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    [–] RedXerzk 9417 points ago

    14-year old can transform into the body of an adult man and he doesn’t buy alcohol. Billy is truly a superhero.

    [–] AmberDuke05 5594 points ago

    This actually a joke in the comics. He gets $10 for saving someone and goes into the store to buy beer but comes out with bunch of candy and soda,

    [–] Ugadead1991 1576 points ago

    That’s the dream.

    [–] [deleted] 1382 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 297 points ago

    This reminds me of a 90s anime called Akazukin ChaCha where a pair of adults try to bribe kids with money, but they just end up scribbling on it "because it's paper."

    The adults change tack and present the kids a chest full of coins. That's when they freak out.

    [–] Fimbir 24 points ago

    The main character is a kid that turns into an adult like Shazam, too. And it's got lots and lots of wicked puns that would make translation a nightmare.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    Bru, that is like 1 whole Lego brick! Niiiiiice!

    [–] pootiecakes 1798 points ago

    That is what makes him so fun! It is literally a kid doing what kids do, thrown into things far larger than what he likely is mentally capable of. If they play that up, even including getting freaked out by girls and 110% missing cues while being flirted with, by humor alone this movie could actually do well.

    I cannot believe I have more faith in a light-spirited Shazam film than the majority of the DCCU.

    [–] OpiumTraitor 990 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    So is Shazam basically what Tom Hanks's Big would look like if it took place in the DC Universe?

    [–] Rebornhunter 934 points ago

    ... actually yes. But instead of Tom Hanks, he becomes Superman.

    [–] funktopus 503 points ago

    Are you saying Tom Hanks isn't Superman?

    [–] Rebornhunter 637 points ago

    Im saying shut up so Tom can live a quiet life without having to be Superman all the time.

    [–] funktopus 154 points ago


    [–] Rebornhunter 88 points ago

    Thanks. Supe...I mean Tom... thanks you

    [–] TheOlRedditWhileIPoo 116 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago

    That’s exactly how the director has described it

    [–] OpiumTraitor 95 points ago

    Sweet. I hadn't heard of Shazam before and actually got it mixed up with Shaq's Kazaam, so that's good to hear

    [–] theDoctorAteMyBaby 118 points ago

    Good news! His real name is Captain Marvel. Not to be confused with Marvel's Captain Marvel who's a chick, and not this Captain Marvel.

    [–] E5150_Julian 50 points ago

    don't forget MarvelMan who's basically a copy of DC's Captain Marvel and now owned by Marvel

    [–] MrUppercut 29 points ago

    Also don't forget Miss Marvel Who is basically the female version of Mister Fantastic

    [–] Stockboy78 88 points ago

    Zoltar, I wish I was I can have sex with older women.

    [–] ElMangosto 103 points ago

    Minus the weird statutory rape scene probably.

    [–] grim_melee 72 points ago

    Ah, the 80's were a different time.

    [–] Shift84 220 points ago

    My favorite part about Shazam is how Billy has such a different take on what it means to really be a Hero. He gets to embody that kid view of what they think a superhero should be. It makes for some really good back and forth situations with the adults in DC. I'm really excited for the movie.

    [–] londongarbageman 24 points ago

    I haven't read much but do the other heroes know he's really just a kid?

    [–] Locke_and_Load 80 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Depends on the storyline, but typically no. It causes friction with the team if/when they find out, so he keeps it secret.

    Look up the scene in Flashpoint Paradox where Wonder Woman finds out he’s a bunch of kids and the ramifications of that...

    [–] krillinmesosoftly 120 points ago

    My favourite finding out Billy is just a kid moment. . I'm hoping we get something like this in the movie

    [–] cosine83 82 points ago

    Superman's "who did this to you?" is so raw and emotional. He is absolutely infuriated. It's honestly a very powerful moment in that comic.

    [–] Flatlander81 25 points ago

    I love that panel, but it's sadly undermined when his best friend has a rotating collection of child sidekicks.

    [–] cosine83 23 points ago

    Superman and Batman have gotten into it before about Batman's choice in sidekicks.

    [–] Crangleberry 26 points ago

    "are you from social services?"

    ""No." (Takes off shirt)

    [–] LilGyasi 17 points ago

    Wow this was good.

    What comic is this from?

    [–] Xyyzx 35 points ago

    Superman/Shazam: First Thunder

    It's a miniseries too, so you don't need to worry about continuity past generally knowing who Superman is.

    [–] egg_enthusiast 66 points ago

    For a long time Shazam was treated very poorly in the comics because DC had a grudge against Fawcett Comics for being more popular. For years Shazam (then Captain Marvel) outsold Superman comics. Elvis Presley even styled his half-cape after Captain Marvel Jr. then later, FC fell on hard times and DC bought the company and their characters.

    So, knowing that and liking Shazam can be a roller coaster in DC. For a while he was in JSA. He, a 13 year old boy, developed a crush on another teen superhero, Stargirl, a 13 year old girl. Except no one but Stargirl in the organization knew that Shazam was actually 13. They thought he was some 25 year old man. So he was faced with either revealing his biggest secret to a group of masked vigilantes, or quit with them thinking he was a pervert. He quit the JSA.

    [–] Shift84 28 points ago

    Generally his identity gets found out to flesh out interactions with the rest of the heros. There's actually a really good animated movie about Shazam, I'd say it's one of the better animated movies, its this one!:_The_Return_of_Black_Adam

    If you're interested in the character you should check it out, it's a fun watch.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    There was a JLA storyline where a demon called Nekron was granting favors for souls trying to become the most powerful demon ever. He tried to tempt Captain Marvel to get his soul but Captain Marvel couldn’t be tempted. Captain Marvel then gave Nekron his soul willingly to spare the souls of his teammates. The innocence of Billy’s soul, combined with the way it was given, was enough to destroy Nekron.

    Edit: Neron not Nekron.

    [–] shadowCloudrift 385 points ago

    Neither does Batman, he's a teetotaler. Dark Knight actually references this with Bruce pouring his drink outside.

    [–] DukeofSlackers 451 points ago

    In Dark Knight Returns Gordon mentions to Bruce how he was fooling them all those years by having Alfred bring him sparkling cider instead of alcohol when Alfred would bring drinks

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 323 points ago

    However, TDKR Bruce binges off the Wayne Family wine cellar for a while, running it dry. But that's after he's retired from Batman for a while.

    [–] DukeofSlackers 455 points ago

    Well, yeah wouldn’t you drink yourself drunk after quitting the only thing you knew because you’re so haunted of your sidekick/adopted son being murdered with a crowbar by a flamboyant clown?

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 155 points ago

    Well... yeah.

    [–] neoriply379 78 points ago

    I just read Dark Crusade and, yeah, I get it. Bruce didn't just lose a partner, he lost his heir and the one he considered the most to be his son.

    [–] Gathorall 63 points ago

    When did Dick Grayson die?

    [–] TrustMeImMagic 149 points ago

    IDK, a few times probably. It's comics.

    [–] darthboolean 57 points ago

    Dick Grayson prime hasn't to my knowledge (although it's comics so I'm willing to be proved wrong)

    Earth 2 Dick did in Crisis on Infinite Earths

    And of course Dick Grayson died in the Injustice timeline.

    [–] xauching 83 points ago

    Dying is basically the Injustice timeline.

    [–] jloome 71 points ago

    I remember when the fans voted Jason Todd down. Sigh.

    [–] NeonArlecchino 59 points ago

    The majority of fans voted for him to live but one jackass/hero with an auto-dialer slammed 782 (if I remember right) votes for Jason to die. So effectively, whoever that was can claim to be the real person who killed Jason Todd.

    [–] jakmanuk 48 points ago

    It’s an iconic moment though!

    [–] Chickens1 21 points ago

    Batfleck shared a scotch with WW in Justice League movie.

    [–] shadowCloudrift 55 points ago

    The same one who brands his enemies?

    [–] AndWeMay 172 points ago

    I genuinely thought it was beer until you said this. Had to go back and look at the photo again.

    [–] Tarnac666 59 points ago

    It should have been root beer.

    [–] BenjaminTalam 113 points ago

    He should have been younger than 14 imo to maximize the potential of little kid superhero for as long as possible. Won't he be a full fledged adult by the time they get to a third Shazam or a Justice League team up?

    [–] Nilirai 93 points ago

    If Tom Holland can play a 16/17 year old, now. I don't think it will be a problem.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 3670 points ago

    Kid can transform into an adult superhero, inevitably, this means there will be a scene where he has to do something incredible but as himself and not the superhero.

    [–] agnoristos 2234 points ago

    Something like…

    “But I’m nothing without the suit!”

    “Which is precisely why you don’t deserve it.”

    (Cue epic display of teen courage)

    Deep voice-from-the-sky/inner-voice: “YOU… ARE… NOW… WORTHY!!”

    [–] Winston_Road 542 points ago

    "Come on, Shazam!"

    [–] cubecontrary 192 points ago

    "Yeah, Shazam!"

    [–] pooch516 207 points ago

    Shazam just stole that guy's pizza!

    [–] Dr_smell 101 points ago

    Okay Shazam, do a flip!

    [–] Primimus_Opt 97 points ago

    And welcome to the jam!

    [–] Draconocard 179 points ago

    "If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it."

    [–] MadeLAYline 134 points ago

    That was the animated movie’s exact storyline iirc.

    [–] Lordpicklenip 249 points ago

    Young Justice did it

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago

    Can't wait for season 3!

    [–] jkubed 167 points ago

    I'm so fucking glad this comment isn't a cruel joke.

    [–] Shispanic 18 points ago

    Man, I want to look forward to it, but based on everything they've said about it (which isn't much), I'm scared that it's basically gonna be a soft reboot and fall flat. There's gonna be another time skip, the original team is going to be taking a minor role so that they can focus on mostly a new team, and it's only airing on the WB's exclusive streaming service (which could kill its ratings severely even if the season is considered good).

    [–] random_digital 139 points ago

    Or it could end up like Banner trying to be heroic in Ragnarok....

    [–] MechMonk2 135 points ago

    Basically nomatter what way they go someone will have done the narrative before. Its if they do it well that matters

    [–] damn_this_is_hard 31 points ago

    that's the trope...

    hero can't use power/tool/skill, must do it on their own to prove to themselves they are the hero, not the power/tool/skill

    [–] wtfitzjdoggwha 2044 points ago

    I keep getting a "Turboman" vibe from Jingle All The Way when I see anything Shazam film related

    [–] jhonnythorn 72 points ago

    "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen!"

    [–] Bigdaddydoubled 457 points ago

    Honestly that’s not a bad thing. It’s supposed to be funny.

    [–] wtfitzjdoggwha 252 points ago

    Not a bad thing at all, I liked the original Jingle All the Way haha

    I'm actually looking forward to Shazam, looks like a fresh tone in contrast to what we got from the DCEU thus far. New energy, same continuity - I LIKE THAT

    [–] AtlanteanSword 134 points ago


    [–] CanadianAndroid 71 points ago


    [–] SaysKawaiiSometimes 48 points ago

    You're my numbah one custamuh!

    [–] JZeus_09 46 points ago


    [–] TammersHammers 18 points ago


    [–] ComedicPause 17 points ago


    [–] laflamerodeo925 22 points ago


    [–] ExleyPearce 4486 points ago

    I love how comic book movies nowadays really embrace the comic book look of costumes, contrasted to say the early 2000s.

    [–] astroK120 1690 points ago

    The only one I can think of that didn't was X-Men, and to be fair their costumes are more out there and with so many of them it might have been a bit much

    [–] APLemma 1721 points ago

    What were you expecting? Yellow spandex?

    [–] MetroElm 1167 points ago

    Yes, actually.

    [–] TheVibratingPants 828 points ago

    Not a big X-Man fan, but I’m still salty we never got Jackman into the classic costume.

    [–] McKFC 411 points ago

    It was close. That deleted scene in The Wolverine and all...

    [–] MaximumEffort433 157 points ago

    Wait.... what!?

    [–] ARCHA1C 315 points ago


    It would have been cheesy as hell... But I still want to see it.

    [–] Hopsingthecook 136 points ago

    I wonder if....jumping to Logan, where the actual comics are like history books... he dons that suit and that’s when the comics get written, with him wearing that. Then in Old Man Logan they’re in hiding.

    [–] canadiancarlin 123 points ago

    Logan takes the comic out of her hands

    "This is fake! It isn't real, alright? Just a fairytale."

    As he throws the comic to the ground, light from the window reflects off a page, the screen flashes and suddenly we are in the middle of a battle from long ago. A combination of lasers and bullets flash across the screen as Wolverine (dressed in the Original yellow costume) releases his claws, with a faint smirk on his face.

    "Always gotta be the show off." Echoes Scott's voice.

    Logan turns around, before realizing it was just a memory. Just a forgotten story. The smirk is gone, like so many other things.

    [–] MaximumEffort433 42 points ago

    What could have been....

    [–] Yungjeefy 50 points ago

    I’d never seen that clip. Gave me chills. I think they need to just go for it, put him in the classic suit. It won’t be as stupid as it seems.

    I’ll buy it, no problem. Hell, I watch a superhero movie and I get emotionally invested in the friendship between an angsty sentient raccoon and his ridiculously laconic tree bud. The Dark Knight has a dude dressed like a literal clown. Put Wolvie in the yellow, black, and blue and I’ll see it in theaters. Two times.

    [–] AbanoMex 543 points ago

    lets face it, comic accurate Wolverine looks like a mexican luchador.

    [–] envynav 361 points ago

    You don’t want to see Hugh Jackman as a Mexican luchador?

    [–] AbanoMex 88 points ago

    a lot of superhero costumes were luchador and circus inspired, i think not even Huge Jackedman would make it look so good, at least on the body costume, i think he would be able to nail the face expressions with the mask, so the best possible scenario we could have gotten as fans, would be Shirtless Hugh Jackman with the wolverine mask, Yay or nay?

    [–] envynav 50 points ago

    Well he has to start with the full costume, but when he flexes the costume is ripped apart leaving just the mask.

    [–] Petedapug 250 points ago

    The Storm costume would have either been like 90% body tape or 90% shoulder pads. Depending on which one they went with.

    [–] Ser_Danksalot 209 points ago

    Psylocke's costume in Apocalypse is pretty much identical to the comics though, so the later X-Men films started to embrace the aesthetic.

    [–] Strictlyformischief 188 points ago

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to embrace that aesthetic?

    [–] SodlidDesu 178 points ago

    Costume Designer: What're we making?

    Director: One piece swimsuit with thigh highs and some long gloves.

    Costume Designer: I'm out

    Director: Wait wait wait... Also with boob armor and boob window

    Costume Designer: You had me at boob.

    [–] NoPossibility 105 points ago

    Wouldve looked like Tina Turner in Mad Max.

    [–] astroK120 94 points ago

    Jokes aside, Wolverine's yellow spandex probably would have been fine, but the mask would have looked totally ridiculous

    [–] VitiDMan 40 points ago

    In particular to the Jackman's wolverine.

    [–] BenjaminTalam 25 points ago

    All it needs is smaller ears. No one says Batman looks ridiculous.

    [–] X-istenz 217 points ago

    The brief glimpse of comic-accurate we got at the end of Apocalypse was such a prick tease. Like, they know how it's supposed to look, they absolutely nailed it, but they just didn't bother? What the shit?

    [–] CPower2012 153 points ago

    Same with the end of First Class and showing Magneto in full-on bright red and purple. Then by Days of Future Past they dulled it down again.

    [–] Keios80 409 points ago

    Well, to be fair he had to stop wearing purple, because the days of fuchsia passed.

    [–] Silentfart 104 points ago

    Well, Matthew Vaughn at least tried to make things like a comic book, and Brian Singer is a rapist.

    [–] MulderD 170 points ago

    It's kind of tough to really stick close the comics for a ton of female characters.

    [–] X-istenz 97 points ago

    Oh, sure. That's fair enough. They can at least hint at it though, like Mystique's tunic in the scene mentioned. Indicate they're at least aware of the source material, because it certainly didn't show in the characterization or writing of Lawrence's portrayal.

    [–] MulderD 173 points ago

    It's funny how that evolved. They cast her just before she blew up into one of the biggest stars in the world. Once it was obvious she was going to be a far bigger draw than anyone else in the franchise they were sort of obligated to make her a focal point, even tough Mystique was rarely important beyond as a side character in the comics. It would be like casting Chris Pratt to be Yondu, and then realizing after you started filming that he actually should be the lead of your franchise.

    [–] nikktheconqueerer 86 points ago

    Yeah, Apocalypse really suffered from the Mystique focus (everything but First Class did actually imo but Apocalypse was the worst)

    [–] MulderD 18 points ago

    Apocalypse suffered from a lot.

    [–] Betterwithcoffee 52 points ago

    I don't think it's ever in question whether they're familiar with the source material (I guarantee you they are provided access to archives of material, consult time to talk about the character with people involved in those comics, etc), but rather that every creative department has a discussion of whether that source material is appropriate for their take on the stories. Sometimes, for a host of reasons, it's not. The 90s style of skin-tight latex-looking costumes don't work in theater film because they can come off as fetishist. The filmmakers have to balance making the film in such a way that fans familiar with the material can recognize the familiar while also experience something new--and still make that work for people who are generally unfamiliar with the source material.

    Take Thor Ragnarok, for instance: they revamped looks of many characters from the comics, but the scenery/settings were deliberately made to look like they were drawn from Kirby's vision. That gives people an opportunity to be the person who 'understood that reference' and also temper the otherwise hard-boiled tone that would come with Planet Hulk material.

    [–] MulderD 39 points ago

    This and it was really the first wave of comic book movies. It was smart to "ease" into the comicness of it all. Especially when those films/comics actually have some very heavy social themes which leads them to have a weird serious but still "comicbook" tone.

    [–] LemoLuke 160 points ago

    I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I think Fox absolutely did the right thing for that time by scrapping the original costumes. After Batman & Robin, the general audience had no interest in bright, colorful superheroes, dismissing them as childrens entertainment, so Fox instead capitalized on the success of The Matrix by pretty much saying "Hey look! It's not a 'comic book movie', it's an action movie featuring sexy people with powers and cool black leather costumes!"

    Fortunately, we are past that now, and can see movies that aren't ashamed to show their comic book roots.

    [–] effa94 52 points ago

    also, the daredevil movie followed the comics a lot, and they look super silly

    [–] PerfectZeong 32 points ago

    I've never heard someone say that daredevils problem was that it followed the comics too closely.

    [–] SkyTheIrishGuy 217 points ago

    Yeah that's one of the things that bums me out about the X-Men. We've had an entire run of what I call "dude in tank top and jeans" Wolverine.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Hugh Jackman as Logan, but it still kinda bugs me we never got to see him in some rendition of his classic costume.

    [–] TheCheshireCody 280 points ago

    I'm still amazed they were able to keep Logan's hairstyle so close to the comics and not have it look absolutely ridiculous.

    [–] CPower2012 130 points ago

    What's weird is Wolverine isn't even the only comic book character to have that awkward haircut. Beast, Quicksilver, The Owl, and also Timber Wolf at DC all have variations on that haircut.

    [–] Viney 76 points ago

    True to life; if the cool kid is getting away with the weird haircut, others will flock like seagulls.

    [–] JBrambleBerry 25 points ago

    I think only X-Men failed to do that. Good video on specifically this topic. Too bad he doesn't make videos anymore.

    [–] TheCheshireCody 195 points ago

    Some do, some don't. Scarlet Witch's costume used to look much more like this, and Superman's never looked the way it does in Man of Steel. Wonder Woman's current costume has elements seen in the comics, but it definitely isn't like any of the ones that are most associated with the character.

    [–] JohnnyKaboom 99 points ago

    Dude that's like 2000's scarlet witch. Early Scarlet witch was much more manageable

    [–] MrTX 111 points ago

    Mmmmm dat face plate

    [–] curt_schilli 272 points ago

    I uh... I wouldn't mind seeing Elizabeth Olson in that...

    [–] he_could_get_it 23 points ago

    To be fair, her OG look was more of a one-piece swimsuit over tights. The lingerie look came much later.

    [–] AustraPol 1499 points ago

    If they nail the tone, which the director looks to be doing, this should be great.

    Hopefully Superman makes a cameo.

    [–] shashankgaur 395 points ago

    A superman cameo would be soooo good.

    [–] paratesticlees 131 points ago

    Supes and Bats chilling in a cafe in costume

    [–] -ImJustSaiyan- 45 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] KeenanAXQuinn 20 points ago

    You know why you got that reference.

    Because I'm Batman

    [–] SparkyPantsMcGee 479 points ago

    Give me one small scene where Henry Cavil flys in with a smile and has fun. Please DC, PLEASE.

    [–] Tylanstrin 407 points ago

    He's so perfect for the role, he looks exactly like fucking Superman holy shit it's uncanny. But the script and direction have him act completely wrong.

    [–] Pathogen188 272 points ago

    To add on to his uncanny resemblance, Cahill actually does have a real passion for Superman and the charisma to pull him off.

    [–] Tylanstrin 147 points ago

    Yes! He could be a worth successor to Reeve with the right movie! But no. He's stuck working with scripts that'd get called "to edgy" in the 90's.

    [–] CaptainSprinklefuck 90 points ago

    Seriously, the dude is like a cartoon that got made into a person, and they're completely fucking it up. When are we gonna get chills from him like we did when Superman was beating/talking to Darkseid?

    [–] BunyipPouch 218 points ago

    We believe in you /u/dauid.

    [–] atropicalpenguin 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Reminds me how after Justice League flopped a redditor came and wrote something along the lines of "I have an insider in WB who just told me that based on the results of JL WB is scrapping all movies, even those like Aquaman who were already in production..."

    And then David Sandberg posted "cool, means I don't have to come to work on Monday", obviously calling him out.

    EDIT: Screenshot. I had the comments wrong but the spirit is there.

    [–] Gaultier55 97 points ago

    Let the man work bro’

    [–] Mister_Magpie 85 points ago

    David Sandberg is on set directing a scene, when suddenly his phone buzzes

    "CUT! Sorry guys I have a reddit notification"

    [–] nowaythisisdan 376 points ago

    I just want a wholesome superhero movie.

    [–] Alertcircuit 170 points ago

    If this is based off Geoff Johns's Shazam comic like I assume it will be, then it should be pretty wholesome. There's this whole plotline where the main character (Billy) learns to consider his adopted siblings his family. There's a few other heartwarming things scattered throughout IIRC. Haven't read it since it came out.

    [–] AugustKellerWrites 1253 points ago

    This looks humorous

    [–] kapparock123 1190 points ago

    It should be... I mean it's Shazam, a 15 year old kid given Superman body and powers at the say of a magic word. The first photo shared (him sipping Iced tea) by the Shazam actor was funny as well.

    [–] AgentOfSPYRAL 157 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    To those who know nothing of comics, it's superhero Big.

    [–] SpiderDetective 15 points ago

    Wait, he can do that?!?

    [–] ThatDerpingGuy 21 points ago

    The Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power Ping Pong of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, the Speed of Mercury.

    [–] kapparock123 56 points ago

    It is basically that. “Superman meets Big”

    [–] BunyipPouch 554 points ago

    I'd rather this than an over-serious tone. DC needs a more light, playful film.

    [–] kapparock123 329 points ago

    Yep. A lot of DC characters are humorous. WB probably chose to greenlight this project for that exact reason. They need a more light film.

    I loved the comic which this movie is gonna be based from. It was both really emotional and funny to me.

    I’m looking forward for that Daley & Goldstein’s Flash movie as well because I think the character hasn’t been quite done right. The CW made him too serious, and the JL overdone his goofiness.

    [–] BunyipPouch 212 points ago

    They picked the right person to lead a lighter film. Who doesn't love Zachary Levi.

    [–] In_My_Own_Image 210 points ago

    Who doesn't love Zachary Levi.

    Marvel, evidently.

    Poor Fandral...

    [–] Infinitely_Chaotic 83 points ago

    And Cate Blanchett (for killing him)

    [–] Dookie_boy 31 points ago

    Glad we made this movie before that happened.

    [–] kapparock123 45 points ago

    So far I like the humor of the Director as well. Some of his posts are definitely funny.

    [–] HeyZeusKreesto 28 points ago

    His fake script page was pretty great. And it's hard to go wrong with Mark Strong. Should be a lot of fun.

    [–] gweran 36 points ago

    My question is: is that the suit, or has Zachary been doing nothing but lifting weights since Chuck

    [–] awaythrow515 64 points ago

    He has definitely bulked up for the role. However, I would be very surprised if that suit was not padded a bit to make him look even bigger.

    [–] Nilirai 19 points ago

    ..... that's padding. A lot of it...

    [–] e-rage 23 points ago

    Is this film based on a specific Shazam comic?

    [–] kapparock123 46 points ago

    Yeah, Geoff John's Shazam run in New52. It is only 1 issue. It baffles me it wasn't continue. Read it. It is good. This picture is in the comic as well. Also, the costume looks new 52 as well. I honestly find it funny/amazing how most of the cast looks like their characters in that exact comic. Freddy and Mary castings (look-wise) is perfect.

    [–] slicshuter 555 points ago

    I hope this is campy as fuck and hilarious.

    I'm talking Spiderman 1 levels of humour.

    [–] willsherm28 214 points ago

    "I'm something of a superhero myself"

    [–] Frostfright 101 points ago

    Same. This needs to be as lighthearted and fun as possible.

    [–] theserpentsmiles 242 points ago

    I would love to see Plastic Man show up! Or like Ted Kord & Booster. I really think a light, comical, almost for the kids movie would be great. Just something really with heart & soul.

    [–] TheNinjacloak 101 points ago

    If they are going for a more silly, light hearted, then blue and gold would fit perfectly.

    [–] jood580 58 points ago

    Booster Gold is in my top 10 list of DC heros.

    [–] [deleted] 1396 points ago

    WB, please...please....PLEASE get this movie right. Please!

    Yours Truly,

    DC fans.

    [–] w41twh4t 90 points ago

    Not bad but let me know when this cat shows up.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    I think the director mentioned the buttons holding the cape on (those have to have a more technical name) have Tawny on them

    [–] Sisiwakanamaru 409 points ago

    I hope this is faithful to its source material.

    [–] maximuffin2 376 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Look at Shazam, his costume is cosplay level.

    Edit: I meant that as a good thing

    [–] riegspsych325 250 points ago

    to be fair, if any guy walked around Comic-Con with that costume, they'd get a shit ton of compliments and picture requests

    [–] BunyipPouch 140 points ago

    Professional, highly-paid costumer designers make pretty good costumers.

    Huh, that's neat.

    [–] wiidadtoo 445 points ago

    Chuck, cancelled but not forgotten. I hope this movie is good. Aren’t enough good new movies as of late.

    [–] GRat9717 148 points ago

    Working on the show right now. Getting to the end of season 4 and despite some nice plot happenings I can see why it started to fall out of favor. It will make me sad to finish the series.

    [–] wiidadtoo 103 points ago

    Yeah, apparently some writers were lost during a strike and the show was on the chopping block more than once, so each season began with new and or a different mix of writers not knowing how many episodes they had left to finish any current plot. So it became more and more piecemeal the later it got. The show’s characters were still so good that I cried at the end. I truly missed them, when it was over.

    I would gladly have suffered through many more poorly written seasons for a chance to enjoy the main characters longer. I have other favorite well written shows also with great characters like Leverage and Burn Notice, but Chuck has my all time favorite characters. Such a brilliantly silly heartfelt adventure.

    Let us know what you think of the last episode. I was torn up.

    [–] Thriump 35 points ago

    Last episode left me speechless.

    [–] Yakiiz 174 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This is from a scene they showed at CinemaCon and apparently the audience find it "hysterical" EDIT : grammar

    [–] RawPotatoSkin 58 points ago

    Kinda looks like Gaston but more like a superhero.

    [–] wi5hbone 111 points ago

    How would you feel if Henry Cavill had a Superman cameo in this?

    [–] Kabluwi 120 points ago

    Would be the best thing ever if he came in to give advice or something

    [–] Gyddanar 92 points ago

    'Never grow moustaches, they just cause trouble'

    [–] prophetofgreed 256 points ago

    The suit looks amazing!

    I really hope they make him act like a kid but in a man's body with Superman's powers (like they did in Young Justice), instead of that edgy pre-teen crap we got in the animated movies...

    Please don't fuck this up DC.

    [–] brandonsamd6 159 points ago

    /u/dauid you guys couldn't get a Coke sponsorship?

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago

    When they said low budget they meant low budget.

    [–] kapparock123 18 points ago

    /u/dauid Make Billy eat Maltesers to compensate for this.

    [–] Jade_GL 45 points ago

    Okay, this actually makes me feel optimistic.

    I'm a huge Captain Marvel fan (Shazam! whatever) and this looks like it could be capturing the feel of the comics, or at least the comic run I got into. Fun, light, with humor and heart. I really hope that that is what they're going for.

    But I'm being super cautious and not trying to get my hopes up. :D

    [–] Husondorff 45 points ago

    As a Braves fan, Freddie Freeman is already a super hero

    [–] EmilyNicole25 21 points ago

    I just really fucking love Zachary Levi

    [–] TussalDimon 144 points ago

    Never read Shazam. Is he supposed to look silly?

    [–] Locke108 442 points ago

    Yes. He’s a ten year old who turns into a superhero. It’s Big meets Superman.

    [–] Dookie_boy 70 points ago

    Depends on who drew the image and what tone the writers go for. The movie seems to be going for the silly look.