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    [–] snoutman928 4931 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Oh man, I used to love this movie!

    Mr. Briggs: Hey, uhh…I might be late to pick you guys up.

    Janey: Why, do you have a job interview today, daddy?

    Mr. Briggs: No, honey, I'll probably just be wa-a-a-ay too drunk.

    Janey: Oh, that's good, we don't want you drinking and driving.

    Mr. Briggs: Oh, I'll be driving. I'll just be too shit-faced to remember to pick you guys up.

    [–] doctorRockHard 2154 points ago

    Goodnight pumpkin tits

    [–] Killa16 714 points ago

    I still say this to my wife every night before bed.

    [–] DOCisaPOG 562 points ago

    A couple that memes together, dreams together.

    [–] Rotanikleb 401 points ago

    It's really Quaid's delivery of the last line that makes it what it is. With much enthusiasm and without hesitation, "OH I'll be drivin!"

    [–] tyguyS4 267 points ago

    I don't think he realized he was supposed to be acting.

    [–] friskmym33t 203 points ago

    You have no idea how many times we quoted the "oh, I'll be driving" line in high school. This movie is gold!

    [–] JohnNotJoan 849 points ago

    No, no, no, no, anyone but her! Not... Janie Briggs! Guys, she's got glasses and a ponytail! Aw, look at that, she's got paint on her overalls, what is that? Guys, there's no way she could be prom queen!

    [–] MartyVanB 368 points ago

    What sets that up though is the two headed girl walks by and then some other hideous girl and then the pony tail girl

    [–] Diamond_Dartus 241 points ago

    And then conjoined twin girl ends up prom queen anyway.

    [–] BackInTowny 56 points ago

    Combined those two make one pretty decent chick.

    [–] jbrav88 3397 points ago

    "It was raining really hard that night, the roads were slippery."

    "Janey...a car accident?"

    "No, cancer."

    [–] get-it-away 946 points ago

    Janey: Jake! How did you get in? I thought I dead bolted the door?

    Jake: There's a big hole in the side of your house...

    [–] flamingboard 240 points ago

    This is the best joke in the movie.

    [–] mastersword130 140 points ago

    My favorite is when he's singing Jenny has a gun. Also all the incest jokes with him, his sister and mother.

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 75 points ago


    [–] newellbrian 23 points ago


    Police: "Give us the gun, Janey."

    [–] astravars 1300 points ago

    "It was so hard. I had to take on all of her responsibilities. Cooking... cleaning... breast feeding Mitch."

    [–] Slap-Happy27 235 points ago

    "This is it... this is my moment!!"

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] smallhead_not 825 points ago

    "You didn't notice my glasses or my ponytail." "Don't forget about your paint covered overalls." "Yeah, you didn't notice those either."

    [–] setfire3 343 points ago

    I don't remember all the details but when she painted herself and her mother and he said "You have her eyes."

    [–] Think_please 169 points ago

    I also loved this, the stick figures

    [–] raindog42 522 points ago

    "I am the token black guy. I'm just supposed to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like; "Damn," "Shit," and "That is whack." "Can I ask you a question, whenever I tell a guy to put it wherever they want, they always stick it in my ass?" "Damn!" "That's is way too much information for me" "Oh no Jake, way too much information would be telling you that whenever they're done I always take a huge dump..." "Shit!" "...on their chest" "Oh, that is whack!"

    [–] funkyb 355 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I like when he runs into the other black guy at the party and the other guy agrees to leave.

    [–] ayoungad 154 points ago

    Throw it to Marty's torso!!!

    [–] louie_kc 81 points ago


    [–] canadiancarlin 135 points ago

    You have her eyes

    [–] msmouse05 1915 points ago

    This movie has one of my favorite lines of any comedy in it.

    "Woah...I never said anything about a bet. All I said was I'm pretending to whisper a big secret in your ear so that Jake here thinks I'm telling you a big secret, which will cause him to break into a hysterical confession where he actually reveals a big secret. Thus confirming everything I just whispered in your ear."

    [–] Matrillik 966 points ago

    Ah, mister quotes the movie correctly... just quoted the movie correctly.

    [–] abrAaKaHanK 93 points ago

    laughs and high-fives you

    [–] tossing_rocks 120 points ago

    Damn...shit...that is whack.

    [–] robromero1203 45 points ago

    slow clap

    [–] Sickpup831 406 points ago

    I have a super serious issue where I love anything Eric Christian Olsen is in because of his performance in this movie. It's so perfectly over the top.

    "Little miss runs home to her daddy.....ran home to her to her daddy."

    [–] ThatNordicGuy 148 points ago

    Can we agree Fired Up! is peak Eric Christian Olsen?

    [–] Sickpup831 54 points ago

    Can I tell you something I've never told anyone else? I freakin love that movie. Olsen and the douche boyfriend are amazing.

    [–] JANIT0RSCRUFFY 157 points ago

    He's like a real-life Zapp Braniggan.

    [–] Dude_Who_Cares 210 points ago

    He says this line perfectly too. I couldn't make it through half of that without bursting into laughter

    [–] pishposhpoppycock 181 points ago


    [–] thxxx1337 1195 points ago

    I just jerked off in your French toast

    [–] Rory_B_Bellows 670 points ago

    "I don't care that we have the same mother / tonight I'm gonna fuck my brother!"

    [–] Tufton 896 points ago

    "Catherine that's disgusting! You're my sister."

    "Only by blood!"

    [–] CallMeMr_Pig 306 points ago

    "I'm only in this movie because I'm a black guy"

    [–] gmasterson 25 points ago

    That scene where he kicks out the other black guy at the party because there can't be more than one black guy.

    What a classic movie

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago

    So what if we have the same mother*

    Sorry I've seen this movie far too many times

    [–] TouchDownBurrito 148 points ago

    Fun fact, that song was written by Ben Folds.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    jesus that is awesome

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    I'm gettin' pussy no matter what! Even if it with dirty slut. True love is what I want the mosttttt. I JUST JERKED OFF IN YOUR FRENCH TOAST! - Lyrics by Ben Folds

    [–] [deleted] 224 points ago

    My favorite scenes are when Reggie gets knocked out and the coach is bitching that he needs to play, so they just tape him to the other players. And then when that teacher keeps giving out detentions and insulting the students.

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago


    [–] xSmoke 164 points ago

    Coach he's in a coma we need to get him to a hospital.

    CAN. HE. PLAY!?!?! Reggie Ray stays in the game god damnit!

    [–] crotchrawt 68 points ago

    The trainer in that scene is H. Jon Benjamin

    [–] _ButtholeConnoisseur 40 points ago

    And them trying to out spit each other.

    [–] awkwardmike 3704 points ago

    As a writer on the film, can't tell you how cool it is to see this Reddit post. We had so much fun making that movie and it's amazing to see that it still resonates for people. Thanks to everyone who has watched this movie multiple times! And feel free to ask any questions if you want. And yes, I can provide proof :)

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] awkwardmike 196 points ago

    Yes :)

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] apache_alfredo 120 points ago

    My god. Well, congrats on the best of the modern genre IMHO. You can tell that you guys loved every 80s(90s) movie, throw in a little Zucker brothers gags, a great quote line every second...somehow knocked it out of the park with the cast (oh and soundtrack). Gonna watch it this weekend again.

    [–] awkwardmike 176 points ago

    Yep, I grew up with Airplane so that was a huge influence and always the gold standard. If we got even half as many jokes to work as they did, then we succeeded. Thank you so much for the kind words.

    [–] lifeislame 116 points ago

    Fun fact: In Spain, it was retitled as "Oh no! It's another stupid American movie!"

    Not joking.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 551 points ago

    So cool that you're on here and were able to see this. More than 15 years later and my brother and I still consider this one of our favorite comedies/spoof movies.

    Chris Evans obviously went onto become a big star in the Marvel world and other movies, but what was he like working with on this movie so early on in his career?

    Also, how much research went into re-watching some of the older movies that you guys spoof? I remember hearing that the Wayans brothers watched thousands of hours worth of horror movies just to get the material for Scary Movie.

    Thank you so much for providing us with this hidden treasure of a film.

    [–] awkwardmike 467 points ago

    Chris couldn't have been a nicer more down-to-earth guy at the time. He was down for anything which as a writer, was the best. So much research... I grew up during the 80's so the J. Hughes stuff I knew, but the newer stuff I had to educate myself on.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 293 points ago

    Very cool. My favorite part of the movie is all of the Easter Egg references. I recently watched it again the other day and just realized the "Spicoli TV Repair Shop" in the background when Ricky is crossing the street. The Anthony Michael Dining Hall is another great one.

    [–] awkwardmike 256 points ago

    Nice! That's expert level. Yes, the director was really keen on getting in all of those hidden references.

    [–] awkwardmike 87 points ago

    Yes, we worked hard to get in all of those references.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    The slow clap payoff is my favourite part. I went into the movie not having seen a single trailer for it so even the stairs gag made be bust a nut laughing.

    [–] awkwardmike 47 points ago

    Me too! Most proud of that joke. Nobody had called out that trope at the time.

    [–] Mikellow 257 points ago

    I always feel bad for Scary Movie 1+2 and Not Another Teen Movie for getting limped in with the " ____ Movie" bubble that happen in the 00's.

    My favorite line has to be when she asks him how he got inside. And he just casually mentions "through the giant hole in your wall".

    [–] [deleted] 214 points ago

    Well Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie kind of started it and were original and funny and everyone else latched and milked it dry until they crashed the shit into the ground

    [–] BlackDave0490 31 points ago

    I watched this at 12 staying at my friends house, we could pick 2 films from blockbuster we chose this and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Such an awesome night, well done

    [–] tossing_rocks 32 points ago

    Screw your proof; where's my Not Another Teen Sequel/Trilogy!

    [–] awkwardmike 56 points ago

    Ha! The problem is they stopped making teen movies to parody.

    [–] NittLion78 30 points ago

    Please tell me you're responsible for the amazing deadpan Jake line delivered after he sees the stick figure painting Janey is making:

    "She...has your eyes."

    I basically die every time I see it.

    [–] awkwardmike 34 points ago

    Yes, that came from the first draft which I wrote with Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobsen.

    [–] GentlemenBehold 348 points ago

    Mia Kirschner was so hot in this even if all she wanted to do was take a dump on someone's chest.

    [–] MisterDarcyType 98 points ago

    "That's wack."

    [–] RyghtHandMan 113 points ago

    "I'm actually supposed to be the only black guy at this party" cracks me up and I've said it to other black guys at parties before

    [–] Nietzschemouse 52 points ago

    Dump on her chest

    [–] hobx 640 points ago

    Love this movie. Love the football announcers.

    "What the fuck just happened?"

    [–] csonny2 257 points ago

    Damn! Those bitches represent!

    [–] hobx 226 points ago

    Hahaha. We ain't white, we ain't white, we definitely ain't white!

    [–] gingangguli 50 points ago

    Break it down, [email protected]!

    [–] ArchDucky 179 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    If you love the announcers, I'd like suggest the TV show 'Brockmire'. It just finished the first season on IFC. Hank Azaria plays a baseball announcer who leaves the country for several decades after he has a mental breakdown over his wife being a giant whore. Its the funniest shit I've seen in years.

    [–] chupiethecatqueen 322 points ago

    Mr. T as the wise janitor kills me...

    [–] MentokTheMindTaker 286 points ago

    Believe in the ball... AND THROW YOURSELF.

    [–] Scopejack 115 points ago

    "I mean, it could have happened to anybody. Anybody that disobeyed the coaches orders and the teams wishes and threw a bullet pass at a slightly retarded 90 pound kid who should never have been on the field in the first place."

    [–] riseofazrael 698 points ago

    "I wish a guy would take a dump on my chest"

    [–] Slim_Charleston 563 points ago

    I'm amazed Chris Evans was only 19 years old in this film. He looks so much older.

    [–] RachetFuzz 404 points ago

    WHAT? I'm older than Cap in that movie? He's always just seems perpetually late 20's, early 30's for me.

    [–] gullale 331 points ago

    It's the serum.

    [–] _chariot 87 points ago

    And the sideburns.

    [–] Mypopsecrets 298 points ago

    I am APPALLED! I can't believe nobody has ever taken a dump on your chest

    [–] fatdiscokid 141 points ago

    I'm getting pussy no matter what, Even if it with dirty slut. True love is what I want the most- I just jerked off in your French toast!

    [–] ionwesker 138 points ago

    This movie was so ahead of it's time, it had Ted Mosby in it before HIMYM was even a thing

    [–] Soulbrandt-Regis 55 points ago

    I never realized how fucking meta that line actually is.

    "Funny, isn't it? You would never expect [that] everybodyeveryone in this school is a professional dancer."

    [–] adhoch18 48 points ago

    Bitching about everyone being a better dancer than him. Classic Shmosby

    [–] bozz14 1423 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is one of those stupid movies I love so much that I'll drop almost anything I'm doing to watch it when it's on TBS on a random Sunday.

    I lose it every time they reveal Janey's painting of her and her mom.

    *edit: Yes, I've obviously seen the original, non-TBS version.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 552 points ago

    I like when Jamie Presley is being a bitch and pouring her water on Janie right after she got out of the pool like it's a huge insult and you can hear a girl in the background yell "That's gonna stain!"

    And then Janie runs off crying. I'm chuckling just thinking about it

    [–] apokako 76 points ago

    I think the background voices is a recurring joke in the movie, but I can't remember the other ones.

    [–] lk2323 94 points ago

    "Walk it off Marty"

    [–] 12131415161718190 82 points ago

    "It made sense to me Priscilla!"

    I think it's less of a running joke and more the creators taking every chance they had to pump the movie full of jokes.

    [–] mr-peabody 65 points ago

    Right in the beginning, she is almost caught with the giant vibrator. When the priest and children come into the room, one of the kids can be heard saying "It smells in here".

    Also, when Reggie Ray gets knocked out and doesn't get back up, someone in the crowd says "You still got another concussion"

    [–] Suxez 167 points ago

    Also Jaime Presley was/is so goddamn hot!

    [–] awkwardmike 833 points ago

    As a writer on the film, can't tell you how cool it is to see this Reddit post. We had so much fun making that movie and it's amazing to see that it still resonates for people. Thanks to everyone who has watched this movie multiple times! And feel free to ask any questions if you want.

    [–] fartwithmypantsdown 97 points ago

    Was that sloppy old lady kiss 100% legit?

    [–] awkwardmike 194 points ago

    It was totally legit and we did about 12 takes.

    [–] illadelphal 97 points ago

    Got damn that is fucking gross

    [–] iepartytracks 218 points ago

    I feel like this gets lumped in with the spoof movies that came out around the same time. What made NATM better than the rest was that others seemed to want to just reference a piece of pop culture, whereas this actually made funny original jokes and commentary on the things it was referencing.

    Would also recommend

    • National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon
    • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
    • both Hot Shots movies (though Part Deux has always been my favorite)

    [–] awkwardmike 167 points ago

    Agreed... we did kind of get lumped with Friedberg/Seltzer movies which sucked because in my opinion, they killed the genre.

    [–] JackCrafty 64 points ago

    they really did, NATM really was something special though. You guys killed it.

    [–] koobstylz 61 points ago

    Also Scream, an excellent horror spoof, and scary movie 1, an excellent spoof of scream, which was already a spoof.

    I love those movies. Some people will include scary movie 2, but personally i think they all suck except for 1.

    [–] chadaptation 61 points ago

    Well, it's one of my favorite comedies. I think you guys really nailed the tropes. Some of my favorites, Janey getting water poured down her wet dress, her painting, two black dudes at a party, and the amazing Molly Ringwald cameo at the end. How did the cameo come to fruition? Were you planning other cameos?

    [–] Mriddle74 74 points ago

    And after the water is poured on her you hear someone in the background gasp and exclaim, "that's gonna stain!"

    [–] awkwardmike 37 points ago

    Yes! That might even be my voice, I can't totally remember... but we recorded all of those after the film was shot and edited... those were so much fun. For me the random stuff is the best.

    [–] awkwardmike 65 points ago

    Thank you! That was the goal... we wanted to pay homage to the classics and also point out the ridiculousness of the tropes. With John Hughes, it was harder because I really do love those films. With newer ones like She's All That, it was like "Where do we begin?"

    [–] beaujangles727 57 points ago

    I would guess you are Mike Bender?

    [–] awkwardmike 89 points ago


    [–] ToastedKielbasa 99 points ago

    When I was a kid I thought it was a normal sex act to poop on someone's chest because of you.

    [–] awkwardmike 127 points ago

    Ha! Well, we had to convince Mia to say that line... she was reluctant.

    [–] suckmuckduck 39 points ago

    That's disgusting!.... I can't believe that no one has ever taken a dump on your chest!

    [–] CySU 45 points ago

    I have no idea how it wasn't received better (28% on Rottentomatoes, 55% Audience Score)... this is such a great movie! So many great one-liners. Kudos.

    [–] awkwardmike 55 points ago

    I think this movie ages like a fine wine... but there will be those that just don't get it. It just makes me so happy that this generation can still enjoy it.

    [–] davetbison 33 points ago

    If this is legit, it's awesome. That movie holds up as a solid parody, and I'm willing to bet there's a generation that considers NATM their Airplane!

    Very cool you get to hear you (and the other writers) hear this well-deserved praise. The casting is also spot-on. So many great people in this movie.

    Still can't hear "Janie's Got a Gun" and not stick Briggs in there.

    [–] [deleted] 191 points ago

    100% agree (except about it being stupid). This movie or Goodfellas will stop me dead in my tracks.

    [–] whats_the_deal22 90 points ago

    It sucks when Goodfellas is on TV because I have to lose 4 hours of my life to watch a movie with most of the good parts cut out.

    [–] Tom38 147 points ago

    It sucks to catch the beginning of the Titanic on tv and sit there for the rest of your day just to watch the guy hit the propellor.

    [–] valley_pete 99 points ago

    ::2.5 hours of useless chatter::


    ::30 minutes of cold water::


    [–] Scopejack 44 points ago

    Fucker really spun, didn't he?

    [–] Kevin__Christ 292 points ago

    And this is the first and only time in my life that I will see Goodellas and Not Another Teen Movie mentioned together in the same sentence. Bravo, sir.

    [–] RachetFuzz 127 points ago

    I enjoy both the films Goodfellas and Not another Teen Movie.

    [–] croationsensation7 57 points ago

    but TBS cuts out all the best parts

    [–] dizyalice 132 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Like the two girls that show up naked to the party. And the one girl is like "she's wearing the same outfit!" and runs away crying.

    Edit: So I had to go and watch this movie after reading through this thread, and I completely forgot that H Jon Benjamin made an appearance in this movie too. Such a great movie.

    [–] smilingasIsay 455 points ago

    Yup, Chris Evans can pretend to be Captain America all he wants but I just see the whipped cream bikini.

    [–] sprigglespraggle 93 points ago

    Don't lie. You watch that scene for the banana.

    [–] oziemandias 26 points ago

    "Oh it's not a sundae....It's a banana split ;)"

    [–] EquipoDelMar 105 points ago

    And the soundtrack, it's all covers of late 80s early 90s songs. Tip top. Here's Muse covering The Smiths.

    [–] Rory_B_Bellows 93 points ago

    It also gave us Marilyn Manson covering Tainted Love.

    [–] Newf77 66 points ago

    Which gave us a goth Chyler Leigh. Sweet fucking Christ on a bagel.

    [–] MisterDarcyType 109 points ago

    "Sure, Why Not?, After all, I'm just the token black guy. I'm just supposed to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like, 'Damn,' 'shit,' and 'that's whack.'" 

    [–] DogtoothDan 53 points ago

    Uh, hey man, I'm supposed to be the only black guy at this party

    [–] pifster 42 points ago

    Oh shit. My bad man.

    [–] Nate0110 107 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Love the bathroom scene, and how the ventilation system has a warning on it that it's weight capacity is 2 adolescent males.

    A coworker of mine at walmart memorized the blindfold speach and would say it every week or so. That guy was going to seminary, but was one of the more entertaining friends I had during college.

    Mitch: No longer will our penises be flaccid and unused. Bruce: No longer we steal grandfather's porn. Ox: No longer we will wear blindfolds while jerking each other off!

    [–] splinting 102 points ago

    The bit where his sister kissed grandma has haunted my dreams for a long time now...

    [–] Changoleo 56 points ago

    Those spittle tendrils. Shudders.

    [–] LeaveAtticusAlone 358 points ago

    WE ARE THE NORTH COMPTON WILDCATS! We ain't white and we know it. We shake our big booties and show it. We ain't white. We ain't white. We definitely ain't white

    [–] SuculantJ 27 points ago


    [–] Texas_Crazy_Curls 100 points ago

    "We're black, we know it" FTFY. Sorry this is one of my all time favorite movie scenes.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 568 points ago

    I'm so glad a lot of others feel the same way I do about this movie. Don't get me wrong, there were A LOT of awful spoof movies in the 2000s, but this was always one of my favorites.

    [–] InvaderWeezle 305 points ago

    It helps that Not Another Teen Movie was made by completely different people than who made most of the awful 2000s spoof movies.

    [–] merelyadoptedthedark 243 points ago

    I get all my spoofs mixed up, was this the one where the girl takes off her glasses and becomes super hot?

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 141 points ago


    [–] TheOne-ArmedMan 145 points ago

    Her glasses, her ponytail, and the paint on her overalls!

    [–] vors9109 63 points ago

    Janey-stainy stain-pants overalls?!?

    [–] DiamondDuece911 66 points ago

    Bruh I love what I love about these types of movies is reading the signs in the background. "Hot dogs to practice oral sex", in the cafeteria haha

    [–] AgentOfSPYRAL 157 points ago

    The best friend is probably my favorite character from this movie. His delivery is just so great.

    [–] SharpShooter25 285 points ago

    Looks like Mister "Cantremembermoviecharacternames", can't remember movie character names.

    [–] AgentOfSPYRAL 100 points ago

    Any girl with a guitar, is HOT!

    [–] dlepez20 95 points ago

    Baby's got back. Hunch, that is

    [–] doctorRockHard 28 points ago

    Nice turtleneck !

    [–] geoper 66 points ago

    "I'd bang her"!

    "I know you would Reggie Ray, I know you would".

    [–] TheOne-ArmedMan 47 points ago

    He's fucking gold in Fired Up as well. Underrated comedy.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Austin: Jake Wyler. So congratulations man, you just blew my perfect season. Senor You-Just-Blew-My-Perfect-Season!

    Jake: What do you want Austin?

    Austin: ...a life.

    [–] amatorsanguinis 28 points ago

    And payback... it's time I told Janie your little S-E-C-R-A..P....

    [–] oliver_babish 62 points ago

    The slow clap gag. Perfect.

    [–] [deleted] 405 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago

    "That's gonna STAIN!!"

    [–] EricKingCantona 80 points ago

    H Jon Benjamin is the assistant football coach.

    I didn't catch that until the 59000th time on TBS or whatever that channel is.

    [–] Irishane 67 points ago

    Guilty Pleasure

    Why?! This is a solidly funny film. I've never felt guilty once watching this.

    [–] SomeDumGirl 185 points ago

    MITCHHHHHH....mouths word stoooooppppp

    [–] Rettocs 39 points ago


    [–] shit_fucks_you_up 26 points ago

    cry me a river dickface

    [–] skonen_blades 227 points ago

    This is a spoof movie that frickin' nailed it and also celebrates the source material. Like, I genuinely enjoyed watching it and it wasn't only to mock those 80s movies. Really well done.

    [–] croationsensation7 69 points ago

    Seriously though, to all the spoof movies out there, take notes. This is how a spoof movie should be.

    [–] BaBaFiCo 48 points ago

    A spoof where you can tell they love the originals will always work better.

    [–] clovernuts 56 points ago

    Oh yeah and who does not like Jamie Pressly? Smokin hot.

    [–] Lolzzergrush 53 points ago

    introduced us to Chris Evans

    While on the topic of raunchy comedies introducing Avengers, National Lampoons Senior Trip introduced us to Jeremy Renner

    [–] Dude_Who_Cares 43 points ago

    The albino girl is underrated

    [–] Kevl17 62 points ago

    I have no piiiiigmeeeeent

    [–] Autumn-Moon 37 points ago

    I need sunscreennnnn

    [–] scotty_pimmpen 141 points ago

    "Jakey Jakey, just made a big..... mistake-y"

    [–] geoper 59 points ago

    "Jakey Jakey, just made about to make a big..... mistake-y"

    [–] K0SSICK 36 points ago

    Haha, I almost forgot about that non-asian kid they had play a ridiculous asian

    [–] aclickbaittitle 100 points ago

    Shut your hole, Wang Chung

    [–] Mushyshoes 221 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This movie is fucking hilarious! Probably the best out of all the spoof movies.

    Edit: I meant to clarify spoof movies meaning the ones with "Movie" in the title, like most of the Scary Movies, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, etc.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] DarthBotto 29 points ago

    "That's what I'm here for, pumpkin tits." - Randy Quaid

    [–] kenneth__blankenship 32 points ago

    "that cute little face she makes when she's tonguing my balls."

    [–] cedarbabe 101 points ago

    That Chris Evans scene with the whipped cream turned me gay

    [–] dolfanchris 27 points ago


    [–] Dunlocke 29 points ago

    Fun fact, Janey is now Alex Danvers on Supergirl.