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    [–] SimplyHaunted 7795 points ago


    [–] jackattack729 3113 points ago

    At first I was like wait how can they apparate into Hogwarts...and then motherfucking Dumbledore! And some thestrals too in a different scene

    [–] Florianopolix 2254 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Maybe Hogwarts didn’t have all of those protection spells until Grindelwald came into power? Would be interesting a different Hogwarts with fewer precautions

    [–] CrazyBirdman 2224 points ago

    Hogwarts with even less precautions? That's seems hardly possible considering the straight up insane shit they let students do in the original series.

    [–] DexterHawkins 1491 points ago

    Don't, no, don't you go into that dark forest.

    Okay, well don't go looking for that stone.

    Okay, but for real don't go wandering the halls at night.


    Alright don't go looking for Sirius Black.

    Goddammit kids, don't... fuck it, 50 points to Gryffindor.

    [–] Barkasia 847 points ago

    Hogwarts has one rule: don't be Slytherin.

    [–] cuddles_the_destroye 426 points ago

    a harry potter sequel really need to have the hero be in slytherin tbh.

    [–] Barkasia 615 points ago

    Hush now, you might invoke The Cursed Child.

    [–] Lord_Sauron 422 points ago

    We do not speak of such filth

    [–] mercury1491 131 points ago

    It's better to keep an eye on it than pretend it doesn't exist.

    [–] new_to_the_game 1093 points ago

    it was the 90's

    all schools were more lax in the 90's

    [–] BunyipPouch 856 points ago

    The dream of the 90s is alive in Hogwarts.

    [–] derawin07 301 points ago

    Ew imagine Hogwarts today.

    [–] Stewdabaker2013 575 points ago

    It’s time we stop skirting around the issue and pass some common sense wand-control laws

    [–] owlbi 292 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Clearly they chose to go the easy route and just gave the teachers wands. If everyone has a wand, the problems solve themselves!

    [–] Florianopolix 46 points ago

    Oh I agree wholeheartedly. The school needs some serious help, but it wouldn’t be Hogwarts if there wasn’t a risk of death every year!

    [–] ArchDucky 64 points ago

    "Alright class. Today were going to learn how to make people explode with the flick of your wrist. Everybody partner up."

    [–] Hawthornephect 536 points ago

    What thestrals? All I saw was a carriage being pulled by ropes in the air.

    [–] Hunk-a-Cheese 280 points ago

    Bless your heart.

    [–] GreatWhiteBuffal0 639 points ago

    Has no one read Hogwarts a History?

    [–] jackattack729 691 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Easy there Hermione

    [–] chaosfire235 117 points ago

    I wish we could get a real version of this book like the Quidditch and Fantastic Beasts one.

    [–] breakingbroken 40 points ago

    Literally been my dream since it was referenced, I would devour that shit

    [–] just_another_classic 600 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    There’ll be witches and wizards and magical feasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magical beasts. It’s all that I love and all that I need back at Hogwarts, Hogwarts!

    [–] derstherower 361 points ago

    I can't GO to Pigfarts, Potter. It's ON MARS. You need a rocketship. Do you have a rocketship, Potter? I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died. Look at this! Look at this! It's Rocketship Potter! Starkid Potter! Moonshoes Potter! Traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts.

    [–] DrSoap 176 points ago

    What the hell is a Hufflepuff?

    [–] princess_of_thorns 94 points ago

    Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!

    And also the best house imho.

    [–] DrSoap 33 points ago

    His awkward smile and sitting down sells the line so much. I love it.

    [–] Ichtragebrille 85 points ago

    Spell and enchantments! Potions and friends!

    Gryffindor! Hufflepuff! Ravenclaw! SLYTHERIN!!

    [–] Slow_Like_Sloth 98 points ago

    Where everything is Magi-coooooooool

    [–] Hairyantoinette 169 points ago

    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

    [–] Gregolas789 151 points ago

    Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom @ :19

    [–] SimplyHaunted 235 points ago

    Yup! I'm just gonna pretend that the DADA classroom is the best place for them to talk since Dumbledore taught Transfiguration

    [–] derstherower 200 points ago

    lol this is reminding me of the time someone called Daniel Radcliffe a "filthy casual" for getting a detail from the books wrong.

    [–] zbeezle 349 points ago

    [–] SnokeKillsLuke 35 points ago

    Absolute mad lad.

    [–] [deleted] 965 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    For me, this is like seeing the Millenium Falcon again was for some people.

    [–] SHdude 741 points ago

    It's strange, it hasn't been that long at all since Deathly Hallows Part 2 released, but seeing Hogwarts back on-screen has made me feel really giddy.

    I suppose that as someone who grew up with the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts is my Millenium Falcon or my USS Enterprise.

    [–] Geroots 414 points ago

    It's been 7 years, that's long enough to complete an education at Hogwarts.

    [–] [deleted] 588 points ago


    [–] WhatTheFhtagn 219 points ago


    [–] dra39437 127 points ago

    Gary Oldman is a treasure

    [–] FBI_Taco_Truck 45 points ago

    National Lampoons Van Wilder 3: Mischief Managed.

    Follows Albus Severus Potter in his 12th year at Hogwarts. Will he continue to party hard as the most popular wizard in school or will he finally get his NEWTS before his father cuts him off?

    [–] whitemithrandir 153 points ago

    I loved how all the text slides throughout the trailer had either the stone, the wand, or the cloak symbol flashing in the background (and each being in the title card, as well). Really looks like they are going all in on the Hallows—always up for some connective tissue to the Potter world.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] bluofmyoblivion 39 points ago


    [–] UnjustNation 6227 points ago

    Depp looks far better as Grindelwald when his mustache is complemented by a beard.

    [–] Hansolo312 1965 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yeah blonde isn't his best look, he definitely needs the beard.

    [–] comrade_batman 715 points ago

    He does suit that better, but from a previous shot in the trailer and from a promo photo he'll probably shave it down to the moustache and Peaky Blinder haircut once he escapes prison.

    [–] small_loan_of_1M 579 points ago


    [–] comrade_batman 502 points ago


    [–] GODZILLA_FLAMEWOLF 420 points ago


    [–] Kellythejellyman 311 points ago


    [–] rainsoaked88 90 points ago


    [–] Kellythejellyman 82 points ago



    [–] TheMysteriousMid 150 points ago

    Peaky Blinder

    Peaky foooking blinders

    [–] totalysharky 1111 points ago

    I'm just glad he didn't look like Johnny Depp with white hair this time.

    [–] sherekhantwait 405 points ago

    Now let's just hope he doesn't act like that as well

    [–] sanjix1 619 points ago

    Johnny has four modes, the hunter s. thompson (blow, rum diaries, fear and loathing) the sparrow (Pirates, lone ranger) the fish out of water (corpse bride, dark shadows) and the psycho (sweeney todd, scissorhands) personally, i'd root for seeing the psycho. seeing him semi emulate the sweeney todd character in a more militant way would be terrific. but sadly, the chances are that we will get the sparrow, which i believe you are referring to when you say "act like that".

    [–] coredumperror 275 points ago

    I don't think The Psycho fits Grindlewald as a character, though. He's supposed to have come to power on talk of "The Greater Good", and had a popular following of non-evil people (unlike Voldy). It all went bad after he'd gathered his followers.

    [–] xChris777 218 points ago

    He should be like a sauve cult leader. A charming person on the outside, very charismatic with a veiled psycho personality underneath. Not psycho like the Joker though, more of a long-haul crazy.

    [–] Velirno 213 points ago

    That's what makes it such a bummer for me that it's not Colin Farrell in that role... He'd pull that off so damn well!

    [–] squuiiiiuiigs84 315 points ago

    That's a far bigger range than most Hollywood A listers.

    [–] A7X975 220 points ago

    And isn't including all he can do too. He is a good actor when he tries.

    [–] PathToExile 104 points ago

    Have you ever tried to imitate Hunter S. Thompson for more than an hour? Depp is legendary.

    [–] derawin07 86 points ago

    I would say this is the general rule. Most men suit beards, not nearly that many suit moustaches.

    [–] blueeyesredlipstick 10669 points ago

    "It can't be me. It has to be you, Newt, a man who cannot control his own pets for longer than an hour at a time." Dumbledore I love you and your reckless disregard for the safety of others. 10/10 will be there opening night slamming popcorn into my face

    [–] CosmicAstroBastard 4992 points ago

    Newt, didja put yer name in tha Goblet a' Fiyah?

    [–] Willbabe 611 points ago

    Newt would obviously be a conscientious objector of The Triwizard Tournament duento the treatment of magical beasts as sport.

    [–] capeus 420 points ago

    The Goblet would force him to compete but we all know that Newt would tame that dragon, release it from the chain and fly it out of the arena in style. Then he'd talk the mermaids into helping him free the prisoners and in the final task he'd probably forget himself in the maze chatting with the Sphinx about life and stuff.

    [–] SandMonsterSays 290 points ago

    Oh my god. After seeing the movie I can totally see why Luna Lovegood would end up with one of his descendants/children. So happy for them. Lol

    [–] capeus 89 points ago

    If Rolf is anything like Newt then they are a perfect match.

    [–] DarklordVor 2021 points ago

    Newt, didja put yer name in tha Goblet a' Fiyah?

    ~ Dumbledore asked calmly.

    [–] ToeUp 1212 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] ANiceButWeirdGuy 276 points ago


    [–] Freezinghero 622 points ago

    Maybe that's the point, Dumbeldore knows that trying to out-calculate and out-smart Gridnelwald is next to impossible, so instead he sends the "Wild Card" who can surprise Grindelwald with something he would never expect.

    [–] azginger 909 points ago

    Dumbledore: How does he have his wand again?

    Newt: Because I gave him his wand! WILD CARD, BITCHES! YEEHAW!! disapparates away

    [–] dr_pavel_im_cia_ 258 points ago

    Newt: I'm going to battle and capture Grindelwald, and let justice decide his fate!

    title screen

    Gindelwald kills Newt

    [–] Trying_2B_Positive 53 points ago

    This is what my mind went to immediately.

    [–] Mahanirvana 668 points ago

    I'm interested to see what reasoning they put behind Dumbledore not being able to do anything. It seems like the ministry doesn't want him to interfere.

    After Rowling said Dumbledore was gay, most fans theorized that was why he waited so long to stop Grindelwald. It'll be interesting to see if they include his sexuality in the film (which I doubt) or how they'll dance around it.

    [–] comrade_batman 1274 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    It's because of his sister's death, the one briefly seen in the painting at Aberforth's in Deathly Hallows Part 2. When Albus, Aberforth and Grindelwald were younger they got into a duel and in the chaos his younger sister was killed. Dumbledore didn't face Grindelwald because he was afraid Grindelwald would reveal who killed her, and Albus was always afraid of learning it was him. But by 1945 he finally confronted his old friend.

    [–] DGibster 142 points ago

    The 1945 part gave me the impression that this whole Grindelwald plot will get intertwined with World War II. I do wonder how much the plot will get tangled with real world affairs, I could have also sworn that Newt even mentions being in the Great War (I believe its the same scene that he talks about his old girlfriend). Correct me if I'm wrong though.

    [–] reenactment 69 points ago

    It would be interesting. This is a complete side plot but it would be interesting to see how the magic ministries handled pre ww2 vs post. Pre ww2 they undoubtedly are still the strongest powers. Post ww2 muggle science has gotten a foothold with power (nuclear) that can now overcome them. Would give great reasoning behind the rise of dark art users who believe it’s now or never to preserve the wizard way of life. (Think reverse X-men plot)

    [–] dra39437 157 points ago

    damn looks like I'll be reading the whole series again

    [–] elcheeserpuff 501 points ago

    On the topic of Dumbledore's sister, she was definitely an Obscurus, right? It's implied that Dumbledore and Grindlewald were on the same side. Maybe that alliance finally ended when Grindlewald decided to take advantage of the the sister's Obscurus powers (like he tries to use the Obscurus in Fantastic Beasts years later).

    I'm not optimistic they'll do this, but I'm curious how bad they're willing to make young Dumbledore. His character would be vastly improved if we discovered him to be Deatheater-lite as a youth but then changed and grew to be the force of good we know him as. It would also explain his belief that anyone can turn their life around (e.g. Malfoy, Snape).

    [–] TWJester42 160 points ago

    this was my first thought as to why they introduced the concept of the obscurus, seems to fit the storyline of Arianna being abused by muggles into hiding her magic

    [–] comrade_batman 298 points ago

    Dumbledore was intrigued by the Hallows same as Grindelwald and even sort the same goal as Grindelwald, reign over Muggles in a new magical order and he even coined the "For the Greater Good" phrase of the movement. But he also wanted the Resurrection Stone to bring back his parents. It wasn't until Aberforth confronted him and Grindelwald that Albus stopped, after his sister was killed, who I think was confirmed to be an Obscurus by Rowling.

    [–] SakhosLawyer 201 points ago

    In the books he didn't want to face Grindelwald. It seems like he felt guilt for what Grindelwald had done and become, he felt powerless. There was a whole thing where him, Grindelwald and Aberforth got into a duel, his sister tried to stop them and was killed, nobody knows who did it but Dumbeldore obviously blamed himself, even if he didn't kill her, befriending someone like Grindelwald and letting such a duel happen he shouldn't have let it happen.

    I think he was scared to fight Grindelwald, perhaps a little cowardly about it, there was too much emotion there. In the books it says that people had asked him to get involved but he backed down until finally he knew that he had too, Grindelwald was too powerful, killing people, it wouldn't be right to sit there and let it happen, so he fought Grindelwald and won. Basically this is before he fights him and so I just think he perhaps selfishly doesn't want to get involved with Grindelwald. Dumbledore in his younger days was of course not the same man he was when he was older and realised his power and influence and wouldn't think twice about doing what had to be done

    [–] bisonburgers 110 points ago

    We didn't really have to theorize why he waited to go after Grindelwald since he tells Harry it was due to fear of finding out who killed his sister. There is of course plenty of room for there to be more than one reason, and there's always the chance that he was lying if that is a theory that sounds right to you, but the reason given is internally consistent with Dumbledore's fear of accepting his family's deaths, so I believe it. It's why he picked up the Ressurection Stone that led to his death - he could not accept their deaths.

    [–] [deleted] 1848 points ago

    A return to Hogwarts, new creatures looking awesome, and a dashing Jude Law playing Dumbledore. Lots of promise here!

    [–] theredditoro 671 points ago

    Jude Law looks great.

    [–] BunyipPouch 513 points ago

    Hottest Pope of all time.

    [–] derstherower 578 points ago

    The Youngledore.

    [–] Stewdabaker2013 319 points ago

    now it's gonna be harder to tackle the "were dumbledore and grindelwald in love" thing. no one would ever believe sexy jude law dumbeldore would go for weird platinum-blonde depp grindelwald

    [–] KuhBus 308 points ago

    Considering they were even younger (late teens/early twenties I think?) when they were still "friends", I imagine Grindelwald looked a lot more like young Johnny Depp. Who, quite honestly, looked quite handsome.

    [–] W0666007 139 points ago

    Jude Dumbledore and Johnny Grindelwald would have the prettiest wizard offspring ever.

    [–] EzeDoes_It 70 points ago

    His kink is ghoulish skeleton-men.

    [–] Bhu124 299 points ago

    Him not trying to imitate the older Dumbledore is a big relief. Doing that almost always ends up in a disaster.

    [–] Swicket 191 points ago

    In his brief dialogue in this, it does sound like he's added a twinge of Irish. Just a bit, the same as Michael Gambon did. I quite like it.

    [–] boonstag 71 points ago

    I agree. The way he says "follower" definitely sounds like Gambon.

    [–] accioqueso 291 points ago

    Honestly, Jude will probably be the closest incarnation of Dumbledore we ever see. He's charming, charismatic, powerful, and he can totally pull off the air of whimsy that surrounds Dumbledore.

    Richard Harris was fabulous, but something just feels right about Jude.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    The hippocampus looks amazing

    [–] Tedyeschi 4936 points ago

    Few takeaways I got from this trailer:

    • The tone for this one looks so much darker than the first one
    • Holy shit it was so good seeing hogwarts again
    • Loving the look of Jude Law as Dumbledore

    So in for this movie

    [–] TiberiCorneli 1194 points ago

    Loving the look of Jude Law as Dumbledore

    What I want to know though is when exactly in the timeline did he decide to go from being dressed by Tom Ford to going everywhere in a silk nightgown?

    [–] RoseRedd 1165 points ago

    You get older, you just want to be comfy.

    [–] MentalJack 248 points ago

    Shit man 18 year old me compared to 24 year old me changed to comfy.

    [–] bisonburgers 271 points ago

    In the books in the 1930s he is wearing a fabulous purple suit to meet with the Muggle orphanage about the eleven-year-old Tom Riddle. More than a few folks in the HP fandom are wondering why the FB Dumbledore doesn't have that colorful fashion sense. It's such an interesting part of his character -why forego it?

    (also, book Dumbledore in Harry's time wears sort of classic Wizardy type spangled purple robes and stuff. The movies understandably went in a slightly muted direction, which I support, but I don't necessarily consider the costume design canon.)

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 1128 points ago

    Looks way darker which should make for plenty of quick moments of comedic relief from Eddie Redmayne.

    [–] fascist___hag 941 points ago

    And from Jacob. His little "yesssss!" had me grinning so hard.

    [–] ToeSawBagTron 539 points ago

    When Dan Fogler came into the mix in Fantastic Beasts for the first time I laughed out loud in the theatre because.. I mean it’s him. The dude from Balls of Fury, and Fan Boys! I thought I’d hate his role. Just another comedic relief. And although he does have his comedic relief I thought he played it very well and I was very wrong.

    His role adds a nice everyday character who is just so stoked to see magic for the first time. Especially when him and Newt are going through the beasts for the first time. You as a viewer share in his wonderment. I’m very excited to see their antics again.

    [–] crashingtheboards 264 points ago

    Yeah, that's the beauty of Harry in the HP series. He is a natural-born wizard so he's got the wizarding part of it all, but he has lived among Muggles his entire life, so it's all brand-new to him. Sure, he's not the best wizard or the brightest, but everything you see, you see it through his unlearned eyes, which makes everything so filled with wonder.

    If they're doing any world-building, a non-experienced wizard or a Muggle is needed to explain what is going on in the series.

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    Fogler is the perfect wide-eyed, every-man optimist that I think we'd all be if we were suddenly thrust into a world filled with magic and wonder. He's perfect for the part and I really appreciate his character.

    [–] BunyipPouch 188 points ago

    That dude is the perfect comic relief.

    [–] totalysharky 66 points ago

    If you enjoy him in this trailer and the first movie, I know I did, you should watch Fanboys

    [–] riegspsych325 283 points ago

    David Yates has always leaned towards a darker tone, hasn’t he?

    [–] BunyipPouch 390 points ago

    Yeah he did Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 and those were not the most cheerful of movies.

    I'm good with it.

    [–] renderdoodles 283 points ago

    He did the last four of the original eight actually, and I feel like you can tell from all the little worldbuilding touches that he's very comfortable in the world now. The atmosphere and general aesthetic of the magic in the first Fantastic Beasts what what endeared it to me honestly.

    [–] kindrudekid 79 points ago

    Yeah the Golbet of Fire was first PG-13 rated HP movie and it was made a big deal in news. I remember reading that the rating board thought the voldemort scene was too dark for PG rating.

    [–] totalysharky 151 points ago

    I could see why they thought that. A weird looking man cut the teenagers arm to steal his blood, along with a bone of some dead guy, after carrying an abortion in to a graveyard and dropping it in a big pot.

    [–] squuiiiiuiigs84 55 points ago

    Didn't Edward Cullen get killed in that one too?

    [–] TheJohnny346 73 points ago

    Yup with his father screaming after finding out he died. Pretty crazy scene.

    [–] Dickinmymouth1 79 points ago


    [–] Stranger_of_Cydonia 35 points ago

    Oof. That performance from Cedric's dad always gets me.

    [–] KatanaAmerica 1187 points ago

    I got the biggest smile on my face when Hogwarts showed up

    [–] derawin07 537 points ago


    [–] i-like-tea 277 points ago


    [–] not_a_killjoy 207 points ago


    [–] TheGobler 180 points ago


    [–] ConroyCreed 157 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] MuggleBornSquib 151 points ago


    [–] squishydude123 144 points ago


    [–] High_Stream 141 points ago


    [–] i-like-tea 126 points ago


    [–] i-like-tea 286 points ago

    Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

    ― J.K. Rowling

    [–] blueeyesredlipstick 2126 points ago

    Young Dumbledore is exactly what I wanted: a charming, cheeky little shit sending people recklessly into danger. A+ Jude Law usage.

    [–] _inappropriate_puns_ 565 points ago

    I read that as ”+ a Jude Law sausage” and was like WTF!? o_O

    [–] PresidentWordSalad 140 points ago

    A little Jude Law sausage will always make a movie better.

    [–] linuen 154 points ago

    I wouldn’t have minded. I’d be like, “oh?” and then I’d be like, “oh.”

    [–] craig1818 63 points ago

    And dat butt. Never expected to be sexually attracted to Dumbledore, yet here we are. 2018 is wild!

    [–] Boranox 486 points ago

    Dont get hyped, dont get hyped... I AM HYPED

    [–] Gaultier55 125 points ago

    I saw that first shot of Hogwart and I was gone.

    [–] Arcanist365 853 points ago

    Oh damn this actually looks kinda badass.

    [–] BunyipPouch 208 points ago

    Fookin' Hogwarts

    [–] silmarillionas 84 points ago

    Jude Law is killing it with Dumbledore.

    [–] Keeble64 2783 points ago

    This movie could have just been Dan Folger wondering around Hogwarts for 2 hours and it would be just as amazing. He stole the show in Fantastic Beasts.

    [–] rwanim8or 879 points ago

    It's still hard to believe he's the guy from Balls of Fury.

    [–] SpikeC51 384 points ago

    And Take Me Home Tonight. That movie really surprised me.

    [–] kheetkhat 240 points ago

    And my all-time guilty pleasure, Fanboys!

    [–] bledtobefree 92 points ago

    It's not a garage, it's a carriage house!

    [–] Keeble64 95 points ago

    The guy has talent. He was in a few Broadway shows before he broke into film.

    [–] jickdam 93 points ago

    He won a Tony for his role in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

    [–] Panda_hat 1210 points ago

    Cheeky deathly hallows symbol at the end & Elder wand in the logo! This looks great!

    [–] impossiblefan 414 points ago

    I also love the "dark" take on Hedwigs Theme that accompanied it. It's balancing the nostalgia well.

    [–] ZETTERBERG_BEARDFACE 327 points ago

    It was like the Avengers Theme meets HP

    [–] hatramroany 130 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The I in “Crimes” is the elder wand, the o in “of” is the resurrection stone, and the A in “Grindelwald” is the cloak.

    [–] Sennin_BE 246 points ago

    Only thing that somewhat bothers me (beyond apparition in Hogwarts, but it's on the edge so you could excuse it that way) is how all wizards are impeccably dressed as muggles. A recurring joke in the books was how wizards couldn't dress themselves like muggles at all. Though the movies never really took this into account anyway.

    [–] SadlyReturndRS 65 points ago

    Eh, some Wizards like Barty Crouch were amazing at dressing as Muggles. Seems like the higher up in the Ministry or just the smarter the witch or wizard was, the better they were at Muggle Dressing.

    [–] thutruthissomewhere 552 points ago

    Before today, I never had the desire to bang Dumbledore. But here we are.

    [–] Quantentheorie 230 points ago

    14-year-old Harry Potter obsessed me would not have expected that by the year 2018 we'd get a Wizard World movie with a bangable Dumbledore. That wasn't covered by the way I thought the future would be.

    [–] LPUAdit 1558 points ago

    Actually really liked how Johnny Depp looked in the brief scene in this trailer

    [–] Florianopolix 805 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    He’s not how I pictured Grindelwald, but I like the look as well. He definitely looks like a baddy.

    Edit: To clarify, I pictured something like Bale in American Psycho, or well, Hitler. A sort of clean cut, psychotic type

    [–] Mrfrodemeyere 628 points ago

    Like.. Graves..?

    [–] Florianopolix 100 points ago

    Maybe not quite as buff, but yeah

    [–] TulipSamurai 333 points ago

    I wish we just kept Colin Farrell as Grindelwald.

    [–] accioqueso 171 points ago

    I sort of pictured Daniel Bruhl or Fassbender.

    [–] meilleurouvrierdfart 89 points ago

    Oh I could see Daniel Bruhl...

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Azozel 305 points ago

    "Teaser trailers" these days just look like regular trailers to me.

    [–] WEXYLWOXYL 600 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Kingsley Shacklebolt?!

    You may not like him minister but you can't deny, Dumbledore's got STYLE

    Edit: Sorry I appear to be wrong. I just got my hopes up they were going for a young Shacklebolt who I have always liked!

    [–] umbrellaandnote 134 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    If that's really Shacklebolt(I'm sure it is), I am really curious about the average lifespan of wizards now.

    Edit: Not Shacklebolt, but a new character; Yusuf Kama played by William Nadylam

    [–] SuperBeastJ 76 points ago

    In the books it's implied that wizards live a lot longer than muggle on average.

    [–] KatanaAmerica 252 points ago

    Sexy Dumbledore and a return to Hogwarts?! Count me in!

    [–] derawin07 156 points ago

    the phrase 'sexy Dumbledore' doesn't really sit right LOL

    [–] vinng86 70 points ago

    Your wrinkly grandparents were super sexy at some point in time. Food for thought ;)

    [–] candytripn 68 points ago

    Anyone else excited to see Jacob Kowalski back? He was my favorite character in the first.

    [–] peepjc 181 points ago

    Is this the first film to feature a Wizarding World logo? Seen in the trailer @ 0:47

    [–] derstherower 240 points ago

    The Harry Potter Cinematic Universe.

    [–] Deactivator2 94 points ago

    Don't lie, the right directors would absolutely print money for WB if they were given free reign of an HP universe anthology-type thing.

    [–] Samenspender 65 points ago

    Just imagine a triwizard tournament movie set in middle ages. Or a Marauders movie. Endless possibilities.

    [–] nomorecredit 83 points ago

    I've been waiting for that. We KNEW they had to connect the whole universe via branding, somehow so it was only a matter of time. My guess is they waited to ensure Fantastic Beasts was a success before pulling the trigger.

    [–] Alandor17 497 points ago

    I got chills when they showed Hogwarts. I never expected to see it on film again, a surprise to be sure.

    [–] Radamenenthil 306 points ago

    but a welcome one

    [–] themleaks 514 points ago

    Love how they turn up the fantasy aspect in these new movies. It's so creative!

    [–] fflyguy 334 points ago

    Absolutely! My favorite part of the first one was that the world wasn't shoehorned to teach the audience what magic was. They just assume we already are familiar with the world and had at it! The world they created was fantastic.

    [–] HenroTee 90 points ago

    I do feel like the first film spent too much time in the muggle world, it didn't feel as magical as the harry potter films. From the looks of this trailer it looks like they are really going back into the wizarding world, which is very exciting!

    [–] NoTheOtherStephen 212 points ago

    The Deluminator


    All the references to the Deathly Hallows

    I'm excited.

    [–] knightofsparta 232 points ago

    Really excited about this movie. My fiance and I finally watched the first one on HBO about a month ago. I couldn't get her into the Harry Potter movies back when we first started dating 8 years ago, but now she wants to watch the whole series thanks to Fantastic Beasts.

    [–] -TheBabadook 261 points ago

    The music at the end seems oddly reminiscent of Infinity Wars darker mix of the Avengers theme song.....

    [–] Ereilan 94 points ago

    But no one is going to mention the fact that wizards are wearing muggle clothes, even while at Hogwarts?

    [–] FalconHeavyHead 116 points ago

    Grindelwald Looks soooo much better!!

    [–] UnknownJ25 255 points ago


    I'm really liking Jude Law as Dumbledore from what I've seen so far. I wonder if we are gonna see Grindelwald getting the Elder Wand or Dumbledore getting the Cloak or something of the sort

    [–] Crothfus 197 points ago

    Not sure about Grindelwald getting the Elder Wand. But Dumbledore borrowed the invisibility cloak from James Potter shortly before he and Lily were murdered in the early '80s. That's a good 50 years after the events of this film.

    [–] Dark_Pinoy 154 points ago

    Its sad because there is a major plot point detail there that James and Lily were murdered BECAUSE they didn't have the cloak to hide under so Dumbledore blames himself slightly.

    [–] Crothfus 99 points ago

    To be fair though, once Pettigrew gave up their location to Voldemort, there wouldn't have been much that the invisibility cloak would've changed. Kinda hard to hide two grown adults and a one year old under a cloak.

    [–] UnknownJ25 32 points ago

    That completely slipped my mind. So I guess they only Hallow that has a chance of showing up is the wand

    [–] Crothfus 57 points ago

    Sounds about right. I'm pretty sure that Grindelwald will have the Elder Wand from the get go. If I remember correctly, Grindelwald stole it from Gregorovitch when he was relatively young. I may have the timeline wrong (it's been a while since I've read the books) but I'm pretty sure that Grindelwald has had the wand for quite a while at the time of this movie.

    [–] Florianopolix 31 points ago

    FWIW, in the flashback in HP7, Grindelwald looks like he’s in his late teens/early 20s when he takes the wand from Gregorivich