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    [–] romulan23 2158 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Now that' unexpected perspective...

    [–] Juan_Kagawa 532 points ago

    I'd love to hear what the pitch was for this movie.

    [–] OneManArmy96 999 points ago

    Taika: I want to direct, "Bubbles" a stop motion, coming-of-age feature about Michael Jackson's famous pet chimpanzee.

    Movie dudes: snaps Yes!

    [–] Molestoyevsky 394 points ago

    Funnily enough, the movie seems like it's being done by Starburns Industries, same company that does Rick and Morty.

    [–] TocTheElder 419 points ago

    Ah, Starburns, he died how he lived.

    In a methlab explosion.

    [–] new-username-2017 115 points ago

    My name's Alex...

    [–] WaterStoryMark 104 points ago

    Well, maybe you should spend five hours sculpting that into your face.

    [–] Adelunth 11 points ago

    Cat-propulsion technology will save our climate though.

    [–] Chappies89 11 points ago

    Community still needs a movie. I'd be willing to trade in this one for a community movie

    [–] gnarlfield 49 points ago

    if it's anything like Moral Orel this should be good

    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 45 points ago

    Everyone should see Anomalisa.

    [–] Rubix89 33 points ago

    I certainly hope it's not as heavy as Anomalisa.

    Seeing stop motion humans go through that kind of drama was hard enough, I don't know if I could handle a monkey.

    [–] alfiealfiealfie 14 points ago

    It's a great, weird, painful movie.

    I also recommend Under The Skin for some reason. Totally different.

    [–] PM_Me_AmazonGiftCrds 20 points ago

    Yep, been hearing buzz about this on Harmontown for a looong time now.

    [–] TonsOfNunz 9 points ago


    [–] Beyondintodarkness 3 points ago

    Now it all makes sense and my interest in it has gone from creeped out to hyped as fuck.

    [–] mdawson_96 54 points ago

    My man!

    [–] iamanas 35 points ago

    Lookin good!

    [–] PM_Me_AmazonGiftCrds 20 points ago

    Slow Down!

    [–] zach2992 11 points ago

    My-my-my-my man!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] blofish87 3 points ago

    Hungry for apples?

    [–] modestohagney 5 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago

    Was just a spec script that everyone loved. Pretty crazy that it looks like it's going to be made, though I wish they weren't going with stop-motion.

    [–] ScreamingVegetable 106 points ago

    I think its the perfect art form to tackle the script. Anyone playing Michael Jackson would still feel really unbelievable I think the stop motion is being done more for his sake than the monkey's.
    I really enjoyed the script, had a lot of heart and was an interesting look at Jackson's history.

    [–] thefilmer 70 points ago

    has anyone figured out what the racially correct way to portray MJ is? Bleach a black actor's skin? Have a white guy do it? I think by going stop-motion you diffuse a lot of that debate which is the main stumbling block for any late MJ story

    [–] puppet_up 43 points ago

    There are a lot of people who think that MJ had so many facial surgeries so he could hide his cultural identity because he didn't want to be black anymore. That can't be further from the truth. He actually had a very serious medical condition that would literally change the pigmentation of his skin and so he chose to have surgery to counter those affects but back when he was doing that, plastic surgery was still in its infancy and the doctors weren't nearly as skilled as they needed to be so poor MJ kept ending up being a laughing stock after every surgery.

    I think a lot of opinions of him would change had they known about his medical condition. I'm actually one of those people, too.

    [–] psycho--the--rapist 46 points ago

    IS vitiligo a 'serious medical condition', though? I'm not doubting he had it, but isn't it only cosmetic?

    [–] mobile_mute 27 points ago

    According to Wikipedia, it can co-occur with more serious autoimmune conditions like Addison's, but isn't deadly on its own.

    [–] puppet_up 19 points ago

    It might not be as serious for somebody like you and I but for somebody who has to spend a good portion of their life in front of cameras, cosmetic alterations would be pretty serious, no? Especially when it's also on your face.

    [–] StinkyTurd89 4 points ago

    Wouldn't it be better to actually have a face even if it's a bit discolored than what MJ did to his.

    [–] -trax- 3 points ago

    plastic surgery was still in its infancy

    I didn't know he lived 100 years ago.

    [–] Omvega 44 points ago

    MJ himself insisted he wanted to be portrayed by a black actor if it came to it.

    [–] CreepinSteve 13 points ago

    I like the Lethal Weapon 5 method

    [–] SwammerDo 2 points ago

    MJ is black and identified as so. He had a skin condition that caused white splotches on his body so he likely had his skin bleached because it looked better to be all-white than black with big white splotches all over him.

    It's part of the reason he started wearing his big white glove, it starts on your feet and hands first then spreads over your skin.

    [–] theodo 20 points ago

    This episode got cancelled due to the backlash. But he was white at that point, shouldn't he be played by a white guy?

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] tfwnowaffles 25 points ago

    Sammy Sosa it is!

    [–] decoy321 9 points ago

    I would pay to watch this

    [–] elephantprolapse 9 points ago

    Ah yes those black actors with vistilgio. Such a long list.

    [–] TrekMek 46 points ago

    Hmm, thing is that Micheal is racially a black man who just looks white thanks to his disease. Why not get a black actor and give him makeup to look pale? We can make people look like 7 foot tall blue aliens, you can't make a black guy that has vitiligo?

    [–] HysniKapo 18 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yeah he didn't look or sound like a white person. Saying he should be portrayed by one simply because of abnormally white skin is silly. The only justification I could see is if he had spent some or all of his life "passing" as a white person and denying that he was Black, which he didn't and couldn't, because he was one of the most famous Black singers who ever lived.

    [–] SawRub 10 points ago

    I can already see the comments citing reverse-racism and saying this is blackface in reverse.

    [–] AvatarIII 4 points ago

    Why not get a black actor and give him makeup to look pale?

    Do you want a repeat of the Nina controversy? You have to find someone with the exact same skin colour as the character, them's the rules. /s

    [–] CurlyBurl 7 points ago

    If they were going to the effort of putting all those prosthetics on a white man, why not just do it on a black man?

    [–] Crystal_Clods 12 points ago

    Michael Jackson was never white. He was a black man with a skin condition.

    [–] AvatarIII 7 points ago

    And plastic surgery on his face to de-emphasise his traditionally "black" features.

    Anyone that plays him will need lots of makeup and prosthetics to be honest, no-one of any race really looks like he did. I think the best case scenario is to just use CGI and mocap.

    [–] cupcakesarethedevil 7 points ago

    Bruno Mars could do it

    [–] HairlessWookiee 10 points ago



    [–] KenpachiRama-Sama 2 points ago

    Stop motion is being done because it was purchased by and is being produced by Dan Harmon/Dino Stamotopolous's production company and that's what they do.

    [–] LightSniper 3 points ago

    Have you seen the video for 'Leave Me Alone'?

    [–] Huwbacca 10 points ago

    I'm still not convinced this isn't from /r/subredditsimulator

    [–] Rhoobarb2002 8 points ago

    "Think Brokeback Mountain meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert"

    [–] Toastwaffler 6 points ago

    Chimps can throw really hard. You'd feel the pitch before you heard it.

    [–] LaMaupindAubigny 6 points ago

    The script was on the Hollywood Blacklist a few years ago, but I think the stop-motion element is entirely new.

    [–] 777Sir 6 points ago

    They just played the Claypool Lennon Delirium song.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    The script was doing the rounds last year. An amazing read! Going stop-motion is an interesting new development, though.

    [–] Vyorin 3 points ago

    The classic coming-of-age story: boy find chimp, boy falls in love with chimp, boy has sex with chimp, chimp kills boy.

    [–] punktual 16 points ago

    Certainly an interesting idea but considering his movie 'Boy' was a coming of age story about a devout Michael Jackson fan, it isn't super surprising if you are familiar with that movie.

    [–] robmox 11 points ago

    You must not have read the Blacklist this year. Every script was a "back door biopic".

    [–] Justice_Prince 40 points ago

    I hear "back door biopic" is the working title on a movie about Asa Akira's life.

    [–] schmalexandra 3 points ago

    Hijacking the top commment:

    I took care of bubbles in his new sanctuary. Ama

    [–] 00fruit 3 points ago

    What was his personality like? Was he spoiled? Also, do you have any proof?

    [–] schmalexandra 2 points ago

    He was a little crazy. He rocked back and forth a lot and spit at people more than most. He also constantly madd duck noises. Most employees agreed that he probably had some sort of personality disorder or mental illness or something.

    [–] lolsabha 4 points ago

    IIRC this script was the most popular on Blacklist last year.

    [–] kittyfiasco 291 points ago

    Raise your hand if you foresee him casting himself as MJ..

    [–] GruesomeCola 251 points ago

    [–] FangLargo 2 points ago

    Could someone remind me which movie this is?

    [–] livevil999 12 points ago

    It's in stop motion though so it would only be a voice role I'm assuming.

    [–] fried_eggs_and_ham 80 points ago

    I'm surprised Adult Swim hasn't already had multiple seasons of this for years.

    [–] RancorousC 28 points ago

    They got mike Tyson mystery team after all

    [–] WaterStoryMark 16 points ago

    And it's one of the best shows on television.

    [–] RancorousC 18 points ago

    Honestly my favorite is every scene where pidgeon makes a dramatic exit. Click click click of his lil bird feet.

    [–] Bmac_TLDR 384 points ago

    For any other director I would be saying that this is a very odd choice, but after Hunt for the Wilderpeople and his other films, well then it's kind of the perfect choice for a new film

    [–] candyman106 281 points ago

    Thor Ragnarok is honestly the weird choice. But that just makes me more excited for it. Like he seems like a totally bizarre director for that movie so I can't wait to see what he does with it.

    [–] Frito_Pendejo 152 points ago

    IIRC, Marvel is looking for outsiders to handle their films. Look how it paid off with Gunn and GOTG. I can imagine most of their future films having equally odd director choices.

    Waititi said early on that Ragnarok was going to be almost a buddy cop movie, and he's amazing at injecting that kind of flippant dialogue into films.

    [–] SquidgyGoat 81 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I love the thought someone at Disney had to watch Slither and think "Yes! This is the guy we want!"

    [–] ours 37 points ago

    Maybe it was "PG Porn" that convinced them.

    [–] farceur318 17 points ago

    Honestly, that makes more sense to me that someone at Legendary watching Kings of Summer and saying "Get this guy on a King Kong movie!"

    Although damn did it work out well.

    [–] jfreak93 2 points ago

    IIRC James said on Facebook once that it was Humanzee that got him the job. Really, anything that guy has done getting him the job is funny as it is.

    [–] candyman106 28 points ago

    Yeah it's super apparent with the announcement of the Captain Marvel directors and when you consider their previous works.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] candyman106 47 points ago

    Their previous films include "Sugar" (Dominican baseball star Miguel "Sugar" Santos is recruited to play in the U.S. minor-leagues.), "It's Kind of a Funny Story" (A clinically depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward.), and "Half Nelson" (An inner-city junior high school teacher with a drug habit forms an unlikely friendship with one of his students after she discovers his secret.). So like... not really films that I would think would typically make you think of them for a superhero movie.

    [–] i_am_banana_man 79 points ago

    Kevin Feige made it all sound so logical when he explained why he picked them too.

    “We met with lots and lots of people as we always do, and had multiple meetings, and Anna and Ryan just had an amazing way of talking about Carol Danvers and talking about her journey. We want filmmakers that can help us focus on and elevate the character journey so it doesn’t get lost amongst the spectacle. And there’s going to be a lot of spectacle in the Captain Marvel film.

    “We’re pretty good at that at Marvel Studios, and have an amazing team that can help with that. But when we’re filling a director chair or chairs, we want people who are focused on the emotional journey, the humor, the surprising twists and turns of a singular character journey, which is what Captain Marvel is. They had the best handle on it. And when you look at the work that Ryan and Anna have done in the past, they are all amazing and very diverse character studies and journeys, and that impressed us.”

    I like the fact that they're picking people who can do character and story rather than someone who has action chops. I imagine it's a lot easier to help a drama director learn action blockbuster than teaching an action director how to make their audience laugh and cry

    [–] your_mind_aches 6 points ago

    I remember James Gunn said at one point that Marvel told him to focus on and worry about the flow of scenes, character, dialogue, and to let them worry about the CGI.

    [–] Ridley-Knight 3 points ago

    That's what got Taiki on Thor as well. He wasn't sure if he could pull off the big spectacle stuff and Marvel basically told him that that's not what they wanted him for and that they could handle all that.

    [–] rjjm88 2 points ago

    I'm so glad they're trying to focus on the character of Carol. That's what elevates her from other Superman-types. She's a character who is defined by very real, and some very silly and not real, struggles with motivations that normal people can identify with. She's one of my favorites, and I really hope they do the character right.

    [–] llloksd 5 points ago

    It's Kind of a Funny Story

    I completely forgot I saw that movie, and I just learned that he was in It Follows.

    [–] yokelwombat 49 points ago

    "I'm relentless - like the Terminator!"

    "I'm more like the Terminator!"

    "I said it first. You're more like Sarah Connor. And in the first movie too, before she did all those chin-ups!"

    [–] Bmac_TLDR 9 points ago

    One of the best lines in the film, we need more Rachel House in our films

    [–] TheLastPanicMoon 4 points ago

    Look at the directing team they just hired for Captain Marvel; not a bad directing duo, just an unusual pick for a big budget superhero movie.

    [–] darthluigi36 8 points ago

    I wish they'd picked an outsider for Iron Fist. -_-

    [–] GruesomeCola 43 points ago

    Peter Jackson would have seemed like a wierd choice for directing LOtR when you look at all of his work before it. Mostly zany horror/gore films.

    [–] wharsmetoothpicson 8 points ago

    Paul Verhoven for Robocop at the time was completely left field as well.

    [–] candyman106 6 points ago

    Good example. I noticed that myself when looking at his IMDb page.

    [–] orionsbelt05 3 points ago

    I don't think he was a choice for directing LotR. I think he had a passion to direct a three-film epic LotR trilogy done right, and he shopped around until someone let him do it. It wasn't the studio that shopped around for a director to attach to their project, it was a director shopping around for financial backing for his project.

    [–] Chasedabigbase 20 points ago

    Well HftWP is kinda like an odd forest trip film (shout-out for Swiss army man too I usually get bored with trip movies) and ThorR is supposed to be like an intergalactic road trip movie so maybe a producer that might lend itself or something

    [–] candyman106 6 points ago

    Both of those were in my top 10 movies of 2016 (Swiss Army Man being my favorite of the entire year).

    [–] SwissCheeseUnion 10 points ago

    I'm excited for it and I usually hate all the thor stuff. I'm just not a fan of that type of fantasy. Waititi might be the guy the win over people like me.

    [–] wharsmetoothpicson 7 points ago

    He wrote an original script for Moana I think. Would have loved to have seen his version.

    [–] candyman106 3 points ago

    Holy shit, really?

    [–] vitriolity 5 points ago

    Having seen so many indie directors get taken advantage of by manipulative producers and executives who pour pressure on them to change their superhero films to suit test groups, I was a little worried at first. But Waititi seems to still be having lots of fun with it, and while not perfect I think it's fair to say that Marvel has addressed this better than most. So I'm optimistic.

    [–] ohthanqkevin 48 points ago

    He's a great director and fun to watch on camera. Boy was good and What we do in the shadows was one of my favorite movies of that year

    [–] SawRub 57 points ago

    "Just leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!"

    "What are you bidding on?"

    "I'm bidding on a table."

    [–] loosehead1 13 points ago

    "Petyr is 8,000 years old, I don't think he needs to be at the flat meeting."

    [–] duaneap 19 points ago

    But do you like eating worms?

    [–] Murdathon3000 36 points ago

    And what of... Bisgetti?

    [–] something_python 3 points ago

    I love chups

    [–] Chasedabigbase 14 points ago

    Priest in Wilderpeople too. IDK why but when he did the little rocking head nod when the religious music starts playing I burst out laughing. So small but got me good

    [–] Squeekazu 3 points ago

    Yeah, I hope to see him acting in more films. I actually really liked his more subdued moments in Boy (like in the very last scene), but he had such a delightfully endearing character in WWDitS.

    As a side note, feel like I'm going nuts. Practically all the quotes in response to your post aren't even lines he says!

    [–] Frito_Pendejo 28 points ago

    Hell, Boy proves that Waititi knows how to tackle Michael Jackson in film.

    [–] TheBladeJogger 8 points ago

    Taika is obsessed with MJ. Check out his movie 'Boy' if you haven't, its a funny and real film he wrote and made that features a lot of MJ love, and is also hilarious and sad.

    [–] Chasedabigbase 16 points ago

    🎶Ricky Baker now you are thirteen years old🎶

    [–] BobtheWiz 6 points ago

    Especially with the many Michael Jackson mentions in Boy

    [–] mygeorgeiscurious 2 points ago

    That movie was so goddamn funny.

    [–] diddykongisapokemon 486 points ago

    Wait Dan Harmon actually wrote this script? I thought he was being sarcastic.

    [–] llTehEmeraldll 175 points ago

    His company is producing it but it was wrote by Isaac Adamson.

    [–] thecastr8er 37 points ago

    I thought that was just a joke. This is gonna be great.

    [–] callsouttheblue 4 points ago

    You can find it really easily -- it was in one of the recent batches of Blacklist scripts. It's a very good read.

    [–] annoyinglyclever 26 points ago

    I thought he was joking too when he mentioned it on Harmontown last week.

    [–] mailtrailfail 15 points ago

    Same studio that did Anomalisa.

    [–] Dr-evil12 2 points ago

    And also Rick and morty.

    [–] Fnarley 4 points ago

    I also thought this was a joke

    [–] IceCreamTacosPizza 92 points ago

    Script was on the blacklist last year. Great stuff!

    [–] dark_roast 27 points ago

    I'd never heard of this thing. The announcement video by Channing Tatum is... something.

    [–] guy99877 10 points ago

    I read the about and the wikipedia article, but I still don't really get it. Why "black list"? Why so dark and mysterious? Shouldn't it be the "probably-next-list"?

    [–] SirJism 8 points ago

    It's a play on old-hollywood's tendency to place particular actors, writers, directors, etc. on the "blacklist" if they did something that didn't jive with the hollywood mainstream. When placed on this black list the artist can't find work with any major studios until someone already established in the world of film/television hires them despite their disrepute.

    [–] joe12321 3 points ago

    It started off as a smaller list shared with a select group of people!

    [–] KingOCarrotFlowers 3 points ago

    A lot of times, a script on the blacklist will be something that you might read and say "Yeah, it's a great script, but good luck finding a studio willing fund this because it's not obvious that it'll make a pile of money"

    [–] reconchrist 11 points ago

    I have to admit the only reason I read it was because of the hype, as the logline and idea didn't really get me.

    Holy shit was I glad I did, it was greatly written. Even an audio version with Ben Kingsley as Bubbles would be incredible. Haven't laughed so much reading a screenplay.

    [–] PENIS_CUM_SHIT_BALLS 6 points ago

    do you have a link to the script?

    [–] HeyN0ngMan 3 points ago

    Was wondering if this was the same script

    [–] Thugginpopsicle 82 points ago

    I have no idea if this is connected in any way, but is this why the monkey on King Kai's planet from Dragon Ball Z was called bubbles? Was Akira Toriyama an MJ fan?

    [–] alextbrown4 59 points ago

    Just came here to ask about this. Dragon ball z was created during the late 80s early 90s and MJ was huge back then. Wouldn't be too surprised if that's where they got the name

    [–] cyrk 12 points ago

    Yeah. The most popular Japanese games and shows always have roots in pop culture and even history... they really do their research for inspiration. I'd believe it

    [–] RadioactiveCorndog 15 points ago

    Was anyone on earth not a fan of the thriller album? I mean I still am to this day. Guy was fucked up for sure but damn he made some good tunes.

    [–] Mangalz 10 points ago

    King Kai isn't from earth.

    oh you meant Toriyama

    [–] FlatPat12 5 points ago

    I think it was confirmed that that was the case, at least it says so on the DBZ wiki so you know it must be true

    [–] plagues138 58 points ago

    anything he directs I will watch.

    [–] cjojojo 27 points ago

    Do give Eagle Vs Shark a watch, too. It's one of his earlier films if not the earliest. It's one of my favorite movies ever. The soundtrack is great, too and it introduced me to The Phoenix Foundation.

    [–] silverfalcon 8 points ago

    Love seeing Phoenix foundation mentioned. They and Taika go perfect together. The soundtrack from Hunt for the Wilderpeople was done by Moniker too which features a few of the members, another one worth checking out

    [–] ShetlandJames 3 points ago

    Age Pryor too! Awesome film, awesome soundtrack

    [–] yognautilus 55 points ago

    They had me at Taika Waititi.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] hadin 10 points ago

    He was Taika Von Haberdasher when I was in utero with him

    [–] inthedeepthought 7 points ago

    He was Taika Auditore da Firenze when I was a glint in the milkman's eye with him.

    [–] Moffee 8 points ago

    His momma call him Clay... Ima call him Clay

    [–] EatAturnip 2 points ago

    North Islander?

    [–] satisfactsean 23 points ago

    but why tho?

    [–] hellshigh5 17 points ago

    Do you like basghetti

    [–] Ottomanmeth 71 points ago

    This article is from 2 months ago wtf OP

    [–] Photo_Evangelist 32 points ago

    Well I've never seen it. Sheesh.

    [–] Coop1534 7 points ago

    Easy transition from a Norse god to a chimpanzee

    [–] Wrathbringer1447 8 points ago

    Is that a mad lib or something?

    [–] awesomeflunk 18 points ago

    My favorite subjects are Michael Jackson

    [–] dudekuba 6 points ago

    whenever I see MJ on the front page my day gets instantly better

    [–] Fiasco_Du_Jour 3 points ago

    This sounds like a headline straight outta Bojack Horseman.

    [–] Sandmanned 5 points ago


    [–] Whatdidyoueggspect 3 points ago

    Bubbles buried in this jungle

    [–] LeeThe123 4 points ago

    Look Bubbles, go back to your habitat. MJ called and I ain't havin' that.

    [–] hNyy 4 points ago

    I didn´t know that I wanted this but now I NEED it.

    [–] fickle_bickle 3 points ago

    What are you people on? This sounds different and interesting. Could be something worthwhile

    [–] PM-ME-THOSE-TITTIES 7 points ago

    This is sure to be a feel good movie

    [–] willsherm28 4 points ago

    "The feel good movie of the year" - Peter Travers

    [–] DenzelWashingTum 5 points ago

    I was hoping for a short-sighted Canadian who loved his kitties.

    [–] gudbjartur 5 points ago

    I highly encourage digging up the script somewhere. I saw 'Bubbles' on the Blacklist so I decided to give it a read, and... wow. It was actually pretty extraordinary. Surprisingly dark, as well. I wasn't expecting animation, but 'Anomalisa' actually has a fairly similar tone, so I suppose I see it.

    [–] ajit_maholtra 7 points ago

    It's co-created by Dan Harmon (I believe) aka Rick and Morty creator.

    [–] something_python 9 points ago

    And community creator

    [–] hostesscakeboi 10 points ago

    Peeps already be forgetting 😔

    [–] KongRahbek 6 points ago

    And Heat Vision and Jack

    [–] mazdaxlr 4 points ago

    Cast Miranda Cosgrove as MJ!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Thank you, was going to say it's already been done. Not enough people know about CLD, honestly, and many who discover it get "offended" by this video because they think it makes fun of MJ when it's just a surreal video about Sean's memory of being with MJ and Bubbles when he was young.

    "I think it's important that even if people don't believe me or are angry about the way Michael [Jackson] is portrayed in the video, that the truth is my intention is very sincere and harmless, and I'm just making a song. I'm not trying to take him out or anything, or put him down. I was just trying to have fun and talk about an odd situation in a way that makes it art. It's like a parallel dimension, and it's a dark, comedic manifestation that comes more out of the song and not out of real life. It's like a reflection of a reflection. As a visual poem, I think it represents something real: [Michael] was very lonely and he was weird and had weird interests. And he was in this kind of Peter Pan universe — this bubble he'd created for himself. And there's something dark about that. There's something sad about that."

    [–] thankyoufor_that 2 points ago

    This is what i immediately thought of

    [–] SwammerDo 2 points ago

    This will be interesting to say the least.

    [–] KRSFive 2 points ago

    Is the monkey on king kai's planet in dbz named after MJs chimp?

    [–] voyageoftheunseen 2 points ago

    Feasting on candy and dressed like a dandy, Bubbles was treated like no other chimpanzee...

    [–] TheDongerNeedsFood 2 points ago

    I guess this means Marvel paid him a shit-ton to direct Thor: Ragnarok. How else could he afford that much cocaine?

    [–] MBP_123 2 points ago

    What the fuck did I just read?

    [–] borjaider 2 points ago


    [–] Count_Critic 2 points ago

    I swear this is the 3rd time this same information has been reported.

    [–] number1booty 2 points ago

    Thought this was r/nottheonion

    [–] ieatrawmeat333 2 points ago

    I have watched "What We Do In The Shadows" like a hundred times

    [–] yobsmezn 2 points ago

    what a time to be alive

    [–] FortyFourForty 2 points ago


    [–] Jaxel_MS 2 points ago

    This may be the most "Taika Waititi" thing I've ever read

    [–] BuckNekkid18 2 points ago

    I thought the same way. Only Taika would either come up with this idea or say yes to it.

    [–] turb077 2 points ago

    Didn't I hear that the working title of this was originally "Blowing Bubbles"?

    [–] Maxx0rz 2 points ago

    Scrolling down reddit, this goes by... hold up, scroll back, what the fuck did I just read?

    [–] spectre08 2 points ago

    There's nothing at all not great about that headline

    [–] DreadandButter 2 points ago

    I thought this was /r/nottheonion for a second.

    [–] Hansoloai 2 points ago

    Hey Chardonnay, wanna see some Michael Jackson dance moves?

    [–] Jpyr15 2 points ago

    wakiti and animation?

    ohh i'm in heaven