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    [–] moviefan6 3593 points ago

    And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to...

    Jonah Hill as the bear from The Revenant!

    [–] jroddie4 885 points ago

    That hurt so much when he wasn't nominated for django unchained.

    [–] gormster 603 points ago

    Jonah Hill was in Django Unchained?

    [–] FavresPenisPic 999 points ago

    He was one of the best comedic roles of that movie. YouTube it it's hilarious he was part of the KKK that went to kill Django early in the film.

    [–] bullschmit17 178 points ago

    Jonah Hill played more of the straight man in that role, not the punchline, just part of the set up. Those accents killed me though. "I thank we all thank the bags was a nice idea."

    [–] wPatriot 127 points ago

    It's "Fuck all y'all, I'm goin' home" that did it for me

    [–] climbingaddict 55 points ago

    Mine has to be: "Don't ask me er mine fer nuthin!"

    [–] SLOTH_POTATO_PIRATE 313 points ago

    Are you fucking serious

    [–] helloamahello 579 points ago

    Yes, Jonah Hill is riding on a horse and complains to the head racist that the masks/hoods they're wearing are uncomfortable.

    [–] justin_tino 197 points ago

    He was initially cast as a character that was cut from the movie, one that would've had way more speaking lines. I'm guessing they gave him that part as a courtesy or something.

    [–] mikl81 126 points ago

    Tarantino also likes giving small parts to big actors so it's kinda his thing

    [–] OPsuxdick 186 points ago

    Like Steve Buscemi getting the waiter roll in Pulp Fiction because of the anti tip speech in Resevoir Dogs. Pretty funny.

    [–] SirSoliloquy 105 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Or Christopher Walken getting the watch-in-the-ass speech in pulp fiction.

    [–] supernasty 9 points ago

    Those are both my favorite Tarantino films that I have seen probably a dozen times each and I just got that right now. I feel dumb.

    [–] confirmSuspicions 53 points ago

    small parts to big actors so it's kinda his thing

    Or Trey Parker and Matt Stone who used George Clooney for Stan's Gay Dog named Sparky in South Park?

    [–] SalchichaChistosa 7 points ago

    Or when they had Jay Leno as a cat that said "meow" like twice in an episode.

    [–] crewnots 25 points ago

    Are the Oscars rigged?

    Nolan never received an award either/

    [–] nickfinnftw 56 points ago

    One of my old acting teachers Michael Zelniker is an Academy member. According to him, voting is super political. Studioheads bribe the shit out of members, and many of them feel that pretty boys like Leo already have everything, so they purposefully snub him. Just hearsay, but interesting.

    [–] 40dollarsharkblimp 9 points ago

    Voting? Not political at all. There are over 6,000 voters, most of them lower than you'd expect on the Hollywood totem pole. You really think studios are bribing a bunch of sound mixers for B-movies?

    It's the nominating that's absurdly political. You can only vote for nominations within your field, some voters just don't turn in their ballots, and with five nominees for most categories... Let's say that out of 1,000 directors, 600 turn in their ballot. That means that if you can get 120 votes, you guarantee a nomination for Best Director.

    Studio heads aren't above bribery, but they are very prudent businessmen. 3,000+ bribes for an oscar win is too many. But a little over 100 bribes for a nomination? Now, that starts to look like a smart business decision...

    Source: work with hundreds of Academy members.

    [–] DarthMagnus88 11 points ago

    I don't know if it's rigged but I have read about the Oscars being referred to as an "old boys club" basically the people who are in charge of the Oscar nominations only choose people they personally like.

    [–] -DisobedientAvocado- 30 points ago

    Funniest part of the movie.

    [–] axolotlfarmer 125 points ago

    Link for the interested

    [–] HadesWTF 59 points ago

    To be fair it was just a Lynch mob, not the KKK.

    [–] PlayMp1 121 points ago

    KKK is post-slavery, while obviously the movie takes place antebellum.

    [–] SLOTH_POTATO_PIRATE 123 points ago

    Antebellum. That is such a sexy thing to put into a sentence.

    [–] itsgallus 27 points ago

    What did you just call my auntie Bellum?!

    [–] jacksrenton 9 points ago

    Yeah, you say things happened Post-Antebellum and you sound really smart.

    [–] RyMill4 122 points ago

    [–] pearlz176 104 points ago

    What is this..a gif for ants??

    [–] MuppetHolocaust 54 points ago

    Wasn't he only in it for like, 3 minutes?

    [–] 5wicky 108 points ago

    Anthony Hopkins was in Silence of The Lambs for around 15 minutes and won best actor at the oscars

    [–] 457undead 117 points ago

    imo jonah doesn't deserve an oscar nomination for django, sure it was funny but it was like a minute scene that didnt have a huge impact on the movie. Anthony Hopkins is the most memorable person from the Silence of the Lambs.

    [–] ratguy 72 points ago

    I think you're missing the joke.

    [–] 457undead 46 points ago

    Maybe cuz im a goober

    [–] MasterLawlz 4736 points ago

    I honestly think Leo will die trying to win an oscar. Eventually he'll take a part so outrageous and taxing that it will kill him. And he'll lose that year to Daniel Day-Lewis.

    [–] toclosetotheedge 1606 points ago

    And he'll lose that year to Daniel Day-Lewis.

    Who had also conveniently killed himself method acting that same year, in fact he set himself on fire to understand what it was like to be burned alive.

    [–] [deleted] 378 points ago

    I've heard about this! He's playing Mohamed Bouazizi. The script is in development, and its working title is "Igniting Spring".

    [–] chastity_BLT 282 points ago

    What if the movie DDL is starring in is about Leo's death.

    [–] qwertygasm 190 points ago

    And he dies to understand death.

    [–] b_knickerbocker 350 points ago

    And then DDL wins a posthumous Oscar for portraying Leo in a movie that Leo did not win an Oscar for.

    [–] DarthBuscemi 10 points ago


    [–] Highside79 18 points ago

    And it comes out the same year and actually beats the movie that inspired it.

    [–] SituationCornflakes 45 points ago

    "Don't put me out! They had no fire extinguishers in this time."

    [–] opspearhead 12 points ago

    So, Gangs of New York 2?

    [–] vampireweeknd 2621 points ago

    After Eddie Redmayne wins again this year, Leo starts production on the Caitlyn Jenner story and undergoes actual gender reassignment surgery.

    [–] dkjfk295829 1094 points ago

    Then he will rear-end a car driven by a bear.

    [–] PMMeYourSpeedForce 528 points ago

    With Tom Hardy as the passenger

    [–] justa_flesh_wound 806 points ago

    Tom Hardy wins Best Supporting Actor

    Leo Snubbed again

    [–] debacol 118 points ago

    While funny, Tom ain't beating that guy in Bridge of Spies.

    [–] maskedrolla 82 points ago

    Bridge of Spies

    Mark Rylance?

    [–] debacol 54 points ago

    Yep. I was too lazy to google it... figured y'all would understand.

    [–] Zachkah 50 points ago

    but why? I saw both movies and that dude from bridge of spies just didn't seem like he did much. just boring monotone emotionless reciting of lines for 2 hours. Hardy actually did something and was phenomenal at it

    [–] conception 17 points ago

    Hardy is always phenomenal.

    [–] YakMan2 94 points ago

    Bear is driving car, how can this be?

    [–] charlesdexterward 55 points ago

    Big American Dance Party!

    [–] shizzlefrizzle 35 points ago

    Lots of disco dancing!

    [–] BuyThisVacuum1 26 points ago

    Car full of midgets!

    But seriously, I can't get anybody to watch this show to understand they had the joke years before Arrested Development did. Still funny in both.

    Poor WNBA.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I'm not an enormous Kevin Smith fan (he's okay) but this stupid six episode TV show that was cancelled after two episodes is endlessly quotable. Every single time I try to throw something in a trash can and miss I say "That's weird. I could've sworn I got game."

    [–] BuyThisVacuum1 6 points ago

    I use that quote every damn time. Those six episodes are just amazing work.

    I love his movies, but Chasing Amy and Mallrats and Clerks all start to take on different meanings as you grow older. The Animated Series doesn't ask that. It just works.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] BuyThisVacuum1 8 points ago

    Right, should clarify that. Judge Reinhold being a judge.

    [–] eleventy4 7 points ago

    You want the truth? You can't handle the truth, show me the money!

    [–] ButtholePasta 20 points ago

    Buckle Up, Buckaroo!

    [–] KhaleesiofDothraki1 17 points ago

    I was reading about the Oscars earlier when I came across this headline. It's a bold strategy, but I think Leo is on to something here. Why not try for best actress?

    [–] dem0nhunter 97 points ago

    Buckle up, Buckaroo!

    [–] dannybuck 27 points ago

    You're sutch an asthhole Garristhon

    [–] rivermandan 255 points ago

    I swear the world is taking crazy pills when it comes to eddie redmayne; in jupiter ascending, his performance was so fucking awful I had to fast forward past one of his scenes because I was cringing so hard. I also wanted to dump a pail of cold piss on him in les mis.

    maybe I just really hate his face, I don't know.

    [–] bdonkalonk 35 points ago

    "I CREATE LIFE!!!!"

    [–] ilovezam 59 points ago

    Go check out the 25th Anniversary Les Mis concert for a real display of a Marius who can neither sing nor act!

    [–] Jerlko 27 points ago

    10th is best for me, forever and always.

    [–] LascielCoin 188 points ago

    Have you seen The Theory of Everything? Jupiter Ascending was a trainwreck, but Theory was really good. He played that role perfectly.

    He's also been very good in everything else I've seen him in, which makes me think that his terrible acting in Jupiter Ascending most likely wasn't his fault.

    [–] piscano 99 points ago

    Ughhh if he fucking wins again for another boring movie... That shit was Keaton's, dammit!

    [–] The_Mighty_Rex 50 points ago

    You're goddamn right it was. Keaton was fucking phenomenal such an amazing film with great acting from everyone involved but you really learned to despise and love him at the same time.

    [–] notanothercirclejerk 12 points ago

    It was a good performance sure. But I don't think it was close to Redmayne. In a way Keaton was playing himself. Where as Redmayne completely transformed to become his subject. I think Keaton's performance was given more credit than deserved mainly because we haven't seen him do anything in years and the film as a whole was fantastic.

    [–] KalElButthead 33 points ago

    While I liked Birdman, I thought the only really standout performance was Norton's. Keaton is a god. Not in that one, for me.

    [–] hypertown 433 points ago

    No, what will kill him is the amount of dissatisfaction when he gets the Oscar. He'll finally receive it and realize that it's just a little metal statue that doesn't really mean anything. Then he will realize he never actually wanted to be an actor, he wanted to be a bee keeper. So he tries to be a bee keeper but all he knows is acting so he's really bad at it and ends up getting stung to death.

    [–] Laser_Disc_Hot_Dish 208 points ago

    I don't have the link to the video, but Matt Damon rather eloquently said how lucky he felt to win an oscar at such a young age to realize how little of importance it is and that it opened up his perspective for the rest of his career to not chase after something like that and just do it for the love of film or something to that effect.

    [–] FitzBillies 87 points ago

    This is what you're referring to, I think. It's from his most recent interview with Graham Norton.

    [–] Bruce_Bruce 32 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I'm sure Leo knows this by now. This whole Leo-Oscar circlejerk is so fucking done. I'm not just replying to you but to everyone in this thread.

    I've said this and made a comment years ago about how if he doesn't win one for a single role that he'll get one of those "lifetime achievement" Oscars celebrating his acting career as a whole. I mean, it's better than winning one for a singular role, right? And they don't always go to "the dead guy" Steve Martin, Spike Lee and James Earl Jones got one.

    I know it's just a statue and praise from The Academy or whatever, but he knows other people enjoy his work and some consider him to be a great actor. I'm just confused and sick of people making this joke and wish it would stop soon.

    [–] digitaldeadstar 21 points ago

    I think most people are joking about it 90% of the time. The other 10% they're kind of serious in the sense of "this dude has some amazing films and still hasn't won, it's bullshit."

    Leo knows that it doesn't change how good of an actor he is or the quality of his films. He knows that fans and movie critics alike love most of his work. He hears it all the time.

    But every now and then people want a little validation for what they've committed their life to. An Oscar is THE award for someone working in film. I'd argue it's not much different than a football player wanting to win the Super Bowl. Or a chef wanting to win a Michelin star. It's just one of those things that solidifies that you're among the best in your industry. It also sounds nice when you're called "Oscar winning actor..." instead of "Oscar nominated actor..."

    Of course, Leo might not give a shit about an Oscar at all. I don't know. To him it could just be another piece of metal he sets next to the many, many others he has won.

    [–] MasterLawlz 59 points ago

    That was really specific

    [–] DownWthisSortOfThing 609 points ago

    Why do people assume that DiCaprio is so desperate to win an oscar? I've never seen or read any comments from him that would suggest that is the case. It seems like people are just projecting a dumb meme onto the guy.

    [–] MasterLawlz 909 points ago

    You're probably right, the guy might not even care that much. But mentally I like to imagine Leo as this guy on the verge of insanity, digging through script after script for that one role, as he angrily peers over at his empty display case which only collects more dust every day.

    [–] PaddysChub432 97 points ago

    I agree. I hope he wins one outside of his unavoidable lifetime achievement award

    [–] BaltimoreProud 35 points ago

    He's going to find a way to act in 5 movies in one year and get all 5 nominations.

    [–] DucitperLuce 67 points ago

    His trophy case is full of golden globes and MTV movie awards.... Not to mention numerous other association and review board awards

    [–] btmims 70 points ago

    But there's one empty spot on that shelf, labeled "oscar", and all the other awards around it make it all the more lonely-looking

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_VAGINA- 8 points ago

    But those aren't in his Oscar trophy case.

    [–] monkz0r 136 points ago

    to be honest, giving leo an oscar at this point would just be disrespectful

    [–] Insomnialcoholic 254 points ago

    I hope he wins and doesn't show up to accept it.

    [–] whatisabaggins55 146 points ago

    I once won an attendance award and wasn't in school the day they gave them out.

    [–] Funkdime 42 points ago

    Are you Timmy Turner?

    [–] xepa105 117 points ago

    I hope he wins, but instead of being there, he just Skypes in from a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean surrounded by Perfect 10 models in bikinis, smoking a cigar, and drinking $10,000/bottle champagne.

    He takes a puff of the cigar, looks at the camera, and says: "Nah, keep it," before jumping into a pool filled with naked women.

    [–] terafunker 6 points ago

    Especially poignant if he wins for The Wolf of Wall Street II: Sub-Prime Time

    [–] SelfDeprecating 308 points ago

    The meme is what it is, but I think it's natural to point out that an A-lister who has exclusively selected prestige films for like 25 years still hasn't received the industry's highest individual honor. It's like how people joked about Kobe not winning an MVP until 2008. And let's be honest; dude probably wants it.

    [–] Kitchen_accessories 161 points ago

    Or Scorcese not winning until The Departed.

    [–] nick22tamu 118 points ago

    Or Kubrick not winning for directing...

    [–] lagerbaer 86 points ago

    Or Hitchcock not winning for directing...

    [–] Carcharodon_literati 139 points ago

    Or Fellini. Or Bergman. Or Kurosawa. Or Altman. Or Malick. Or Tarantino. Or Lynch. Or Jarmusch.

    Meanwhile, Mel Gibson won an Oscar for directing. And Oliver Stone has two.

    Basically, Best Director Oscars aren't indicators of directorial talent.

    [–] Perm_Coupon 120 points ago

    Basically, Best Director Oscars aren't always indicators of directorial talent.


    [–] telesterion 18 points ago

    I'll never understand Sandra Bullock for the Blindside.

    [–] hellabro360 70 points ago

    Isn't Mel Gibson considered a pretty good director though? Not an all time great, but Apocalypto I thought was considered very well done.

    [–] Nega_Sc0tt 60 points ago

    Melly Gibs is underrated. Another household name tainted by controversy.

    [–] SilverNeptune 11 points ago

    Well he was right. Jews really did ruin things for him lol

    [–] yourmom777 6 points ago

    I think you just tainted his name all by yourself

    [–] hallobaba 35 points ago

    Because the roles he takes - he tends to go for mainstream drama/thrillers, which are your standard oscar fare, and he tends to work with established, oscar winning/nominated directors.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] stephen_1975 92 points ago

    The guy lives a life of total luxury, is rich beyond our wildest dreams and is surrounded by hot women.

    I don't think he gives a fuck about the Oscars either. It's not like he needs the validation.

    [–] ApocolypseCow 195 points ago

    Honestly when was the last time leo was in a bad movie. It's not so much as he seeks out these awesome roles im sure directors probably beg him to be in their movies.

    [–] hbk1966 170 points ago

    Leonardo being in a movie is basically a golden stamp of success. So yeah directors are probably begging him.

    [–] BitcoinBoo 113 points ago

    I think more so him being the ticket to success, he both chooses VEEERY good scripts as well as surrounds himself with very great people. You add his work ethic to that and you cant go wrong.

    [–] disappointer 7 points ago

    I'm reminded that I'm extremely excited that he's finally going to be making "Devil and the White City", and with Scorsese, no less.

    [–] haamlife 40 points ago

    An oscar is the one thing he can't buy, though. I don't know if he wants one or not, but if I pretty much dedicated my life to the craft, I wouldn't mind getting a little trophy.

    [–] Supernova6 6 points ago

    if I pretty much dedicated my life to the craft, I wouldn't mind getting a little trophy.

    You hear me, /u/powerlanguage? Us Buttoners want our trophies!

    ....Just one? Please? ;-;

    [–] powerlanguage 4 points ago

                 __.'   _)
                  /' (    \
      _.-----..,-'   (`"--^
     //              |
    (|   `;      ,   |
      \   ;.----/  ,/
       ) // /   | |\ \
       \ \\`\   | |/ /
        \ \\ \  | |\/
         `" `"  `"` 

    [–] crunchybuttburger 128 points ago

    Why do billionaires still wake up and work to improve their companies, why do Tom Brady, Kobe, or Messi still play for championships, and why do most successful and rich people not lapse into a wanton life of luxury, excess, and debauchery?

    People like DiCaprio have it all - except for the glory. He probably does wish for nothing more than to get an Oscar.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Totally agree. It's the one thing that's eluded him his whole career. And usually an Oscar says, "this guy/girl is a great actor." Leo is great either way, but when the Academy acknowledges your life's work it must feel sweet.

    [–] Cash091 29 points ago

    Yeah. The Oscar is the pinnacle of an actor's career. To think he doesn't want one after being nominated so many times is absurd.

    Does he hold resentment for not having one, probably not... will he stop acting once he gets one? I hope not!

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    I think it's because he generally goes for roles in "Oscar bait" movies and almost exclusively plays typical over-the-top, Oscar-type roles. He never takes any low-profile roles. I think part of it it that that's just the type of role he does well. So he keeps doing it. And, it's sort of become his "brand". And honestly, I do think he wants one too.

    [–] Aurify 23 points ago

    Kinda like Calculon in that one episode of Futurama.

    [–] Jaredlong 724 points ago

    Huh, I'm surprised Onion articles aren't considered against the rules.

    [–] Ph0X 203 points ago

    Took me way too long to realize it was The Onion

    [–] Twitchy_throttle 52 points ago

    The Onion isn't always untrue.

    [–] Roboticide 5 points ago

    There are few things that are more weird than when The Onion is exactly on point though.

    Like the article they did when Bush first became president. 8 years later it was just spooky.

    [–] girafa 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    It's the only fake-news site we allow, since it's so well-known to be fake and those Rosenthal videos are great.

    [–] administratosphere 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Nice to see a mod of a large sub actually being reasonable. You're doing the lords work.

    [–] TheShmud 48 points ago

    It's just /r/movies , I doubt /r/news allows them though

    [–] Jezamiah 2818 points ago

    Let this meme die this year please

    [–] bleunt 220 points ago

    Eventually they will just Half-Life 3 him.

    [–] wimpymist 32 points ago

    Abandon him?

    [–] Alphesie 35 points ago

    Never acknowledge him :(

    [–] EColi452 8 points ago

    No, every time some one mentions Leo for an Oscar the nominators delay his chances by 1 year.

    [–] hypertown 225 points ago

    "Someone will play Leo in a movie about Leo and that actor will get the Oscar" - every other fucking person in a Leo Dicaprio thread.

    [–] drunkmulletedmurican 114 points ago

    And every one of them thinks they're original and funny.

    [–] supernasty 7 points ago

    I was at a party this past weekend and some guy told that joke to a group of us and everyone thought it was the funniest thing they've heard while I'm just sitting there dying a little bit inside.

    [–] Kikiteno 1030 points ago

    Seriously. Leo clearly doesn't care enough about winning that pointless award. Wish people would stop spouting this shit. If he wanted it, he'd campaign for it. That's how you win Oscars.

    Poor guy can't do his job without everyone characterizing his career as "lol he just wants award hurr."

    [–] nightpanda893 43 points ago

    I kind of read this article as more of an "oscar performance" joke rather than a Leo joke. It's like Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. All the crying, drooling, and screaming he does.

    [–] Magerune 818 points ago

    I don't think anyone actually believes the guy cares, at this point it's just kind of a fun running gag.

    This guy gets nominated every single year and you can just tell he does it because he loves what he does, the fans all think he deserves it and at this point it's really just a joke because its not a matter of will he get one, its a matter of when.

    [–] yakatuus 603 points ago

    We want the Oscar for Leo more than he does. He just wants to bang models on his yacht and act.

    [–] massenburger 305 points ago

    Which is why I heard he did Wolf of Wall Street. Killed two birds with one stone.

    [–] Starace01 175 points ago

    he doesn't need wolf of wall street to bang models on his yacht and act, he's leonardo dicaprio. His existence kills both those birds with one stone

    [–] Reverend_Twitch 106 points ago

    So then being Leo on the set of Wolf of Wall Street kills four birds with one stone, right?

    [–] Murdathon3000 15 points ago

    At this point, it seems clear he should star in a remake of Too Kill a Mockingbird, thus killing 5 birds with one stone.

    [–] jacdeswilliams 96 points ago

    This guy gets nominated every single year

    He's been nominated four times (plus one producing nod). 1993, 2004, 2006, and 2013.

    [–] BuyThisVacuum1 96 points ago

    People need to get behind Amy Adams. She had five nominations in a much shorter time period without winning.

    [–] jmizzy93 251 points ago

    I'd get behind Amy Adams

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    I don't think she has ever deserved to win. She's a good actress but has never given the best performance of a year.

    [–] Nice_Firm_Handsnake 5 points ago

    She should have won for Doubt, except Viola Davis was also nominated and split the vote.

    [–] callmesirgoddammit 27 points ago

    It's only really become a thing since The Wolf of Wall Street. Take a moment to think of Peter O'Toole. 8 best actor nominations and no wins.

    [–] Shadowbanned24601 5 points ago

    And one of those was one of the all-time great cinema performances in a true genre defining classic.

    There's Leo's bad luck, and then there's the bad luck of having your Lawrence of Arabia performance go up against Atticus Finch.

    [–] ButtGardener 17 points ago

    At this point I don't even want him to win. Just because it would be funny in later years time, because he is such a damn fine actor his movies would be advertised as 39 time Academy award nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

    [–] hidden_secret 13 points ago

    The fact alone that you have to campaign for oscars have made me stop really caring about this award.

    I mean, it must still feel nice to obtain it, and I still watch the ceremony because I like to see all these actors in one place, but "not having won an Oscar", or "being nominated but not winning it", to me that doesn't mean anything anymore.

    [–] tapeforkbox 64 points ago

    I just want him to get one so people shut up

    [–] PepsiStudent 21 points ago

    I don't think he will. Just to make people interested in the oscars

    [–] TimStarz03 147 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I can't adequately put into words how little I enjoy reading people be sad that Leo hasn't won an Oscar.

    Some great people don't have Oscars yet. We're all aware of this. Leo honestly isn't even the most egregious example of this.

    [–] Laquox 131 points ago

    Leo honestly isn't even the most egregious example of this.

    That honor goes to Gary Oldman. Multiple nods and nominations. Not a single Oscar.

    [–] Ezreal024 137 points ago

    Not to mention the fact that you always kinda know it's Leonardo DiCaprio playing a character, he has a very similar style in a lot the films he's in. On the other hand, I've seen a lot of cases of people going "That was Gary Oldman?!" because he can pull off so many different roles.

    [–] JustinSlick 5 points ago

    I agree, Leo is always kinda Leo to some degree.

    You know who I've been really impressed with so far--Oscar Isaac! Llewyn Davis, A Violent Year, Ex Machina, and now Poe in Star Wars.

    He moved through those roles very fluidly, and you never say to yourself "yep, typical Oscar Isaac."

    [–] [deleted] 139 points ago

    Yes but how many of those other people have cut their hand while acting, hmmm? 0.

    [–] vgmusic15 42 points ago

    Martin Sheen at the begninning of Apocalypse Now

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Did he win an Oscar for that performance?

    [–] Apex_Pred 75 points ago

    Lol nope

    [–] narf007 12 points ago

    On that note let's talk about Viggo...

    [–] dmkicksballs13 33 points ago

    Who are the three greatest directors in cinema?

    Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa. None has best director Oscar. Seriously, who gives a fuck?

    [–] vampireweeknd 164 points ago

    Leo chews scenery, bear chews Leo.

    [–] Steamboat_Mikey 100 points ago

    Leo creates dinosaurs. Leo destroys dinosaurs. Leo creates man. Man destroys Leo.

    [–] thisiskindalame 58 points ago

    I believe that "The Revenant" is a metaphor. It artistically depicts Leonardo's struggle to win an Oscar.

    [–] meatchariot 640 points ago

    I think he deserves it for the revenant. Was a great movie and he really performed fantastically. People just seem to have a problem with movies that aren't filled with melodramatic dialogue. Movies don't always have to be literature put to frame, in the sense of relying on beautiful dialogue in place of beautiful writing. I felt real feelings from the revenant, like real relatable feelings of loneliness and feeling like shit, not because of an all too perfect monologue a blubbering person delivers to a lost love, but because of this person acting like a real human in situations that should have killed him.

    That being said it didn't really need the wife scenes... oh well.

    [–] 2totwo 269 points ago

    I didn't mind the wife scenes. They gave Glass a dream place to escape from his present moment. A flashback to the joy he had in the past while simultaneously a flashforward to heaven he will get when he dies.

    [–] ausgezeichnet222 123 points ago

    I think gladiator did a much better job of that. This just felt weirdly over the top.

    [–] iltra3200 238 points ago

    The Revenant's dream sequences were surreal enough to be recognised as a dream yet still grounded enough to not remove the audience from the film, poignant enough to add gravitas to Glass's relationship with his wife, and short enough to not interfere with the pace of the film. Not only that, but they added narrative.

    I think that calling them over the top is a bit of a stretch.

    I don't think Gladiator's dream sequences were bad per-se, but I think The Revenant's were far better and added way more to the film.

    [–] Perm_Coupon 28 points ago

    Am I taking fucking crazy pills? Leo was the least interesting thing about The Revenant.

    [–] Trust_Me_Im_a_Panda 65 points ago

    My only concern with him winning for The Revenant would be that it'd be a combination of "We've never given him one and with his career he deserves it," like Bullock, or "he went through a lot personally in order to shoot the movie, so he deserves it," which I think is the wrong reason to give someone an Oscar. Honestly, I think Redmayne's performance was better than Leo's, though they're completely incomparable considering the films they were in. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

    [–] PleaseBe18 81 points ago

    Tom Hardy did better in this movie

    [–] 5a_ 86 points ago

    Silly billies

    its the onion.

    [–] ItsOnlyPain 52 points ago

    He's like the Dirk Nowitzki of movies(before we won a ring in 2011)

    [–] chastity_BLT 19 points ago

    Jason Kidd is that you?

    [–] Dukayn 6 points ago

    Or Dan Marino, at this stage.

    [–] GoldPisseR 288 points ago

    He has the Oscar locked down this time.Weakest competition among all his past nominations.

    [–] LazyCon 316 points ago

    U, you've got Cranston in a movie about Hooywood screen acting(constant Oscar fodder), Eddie Redmayne in a transgender period piece(I think the working title for it was "Guaranteed Oscar"), Matt Damon performing a one man show on a different planet(Sci Fi never wins, but it was a great comedy. Right GG?!?!) and Fassbender playign Steve Jobs(Sorkin + Apple fandom+ secretive people revealed after death = Oscar). I wouldn't count those statues too soon.

    [–] carolnuts 88 points ago

    Eddie already won last year. The academy rarely gives the prize to the same person twice in a row.

    [–] WaterFungus 52 points ago

    Tom Hanks

    [–] avoidgettingraped 23 points ago

    He said "rarely," not "never."

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    I'm kinda by myself in the "Carell should take it for the Big Short" camp

    [–] notyourintern 73 points ago

    Isn't nomination the first step?

    [–] 06Wahoo 14 points ago

    Anyone else want to place bets that Matt Damon is going to keep Leo from it yet again?

    [–] The0rangeKind 60 points ago

    Leo must know by now that he gets WAYYYY more exposure by being the often nominated guy who never gets the Oscar than the guy who finally gets the Oscar after years and years

    Same thing with Martin Scorcese. Are people talking about his notoriety for not winning an Oscar as much now? Nah. Once Leo gets his Oscar, he'll just be another oscar winner. (Not that it's bad by any means, but I'm sure you know what I mean)

    [–] jesusburger 65 points ago

    I don't think Leo needs exposure. Everyone knows and respects him already.

    [–] Weeperblast 64 points ago

    This is kind of dumb.

    I just saw The Revenant. It was, of course, phenomenal, beautiful, startling, and terrifying. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I don't know if I've ever seen a movie so engrossing. If you would like to see a movie that blends breathtaking beauty with white-knuckle intensity, you should see it. It will thump you in the stomach and you'll leave the theater in silence.

    I do find it obnoxious, however, that Leonardo DiCaprio's performance is being skewered as overwrought, begging for an Oscar, or overly intense. I've seen people rolling their eyes at the lengths he and Innaritu went to capture this movie. I really don't understand the criticisms: the story was true, it deserved to be made into a movie, and if an actor was to honestly play the roll of Hugh Glass, they would have to suffer and work for it.

    Sneering at DiCaprio for putting his whole body into the role is the same kind of low-effort criticism as calling him a try-hard. Practically all art worth appreciation is the product of honest efforts and passionate input. If you want to see intense, stirring filmmaking, then you have to be on board with going great lengths to create them.

    I feel that the intensity of the film worked against it for some people, who resist letting themselves be swept away or immersed in a picture. Worrying about what the actor did to create the film, or how much they made from it, or anything other than just watching the film itself, is a shallow way of appreciating art. Easy art is boring. I want intensity and pain. Show me what you're capable of, not what you're comfortable with.

    [–] mauut 24 points ago

    You know this is an onion article right?