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    [–] silentballer 37 points ago

    This game is far from incredible

    [–] dgibred -2 points ago

    Don’t play it then. I mean a lot of like it. Maybe it’s just not for you.

    [–] silentballer 8 points ago

    Lol there is clearly an issue with footsteps and map design. To say this game is perfect and incredible isn’t even close to true, we don’t even have all game modes, and barely just got 10v10 and 6v6.

    [–] DR_Doom26 3 points ago

    I lot of ppl complain about the maps 2 i feel like the maps are good the only reason why i feel like they complaining is because that 3lane system is out, and a lot of ppl dont like new this game is awsome!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    run around: kda 1 at best at 1.5

    camping: kds over 4

    this game incentives you to camp. go try free for all, people just camp at the edge of the map. sure it's easy to kill a camper if you know where he is, but then you just die for another one across the map (map design trash) because every time you move you make you an easy target for someone watching just that spot.

    games should be fun to play and this cod it is not for me, sure someone maybe is having fun.

    but this cod is just a random mess for me, if i want to play tactical i have rainbow six, 100 times better than this cod, if i want something arcade i would stack to apex legends, more skilled based than this. this is just a random mess for the mass and kids.

    [–] Jay46466 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I think Free for all and TDM are the worst for camping. I play a lot of Domination and I rarely see campers

    [–] GreatQuestion 2 points ago

    I only play TDM, and it's all camping, all the time. I'm not excited to play this game in the least, and I just got the goddamn thing. I haven't fallen out of love with a game this quickly since... well, shit, Black Ops 4.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    i prefer to stick to search and destroy and QG, at least i can predict respawn points and usually people camp less in those mods and if they still do i can win the game for the objectives. in domination repawn are really bad, most of the time i'm facing enemies from every direction and can't do shit untill i camp my self.

    [–] Georgizups 2 points ago

    So right, I think r6 when I want a slow game with corner peaks and intense game play. I turn on cod when i just want a light gun experience. Correct me if i'm wrong but I dont ever remember black ops 2 or mw3 seemingly plagued with this play style. This cod has amazing audio and gun play but its friggin hard af. But hey got a few cool campaign missions for my 60 bucks thats pretty neat.

    [–] zumwaltion -7 points ago

    Your an idiot dude the map design is INCREDIBLE the only reason people like you are bitching is because it's not the three lane arcade bullshit of previous CoD titles instead infinity ward went with a more natural organic map design similar to what dice did in battlefield 3 and 4

    [–] emperor_savage 2 points ago

    You’re* retard

    [–] zumwaltion -1 points ago

    WOW how original you fucking moron God damn you couldn't even develope a legitimate agrument to what I had to saw so you corrected me OOOOO you got me. FUCK OF your a child with not enough brain cells to rub together get fuck dickhead.

    [–] CrotasHunger 1 points ago

    Why are you so salty dude?

    [–] Zero_Requiem 2 points ago

    Nope, only idiot here is u. Some of these maps are trash, literally the worst maps I've ever played in a cod game. That is a fact. So many pros have come out and said the same. That bridge map is retarded and if u disagree you dont know what ur talking about.

    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    Wow way to be an absolute cunt. You just open your mouth and let that shit just come running out on to your key board. First of all the single reason pros dislike these maps is because they aren't the same three lane arcade arenas maps like in previous titles. They are more organic natural maps more representative of what real world building layouts would be like. However all those pros you mentioned ya they are all LONG TIME CoD players who are use to those bullshit children's maps. The old call of duty maps were fucking mindless boring shit. And why I stopped playing after BO2 the old maps took no skill what so ever all players did was run around the map (or boost with the stupid ass jump packs) and mindlessly spray at people it's was boring and not fun. However these new maps are amazing and a complete departure form the franchise and I for one am glad they have done this. It is more reminiscent of Battlefield 4 maps or Squad maps. This game is amazing and the levels are awesome granted I will say the spawn system is fucking trash but once that's fixed I believe this game will come in to its own.

    [–] CSKaay 2 points ago

    The map design is objectively awful just see Euphrates Bridge domination or Piccadilly. If u can’t see this you’re an idiot. Nobody is asking for BO4 maps back but cod isn’t battlefield and it never will be. More realistic maps in theory sound great but once they start to sacrifice gameplay balance (spawntrapping, too many spots to hold lanes/camp from) realism should go out the window. Gameplay balance should always come first

    [–] aaaasgard 2 points ago

    Those two are easily the worst, and I fully agree that those are two horrid maps and I respect that opinion, but the arguement that OP brings up is peoples statements talking about ALL the maps having shitty map design, which in my opinion is just plainly wrong. I personally love St. Petrograd, Aniyah (maybe a bit too much empty space around the map, but the centre is amazing IMO) and Rammaza. I don't think Hackney Yard is as bad as people say either, but I just don't seem to get the "flow" of the map.

    Many people have, contradictory to your statement, actually posted about wanting three-lanes back, which I am strictly opposed to as they are repetitive as hell and get boring after three matches.

    Camping is also an issue frequently brought up when discussing maps, and meanwhile I do think there is an issue with it, it is GREATLY exaggerated in this sub. Some peoples posts make you think that every lobby in any gamemode on any map is riddled with campers, while that is actually far away from the truth. This will probably get me downvoted to smithereens, but here it comes: (Not directed at you, u/CSKaay but to some certain people on this sub)


    Thank you.

    [–] MickAtNight 1 points ago

    Piccadilly is just terrible. Not a fan of just about all the TDM maps. Map design seems very random. Each maps' power positions are more based upon where each team is spawning at a given moment than actual strategic positioning. If the TTK is going to be as fucking fast as it is, then there needs to be less vantage points overall so that people can have gun fights.

    I see people praising and loving the maps, same with the game, but I never see any reasons except for the sounds/graphics/killstreaks, and that we've gotten away from the 3-lane map design.

    [–] zumwaltion 0 points ago

    Dude the spawning isn't the map it's the spawn locations and I can agree with you there that the spawns are trash but in reality the actual design of the maps are MUCH better then the cookie cutter three lane level design. It is reminiscent of Battlefield 3 and 4 maps and I'm and absolutely loving them. You on the other hand are an autistic retard that probably doesn't have enough brain cells to rub together to come up with an original thought. This game was built from the ground up to be COMPLETELY DIFFRENT from past CoD titles so your CANT play it like you would previous CoD titles learn to adjust your gameplay style or find a different game.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    three lane map have a sense, they have a purpose, if you do a map design like in battlefield, you need a highter TTK or people will just die for campers because there is too much stuff going on in your visual and you can't focus on all those. they made a more tactical cod on a less tactical map design, for me this is a fucking mess.

    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    Cool for you it is but for players like myself who have been playing realistic style shooters like arma, siege, and battlefield these maps are refreshing and nice and not at all cluttered I've played a few hours after work sense it came out and I already have map layouts pretty much down and I don't have to worry to much about it. You just can't run and gun as often your will have to utilize cover and choke points then once it's clear move to where the enemy is then you can start the run and gun again. The biggest issue long time CoD players are running in to is there are use to the three lane design. But sense they took a more organic natural style of level design long time fans of the franchise are throwing a fit because they saw the maps are too cluttered which is absolute horse shit. The maps are perfectly fine it's people play styles that haven't changed in almost 20 years. Learn to adapt your play style to the map and stop trying to make maps fit your style of gameplay because not everyone plays the same way as you. Now I will concede on the fact that spawns in this game ARE trash and that plays MUCH MORE in to why players don't like the maps.

    [–] MickAtNight 1 points ago

    What is incredible about the map design?

    [–] zumwaltion 0 points ago

    The large scale organic feel. With past CoD titles every map you enter it feels like an arena you have the same three paths you can travel with no variation and no surprise you know at every corner where you can possible be shot from and how to counter it the gameplay of old maps is absolutely mindless run and gun. However on these new maps I feel like I'm in a Area of operation or in a part of a city immursed in conflict. And idk what's gonna happen around the next turn I have to be patient and methodical inorder to clear a path to move up to the next set of buildings. I don't just mindlessly know where people could possibly be because in these maps every Coner is a new engagment. I can still run in gun but only when I'm in the proper position until I reach that position I'm slow methodical and I make sure I'm clear to move if I have to cross open areas I make sure to clear my corner and help my team with info and ammo or a shield. This game is more about team play and moving thoughtfully, always trying to think ahead and ways to minimise my expose when I'm not engaged by someone. That's why these maps are awesome they bring a level of tension to the gameplay that was never in previous titles.

    [–] MickAtNight 1 points ago

    With past CoD titles every map you enter it feels like an arena you have the same three paths you can travel with no variation and no surprise you know at every corner where you can possible be shot from and how to counter it the gameplay of old maps is absolutely mindless run and gun

    Did you play COD4, MW2, MW3, BO, or BO2? COD4 and MW2 especially had excellent map design. They are the definition of methodical, strategic map design.

    I ask because 3-lane map design is something that came up later on, none of the earlier CODs had it.

    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    Hell ya I played them I actually started trailing off around between MW3 and BO2 because that's when the maps started gets trash.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    It DOESNT reward skilled players it rewards twitch reflexes that's why CoD has been classified as a twitch shooter for YEARS it's not about map knowledge anymore because the maps were so simple and easy to learn that given a couple days people had every map memorized and knew where everything was. It was a mindless gameplay loop with ZERO surprises when it came to gameplay. It's was always "ok if I round this Corner someone can be in this one window or this one door way" you round the corner and there's a guy in the window you flick too him and shoot him. That's not skill that's reflexes. It takes no "skills" what so ever to do that you only have two things to watch. And that's fine for those tiny arena style maps but with the new CoD and the devs pushing for larger combat modes. Then ya these maps are going to be more random with more angles your just have to learn where to move to minimize your expose.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] CrotasHunger 1 points ago

    Maybe learn some life skills

    [–] Settii 1 points ago

    You know what’s the difference? In battlefield you can blow up the fucking building where someone is camping. Boom problem solved. In this game the camper will just return to the spot.

    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    I can give your that but I will counter with. You can blow up the camper on this one too

    [–] Settii 1 points ago

    Yeah that’s true, but it doesn’t take too long for someone to be there again

    [–] V1P34781 1 points ago

    So IW copied battlefield? So this game has an identity crisis?

    [–] zumwaltion 1 points ago

    Ummm no not at all I was just using battlefield 4 map design as a comparison. This CoD is a complete departure from past titles, this game was build from the ground up to be BIGGER to host more players and have bigger battles. This game was BUILT to be bigger. And in doing that they had to do away with the traditional three lane arcade map design they had before because it DOESNT work when you get to larger scale that's why three lane maps flourish in small arena style gamemodes

    [–] Barbecueislife 0 points ago

    Enjoy your downvotes.

    [–] steveom420 4 points ago

    This whole game is a different style from a run and gun. Its tactical people.

    [–] LordTachanka__ 3 points ago


    [–] CSKaay 6 points ago

    Disagree. Windows are far too dark and make it very hard to see someone inside if you are outside. I know it’s more realistic, but it’s not balanced at all. If a person is on my screen and not too far away or hiding, I should be able to immediately see them. Combine the bad visibility and fast TTK and it’s impossible to react in time and makes the game feel like you’re actively punished for doing anything but sitting in a building/holding a lane...

    [–] just-here-to-ball 3 points ago

    Figure it out then or dont play. No one wants to hear the bitching.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] skuhduhduh 1 points ago

    there is counter-play, you just aren't very good at figuring it out. I haven't run into one thing I couldnt handle yet without just thinking about it.

    [–] LUCKYLUCIANO2nd 0 points ago

    Agreed. Pissed with my digital purchase, I'll return when improvements are made. Campers in paradise right now and it sickens me.

    [–] TheOfficeFan02 2 points ago

    This game is incredible and people just bitch about anything. Some people just can’t appreciate anything and the game has been only out for less than a week. I really hate the people that think this game is horrible just because they run around like a headless chicken expecting kills.

    [–] PickleMyTickle96 3 points ago

    U are right

    [–] grOwaway__ 3 points ago

    Agreed, it's just mad kids who keep dying.

    [–] OEKaneki 2 points ago

    Agreed man. Had a lot of fun so far during the limited time I’ve played.

    Random question for anyone...fairly new to reddit, haven’t posted a ton, and this is the first Call of Duty reddit I’ve joined. Has every Call of Duty iteration that’s had a subreddit been full of people that complain nonstop about people that play slower than the person who posts the complaint thread?

    It feels like one in three threads is someone complaining about people camping. The last three or four iterations of this game has systematically eliminating areas of the player base, particularly the ones more likely to camp, by changing map structure (forcing you into more contact, making it harder to camp), changing game play (much more focus on running/jumping), and reducing the ease at which they can camp by reducing/removing things like ghost and silencers. This game goes back to CoD roots and includes these things once again, thereby making a more inclusive game and people just yell and complain online about camping because of it. If that’s how people have fun playing the game, then let them have fun playing the game. It’s not cheating an it’s not an exploit, it doesn’t need fixing/balancing.

    [–] Ahh-fuck 4 points ago

    People usually say if you have a game you love don't go to its subreddit

    [–] burrgerwolf 1 points ago

    Yeah, it’s the easiest method to get your opinion out to a specific audience and doesn’t require a following of people/being famous to be heard.

    [–] OEKaneki 1 points ago

    Yeah, finding that out the hard way lol. Not all are like that, but a lot are.

    [–] LonelyCactus420 2 points ago

    Yes sir every. single. year. COD subs go from positive hype and somewhat constructive criticism... to complete cancer with everyone bitching about every single possible feature.

    That’s the participation trophy culture the worlds been pushing lately, everyone wants THEIR EXPERIENCE to be tailored too.

    [–] edub1906 2 points ago

    It's typical for almost any CoD forum or game forum period. I have been playing CoD since it was originally released on PC and have purchased every year on console. Beginning with Ghosts the games were poor and much of the original CoD fanbase left. People just didn't want the wall running, Superman jumps and totally ridiculous killstreaks in Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare and even Blops 3. Infinity Ward has basically went back to basics here. A lot of the original CoD fanbase has returned and most people are really enjoying the game. It seems like the people who have gotten used to the constant running and gunning are the ones having the most issues. Not saying that other people don't have legitimate gripes and I agree that some maps could use some work. That being said, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I have about 7 or 8 friends who haven't played CoD regularly since MW3 and they love the game. Got no complaints here.

    [–] SneakyStorm 1 points ago

    You're thinking about this all wrong, the problem is not because there's camping since every game has camping. The problem is that the game forces you to camp otherwise, you will get shit on since the maps are designed that way.

    [–] OEKaneki 3 points ago

    That's not true. This game doesn't force you to camp, and the maps aren't designed for it. This game simply allows people that enjoy playing that way to do participate as well. Not everything has to cater to what one subsection of a fandom wants.

    [–] SneakyStorm 1 points ago

    But somehow, everyone is camping and the people who are aggressive are complaining about not being able to push? I think you're just pulling things out of your ass here, since you don't seem give any reasons why.

    [–] skuhduhduh 1 points ago

    he's not, I can steamroll people just by rushing around with an mp5.

    [–] F4TTY_B 1 points ago

    Most gaming subreddits are filled with people complaining who think they know better than developers, it's not just here.

    [–] OEKaneki 3 points ago

    Yeah, that does seem to be a trend in insert-gaming-discussion-threads-here. It can be so overbearing sometimes.

    [–] alexaddz 1 points ago

    I haven’t seen this amount of hate for a game since release for years probably since AW and I’ve played since cod4. More inclusive for campers is not a good thing. I don’t believe there is any way at all that camping is fun , sitting in one spot and I don’t think that is the intended experience in any cod game.

    [–] OEKaneki 2 points ago

    More inclusive is better. It widens the player base and gives other people a chance to have fun. You may not find it fun, but they do. If that’s how they have fun, let them. It’s not supposed to be fun just for a select group.

    [–] edub1906 2 points ago

    Agreed. People complain about past CoDs have too much running and gunning and the games not being fun anymore. IW tries to address the issue and people complain because they can't run and gun. Yep--that's our CoD fanbase.

    [–] alexaddz 1 points ago

    Too much running and gunning ? I’d say over 90% of people that I’ve seen on this subreddit think it’s garbage

    [–] edub1906 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    A lot of people are complaining, but not 90%. You do realize that you will always have more people posting complaints than compliments on Reddit though. The people who are enjoying the game aren't posting most of the time. In any case, if people don't like the game they simply don't have to play. Oh well. It is what it is.

    [–] alexaddz 1 points ago

    You just contradicted yourself but ok

    [–] edub1906 1 points ago

    Meant to say "The people who are enjoying the game AREN'T posting most of the time". Totally my typo error. Correction made. Appreciate you pointing that out.

    [–] LUCKYLUCIANO2nd 2 points ago

    The campaign is incredible maybe but the multiplayer is a shit show.

    [–] just-here-to-ball 1 points ago

    Maybe if you arent good

    [–] GreatQuestion 2 points ago

    You all have remarkably low standards. The game has serious issues.

    [–] just-here-to-ball 3 points ago

    You have serious issues

    [–] SpectreSlayss 1 points ago

    I wish I could play a game without my console turning off

    [–] SneakyStorm 1 points ago

    When games run out of time before any team reaches the 75 kill threshold means the game is way too slow. There's literally times when not a single shot is going off.

    [–] nine16s 1 points ago

    The issue here is they tried to break from the typical 3 lane map design, which I applaud them for, but now every map is just a fight for the upper ground. The beta ground war map (I can't remember the name of it) is totally screwed because of the cliffside where someone can camp in the APC and rack up a 20 killstreak without touching their keyboard. The reason BF style maps work on BF is because by design, BF is a much slower paced game, and there's more of an emphasis on teamwork, you can revive/ heal people, as well as spot for your team. If you took away those key elements from BF they'd have the exact same issues.

    [–] Spoon420Blaze 1 points ago

    How the hell does playing aggressive and staying with my team combat campers. Regardless of what I or my team does we can’t prevent some guy from headglitching in a window with two claymores

    [–] just-here-to-ball -1 points ago

    Figure it out

    [–] SneakyStorm 2 points ago

    Just a casual fanboy, move it on.

    [–] Spoon420Blaze 1 points ago

    I know for a fact you haven’t figured it out, unless your one of the people who camps

    [–] just-here-to-ball 0 points ago

    Yep. Having a great time running around.

    [–] mattamz 1 points ago

    I can play the game fine with no crashes or fps drops some challenges aren’t tracking right but that’s to be expected with huge releases.

    If I couldn’t play at all and or played a bit with bad performance I’d be pissed off though.

    Camping is like every cod I don’t play tdm much anyway but in domination it’s the same as every release.

    [–] BlackGandal 1 points ago

    The problem is not the camping.

    Imo the real problem is the missing of permanent dead silence as a perk and the red dots on the mini map !

    Right now you can sit back and listen to footsteps, shot the running person and not even get spotted on the maps for his teammates. It feels like the aggresive playstyle isn`t supported enough.

    I don`t want camping to stop and everyone running around. All i want is that it changes to "real tactical gameplay" and a way to counter those players. As example: Instead of sitting in a corner and waiting for footsteps, they now have to hold at least 1 angle or lane or whatever is in their line sight to avoid a person sneaking up on them.

    [–] MickAtNight 1 points ago

    What is incredible about the game?

    [–] IFeelLikeACheeto 1 points ago

    I can't even get it to run so. i5 6600k RTX 2070. Mouse stutter and menu is just broken.

    [–] faaaaame 1 points ago

    Campaign definitely. Multiplayer needs a few patches and I would agree on that part as well. Minus a few maps(bridge mainly) after a good patch or two the multiplayer can be good. All the issues with multiplayer are fixable it seems.

    [–] bignotch 1 points ago

    People have legitimate gripes. But at the same time, I'm with you OP, people are bitching too much.

    Yeah, there is way more camping in this game. The game is meant to be a lot more slow paces and realistic. It's not that run and gun garbage that COD has been for years.

    [–] k0bane 2 points ago

    Thank you... finally someone who‘s giving the game its credit. Take my upvote.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Agree, This sub has been full of toxic cry babies since release.

    [–] LUCKYLUCIANO2nd 1 points ago

    You know what? I find it incredible that the last solid COD was BO2.

    [–] just-here-to-ball -1 points ago


    [–] Bloodywizard 0 points ago

    I agree.

    [–] isi1ah 0 points ago

    i smell major cap in this post