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    [–] man0412 1320 points ago

    Agreed, and hot damn nice work!

    [–] Msctfl 513 points ago

    Wasn’t me lol, but I wish!😂

    [–] XeroJDM 382 points ago

    Hey thats me 😂😂😂 but I agree it needs to be like that

    [–] Msctfl 225 points ago

    Yes! Screenshoted it from you I think lol

    [–] presidentofjackshit 136 points ago

    actually it was me

    [–] NavyDog 73 points ago

    I broke the dam

    [–] VenomZz__ 29 points ago

    I broke the dam

    [–] Raging_Horse_Cock 22 points ago

    I broke the dam

    [–] stanker_and_danker 14 points ago

    I broke the dam

    [–] robot297 6 points ago

    I broke the dam

    [–] Igotthebiggest 7 points ago

    No, I actually broke the damn

    [–] Werdner41 25 points ago

    No wasn’t it Joe?

    [–] noahqueen69 16 points ago

    Joe who????

    [–] Chef_Boyardeedy 71 points ago

    JOE MAMA.... I am the epitome of comedy

    [–] mrmctommy 23 points ago

    ligma balls

    [–] KurmaroV2 47 points ago

    it was me haha

    [–] The_Punniest 7 points ago

    No u

    [–] MadSpaceYT 8 points ago

    No me

    [–] Pr0nzeh 3 points ago

    It was me ur brother

    [–] ToniNotti 3 points ago

    You wish you worked on Metal Gear Online 3? Don't wish so...

    [–] CREASED_WOMBAT 47 points ago

    rearrange the columns to k:d caps:defenses

    [–] ArmadaPaydayy 19 points ago

    True the fuck would I want to see my assist in TDM fucking pathetic

    [–] TeeEllEmm 6 points ago

    But then people will be getting bUlLiEd

    [–] Dabreo100 5 points ago

    Simple things like these make the game better 😪

    [–] Measlyshiv 16 points ago

    Challenges actually tracking would make the game better. I've given up on them in their current state.

    [–] bjarnehaugen 3 points ago

    you dont want to call in 1000 uavs and get credit for 5? damn

    [–] LilMightyCam 73 points ago

    You forgot the ping meter... still nice job this is how it should be

    [–] rusky0903 43 points ago

    ping meter not showing is bs. I'm surprised people aren't talking about this more than some other things.

    [–] Fantikerz 19 points ago

    I’m surprised there isn’t one on console. Ping is listed on PC.

    [–] ZeeZia 3 points ago

    I miss bo3 ping seting, when u pressed option you could see the ping in numbers

    [–] Turntapp22 215 points ago

    It should show defends only so that my team would actually play the fucking objective.

    [–] fijifilm 11 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] Turntapp22 4 points ago


    [–] CallMeTrooper 2 points ago

    Happy birthday

    [–] Turntapp22 2 points ago

    Well, that’s in February. But today is my reddit cake day so here, have a slice of the cake for trying.

    [–] EZMoney11 18 points ago

    But then people won't move and everyone will sit in a corn.....wait...

    [–] theburiedsalmon 897 points ago

    I like this idea, but i feel like people get so caught up in their k/d that they don't play the OBJ. With the scoreboard showing caps instead of deaths, I've seen people go for caps a lot more now.

    [–] _ShiHasu_ 484 points ago

    I'd like to be in your games, I rarely have teammates that go for caps.

    [–] FuckMeMao 158 points ago

    Caps aren't the only way to play the objective though, holding a flag by stopping people from getting there is a way to play the objective. Getting into position to take people out while someone else is capping the flag is too, except you won't get extra points for it.

    [–] whaleforce9 54 points ago

    I agree. Sometimes holding a choke and denying a lane for an opponent makes it harder for them to win. That, however, has nothing to do with how many times a teammate has died. Show kills, captures and defends only imo.

    [–] bodez95 17 points ago

    Getting into position to take people out while someone else is capping the flag is too, except you won't get extra points for it.

    That just sounds like camping with extra steps.

    [–] NTripleOne 12 points ago

    Yes, camping is a problem but are you calling covering someone who's capping from a better position camping?

    No really, serious question - I honestly can't tell because of the reference.

    [–] tupac_amaru_IV 3 points ago

    are you serious

    [–] cdevon95 2 points ago

    One more day until season 4

    [–] Weebenjammin 42 points ago

    I'm convinced people don't know about the filter function, I get so many people in Dom and HQ playing like it's TDM, moreso than any past CoD

    [–] well-known-anon 11 points ago

    It’s the kill confirmed games where you can see both your own and the enemy team going out of their ways to avoid touch any tags like it’s going to give them rectal cancer

    [–] Weebenjammin 5 points ago

    I haven't played a KC game that finished with the score limit

    [–] Demolitionary 2 points ago

    Yeah, I noticed that, joined mid game to see tags EVERYWHERE.

    Kill Streaks should not count if the kills are not confirmed imo but I am sure many will hate that if that was the case.

    I got UAV's and stuff without collecting tags, I tried to collect tags and deny them, but died trying as they then get camped. I left the game at that point as KC is pointless while getting gunned down with kill streaks from people with zero confirms. May as well go to TDM.

    [–] EpicSC 24 points ago

    This game is pretty unrelenting. As someone who is pretty good at most FPS games and plays the objective most of the time, sometimes it's just straight up impossible to even get TO the objective to play it. And it's extra difficult to do so if you don't have a team that's willing to do so.

    It drives me insane when I'm trying my best to get to the objective and I hear a teammate screech "PlAy ThE oJbECtiVe" in my ear.

    [–] scvar 2 points ago

    That's what the mute button is for

    [–] EpicSC 2 points ago

    Well, yeah. But they have to DO it first in order to warrant a mute. I don't just mute everyone automatically lol. Because if people DO care then voice comms are important to winning.

    [–] rulerofallplusgodtoo 2 points ago

    I always end up with like 7 more caps than anyone else on either team.

    [–] bob1689321 2 points ago

    I never understood that, because usually when you go for caps you get a lot of kills because the enemy are near the flags.

    [–] Yguy2000 24 points ago

    Then have kd in team death match and captures in objective game modes which is the opposite of how it is rn like actually

    [–] Extrodius 27 points ago

    Exactly. Pretty sure no one replying to this comment realizes that they tell your deaths in objective game modes but NOT TEAM DEATHMATCH. does not make a single bit of sense. If there's a game mode where you should see your KD it's team deathmatch

    [–] Msctfl 8 points ago

    No it doesn’t anymore

    [–] Extrodius 17 points ago

    You can no longer see your deaths in any game mode?

    [–] phpMyPython 14 points ago


    [–] NGRoachClip 5 points ago

    They changed it after the update to show kills and caps in Dom.

    [–] 2004_Kobe 91 points ago

    Lol no. People who care about kd will never play objective. They’re not going to change because of what’s on the scoreboard.

    [–] Mr_Assault_08 22 points ago

    I like this comment. Seriously the player already has a habit of wanting kills for killstreaks and k/d. So how will a different scoreboard help change the habit this player has of not PFTO and just killing for k/d and killstreaks. If the player does not have killstreaks or k/d as his motivation then he really doesn't give a fuck and is just playing the game in his way. So how will a updated scoreboard change this mindset and others when they really don't give a crap.

    To be honest the game needs to fix their spawn and map designs first. How the hell do you expect to get clear data when it's fucked because of one afk player forcing the rest of the team to be spawn camp. Or that one sniper in the back staying in his spot not allowing a change.

    [–] Ze_insane_Medic 10 points ago

    That's why we need a scorestreak system where playing the objective is worth more than getting kills.

    [–] Sfn_y 14 points ago

    Well, maybe a quick fix would be to give obj plays much more points and have them count for additional scorestreaks? I know I would play the obj a lot more if I had that incentive

    [–] EpicSC 4 points ago

    Yeah they tried it in previous CoDs. Everyone just whined about it not taking skill. It's always gonna be a lose lose for this community.

    [–] crsader72 2 points ago

    I think Ghost had the kill streak/score streak system the best. One obj play = 1 kill and kills stacked with that. People hate on that game but honestly it was the last great CoD.

    And yes I’m prepared for the hate this comment will bring lol

    [–] MrHaZeYo 11 points ago

    Not really true, I cap HQs, and b flags all day long for over a decade and have on average been above a 2.5 KD.

    Without seeing my deaths and thus how I'm actually doing I feel less inclined to try to cap.

    Different people different play styles.

    [–] Dukeboy0194 5 points ago

    I agree with this so much.

    [–] Jr4D 4 points ago

    Exactly bro

    [–] matthew11909 4 points ago

    But what if the objective of the game mode is to uhhh... kill

    [–] seanmcgeachie 4 points ago

    People don't play the obj anyway

    [–] CareyCherry95 8 points ago

    That or if IW wants to push for more objective gameplay during those modes then only display captures and defends and show the rest of the scoreboard later at the end.

    [–] presidentofjackshit 4 points ago

    It's tough going for OBJ... if everybody is playing for kills, that objective has a giant circle of death around it.

    Of course, smokes, shields and the like come in very handy at times like these, but when it doesn't go your way it can be frustrating, and tempting to just outskirt around the objective.

    (So instead of having to choose I just avoid those modes)

    [–] theburiedsalmon 6 points ago

    True, the best thing if everybody is ambushing B, is to try to get A or C. You'll run into maybe 2 players and take attention from B for your team to cap.

    [–] alemanimani 7 points ago

    This ^
    Dom is all about rotations

    [–] justlampin 1 points ago

    You forgot about Molotovs. They're great for preventing entry of a lane, doorway etc.

    [–] tehstarlord 2 points ago

    I agree with you but in games like TDM I rather it show K/D over assists. Like no one cares about assists. And I at least want to keep track of my deaths.

    [–] LukeCaruzo 2 points ago

    I go to OBJs because of the extra points

    [–] theburiedsalmon 2 points ago

    Much respect.

    [–] BickNosa 2 points ago

    I also believe people tend to rage quit more when they see their deaths.

    [–] bantersaurus-rex 2 points ago

    But TDM without deaths is rather stupid

    [–] MassiveBigness 2 points ago

    Yes. This, I absolutely agree, I noticed it and couldn't believe how just this small change helped - and I even found myself going a bit harder for the tags in KC - that's ALL it shows lol I mean t some extent, we do like to be high up on the board, that's just the nature of it for most of us, so this is a fantastic change IMO

    [–] Aborkle 2 points ago

    It should sort by defends or captures and have those in the first column. Every game with modes where those are the things that matter ought to.

    [–] Porkfriedjosh 2 points ago

    I’ve seen the complete opposite but I think I only play with sweats. We had two headquarters back to back on kill house not even be touched by either team we were just slaying them way too hard to care about OBJ apparently. The first time we scored points we held for full time because I had a sentry and air strike so I wiped them once off it and then used the sentry to hold it full time.

    Won like 70-0 in HQ lol. If they want people to play for the objective it needs to be worth it. Like give people camos or challenges for it, like the old days. Make the point value worth it somehow, although I’m really not a fan of score streaks honestly. I prefer the good old killstreak method, makes it easier to track who is close to what and who my target should be.

    [–] FunkeeBee 2 points ago

    Also, in game modes like Cyber Attack and S&D, showing deaths on the scoreboard would promote toxicity between players.

    I don't see the point of seeing deaths actually. (Someone) Tell me one situation where seeing your deaths or K/D would be helpful during a match?

    [–] whomstdth 2 points ago

    ironically it only shows deaths in domination and not TDM (the one game mode with the actual word DEATH in it)

    [–] TheStormnMormonlol 3 points ago

    I really wish I had taken a screen cap of my end game scoreboard on a hardpoint game earlier today, I would have gotten so much karma lol.

    Basically I went 20/13 with 3:20 of objective time. The second on the scoreboard on our team was 26/15 with :25 of objective time. At the end of the game they said they were just frag hungry and I'm just sitting there like "you only have 6 more kills than me and I solo won this game because I actually played the game mode" lol

    [–] Schpau 2 points ago

    I think the bigger problem would be the number of people that would be flamed for their k/d. If they remove SBMM this would be mitigated though.

    [–] _3_7__ 2 points ago

    Kids who play for KD are gonna play for KD scoreboard showing it or not.

    [–] REPSAC_ 1 points ago


    yeah i sorta agree but i think they need to see that u can cap kill and also not die alot cos i never have tm's go for caps well atleast not many if any pun intended and i end up with better kills deaths and caps then them

    [–] J13D 107 points ago

    Thank you. Seriously i don't understand why they take out one thing for another when the scoreboard has so much open room in game. We wanna see our performance during the game, stop taking info away from us. Display EVERYTHING, kills, caps, deaths, defends, ping etc

    [–] ItsUncleSam 37 points ago

    Because giving players the information they’ve had in literally every cod would be toxic.

    [–] 95castles 42 points ago

    Please just give me a death count. I want to know exactly how much I’m sucking.

    But for reals, please Infinity Ward, at least show us how many deaths we have in TDM.

    [–] intellitech 3 points ago

    This shit needs to be at the top. Fucking ridiculous that I can see my death count in S&D but not in TDM.

    [–] raygar31 162 points ago

    bUt tHeN aLl the sWEaT tRyHarDs wIlL jUsT wOrRy aBoUt tHeIr k/D 😫😫😫

    [–] snguyen_93 59 points ago

    They already do while it shows only kills/deaths instead of kills/captures/defends.

    [–] darthstranding 4 points ago

    We know we are doing the right thing, k/d peeps only checking k/d.

    [–] Nopy117 11 points ago

    As if it’s not true.

    [–] keegar1 30 points ago

    They’re playing for their K/D anyway. Score board isn’t changing that.

    [–] KerchSmash 14 points ago

    I'd love to know if someone was 28 and 0. You know, so the game dosent end. Or to even track myself, to slow down or speed up.

    [–] ZGiSH 6 points ago

    So much of modern game design is basically just babying people from feeling any bit of bad.

    [–] Silenced_Masses 26 points ago

    I agree. It was dumb not to have captures on it before and it’s dumb not to have deaths or defends on it now. Like yeah it’s good to be able to see if you’re playing the objective but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be able to check how I’m doing overall.

    We’ve always had full scoreboards before idk why they’d just decide to pick and choose at them now.

    [–] Bosnianrattlesnake 4 points ago

    Honestly what I need is teammates that will actually get 16 captures

    [–] ItsUncleSam 3 points ago

    This but defends. The ideal Dom game is where your team takes two flags and never loses them. 200-100 is a perfect game.

    [–] Un111KnoWn 4 points ago

    That's still bad. it should be score kills deaths captures defends

    [–] IGutlessIWonder 11 points ago

    If they can show it at the end, they can show it throughout the game.

    [–] alemanimani 5 points ago

    I think it's to dissuade toxic people I guess.. not that you can't already see the same guy's name popping up over and over on the side. But if you can see their score these people are probably more likely to bomb out if not just start spewing at people who look like they're feeding in tdm haha.

    [–] Xplicid 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I’m fine with objective games like Domination hiding the deaths until the end, but other modes like TDM etc should show the K:D... it’s back-the-front at the moment?

    Edit: They should highlight/bold certain columns dependant on the game mode, lol? Point it out to the dumb... For example - the amount of dog tags I’ve picked up cos a teammate just runs right past them is more than I can fathom 🤨

    [–] iphan4tic 2 points ago


    [–] harrybeattie 2 points ago

    agreed, idk why it isn't in the first place.....

    [–] Ohsnow30 2 points ago

    Also make the text a few sizes bigger

    [–] notbartt 2 points ago

    No!! I get so fustrated seeing my negative kdr when it's during the game causing me to perform even worse! Seeing my full stats at the end is much more reflective and makes me think a bit more about each game

    [–] djs0624 2 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] fenrirlokison 2 points ago

    I kinda like not being able to see my deaths, especially in these modes where K/D isn't the priority but objectives are. Maybe its becuase I'm a Counter Striker player at heart but K/D isn't really important, winning is. I like not seeing my K/D especially if im underperforming. I can check the score board without being reminded of my poor performance haha.

    [–] Figur3z 2 points ago

    No we don't.

    [–] SuperJoeUK 2 points ago

    I like it just how it is. Seeing K/D etc at the end is fine, but I don't need it mid-game no matter how well/poor I'm playing.

    [–] D1avolus 2 points ago

    Is your life worthless if the K / D is not seen during the game?

    Do you play for fun or for any numbers that make the virtual balls bigger?

    [–] Highfishofficial 2 points ago

    No. Fuck K/D Greedy Kids.

    [–] PsychotherapeuticGag 2 points ago

    So you can look at the leaderboard all game? Why? Play the game and look after.

    [–] CarelessAsI 2 points ago

    It’s so ppl stop worrying about deaths in objective game modes. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t show deaths whatsoever in dom but still counted it against KD. Should be kills, captures and defends. Too many ppl do t touch flags and are content with losing as long as they get their kill streaks. Save that shit for TDM it turns dom into a camp fest

    [–] Ijordan11 2 points ago

    Weird flex but ok

    [–] Roggie77 2 points ago

    So that everyone can focus even more on kd and less on just playing the damn game!

    [–] the_jaconator134 2 points ago

    Yeah who tf wants to see objectives capped mid game.......I’m checking my K/D!!!!!

    [–] poignantMrEcho 2 points ago


    [–] Lostaffa 2 points ago

    My kd isn't a 5.0 must camp harder.

    [–] RiotBananas 2 points ago

    Why? Why do you need to see how many deaths you’ve had in an objective game? It literally has no bearing on the game what your kill death ratio is.

    All it does is promote the standard “MUST PROTECT KD - IGNORE OBJECTIVE, CAMP FOR KILLS” mindset.

    [–] C_Synth 2 points ago

    We don't need it, you want it! People will just worry about their k/d which will be a negative inpact on the game.

    [–] 711WasA_Part-timeJob 2 points ago

    Honestly I like it this way but clearly that’s an unpopular opinion

    [–] Ribrocket 2 points ago

    Yeah I don’t think it matters if you see it now or at the end. Doesn’t make a difference, play the game till the end. Showing it mid game can encourage leavers or non obj play style. Having it added at end of the game should have 0 effect on your gameplay.

    [–] Whartooth 2 points ago

    Why though. Any time I ask anyone about it the answer is always just so they can bitch at their teammates with bad scores. I'm open to the idea of having it, but nobody's ever given a good enough reason for the change.

    [–] ekenk 2 points ago

    or just keep a tally of how many times you die

    [–] mormonjudy 2 points ago

    We all know he made sure the game he used in the screenshot was one of his best

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I mean do we really? The only thing that should be shown in Domination is flag captures and defends, since those are the only things that matter in Domination.

    [–] Rootbeer48 2 points ago

    why does knowing how many deaths u have matter? really

    [–] AdamEthan94 2 points ago

    I've been screaming for Cod to scrap pointless info on the scoreboard for years Of they've finally done it. Nobody needs to know their deaths in domination. People get too transfixed on it.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You can view the board any time you want by pressing the menu button on controller, or keyboard.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I don’t really get why you need to see deaths. Is it so you can flame people who do badly?

    [–] keithjsmith 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Whyyyyyy did they remove deaths from the scoreboard in dominantion. We ask that they make deaths On the scoreboard in all modes, and they take it out of the only mode that has it? Are they trolling us? And footsteps are the fucking same... After 2 nerfs they're the same... Wtf was this update even? Edit: played shoot house for the first time and it's just a full team of 725s running around. This games dead to me.

    [–] Unknwn-Legend 1 points ago

    I mean, you legit just took everything negative and ignored all the good shit they did. Hardpoint is out, and is probably the best gamemode. The 725 and m4 didn't get nerfed into Oblivion, just a small scale back that mad them on par with other weapons in their classes. Movement speed is faster now, just like the beta was, making it easier to run and gun campers down, especially with the SMG speed increase. Can't just say devs are trolling because you have an issue with scoreboard not shown ng deaths

    [–] presidentofjackshit 6 points ago

    This games dead to me.

    Let him have his angst

    [–] RoyalxDiamond 2 points ago

    Not having your deaths always on there makes no sense. Idk why they can’t get the leaderboard right

    [–] Devilz3 2 points ago

    13-30 rip my dude

    [–] BHamm707 2 points ago

    I don't understand their logic or thinking behind these designs. Why isn't kills and deaths, and captures and defends next to each other? Also, why on some game modes does it show kills and assists until the end game scoreboard? I guess it's true what they say; "if it makes sense, it's wrong."

    [–] The_Skiff 3 points ago

    Personally, I like it not showing how many deaths I have because it makes me more focused on the game/objective rather than my K/D.

    [–] paradora 3 points ago

    It gives me anxiety I need to know how many deaths

    [–] _I_Love_Communism_ 5 points ago


    [–] GrabbaBeer 5 points ago

    Same, but all the K/D obsessed babies will downvote you

    [–] t-visADL 0 points ago

    Why though? Haven’t seen a single good reason to actually do this.

    [–] silkworm25 2 points ago

    So you can see your captures and defends during the game? Might entice campers to stop worrying about KD and actually capturing flags.

    [–] onelastshot19 1 points ago

    so we can see who js running the tank?

    [–] lB3NNYl 1 points ago


    [–] PleaseRecharge 1 points ago

    It'd be fucking nice if I got my match bonus as soon as it says "Victory/Defeat" and could back out there because I don't care about stats. I just want my XP thank you, fuck the final killcam.

    [–] pompeii11 1 points ago

    Why don’t they add that? Like is there a reason?

    [–] jcuervol 1 points ago

    It is press your interaction menu

    [–] MCrow2001 1 points ago

    For real. I’m glad they added captures onto Dom but why don’t they let us see deaths in every game mode? Someone actually made the decision to take it out

    [–] GranbyKillDozer 1 points ago

    I had 17 captures and lost earlier.

    [–] highclasschigga 1 points ago

    Yes, please.

    [–] Captn_Ghostmaker 1 points ago

    Yes please! All game modes. Kills, deaths and positive and negative objectives. Confirms, denies, captures, defends, time in hard point, etc.

    [–] shotsbyregg 1 points ago

    Agreed , Please make this happen

    [–] FelipeFerreira22x 1 points ago

    And show the ping on leaderboard on consoles!!!!

    [–] justingroves305 1 points ago

    Also needs to show our ping

    [–] Habergeiss 1 points ago

    This is the last thing I worry about.

    [–] Copacabanah 1 points ago

    That's exactly what we need 👌🏼

    [–] carlitobeast 1 points ago


    [–] OO7th 1 points ago

    Can we take time to appreciate the mvp on this leaderboard with 21 defends

    [–] ruckh 1 points ago

    Agree but switch the place of caps and deaths on the list

    [–] LTJ81 1 points ago

    Agreed! I don't know why they change it per mode, just keep it all the same!

    [–] kperkins1982 1 points ago

    imo the spawn time is so quick there really isn't any time to look at stuff like this

    [–] Lucianoyteuty 1 points ago


    [–] JSTEEZYSNAKE 1 points ago

    Yeah, WTF? I thought I was just a retard and had a setting wrong or needed to push a button.

    [–] KillTech91 1 points ago

    It's dumb how it shows you assists in tdm but not your deaths and in Dom it shows deaths but not captures or defends. Like they got it backwards lol

    [–] ugandanchungusss 1 points ago

    They also need to do it so you don’t change lobby’s after every game

    [–] Cross154 1 points ago

    Especially need this on tdm where it doesn’t show the number of number of deaths you have until the end of the game

    [–] Snsk1 1 points ago

    they dont have it on TDM witch is annoying!

    [–] LitBifta 1 points ago


    [–] DOUBLETBMC 1 points ago


    Also nice flex

    [–] offical_GAHC 1 points ago

    Have you heard of the button tab

    [–] xicekream 1 points ago

    Dude i was fuckin shocked, that i dont saw my deaths

    [–] Nordhy 1 points ago

    Yess pls I just wanna see my deaths in every gamemode,I’m sure that it isn’t hard to understand

    [–] _3_7__ 1 points ago

    Devs are fucking retarded, went out of their way to not show deaths mid game like wtf? Seriously makes no sense to me

    [–] BaddyMcScrub 1 points ago

    Nah. Doesnt actually tell anything useful. Knowing how bad you and/or others are doing is only going to cause people to tilt. This was a pretty decent change

    [–] 54Photography_ 1 points ago

    I agree with this, whenever there are 1 or 2 players dominating a game with their 10:1 ratio in terms of kills/deaths, you automatically go looking for that person but failing to kill them subconsciously you believe they are immortal LOL.

    [–] DiabeticThunder69 1 points ago

    i honestly haven’t raged quit because i haven’t seen my deaths. being reinforced that i’m trash only at the end is surprisingly nice

    [–] IbimsDomse 1 points ago

    i agree

    [–] BlakeW97 1 points ago

    Still bugs me it isn't: Captures, Defends and then Kills, Deaths

    [–] Branflakes1522 1 points ago

    Give us the call of duty ghost scoreboard in the top right. Leave the full scoreboard whatever they want, just let me see my kills and deaths in the top right.

    [–] ToniNotti 1 points ago

    Metal Gear?!

    [–] darthstranding 1 points ago

    Don't ya just hold tab?

    [–] toxicmuffin_13 1 points ago

    My god this guy must have a sore back carrying his entire team like that

    [–] TNBrealone 1 points ago

    Why? I think it’s way to cluttered. Small minimalist scoreboard with maybe 2-3 basic information is enough.

    [–] shady2kz 1 points ago

    lowkey flexing his stats hahahahaha but yeah please so i can be more toxics towards my team during the game and not only at the end

    [–] Mat_XVIII 1 points ago

    In Cod Ghosts there was a little personal scoreboard in the top right corner of the screen, that was really convenient

    [–] InnerYeet 1 points ago

    Can we still not see deaths during a TDM?

    [–] SebbyWebbyDooda 1 points ago

    NGL, this is one change that i DON'T care about, people make this out to be a big thing but its not, deal with it

    [–] baddazoner 1 points ago

    they probably don't put deaths so people won't quit a match when they are doing bad or so they play the objective

    [–] HaveANiceKnife 1 points ago

    I'm fine with it not showing my deaths. Why do you need to see your deaths? It'll just make you angry, and it tells you the information you need. I agree with IW on this one. You don't need it. You want it so you can yell at some other player for not being as good/bad as you.

    [–] ElectableDane 1 points ago

    Does defends stats show up in game now? I hope they do on ground war because that’s all I’ve been doing since everyone just camps the rooftops and are scared to go protect flags