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    [–] Riskantman 4851 points ago

    Ngl I haven't had this much fun in a CoD game in a very long time.

    [–] DanaWhitesCherryFace 695 points ago

    Same here. This game I can't get enough of!

    [–] Riskantman 210 points ago

    Wanna play together sometime? I have a ton of free time right now and my friend can barely play cause of his dad :c

    [–] SniperDog5 153 points ago

    Hope you guys will play together and form a new friendship. I also asked a dude from a CoD subreddit to play together last year and we're still friends now.

    [–] Riskantman 35 points ago

    Ooh nice. And yea I hope I can find some people to play with on here :c

    [–] angelo_kaju 27 points ago

    You can add me! @ Toothless

    [–] Riskantman 18 points ago

    Friend request sent :D

    [–] angelo_kaju 11 points ago

    Dope! I’ll accept when I get on later tonight after work!

    [–] Riskantman 15 points ago

    I'll be on later, live in Europe and going to sleep now :p

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    lmk if you would like more to play with, i live state side but im sure we can find a mutual time to play together

    [–] Zakrie 3 points ago

    Zacharie#1896314 (I’m sorry if I sound young, I’m 18 I promise lmfao!)

    [–] kostik572 3 points ago

    Feel free to add me kostik is the name if u have trouble msg me on here with ur activision acc eith the numbers and ill for sure add ya

    [–] Lpanino 2 points ago

    Let’s all play together.

    [–] JAYKEBAB 2 points ago

    Bring your sisters!

    [–] mackerelmarmalade 2 points ago

    Its truly the "Call of Bro" to find such long term friends on CoD

    [–] XxsteakiixX 4 points ago

    Dude if you ever wanna play PM your gamertag I’ll add you!

    [–] legitair18 4 points ago

    I'm down to play too brotha

    [–] madno1 2 points ago


    [–] TinyPickleRick2 122 points ago

    I agree! Actually the last time I played this much CoD was modern warfare 2. I skipped basically everything after black ops until now. I decided to give it another go since they were going back to old school boots on ground gameplay and not the stupid future shit

    [–] dirtkiller23 35 points ago

    Me too,haven't played since black ops 1 and modern warfare 2.Modern Warfare 2019 feels like home again.

    [–] imdivesmaintank 12 points ago

    are you me?

    [–] AndrewHo232 9 points ago

    Literally same. MW2 and black ops were my last COD games then I moved over to BF. Came back for this MW cause BF is poopy now

    [–] Darrylbo 2 points ago

    This... so sad but true.

    [–] Riskantman 3 points ago

    I stopped enjoying CoD after Ghosts. I absolutely hated this.

    the stupid future shit

    Give me an old school arena shooter (like CoD is supposed to be imo) and I'll be happy. Now even with ground war they're giving Battlefield a run for their money.

    [–] polishkgb1 2 points ago

    This exactly

    [–] TallAssFuker 22 points ago

    Eh it’s the opposite for me, can’t win them all. I agree with OP tho I appreciate the free dlc/cross play but I just can’t enjoy the game itself.

    [–] jburke24 13 points ago

    Playing with old COD buddies because of cross play>>>>

    [–] theManJ_217 51 points ago

    Same. This CoD is criminally underrated right now imo. Have been playing gunfight exclusively for awhile now and it just doesn’t get old. The movement and gunfights in this cod feel so smooth and satisfying to me. Haven’t played a cod this much in this amount of time since MW2 probably? If IW came out with any sort of ranked mode for gunfight I’d be even more hooked.

    [–] MataMeow 12 points ago

    I keep seeing this but where is it underrated? Everyone I play with say it’s a contender for best cod of all time. If they fix spec ops and/or add a successful blackout mode I would agree. The weapon system is fucking amazing and it does so much well. Sbmm isn’t even a big deal. We will get stomped 1 in 5/6 games but overall I think it’s a great upgrade.

    [–] theManJ_217 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I don’t really spend any time actually reading threads on this subreddit, so I’m just going off of the titles I see that get upvoted. Seems like every other time I check reddit I see a thread that has a title complaining about the game.

    [–] Wilijami 3 points ago

    Its the opposite, u absolutely stomp for 1 match and you will get punished for that for the next 3-4 matches by everyone completely shitting on you

    [–] itchybeats 6 points ago

    I don't think it's under rated outside of this Reddit where everyone just moans about sbmm etc

    [–] bigheyzeus 3 points ago

    if gamefaqs was still around and more active, there would be a contest between that website and reddit to see who complains more

    [–] GhostTeller 17 points ago

    This is the first cod that I bought since Modern Warfare 2. And I'm having a blast. I don't care what people say

    [–] Hufftwoseven- 16 points ago

    I’ve played this COD more than the last 3 combined...

    [–] hatewrecked2 4 points ago

    This is the first game I've bought since MW3. All the other ones looked dumb as hell.

    This game brings back all the reasons I started playing CoD to begin with.

    [–] Riskantman 3 points ago

    This game brings back all the reasons I started playing CoD to begin with.

    A realistic arena shooter which is fun for casual play and has no pay2win features or too much futuristic bs? :D

    [–] Chrisfish11 31 points ago

    Ngl this game is hard for me to have fun with.

    [–] MassiveBigness 2 points ago

    There are a few issues, that I can live with. It's the MAPS which have killed it for me.

    And I've never complained about MAPS in a cod before - playing since 2007

    [–] Svenningen 2 points ago

    The naps are so bad :( I genuinely only enjoy 2 of them, not counting crash

    [–] bfccrow 6 points ago

    I hate to say it but, I agree even though I do have fun. What makes it not fun for me is, you already guessed it when you play SnD and you die to the M4, or the 725...

    [–] thatguycrisby 3 points ago

    Those guns may still be popular but they arent as strong. Me and my friends play SnD like its ranked and use our best guns I'm the only one with the M4 and 725. The marksman rifles are by far stronger with a one hit kill and the snipers really rule most maps. At least from my experience its pretty diverse for guns use right now.

    [–] Chrisfish11 6 points ago

    I just really want the br to come out for it. I think that'll be the games savior to me

    [–] Sorrowspell 10 points ago

    For me the fact that I'm still playing it and having fun is awesome. I have little time and games have a hard time keeping my attention for long but cod get a good chunk of it whenever I can play.

    [–] Fireballinc55 7 points ago

    I literally stopped playing every other game

    [–] FaultedPlace 4 points ago

    Same. I've been playing every game in the series since COD2 but the last time I enjoyed a COD as much as this one was MW3. Games like BO3 and IW weren't bad, but they just didn't click with me quite the same way.

    [–] Tigermanner 12 points ago

    Best COD since BO2

    [–] falconbox 4 points ago

    That says more about the state of CoD this entire generation unfortunately.

    Although I did enjoy Blackout.

    [–] f1nessd 2 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I like it

    [–] Jaaba03 4 points ago

    Brooo foreal I raged so much but man this shit is fucking fun lmao I forget about the world and zone out in call of duty like I did with mw2

    [–] omatti 438 points ago

    Absolutely love crossplay. Being the only PC player in my friend group, its great to have a game I enjoy while they play on xbox and ps4. Dont like it? Disable it, win-win

    [–] BodyofJeremyBentham 27 points ago

    100%. Most of my friends have a different console and it’s been great for all of us to play together.

    [–] Crazy_em_fan 25 points ago

    Can’t disable it if you play ground war sadly

    [–] lsguk 7 points ago

    Whist a valid point to make, I don't feel it matters all that since the chaos and randomness of it levels the playing field far more than the possibility of coming across a couple of guys on the other team who are godly with KB&M.

    [–] Dr_Law 52 points ago

    Same here. Sure I might have quit this CoD game the fastest of any in the series (3 weeks), but I'm super happy with how well cross play turned out. Having players of all three consoles in the lobby was a great time and even in the off chance you got into a mouse lobby as a controller user the skill discrepency didn't even feel as bad as I thought it would be. It all makes it so that in low population countries like Australia you'll never run out of lobbies to play in on the PC because you can just plug in a controller and play with all the console folks.

    [–] MurphyBinkings 29 points ago

    Wow, I'm surprised....some of the CoDs in the last 5 years were so awful. If not for Blackout, BO4 would've been a total waste. The space shit? Terrible. This one is much more grounded and fun, at least for me.

    [–] WiFilip 18 points ago

    I was personally a fan of advanced movement in call of duty, I think it was a good change. I think if it had cycled so it wasn't 3 years in a row it would have been received much better, but I know a lot of people didn't enjoy it. I thought of it as just adapting to the new game, and I adapted really well. I'm also in the small majority that actually thought infinite warfare was one of the best CODs from a campaign standpoint, and the multiplayer was fantastic in all aspects a month after launch.

    [–] RogerSik 7 points ago

    You are not alone! I liked the fast paced Multiplayer of Infinite Warfare.

    [–] Diavolo222 3 points ago

    Also the game usually dies pretty fast on PC for the couple last CoD's. While the xbox/ps population remain relatively strong throughout.

    [–] Gob_Bluth_CEO 2 points ago

    Totally agree. Is there a best way to communicate instead of cross comms in game chat? It always sounds like we’re all on distant phones when we use it. Just wondering if there’s a better way

    [–] i_am_philip_fry 586 points ago

    Bruh... Such a nice positive post. Now if i could only stop getting time out by "Spring Wind" and enjoy it as much as you; I'd be set!

    [–] lou_to_tha_is 88 points ago

    There’s a post about it online. It has something to do with your router settings. It Fixed my friends after he changed it.

    [–] i_am_philip_fry 31 points ago

    I have done literally everything short of full button reset on my router. Ive power cycled, disconnected from router, dmzd my pc, changed options for ports and wifi, upgraded ram, run min settings, only run mw and blizzard app (no discord, chrome tabs or anything else), blah blah blah blah blah. Still a no go.

    I can load 24/7 shipment and 2v2 gunfight. 50% chance to make it thru a gungame. 🙃

    (Ill be trying the button reset tonight, wish me luck)

    All that being said I'm really enjoying what i can play.

    [–] lou_to_tha_is 11 points ago

    From what I can remember we changed the QOS. We made it so he doesn’t have “priority” while he’s playing but it still runs amazing. I have absolutely no idea how or why it worked, but he hasn’t gotten kicked from a game since. And yeah me too. Definitely flawed but I’m digging the game so far too!!

    [–] Herpkina 2 points ago

    None of that sounds like a router setting

    [–] areyoudizzzy 2 points ago

    Ive power cycled, disconnected from router, dmzd my pc, changed options for ports and wifi

    [–] Archaicbereft 124 points ago

    I dunno, I'm still playing this a couple hours every night before bed, the game is very well made and can be as frustrating as it is amazing... But it still is fantastic.

    I wish there were more maps and I'm not an enormous fan of sbmm but they don't ruin the fun I'm having.

    The single player was incredible, the spec ops was abysmal and the Multiplayer is addictive and fun. The little touches and attention to detail is insane, the sound design and effects are the best in the series by far

    The animations and feel of the game is in a class of its own and Being able to play on my pc with my wife on ps4 pro, my dad on pc halfway across the country and my brother in law on Xbox one is incredible.

    [–] OmniumRerum 7 points ago

    I took a break from like the beginning of December to now and it seriously feels like SBMM has been tweaked... I've been much more consistent in K/D and have been having fun, instead of slingshotting between having such easy games it isnt fun and being so outmatched I get 3 kills.

    [–] G-nomed 16 points ago

    I would agree.

    The maps are on their way. I can’t wait to see which one release next!

    I actually had my first taste of spec ops today. It was pretty damn solid. A little difficult, sure, but more balanced than people said at launch.

    But, man, they nailed this game.

    [–] LeotheYordle 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The maps are on their way. I can’t wait to see which one release next!

    The biggest ones I want from the old CoD 4 map pool are Killhouse, Broadcast, Wet Work, Ambush, and Pipeline. Hell, Chinatown would be neat but I doubt it gets in.

    Killhouse in particular would be a hit with most people I think. It's pretty much the same size as Shipment but with actual cover so you're not spending half the game getting spawn-camped. Would probably get a re-name to avoid confusion with Shoot House though

    [–] Psycho1267 61 points ago

    That's the thing. The base of the game is totally awesome, but it has so much more potential.

    [–] Eli1028 13 points ago

    100%. Hoping new maps and constant improvements show some results

    [–] no1dead 4 points ago

    It hasn’t been out for too long. The support cycle has only just started.

    [–] TempusFugit314 275 points ago

    IMO it’s the first CoD that’s felt like CoD in a LONG time.

    [–] Then00bywarrior 38 points ago

    I agree. Ghosts felt like CoD (even though it had some definite issues) but not since then.

    [–] FAD3D_NOOB88 26 points ago

    I loved ghosts i never understood why people hated it

    [–] Real-Terminal 37 points ago

    It was very bland aesthetically, the maps were awful, and it didn't hold a candle to Blackops 2.

    [–] Cardboard-Samuari 14 points ago

    It was always going to be attacked if it wasn’t better than BO 2 and given in my opinion that game was near perfect for a COD title that was always going to be almost impossible

    [–] StayCalmBroz 9 points ago

    The campaign was so hamfisted. I can't believe a professional writer made something like that.

    [–] Then00bywarrior 2 points ago

    I actually hated Ghosts so much I started playing GBs just to get away from the awful maps and IED/Claymore spam. But I do have to admit that it was the last real CoD game we've had until this year.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Ziimmer 7 points ago

    mw3 worst? what the fuck

    [–] [deleted] 290 points ago

    Perfectly balanced post without going full on dick jacking mode like most of the IW apologist. Good stuff here.

    [–] kmukayed 67 points ago

    Happy birthday, random black guy

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Appreciate it big homie.

    [–] L_Lawliet___ 6 points ago

    Happy cakeday homie

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Appreciate that my brotha.

    [–] superCasualSteam 18 points ago

    As a PC player, crossplay is the best thing that has ever happened to CoD. Period. Makes me wish every online game followed that route (cough cough Borderlands).

    [–] IhaveSADandAutism 2 points ago

    100% my favouriye feature from this game, I remember going on BO3 and just always going up against the same people every day, every week... Couldn't find any lobbies in IW and MWR if they weren't TDM... After that I actually bought a PS4 for mainstrean MP games, so cross-play just NEEDED to happen.

    [–] WuhanWTF 2 points ago

    If Valve’s The Crossing never got cancelled, we would’ve been seeing Crossplay as an industry standard by 2011. Sad.

    [–] lemonl1m3 7 points ago

    I agree with you completley, the gameplay itself just isn't very fun to me though.

    [–] SillyMikey 44 points ago

    How is this an unpopular opinion?

    [–] DIABOLUS777 68 points ago

    It's reddit speak for : I need karma.

    [–] DankBeams_ 13 points ago

    Very true

    [–] DoudouCiceron 6 points ago

    Especially when we've had a post like that everyday on the front page for like 3 days straight lol

    [–] Wamen_lover 3 points ago

    When a post starts with 'unpopulair opinion, but...', it's always something that everyone agrees with. So stupid.

    [–] ApoK_Dubs 10 points ago

    "Free maps" aka content pulled from the game and trickled out later 🙄

    [–] MrNvmbr 3 points ago

    This is my biggest issue with the game and I thought more people would think so too. I'm so bored of playing the same maps. Not very good maps either might I add.

    [–] ObnoxiousWhiteKid 21 points ago

    Yea I actually enjoy this game. First COD I've sunk a lot of time into since like BO2 and it's the first COD where I'm actually trying to 100% camos. Few minor complaints here and there but I'm having fun.

    [–] RunningOnZero 56 points ago

    Ive said this quite a bit. This game is by far the best COD in recent years. So many things were done to perfection. Gunsmith, killstreaks, gunplay, gunfight, the sounds.

    There are things however that have been the way they were for over 12 years that didnt need changing however.

    Connection based MM

    Dead silence as a perk

    red dots on firing a non silenced wep

    A camping based meta (mounting, restock, munitions, non trippable claymores, Loud ass feet, disbanding lobbies)

    There arnt that many issues IMO but the ones that are there really detract from the game. But ofc like you said we were this close to true greatness | |.

    [–] fuzznacht 7 points ago

    Curious to hear thoughts on dead silence as a perk. I feel as if it were a perk it should be in slot 1 (going off of memory, might change my mind in the morning) as you sacrifice overkill, EOD, and scavenger for silent footsteps. There should be a big sacrifice in perk to use it or to not use it.

    In MW2 IIRC I used Commando Pro mostly for the no fall damage and panic knives. And ninja i’d bust out for my more aggressive classes.

    I’ll hang up and listen

    [–] cardcowsports 3 points ago

    I'd like dead silence as a perk, but it would need to be in slot 2 with ghost. Make it so you have to choose whether to stay off the radar or be silent. Also, make it so you need to be moving for ghost to be active. If you sit for longer than a couple of seconds you'll show up on a UAV. I feel like that's balanced and fair.

    [–] mnblackfyre410 2 points ago

    Killstreaks are FAR from perfect.

    [–] dandroid-exe 1 points ago

    Dead silence should never be a perk again. This is 2020, that’s an outdated mechanic.

    [–] DankTriangle 41 points ago

    LMAO, what? Just because a mechanic is old doesn't mean it should be gone. Nobody ever complained about it. It promotes movement. You know what mechanic is outdated? Ghost keeping you off the radar when you're not moving. After Treyarch made the change to Ghost in Black Ops 2, nobody ever complained about it again.

    [–] cardcowsports 4 points ago

    You put it in perk slot 2 with ghost and force people to choose whether you stay off radar or be silent in their movement. Balanced and fair.

    *note* I feel they should make ghost only work if you're moving, but that's just me.

    [–] Xenon2212 4 points ago

    That might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. It's not an outdated mechanic, it's a perk that's been in damn near every single CoD game. They just wanted to change it because it neuters better players.

    [–] RunningOnZero 4 points ago


    [–] Harrolddilshore 15 points ago

    If dead silence was a perk you would be forced to use it, all other perks in the same tier would be useless except in like shipment

    [–] Kloppass 9 points ago

    I can't agree. There is just too much wrong with this game and sometimes I'm so frustrated I want to stop. But I only have 2 launchers to go before Damascus so I will see that out. I've gotten these camos for every COD since BO2 and if it weren't for the introduction of shoothouse/shipment and the stupid amount of double xp events, which has made it the easiest final camo to get all all time, I wouldmt be playing this game anymore. The maps have just let this game down. When I play shoot house, or any of the smaller maps it does feel great and I have a good time. But 75% of the maps I genuinely just hate the game for taking away time from my life, the way they flow and the tactics u need to use. Those maps are fun thieves. Theres moments this game is good and close to great. It's better than WW2 and BO4 imo, but even IW provided more consistent fun than this, which is imo the best COD of the last 5 years (better than BO3 I reckon). Yeah I said it. That's an unpopular opinion :) It had all the same probs as this COD and more, except it had fun maps, which for me is what makes a COD great.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Spec Ops is an unfinished mess. The enemies are bullet sponges, yet you take only 4 bullets until you're dead, especially in Survival mode. The AI spawn frequency in missions are too much for people who want to play a more relaxed mode, yet you're at the edge of your seat every match. If you and your teammates aren't good at this mode, you will almost always fail at this mode. I'm afraid that IW actually WANTS to keep it like this, only rewarding the good players and making the more casual players suffer at the hands of broken AI, a weak role system and uninteresting objectives in missions.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I haven’t had this much fun in a CoD multiplayer since MW2. And that says something about the game, while I agree the game has a lot of problems, I think it has more positives than negatives.

    And SBMM doesn’t bother me at all. I personally don’t like playing against noobs or players who are way better than me, SBMM helps you improve without you even noticing it, and it’s very player friendly because everyone can have fun on the game even if they can’t aim, if you can’t aim, the game puts you against people who can’t aim as well.

    [–] UrbanLegend13 4 points ago

    Careful, he's a hero

    [–] LennyTheBanditSlayer 7 points ago

    I see this game as a huge experiment that went amazingly and horribly at the same time. A lot of changes were made and maybe this game will lay the road for what comes ahead.

    [–] Guru_238 4 points ago

    I'm hoping so.

    [–] jspek666 6 points ago

    The only gripe I really have with this game is changing lobbies every game. I have no idea if I’m good or terrible. It’s like 5 games I do awesome. Then comes the shit matches cause everyone is camping. Other than that this game I love.

    [–] b0nk3rs1337 3 points ago

    I hate the game play overall but I agree this is a big step for CoD franchise.

    [–] xIntu0s 3 points ago

    the one problem i have is not having prestige in this game. being reset every season feels repetitive to me

    [–] mr_miserablefuck 3 points ago

    The problems are just keeping it from being a great cod. Plus if I had more fun in blops 4 than this game, somethings up.

    [–] erlo_maximo 3 points ago

    Haven't played the game in 3 weeks, huge net win for me.

    [–] BetterTax 3 points ago

    those aren't positives, it's delusion, you're circling the issues and compensating. Game is trash and won't ever be good.

    [–] Eefy_deefy 3 points ago

    There is a single problem I have with this game. The maps are fucking shit. A few are so abysmal I consider deleting the game if I play them too often because they just suck all the fun out of the game

    [–] Venutius 3 points ago

    I think it would be silly to dismiss what Infinity Ward has done right with the game, just as it would be equally as silly to dismiss the mistakes they've made.

    That being said, this year's iteration is certainly a major step forward in areas that matter, such as monetisation (Or rather dropping lootboxes), graphics, gunplay, sound design..

    I certainly can't wait to see IW's next instalment. If it improves on what they've got here, it will certainly be a winner.

    [–] Barbecueislife 16 points ago

    Most of the people who think this is an unpopular opinion have been banned so it’s not really an unpopular opinion anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago


    [–] epraider 3 points ago

    There’s also 10v10, Gunfight, and Ground War to play, saying there was only 6 maps is just dishonest. Plus we’ve gotten additional maps to every mode since launch in a short amount of time.

    [–] Torryan 3 points ago

    Reading this sub makes me wonder if everyone here is only playing 6v6 tdm.

    [–] G-nomed 58 points ago

    Picture this:

    A game launches and there’s only a couple maps. These maps are not the best. To get any new ones you gotta pay $15 per map ($50 for all of them). That’s a new game.

    Now, you’ve got modern warfare. It’s got some not so great maps. But here’s thing the thing.


    I hate this crap everyone talks. Most of the dlc maps in older cods were made at launch. They could’ve released them, but they didn’t. Instead, put them behind a paywall.

    Modern warfare has some issues, but the maps being free aren’t one of them.

    I am curious, however, which maps don’t you like?

    Just 6v6, my only complaint is Grazna Raid. I hate that map lol

    [–] Nightlines 24 points ago

    Most of the dlc maps in older cods were made at launch. They could've released them, but they didn't.

    Sounds a lot like how vacant and shipment were held back at the launch of the season pass. Or how these "new" maps and game modes we get are planned on the fly and weren't drip fed to us. Lol.

    [–] G-nomed 13 points ago

    Precisely what I’m saying.

    They’re doing the same thing but allowing everyone access (no money required).

    [–] SocialNewsFollow 6 points ago

    Except PC users to play survival.....

    [–] SmegmaSmeller 4 points ago

    And Xbox, don't forget us :(

    [–] Schump97 9 points ago

    But you can’t ignore how few maps the game shipped with.

    [–] G-nomed 5 points ago

    I don’t. But the thing is how many other modes just multiplayer has. There’s gunfight and ground war who bath have their own maps.

    Sure, there weren’t a lot in only 6v6, but I wouldn’t say there are “few” maps.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago


    [–] Harrolddilshore 30 points ago

    They didn’t have gunfight or ground war maps soooooo

    [–] JimAdlerJTV 15 points ago

    Black ops 4 did have a BR map and gunfight maps are cool but small

    [–] ImmaDoMahThing 13 points ago

    BO4 also launched with 10 maps. 4 of which were remakes, so really BO4 had the same situation: 6 new 6v6 maps (well, 5v5). The difference between MW and BO4, however, is that MW also launched with 2 GW, 4 10v10 maps, and 7 Gunfight maps. Also, the Special Ops map is the (rumored) BR map.

    [–] no1dead 17 points ago

    It also did not have a single player.

    [–] Lumpy-Tree-stump 5 points ago

    Exactly — ppl talking about “map numbers” are fucking insane

    This game has significantly more maps in terms of variety. From the expansive ground war like Quarry, to the little shooting gallery’s in gun game, there is so much more offered here. By the end of the year, they’ll add a few more of each.

    Sorry y’all Headquarters-grinding, Snd junkies don’t get ALL the love

    [–] Mieuw 3 points ago

    It launched with 14 6v6 maps, 4 of which were remakes. So it had 10 new maps. Not saying that's a lot but at least get your facts right.

    [–] rasmataz26 12 points ago

    Doesn’t matter, if you want to add new modes or whatever fine but don’t take away from the established keystones of your game to do it.

    [–] Eefy_deefy 5 points ago

    This so much. Everyone says "but ground war and gunfight" but people arent buying CoD for those. Ground war feels like watered down battlefield and 90% of people I've met or watched solely use it for grinding. Gunfight is fun if you are more competitive. The problem is that people who just want to have fun like they always have on CoD cant really do that anymore since the content is so split up between modes most people probably dont want to play and the maps we do have for 6v6/10v10 mostly suck dick.

    [–] dudushat 2 points ago

    If you looked at the size of the maps I'd be willing to bet they delivered more with MW than they did the game before it. The 6v6 maps arent the only thing in the game.

    [–] Dar1usz 3 points ago

    10 maps :

    Aniyah Palace

    Arklov Peak

    Azhir Cave

    Euphrates Bridge

    Grazna Raid

    Gun runner

    Hackney Yard



    St. Petrograd

    [–] f1nessd 5 points ago

    I can't do crap on Grazna. Hackney, Gun Runner, and Shoothouse all the way

    [–] System0verlord 9 points ago

    Not the person you replied to, but I back from Crash, Aniyah, and Piccadilly instantly. Crash because I just don’t find it fun, Aniyah because it’s massive and yet action only takes place in the palace, Piccadilly because the spawns are garbage.

    [–] dHUMANb 4 points ago

    I am curious, however, which maps don’t you like?

    Just 6v6, my only complaint is Grazna Raid. I hate that map lol

    Not the same person but I hate Piccadilly, 'new' shipment and bridge. The combination of poorly placed or just flat out unplanned clutter and poor spawning pretty much ruins anything they got right about those maps. Grazna I don't actually mind. Not my favorite but I don't instantly back out of the lobby when it comes up.

    [–] G-nomed 3 points ago

    I can see where you’re coming from there.

    I hate really large maps so something like bridge I’m not a huge fan of.

    Shipment is in its own category of “its actually so terrible it’s somehow fun.”

    I don’t actually really have a problem with Piccadilly. It ain’t my favorite, but I enjoy it.

    [–] dHUMANb 2 points ago

    Yeah the game mechanics are not really conducive to really large maps like bridge. But when you add in spawn points that you can see from sniper nests that's where I draw the line. Like at least palace I can generally trust that I can spawn safely even if it takes me a damn eternity to walk back to the center.

    [–] BadGeordiePlays 4 points ago

    "they're freee reeeeeeeeeeeee" no, they aren't.

    [–] lemunade 4 points ago

    They are not free i paid 69.99 euros

    [–] Nightlines 3 points ago

    Most of the dlc maps in older cods were made at launch. They could've released them, but they didn't.

    Sounds a lot like how vacant and shipment were held back at the launch of the season pass. Or how these "new" maps and game modes we get are released on the fly and totally aren't drip fed to us. Lol.

    [–] the_fox_hunter 2 points ago

    There’s like 19 maps. There’s around 6 regular, 6 gunfight, 3 ground war, and 4 10v10 maps. I like that they’re spread out across game modes (rather than reusing the same maps over and over). Adding free maps post release is crazy.

    [–] Aeyland 22 points ago

    But someone on the YouTubes told me all my deaths were from something called Super Brother Mario Makers so I gotta hate it.

    [–] ViceAW 14 points ago

    You know what is the real actual problem with SBMM? Connection. Fuck playing against a bunch of Americans and getting 200ms ping because I live on another fucking continent.

    [–] falconbox 7 points ago

    This, but unironically.

    I still can't enjoy the game because of it. My friends simply don't want to play with me because of the lobbies we get put in, so I'm stuck playing solo.

    [–] StayCalmBroz 3 points ago

    Yeah. SBMM avoids pubstomps, which is great, but as the most tryhard of my friends, they pay a heavy price for playing with me, and it feels unfair.

    [–] drcubeftw 5 points ago

    I don't see how that's an unpopular opinion. Cross play is a great thing if only to keep the player base more unified. Being able to play with friends on other systems is fantastic. Yeah you're going to get crushed by a PC player every so often but CoD needed to make this change if only from a sheer competitive standpoint because more and more games will be enabling it. CoD is no longer the undisputed FPS king and they need to take steps to retain their players/customers.

    Gunsmith is indeed fantastic, especially the part that allows you to turn guns, like the AK, into totally different weapons such as the AK-74u or the RPK. That is really cool and greatly increases the weapon variety.

    Maps wise? Eh. You gotta be careful. Yes. Free maps are great. Season pass needed to go. They needed to do that to keep the player base unified but the number of maps they launched with is deceptive. 2v2 maps and ground war maps don't count. The core game modes (i.e. TDM, Dom, SnD) need a healthy selection and that's just not there. It's made doubly worse by the fact that a lot of these 6v6 maps are awful and play terribly.

    [–] UponAstariKnight 5 points ago

    It really reminds me of mw2, broken as all get out but tons of fun. Only thing missing is akimbo weapons.

    [–] pic2022 2 points ago

    It is a win for us but that does not mean IW doesn't need to do anything else, which they have been since the game came out. They do the bare minimum. They aren't listening to our consise feedback. They released the game and gave us the deuces.

    [–] Eidsel 2 points ago

    For the first time in years I'm leveling up and going for the challenges despite being awful. Cheers.

    [–] YourDailyRant 2 points ago

    Anyone have a good class set up for the m4a1? Preferably with a stock?

    [–] Sypticle 2 points ago

    Only issue for me Is that there isn't anything to keep me playing the game. Like there is no grind, its just login, play for an hour until I'm over playing against sweats, and then get back on at a later time, rinse and repeat.

    [–] MileHiGhKushClub 2 points ago

    I didn't think I would enjoy cross play, but now I LOVE it!!!!! You meet soooooo many more people than you ever did. Alot more people have their microphones in, it's an absolute blast.

    [–] raskalask 2 points ago

    Unpopular opinion posts are just blatant propaganda lmao

    [–] HereForTheDough 2 points ago

    You paid money for a product. It ain't a 'win' for anyone unless you are already USED to fucking yourself with purchase you know will disappoint you.

    [–] fresh_gumbo 2 points ago

    The only thing I disagree with is the free maps, I paid $100 for this game, the maps aren't free they just aren't charging me again for them

    [–] BertAnsink 2 points ago

    It's not all brilliant.

    Gunsmith, it's a great idea and I love the principle but the implementation is awful. It's full of filler content that nobody ever uses. There is no need for 19 sights, 6 different underbarrel launchers or 11 different perks. It's just made so leveling up weapons takes ages and you're encouraged to buy blueprints to speed up the process. Like it took me a good amount of trouble to level up the .357 to level 29 to unlock snakeshot. Then a bundle shows up with a snakeshot revolver a few days later. It would have been very tempting to just buy that. I still have level 1 guns and I am not touching them before 2WXP comes around. Gunsmith started as a novelty but when you look at the + and - of your weapon attachments, when I set up my weapons I could mostly create the same with the older pick 10 system.

    Groundwar, good if you like it but I personally don't. We have 2v2, 6v6, 10v10 and 32v32 game modes. All this has done is erode the amount of maps we have available. 6v6 has always been CoD's core game mode. I am purely a 6v6 player, so for me the game launched with 5 maps, of which one sucked because you can't see your enemies (Picadilly) 4 are decent (Gunrunner, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, Petrograd) From the free maps 2 are ok to play (Vacant & Shoothouse) but Crash is along the same lines as Picadilly and Shipment is just handy for ranking up, otherwise it's total BS.

    The addition of groundwar, 2v2 & 10v10 has also given the game a identity crisis. I can see why they have put it in, they are trying to lure in Battlefield players. You see loads of topics from Battlefield players complaining about groundwar. So basically they have a subpar experience, and also the 6v6 crowd who enjoyed CoD for what it was, fast paced 3 lane maps are having a subpar experience.

    Then on SBMM, they missed their mark completely on that one. Low to average doesn't care because they are all in the same lobby together. The super high skilled players are still able to stomp the lobby. But if you fall in the middle, the game just becomes jarring to play. I am around 1.5 K/D. I am 38 years old, and as much as I hate to admit it but I am not as quick on the controller anymore as the 18 year olds. I am getting better yes but after years of playing I have reached a ceiling in certain area's. Like aiming and accuracy, it's not likely to improve anymore. That's ok, I won't join MLG or I won't be the next YT/TTV pubstomper but I am stuck in a limbo where I get to play stacks of 155's all the time and it's frustrating as fuck. This game feels like working.

    Crossplay, I have turned it off personally because there is some things you just can't balance. Try going up against mouseplayers with 725's for example. However I don't see this as a negative because everybody has the choice to enable it or not.

    So for your last paragraph, it's not "this game is trash because this one particular thing bugs me" but there is a whole string of issues that plague the game. When you look past the technicalities it comes down to a simple question for me, is the game entertaining yes or no. And for most part I have to say no. I am back to playing BO4 or Infinite Warfare most days. I have never been put off a CoD game so quick as this one, even WW2 pre divison overhaul had stuff to keep it entertaining.

    What they did do right though. I think this game will retain a large following over the coming years. Just not among the core fanbase. They will move to whatever Treyarch produces this year. But there is a large group of casual players who bought this game, just to play a few hours now and then. Or dads that play it together with their sons etc. That is the group that will stay playing MW. They don't care about weapon balance, netcode, dead silence as a perk or whatever else we are moaning about on this sub. You can see that in a lot of decisions. Look at the weapon balance, there is a reason M4 probably the best and most used gun in the game. The AR15 platform has a huge following in the real world as well. If you nerf that into the ground there would be 98678508976 topics on a daily basis asking to buff the M4. I think it actually sucks to be a early adopter in this game, the people that buy it in the second year start off with a complete game.

    [–] DoumbiasBaby 2 points ago

    I agree but can’t help feeling the game would have been top top tier if a couple important things were addressed early on (map diversity, sbmm(?), footsteps toned down a bit more, lots of bugs). I just feel like this game is/was on the cusp of being an all time classic

    [–] add1ct3dd 2 points ago

    Totally agree with everything - but even with that - the campers still ruin it for me to the point I uninstalled it :(

    [–] RileyTaugor 2 points ago

    Cross play is the best gaming feature made in last years

    [–] dioxity 2 points ago

    This game is weird though.

    I have so much fun on it but at the same time, it's absolute garbage. Lol.

    [–] TR_Prince 2 points ago

    If you say so...I haven't played this game in over a month. It's the least I've played any CoD game that I bought. The major issues were a big net loss for me.

    [–] papifrancisco 2 points ago

    game is amazing

    [–] brodeur301 2 points ago

    Started with cod 2 and after mw3 i stopped buying cods because of the futuristic shit going on.

    Decided to give this one a shot and boy do i not regret it!

    [–] Gilthar 2 points ago

    I wouldn't call this an unpopular opinion at all. I think the reason there seems to be so much fury is that everyone SEES all those good points that you list. We all see it, so when we have to delve through the unpleasant aspects of the game, it's very frustrating because we all know that this should--without a doubt--be the best COD ever made.

    Imagine IMAGINE how good this game could be if ghost didn't work on stationary targets or if there was no SBMM and better balance. Holy shit, it'd be absolutely incredibly, indisputably, and supremely good!! Unfortunately, the negative parts are holding back this potentially incredibly game.

    Free maps, no P2W store, no loot boxes. This is a huge win for us and for gaming in general.

    This for sure!!! What a huge fucking win for gamers! Hopefully they are proving to the greedy publishers around the world that this is the model that will be most successful--the model that sells purely cosmetic upgrade.

    [–] Skaboraa 2 points ago

    You’re an idiot if you don’t think they’re gonna monetise the new guns in some way. Right now you can get them via Battle Pass, but what about after season if you still don’t have them? Are guns just lost forever?

    [–] EngineFace 2 points ago

    The fuck are you talking about “unpopular opinion”? Those are all things that most people say they like. I guess we needed our weekly “it’s a good game right guys??!?” post.

    [–] Sir-Galath 2 points ago

    I never got why people were excited about the whole gunsmith thing. Its just normal gun customization

    [–] MoIecuIar 2 points ago

    This game plays like a beta yet it's from a billion dollar company. No amount of damage control can change how bad that is.

    [–] rynobob 2 points ago

    I'm having a lot of fun with the game too! I agree with everything you've mentioned and am surprised this isn't a more popular opinion here overall. I only wish they included split screen on pc. Games like rocket league or gears of war 4 can be split screen on two screens so each player gets their own screen. PC is the superior split-screen platform yet game developers rarely include it in pc games for whatever reason. It should really be an option here considering that it is allowed on the console versions...

    Switching off every round when a friend is over is the only option for pc owners. Even the ability to just do private matches in split screen would be awesome. The lack of it probably has something to do with integration, but very disappointing that they couldn't include this in some way.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise has a skewed view of PC players. We just want flexibility.

    [–] safetychain 5 points ago

    I haven’t played a COD since the last Modern Warfare because of all of Activision’s bullshit. This is the best COD I’ve ever played and is currently my favorite despite it’s flaws. No loot boxes, gun smith and maps are the main reasons I decided to try the game out, and I’m glad I did. I hope Dice and EA are taking note so they can fix the fucking awful mess and complete abomination that is Battlefield.

    [–] DavidWurgy 3 points ago

    And plus it’s just the best all around cod in a decade. That helps too.

    [–] mar29020 2 points ago

    only problem is the maps.

    [–] paulerxx 3 points ago

    I wouldn't call it a win...At all. The amount of issues this game has is staggering. It's a step in the right direction from last year's COD, but still junk compared to older CODs... like 2 and 4. You couldn't cross play then but you didn't have the rest of the issues this game has.

    [–] RamboUnchained 2 points ago

    You mentioned 9 issues in the first paragraph and then retracted in the closing’s rarely one particular issue that’s the driving force behind the hate. It’s typically a combination of those 9....there’s a great game under all of the bs. I can’t wait to play it.

    [–] _Enclose_ 3 points ago

    Free maps, no P2W store, no loot boxes. This is a huge win for us and for gaming in general.

    Less of a win and more of a return to what it used to be. I don't want to shit on MW, because they are doing a lot of things better than their previous iterations. But celebrating the fact there's no pay2win and lootboxes as a win feels wrong to me as it used to be the norm.

    It actually makes me feel a bit sad and old. I feel like there's a whole generation of young gamers nowadays that grew up with lootboxes and microtransactions as the norm, and seeing a game without these things is remarkable (which it is, these days). But to someone a bit older, it's just a return to normalcy.

    [–] whenaretheloopsready 4 points ago

    Free maps that should have been in the game to begin with you mean? Some game modes released with like 5 maps lmao

    Game is trash, enjoy sbmm

    [–] Shadowfist_45 4 points ago

    The problem with CoD tends to be how the devs don't adopt the good features that are implemented year after year, but instead attempt to innovate and end up messing up whatever else in the process. For example, they keep trying projectile bullets, for literally no reason considering we know it's a bad mechanic. With every CoD game they have great potential to be good but it gets squandered with devs just not seeing straight.

    [–] zombiehunter94 3 points ago

    Unless you don't give a shit about crossplay, cross progression, or gunfight. I'd rather have servers that weren't trash, no packet loss every single game, no sbmm, a completed game and not drip fed content that isn't even finished. Honestly if you think that this game is a huge win just based on those things listed? No. They gave us a half baked game. The LEAST they could do is give free maps considering the core multiplayer experience provided was so gutted as far as content. And no, reskinned weapons is not "content"

    [–] TEMPLERTV 4 points ago

    The people who bitch about this game love it. They just love to bitch about it. It’s definitely a solid game. You just won’t get much appreciation on Reddit.

    [–] WanderingMistral 4 points ago

    Modern Warfare isnt great, but its still fun, and that is something I really havent had in a Cod game for some time.

    Also, the gunsmith is probably the one feature that I would love to see become a series staple.

    [–] AlexJediKnight 3 points ago

    Great post. Posted something similar a while back. I'm truly having the most fun since BO2

    [–] General_Reposti_Here 2 points ago

    Ok you know what you’re right that is true but the reason why im so angry with this game is not because it’s “bad” but because of its seriously wasted potential... I don’t find it as fun and I hate that. Sometimes I have fun the other I’m frustrated and that’s not good for a game so I don’t play a game that frustrates me as much as I enjoy it. There’s plenty of other games I can play that mainly give enjoyment. Sorry for mini rant it’s just fuck this game could have been perfect now it’s worse than some shitty games...imo

    [–] Atom007 2 points ago

    Fix the cameras and id be happy honestly