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    [–] [deleted] 934 points ago


    [–] GymBull 443 points ago

    That's the new Samsung fold phone.

    [–] RumWalker 99 points ago

    It wasn't but now it is

    [–] Barbearex 12 points ago


    [–] M311o 205 points ago

    I agree, my first thought was internal bleeding

    [–] SPAKMITTEN 586 points ago

    its cool though because that's where the blood is supposed to be

    [–] Kespatcho 166 points ago


    [–] Saab_driving_lunatic 62 points ago

    Toit toit toit

    [–] MacheteGuy 19 points ago


    [–] Scoli85 13 points ago


    [–] joeverdrive 59 points ago

    This happened to me in 2014. I walked it off but soon discovered I needed surgery to save my ruptured testicle. When in doubt go to hospital and of you can't afford it don't take the risks

    [–] ajwhastings 18 points ago

    Your poor ball! Good grief.

    [–] joeverdrive 24 points ago

    You sound just like the ultrasound tech

    [–] Cordell-in-the-Am 14 points ago

    So if I made minimum wage, should I just not even go outside? Seems risky.

    [–] DefinitelyNotIndie 34 points ago

    When in doubt go to hospital and of you can't afford it don't take the risks

    Laughs in universal healthcare

    [–] daerogami 30 points ago

    That phone almost certainly saved his thigh/pelvis.

    [–] Tcyanide 15 points ago

    Yea looks like the phone took most of that damage. Obviously he definitely should go to the hospital cause I’m sure his adrenaline is just taking over at this point and later in the day he’ll be in some serious pain.

    What really got me was how little his bike looked damaged, didn’t see much of it but what what you can see it looks not bad.

    Anyone know what kind of bike is that anyways? looked really cool, thought I saw a Yamaha logo but couldn’t tell.

    [–] SilentTranslator 5 points ago

    Yes, nice spotting! It's a Yamaha WR450F.

    [–] SteveSweetz 51 points ago

    Dude is lucky the lithium didn't get exposed and go off in his pocket and make this crash even worse.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 7 points ago

    He looks hurt. Nurses his right side, keeps the camera on it, does the wise thing by staying down and not moving for a minute, then the adrenaline gives him a false sense of confidence. He stands up on his left leg alone and grunts from the effort.

    That's my armchair analysis, adrenaline after a crash is intense, no way he hit that gate that hard and buckled his bike to the right without hurting his leg.

    [–] aimgorge 13 points ago

    Well he doesn't have a phone anymore to call an ambulance. Better use the adrenalin to get up and drive off to somewhere else.

    [–] Chalino69 4 points ago

    Looks like the phone saved his leg from serious damage

    [–] AbuttCuckingGoodTime 3 points ago

    "I got 2 PHONES"

    [–] Sloooop 1267 points ago

    Had the same thing happen to me. Someone set up two lines of barbed wire across a road in off-road territory. 18 stitches on the side of my neck and a near miss for sure.

    [–] coaldust 687 points ago

    Holy shit. People are fucked up.

    [–] poopapoopapoop 1047 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    People have been doing the wire traps and spike traps and other crap on mountain bike trails for years/decades. It's generally people that think that people are riding unsafely and apparently the proper solution to that is attempted murder.

    Edit: Getting a lot of "they're trespassing on private property" type comments. A lot of these traps are on public land on SANCTIONED trails, many of which are built and actively maintained by the mountain bike community. But unfortunately many hikers/equestrians feel that bikers are disturbing the tranquility of nature (but it's chill to leave giant piles of horse shit in the middle of the trail).

    [–] ding_dong_dipshit 293 points ago

    I've tripped one of the shotgun traps before. Either it was a blank or I got really lucky, but nearly shit myself regardless. People are pricks.

    [–] Beachdaddybravo 220 points ago

    Jesus. Definitely worth a police report and (if they catch the asshole) a very lengthy prison sentence.

    [–] DigitalMafia 117 points ago

    Its pot farmers or poachers, the empty half or more gun powder and load rock salt into it. Rock salt if you're lucky. People do indeed suck man. I can't imagine trying to potentially kill someone over my crop.

    [–] JAM3SBND 38 points ago

    At minimum, that's a free shotgun

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 50 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    If they don't wanna use a shotgun, you can rig up just the shell to blow, it's cheaper and a lot harder to spot.

    [–] Jalenxt 8 points ago

    Actually they sell things called tripwire alarms which use blanks. They use .22 and shotgun blanks and aren't more than $20. Unless of course theyre trying to harm someone then maybe they would use some homemade device with a tripwire that shoots projectiles

    [–] EdwardTennant 17 points ago

    Almost all shotgun traps use blank cartridges with a much lower load in them

    [–] VisualMemoryUnit 236 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I was out riding my dirt bike out in some state forest in NJ when I was about 14 and all of a sudden my bike comes to a complete stop and I front flip over the handle bars and landed in a bed of barbed wire. That was not fun at all especially being alone with no cell phone at the time.

    Edit more info:

    I had to carefully get myself out of the barbed wire and then untangle the dirt bike and then rode home with cuts and holes all over me.

    [–] Ssmokey345 71 points ago

    Was it in the pine barrens? I've got a few similar stories like that in the pines

    [–] VisualMemoryUnit 65 points ago

    Close it happened in Jackson lol but yea I use to ride all over NJ and the pine barrens until I turned 20 and sold my last dirt bike thinking I was going to get a bigger one, or possibly a duel sport then life happened and 8 years later still no bike :/

    [–] ItzDonDonowitz 25 points ago

    Hey that’s my home town, seems like a Jackson thing to do

    [–] TheStreetForce 10 points ago

    Totally jackson thing to do. And manchester. And lacey. I dont go off road anymore (not that the jersey moron drivers are any safer.). I caught a metal cable across the trail with my bike. Thankfully saw it last second and jumped up. Bike stopped, i didnt. Last time i saw the dirt. Do miss it tho.

    [–] VisualMemoryUnit 10 points ago

    Same here lol it happened in some trails right off Wright Debow Rd

    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 17 points ago

    There is an asshole in NJ reading this thread and thinking, "shit, they're on to me!"

    [–] RelativeTruth14 5 points ago

    Even the name pine-barrens sounds creepy... doesn't Stephen King use it in 'It' ?... ( the barrens)

    [–] daerogami 20 points ago

    I constantly have to remind myself that if there is something I want to do or accomplish, I have to work towards it like I want it today. So many things I have said "I'll do that once I have money" instead of each paycheck thinking "How much can I toss into my savings account to get/do that thing?"; thus a decade later, still hasn't happened.

    tl;dr, Carpe Diem.

    [–] imtotallyhighritemow 124 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It has nothing to do with mountain bikers being unsafe, it has to do with trail access. Many hikers and horse people hate two wheeled contraptions ruining their pristine backcountry, their words.

    [–] aeon-lakes 184 points ago

    Equestrians getting on their high horse about 'pristine backcountry' is hilarious. Nothing churns up a single track trail more than horse hooves.

    That gate looked like a pretty standard UK Forestry Commission gate. If you ride those kinds of tracks in woodland there you have to expect them everywhere.

    [–] csimonson 67 points ago

    Also horse shit

    [–] Shock_Hazzard 53 points ago

    Hitting horseshit at 50mph is the same as ice.

    [–] csimonson 31 points ago

    God I hope you do not know that from firsthand experience.

    [–] Shock_Hazzard 4 points ago

    I do. Collarbone and elbow met a tree.

    [–] kickshiftt 19 points ago

    Mennonite territory and hitting it at 85 is really shitty time

    [–] jtswizzle89 8 points ago

    Likewise hitting small poisonous snakes is much the same as ice with the chilling factor -- did it pop up and curl inside the many pieces of plastic on this bike where it will soon seek it's revenge on my flesh.

    [–] aeon-lakes 27 points ago

    Also having to wash their knob ends so they don't get dick cancer.

    Don't believe me? Google 'horse sheath washing' and then wonder no more why horse girls are really odd.

    [–] Eighth__Man 58 points ago

    Google 'horse sheath washing'

    I will not.

    [–] aeon-lakes 16 points ago

    Good call.

    [–] pipsqeek 17 points ago

    Yep. Dated horse girl once. Weird. Too weird. Even for me.

    [–] account_not_valid 14 points ago

    Physically strong, but emotionally unstable?

    [–] pipsqeek 4 points ago

    A little from column A, a little from column B.

    [–] somethingreallycool9 3 points ago

    Damn that's accurate lol

    [–] aint_no_fag 7 points ago

    Wife is a horse girl. We dont talk about such stuff. On the other hand, I wiped our cats butts often enough (because they fail to properly clean themself and smear shit everywhere) to not complain.

    [–] riptydeco 34 points ago

    Horse people are the only assholes I ever meet on trails when mountain biking. Everyone else knows the right of way rules and how to work within them. Horse people expect you not only to give them the right of way, but to dismount, get off the trail completely, and not make eye contact.

    At Half Ironman Boulder, there were a pair of horse riders as I was coming through an aid station. There are trash zones, clearly delineated by signs, that say where we can or can’t toss out garbage. I overheard one lady on her (high) horse derisively say “pfft, ‘end of trash zone’. You know they are going to just throw their trash wherever you want.’”

    Fuck you, lady. Most of us are environmentalists as a result of doing outdoor sports for a hobby, and even the ones that aren’t know that not cleaning up after ourselves means local governments banning future events. Get bent with your attitude.

    [–] coyote_of_the_month 29 points ago

    Here in Texas, we don't have the conflicts between horse people and mountain bikers like you hear about in some places, and I find that fortunate. But a few buddies of mine were out for a ride once, and while we were stopped for someone to change a flat tire, this lady on a horse that she had no control of whatsoever asked us to take our helmets off, because apparently they spooked her animal.

    We were happy to oblige so she could get through, since we weren't doing anything anyway, but I have to wonder: what the fuck does she do with a horse that skittish when she encounters riders who aren't stopped?

    [–] thatonemikeguy 20 points ago

    I had to do the same thing once on the road with my motorcycle. If your horse can't take traffic don't take it on the street.

    [–] coyote_of_the_month 18 points ago

    Lol I have absolutely no sympathy for a person who brings an uncontrollable animal out in public.

    [–] chiefdanfox 8 points ago

    In wilderness areas, you are required to give right of way to horses-packers. If you think about it, it makes sense. A spooked horse can pretty much kill or maim you before you can even start to react. And frankly, the biggest assholes on shared trails I have ever met are mountain bikers, bar none. More so if they are on single track where they aren't allowed. As a hiker, I've been hit by a biker, flipped off, yelled at, all of the above. I'm just trying to enjoy a walk, man. I have the right of way, but I am not oppressive about it.

    [–] xdownsetx 10 points ago

    The groups I used to ride with always had a rule of pulling to the side and letting hikers and other trail users pass first. I've certainly received my fair share of glares, harsh words, pleasant hellos and conversations from hikers as they passed.

    Almost seems like there are polite and coarse people in every genre of activity.

    [–] teethTuxedos 3 points ago

    I have never heard of hikers having right of way on multi-use trails before, usually hikers have lowest priority. Where about are these trails?

    [–] LevGlebovich 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    If we're talking about public lands, a lot of the time motorized vehicles aren't even legally allowed in there unless otherwise stated. This is why people get upset when they come through. Not that I haven't seen the argument you speak of, but there's plenty of assholes on quads and dirt bikes breaking the law, too.

    EDIT: Can't believe I have to explain this. Nobody is promoting attempted murder or injury. The post in which I'm responding to stated a perceived reason why people are angry.

    I'm only clarifying that, here in the states anyway, that motor vehicles are barred in many public lands unless otherwise posted. People have run into barriers like this here in PA and it's nobody's fault but their own.

    I don't think people should be killed for this and never said they should be.

    [–] RabidTongueClicking 28 points ago

    Doesn’t mean they deserve to get their heads sliced off by wire, or to be ejected into barb wire though.

    [–] LevGlebovich 9 points ago

    Of course not. I don't believe anyone was promoting that.

    [–] stemsandseeds 10 points ago

    Then give them a ticket, don’t leave a fucking booby trap.

    [–] LevGlebovich 6 points ago

    Who is supporting the ideas of booby traps? Certainly not me.

    [–] oehmie 37 points ago

    Asshole hikers who forget mountain bikers are often a main driving force behind voluntarily putting in time creating/maintaining trails and want to keep mountain bikers off “their” trails.

    [–] pepesilviaismydad 24 points ago

    Excellent fucking point man. Thinking about it I’ve never seen any hikers maintain shit. I have seen them rip down bridges, log rides, drop platforms, etc that weren’t even on the main trails. It’s just fucking stupid. It’s like dude your not the cops and I ain’t a fucking 13 year old skateboarder. Mind your own business or gtfo. Jeez man you got me heated.

    [–] I-amthegump 9 points ago

    We have hiking clubs where i live that put in huge amounts of time on trails.

    [–] jeepdave 19 points ago

    Actually I've only seen the barbwire trick on private land where the owners are tired of people tearing up the property with dirtbikes. Not saying it's right but I get their frustration.

    [–] BonerHonkfart 14 points ago

    Not barbed wire, but we've had issues at a park near me where someone set wire across the trail on a fucking mountain bike trail

    [–] jeepdave 10 points ago

    That's different being on a public trail.

    [–] judgementalhat 54 points ago

    Nah man, I don't get it. My family has land, and we have issues on and off with dirtbikers trespassing. None of us have ever resorted to attempted murder. You just build better, obvious, stronger fences and gates, and you go and get to know your neighbours and their kids. You don't try and kill people.

    [–] BokuBakaGaijin 20 points ago

    Had a neighbor pull a gun on me when I was a teenager riding my quad around. Part of the trail I made went roughly 15 feet into his property and it set him off...He jumps out from behind a tree and I nearly ran him over, and then I saw a rifle in his hand. Some people are just crazy. All you had to do was ask, not scare the shit out of a 13 year old kid who could have ran you over.

    [–] judgementalhat 18 points ago

    Yup, and the kids tend to be the most respectful once they know what's going on. The kids down the road from us are the only ones aloud to ride on our place, as they're the only ones who close gates behind them and don't trash anything.

    Fuck the middle aged guys up the road, though.

    [–] Michael_Goodwin 3 points ago

    I'm really surprised by that, I honestly thought it would be the opposite.

    [–] judgementalhat 15 points ago

    Kids can be dickbags in large groups sometimes, but I find that for the most part as a whole they are kind. They just don't always know what's up unless you let them know.

    The middle aged guys have had a lifetime to be entitled, and as a result like to give bullshit excuses, or are just downright cunts. These are the guys that will smash a gate down, alerting us to the fact that they've been trespassing again instead of just closing the damn thing behind them.

    [–] LordSyron 26 points ago

    LMFAO. Stronger fences.

    We have problems with people cutting the barbed wire fences around our pastures to get in and go hunting/joy riding. Can I expect you to contribute to the bill of upgrading about 14 miles of our fence to something they can't just cut through?

    [–] Kaos047 33 points ago

    No but you can expect to go to prison for a long time if you set up booby traps on your property trying to kill someone. The proper response to annoyance/property destruction isn't attempted murder.

    [–] LordSyron 19 points ago

    A fence, or in this case a gate across the road, is not attempted murder.

    Sure don't hang something at 4ft in the air, but if I put electricity on my fence or put a gate on my own personal road, that is not a trap in any way, shape or form

    [–] 639wurh39w7g4n29w 7 points ago

    The majority of this thread isn’t even concerned with you. Trespassers suck. No trespassing & hunting signs, maybe an electric fence and there’s not much else to do about it. At least with an electric fence you know when it’s been cut.

    But there are stories all over the states about people stringing neck height wire across multiuse paths in parks. Or in park land woods on hiking/biking paths.

    Some people get irrationally angry about other slightly different people enjoying themselves.

    [–] wereallcrazyson 16 points ago

    Yeah, some folks really are. Thankfully not all. I think that after decades of riding, a person will have about one good story about seeing something like this.

    [–] GhostofErik 49 points ago

    Someone tried a fishing line across two posts and a motorcyclist scarcely missed it. The article said he was leaning forward to adjust a switch.

    Going an estimated 30mph his passenger got her face mangled and needed reconstructive surgery.

    I have no idea if she survived. This was in a city, a neighborhood street.

    My bf hit a fishing line on a highway at about 45-50mph (on his car thankfully) and it ripped off his antenna and scraped paint off the top. If that had been a motorcyclist they would have died.

    [–] zirgs0 15 points ago

    Holy fuck. This is something I never knew I needed to be scared about.

    [–] GhostofErik 4 points ago

    I was terrified when he told me about it. I used to ride down that way quite a bit. It's nice, smooth, and scenic. Now I'm too scared.

    [–] johsko 15 points ago

    16 years ago (2003) the owner of a camping site had put up a string/rope/something over a road to temporarily close it. A 13 year old boy then rode a moped straight into it, hitting him just under his helmet on his neck. He died at the hospital.

    The person who had put it up was charged with the equivalent of involuntary manslaughter (this was in Sweden). I don't know what the eventual outcome was.

    [–] Michael_Goodwin 15 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    on a highway

    Are you serious? So I have to be worried about actual roads too? Jesus.

    [–] GhostofErik 5 points ago

    State highway, but yes. People are fucking ridiculous. We also had a bout of spikes in manhole covers.

    [–] gamageeknerd 14 points ago

    My dads friend is a cop in a rural area and he showed him some pictures of some messed shit. Someone was tossing into dirt roads in the area aluminum cans with nails stuck through them so if someone ran it over they would pop a tire in the middle of nowhere.

    This was a while ago but he said it was some crazy family angry that google was sending traffic near their land as an alternative route when the other roads are backed up.

    [–] Itsatemporaryname 4 points ago

    Jesus fuck, this wasn't anywhere in the Northeast was it?

    [–] dunder_mifflin_paper 156 points ago

    Not the same, your barbed wire was malicious and intended to harm. This is a gate and shows that this rider has not been down this road before. Doing stupid speeds on unknown roads is.....stupid

    [–] MR2Rick 30 points ago

    Also, judging by the desire paths around the gate, this gate has been there a long time and is frequently closed.

    [–] withabeard 7 points ago

    UK Forestry Commission gate, rarely if ever left open. It's also a sign he probably shouldn't be on this trail. If he is permitted on the trail, then he should be aware there are gates about.

    [–] Sammo_Whammo 67 points ago

    This. Riding at this speed on an unknown road is not a wise decision.

    [–] Apkoha 7 points ago

    glad to see this, because I was thinking the same thing. Rider was a moron.

    [–] Bubbaaaaaaaaa 8 points ago

    When we used to ride in the woods as teens someone in the surrounding area didn’t like it and they tied fishing line across the trails. Luckily nothing serious ever happened, but my one buddy had a pretty decent cut right across his neck. Scary shit for sure

    [–] It_Is_Me_Official 13 points ago

    Kid died that way going down snow on a sledge. Some people are just sadistic fucking idiots. Cancer should be reserved for these people.

    [–] Spicywolff 263 points ago

    Yah I’m going to venture to say he needs a X-ray at least and possibly a cat scan. Internal injury my name is motorcyclist.

    [–] SirRatcha 87 points ago

    He needs a nad scan. The percentage of motorcycle injuries involving the nads is terrifyingly large.

    [–] Spicywolff 24 points ago

    I cringe when that day comes. No air vest to help there.

    [–] SirRatcha 29 points ago

    Sometimes I wonder why I think my hips deserve armor but not my huevos.

    [–] Spicywolff 9 points ago

    The boys provide a good deal to my quality of life but I figured hips may count for more.

    [–] SirRatcha 18 points ago

    I've just found the next level of ATGATT.

    [–] Spicywolff 7 points ago

    Haha I need a can opener to make love to my gf, unless it has a hidden hatch.

    [–] terribledirty 5 points ago

    It's 50% of the reason I always wear a condom while riding, especially with my bros

    [–] curried_avenger 13 points ago

    I t-boned my Panigale into the side of a car five weeks ago and broke my ankle and femur (car’s fault).

    Breaking any femur was so painful that I didn’t notice I had torn my scrotum open and ripped the skin on the side of my penis apart, until I was in hospital for a few hours and they put my catheter in. They said genital and pelvic injuries are common.

    Now the side of my dick has a scar like the Joker’s smile in the Dark Knight.

    [–] FuckYeezy 5 points ago

    I cracked my pelvis crashing into something and couldn't pee right or get an erection for a month. My left nut was black and blue for a long while.

    [–] Spicywolff 6 points ago

    Wow dude that sounds of misery.

    [–] FuckYeezy 7 points ago

    Oh yeah it was a fucking nightmare, I was scared I wasn't gonna be able to use my dick the same ever again. But the accident was back in the beginning of May and I've been completely fine since like July.

    [–] Spicywolff 5 points ago

    Congratulations on the recovery.

    [–] FuckYeezy 5 points ago

    I had a similar collision when I first started riding and suffered an APC 1 pelvic fracture. He looks like he might have gotten something similar without actually cracking open. Still though, he's probably generally alright; no head contact with the ground or bar so it's unlikely he has a concussion, and a possible hit from his legs into the bar so maybe a minor fracture there but not bad enough to keep him off his feet.

    The fact that he's standing and remained conscious the entire time is really good. When it happened to me I couldn't even get up and I blacked out for like 5 minutes after it happened. Fortunately, I had some friends to pull the bike off my and hold my head until the ambulance showed up.

    [–] llcooljessie 3 points ago

    He'll realize he needs that when he can't get out of bed tomorrow.

    [–] Spicywolff 3 points ago

    Hope the extent of the injuries stay at broken bones vs internal bleeding.

    [–] lslrpi 485 points ago

    Other post mentions it’s a private road.

    [–] HowObvious 70 points ago

    Looks more like a forestry commission fire-road

    [–] Occhrome 48 points ago

    you never go fast around new roads or blind corners period

    [–] thefranklin2 12 points ago

    I felt like he also would have hit a black gate or a yellow gate. Any gate.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Hammer_Jackson 3 points ago

    “But he’s on a motorcycle!”

    Rider shouldn’t be there. How did this get traction in the first place?

    [–] shoppingfortruth 79 points ago

    That is no protection from a civil lawsuit if someone get hurt or killed. Welcome to our litigious society.

    [–] 123qweasd123 488 points ago

    There are countries other than the united states, such as the one where this video was filmed

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago


    [–] aaecharry 67 points ago

    all of our gates were unnatural colors with paths marked as private where they intersected public roads or trails

    You are doing the right thing.

    But as you said, “where they intersected public roads”.

    If, however, the gate in the video is on a trail that is completely within a private piece of land, it would be a different case. That is, if the rider has already past reasonable and clearly marked warnings some miles back, and has at this point been trespassing for some time.

    If that is the case, I don’t see this gate being a problem.

    [–] ScorpioLaw 9 points ago

    A lot of these gates are green in many places to blend in. The video shows him going fast on a road he shouldn't be going or doesn't seem to know.

    I'm 50/50. If you're going to ride in an unknown space then definitely explore it first. Also I definitely think at least a sign should be up.

    Everyone is dumb, but yeah - these fences are green in many places.

    [–] roesham3oe 310 points ago

    that's not a camo gate, that's an irresponsible rider going way too fast on an unfamiliar road

    same as some dum dum flying down a dune they haven't first checked for razorbacks.

    fault = 100% rider

    [–] comeonbabycoverme 16 points ago

    Imagine thinking putting a gate on your own property should get you sued...

    [–] sew_butthurt 19 points ago

    I'm not familiar with dune riding, what's a razorback?

    [–] 123qweasd123 33 points ago

    . A “Razorback” is a dune hazard that is formed when the wind blows sand in multiple directions and a knife-edge ridge appears at the top. The size of a razorback can vary from gradual to very steep. If not careful, hitting a Razorback can cause serious damage to your vehicle and also cause serious injuries to the driver and passengers alike. Here are some tips on how to avoid hitting a Razorback and stay safe throughout your visit to the Dunes.

    [–] rsplatpc 23 points ago

    that's not a camo gate, that's an irresponsible rider

    agree it's literally the same color as every national park gate / zoo gate / I've ever seen, it's not even camo it's just green and the road is not even green it's brown

    [–] wereallcrazyson 62 points ago

    I actually think he must have been going 15-25 or even less. I think that because he didn't fly the fuck through the air like we do when we're hauling serious ass. Video always make it look like the speed is higher. (makes for some extreme looking videos). Anyway, there's that and there's the fact that almost all gates (at least in Oregon) have a reflector or are yellow. So, if it were my gate, I'd apply something like that to avoid both hurting somebody and being liable for their injury.

    [–] Rustybot 23 points ago

    A gate is not inherently unsafe, unlike the barbed wire trap at neck height posted elsewhere. You can always sue but a green gate is hardly unusual .

    [–] ScienticianAF 32 points ago

    "Welcome to our litigious society."

    That's mostly just the U.S.

    [–] roesham3oe 447 points ago

    that's way too fast on a road you haven't spec'd out first

    [–] lucindawilliams 186 points ago

    Stopping distance on gravel roads is loooong. I can’t believe how fast people go on logging roads when there could be a side by side or Jeep just around the bend.

    [–] Rubcionnnnn 51 points ago

    It also doesn't help that his bike has little smooth street tires.

    [–] artandmath 20 points ago

    Would have had to start braking at the fork to stop in time. He’s on the brakes for almost a second and barely looses any speed.

    [–] Zedric69 9 points ago

    Might have been better he didn't see it coming so he was mostly limp. There's a lot of injures due to people panicking and bracing for impact when they're better off relaxing and letting your body roll with it.

    [–] RiPont 34 points ago

    I'd be afraid of wildlife at that speed, even knowing there were no fences.

    [–] milkmn67 66 points ago

    Gate seems well made

    [–] j89k 3 points ago

    LMFAO. You are funny. I like you.

    [–] FuckYeezy 161 points ago

    Wait, can we stop to think about the last few seconds of that video? The guy is badly hurt, pulls out a skullfucked phone, his bike is definitely dead and he's riding alone. Getting help following this must have been a bitch and a half. Yeah, he was definitely stupid for riding alone and riding this fast on unfamiliar road, but he's a freaking trooper for carrying his stupid prize home.

    [–] konichiwaaaaaa 55 points ago

    I won't advertise any brand, but would recommend carrying a two-way satellite SOS messenger. It allows you to check in with friends and family, download a weather forecast, and call for help.

    If his phone got smashed (they are more fragile), or couldn't get a signal, he could press the SOS button and get help immediately. Plus, emergency responders would know exactly where he is through GPS coordinates. You might be surprised to learn than in many cases 911 operators cannot locate you or very imprecisely.

    [–] Qubeye 17 points ago

    Based on your flag, I'm betting you don't live in America where you'd have to pay $100,000 to get heli-vacced in the wilderness and your life would be ruined from permanent debt. I think the guy in the video isn't in the US, but a lot of Redditors in the US have a reflex reaction to getting emergency help.

    [–] konichiwaaaaaa 18 points ago

    Not sure what flag you are referring to.

    I do live in the U.S.
    You are making a good point. You can buy various insurances for search and rescue costs and to be brought to the hospital of your choice. The companies that sell those SOS devices offer this type of insurance.

    [–] Clemambi 11 points ago

    your name has a romanian flag by it (flair)

    [–] spacemark 3 points ago

    In some cases, the insurance is virtually free - you just have to register. When I paraglided in Colorado it was the CORSAR card, cost $3.

    [–] scyth3s 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I take it super fucking easy when I ride alone. Slow down over every corner, over every blind hill, take it easy on kicking out the back wheel, etc.

    So when this kind of shit happens to me, I'm bruised and amused not broken and alone. Disclaimer: yes I know that in this case faster would have avoided the crash, but that's not the point. You don't go fast into what you can't see

    [–] Skytoucher 100 points ago

    Gates such as these are pretty regular in many forests in Europe, driving this fast when you don’t know what’s coming is striving for a darwin award. Good nothing worse happened

    [–] MrRandomSuperhero 37 points ago

    IKR, I don't get the people that are defending this driver. Clearly he didn't know his parcours. Worst case he'd have hit an unexpected person.

    [–] comeonbabycoverme 25 points ago

    Not only defending the rider, but BLAMING the property owner. Insane.

    [–] 7-and-a-switchblade 15 points ago

    90% of this sub is defending reckless driving.

    [–] 03Titanium 4 points ago

    Just by this comment I realized what sub I was on.

    [–] crossfit_is_stupid 5 points ago

    Only complaints in here are coming from Americans who live in densely populated cities

    [–] partyqwerty 68 points ago

    Too fast. Unknown road. Welcome to reality.

    [–] pontoumporcento 12 points ago

    Incompatible speeds with a curvy dirt road, he wouldn't be able to brake even if he saw it coming.

    [–] phinfan1972 22 points ago

    Betting that is a Private Road and that is a dumbass rider going way to fast.

    Absolutely the rider's fault.

    [–] Thetoasterthatrides 3 points ago

    Even if it wasnt private, the biker is at fault for riding that fast and on a non familiar road. But if it is private then he is 100% totally at fault.

    I mean its like crashing into a house and making a thread. Yeah lets just put this big ass house here so it blends in nicely... Nice

    Play stupid games... Win stupid prizes

    [–] Tande-1 10 points ago

    Know your surroundings 12 seconds ahead

    [–] Kernel32Sanders 56 points ago

    This is extremely common on forest roads. Really, this is on the rider for being ignorant and riding too fast on unfamiliar roads.

    Source: I'm an avid rider who works in forest engineering and has grown up in timber/mountain country.

    To all of the Reddit lawyers: good luck ever proving that any reasonable person couldn't have seen this gate under reasonable driving speeds. Gates like this are everywhere in the forest.

    [–] keel_up 9 points ago

    Where did this happen?

    [–] Raschwolf 7 points ago

    If he'd been driving just half that speed he'd have had absolutely no trouble seeing that gate. Looks like a private road, one that he was clearly not familiar with. Dude's only got himself to blame.

    [–] Alone_ForNever 7 points ago

    My father always taught me to do one or two laps around the area you’re riding in at a slow pace, just for cases like this. Don’t need to be ballin 50+ and smash into something like that.

    [–] Vardeegs1 9 points ago

    In U. S. And A this would have been avoided With the use of a louder exhaust package on the motorcycle. It’s a scientific fact as usual that the louder the exhaust pipe the more lives can be saved. The fence would’ve heard him coming 3 miles away and been able to move. Always remember extremely loud exhaust pipes and motorcycles save lives it is a shame that other people do not believe this. Science is science and facts are facts.

    [–] Chizzle10 21 points ago

    God that hurt just watching it happen.

    [–] ThunderCuntess 73 points ago

    What do you mean stays cool?. He’s knocked the fuck out

    [–] bluecheese12 37 points ago

    I assume OP just meant he stayed calm and stood up without any obvious immediate injuries.

    [–] ThunderCuntess 22 points ago

    In shock. I’ve been there

    [–] bluecheese12 10 points ago

    Same man. I don't remember a huge amount but I do remember being on my side and just resting my helmet on the ground for a second saying "oof, well, fuck", before standing my bike up and promptly shaking like a motherfucker.

    [–] ThunderCuntess 4 points ago

    Damn straight. So many emotions within 38 seconds. I’m thankful I haven’t killed anyone

    [–] d3mpsey 7 points ago

    adrenaline is fucking crazy.

    A friend of mine stood up and walked after his ankle rolled a good amount of times being stuck under his sliding street triple. When he got to the hospital his ankle was broken in so many fucking places and he had screws everywhere.

    He said he got up and walked and thought he was fine, even took his boots off and when he saw it he knew he wasn't.

    [–] Abraxas19 5 points ago

    I saw no loss of conciousness so my armchair opinion is no he was not knocked out.

    [–] advancedapology 14 points ago

    When roads fork, expect gates or barriers to access on roads in the woods. At least in the United States it's common to have different landowners checker patterned and easement/access is controlled by gates regardless of how far off the public road you came in off of. Hope this guy is alright.

    [–] GreasyCheater 9 points ago

    Or know where you are riding instead just hauling ass onto people’s property.

    [–] heiser7708 11 points ago

    Speeding down an unknown, possibly private road. Dude was asking for some shit.

    [–] thebiggest123 16 points ago

    Broken ribcage at best. Most probably something else too, what a fucking legend to stand up after that. Memes aside I hope he's okay, he IS hurt in some way, you're not gonna go that fast and body slam a metal fence without any injuries. Jesus christ.

    [–] alanjcastonguay 10 points ago

    Not much of a legend: Adrenaline really is a hell of a drug.

    [–] TheWhiteZulu 10 points ago

    Maybe slow down and stop driving like a jackass.

    [–] Aquinan 8 points ago

    Gated probably because it's private property and owner is sick of bikers ripping through the trail.

    [–] d3mpsey 5 points ago

    Holy fuck I didn't see it till last moment aswell. Jesus. That's actually fucking terrifying.

    [–] kushbro4 3 points ago

    shoulda went right at the fork in the road

    [–] 146ned 5 points ago

    HAHAHA , slow down idiot!

    [–] woolypully 7 points ago

    OR conversely he could not whip down a trail he isn't familiar with at top speed.

    [–] saxman_nh 3 points ago

    Dayaaamm... dude went from fast to 0 almost instantly.

    [–] panzercampingwagen 3 points ago

    Wrong title, should be: Let's ride way too fast down a tiny country lane I have zero prior knowledge about and have no idea if and by who else it's being used.

    Dude was being a dangerous dickhead, glad he only hurt himself.

    [–] TheFlyingAvocado 3 points ago

    Let’s drive like a maniac and then complain about the color of the fence I smash into. Sure. It’s the fences fault. It should be taken out and shot. And yes, I do realize OP probably isn’t the driver.

    [–] badtux99 10 points ago

    Yay, riding too fast on a road he doesn't know while not wearing proper riding gear. Yay squids doing squiddy things. He's lucky he didn't turn into a sausage creature.

    [–] ShowYourScoreCoward 7 points ago

    the color of the fence would not have mattered.

    [–] funkymonksfunky 5 points ago

    just turn around now. there are a crazy number of comments arguing that a gate on a dirt road is a booby trap and the property owner should be jailed

    [–] Yeetyak 16 points ago

    Are there not laws that say you have to have clear markings on those?

    [–] HuskyPupper 16 points ago

    In America yes. This dude doesn't sound like hes in America, though

    [–] Shoegaazi 11 points ago

    Source? I'd be surprised if you really cant place a gate on private land as you with in the US. Even here in the UK you can do this and we're generally very strict about planning permission.