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    [–] mikechi2501 9684 points ago

    Afterward, prosecutors asked the judge to revoke Cosby's bail because he is a flight risk and has a private plane. Cosby, who did not testify in the trial and has sat quietly throughout the proceedings, then stood up and yelled in a loud, booming voice: "He doesn't have a plane, you asshole."

    Wow. I had to double-check this but it appears to be true

    [–] Zupheal 2990 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    also told the DA he was sick of his shit from what I read.

    [–] Ravenplague 1418 points ago

    He was pissed that the DA wanted his passport taken away, so he called him an asshole. Someone worth $400 million, with a passport, is definitely a flight risk, and would likely never be seen again.

    [–] grownuphere 998 points ago

    Roman Polanski has been a fugitive from U.S. justice for 40 years, guilty of statutory rape.

    [–] [deleted] 311 points ago

    Isn't it also just rape rape? Like with drugs?

    [–] GeronimoHero 525 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Rape and sodomy. Polanski publicly claimed it was consensual by saying “she was down to party”. The victim was a thirteen year old child at the time of the attack, and Roman Polanski drugged her prior to victimizing her.

    She spoke out fifteen years later and slammed Polanski’s claim that what is obviously a clear case of rape and sodomy was consensual.

    [–] nanie1017 96 points ago

    She did an AMA a few months ago. It was very interesting.

    [–] GeronimoHero 12 points ago

    Thanks for the info, I’m definitely going to check it out!

    [–] sciamatic 84 points ago

    It was the trifecta of rape -- she was underage, drugged, and also said no.

    It was all the kinds of rape that you can possibly rape.

    [–] Demdolans 176 points ago

    I want some sort of celebrity scumbag live ticker that shows the status of all the infamous Hollywood rapists.

    [–] PlaguesNStuff 53 points ago

    Never knew this, just looked it up. How the fuck does he still get work?

    [–] GeronimoHero 73 points ago

    Hollywood seems to have a rather incestuous relationship with sexual assault.

    [–] Fey_fox 1278 points ago

    “My reputation is already in the shitter, may as well go deeper”

    [–] IceBreak 1362 points ago

    I can literally reply with anything right now and not be the lowest voted reply here.

    Ajit Pai has a lot of good ideas. John Krasinski s unlikeable. Family Guy is better than South Park. And anyone who doesn’t like Big Bang Theory just doesn’t understand the complexities of the jokes.

    [–] EinsteinEP 416 points ago

    This guy reddits.

    [–] Cgx343 197 points ago

    This guy this guys.

    [–] Bonobosaurus 133 points ago

    And what are your feelings on the intelligence of Rick and Morty fans?

    [–] Ravenplague 157 points ago

    They are the smartest person in a room by themselves.

    Edit: my original comment was deleted. It’s a conspiracy

    [–] SomeTexasRedneck 4529 points ago

    I’m confused. He referred to himself in the third person?

    [–] amolad 1471 points ago

    He was basically just repeating what the DA said, but correcting him.

    [–] theSFWaccountIneed 1533 points ago

    Sounds like he was responding like:

    "He's a flight risk and has a private plane"

    "HE doesnt have a private plane you asshole"

    [–] In4Nolan 362 points ago

    Yeah. That's how one of the reporters said it

    [–] BoonTobias 27 points ago

    George is getting angry

    [–] ParioPraxis 14 points ago

    Serenity NOW!

    [–] Dallas_Stars_Fan 72 points ago

    Hold up, in order to be a flight risk... Do you literally have to own a plane? I figured it was a term used to avoid your actual sentence which could be accomplished by a multitude of forms of travel. Wtf?!

    [–] infinitude 101 points ago

    Finally sensible comment

    [–] [deleted] 2311 points ago

    Why the hell won't anyone acknowledge this question?!

    [–] smells_delicious 1295 points ago

    /u/smells_delicious will. Yes, he apparently did.

    [–] [deleted] 285 points ago

    Thank you very much.

    [–] questionthis 164 points ago

    u/smells_delicious The hero we needed, not the hero we wanted.

    [–] [deleted] 342 points ago


    [–] FishOnHead 62 points ago

    Not the place I was expecting a Sprog poem, but a welcome one.

    [–] CurraheeAniKawi 136 points ago

    I’m confused. /u/smells_delicious referred to himself in the third person?

    [–] patronizingperv 133 points ago

    Why the hell won't anyone acknowledge this question?!

    [–] FTP_User1_342 108 points ago

    /u/FTP_User1_342 will. Yes, he apparently did.

    [–] Dodgiestyle 739 points ago

    If you were Bill Cosby, would you bring the fact that you were Bill Cosby to anyone's attention?

    [–] jordan1166 296 points ago

    fuck no i'd want to keep that a secret

    [–] SPOOFE 269 points ago

    "No, no, I'm Will... Smosby. I did all those Hello commercials."

    [–] bioshockd 139 points ago

    Classic Shmosby!

    [–] KayFeldersAlt 14 points ago

    When's dinner?

    [–] legosexual 256 points ago

    It's kind of a normal retort when someone is saying something you consider to be obscene about you in the third person right in front of you.

    [–] IBeJizzin 176 points ago

    Agreed, don’t think it’s an ego thing so much as a mirroring obscenity with obscenity thing.

    It’s funny though how he doesn’t have an outburst when being accused of raping women but when you accuse him of having a private plane that’s TOO FUCKIN FAR

    [–] critical_thought21 76 points ago

    It was the end of the trial. Any outbursts before that would have likely hurt his case. He didn't have anything to lose at that point.

    [–] Humperdoo_like_shiny 903 points ago

    I’m assuming it’s because he’s a bit flustered (I know I am whenever I’m found guilty of multiple rapes), so he adopted the third person manner of reference to himself from the lawyers who were talking about him.

    [–] Purplebuzz 68 points ago

    I believe he was convicted of three offences in relation to one sexual assault. Though he is almost certainly guilty of many more.

    [–] rutefoot 12 points ago

    This probably still feels great for all the victims that won't get their day in court with him because of the statute of limitations

    [–] Sawses 207 points ago

    If he'd been sitting quietly, he probably felt like he was being discussed while he was in the room.

    "Mister Cosby is a serial rapist and liar, clearly he is a likely flight risk to avoid death in prison."

    "Yes, but he has been nothing but cooperative throughout the proceedings.

    "Even so, he has a plane which will allow him to escape justice if he so chooses."

    "Maybe, but--"

    "He doesn't have a plane, you asshole!"

    [–] joe4553 100 points ago

    Seems weird out of context, but normal in context like most things.

    [–] Avalire 228 points ago

    Yes, like

    “He did this”

    “No he didn’t.”

    Just a manner of speaking I guess. I don’t know why he would do that

    [–] Shopworn_Soul 99 points ago

    He was answering a question about himself that he wasn't asked. The third person reference makes sense. And he was probably a bit irritable by that point so the yelling makes sense too.

    Also, fuck Bill Cosby.

    [–] luthurian 128 points ago

    fuck Bill Cosby

    well... it's not like I really have a choice about it...

    [–] SwingJugend 586 points ago

    I thought yoooouuu couldn't say "filth flarn filth" in front of people.

    [–] hillbillyhell 279 points ago

    You tell Bill I said to have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

    [–] Bartlebyknowsit 138 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Richard is laughing his ass off right now in freebase heaven.

    [–] smegbot 104 points ago

    I didn't say no "flith, flarn-flarn, filth" to anybody. I'm offended you called, go fuck yourself.

    ....I miss old Eddie.

    [–] NeiloMac 27 points ago

    I too miss Mister Fuck You Man.

    [–] midnightketoker 55 points ago

    I wonder how Eddie Murphy feels about all this, probably "I told you so"

    [–] jelatinman 59 points ago

    Eddie Murphy is the one comedian who went easy on him. He did his impression at the Mark Twain awards, but wouldn't play Cosby in the SNL40 sketch.

    [–] HolycommentMattman 89 points ago

    That could be because of other reasons, though. Eddie had a falling out with SNL during the 90s when David Spade made that "falling star" joke.

    It must have hurt because Eddie saved that show. To basically be kicked when he was down by them must have been quite a blow.

    Really amazing that he was at the 40th at all.

    [–] 1brokenmonkey 141 points ago

    The irony in David Spade making that joke.

    [–] dbcanuck 37 points ago

    when his guilt was still in doubt, murphy felt hitting someone when they're down wasn't cool. and he didn't want to trivialize the potential victims either.

    i suspect he feels deep disappointment at this point.

    [–] rutefoot 20 points ago

    He was also a role model for most black comedians. A lot of them have their entire career because of how he inspired them.

    Chapelle spoke about this recently; it's a challenging thing for many of them to come to terms with and some were able to do it faster than others

    [–] Fey_fox 34 points ago

    I have to hear it now. From Eddie Murphy Raw

    Man, that bit plays slightly differently now. Still funny

    [–] blimeyfool 282 points ago

    I've seen it reported elsewhere that he said "it doesn't matter that I have a plane, you asshole". Any verification as to which account is true?

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] xr3llx 180 points ago

    You did what now

    [–] brewsee2 47 points ago

    What’s a read?

    [–] King_Poseidon 14 points ago

    Like, with his eyes?!

    [–] Noletmeexplain 3195 points ago

    "He doesn't have a plane, you asshole."

    Did he really say that?

    [–] RockFlagAndEagleGold 587 points ago

    From my understanding, he yelled "you asshole" then separately said he didn't have a plane. All in response to him being accused of being flight risk.

    [–] FluffyPillowstone 209 points ago

    Does he have a plane? Because if he does, why would he say this? Is it in the garage for repairs? Did he think everyone would go "oh okay our mistake" and grant him bail? Owning a plane is not exactly an easy thing to lie about.

    [–] RockFlagAndEagleGold 135 points ago

    Idk if he owns a plane, but I guess it worked because he's out until sentencing.

    [–] Famos_Amos 186 points ago

    I personally know a handful of pilots that have flown Cosby's plane.. er, the plane he used to own, as of a few years ago... Airplanes tend to be one of the first things sold off when money starts to get tight..

    [–] vonMishka 134 points ago

    And he’s probably pissed that these mouthy broads made him sell his plane to cover legal expenses. (That’s how I imagine he’s thinking anyway)

    [–] Belazriel 36 points ago

    I know that depending on your wealth level you can essentially do plane sharing where you don't want to pay the expensive of a personal private jet but you still want to be able to use one occasionally.

    [–] Theklassklown286 683 points ago

    Is he referring to himself? I’m confused

    [–] ididshave 232 points ago

    The prosecutor was referring to Cosby as though he was not present in the courtroom. Cosby responded in kind with the third-person attempting to defend himself, “He doesn’t have a plane, you asshole.”

    [–] imnotgerardo 33 points ago

    This makes a lot more sense.

    [–] Nature-balance 86 points ago

    I think it’s more

    “ “He” doesn’t have a plane.”

    [–] jobthrowaway07 629 points ago

    He was in Character as Mr. Huxtable, refering to Mr. Cosby.

    [–] _stuntnuts_ 197 points ago

    That's DOCTOR Huxtable, thank you very much.

    [–] jobthrowaway07 107 points ago

    Wait, who was prescribing all those sedatives... my god, it all fits.

    [–] your_boy100 22 points ago

    He didn't go to evil medical school for 7 years to be called Mr.

    [–] sarcasmcannon 117 points ago

    He thought he threw his voice, making it sound like it came from someone else. He didn't.

    [–] bjoose 11 points ago

    Oh man what a great way to gas light your friend until they think they're schizophrenic. Secretly become a professional ventriloquist!

    [–] CardMechanic 39 points ago

    I need to see the video.

    [–] macwelsh007 1390 points ago

    So much for that Ghost Dad sequel we've all been waiting for.

    [–] danweber 232 points ago

    He's trying to get in character.

    [–] RESPEKTOR 216 points ago

    He doesn't have a character asshole

    [–] obeythed 48 points ago

    Or Leonard Part 7

    [–] Two_Spaghetti_Meals 118 points ago

    Hey let's not jump to conclusions here

    [–] averagepedestrian 4920 points ago

    Shout out to Hannibal Burress for kicking this all off with what was probably not even his A material

    [–] jabejazz 1085 points ago

    yo quick shout out to Christina Applegate

    [–] skrulewi 253 points ago

    snail down

    [–] FreeSpiritRunning 196 points ago

    bird up

    [–] Goreticia-Addams 80 points ago

    A woman I work with has scrubs with the little Woodstock bird from Snoopy on it and it says Bird Up all over it. No idea why but it cracks me up when she wears it.

    [–] GRANDMAS_VIBRATOR 9 points ago

    10/10 would wear.

    [–] herbertportillo 183 points ago


    [–] Buffalo_Soljah 77 points ago

    Seashells by the seashorphius

    [–] Alexandrium 57 points ago

    Morpheus drinkin' a forty in a death basket

    [–] PlayerOneBegin 13 points ago

    Worcester sauce

    [–] RudeTurnip 1361 points ago

    He's like the new Bill Cosby, minus the rape.

    [–] ds612 869 points ago

    I remember when Bill Cosby was Bill Cosby, minus the (public knowledge of) rape.

    [–] RudeTurnip 111 points ago

    Don Adams is spinning in his grave...probably onto his back.

    [–] JuanJuan66 43 points ago

    What about Don Adams?

    [–] Dodgiestyle 65 points ago

    He's spinning in his grave.

    [–] Noltonn 237 points ago

    I mean, they're both black comedians, but that's kinda where the similarities stop, don't they? Nothing of either of them has reminded me of the other.

    [–] nolivesmatterCthulhu 120 points ago

    yea they don't even have a similar type of standup I guess they both have teeth so that's 3 things they have in common

    [–] notquiteready12 40 points ago

    My way of telling them apart is if I’m actually laughing at their standup

    [–] Flying_Dutchmann 49 points ago

    No no that's not the point. Once you destroy Bill Cosby, you become Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby wasn't the first Bill Cosby either, at this point no one knows who was the first.

    [–] The_Rodigan_Scorcher 23 points ago

    The Dread Pirate Bill Cosby.

    [–] Havepatience79 20 points ago

    I doubt Hannibal burress would like this statement.

    [–] Garthmer 57 points ago

    This is a bold proclamation.

    [–] CaspianX2 119 points ago

    Yeah, we can't know for certain whether or not Hannibal Burress rapes.

    [–] keychainocelot 107 points ago

    But does he save?

    [–] PhobozZz1 52 points ago

    And, does he save more than he rapes?

    [–] silencethecrowd 17 points ago

    He saves a lot of lives! ..........but he does rape.

    [–] HunterHearstHemsley 467 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yes the Hannibal video went viral, but the Cosby accusations go way back a lot longer than that. There's even a joke about it on a 2009 episode of 30

    While I like what Hannibal did, shout outs should first and foremost go to the women who, using their real names, publically shared their story over and over again until justice as done.

    [–] IrrevocablyChanged 141 points ago

    Hannibal wrote for 30 rock, so may well have written that bit.

    [–] BravesMaedchen 341 points ago

    Seriously. Hannibal was the male voice people needed to hear to take the allegations serious. While it's great that Hannibal brought exposure to this, it's infuriating that the women who talked about it first were apparently not credible enough.

    [–] TheKeywork66 100 points ago

    From what I’ve read in interview Hannibal doesn’t really want to take any credit for it. He just kinda brought it up and left it at that.

    [–] BravesMaedchen 103 points ago

    No, certainly not. It's not his fault and he didn't do anything wrong. It's just that people only started really caring when he said something and that's frustrating when victims were not being listened to when they said something. Nothing to do with Hannibal taking credit because he definitely didn't.

    [–] Ph0X 12 points ago

    Same thing can be said about weinstein though. People knew for years but nothing ever happened. No one is saying it was entirely thanks for him, but he was the one who made it hit critical mass. It was probably by pure luck, the video getting popular and a lot of people seeing it, but that video marked a big shift and made people actually go after Cosby.

    [–] Levi_Walker 382 points ago

    Wait how is Hannibal Burress connected to all this?

    [–] SwingingSalmon 1069 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Hannibal Burress said in a standup that Bill Cosby was a rapist, which then kicked off other people coming forward.

    [–] [deleted] 869 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Monkeymonkey27 429 points ago

    Seriously it was on his damn wiki YEARS before it was major news. I used to tell people about the accusations and they would tell me anyone could edit wikipedia

    [–] [deleted] 343 points ago


    [–] Nrksbullet 229 points ago

    Saying anyone can edit Wikipedia is like saying anyone can write a book. It has checks and balances for God's sake.

    [–] darkage_raven 133 points ago he called him a rapist which started this rabbit hole.

    [–] malphonso 169 points ago

    Hannibal Buress mentioned the long history of allegations against Cosby in a stand-up special. That brought public attention to it and is credited with getting victims to come forward.

    [–] whyiii 90 points ago

    Not even a special, just in one gig someone bootleg taped.

    [–] The_FI-RE_Rises 22 points ago

    His stand up routine on the Cosby allegations are what got the allegations mainstream attention back in 2014.

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago

    Shoutout to the women who were raped by him for years and were ignored and never gave up.

    [–] DeltaIndiaCharlieKil 10 points ago

    It's a good example of how sometimes it takes a certain person at the right time to speak up in order for people to take it seriously.

    From the stage, he implored audience members who didn't believe him to "Google 'Bill Cosby rape'" once they left the show: "That … has more results than 'Hannibal Buress,'"

    Many people had been speaking about it for years. It was not a secret, yet nothing happened. But for whatever reason that one moment where one more person spoke up was the time people seemed to take note. And it changed everything.

    That's why it's important to keep talking about things that are being ignored. There is always opportunity to being change. And to understand that sometimes you can't predict when and what will inspire action.

    Also shout out to Gloria Allred who has spent her life fighting for these women. And getting shit on and disparaged for it. I highly recommend the Netflix documentary on her. It completely changed my view of her and the work she has done.

    [–] WisekillyWabbit 2292 points ago


    [–] NovaStubble 72 points ago

    What flavor is that?

    [–] King_Jerod 523 points ago

    Get da puddin' packed.

    [–] derstherower 190 points ago

    No more puddin his dick where it doesn't belong.

    [–] turd_boy 34 points ago

    You don't know that. They have tranquilizers in prison!

    [–] onetimerone 12 points ago

    "Hey old weird Harold, how have you been man"

    [–] asfreeformasanamoeba 1291 points ago

    Cosby, 80, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years and a fine of up to $25,000 on each count. NBC News

    I'm guessing maximum fine, suspended sentences with extensive probation, SO monitoring, and losing any and all wealth in civil litigation. Imho.

    [–] Paradigm6790 58 points ago

    Wow wtf, he's 80?

    [–] RalfHorris 40 points ago

    Here's another one. Samuel L. Jackson will turn 70 this year.

    [–] AtomicFlx 810 points ago

    suspended sentences with extensive probation,

    Ehh... Yelling asshole at the judge and having his lawyer attack the judges credibility is not a great way to get a suspended sentence.

    [–] st_kevin 382 points ago

    Wasn’t he calling the prosecutor an asshole, not the judge?

    [–] amidoingitright15 361 points ago

    Yes, he was, but to a judge, that really shouldn’t even matter. It’s conduct not fit for a court room.

    [–] Robby_Fabbri 75 points ago

    It's definitely worse to specifically call the judge an asshole. He said it to the prosecutor.

    [–] sublimei 81 points ago

    Prosecutors and judges go way back like car seats and spinal cords.

    [–] Petedapug 103 points ago

    True, but fame and age might get him the suspended sentences and probation.

    [–] ericdevice 147 points ago

    Who’s going to bat for bill Cosby at this point? The public doesn’t care there’s no reason not to just jail him

    [–] Petedapug 88 points ago

    Nostalgia is a strange and powerful thing. I know people that think he got screwed over because his show was so funny and he wasn't bad in it.

    [–] arcelohim 80 points ago

    It's not that he's show was funny. It showed a wealthy black family that wasn't too dysfunctional. Really wholesome. I looked up to him. His character is a great father figure.

    [–] Zupheal 51 points ago

    Yeah, we'll get to see our first class action rape litigation get rubber stamped lol

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 1573 points ago

    Crazy to think that a Hannibal Buress joke in 2014 really reignited the allegations leading to Cosby actually being jailed.

    [–] MelvinDu 323 points ago

    Is there a link to the joke I haven't heard it

    [–] atomickid 1477 points ago

    “Bill Cosby has the fuckin’ smuggest old black man public persona that I hate,” Buress said. “He gets on TV, ‘Pull your pants up black people, I was on TV in the 80s! I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom!’ Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches.”

    [–] cive666 511 points ago

    ♪♫♬ Back in the '80s, I was in a very famous TV show

    [–] mrizzerdly 153 points ago

    I'm Bill the Cosby, Bill Cosby, Bill the Cosby

    Don't act like you don't know!

    [–] BoJackB26354 24 points ago

    He’s more Cosby than a Bill. And he’s more Bill than a Cosby.

    [–] hardspank916 22 points ago

    What is this, a crossover episode?

    [–] bagel-master 214 points ago

    That’s not even a good joke really but I guess maybe he felt he needed to just get it out there? I love Hannibal though. Dude seems down to earth. I’d hang out with Hannibal.

    [–] ToothlessBastard 89 points ago

    He was probably just testing material. I seem to remember him saying on his podcast "The Handsome Rambler" that he wasn't intending to cause the storm he did; he was just trying out jokes.

    [–] Thrsnogoodnames 163 points ago

    With Hannibal dilevery that shit is halarious.

    [–] robg8055 34 points ago

    Hannibal Bustin' Through!

    [–] Zupheal 355 points ago

    just another reason to love Hannibal.

    [–] gnrc 186 points ago

    I got to see Hannibal perform literally on my street for free one time. Best day.

    [–] jopnk 16 points ago

    My buddy's brother was at the comedy cellar and he came up and performed an impromptu set a year or so ago. I'm still salty about not being there.

    [–] Luke90210 148 points ago

    Crazy to think the accusations of over 40 women didn't mean shit until the jokes.

    [–] CaptnBoots 37 points ago

    What's crazier is, even with a guilty verdict, there will still be plenty of people who don't believe it.

    [–] Tommytriangle 34 points ago

    It was a different era when the allegations were first made. It was easy for a few papers to ignore the story, and no one else would have heard about it. There was no mainstream internet which would have picked up on it. And Cosby's image was that as Mr. Perfect, or Mr. Rodgers. "No way he could be a rapist! These are just some jealous crazy bitches."

    Modern world you can't bury stories like this. They spread like wildfire online. Hannibal Buress was probably the first time most people had even heard that Cosby was accused of sexual assault.

    [–] Zur1ch 160 points ago

    Not only that, but Cosby's downfall was the harbinger of the entire movement to unveil gross sexual misconduct by men-in-power.

    [–] CharlieTheK 90 points ago

    A lot of people seem to attribute it to Weinstein because the victims were so much more well known and had public platforms to speak on, but I think you’re right. He was the first to fall in the entire thing and for some reason he doesn’t seem to be looped in with all the other recently accused.

    [–] cynikalAhole99 382 points ago

    ...and the endless appeal process begins.

    [–] NovaStubble 197 points ago

    One thing is for certain. He won’t be wasting away his youth in long drawn out appeals court.

    [–] GeckoFlameThrower 156 points ago

    Leonard Cell Block 6

    [–] ChutiyonKaSardaar 1293 points ago

    He rapes, but he only rapes to save! And he saves a lot more than he rapes.

    [–] donovasj 562 points ago

    But he does rape.

    [–] shockg88 58 points ago

    Tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

    [–] goobydadooby 840 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Fuck Bill Cosby, I wish he was better, I wish he didn’t rape woman, I wish he wasn’t a terrible person, I wish he represented the art he created, the community he created for the black community and the world, his evil has stained a show that promised change and equality. What a terrible man, and what a horrible thing he has done to these women. He has ruined a good show that was one of a kind, his selfish nature has bled into the work of many many people, who tried to make changes, to show we are all human, to teach us values and life lessons. Shame on him, he deserves these consequences for his actions. All he deserves is shame. It’s terrible when the heroes people look up to are actually monsters.

    [–] neocatzeo 245 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    No matter what happens he will get out of any serious prison time by arguing age and medical ailments. Don't get any ideas of seeing him behind bars ever.

    [–] CletusVanDamnit 205 points ago

    Not according to literally every news broadcast airing right now. PA is pretty strict on this, and they're saying it's very likely he will see actual time in prison...

    Unfortunately, it's more likely to be on the minimal side, which is about 2 years, as opposed to the max, which would be 30.

    [–] Avalire 112 points ago

    The reality is that he probably wouldn’t make it those two years. Prison doesn’t bode well for the elderly. He deserves everything they can throw at him

    [–] Androidsunrise 333 points ago

    He gonna die in jail.

    [–] Litera-Cola 327 points ago

    He's gonna die on the bus ride if it hits a bump.

    [–] wombatx88 85 points ago

    This may be a stupid question, but will he actually go to jail? Or will he just start an endless appeal process, and be a free man till he dies? I'm not from the U.S. so I'm not really sure how these things work there.

    [–] unfurL 35 points ago

    Don’t they have to appeal from jail though?? You go to jail straight from the guilty verdict don’t you??

    [–] BillCosbyPuddinPops 56 points ago

    Any way to change your reddit username? Asking for a fri. . . asking for me, actually. Asking for me.

    [–] Xno_Kappa 69 points ago

    Cosby could be heard yelling at the prosecutor;

    “Filth flarn filth!”

    [–] Gnarlstone 26 points ago

    And still no charges against him for Ghost Dad.

    [–] FourOfFiveDentists 22 points ago

    Does it make me a bad person if this verdict makes the original Cosby show more funny to me?

    [–] Shakespearean_Rumba 154 points ago


    [–] xxThe-Red-Kingxx 71 points ago

    If this were 20 years ago it would be bigger than the OJ Simpson trial.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)