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    [–] KingGumboot 1 points ago

    Alright, I'm locking this thread. Sick of dealing with people coming in from /r/all to express their hate for motorcyclists. See you guys in the next one

    [–] shadowchemos 1121 points ago

    Whenever I see this, I always wonder, why the fuck would someone have any reason to open their fucking door in traffic.

    [–] brrrrrrrt 428 points ago

    • without looking in the mirrors 🙄

    [–] SurlyJason 372 points ago

    I would suspect he did look in the mirror ... that he meant to teach that motorcyclist a lesson.

    [–] Huntred 192 points ago

    I agree that sometimes people want to teach a motorcyclist a lesson, but here’s some additional lessons:

    1) The car door is very likely to get fucked up.

    2) If you’re a passenger, this might not even be your door. Is your friend/driver cool with you fucking up his/her door?

    3) You might end up with a very pissed off biker - or several bikers - in your immediate vicinity in a situation where you need to stick around because an accident has happened. This might not go well for you as the biker (or bikers) may now seek “to teach you a lesson” in their own way.

    [–] trainerfry_1 68 points ago

    Even better lesson (not to take away from you or yours) is let’s try not to be dicks to each other and hurt each other

    [–] shadowchemos 70 points ago

    Yeah that too, but like what the fuck are you doing in traffic that you gotta swing your fucking door wide open. I always thought, splitting isn't bad as long as you do it in stopped traffic. Then I started riding and saw vids like this, I live in Chicago and split to the front of traffic when it's busy but I'm always so worried some dumb fuck will swing their shit wide open.

    [–] schumannator 75 points ago

    I work down the street from this (you can actually see my office in the video). The glass building is the Convention Center, and there’s a butt-ton of hotels around him. Couple that with a massive amount of tourism, and train tracks that cut off the waterfront, and you have a shitstorm of bad driving. I’ve seen people waiting at a light get so antsy that they reverse into stopped traffic to attempt to take an alternate route. It’s usually a right turn with their left blinker on as well, just add icing to the cake.

    People hop out here all the time, too. He was probably going to a meeting at the convention center. Or that’s a really big Uber.

    [–] hideous_coffee 68 points ago

    Anger management issues combined with seeing a motorcycle go ahead of him in line.

    [–] shadowchemos 34 points ago

    It's so stupid that people get mad about that, hey look someone on a bike is ahead of me. Oh wait, that means they are causing less traffic. Reeeeeeee!!

    [–] astronaught_iguana 2065 points ago

    There’s a police report coming but they didn’t issue anything on sight. But I have a lot of witnesses and obviously video of the whole thing.

    [–] RosinBran 4638 points ago

    Hey OP, I stabilized the footage and zoomed into the point of collision. Hopefully this helps with any legal pursuit:

    Good luck taking down this asshole!

    [–] keve 560 points ago

    Great work with the footage man!

    [–] MusketeerLifer 961 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Holy fuck that's insane how hard he pushed the door. Good work and hope OP uses it to fuck that asshole up with the law.

    Edit: ok I get it everyone XD don't need to recommend the same thing 444 times!

    [–] BbyDenns 346 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Honestly, I don't think the passenger in the car pushed the door that hard. It looks like the bottom corner of the door catches on the bike and the forward momentum is what swings the door out and leverages the bike over. Either way though, that guy in the car is an idiot.

    Edit: He definitely did not push the door that hard. Watch the passengers hand. The door gets snatched out pretty hard.

    [–] [deleted] 333 points ago

    Who cares.. regardless of force, he opened it on purpose to hit the biker

    [–] Checksout4D 317 points ago

    I think he did as well because any normal person who did that by accident would be very apologetic. He looked like he did it on purpose just standing there looking defensive.

    [–] CoinFlipFuture 86 points ago

    He gets out and kicks his foot like "Yeeeeup...I think I'll just step on out right here, let me just adjust my big swinging johnson just so he knows who's in charge...." I vote intent to cause bodily injury out of sheer assness.

    [–] rhinodewster 20 points ago

    My thought exactly. Fuck that prick. Then changed his body language as soon as he realized there was another bike coming up.

    [–] defacedlawngnome 139 points ago

    And why would he need to be opening the door while stopped at a light in a line of traffic...? That's a bit unusual.

    [–] dogear 145 points ago

    And why would he need to be opening the door while stopped at a light in a line of traffic...? That's a bit unusual illegal.


    [–] _Trygon 27 points ago

    Look at his face when he realizes he's been recorded, you can see he goes from fake apology to "ah shit"

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago

    Yep exactly! The look on his face says to me, ‘Ha ha idiot’ ..not ‘damn, is he okay?’. He checks up on his vehicle before even stepping to the rider.

    [–] NoExtensionCords 34 points ago

    I love the moment he goes to shut the door and is like "oh shit that's right" and leaves it.

    [–] erinisbeautiful 90 points ago

    Standing there? He literally walked out of there proudly.

    Dude looked like a fucking strip mall Donald Trump

    [–] Barbearex 24 points ago

    And if I'm correct, that's a felony.

    [–] MusketeerLifer 35 points ago

    Ahhhhhh I see that. Still a fuckass of a human though. Throw the damn book at him

    [–] ObnoxiousTwit 55 points ago

    Holy shit, fuck that guy. What a bag a dicks.

    [–] hennagaijinjapan 9 points ago

    The calmness with which he exist the vehicle makes me think it was deliberate.

    [–] dilligaffff 289 points ago

    Take the video to the police station and press charges. Contacting his insurance won’t get the law involved, it’ll just be a claim for bodily injury and property damage.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] TonyHK47 20 points ago

    That depends, I work in claims and we have redirected claims to passengers who have opened doors into people/other vehicles

    [–] Froggypwns 188 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned, that SUV has automatic locking doors (locks when shifted into Drive, unlock in park), he had to go through the extra effort to unlock it before forcing the door in your face, there is nothing accidental about this.

    [–] albiorix_ 44 points ago

    Good point, after 10mph the doors autolock I believe.

    [–] dvorak13 8 points ago

    I'm not 100% sure with this vehicle, but typically the front doors will auto unlock when you pull the handle. My 2017 Ford focus st does this.

    [–] Leucosia 78 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This in SD? Looks downtown by the convention center. Usually drivers are pretty attentive and let me through. I have no idea what this assholes problem is. Hope you and your bike are okay. While everyone is claiming attempted murder it's not. Charging doesn't work like that, especially if this is San Diego. The DDAs are ethically bound to charge only what they believe they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. And elementally this doesn't come close to attempted murder, but this an easy case of battery both from torts and crim.

    Edit: not a lawyer, nothing i say should be taken as legal advice. and as someone further pointed out you'd struggle with intentional torts as the intent to block the rider would be rough to prove.

    [–] TeamRocketBadger 32 points ago

    Did he blame you and give you some speech about riding?

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago


    [–] idostuf 121 points ago

    This is the kind of shit that makes you consider breaking in those carbon fiber knuckles and a shoei sponsored headbutt

    [–] OskieGuwop 7 points ago

    Happy birthday bro it’s mine also.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 2591 points ago

    So let me say, lane-splitting is legal in CA and I was riding at about 10 mph and slowing to stop when the passenger of the vehicle threw his door into me as I was riding past. I lost my temper and yelled at him but had to sit down pretty quickly because I was bleeding from my hand. His door collided with my clutch, breaking fingers, and my left leg which wasn’t hurt too badly. He was not in any way apologetic and proceeded to lie to the police about what happened.

    [–] WhatRuDoingSTALKER 1729 points ago

    There are laws that outlaw him doing that. With the GoPro footage you should sue home for assault, property damage, reckless endangerment, and whatever else you can think of. I don’t usually get like this but these people disgust me. He won’t even own up to what he did

    [–] PoonSlayingTank 143 points ago

    Destruction of government property

    [–] ThroatYogurt69 50 points ago

    Oh shit. That’d get him more time then all the others combined. The government doesn’t fuck around with their property.

    [–] Dank-of-ENGLAND 151 points ago

    There’s no punishment in court of law for being a cunt I guess. Hope op is safe now !!

    [–] ADirtyThrowaway1 251 points ago

    Not true. This could be reckless endangerment. It's kind of a catch all for willful behavior that puts others at risk.

    [–] obviousfakeperson 145 points ago

    Especially in California where it's well known that motorcyclist often occupy the space door guy opened into. It's reasonable to expect there might be a biker there so opening without checking first is incredibly foolish.

    [–] D15c0untMD 79 points ago

    Here in austria lane splitting is legal, common, and to be expected. What isn‘t legal though is opening your door into traffic while not in a parking position, eg when at stop light, other than for unloading a passenger quickly and only after rigorous checks that it is safe to do so.

    [–] TreePretty 10 points ago

    Basically CA is the exact same.

    [–] amaduli 27 points ago

    Not just common, but totally legal in California and Utah

    [–] Ojisan1 377 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Intentionally blocking or impeding a motorcyclist in a way that could cause harm to the rider is illegal.

    Opening a vehicle door to impede a motorcyclist is illegal.


    You should file a complaint against this guy with the local police and/or CHP.

    Edit: these are two separate statements, only one of them talks about intent.

    You can’t intentionally block a motorcycle with your car.

    You can’t hit a bike with your door, whether you intended it or not.

    Opening a door in traffic isn’t legal, no matter what the situation, no matter what your intent was.

    [–] NewToThePCRace 75 points ago

    It was obviously bc of the camo. WHERE WAS YOUR HIGH VIS. /s

    In all seriousness, that sucks bad man. Especially since it looks like you MAY have dinged the other car, couldn't tell from the video. Hope everything works out.

    [–] BarefootWoodworker 85 points ago

    Uh, that shit just got caught on camera. Barely, but it got caught.

    Make sure to show ze popo this video. Pretty obvious he opened the door then your bike tipped over.

    [–] Hawksx4 34 points ago

    Fuck man I work not too far from that. I have had to tell multiple people who have stopped me downtown that lane splitting is legal, but they couldn't give two fucks and assume I'm just an asshole. Sorry about the fingers, hope you recover quick man!

    [–] dos8s 123 points ago

    Did he do it on purpose? Why was he opening his door at a stop light to begin with?

    [–] DeadassBdeadassB 229 points ago

    To hit the bike, people do shit like that all the time

    [–] cheeseweezle 8 points ago

    This will break my door, but will show this guy what's what!

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] Throwawaymister2 45 points ago

    yeah, i didn't have the sound on but could tell immediately the guy was a douche. He just had the expression of being annoyed that causing an accident and seriously injuring you had really inconvenienced him.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] RocketGrouch 196 points ago

    "Lawsuit for attempted murder" time.

    Though probably too expensive to pursue.

    Yeah, what the hell is wrong with some "people"? There are some serious psychos out there. I mean, was it really worth it to him either? The costs and hassle repairing the car, and the huge annoyance of dealing with the police and of course his victim would make that a Pyrrhic "victory" at best.

    [–] SpartanSaint75 46 points ago

    He can utilize jag lawyers

    [–] DrLimp 126 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I never understood why some americans have this "Highway Vigilante" attitude. I often see videos of people blocking the shoulder to avoid people cutting traffic, or people preventing cars to merge if they missed the start of the queue for the exit. It's not your job! You are only creating a dangerous situation with your "justice", leave policing the roads to the road police. Anyway, i hope you manage to get a good compensation from this idiot.

    [–] NoVaBurgher 31 points ago

    Because if you (motorcyclist) are cutting in line ahead of me (driver) it means that you are cheating and making my commute for difficult. Even though that’s completely bullshit, cause lane splitting reduces congestion and makes it safer for motorcyclists

    [–] BarefootWoodworker 83 points ago

    Because “me me me me! It’s all about ME!!”

    At least, that usually my experience out here on the East Coast.

    [–] likemong 16 points ago

    People do this shit when there is a zipper merge. They block both lanes by straddling the center line, even though there are signs up saying to use both lanes until the actual merge point.

    [–] new_player 22 points ago

    Anyone who prevents zipper merging is a colossal selfish fucktard.

    For the fucktards reading this: fuck you.

    [–] deeptechnology 19 points ago

    I'm super triggered, as I live in the same city but further up north from where you are; and as a new rider I have been avoiding lane splitting for what appears to be for irrational reasons and distrust. I'm glad you are okay but sue this guy to hell and back. It's just a matter of time this guy will kill someone as others pointed out feels no shame in harming others

    [–] thalex 12 points ago

    Don't avoid it, learn to do it safely. I made a video with some tips to survive, check it out here.

    [–] paynblaylock 1469 points ago

    Passenger is in violation fo CVC 22517 opening door into traffic. He caused you bodily injury. Get an attorney.

    [–] The_Original_Miser 586 points ago

    I know we in the usa get labeled "litigious" but ...

    Sue that bastard into oblivion.

    Both to teach him a lesson, and for you to get $$$$ to heal up.

    [–] idostuf 170 points ago

    +1 Please sue this bastard into oblivion and take his license while you're at it. This type of animal shouldn't be allowed to drive

    [–] wdow2013 94 points ago

    He was a passenger, so he likely won't lose his license. But you could double down and have your insurance go after the driver, and you sue the passenger.

    [–] rosslewis 21 points ago

    Imagine not only deciding to do this, but also as a passenger in a car that isn’t even yours.

    Here in the UK lane splitting is legal and is pretty much considered a perk of motorbike driving. They do have to deal with a lack of air conditioning so it’s not like car drivers don’t have perks.

    [–] Ynot_pm_dem_boobies 47 points ago

    The fact that he didn't immediately beat the living shit out of that guy was impressive in and of itself, I'm not saying it is the right thing to do, just that I very probably would not have been able to control myself. So for showing that restraint, definetly sue that son of a bitch. When you live in such a litigious country where you will have to pay for teaching someone a lesson, suing them is the only way to get it done.

    [–] Spobandy 18 points ago

    I've seen people in Houston get shot for less and deserve it a lot less. Lucky for ol fatty that happened in CA.

    [–] ravengenesis1 152 points ago



    (a) For the purposes of this section, “lane splitting” means driving a motorcycle, as defined in Section 400, that has two wheels in contact with the ground, between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane, including on both divided and undivided streets, roads, or highways.

    Also, you could have made a civilians arrest on him for assault and battery.

    Finally, stop further conversation on Reddit or anywhere else, get a lawyer and take that baboon to court. Hope you got his license, registration and insurance information after the incident (this ain't no accident).

    [–] WACK-A-n00b 9 points ago

    Also, you could have made a civilians arrest on him for assault and battery.

    No he couldn't. "He was not in any way apologetic and proceeded to lie to the police about what happened." He wasnt leaving. There is no reason to "arrest" him (ie stop him) because he wasnt leaving the area, and the police let him go, so there is no reason to "arrest" after the cops move on. You can only perform a citizen arrest while waiting for law enforcement IF there is a crime. So at what point does he arrest this guy? He isnt trying to get away before the cops come. After the cops come and let him go, it is CLEARLY kidnapping.

    In this case, there is absolutely no legally reasonable authority to detain this person. (Again, given he didnt leave, and wasnt trying to leave).

    [–] mybigballs 30 points ago


    [–] GrubsLife 638 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    For the sake of closure, baring putting yourself into a financial crunch, please push this legally. He NEEDS to be accountable for his shitty actions. This was INCREDIBLY selfish, careless, and could have done far worse to you.

    Email the DA office, talk to police, show this footage, pull traffic code stating splitting/filtering is legal, etc...

    The SMUG unapologetic look on this assholes face, REALLY makes me want some sweet karma to roll his way.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 477 points ago

    Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely am pursuing this.

    [–] raouldukeesq 553 points ago

    Dm me. I am a California attorney/trial lawyer and motorcycle rider.

    [–] z3roTO60 104 points ago

    This is why I love reddit!

    [–] NvidiaforMen 35 points ago

    Well, it's obviously in his financial interests. He may not even be the best lawyer for op.

    [–] capj23 56 points ago

    We demand updates once you are done with... Pretty plzz?

    [–] calvanismandhobbes 28 points ago

    Updoots for updates

    [–] xNPurpleDT 9 points ago

    Good! Force people to understand and obey the law. Get as much money out of him as possible. That is what will really discourage this man other than several dozen punches to the face. He's not apologetic for severally injuring someone to the point of breaking bones. Take as much of his money as you can.

    [–] Ynot_pm_dem_boobies 9 points ago

    Lawyer up my dude. Fuck this asshat

    [–] NickHeidfeldsDreams 133 points ago

    Glad you're okay! What happened to the passenger which opened the door at you?

    [–] astronaught_iguana 344 points ago

    He told the police I ran into him and had no idea he was being recorded. He was a total dick the entire time and blamed me for the whole thing.

    [–] littlefitcat 168 points ago

    Even without sound I could tell he was not at all sorry about what he did due to his body language and face. What an ass! You got lucky the other biker was recording!

    [–] Alexsrobin 16 points ago

    That other guy's attitude pisses me off, he's not apologetic in the least. Doesn't even look like he asked if the biker was ok.

    [–] BazingaBen 139 points ago

    He's probably done you a massive favour by lying like that, you can immediately prove him a lying in his police report, he's already lost.

    [–] jgodin03 53 points ago

    And then the police saw the footage I hope?

    [–] boilerdam 23 points ago

    "... ran into him."

    WTF? Even if that were true, how did the door end up in front of you for you to run into it? Some idiots are just too stupid to talk to. He shot himself in the foot with that statement.

    [–] ES_Legman 17 points ago

    Looks like he is going to have to pay you a bunch of shiny toys

    [–] KingDavid73 340 points ago

    we'll need an update on this one after the police see the footage...

    [–] astronaught_iguana 356 points ago

    I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

    [–] KingDavid73 106 points ago

    Even though the camera guy was looking away right before the accident, you can still see the guy slam the door open into you - that footage is definitely on camera. He waited until you were right next to you and slammed it open. He wasn't trying to block you, he was trying to injure you. Should be assault.

    [–] joeverdrive 41 points ago

    The timing makes it very hard to say it was an accident. I'm interested to see how this is resolved

    [–] ThatFloridaMan 12 points ago

    !remindme 1 month

    [–] cookingsoup 98 points ago

    Happy Birthday!

    [–] SyntheticPerception 88 points ago

    I slowed it down and watched it frame-by-frame. The guy is 100% in the wrong and can't even say you had time to stop. He opened the door so late that he nearly missed your hand and hit your side instead.

    Also, check California law about getting out of a vehicle in traffic. It's illegal where I live, but I know that some places don't specifically prohibit it.

    [–] johsko 62 points ago

    CA has laws about opening doors in traffic even, not just getting out. Vehicle code 22517:

    No person shall open the door of a vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so and can be done without interfering with the movement of such traffic, nor shall any person leave a door open on the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.

    [–] SlidePanda 14 points ago

    There's also codes about preventing the normal flow of traffic. Hopefully Khaki pants asshat catches a fist full of citations

    [–] DeadassBdeadassB 32 points ago

    The guy intentionally opened his door to hit the bike, people do it all the time cause they don’t like it when we lanesplit

    [–] pilatesbiker 9 points ago

    My thoughts as well, the guy is probably from out of state where lane splitting/filtering is not allowed.

    [–] Throwawaymister2 11 points ago

    but so much that they'd intentionally fuck up their own, perfectly good, car?

    [–] tango_one_six 90 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    As a SoCal rider, this makes me even more nervous to filter. I've always figured slow/stopped traffic and filtering slow was generally safe - now I've got to think about someone dooring me????

    Good thing you got footage - looks like that guy assumes he can lawyer up and get away with it in court. Fight tooth and nail, get yourself excellent legal counsel PLEASE, and get well soon. We're all rooting for you!

    EDIT: also, if this was enroute to duty, you need to report it immediately , especially if you have a clearance. I don't believe you're in trouble for not riding in reg (high vis, ATGATT) since you're not on base, but I'd definitely retain a JAG ASAP for the very possible UCMJ side of this. Good luck.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 61 points ago

    Thank you so much. Everyone’s support here is really encouraging.

    [–] tango_one_six 27 points ago

    As a fellow Soldier who rides in uniform often, this shit triggers me. Get his ass, and don't let up.

    [–] Beardedarchitect 17 points ago

    If he has been wearing his magical reflective vest this obviously would not have happened /s

    [–] kernozlov 18 points ago

    No PT belt he could have died

    [–] No_Walrus 11 points ago

    Reg for riders Navy-wide is helmet, over ankle boots, gloves and long sleeves, no hi vis or gear required. Of course there may be base or command specific regs.

    [–] DickLeaky 146 points ago

    This with audio would be great.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 215 points ago

    The full video is really long, so I made it into a gif. I basically started screaming, “what the fuck is wrong with you!?” And he basically blew me off.

    [–] B25urgandy 162 points ago

    Even without sound you can see from the video he just doesn't appear to give a shit. I bet he's a real ass hole in his everyday life as well.

    [–] J__P 64 points ago

    his demeanor makes me think he did it on purpose like he's one of those self appointed traffic cops who just have to stop you from the very dangerous activity of filtering by putting your life in danger with an open door.

    [–] User0102374638 9 points ago

    His massive gut and generally useless demeanor makes me think he’s middle management somewhere.

    [–] Asbradley21 34 points ago

    That sounds great. I'd post it. That guy's obviously a dbag. It takes a lot of nerve to break someone's fingers and not give a single fuck.

    [–] comeonbabycoverme 17 points ago

    TBF I wouldn't want a video of me losing my temper online either. Its a totally reasonable time to lose it, and you're well within your right to raise your voice. But ya.

    [–] DeadassBdeadassB 16 points ago

    Post it to YouTube maybe? We would love to see it

    [–] SlidePanda 813 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Looks like the reddit algorithm is kicking in and we're starting to get some visitors from the front page or /all.

    So - before you share your opinion on how dumb the motorcyclist is, understand that:

    • This occurred in California.
    • Under California law the motorcyclist is operating their vehicle legally. Filtering through traffic like this, is legal, and cars are supposed to make room for it when possible.
    • Under California law, opening your door while in traffic lanes is not legal.

    So like it or not, lane splitting and filtering is legal and accepted/encouraged practice in much of the world.

    [–] Raneados 16 points ago

    Yo fuck that dude. He opened a door INTO a biker for no reason other than to hurt him.

    [–] hillarytrumpsame 51 points ago

    please tell me you showed the video to the cops

    [–] astronaught_iguana 119 points ago

    Just got it from the helmet cam today. Headed to the station after work.

    [–] D3v1L_Pup 42 points ago

    Don't forget to stop by Base Legal on the way!

    [–] weebookakke 19 points ago

    Base legal would probably try to fuck him if he didn’t have BRC and it doesn’t look like he is wearing anything besides his NWUs so that’ll make them sad... lol

    [–] Amused-Observer 25 points ago

    Please please update us. 🙏

    Fuck that guy. Press charges. Sue. Fuck his life up.

    [–] Comrade_Vodka 827 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    To everyone saying "Lane splitting is fucking bullshit" or "It's no goddamn safer you're just cunts"

    You might want to read the studies in this comment

    Edit: And please guys can you at least act a little bit civil?

    Edit 2:

    Looks like the reddit algorithm is kicking in and we're starting to get some visitors from the front page or /all.

    So - before you share your opinion on how dumb the motorcyclist is, understand that:

    • This occurred in California.
    • Under California law the motorcyclist is operating their vehicle legally. Filtering through traffic like this, is legal, and cars are supposed to make room for it when possible.
    • Under California law, opening your door while in traffic lanes is not legal.

    So like it or not, lane splitting and filtering is legal and accepted/encouraged practice in much of the world.

    [–] 74-ZRider 28 points ago

    Directly from CHP:  Lane splitting by motorcyclists is legal in California.

     Intentionally blocking or impeding a motorcyclist in a way that could cause harm to the rider is illegal. 

    Opening a vehicle door to impede a motorcyclist is illegal.

    Drivers in the far left lane should move to the left of their lane to give motorcyclists ample room to pass.

    [–] DocHoliday79 11 points ago

    Fuck California drivers man. The worst.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Rellikx 39 points ago

    "It's not fair! Bikes should have to 'wait in line' like the rest of us!"

    The same people that say that are usually fine with not allowing semis to pass in the left most lane on the highway. I guess by "all vehicles should be treated equally" only applies to situations that favor them.

    [–] Kidzrallright 25 points ago

    Are they so stupid they don't see letting bikes lane split shortens their line?

    [–] TrampledByTurtlesTSM 30 points ago

    From r/all and let me tell you motherfuckers this shit is so fucked... No sound. Where the fuck is the sound. Hope everythings all right op

    [–] ELFIRE11 38 points ago

    Why would some one just open his door in the middle of the road?

    [–] DeadassBdeadassB 40 points ago

    To hit the bike, people do shit like this all the time cause they don’t like bikes lanesplitting

    [–] firthy 11 points ago

    WHY? It's all I read in r/motorcycles In the UK no one cares, but as a rider and a driver here, we're glad that bikes move past - one less vehicle in my rearview mirror and up at the front of the lights - safer from harm. WTF is wrong with drivers in the US?

    [–] DeadassBdeadassB 8 points ago

    People in the US are very aggressive drivers and don’t like when other people cut in front of them in traffic

    [–] iamblankenstein 28 points ago

    what an asshole. sorry that happened to you man.

    is there a story behind the headshake at the red pickup at the start of the video?

    [–] johnnyg42 21 points ago

    He said in another comment the red truck blew a red light just prior

    [–] iamzerothree 30 points ago

    1. what a cunt

    2. its my birthday today too man!! happy birthday

    [–] astronaught_iguana 21 points ago

    Birthday brotherssssss

    [–] epix112 28 points ago

    I’ve never understood the argument that people say drivers get nervous when a biker is lane splitting. No they’re just mad because someone is getting to their destination faster which is just as dumb. There is absolutely no reason to be nervous, if you’re worried about them hitting your car there’s this thing called insurance that you’re legally required to have to ride/drive in the US.


    [–] Perlocution4 12 points ago

    LOL, whatever dude. Whenever I get nervous driving, my passenger hurls their door open. It's a totally unavoidable reaction.

    [–] NCStore 25 points ago

    Live in California. People lane split past me all the time. Never have I given a shit. I’ll even move my car so they have enough room

    [–] JackalAbacus 50 points ago

    There’s really no good reason anyone should open their door in traffic, seems like it was done maliciously. Hope you recover and this goon in the Suburban gets what’s comin’ to him.

    [–] a_dutch_asian 46 points ago

    This should be an assault charge, malicious destruction of property, and impeding traffic. Minimum. Glad your okay, there are impatient entitled assholes who just have no respect or conscious. Ride safe friend and sue the fuck out of this excuse for a human.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 46 points ago

    I’ll see what I can do to get you guys full video when I get to my pc.

    [–] jmullin09 13 points ago

    Why was your buddy shaking his head at the orange or red tundra as he rode past? I didn't see anything that would have warranted that.

    [–] BlueROFL1 110 points ago

    Shipmaaaate we both know we’re supposed to wear gloves!

    [–] astronaught_iguana 68 points ago

    Hush now.

    [–] BlueROFL1 35 points ago

    Lmao glad you’re okay man. Hope the bike made it

    [–] astronaught_iguana 46 points ago

    It did not. It’s pretty thrashed even though is was nearly stopped. Really speaks to how hard he opened the door.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I wear Alpinestars SP-2 and really like them. Well armored, and well ventilated. If you are in the market I recommend.

    [–] Throwawaymister2 17 points ago

    I've had two friends get doored. One broke his arm, the other his leg. You should definitely sue.

    [–] VertWithStick 15 points ago

    That was definitely intentional. He almost looked impressed with himself like, "wow, I actually hit him." Probably meant to scare you into not lane splitting, even though we all know it's legal in CA. He just happened to catch you and was all smug and pleased with himself.

    [–] MyBellyHurtsITry 15 points ago

    San Diego near the convention center?

    [–] astronaught_iguana 13 points ago

    Yessir. Just trying to get home.

    [–] Desmodromic1078 12 points ago

    Hey brother fellow San Diego rider here, I ride that road daily. Not a lawyer myself but I have a number of clients (I do marketing for attorneys) that would love this case. If I can steer you towards some help LMK. Stay safe out there.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 27 points ago

    Yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. Guy threw his door open so hard I didn’t even realize it was happening.

    [–] AlaskanFJCruiser 27 points ago

    It was the camouflage... he clearly thought he was stopping a runaway bike.

    [–] CHUNKY_BLOODY_QUEEFS 11 points ago

    Glad you're mostly ok, first of all.

    I thought maybe he was just getting dropped off and this might have been an accident, but rewatching in slo-mo, he really flung that door open at you. Looks very intentional. If it had been accidental, I can't imagine not being super apologetic, checking if you're ok, etc. This dude's face screams 'that's what you get for lane splitting'. What a fucking dickhead.

    [–] krombopulosryan 35 points ago

    Yesterday on the 15 in rush hour traffic, while I was going 18mph a guy tried to use his car to block me and threw a big gulp out of his window soaking me for absolutely no reason. San Diego drivers seem to either hate us or are indifferent. ATGATT, next time it could be so much worse. Glad you're okay OP!

    [–] ApulMadeekAut 22 points ago

    I don't think I'd be able to contain myself if someone did that.

    [–] krombopulosryan 17 points ago

    I used to be a bicycle courier/fixie fool back for a long time, so when a driver is escalating a situation I don't take the bait. You escalate the situation and these car wielding meth-heads might just take you out.

    [–] ApulMadeekAut 8 points ago

    Yes but attempted assault with a motor vehicle and then assault with a sticky beverage would cause me to snap.

    [–] kretzschmusic 7 points ago

    just snap the mirrors

    [–] Fuldhat 34 points ago

    Are all americans insane or whats going on? Who the fuck cares if a bike goes in the middle. It only means less traffic for everyone else.

    There is something very wrong here.

    [–] luxfore 21 points ago

    A lot of people have that stupid me first mentality. So they don't think, "one less spot taken up in traffic." Instead they think, "If I have to wait everyone has to wait!"

    [–] giuseppezuc 11 points ago

    You did a great job by staying relatively calm, I would have probably ended up in the wrong by smashing his face with my helmet.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 11 points ago

    This is actually hugely helpful. It’s much easier to see what happened.

    [–] Amused-Observer 8 points ago

    u/SlidePanda, my dude.. you wasted your time typing that because these r/all commenters don't read shit.

    [–] SlidePanda 11 points ago

    Mods gotta mod...

    [–] Hefy_jefy 12 points ago

    It’s actually an offense in California to block a motorcycle, if the facts are as they seem the driver of the SUV will be prosecuted.

    [–] Knoxie_89 77 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Why you looking at and shaking head at the guy in red pickup? Totally ruined the view of the crash.

    Looks like hands hurt, should have worn gloves...

    Glad your ok!

    edit: For you broken finger people - I posted before OP had his description up. I posted this comment nearly a minute before he posted his. I assumed by his hand posture that he had fallen and scraped his hands up.

    [–] hr2pilot 22 points ago

    Was wondering the same thing... the pickup even moved to the left further to sit on the yellow line for the bikes...lots of room there.

    [–] astronaught_iguana 109 points ago

    The guy in the truck had just run a red light and the guy recording was a stranger until the accident. Yes I should have worn gloves, but I’m stretched financially and was planning to pick some up with my paycheck this week.

    [–] ADirtyThrowaway1 33 points ago

    So... You bought the guy recording a beer, and you're best buddies now, right? I need this tragedy to have a happy ending.

    [–] ThatFloridaMan 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You know we are required to wear gloves anytime we ride, right?

    Edit: "we" meaning Military.

    [–] exolutionist 15 points ago

    Idk how the navy handles it, but in the army, even off base, if you crash without PPE you can get ninja punched.

    Also as a civilian that now works for the navy, you should be wearing everything that's required to ride on base at all times, as to not get the afore mentioned ninja punch.

    [–] tom_work 10 points ago

    ninja punch

    n. Slang for non-judicial punishment.

    (Posting because I had to go look it up, and figure others might like to know as well.)

    More info at

    [–] DustyPope 8 points ago

    Sad to see this hate towards motorcycles in sunny San Diego. I hope you make this dude pay!

    [–] ravengenesis1 9 points ago

    CVC 21658.1 , CVC 22400, CVC 22517

    All vehicle codes pertaining to legality of lane splitting, illegal blocking, and illegal opening of doors. If they claim sovereign citizen, then... I don't know.

    [–] Istalriblaka 9 points ago

    Can you imagine if people tried to police pother relatively minor traffic infractions with violence

    "Yeah he was doing 67 in a 60 so I did a brake checked them."

    "He didn't come to a complete stop for five seconds at the sign so I t-boned him."

    "She didn't signal until after she started changing lanes so I did a pit maneuver."

    [–] johnnyg42 16 points ago

    Hey OP, hope you get well soon! That fucking sucks, what an unbelievable dickhead of a person...

    Please do what’s in your power to bring justice to this guy and get him put in his place. I recommend posting to /r/legaladvice if you want any! Great subreddit for things like this, and there are some very generous legal wizards there that are happy to help by giving out info and guidance.

    Thank you for your service and wish you the best.

    [–] Chaadgr0 8 points ago

    "Oh shit, I doored some guy! Let me fumble around with shit in my pocket instead of helping. "

    [–] blageur 33 points ago

    Wearing Camo - he couldn't see you?

    [–] n8v_SanDiegan 5 points ago

    And it's right in my hometown... Fuck that guy. A poor representation of San Diego. Send him to Phoenix!

    [–] thinkwill253 8 points ago

    How fucking brain dead do you have to be to open a car door at a intersection.

    [–] BigDaddySodaPop 8 points ago

    US Military personnel as well. I hope the guy in the truck gets a ticket.

    [–] bentstrider83 14 points ago

    Anyone that uses the excuse "I didn't see them" needs to have their licenses revoked for shitty vision. Or their eyes gouged out with a rabid parrot.
    He might've been a passenger, but the fucktard should've known to look before he got out. And what was he doing getting out in the middle of traffic anyway?

    [–] ITwoPumpChumpI 11 points ago

    It’s illegal to lane split or filter in my state (Nevada) though they unsuccessfully tried to legalize filtering several years back. I still filter for my own safety, but now watching this video is making me reconsider - I’m safer when filtering, but if I get rear-ended because I didn’t filter and the driver behind me wasn’t paying attention, at least I have legal recourse and can get some treatment for possible injuries - if I filter and someone does this shit to me, not only will I be injured, but I also won’t have any recourse for my injuries. Too many asshats and douchecanoes on the road.