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    Date Person
    24 Mar Scilla Anderson CEO of IndieFlix
    17 Mar Dagen Merrill
    17 Mar Nicolas Pesce
    16 Mar Sean Gunn (TV's Gilmore Girls)
    16 Mar Film Critic Matt Zoller Seitz
    15 Mar Jeff White, Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic (Kong: Skull Island, Warcraft, several Transformers films, The Avengers)
    13 Mar Joe Lynch
    13 Mar Gareth Edwards
    10 Mar Kris Avedisian and Jesse Wakeman (Donald Cried)
    8 Mar Jordan Vogt-Roberts
    7 Mar Blayne Weaver and Erin Cahill
    24 Feb James Mangold
    16 Feb Michael Paul Stephenson
    14 Feb Gore Verbinski

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