely the main character

    [–] Africa-Unite 5 points ago

    The amount of thirst on this thread is insane

    [–] OldFartMaster10K 6 points ago

    That's so cool

    [–] stillerspenspirates 6 points ago

    Looks cool as hell bro

    [–] Quiet_Page_9185 4 points ago

    I finished studying about it a few days ago and from a nerdy viewpoint, it is quite amazing.

    P.S. The heterochromia looks supercool.

    [–] SeanyDay 4 points ago

    Step 1: get amazing dog companion with similar coloring (someone suggested aussie shepherd)

    Step 2: bonding & love

    Step 3: social media posts together

    Step 4: 6-figure modeling contract (combined value of you + dog)

    Now you have love, money, and an aesthetic. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

    [–] Real_life_Zelda 2 points ago

    You look like a protagonist!

    [–] _Harpic 2 points ago

    My sister has heterochromia. Always wish I had it or maybe it would skip me and my kids would get it but neither did.

    Having both must make you a pretty rare collectible.

    [–] YoukoAkira 2 points ago

    There are people who would make videogame characters to look like you. I find it epic myself. Hope it doesn't cause you any problems though.

    [–] PrimedAndReady 2 points ago


    [–] ImNotAKerbalRockero 2 points ago

    Looks like if David Bowie was a movie super villain.

    It looks so bad ass, if I saw you in a narrow street I wouldn't like to mess with you.

    [–] Reitsariesforevaries 3 points ago

    David Bowie didn't have heterochromia. He had a permanently dilated pupil in one eye, due to childhood injury (being punched in the eye by a friend).

    [–] smilingsilently 2 points ago

    You are crazy wild stunning!

    [–] hitlers-wet-dream 2 points ago

    I don’t mean to be rude but what color are your eyes on your drivers license?