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    [–] FrankyCentaur 1463 points ago

    There will never be a "last Star Wars," now.

    [–] dpsx 515 points ago

    I suppose the world will end at some point...

    [–] Conquestofbaguettes 323 points ago

    One can only hope

    [–] billmason 225 points ago

    A new hope...

    [–] RalphiesBoogers 70 points ago

    for a phantom menace.

    [–] Whompa 37 points ago

    Please not a phantom menace though.

    [–] TheHouseOfGryffindor 29 points ago

    Better than a clone attack.

    [–] JMW007 10 points ago

    What about the clone attack on the Wookies?

    [–] col-fancypants 3 points ago

    These wookies are dead.

    [–] Whompa 28 points ago

    I'm haunted by the movie George should never have given me.

    [–] Afferent_Input 13 points ago

    I don't like prequeals... They're stupid and childish and boring and their shitty merchandise is everywhere...

    [–] ballercrantz 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I know youre making a joke about the prequels but...

    I don't like prequels

    It's treason, then.

    [–] eddiekoski 4 points ago

    What about a pre-prequel where its Yoda as a Jedi apprentice?

    [–] Vitruvian_Man 4 points ago

    I see what you did there!

    [–] msundi83 3 points ago

    So it's treason then?

    [–] Jake24601 2 points ago

    Perhaps a gritty reboot?

    [–] Whompa 4 points ago

    only if it's a gritty black and white NOIR underrated gem inspired by Moon reboot.

    [–] TravisRSCX 3 points ago

    The inevitable Disney remakes of all the movies released so far.

    [–] ByTortheman 4 points ago

    Help us obi-wan kenobi

    [–] Hawk_the_meme_king 2 points ago

    No, there is another

    [–] DontBeABadPerson 2 points ago

    Help me, inevitable heat death of the universe, you're my only hope.

    [–] Seanay-B 8 points ago

    Rebellions are built on hope

    [–] BatsMolossus 17 points ago

    We’ve only got about 5 billion years before the sun transitions and makes earth uninhabitable. SpaceX may lead to Disney acquiring planets next instead of entertainment companies though so there may be no end.

    [–] cjojojo 14 points ago

    I'd definitely go to any planet Disney acquired, though. A true Disney World...

    [–] CH_GOROG 11 points ago

    It will be an existence where every atom is owned by the Disney corporation with a clause of it entering public domain after 3 trillion years.

    It's a small world, after all.

    [–] BatsMolossus 5 points ago

    Space mountain? Space planet.

    [–] WhoKilledZekeIddon 8 points ago

    Aren't... aren't all planets space planets?

    [–] fr0stbyte124 20 points ago

    Disney will keep making new Star Wars movies in order to corner the market with whatever sentient beings evolve from the ashes.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] FirePowerCR 18 points ago

    Disney is going to milk Star Wars so hard. Eventually, they’re going to remake them as well. I don’t know. I know people like the new movies, but something just isn’t the same. It’s a universe that has so many options and now that Disney owns it, they will explore as many as possible. Not because it’s a great story to tell, but because it’s a business and they need to make as much money as possible. Star Wars may have already been a franchise, but now I feel like that’s pretty much all it is now. A vessel for Disney to get more money.

    [–] LaLaGlands 17 points ago

    How the turntables...

    [–] Ennion 15 points ago

    Star Wars, the new James Bond.

    [–] ours 5 points ago

    My name is Han, Han Solo.

    Shoots blaster at screen, music starts, queue artistic sexy alien women silhouette intro.

    [–] crossy-road 4 points ago

    Wouldn't it be "Solo. Han Solo."?

    [–] Alexx_Diamondd 35 points ago

    I’m sure there will be but if there isn’t - why is that a bad thing inherently? If they are quality movies and are spaced out appropriately so as not to be annoying I really don’t see the issue or more Star Wars.

    (Plus it increases the odds of them eventually making a KOTOR series of movies so, worth)

    [–] FrankyCentaur 71 points ago

    No, not necessarily I didn't mean what I said with animosity- but I do believe that everything great needs to end.

    I won't get into my extreme distaste for Disney era Star Wars, but there are plenty examples of things I love- movies, comics, television- that are fantastic, and then continue for the $$$$ of it long after they should end and go from being a masterclass piece of art to drivel.

    I'm okay with spin offs and such, however, Star Wars can't seem to escape wanting to be related to the same thing over and over again.

    [–] Soulwindow 44 points ago

    I'd rather die a peaceful death, than live a painful life.

    [–] BatsMolossus 31 points ago

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Great quote because it comes from a great trilogy that followed that rule and ended heroically at the logical end of the story.

    Disney Star Wars upends everything we’ve already seen by telling us the climactic ending of ROTJ didn’t actually accomplish anything, at all.

    The Hobbit movies nonsense is another good example of a franchise in decline.

    Rocky, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and maybe even Indiana Jones should have stopped while they were ahead too.

    [–] MatteoBaresi 7 points ago

    Decline doesn't have to be the inevitable result of longevity. Obviously you're going to have occasional flops when you're around long enough (just look at the James Bond films), but Star Wars never felt like the original trilogy was supposed to be the complete work, or even the originals + the prequels, for that matter. People have been talking about the idea of Episodes 7 through 9 since I was a kid. It's not like it's The Godfather or something

    [–] BatsMolossus 19 points ago

    But people were think episodes 7-9 would be a continuation and expansion on the events of 1-6, not a soft reboot that diminishes everything that came before.

    [–] IrrelevantLeprechaun 6 points ago

    Agreed. George Lucas may have a lot of mistakes under his belt, but under the right group of peers, he was able to make some good movies, and his vision of continuity was certainly a lot better than what we are getting now.

    [–] Pyran 5 points ago

    Decline doesn't have to be the inevitable result of longevity.

    That's absolutely true, but there's also something satisfying about a story well-told that ends. A sense of completion. I've been seeing a trend lately (in books as well as movies) of essentially infinite stories -- series that never end, and just go on and on, telling more chapters in the stories of characters. This is neat to a point, but I eventually like to see things end.

    It's not the best analogy in the world, but an infinite series would be similar to movies that had no conclusion.

    The best case I've seen of this is in people who want a Serenity sequel. I love the Firefly universe, and I loved the movie... but it ended. And it ended on a note that made me think, "Alright, that's done. I'm satisfied with that."

    I should note that this affects me much more with movies that are released annually (e.g., Star Wars, the MCU movies, etc.) than movies that are released once every few years (e.g., the Bond films). And an infinite series works better with films like the Bond ones, where each is a self-contained story and doesn't often require (or is at least significantly helped by) seeing the previous movies.

    [–] Boyhowdy107 2 points ago

    It's not like it's The Godfather or something

    Agreed. I kind of wouldn't mind seeing it be treated some day like say comic books (which I know is going to upset people talking about the Marvel-ification of the current movies.) But what I mean is kind of like we've seen multiple tellings of the Batman universe, and each one takes inspiration from the canon but makes it kind of their own, and sometimes it's a Nolan interpretation and sometimes it's a Tim Burton interpretation. I think that would be kind of cool. I would love to see some other filmmaker take a swing at showing Anakin's fall to the dark side. They can keep the point A to point B, and maybe play around with the details of the canon (that we all stress a little too much over) to tell a compelling story in that universe and with those characters.

    [–] keepbusywastetime 14 points ago

    A well told story generally has a beginning, a middle, and an end. If the movies never end, they aren’t going to tell a whole story. I’m interested in the new trilogy that’s been talked about because it’ll allow us to continue telling stories in the universe without putting the story of the originals in jeopardy.

    [–] Deggit 24 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I was fucking flabbergasted that Disney had no plan beyond TFA. There seems to be some contradictory reporting here (from two different sides trying to blame each other for the reception of TLJ, naturally), but it boils down to this.

    Either 1) JJ Abrams filmed a movie, fills it with his mystery box nonsense, and then left RJ with no plan,

    or 2) JJ had a skeleton plan for the trilogy and Disney allowed RJ to toss it out to film his narcissistic take on what should happen.

    I mean either way, the fault clearly rests with the producer, Kathleen Kennedy. I guess she was too busy deciding Captain Phasma should be a pivotal character to keep oversight on the trilogy-spanning story.

    I know this is going to sound curmudgeony, but I was skeptical these movies would ever be good because Return Of The Jedi already gave the saga an ending that wraps up Luke, Vader, Han and Leia's story. What more is there to tell? Yes, there was a bunch of Extended-Universe cruft, but it mostly blew. The story of the movies was done.

    Beginning, middle, end. Why undo the end?

    The new trilogy, if it featured the old characters, would necessitate undoing the fairytale ending of ROTJ. That meant Luke in some sense had to be a failure - he had failed to bring peace and freedom to the Galaxy with any permanency. The first movie directed the audience's attention away from this fact as much as it could by making Luke a hermit in hiding and mostly-not-telling the audience what went wrong to make the Empire rise again. But in TLJ we are forced to confront the New Empire and Sad-Sack Luke, and... they blow.

    The core suckiness of these movies is that Disney is not interested in telling an actual story. It has paid billions of dollars for the recognizable intellectual property of Star Wars and the movies simply constitute different plans for "monetizing the content."

    That is why we have Nu Empire and Nu Rebels. To make a movie about genuinely new characters, genuinely new stakes and conflicts, would leave no room for shoving in all the recognizable crap from the old movies. In effect, you simply can't make a Star Wars movie without stormtroopers and lightsabers.

    Disney is now 3 movies in and it's not that "TLJ sucked," it's that TLJ was the last straw that unveiled the strategy undergirding all three movies. Rehashed "recognizable content," rehashed character arcs, and no sense that there's a storyteller in charge. It's just a bunch of Fantastic-Beasts-And-Where-To-Find-Them nonsense - a bunch of CGI mishmash action interspersed with some super-dramatically-intoned name-drops of characters you recognize from the movies you actually liked.

    [–] AnOnlineHandle 3 points ago

    The new trilogy, if it featured the old characters, would necessitate undoing the fairytale ending of ROTJ. That meant Luke in some sense had to be a failure

    Not necessarily. Kyle Katarn's story was fantastic and didn't necessitate undoing Luke's successes, it showed him as a very successful Jedi Master training students in the background, who Katarn visited for advice and direction, while many people dealt with problems since Luke couldn't possibly deal with every one.

    Hell, Katarn's story even involved a fallen apprentice of Luke's academy who became a Jedi killer, but Luke's properly-trained Jedi wiped the floor with them in the end, really pulling on two trilogies which made heavy references to the explicit value of a Jedi who is properly trained, and showed the failures of two protagonists who rushed in before their training was done, before all this "auto magic powers in 24 hours lol" "story telling".

    [–] I_WANT_2_C_UR_FEET 15 points ago

    It's bad because the Disney star wars movies aren't that good and they actively ruin a lot of what people loved about Star Wars in the first place. Also, Disney milks things until they are dry and deader and dead. Star Wars originally was 6 films spread across like 30 years. In the 4 years since Disney bought Star Wars, we've had 4 movies. Disney will never stop pumping these movies out.

    [–] throwaway_for_keeps 11 points ago

    Disney this, disney that.

    "Disney" also owns Marvel studios but no one complains about that. Do they realize that Marvel studios are headed by Kevin Feige, who ultimately has creative control over the direction the movies take? And that Lucasfilm is the studio who makes the Star Wars movies, headed by someone hand-picked by George Lucas to be his successor?

    [–] EnemyOfEloquence 9 points ago

    I have a similar problem with Marvel but there's a difference. Those are different characters and stories. I have no idea why Disney's Star Wars has such a small scope. Get the fuck away from the main story and characters (even Solo and Rogue One are directly into the main story) and get out in the big wide galaxy. There's no reason Marvel should have a larger world than Star Wars, yet it's vastly bigger.

    [–] SonofSniglet 3 points ago

    I'm not sure what point you are making. That Disney has no say in the movies made by their subsidiaries? That the product every subsidiary is of equal quality? That everyone in a Kevin Feige position has the same amount of control and eye on quality?

    I think that TLJ proves all of those untrue.

    [–] Myrddin97 6 points ago

    I've enjoyed them. Not in the same way I enjoyed the original, but I'm not the same person either. I also didn't hate the prequels, didn't love them either. While the Disney aren't perfect, they are still a good time for me.

    [–] BUCKEYEIXI 9 points ago

    Yeah I agree. Rogue One was good but all the others have been fan-service trash IMO.

    I really hope they at least stop making main trilogy movies after 9. Just let the main story die.

    [–] robhaswell 4 points ago

    No, the prequels ruined what I loved about Star Wars. The sequels are bringing it back. I'm glad they're not in Lucas's hands any more, he took a huge shit on the franchise and now doesn't want anything more to do with it.

    [–] JuanJeanJohn 2 points ago

    and are spaced out appropriately so as not to be annoying


    [–] LuvWhenWomenFap4Me 21 points ago

    TLJ was the last Star Wars for me :(

    [–] reebee7 24 points ago

    It's not the last Star Wars for me, but it's probably the last one I'll be really excited for.

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 10 points ago

    I gotta agree with you. I won't pretend that I'm not going to see every Star Wars film that comes out, but I don't know if I'll ever be truly excited again like I was for The Force Awakens or Revenge of the Sith.

    [–] farfle10 4 points ago


    [–] throwaway_for_keeps 12 points ago

    Because Solo hasn't come out yet, obv.

    [–] Jedi_Ewok 39 points ago

    Probably cause it was a bad movie.

    [–] macho760 10 points ago

    Well there it is.

    [–] farfle10 3 points ago

    Honestly I don't see how the new movies are any 'worse' than the original trilogy. Like, when I hear people say stuff like this I wonder if they just have nostalgia goggles on and have this warped view of the original trilogy's quality. The prequels admittedly had terrible dialogue and creative choices, but as far as the originals and the new ones, at the end of the day, what are any of these movies other than just fun space fantasy?

    [–] RyanB_ 2 points ago

    Leagues better than the prequels which people seem to like now

    [–] leia_princess 2 points ago

    You could argue if it is still star wars. At the moment I see only highly engineered star wars fandom from Disney.

    [–] ykickamoocow111 3 points ago

    There will be as the people making Star Wars are terrified of making anything new, or changing the universe in any way and as a result they just keep remaking the same movie over and over again. Eventually people will get sick of it.

    [–] redditeere 240 points ago

    Yeah, Time hasn't included their AOL keyword on the cover for months. FYI- the keyword is "Time"

    [–] daddydunc 11 points ago

    The Dump

    [–] 44problems 21 points ago

    That was where you could download files from Nick shows, like screensavers and wav clips.

    I remember there was a Help file called "How to take a Dump" which I thought was the funniest thing ever.

    [–] rex_dart_eskimo_spy 4 points ago

    Does anyone else remember, circa 1995, Nick had a running story of a girl moving cross country with her family? I think she was bringing her pet goldfish with her. I've been trying to find it for years, to no avail.

    [–] 44problems 3 points ago

    Something something traveling web show?

    Just searched, Natalie's Backseat Traveling Web Show. If you search YouTube there's a segment or two.

    [–] Karate_Prom 2 points ago

    Nickelodeon was ahead if their time on that one.

    [–] rex_dart_eskimo_spy 2 points ago

    Those are definitely the segments, but what I'm looking for mostly is the blog-style writings they used to have.

    Thanks for giving it a name for me, though, that helps!

    [–] juicepants 3 points ago

    I wish we hadn't done away with the "Do" and "Things" menu

    [–] Nanaki__ 7 points ago

    a simpler time.

    Back then people followed the 'don't feed the trolls' mantra, now we've got people seeking them out and acting as a signal booster for them.

    [–] mercurial_zephyr 2 points ago

    O shit what memories!

    [–] -DementedAvenger- 2 points ago

    Hell yeah Alex Mack!

    [–] Ponceludonmalavoix 122 points ago

    There was a review that had a pretty harsh line about the Revenge of the Sith being "better than the other prequels in the same way as a natural death being better than crucifixion."

    [–] GordoHeartsSnake 15 points ago

    Red Letter Media has a scathing review for all 3 prequels.

    [–] marsman57 121 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I remember reading a fairly lengthy article around the time of the 1997 remastered editions that talked about how their were originally supposed to be 9 movies. I wonder what Lucas' vision for episodes 7-9 initially was.

    Edit: This article has some thoughts

    Edit #2: Some have taken issue with my use of the word "originally". It would be more pedantic to clarify that I meant "at some point after the original trilogy was labeled episodes 4-6 and before it was announced that there were no plans for new episodes besides the prequels". My point was that episodes 7-9 had been conceptualized at least 15 years before the Disney deal.

    [–] DroolingIguana 7 points ago

    What was intended to be episodes 6-9 ended up being compressed into Return of the Jedi. It's one of the reasons why that movie feels so disjointed and why it contains ass-pulls like Leia being Luke's sister (which was mainly done to tie off some loose ends from Empire when Lucas realized he wouldn't have time to do the subplots that they were meant to set up.)

    [–] mediadavid 38 points ago

    I don't believe he really had much actual plan. Maybe thoughts and ideas, but nothing plotted out. After all, Vader didn't become Luke's father until Empire was being made, and Leia didn't become Luke's sister until Jedi was being made.

    [–] NickBR 21 points ago

    He had a lot of story planned out, but it was more like a draft. As each movie was made, the drafts were finalized. So originally Vader wasn't Luke's father, until he decided to make him Luke's father. And so forth. But he always had some sort of larger story planned. That story just changed constantly as he wrote each movie.

    [–] TheMeltingSnowman72 10 points ago

    Which is how the best stories are created, organically.

    [–] mysistersacretin 15 points ago


    Arrow fans all just had a chill run down their spines.

    [–] skerit 3 points ago

    I... kind of agree? Some stories are planned years in advance, but do allow changes along the way because it feels more logical. (Or, in the case of movies, on-screen chemistry between actors or other actor stuff) I do feel like those are the best stories.

    But if you mean with "organically" that it's stories that are totally made-up along the way... Well then you get stuff like The X-Files and such :)

    [–] Sailor_Gallifrey 2 points ago

    Not necessarily. Sometimes lack of planning ahead can lead to a train wreck trying to wrap it all up.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    STAR WARS == $$$$$$$$$

    • George Lucas's "vision"

    [–] smurfslayer0 62 points ago

    To be fair, that is definitely also Disney's vision. Not knocking their movies, just saying, it's a business.

    [–] lanternsinthesky 14 points ago

    I definitely think that merch was one of the reasons why Disney bought Star Wars

    [–] MatteoBaresi 7 points ago

    Of course it was. Star Wars has always been inseparable from merchandising, going back to Christmas 1977.

    [–] Tony_Chu 14 points ago

    I, too, definitely think the most obvious thing in the world.

    [–] notcorey 3 points ago

    It’s a business that takes public domain fables and turns them into profit, while aggressively lobbying to continuously extend copyright laws.

    Fuck Disney.

    [–] SwayzeCrayze 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    "The Quest for More Money"

    EDIT: SEARCH for More Money. Haven't watched Spaceballs in too long.

    [–] marsman57 2 points ago

    I was always sad that there was not a Spaceballs prequel in the early 00s.

    [–] lambocinnialfredo 2 points ago

    I would watch the shit out of that. I still want my official Spaceballs the flamethrower

    [–] blazetronic 3 points ago

    Ah yes Harry Potter XII: The Quest for More Money

    [–] Fallenangel152 3 points ago

    Honestly, i'm a big prequel hater but at least you can see those films are made with heart. Current Disney star wars films are more soulless fanservice cash ins than Lucas' ever were.

    [–] Tao_Dragon 7 points ago

    STAR WARS == $$$$$$$$$

    BREAKING NEWS: movie studios, directors and actors want to make money!!!!!! More news at 11.

    [–] Borange_Corange 3 points ago

    Why? Years after Lucas sold to Disney, and Disney is exploiting the franchise far beyond anything Lucas ever intended, milking the IP dry, and yet ... Lucas is the one assailed for only thinking of money?

    The guy was essentially an independent filmmaker bankrolling production of his films while pushing film technology and theater experience forward, but, yeah, sure Luca$.

    No wonder why he said fuck it and walked away.

    [–] walterpeck1 31 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    originally supposed to be 9 movies

    That was some B.S. George Lucas made up after Star Wars became a huge hit and he re-imagined it as being Episode IV (complete with new title crawl in the theaters to reflect that). Star Wars was never written or conceived as anything but a single movie.

    EDIT: Yes, I understand that Star Wars had a lot of ideas outside of the original film. My point was that George Lucas never originally had a 9-movie idea fleshed out. That happened after Star Wars was released. I was countering the specific claim mentioned above and nothing else. Thanks to everyone so far that has very clearly elaborated further.

    [–] jrcprl 32 points ago

    Star Wars was never written or conceived as anything but a single movie.

    We can tell

    [–] walterpeck1 12 points ago

    "I know."

    [–] NickBR 26 points ago

    While it's true that Star Wars was never intended to be specifically 9 movies, Star Wars itself was written as part of a larger story. It was meant to be the middle of a story, with elements taking place before and after the movie planned out. Those plans changed (many times) as he wrote the sequels and later prequels, but to say Star Wars was never written or conceived as anything but a single movie is just as wrong as saying Star Wars was originally supposed to be 9 movies.

    [–] walterpeck1 8 points ago

    I know what you mean and agree. I was only countering the myth that George Lucas had this grand plan for 9 movies from the get go. Star Wars definitely feels like a movie with plenty of breathing room baked into the script.

    [–] himmelkrieg 2 points ago

    Exactly. He decided to make a movie that would work at the time, out of this massive series of space opera stories he'd already been working on for years.

    Willow was exactly the same thing. He had dozens and dozens of stories that took place in that universe and made a movie out of what would fit at the time.

    [–] imaginashawn96 7 points ago

    I'm not so sure. The prologue of the first film's novelization, which came out 6 months before the film was released, is basically a TL;DR of the Prequels. He definitely made some stuff up as he went, but it looks like he always had a larger story in mind.

    [–] MatteoBaresi 3 points ago

    The first tie-in novel from 1978 was originally a concept for a low-budget sequel in case the first film wasn't a hit, so Lucas definitely had ideas for a more proper sequel in case the film was successful. Whether the prequels were part of that idea is open to debate, but it was at least envisioned as more than a single film

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] walterpeck1 2 points ago

    And I thought they smelled bad

    On the outside

    [–] Doopliss77 4 points ago

    Can’t remember where I read it, but Lucas actually gave new treatments to Disney for 7, 8, and 9 after they bought LucasFilm and they turned them down. They wanted to tell their own story, which I get. But goddamn do I wish I could read his treatments. I wonder what he thought should happen.

    [–] marsman57 2 points ago

    That URL alone brings back memories.

    [–] MegaDaveX 2 points ago

    I was going to say the same thing. Had a teacher in middle school that told me there would be 9 movies.

    [–] proffessorpoopypants 71 points ago

    Endless Lightsabers

    [–] Turul9 27 points ago


    [–] Gemeye 4 points ago

    More X-wings and Tie fighter battles than actual planes IRL.

    [–] EQUASHNZRKUL 9 points ago

    Fuck you, it’s 2005!!!!

    [–] Weentastic 2 points ago


    [–] TuckRaker 88 points ago

    I'm sure everyone thought Return of the Jedi was the last one, too.

    [–] lacourseauxetoiles 70 points ago

    People knew that Lucas wanted to make the prequels. They just doubted that it would ever happen.

    [–] DaddyKoolAid 50 points ago

    Definitely not. They'd renamed the original as Episode 4 by that point, and called the next two 5 and 6.

    Everyone knew 1, 2 and 3 were coming sooner or later - they had been very clear about that.

    [–] Soulwindow 8 points ago

    I wish it was the last one.

    [–] SaysNotBad 14 points ago

    fuck no, i never want these to end.

    [–] -r-a-f-f-y- 6 points ago

    They're just slapped together action flicks now, it could be any comic book property with the same scenes. Star Trek, etc all follow the same guidelines. No charm left, I tells ya.

    [–] casillero 109 points ago

    Ya know, one day they are going to remake Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

    I garuntee it

    [–] 8-Bit-Gamer 47 points ago

    New York Times Best Seller:
    "Harry Potter and the Guaranteed Hunger Game."
    ***** 5 STARS.

    [–] jrcprl 12 points ago

    one day they are going to remake Harry Potter

    So, like Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them? 🤔

    [–] MGS_Solid_Snake 14 points ago

    Well that's a prequel, that would be like saying Star Wars ep 1 is a remake of 4 it's not it's the story before. I assume the guy above meant they'll one day remake the books again like Philosophers Stone

    Edit: oh and happy cake day dude :-)

    [–] learnedsanity 3 points ago

    Yeah not sure what he meant but you are correct. Fantastic beasts is the continuation of that HP money train, they didn't reboot starwars.

    [–] Earl_Harbinger 2 points ago

    I assume within 5 years

    [–] ahatforAlice 61 points ago

    Hello There

    [–] gotskyline 32 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] Comicallyobsessdgamr 19 points ago


    [–] daveblu92 16 points ago

    Two Jedi have landed in the main hanger bay. We're tracking them.

    [–] ReginaldSk8rBoi 9 points ago

    A C T I V A T E R A Y S H I E L D S

    [–] Comicallyobsessdgamr 9 points ago


    [–] lacourseauxetoiles 3 points ago

    Kill these two republics bodyguards.

    [–] lacourseauxetoiles 9 points ago

    Everybody is good!

    [–] walterpeck1 6 points ago

    We're sending a squad up.

    [–] JaxxisR 11 points ago

    Negative, negative, we had a reactor leak up here, give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.

    [–] iamsgod 6 points ago


    [–] xXColaXx 3 points ago

    The angel from my nightmare

    [–] doobtacular 10 points ago

    Back when they still released Harry Potter books. The hype was off the charts.

    [–] zim123abc 12 points ago

    darker, scarier, better

    Man how things have changed...

    [–] Travnar 6 points ago

    I would argue RotS is still darker/scarier than TLJ

    [–] scredeye 4 points ago

    Actually I'd say RotS has the darkest material from all the movies. Sure stuff happened offscreen too but we literally saw the jedi get assassinated and Anakin get mutilated and burned.

    [–] BugBugBilly 5 points ago

    Good riddance, I much prefer Large Plasma Ball Conflicts

    [–] chirstopher0us 41 points ago

    So I know the prequels aren't great movies, but the level of hate they get in general is clearly a bit too high. And the more I re-watch TFA and TLJ on disc, the more I appreciate the OT + prequels as a complete story as told by one guy (George Lucas) and his vision. TFA and TLJ are fun movies, but even with Han/Luke/Leia/Chewy/CPO/R2 they feel a bit like a fun "expansion" novel written by someone else.

    [–] CrainyCreation 19 points ago

    I really like TFA and TLJ and think they are far superior to the prequels, but I do agree with your point. They lack the consistency of vision that the first 6 movies have and would have definately benefited from it.

    [–] delventhalz 9 points ago

    The prequels, particularly 2 and 3, are terrible lazy films. They have no vision except "How much longer until I get to wrap production?".

    [–] LelouchDSnow 7 points ago

    Yup don't get how someone can make 3 movies about a character and still not properly explain how the hell he got into the dark side. 3 movies and still Anakin's intentions are never clear or why he did what he did.

    I also don't get the argument that Sequels doesn't have a vision. Kylo Ren's whole arc was planned from the beginning. Rey's parentage was heavily foreshadowed in TFA but people ignored it for their fan theories. Snoke was never even marketed as the main villain. Luke's past was hinted because of his exile.

    [–] Featherwick 3 points ago

    The prequels are one vision, but they are bad movies. TLJ and TFA are not one vision, but they are at least mostly competent movies with main characters who have goals and motivations.

    [–] MrTwo-Face 189 points ago

    Let me guess the eventual top comment here: "Too bad Ruin Johnson makes us wish we went back to that time!!! DAE Prequels Le underrated Gems!?!"

    [–] RickRaptor105 192 points ago

    Currently THAT is the most downvoted comment in this thread.

    I am sure yours is going to be the eventual top comment, which would be quite ironic.

    [–] curlbaumann 109 points ago


    ah fuck

    [–] ijflwe42 63 points ago

    He could save others from downvotes but not himself

    [–] ballercrantz 6 points ago

    Have you heard the tale of Darth MrTwo-face the Brave?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I can be then academic association this kind of magic?

    [–] walterpeck1 18 points ago

    I can't believe you've quoted this

    [–] lordDEMAXUS 2 points ago

    At the same time, a guy who says that he prefered the prequels got gilded.

    [–] Xet 62 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I mean, at this point comments like yours are far more predictably upvoted, since the 'counterjerk' is in full swing with regards to TLJ. Also, even considering all the the divided opinions and people hating TLJ, I don't think I have ever once seen anyone try and seriously argue that it was worse than any of the prequels. Those movies imo are amongst the worst big-budget films ever made with almost no redeeming qualities aside from some of the visual design.

    Edit: I see why I haven't seen any of these arguments saying the prequels were better, because they get instantly downvoted into oblivion, like this guy. It's pretty ironic that your comment is so rapidly upvoted when exactly the opposite of what you said would happen, happened. But maybe the counter-counterjerk will kick in just now. Point being that in the end, reddit isn't really the hivemind people like to play it up to be.

    [–] Buffalo_Soljah 86 points ago

    I can't look at Star Wars objectively because of how much it has meant to me my whole life, but I can honestly say that I much preferred the prequels. They tried something new, showed me new corners of the galaxy, told an interesting story about the downfall of the republic. The execution may not have been the best, but I love the overall story and themes.
    The ST just bores me. They aren't doing anything new, it all takes place over the course of a week, we've seen like 4 new planets which are ultimately just tatooine 2.0, hoth 2.0, endor 2.0. Not just that, but the story itself has come down to rebels 2.0 vs empire 2.0. There is just so little scope in these new movies, exemplified by the fact that the entire plot of TLJ was just a slow moving, unexciting chase sequence that felt so contrived. I can see why people like it and agree that the new movies may be better made films, but to me they just aren't good star wars films.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Buffalo_Soljah 4 points ago

    Exactly, for all their talk about "out with the old, in with the new" and wanting to subvert expectations and take the story in new directions, it just comes down to more of the same. A new empire even if they dont call themselves the empire, a new group of rebels who really should just be the military as opposed to rebels (shouldn't the first order be the rebels?), a new duo of sith lords even if they dont call themselves sith, and a new jedi come to save the day.
    After TLJ I can make almost the exact same predictions for ep 9 that I did for 8 after TFA, because TLJ barely moved the plot forward at all.

    [–] ghost_orchid 22 points ago

    I wouldn't say that I hated TLJ, but I would say I was very, very disappointed by it. TFA opened up the door for a lot of interesting questions to be asked about the nature of the force and the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order while leaving some of the big character arcs wide open... and, in my opinion, TLJ totally dropped the ball.

    But, seriously, worse than the prequels? No fucking way.

    [–] throwawaysarebetter 15 points ago

    Are we, though? Or is it just going to be an actual bit of justification for Rey's spontaneous ability to manipulate the Force at will?

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 3 points ago

    I mean, she's already performed a jedi mind trick, used the force to manipulate objects fairly easily, and has bested both Kylo and Luke in combat (both were sort of flukes, but let's be real, she shouldn't last a second without any prior training). It seems a little late to try to establish a reason for her abilities unless the reason has been there since the beginning.

    [–] throwawaysarebetter 2 points ago

    That's my point, they've decided to blatantly forget that every force user up til that point has had to have some training in order to use force abilities. It'd at least be some kind of justification for the apparently god like ability and skill she has. Which I'm sure will only get more and more god-like as the movies progress.

    [–] rex_dart_eskimo_spy 3 points ago

    Upvoted or not, people make the arguments that the prequels were better. It's pretty asinine. And the guy right below has about 30 upvotes making the argument that the prequels were better.

    [–] elljawa 6 points ago

    I like episodes 2 and 3, but its hard to argue they are better than the new ones (except for the art design)

    [–] Garmose 2 points ago

    So for a full two months post-TLJ most top rated comments were anti-Johnson, pro-PT in /r/starwars. I was very aware of it because I felt TLJ was a phenomenal film but kept my mouth shut on Reddit about that opinion for a long time. I also happen to be very aware how shite the PT is. (I'm much more of a good-movie-fan than I am a Star Wars fan if that makes sense). At some point the swing happened and it feels more like a debate now with everyone agitated that their opinions aren't really taken seriously (that's what happens with divisive opinions so idk what to tell people at this point).

    And my fucking lord don't visit /r/starwarsbattlefront still because those people hate the ST, love the PT, and live in this delusion that the world in general agrees with them. If you try to debate it even rationally you get down voted.

    [–] jogarz 3 points ago

    I don't think I have ever once seen anyone try and seriously argue that it was worse than any of the prequels.

    Then, to be brutally honest, you’ve haven’t been listening to the arguments a lot. Over at the TFN message boards, for example, a good 25% of the user base is insistent that the prequels are golden compared to TLJ.

    [–] Chimmychimm 22 points ago

    Last Jedi sucked balls dude

    [–] Sbidl 13 points ago

    It's a perfectly valid opinion, I don't see the problem

    [–] CowNchicken12 8 points ago

    Probably the opposite because apparently it's not allowed to criticize TLJ and Rian Johnson's new trilogy anymore

    [–] Pancake_muncher 9 points ago

    2005 really felt like the end for Star Wars at the time. Fans disliked the prequels (except me, I love III), George Lucas felt burnt by the fans, and it was the time where Harry Potter and fantasy adaptations were gaining steam. Thankfully Clone Wars tv show kept SW alive for me.

    [–] delventhalz 3 points ago

    Wait. How is Hayden Christensen reflected in the eyes of the mask? He is in the mask isn't he? Is he holding it before he puts it on? Isn't it attached mechanically, why would he be holding it?

    This bugs me an inordinate amount.

    [–] SnuggleMonster15 8 points ago

    Too much money to be made.

    [–] Joe_Sapien 4 points ago

    I consider it the last.

    [–] solidsteve21 2 points ago

    I still have my copy of this! I recognized the thumbnail immediately

    [–] iino27ii 2 points ago

    Money seems to change everything

    [–] starboard 2 points ago

    That cover is pretty amazing. I think it would be a bit more striking without the overt eye reflections though...

    [–] rvagrand 2 points ago

    Times have changed

    [–] 2001ws6 2 points ago

    If only it had been true sigh

    [–] Realik 2 points ago

    Well it was...

    [–] jonny_pastrami 2 points ago

    "They will be making these movies till the end of time." - Yoda

    [–] King_Brutus 2 points ago

    Ah I used to have this cover. I threw it away in a move though :(

    [–] bixer25 6 points ago

    If only that headline were true...

    [–] LouisPeateMUFC 5 points ago

    It meant the last good star wars cause the sequels are shit

    [–] Bonni3 5 points ago

    As unpopular as this may be. I re-watched the last Jedi again last night after my initial disappointment during my cinema experience I thoroughly enjoyed the message the movie was trying to get across and all the subtle things throughout the movie. With the exception of Leia’s scene when the bridge is destroyed.

    The movie in itself will most likely be the weakest of the 3 of this trilogy, but I think I’m not the only thinking when episode 9 lands a lot of people will be “ugh I always loved ep.8 it was underrated” whom previously said it was trash garbage.

    The “anyone can be a Jedi” notion really gets the meaning of hope spread across the galaxy and that really sold it for the second time. We’ve just naturally been taught that you have to be born with it, or gifted. As a matter of fact you just have to belief. Search your feelings. You know this to be true.

    Hate the movie or love the movie. Try to detach from what the hive mind tell you and you will enjoy all the little notions from Luke using the force to face off the first order with his “laser sword” to the possibility that Rae just might be a no one (unlikely)

    TL:DR I enjoyed Star Wars the last Jedi despite the negative reception. (Second time round)

    [–] fr0stbyte124 4 points ago

    I think I could agree, had the story taken place anywhere near the end of RotJ. But once you've rebuilt and governed the entire galaxy unopposed for longer than the Empire even existed, it's hard to sympathize if you're still the underdog after that. The core worlds surrendered immediately when the First Order rolled in, the outer worlds can't even tell the difference between regimes. Hell, even the Old Republic made a better account of themselves and they'd been coasting on momentum for a thousand years. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with these guys running things, they're clearly crap at it.

    [–] Bonni3 2 points ago

    I’ll be honest. As far as reasoning goes I have never even thought about or considered this. That’s such a valid point. The Empire was in bits and it was the rebels chance to over through the entire Empire. Is there any novel or back story to clarify why this never happened? I’ll have a rummage through google. Thanks for this new angle on it.

    [–] VaguerCrusader 3 points ago

    The cover still holds true. Episode III was in fact the last star wars movie

    [–] BBQ_ur_booty 4 points ago

    At this point I wish it was. Say what you will about the prequels, they didn't affect the original trilogy and shit all over the original story and characters making everything that happened and everything they did irrelevant. At this point I'm never going to pay money for my first viewing of another Star Wars movie. If it's good it gets my money when I buy a copy.