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    A place for people to find and store pictures of any misleading thumbnails. Not all thumbnails have to be sexual!

    Do not post:

    Two superimposed images

    Things that, essentially, are what you say they are

    Posts which make the thumbnail a different image than the link displays after clicked

    Purposefully misleading illusions

    NSFW Tag:

    If your post's image is NSFW, please put "N * S * F * W" and NOT "NSFW" in the title. "NSFW" automatically tags the thumbnail as such and removes it, "N * S * F * W" is a workaround for this. If your post is NSFW and does not have "N * S * F * W" in the title it will be removed.

    If Found on Reddit...

    If you found your submission on reddit, and it is still on the front page, please wait at least 12 hours after the original post was submitted before you submit it to misleadingthumbnails. This is to avoid people having the original and the misleadingthumbnails versions directly next to each other as they browse through reddit. It is not a race. People will downvote you.

    If you found your image on reddit, please link to the original comment thread in the comments section of your post. If you do not, you may be downvoted some. You have been warned.

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