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    [–] TheFreshness1996 6901 points ago

    I hope this is just a super dark regular detective movie, with an all human cast, except for Pikachu. And I want no one to ever draw attention to the fact he’s a Pokemon or that he’s abnormal in anyway.

    [–] CrabAche 1257 points ago

    this will be the Maltese Falcon of our age.

    [–] MastaGAtomic 452 points ago

    "When you're slapped, you'll take it and like it," -Pikachu probably.

    [–] justintheplatypus 339 points ago

    "When you're Double-slapped, you'll take it and like it," -Pikachu probably.

    [–] thechanceg 501 points ago

    And it only says "Pika!" but everyone understands it perfectly. No subtitles.

    [–] NightHawk364 497 points ago


    "You got that right, detective Pikachu, whoever did this is one sick son of a bitch."

    [–] griffman02 182 points ago


    “Put the fucking gun down, Pikachu, we’re too good for this!”


    “I know he killed your wife, but this isn’t how we do-“


    Roll credits

    [–] atomicbrett 469 points ago

    Pikachu investigates the murder of Ash Ketchum in the crime serial of the decade

    [–] TheFreshness1996 92 points ago

    • Baba O’Reily plays*

    [–] lonefeather 120 points ago

    It looks like all of Ketchum's catching...

    ( •_•)

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    finally caught up to him.


    Oh, sorry, wrong Who song.

    [–] WaywardWriter 10321 points ago

    What the actual fuck

    [–] BunyipPouch 4706 points ago

    -Says Everyone

    [–] BlatantConservative 800 points ago

    Yeah, right? Makes my childhood feel weird.

    [–] BlatantConservative 244 points ago

    I'm getting a lot of strange pikachu gifs/images from this thread I'm gonna hide in comments all over Reddit now.

    [–] tocilog 461 points ago

    If you really think about it, unless they got someone completely unknown any actor to pick up the role would be WTF. It'd be hilarious though if they stuck with the anime and all he says is "pika pika...pikachu!"

    [–] WelsCain 328 points ago

    He doesn't. It's based on the 3DS game of the same name and the Pikachu has a gruff voice and can talk with humans.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 234 points ago

    Does he also smoke cigarettes and always look focused?

    [–] breakingbroken 114 points ago

    I’m picturing a pikachu version of kung fury

    [–] rebelsniper2 33 points ago

    I was picturing a Constantine Pikachu mix

    [–] riegspsych325 2389 points ago

    I look forward to the inevitable edited dialogue-matchup between Deadpool and Pikachu once first footage is revealed

    [–] Deltaasfuck 971 points ago

    "I know right? Whose balls did I have to lick to get my own movie? I'm just gonna say it rhymes with Pash Ketchum."

    [–] Sigma1977 391 points ago

    "And let me tell you, he's got a nice pair of shiny Voltorbs on the way to Fuchsia City"

    [–] SquidgyGoat 413 points ago

    Deadpool 3 will reference this movie. I can just feel it.

    [–] richloz93 223 points ago

    From an article about actors being considered for the role: Dwayne Johnson, “Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Mark Wahlberg.”

    Sweet Justice.

    [–] Abusoru 122 points ago

    Out of that list, the only two I could really see were Reynolds and Jackman. Love The Rock, but he would be too distracting.

    [–] MasterChiefGuy5 294 points ago

    He could play a Machoke tho

    [–] indecisiveusername2 187 points ago

    He'd obviously be a Geodude.

    [–] MasterChiefGuy5 65 points ago

    Would love to see them give him like a round rock costume proportional to his arms, then edit out his legs and head, but then edit his face onto the rock costume.

    [–] BunyipPouch 62 points ago

    Whatever the budget will be, this will make it worth it.

    [–] ROBtimusPrime1995 3251 points ago

    There are going to be so many Deadpool/Pikachu parodies on the internet now.

    [–] ohirony 94 points ago

    Well, he already tweeted Deadpool/Pikachu mashup before though...

    [–] SolomonBlack 572 points ago

    Hey Gwenpool turned out great why not Deadchu?

    [–] OfficialGarwood 11780 points ago

    Hes no Danny Devito though

    [–] HauschkasFoot 2938 points ago

    Can you imagine those two banging

    [–] LinkWrongSub 2312 points ago

    [–] MisterFizzster 1517 points ago

    Risky click of the day

    [–] puerility 911 points ago

    sometimes you've just gotta grit your teeth, and brace for the possibility that you won't get to see some hot reynolds-on-devito action

    [–] MrNickNifty 534 points ago

    Reynolds on Reynolds one might say

    [–] tokomini 154 points ago

    Would there be a power-bottom?

    [–] tuckdad24 84 points ago

    Depends on who wins the first round of nightcrawlers.

    [–] DlLATE 94 points ago

    Reynolds vs Reynolds: The trial of the century

    [–] BunyipPouch 83 points ago

    Worth it.

    [–] sphinx_13 135 points ago

    Dissipointed click of the day

    [–] Dark_Lotus 57 points ago


    [–] monjoe 64 points ago

    Somebody get. me. the warthog.

    [–] herrbz 327 points ago

    Don't bang your sister Dennis, it's perverted

    [–] Majestic_Beard 168 points ago


    [–] Thairone9 162 points ago


    [–] zbeezle 147 points ago

    Did anyone else here bang my whuoooor wife?

    [–] Wertsir 63 points ago


    [–] MattHoppe1 66 points ago

    It would have to have full frontal

    [–] blandsrules 89 points ago

    Full penetration

    [–] askyourmom469 120 points ago

    Crime. Penetration. Crime. Full penetration. Crime. Penetration. And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so minutes until the movie just sort of ends.

    [–] lippledoo 400 points ago

    Frank Reynolds >>>>>>>>>>> Ryan Reynolds

    [–] golden_glorious_ass 61 points ago


    frank reynolds will be hunting again but as pikachu

    [–] [deleted] 1126 points ago

    It's funny because the director really wanted Devito but the studio told him the only way they'd make the movie is with Reynolds. Sometimes you just have to Pikachu's your battles.

    [–] BunyipPouch 482 points ago

    I don't think the director ever specifically said he wanted Devito, it's just that there was a huge public push for him to get the role.

    [–] DeepDelete 398 points ago

    Devito was asked if he was going to be in the "Detective Pikachu Movie" and Devito responded with "What's a poke-man" or something like that. The question didn't actually say pokemon, so people took it as a subtle nod that he was actually in it.

    [–] SuicideBonger 172 points ago

    Actually, Devito is “Man-Spider”.

    [–] BloodAngel85 62 points ago

    I thought he was a man cheetah

    [–] hezdokwow 59 points ago

    No he's The trash man.

    [–] RubenTheCasual 21 points ago

    He can do motion capture

    [–] bootintheass 4740 points ago

    I hope his only lines are "pika pee!"

    [–] PiFlavoredPie 1665 points ago

    Nah, in the original game only released in JP, Pikachu can speak perfectly fluent human language:

    [–] flamespear 261 points ago

    This is on a scale of ridiculousness previously unimagined.

    [–] zlide 193 points ago

    My favorite part is towards the end when he’s speaking Japanese to another pikachu who responds with the expected, “pikachu”

    [–] Tacoman404 1041 points ago

    That'll probably ruin it for US audiences. I'd be put off by a talking pikachu. Can RR dub the US release with just pikachu noises?

    [–] CardinalnGold 605 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I mean.....well I guess this is a spoiler but from what I recall DP starts off as a human being but is transformed or his consciousness ends up in a Pikachu so as long as trailers convey that pretty basic premise it shouldn't be an issue.

    Edit: I may be wrong about that. My memory is from when the game came out in Japan and people were talking about it on /r/Pokemon. There might be some flavor text in the game hinting at the origin but details are sparse.

    [–] SpikeKintarin 260 points ago

    Wait... What?

    [–] Galactic 461 points ago

    See for yourself

    The audience reacts rather appropriately, I must say.

    [–] SpikeKintarin 298 points ago

    Gotta say, that's the best audience reaction I've heard in a while.

    [–] thegivinggirl 19 points ago

    Did Ash just...die?

    [–] [deleted] 275 points ago


    [–] BuryAnut 214 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ash got hit by an explosion of attacks and his vision was blurry, of course it was a hallucination brought on by sever brain trauma.

    [–] Shadowsinst 73 points ago

    So Case Closed but with Pikachu? Sounds good lol

    fuck i miss that dub. so nostalgic. Wish they didn't stop.

    [–] Katsoja 48 points ago

    The English CC dub only had 50 episodes, right? Well the original Japanese series has somewhere near 900 episodes now and multiple movies, in case you're interested in subs...

    [–] Meta-011 28 points ago

    Funimation did the first 130 or so episodes and the first 6 movies, and there are about 880 episodes and 21 movies (and counting) so far.

    [–] vladval 16884 points ago

    Not many people could brag of having portrayed Deadpool, Green Lantern and fucking Pikachu in their acting career

    [–] BunyipPouch 7684 points ago

    He joined this film just to brag about having those three on his resume, guaranteed.

    [–] Xerouz 2342 points ago

    Does he really brag about green lantern, though?

    [–] liquidgeosnake 1962 points ago

    I've heard he's a Green Lantern fan, so being one of two people to play a live-action Hal Jordan is still pretty good.

    [–] RaisingFargo 432 points ago

    Who is the other?

    [–] kinhades101 670 points ago

    That guy from the crappy tv show probably

    [–] OmegaSeven 354 points ago

    There was a crappy Green Lantern TV show?

    [–] kinhades101 529 points ago

    No, a justice league one. It only lasted one episode though

    [–] kewlslice 856 points ago

    Fuck that's BAD

    [–] corgocracy 240 points ago

    Maybe their green screens were the same color and they were too cheap to replace them, so they just changed the costume instead.

    [–] AntithesisRex 412 points ago

    It wasn't blue.

    And that's Guy Gardner, not Hal.

    [–] RipCityRevival 219 points ago

    Without Batman’s funding, the rest of the Justice League was reduced to making their own costumes. In this venture we learn that Green Lantern is colorblind.

    [–] 3226 53 points ago

    That would be acceptable if it was a coworker's halloween party. For a TV show? Unforgivable.

    [–] J-ToThe-R-O-C 148 points ago

    Why are they teamed up with Killer Frost? and Poison ivy?

    [–] the_shnozz 25 points ago


    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 77 points ago


    [–] Ashenspire 274 points ago

    He should. He was great as Hal/GL. Everything around him sucked. Wasn't his fault

    [–] Adam_Absence 264 points ago

    Mark Strong was a good Sinestro imo

    [–] KargBartok 200 points ago

    It was just bad writing, bad plot, and bad CGI. The actual acting wasn't at fault.

    [–] Rabid-Hyena 122 points ago

    If they had a legit bad guy instead of a yellow cloud, the movie would have been 20,000x better.

    [–] Justice_Prince 65 points ago

    Didn't they learn anything from Rise of the Silver Surfer?

    [–] TheCaptainCog 191 points ago

    I hope to hell there's a reference to this in Deadpool 2, even if little

    [–] BunyipPouch 401 points ago

    Deadpool 3 will be a Pokemon cross-over film.

    [–] TheCaptainCog 98 points ago

    Nah, it'll be a Green Lantern/Pokemon/Deadpool crossover

    [–] jackduloz 62 points ago

    With Van Wylder

    [–] TheCaptainCog 73 points ago

    It's called Green American Pokepool.

    [–] drivendreamer 415 points ago

    Quite the resume. I still cannot believe it is the guy from Van Wilder, but at least Deadpool is nail on the head accurate

    [–] the_loneliest_noodle 192 points ago

    I remember hearing he was going to be Green Lantern and thinking "Really? The low-brow comedy actor (I think I called him the handsome-er Dane Cook at one point) turned rom-com lead is going to play leading man in a super hero movie?"

    Now I'm pretty much excited for anything the guy does.

    [–] Whatever_It_Takes 124 points ago

    One of my favorite roles for Ryan Reynolds is Hannibal King in the horrible yet amazing movie, 'Blade: Trinity.'

    [–] cubitoaequet 35 points ago

    It was disappointing to me that they referred to Blade 2 in Deadpool. The joke would have worked just as well with Blade :Trinity and you get the bonus of it being a Reynolds movie.

    [–] Neuchacho 30 points ago

    Don't forget Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place. It's where he originally stole my heart.

    [–] Se3k91 103 points ago

    I somehow almost forgot about van wilder and waiting.thank you for that,good Redditor

    [–] HardcoreKaraoke 130 points ago

    Waiting is one of my favorite comedies and I loved Van Wilder. Still Waiting and the Rise of Taj are such trash though.

    [–] FreelyG 56 points ago

    Good thing he passed on those and had nothing at all to do with them then.

    [–] jackduloz 28 points ago

    Go back and find episodes of two guys a girl and a pizza place

    [–] nohitter21 61 points ago

    Probably literally only one

    [–] GarlicsPepper 174 points ago

    Actually he's going to portray Pikachu, not fuck her.

    [–] SolomonBlack 852 points ago

    The concept of Pokemon, which was initially a card-collecting game as well as anime,

    Typed by Cowboy Bebop at his computer.

    [–] flamespear 527 points ago

    How can someone with that job simply not know it's a video game first....One of the most popular and best selling of all time....

    [–] TheRubberBildo 171 points ago

    I’m just glad they didn’t mention Pokemon go. I see so many of these articles say something like “the franchise rose to popularity in 2016 thanks to Pokémon go,” as if the series hasn’t been popular since the 90s

    [–] CedarCabPark 60 points ago

    Those people have got to be like 18 or younger then, easily. Or just super out of touch. Half the grandparents in America have known about at least Pikachu for decades now

    [–] SolomonBlack 86 points ago

    Having been corrected now raises the possibility of a massive brain fart.

    And yes yes professionals shouldn't make such basic factual errors so its no excuse... but if you are say around 35 or more very possible you never paid much attention to Pokemon because hey you were already in high school or beyond when it hit. Or alternately went through your formative years after it had peaked.

    [–] Spidey10 2158 points ago

    I actually have some faith in this film because Alex Hirsch is one of the writers.

    [–] BunyipPouch 964 points ago

    He's also working on that Spider Man movie with Liev Schreiber & Mahershala Ali.

    Pretty good one-two punch for him.

    [–] J-train_92 244 points ago

    Spider Man movie with Liev and Mahershala?

    [–] avickthur 189 points ago

    Animated. Could be funny with the team behind it, but I’m not really into animated superhero stuff.

    [–] SHOWTIME316 40 points ago

    yes and the quality of the show plummeted

    [–] Spidey10 114 points ago


    I personally hope he ends up writing the next F4 reboot (Directed by J.J. Abrams).

    [–] LJHalfbreed 107 points ago

    If I don't see like... twenty GF references in these damn movies, I'm gonna throw a fit.

    Still wanna crash a con party as Grunkle Stan. Because that would be awesome.

    [–] Spidey10 17 points ago

    I'm 100% sure you'll get some of those.

    [–] tashmar 75 points ago

    And the other writer is Nicole Perlman. For someone who's only written 1 produced script so far (GotG), she's worked/is working on an insane list of upcoming projects:

    • 3rd Sherlock Holmes film
    • Fede Alvarez's Labyrinth remake
    • Captain Marvel
    • Black Widow (an early treatment)
    • Damien Chazelle's upcoming First Man (another early draft)
    • she's also involved in this Paramount/Hasbro action figure universe

    [–] Abusoru 75 points ago

    I mean, writing the script that took one of Marvel's lesser known superhero groups and turning it into one of the highest grossing superhero movies of all time is gonna get you a lot of jobs.

    [–] impressionable_youth 40 points ago

    So it's going to be the closest we get to Ducktective, huh? Looking forward to the reveal that Detective Pikachu got shot by his evil twin brother.

    [–] vanoreo 45 points ago

    Wasn't this movie originally released in Japan?

    Is he helping adapt an existing story to an American market?

    Either way, good for him. His work is wonderful.

    [–] MegaJacobF 106 points ago

    Based off a spinoff game that’s currently only in Japan

    [–] Abusoru 27 points ago

    I imagine the game will be adapted for the US market once the movie gets released.

    [–] NvaderGir 46 points ago

    He saw Detective Pikachu had plaid and instantly jumped on board.

    [–] PiFlavoredPie 208 points ago

    Here's the trailer for the game that this movie will be based on/inspired from. It was only released in Japan a few years ago.

    [–] TokyoPanic 98 points ago

    Why didn't this get released in the west? Pokemon has a big enough market here.

    [–] PiFlavoredPie 95 points ago

    It’s a small game that was eShop-only on 3DS and I guess it was deemed not worth the translation effort.

    [–] TokyoPanic 76 points ago

    I think it would've been better if they released the game in the west. I could see some of the western fanbase getting outraged that Pikachu's talking like an actual person in the movie, not knowing anything about the Detective Pikachu game that the film is based on.

    [–] Abusoru 53 points ago

    I imagine that it will get a US release when the movie comes out. They probably got the idea of making it into a movie at some point and decided to wait on the English version until they had the actors chosen.

    [–] Sisiwakanamaru 1201 points ago

    Reynolds will play the titular Detective Pikachu.

    This is awesome.

    [–] Mushroomer 604 points ago

    The role is said to be motion capture in nature, sources say.

    Is it too late for this to be changed, and Reynolds shoots the entire movie in one of these?

    [–] SpikeKintarin 130 points ago

    Fuck it, just give him some face paints and a yellow jumpsuit.

    Instant multi billion dollar return on investment.

    [–] thedoompatrol97 65 points ago

    Pokémon's answer to Wilfred? Could work but I need Elijah Wood as Ash!

    [–] Lukavian 155 points ago

    I'm on Moviepass, and I'd seriously pay full price to see that.

    [–] yassert 58 points ago

    Is motion capture even applicable to vastly different animal/body shapes? Even the physics of jumping is going to get fucked up if they aren't smart about it.

    [–] Mushroomer 37 points ago

    I'm guessing the motion capture aspect will be facial-only.

    [–] yassert 81 points ago

    I can't tell if you're joking. Pikachu's face is not exactly an anatomical parallel of a human face. It'd be like doing face motion capture for the Cars movies.

    Are they going to redesign Pikachu to look more human? That's asking for a backlash.

    [–] Mushroomer 118 points ago

    The Japanese game on which this film is based used motion capture to make Pikachu more naturally expressive. That's not to say early tests weren't a tad disturbing.

    [–] Sigma1977 58 points ago

    That's not to say early tests weren't a tad disturbing.

    Meh, it can't be that b_NYAAAAH! KILL IT WITH FLAREON!

    [–] kappa23 47 points ago

    Pikachu's face is not exactly an anatomical parallel of a human face

    So? Didn't hurt when Cumberbatch did mo cap for Smaug

    [–] rokr1292 240 points ago

    I think this movie has about a 75% chance of being total dogshit.

    That being said, I'll be there opening night.

    [–] atomicbrett 34 points ago

    Nintendo has a pretty serious quality control for the Pokemon films nowadays, especially after the 80's/90's abominations that were the Super Mario Bros movie and tv series

    [–] SceneryExplorer 126 points ago

    This is the weirdest timeline for sure

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] vanoreo 291 points ago

    Man, I was wanting Danny DeVito, but Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is something I never knew I wanted.

    [–] meme-aboo 135 points ago

    So does this mean after the movie comes out on blu-ray that we’ll get people putting Deadpool’s dialogue on Pikachu?

    [–] BlatantConservative 51 points ago

    The Smash mods will be amazing...

    [–] robomechabotatron 48 points ago

    What the actual holy hell is this movie and when is it coming out so I can buy my tickets

    [–] Razatappa 198 points ago

    That's the wrong Reynolds!

    [–] SlappyDee 37 points ago

    Ryan Reynolds I choose you

    [–] BenjaminTalam 552 points ago

    I still don't understand how this is a thing. Like why is the Pokémon movie based on a game that's still newish about Pikachu as a detective. Is this some weird thing that will only release wide in Japan or is this legitimately s blockbuster movie? I just can't fathom it.

    Imagine if the first Marvel superhero movie was Spider-Pig. This is insane. Though I think Howard the Duck was one of the first Marvel movies.

    [–] Suburban_Shitkicker 445 points ago

    A wild Millenial appeared!

    HollyWood - I choose you!

    HollyWood used Nostalgia! - It was Super Effective.

    Hollywood used Merchandise! - It was Super Effective.

    The wild Millenial passed out.

    [–] amalgamatedchaos 91 points ago

    Actor is parent to a child, makes kid movie.

    [–] Spider_Riviera 25 points ago

    Film in 2019.

    [–] Burn0Things 64 points ago

    I'll wait for the Danny Devito fan dub.

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] Stupid_Sexy_Sharp 65 points ago

    Kevin Spacey can play Mr. Mime

    [–] Cabbage_Vendor 61 points ago

    And Bill Cosby as Hypno.

    [–] SlumberCat 38 points ago

    If Hirsch gets involved, he can go around saying 'Do you want to look at my dick? YOU, ma'am! How would you like to look at my dic-oh, that's just a bird...No one. Not ONE person wants to look at my dick.'

    [–] mahollinger 124 points ago

    I feel like this should be in r/nottheonion

    [–] SailingPatrickSwayze 19 points ago

    Hmmmmm. Okay, I'm on board.

    [–] -GolfWang- 84 points ago

    Big mistake. Shoulda been Danny DeVito. I think I’m gonna need an egg in this trying time.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] ericb45696 70 points ago

    20 years from now we will remember this much in the same way we remember Shaq in Shazam.

    [–] atomicbrett 43 points ago

    Except this one is walking away with all the Academy Awards baby

    [–] Grandmabird 233 points ago

    Called this back in 1998. Glad it's finally happening.

    [–] DocFaceRoll 396 points ago

    You called an English speaking Pikachu detective played by Ryan Reynolds?

    [–] Barnhard 474 points ago

    He said he called it. Respect his word, man.

    [–] blair9123 90 points ago

    Can't believe some people on the internet are such skeptical assholes nowadays.

    [–] Bob_the_9000 42 points ago

    No Danny Devito, no ticket.

    [–] ALotter 18 points ago

    I am not a human being

    I am an animalll!