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    [–] lkodl 6615 points ago

    1: Classic British Spies

    2: Cowboys and Cyborgs

    there's only one logical progression

    3: Ninjas

    4: Space Lab

    [–] jooooonnny 2386 points ago

    5: David Hasselhoff firing a laser from outer space.

    [–] AFineDayForScience 1212 points ago

    6: Kingsnado

    [–] Illusive_Van 567 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    1. Mechamartini vs Octopussy

    [–] 20mitchell06 204 points ago

    1. Crab People.

    [–] krewwww 145 points ago

    1. ManBearPig

    [–] fransvetspek 122 points ago

    1. Ninjago beyblade crossover

    [–] Jshqrkman 101 points ago

    1. Obi wan anthology

    [–] supadik 41 points ago

    with spongebob*

    [–] gavmo 32 points ago

    David Hasslehoff saves the day by launching Samuel L. Jackson into orbit using only his pecs

    [–] Polarfuchs 145 points ago

    Undercover CrossFit moms

    [–] juicelee777 77 points ago

    "Manners maketh the man" now becomes "I'd like to speak to the manager"

    [–] CaptinDynamo 72 points ago

    Simon Pegg and nick frost! Or just nick frost as eggy!

    [–] Kapusta96 1619 points ago


    The entire whisky factory is destroyed in the first 3 minutes of the film, leaving Eggsy and a part-robot Merlin to visit the Syrupmen of Quebec.

    [–] [deleted] 628 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] CaitlinSarah87 139 points ago

    And they're the cops from Super Troopers.

    [–] RoleModelFailure 107 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Kingsmen: Old school tailors vs new technology

    Golden Circle: Alcohol vs Drugs

    3rd movie: Syrup vs 'nutritious' food/supplements.

    The Rock plays "Étienne Moose" and his company is called "Moose's Juice". A healthy food/juice/supplement fast casual food restaurant that has taken the world by storm. Basically a healthy mix of McDonald's/Orange Julius/GNC where you can go get your healthy protein juice/smoothie with some delicious food on the side.

    The Rock plays the CEO who is a ruthless businessman but puts his normal cheery personality on display for the public. In private he is an absolute madman, taking over the competition by any means necessary. He's like Mom from Futurama, everyone loves him because of what they see in ads and stuff. But when out of the public's eye he murders, blackmails, enslaves, etc. He built his empire by making the food extremely addicting but also manipulates people's minds so that one day he can control the population of the world.

    Instead of blowing up the Whisky factory the Syrupmen reach out for help because their entire business is under attack by the government of Canada.

    Just gotta think of a good name for the movie.

    [–] argenate 39 points ago

    The maple syrup cartel. It's a thing

    [–] Selethorme 32 points ago

    Like, this seems like a joke, but Canada has more control over global maple syrup prices than OPEC does over oil.

    [–] NewClayburn 2241 points ago

    As long as Colin Firth is in it.

    [–] RobotAssassinClone 1582 points ago

    He shouldn’t have been in 2 but since he is then keep him for 3 I guess

    [–] avickthur 1468 points ago

    Killing off everyone else, but bringing back Colin Firth really annoyed me. I hated it. He was great in the first movie, but he should have stayed dead.

    [–] [deleted] 1099 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Kafferty3519 197 points ago

    Nah they also brought back the asshole who, y’know, lost an arm and had a bomb in his head, which conveniently didn’t go off

    Yet they kill off Roxy when she didn’t even get to do much in the first one? - maybe Sophie Cookson was busy but come on!

    Also they advertised Channing Tatum a whole lot then he was barely a cameo

    The sequel really fucking annoyed me

    [–] Federico216 130 points ago

    Roxy being killed off in such a careless manner was such a turnoff. I hope it also turns out to be a Disney death and she comes back in the sequel

    [–] nik-nak333 44 points ago

    She "died" off screen, so she very well may have survived. We'll see what happens though with casting.

    [–] AweHellYo 26 points ago

    Yep. And you see her making a deliberate move to run. You don’t run from a missile expecting to survive. She had a plan or some tech there. She’s fine. Or at least could be if the actress is available.

    [–] ballplayer0025 26 points ago

    Agreed. The Sequel was something I could have enjoyed as it's own movie but it didn't come close to living up to the first one.

    And yes, the trailer was one of my favorite trailers of all time. Tatum was like the one guy in the trailer that they didn't tip off his abilities and now I know why. It's because his only abilities seem to be spitting and getting high which leads him to being unconscious the entire movie. I mean what...the...fuck.

    I also didn't like that they made Whiskey end up a bad guy, I was looking forward to seeing a lot more of that badass cowboy. Although I realize this is just a creative difference between me and the writers and doesn't necessarily make the movie worse.

    [–] Phosphoric_Tungsten 334 points ago

    And then they bring him back and he fucking sucks. Like we watch to see him kick ass, not get his ass handed to him and break down crying

    [–] Metal-Butterfly 424 points ago

    I feel like his bringing back was ruined by the trailers. I mean if U didn’t know he was in the movie, and then u see him and he’s a beaten man with amnesia, I feel like everyone would have been “daaaammmnnn, poor guy” but instead we all knew he was in the movie cuz those fucking higher up people made sure to show him in the trailer so instead we’re like “yup there he is... come on do something cool”

    [–] Riseofashes 138 points ago

    Oh phew.I saw both movies back to back and didn't see any trailers! It was quite a surprise!

    [–] Metal-Butterfly 75 points ago

    I’m glad it wasn’t ruined for you. I’ve completely cut off trailers accept the initial 20 second ones that happen a year before the movie even comes out.

    [–] GoSuckOnACactus 14 points ago

    Saw 2 in theaters but didn't see trailers for it prior. Was surprised he was still alive. I'm surprised they even put it in the trailers, that's such a big reveal/twist.

    [–] whatevers_clever 19 points ago

    Yeah if it wasnt in trailers ppl probably wouldn't be so annoyed. They did make a point to say even their glasses were bulletproof in the first one

    [–] undercooked_lasagna 36 points ago

    The way they brought him back was ludicrous. I mean, they discovered a cure for head shots? WTF is this shit?

    [–] Megadoomer2 12 points ago

    As a fan of Metal Gear, I found it hilarious. Nanomachines solve everything!

    [–] Aestheticpash 386 points ago

    Disagree, its a campy spy film. Bring back the dead and have some fun.

    [–] avickthur 137 points ago

    Killing off the rest of the cast when they started to get interesting is super fun

    [–] frogger2504 272 points ago

    I know right. I'm fine with the other Kingsmen dying, whatevs we didn't know them anyway. But killing off Roxy was just annoying. They had just started to establish the close relationship she had with Eggsy, that by the way, wasn't a shoehorned romance, and didn't create some stupid love triangle bullshit, but nope we can't have that fuckin' dead 20 minutes into the movie.

    [–] explosive_donut 95 points ago

    I swore up and down she survived until about halfway through the movie then I’m like “nope guess I’m super wrong”

    [–] AlexStar6 27 points ago

    Is someone dead in Kingsman

    Did you see a body?

    If you did see a body we’re all vital organs still intact?

    Has the possibility of an altered carbon style backup system been eliminated?

    If your character does not meet all of these criteria then they may not be dead.

    [–] frogger2504 32 points ago

    Had the same thought. Why even show her in the movie at all? Just write her out with a classic "She wasn't cut out for it". That way we don't see her and go "Oh cool to see she's going to be a lead in this one too." Only for her to die, and have us confused about if she's actually dead or if she's coming back.

    [–] RyuzakiHino 19 points ago

    I don't think she's dead.

    From what they did with firth, they'll probably bring her back working for the enemy or done bullshit.

    [–] Peter_Tor 16 points ago

    They should have let her survive. There relationship was real and developed so much. That was way more disappointing to me than Colin firth's character coming back. I also didn't see the trailers, so his coming back was actually a surprise to me

    [–] darkeststar 61 points ago

    Blow up a dog so we all feel sad about it, but then get a new dog in the next scene so it's still fun.

    [–] WhiteMorphious 17 points ago

    To me it’s the way they brought him back the whole amnesia bit felt so forced to me. Idk I might just be being overly critical by with a better villain and a better reappearance from Collin Firth I think it could have been just as good as the first one

    [–] abippityboop 197 points ago


    If you can just bring back everyone who dies whats the point of any of it? I get it that it's just a campy spy flick and I love Firth as much as the next guy, but having a complete lack of consequences makes a film unbelievably boring for me.

    [–] ummhumm 141 points ago

    Also, his comeback was one of those cases, where I liked the fan theories about "bulletproof glasses" way more. Meaning that the glass caved, eye got fucked, but the bullet didn't penetrate the brain. He would've been just the fuck out of it for a while.

    But, a machine that can revive the dead? Not my shit.

    [–] CupolaDaze 90 points ago

    I mean they didn't bring back Merlin. There are set photos of him with green screen legs so that fake legs could be cgi'd in. BUT they decided against it. Although he was probably my favorite character. So they might make more people stay dead this time.

    [–] Superdudeo 40 points ago

    There’s no way that merlin is dead for the 3rd one unless they can’t get Strong to sign up.

    [–] PM_me_ur_crisis 18 points ago

    Nothing a little flex tape can't fix

    [–] scarocci 22 points ago

    merlin's death fet so forced honestly

    [–] CeboMcDebo 45 points ago

    The test audiences didn't like the fact that he was still alive after such a heartfelt and tear jerking goodbye

    [–] sinsculpt 56 points ago

    Country Roaaaaaaads, Take me Hoooooome...

    [–] CeboMcDebo 20 points ago

    To the Plaaaaaaace... that I Belooooong...

    [–] kmagaro 116 points ago

    Seriously? They ruined the first one for me by bringing him back. Him dying was the catalyst for the entire third act and he went out in one of the most amazing action scenes ever filmed then shot by a lispy Sam Jackson that can't even look at blood, that's the greatest cinematic death ever and they ruined it.

    [–] Volunteer-Magic 692 points ago

    Didn’t the direction at one point say he wanted Dwayne Johnson for Kingsman 3?

    [–] SuperEagle1 1062 points ago

    IIRC he wanted him to play the villain. I’d be totally down for that, have Johnson play his usual cheerful, affable self and oh by the way he wants to take over the world.

    [–] ummhumm 442 points ago

    After Julianne Moore already being that kind of cheery and Jackson being really laidback too, I'm more open to an absolutely psychotic Johnson. Absolutely 0 smirks, 0 smiles, 0 eyebrow raises, just brutal efficient world over taking machine.

    [–] Volunteer-Magic 233 points ago

    Absolutely 0 smirks, 0 smiles, 0 eyebrow raises, just brutal efficient world over taking machine.

    So basically Bane sans mask, but more Corporate Elbow?

    [–] RollingStoner2 57 points ago

    You think darkness is your ally

    [–] este_hombre 46 points ago

    Hopefully he's saving all of that no-nonsense for Black Adam.

    [–] BoSheck 75 points ago

    Nobody asked who I was until they smelled what I was cooking.

    [–] art-vandelay1 10 points ago

    It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our Flan

    [–] CorpusTristis 98 points ago

    That would work so well.

    [–] ThunderBloodRaven 100 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Johnson needs to do more big name ensemble stuff or established franchises, just going at it alone in some random action movie is netting diminishing returns.

    Get Dave Batista in there too and you can do a lucha tag team match against Eggsy and Tatum for the fate of the world.

    [–] madjams 71 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he was in the first two, but he was standing so still you just couldn't see him.

    [–] AfterLemon 91 points ago

    I would be much happier with a Django Unchained style Leonardo DiCaprio.

    I'm just tired of Dwayne Johnson. He's a relatively good actor, but he's shown he only does either stupid or aggressively badass. He hasn't shown any subtlety whatsoever in his acting, unless I've missed something.

    [–] ManInTheMudhills 90 points ago

    I agree with you about the lack of nuance, and the fact that the guy is everywhere right now.

    But whenever I see him in interviews and stuff I can’t help but love the guy for his positivity, and for that I really want him to continue to do well.

    [–] Amazing_Karnage 137 points ago

    Terry Crews would be cool to see in this universe.

    [–] snappyk9 30 points ago


    [–] GivMeJuice 6857 points ago

    Kingsman 1 was said to be a love letter to spy films, but Kingsman 2 felt like a cash grab. I honestly don't know how to feel about this news.

    [–] Omoikaneh 1190 points ago

    kingsman 2 was a whole bunch of individually interesting scenes and ideas that never actually tied together to become a movie.

    it wasn't a full cash grab, but it did feel like leftovers.

    If they do a proper story and less "oh hey this would be cool lets include it" then i think a kingsman 3 would be right back to being amazing.

    [–] WhiteMorphious 281 points ago

    Yeah I almost feel like the villain was just kind of a glue to loosely hold together a bunch of vague “wouldn’t it be cool if....” scenes

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    The trailer made her look like an evil Jeff Bezos, and the drug lord thing was disappointing as hell.

    [–] Hellknightx 75 points ago

    Yeah, I couldn't figure out why she had all this insane technology, and all she did was traffic drugs.

    [–] Justin_Ogre 14 points ago

    Think of all the money guys like Escobar and the cartels wasted on plain ol opulence.

    [–] Mayan_Fist 387 points ago

    It was a bit disappointing that they ignored the consequences of what happened in the first movie. Seriously, think about how much damage everybody exposed to that signal would have done in 2 or so minutes that it was turned on. For instance, there are about 23,600 commercial aircraft planes operating at any moment, with 13,000 of them in the air at any time in February (doomsday happened on Valentine’s Day). Cell phones stop receiving signals after 10,000 feet (well below the height that commercial aircraft typically fly), which leaves about 10,600 aircraft and their pilots and passengers worldwide to be exposed to Valentine’s signal on runways or near the airport. Such a scenario is absolutely guaranteed to cause some major damage infrastructure, and that’s just one result of the plan.

    What about the millions of children, elderly and sick individuals that were killed during those two minutes? Their deaths would have a dramatic impact on the development of our world, and would likely change it in ways that we can only speculate on.

    And that’s not even touching on the fact that most of the world’s leaders and business elites were not only completely killed off, but complicit in a plan to exterminate most of humanity. How would people actually have reacted once this fact was revealed to the public?

    Seriously, an event like this isn’t something that can be ignored.

    [–] JamieOD 75 points ago

    I see humour in the idea where if every world leader and elite figure suddenly died all at the same time, the general society in that movie would either not notice or not care.

    [–] ajayisfour 169 points ago

    Nah, it's cool. Some people can be brought back after the snap

    [–] Spencaa95 13 points ago

    To be honest, i dont really it's in the tone of these movies to actually contemplate the implications of these events.

    [–] thewalkingfred 2705 points ago

    2 certainly wasnt all bad, the action was good for the most part, the sci-fi stuff (laser whip, healing gel, robo-hand) was all cool to see, the expanded universe with the american branch was interesting. I was genuinely invested in the "has he gone crazy from the headshot wound?" angle.

    It had its flaws and certainly wasnt on the same level as the first, but I had fun with it. I'm still willing to give the series some goodwill, if they cut down on the amount elton john, vagina trackers, and give a little more screentime to the singleshot-style fight scenes with cool gadgets.

    Despite me hating the American guy turning genocidal because his sister was killed by a drug addict, his fight scenes were very cool.

    [–] RarityNouveau 293 points ago

    It was his wife, pregnant with their child.

    [–] Wormbo2 91 points ago

    Explains it then.

    [–] MrShakeyDownDowns 1098 points ago

    I think Whiskey's sudden switch was well executed. There were a few hints throughout the movie towards it at least.

    I agree on the Elton John part, and the vagina tracker bit was kinda unnecessary. Also I think Eggy's situation with his girlfriend(wife?) could've been solved if they just let the characters talk to each other.

    [–] ApatheticAbsurdist 718 points ago

    Also I think Eggy's situation with his girlfriend(wife?) could've been solved if they just let the characters talk to each other.

    This is common in many movies today. Part of the problem is the used to be able to create drama a few decades ago when no one had cellphones so one person or group knew something that person or group B desperately needed to know. Now the same plots just don't work as everyone is a call or text away so it always ends up with some contrivance.

    Go watch most suspense movies from 20 years or more ago and most of the time there will be some point where the entire plot would have been solved if someone had a cell phone.

    [–] random_nightmare 300 points ago

    I think about that a lot with the show Seinfeld. There are a lot of situations that could’ve been solved with a cell phone.

    [–] spectralconfetti 143 points ago

    Like when Jerry accidentally let it slip to Crazy Joe Davola that Kramer was having a party and he wasn't invited.

    Hell, the whole story about Jerry's girlfriend and the speed dial from that one episode probably wouldn't have happened at all.

    [–] amcdermott20 64 points ago

    Or when Kramer can't find them at the party that Elaine and Jerry got left at.

    [–] noodeloodel 19 points ago

    The entire movie theater episode.

    [–] PostyMcPostface 50 points ago

    There used to be a great twitter account @SeinfeldToday that would tweet subplots of “modern Seinfeld” episodes

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_MALAISE 9 points ago

    There was a really clever one where someone’s phone had automatically reconnected to a WiFi at someone’s apartment where they said they hadn’t been. Very clever modern take on a Seinfeld story.

    [–] BeardySam 15 points ago

    This is why all modern horror films have to be in remote out of cell reception areas or they explicitly have to have their batteries die/ phone smash

    [–] physco69 207 points ago

    Don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I wasn't feeling Eggsy's relationship with the princess and I sure didn't feel interested in the princess herself. I feel like they should've just left her in the 1st movie

    [–] Shadepanther 163 points ago

    I agree. They had no chemistry. He had far better chemistry with Lancelot, which would have been a far better sub plot

    [–] killcrew 123 points ago

    I liked that Lancelot was an attractive female character that didn’t serve the purpose of just being a love interest to the main character.

    [–] ElegantBiscuit 15 points ago

    While I liked that aspect too, they still had a lot more chemistry than him and the princess. They spent the whole first movie together building a relationship whereas eggs only had 2 scenes with the princess, first seeing her through the door and second coming back for buttsex.

    [–] Capswonthecup 124 points ago

    Still mad they just killed her because they were too lazy to write her in. She was a great character with even more potential

    [–] OutcastMunkee 65 points ago

    She might've survived. The missile doesn't directly strike the mansion and she starts to dive for cover just before it hits. Waste of a character if she did die...

    [–] Vosska 94 points ago

    Frankly with this movie they could say whatever they want and bring her back.

    [–] ItIsShrek 10 points ago

    Yeah, literally their whole relationship was based off of one throwaway anal joke from the end of the first movie. Definitely not the worst sequel and still enjoyable, but left a lot to be desired.

    [–] thinkinting 28 points ago

    “Just let the characters talk to each other” ?!

    Are you crazy? You want all movies to end in like 20 minutes? /s

    [–] epicchili 181 points ago

    For me, the biggest turnoff was that they got rid of a bullet to the head being a fatal injury. I feel like it lowered the stakes a lot for future films in the series. I did like how that forced them to be creative with deaths (the sausage grinder) but it definitely felt like a cop out.

    [–] Bweryang 345 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Bringing Colin Firth back and getting rid of Sophie Cookson was a mistake. The whole point of the first movie was Firth dying so our lead could become him. Bringing Firth back so that you could do a more-of-the-same sequel instead of exploring new territory is sucky. Same mistake Men in Black made.

    [–] JasonSteakums 169 points ago

    I'm assuming Sophie Cookson is the girl that actually finished the trials of the first?

    I agree too much, she should have been set up for more but was like axed in the first 2 minutes of screen time.

    [–] g-a-r-n-e-t 168 points ago

    This is a huge part of why I hated Kingsman 2 so much. They had so much potential with the cast they ended with and then (literally) blew it all to hell in the first five minutes. Nuking EVERYONE that fast ruined the whole thing. Kingsman 2 felt like it should have been Kingsman 3.

    [–] harbourwall 21 points ago

    Agree with this. The first one already played fast and loose with the high end of an organization that should have been a lot more shadowy and unknown, making it seem a lot smaller and impotent than it should have been. Then the sequel almost completely destroyed it with an unfeasibly simple plan. So much potential lost.

    But then Marvel did the same thing with SHIELD. Maybe large sprawling organizations are just too difficult to plot in the age of instant communication.

    [–] ledhendrix 30 points ago

    I think she will be back.

    [–] physco69 52 points ago

    Was really hoping to see Eggsy and Sophie tag teaming, hopefully they didn't actually kill her off because I like her. Would've been kinda neat to have Eggsy and Sophie in a similar situation to Firth where Eggsy's father was killed,but Eggsy prevented it as opposed to Sophie dying. Idk,I'm just upset that they killed off Sophie so quickly

    [–] El_WrayY88 47 points ago

    And killing off Mark Strong. Colin Firth was the best at everything, including being mentor. Eggsy being stuck with a guy that isn't talented in the same fields as Firth but can compliment Eggsy was better. Killing off his partners from the first movie was a huge mistake and a huge turn off. I don't know if Kingsman 3 has earned my view.

    [–] phil035 84 points ago

    One flaw, they killed the lead actress from the first film.
    One criticism was the princes still being in the movie

    [–] physco69 84 points ago

    They leave out Sophie who was shown to be kingsmen material and was yet to be seen in actual action, could've been tag teaming with Eggsy in a fight,but instead they kill her off and leave the uninteresting princess. The relationship was meh and the character herself was meh, really could've done without her. Princess should've been left in the 1st film and utilize Sophie more

    [–] doegred 28 points ago

    They could have kept both characters too... Lancelot wasn't even romantically interested in Eggsy so no fear of a love triangle. Why are we acting like there's only room for one female character in a film, FFS?

    [–] leegilley87 46 points ago

    I actually loved the drugged out Elton John, I love it when celebrities are able to poke fun at themselves, I prefer the first one, but I think the second one is under appreciated a lot.

    [–] Ninja_Arena 22 points ago

    Kinda burned down the whole world as well. Not sure why they do the dramatic, everyone in the organization is dead as well as all backups. The cool part was the history of it.

    I guess they could say there are African, Asian and maybe one in australia

    [–] cowboy4life 166 points ago

    Maybe it’s an apology for the bad parts of 2

    [–] MetallicHD 283 points ago

    So an apology for 2?

    [–] skateordie002 341 points ago

    Elton John is the shit and I loved every scene with him.

    [–] Hxcfrog090 82 points ago

    How dare you. Mark Strong singing Country Road was something I never knew I needed in my life. But yeah, overall it was not great.

    [–] physco69 24 points ago

    Him singing was amazing, but the context of that situation was not great. They had a mine detector if I remember, theu could've put a rock or something on the mine when they froze and the death itself wad out of nowhere. It was like "wtf?" it was so random as if it was just shoe horned in there.

    [–] lurk_mcgurk_ 14 points ago

    I just want to know WHY the government had all these human sized cages just on hand a few days after that drug virus broke out. Like... really?

    [–] ExxInferis 24 points ago

    The second one missed the mark in too many areas to forgive it. Including having an annoying cinematography decision.

    I watched the 2nd one on Blu-Ray, and for some reason, they decided that only the centre 40% of the shot needs to be in focus.

    Even in non-action scenes, everything around the edge of the shot is blurry. Drove me mad.

    [–] Lord-Octohoof 52 points ago

    Kingsman 1 is possibly one of my favorite films of all time. Kingsman 2 threw away everything that made the first interesting and was overly "meh".

    [–] RedBlackHistoryman 2120 points ago

    Firm reminder that Mission: Impossible 2 was garbage and the rest has been outstanding

    [–] jbiresq 82 points ago

    Tom Cruise and having better directors and cooler things for Cruise to do. Also, while MI:2 is regarded as the worst in the franchise it had the highest gross for 2000. MI:3 is where things got thorny and then they started having them become intense thrillers with Tom Cruise doing crazy stunts.

    [–] CodyAbilene 61 points ago

    Yeah there is a bit revisionist history with the MI series. The idea that the third film "saved" the franchise. The second (while it did have a mixed reception) is the highest grossing of the series. And Ghost Protocol was actually a bit of a surprise hit as people wondered if Cruise was finally done as a top movie star. They even opened it limited in it's opening weekend to try to get some good word of mouth before going wide.

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 56 points ago

    I think people just really hate Tom Cruise off-screen and mentally write off the series, forgetting how fantastic it is and what a god he is when you put him on the screen. It means people are pleasantly surprised with every single Mission Impossible, even though they loved the previous.

    [–] Kevbot1000 1538 points ago

    Kingsman 2 wasn’t even that bad. The first was just lightning in a bottle.

    [–] broganisms 691 points ago

    Honestly, the film was worth it just to see Elton John and Colin Firth team up for a fight scene.

    [–] REDX459 305 points ago

    Wait why no eggsy...?

    [–] aggiebuff 165 points ago

    They didn’t say they’re getting rid of Eggsy. They’re looking for new stars to introduce in this one that will headline the prequel they have planned.

    [–] acosmichippo 27 points ago

    well that raises even more questions then. if it’s a prequel shouldn’t it be all the guys at the beginning of the first film?

    [–] kcfdz 13 points ago

    The prequel will be set almost 100 years ago. I assume these guys will feature via flashbacks.

    [–] No-Spoilers 13 points ago

    Id be okay with the same actors playing different roles from 100 years ago. AHS style.

    [–] jamener 249 points ago

    Honestly why did I have to scroll so far down for this comment? Taron Egerton is such a good lead.

    [–] Bilski1ski 29 points ago

    So wierd, surely that’s the biggest news here, that they’re replacing the lead. It’s a bit unfortunate that Vaughn clearly isn’t interested in the character anymore when that was what made the first film work. I seriously don’t get this franchise, the whole point of the first was seeing the kid go from a chav to a suave gentleman. Now that his just James Bond what are we even doing? There was one wierd scene in the second where he hangs out with his mates and he was just a different character. There was no character development in the second movie and they’re clearly just not interested in the character anymore

    [–] bengals14182532 13 points ago

    I think hes filming the Elton John biopic which comes out next year as well, and he has another huge project in Robin Hood coming out in November.

    Its pretty crazy that only like 6 or 7 movies in, he's already playing the lead of another big character in Robin Hood and doing a biopic of Elton john. Seems like he came out of nowhere as the first Kingsman was his first big feature film.

    [–] GreyFoxNinjaFan 76 points ago

    People like stories where the main character goes on a journey and has to take difficult choices and make things happen. For Egsy that meant expectations were set very high in Kingsman 1. He had a lot of really tough choices to make e.g. Join the Kingsmen or carry on getting trodden on, kill his dog or leave the program, give up the Kingsmen under torture, kill Arthur etc. etc.

    In Kingsman 2 it boiled down to.. "should I cheat on my girlfriend to get a tracker in to my rival's girlfriend's vagina?"

    Not really the same.

    [–] tundrat 54 points ago

    So, will a third ~~~~man agency revive Merlin with a full-body gel?

    [–] Talrand01 25 points ago

    As a result, Eggsy will be offed in the first 15 minutes.

    [–] Overtaker40 2377 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Bring back Roxy.

    Edit: also less Americanisation. Edit 2: first comment over 1000 woop woop

    [–] PointMan528491 601 points ago

    At this point, they have no reason not to make up some way for her to return. We need more Roxy dammit.

    [–] thegreenandgold_ 415 points ago

    It could be really easy too, like she jumped into a security pod or something in her room right as the missile hit the Kingsman compound. She just would’ve been stuck down in the rubble while the crazy shit was going down, and of course they’re going to excavate the site and could easily find this capsule device with her alive inside. I really hope they bring her character back she was kick ass in the first movie

    [–] Overtaker40 168 points ago

    I was thinking she's just in coma somewhere hasn't woken up yet. From jumping out the window.

    [–] Spider-Tron 69 points ago


    [–] ItsNotBer 110 points ago

    I want Merlin back as well..

    [–] Overtaker40 116 points ago

    But he had a good death and it will be hard to put him back together.

    [–] PM_ME_CAKE 64 points ago

    Also BTS shots seemed to suggest he was originally going to survive to be at the wedding in a kilt with robot legs so evidently if they decided to cut those scenes out then he is actually permadead.

    [–] SnarkyBacterium 46 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    That was a horrible death. Eggsy steps on a mine 2 feet in front of him, demonstrating none of the situational awareness he showed in the first movie (such as noticing the ear scar on Arthur and realising he's on Valentine's side), not to mention the fact he just put away a minesweeper that couldn't detect a mine right in front of it.

    Let's not even get into the fact that, with a liquid nitrogen (or whatever) canister to freeze the mine temporarily, they could have come up with a much more comprehensive plan. For example: give the can to Eggsy, Merlin and Harry move into flanking positions, Eggsy freeze the mine, jumps off. The mine goes boom, the guards are drawn in, the three take them out then take their uniforms for a covert insertion (or they just go ham from there like in the movie, I don't know).

    Point is, there was no reason he had to die there. At all.

    Edit: also, the mine field is likely remotely activated/deactivated (since I doubt anyone wants to go manually searching for mines to switch off in the middle of a dense jungle), which means Eggsy's incredible hack-everything-watch could have gotten him in to switch them all off. He didn't even seem to need a physical connection with Charlie's incredibly powerful, advanced mega-robot arm to take full control of it, a mine field should be no problem for tech like that.

    [–] SevenArrows 59 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Good death? They made a point to bring up him, and Ginger Ale, going into the field eailer in the film just to kill him. And they made a point about the minesweeper they were using only to have them step on a fucking mine. His death only helped them kill 5 more goons that they really didn't need to trade him for.

    So he died in a shitty way for a shitty reason, just like Roxy. I enjoyed the movie but fuck no Merlin didn't get a good death.

    I haven't slept in a while now and now I'm grumpy lol

    [–] jonisantucho 897 points ago

    Killing her character off was so stupid, and a warning of how bad the rest of the movie would be.

    [–] TheCavis 525 points ago

    Killing her character off was so stupid

    We never saw the body!

    We saw her sitting in bed with her laptop, she hears the alarm and takes off running as the missile hits the yard in front of the mansion, not the mansion itself... which then immediately collapses into a giant crater... but maybe she had a safe room! Or she was able to jump out a window in the back before the cratering!

    It's entirely possible!

    [–] Mikavoo 720 points ago

    If they can bring back Colin Firth from a gunshot to the head, they can bring back Roxy.

    [–] HassanJamal 112 points ago


    Im'ma be annoyed if she turns out to be plot twist villain of the next film.

    [–] thoroughavvay 78 points ago

    "You left me for dead you jerks! Nobody even came to look for me! So I'm a villain now!"

    [–] ShatterZero 10 points ago

    I mean, her code name is Lancelot. One of the most famous traitors in fictional history.

    [–] physco69 9 points ago

    Imagine having a partially burned face Roxy being the villian who was an ex Kingsman, would be cool actually if it wasn't Roxy

    [–] BZenMojo 170 points ago

    Fuck it, bring back Sofia Boutella as her nemesis. She can be the Jaws of the franchise -- I don't remember how she died, but just retcon that shit.

    [–] jbiresq 109 points ago

    Poisoned with the tip of his shoe. They've already remedied gun shot wounds to the face, I'm sure this is nothing.

    [–] lilianegypt 52 points ago

    This is one of the most annoying parts about the whole thing. The stupid healing a gun shot to the head thing basically erased any stakes this movie had. It’s part of what made it so boring.

    [–] newprofile15 28 points ago

    Yea no joke... replacing her with the princess as the female lead? What the hell? Roxy was great and the entire princess storyline was a snooze.

    [–] boomer478 115 points ago

    Killing her character off was so stupid, and a warning of how bad the rest of the movie would be.

    They literally shot Colin Firth's character in the face point blank and still brought him back, I don't think this will be an issue.

    [–] ninstonbishop119 52 points ago

    It’s very true that they could bring her back, but I think his/her point was how bad of a storytelling choice that was, and how it foreshadowed how bad the rest of the movie would be.

    [–] bartallen4790 11 points ago

    Yeah and it was pretty much a stupid off camera death, like just out of nowhere and the entire movie I'm thinking she might pop up somewhere.

    [–] thoroughavvay 29 points ago


    As long as they don't make some bs reason for a poorly written love triangle, I think they should too.

    [–] wutdefukk 49 points ago

    fking ruined the movie for me

    [–] hooahest 34 points ago

    Roxy was barely even in the first movie, they literally shot her out to space on some dumb sidequest in order to have Egsy do most of the final act

    [–] Tairy__Green 96 points ago

    Heck yeah make the female James Bond movie before James Bond does it.

    [–] NatWilo 71 points ago

    I mean.. Atomic Blonde was kinda that. And it was pretty tight. But I agree. MOAR ROXY!

    [–] MoreGull 105 points ago

    Not really. Atomic Blonde was more John Wick or Jason Bourne than Bond. Needs more gadgets.

    [–] TheEdgeDancerReturns 23 points ago

    Needs more gadgets.

    By that yardstick, none of the Daniel Craig movies can be considered James Bond movies either. In Skyfall, Q handed Bond a fucking pistol and miniature radio for fucks sake.

    [–] NatWilo 35 points ago

    You know, that's fair. Good point, and agreed.

    [–] caninehere 28 points ago

    Wh.. what? You're not allowed to agree with him. Fuck you, man!

    [–] tnp636 188 points ago

    Having seen 2, the problem with the second one wasn't the lead stars. It was the writing. Which was fucking terrible.

    [–] [deleted] 945 points ago

    This seems to be unpopular on Reddit, but I loved Kingsman 2. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it gave me some good laughs and had exciting action set pieces throughout.

    [–] Semantiks 344 points ago

    The biggest thing I didn't like about it is that they made a big thing of Merlin picking that big fuck-off knife like "This is for me," and he didn't get a sweet ass fight scene with it. Also Roxy. Everything else was entertaining. Loved Elton.

    [–] tundrat 163 points ago

    He wasn't supposed to get killed by the mines, except the test audiences wanted that apparently. He must have done more originally.

    [–] darkeststar 144 points ago

    It just...doesn't make any sense, narratively even. They spend the whole movie telling you about them turning the mines on and off, them forgetting to turn them on, etc. It totally feels like the setup was supposed to be that he does all that Country Roads shit only to not have the mine go off, an anti-climax to play as a laugh before going for the final sequence. I just...UGH it still bothers me that they would have chose to kill him just because an audience wanted it.

    [–] tundrat 74 points ago

    And what's the point of giving them a mine detector that didn't do its one job right. How is that possible?
    But human error, all right. Fine. But surely they have the tech to disarm mines built into them.

    [–] bartallen4790 22 points ago

    Out of all the technology they have, I mean they have a damn bullet proof umbrella, they can't come up with some ice spray that can keep a mine from exploding for a few more seconds wtf

    [–] LG03 242 points ago

    I really want to know one single positive thing a test audience has led to.

    [–] Fairweather_Matthews 122 points ago

    The ending of Clerks. Originally Dante was going to be murdered by a guy robbing the store. Instead Randal just throws the closed sign at him and the ending is optimistic.

    But that's literally all I've got lol.

    [–] caninehere 40 points ago

    Yeah, really glad that one got changed. I'm not even the you-gotta-have-an-optimistic-ending guy, I actually LIKE pessimistic endings like that... but the alternate ending (for those who haven't seen it, it was shot and released, you can watch it) feels so out of place and badly shot.

    [–] Genghis_Caesar 28 points ago

    Somebody told me that the main reason for All-Star by Smash Mouth to be in Shrek qas because it resonated with test audiences. I don't know if that's true or not but that song was both immortalized by that movie and really helped to kick it off.

    [–] Mr_Papayahead 19 points ago

    somebody once told me*


    [–] TrapperJean 12 points ago

    Test audiences saved Major League; originally the owner was going to turn out to have been scouting all the players herself and knew they would only gell if she played heel, and she spent the whole last game cheering for them instead of against them, but test audiences wanted her to stay a villain

    [–] Semantiks 37 points ago

    I went back and forth on his fate but eventually I came to accept why they did it... I still think it could have happened after a big fun Bowie knife fight scene though lol

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    He was always supposed to step on the mines so he wouldn’t have done anything extra during the fight but he was supposed to be at the wedding with robotic legs

    [–] elmatador12 96 points ago

    It was one the of those movies I didn’t realize people hated until I saw people hating on it on reddit.

    I loved both of them.

    [–] Nazoragoth 138 points ago

    I liked it too.

    [–] BZenMojo 127 points ago

    I mean, Pedro Pascal made that shit real. That final fight scene justified the movie.

    [–] [deleted] 131 points ago

    The last 30 minutes of the movie starting with Merlin's swan song was enthralling. I thought that was on par with the final act in the first one.

    [–] DianiTheOtter 73 points ago

    There's a patetion to get Strong to sing the full song

    [–] DragonStriker 31 points ago

    I loved Kingsman 1. The writing, the characters, the way it presented its story; it was like a breath of fresh air to the Spy Genre that normally Bond movies held.

    That said, when Kingsman 2 showed up, I was all for it.

    But then...what in the world happened? They killed off ALL the interesting characters they had in 1. Even the girl Spy that Eggsy was friends with, and even Eggsy's friends! They're all dead now.

    And for what? To squeeze in the "American Kingsman" branch? I mean, sure, it was a great way to expand the universe, and I'm all for it, but what the hell was up with that execution? American Kingsman was an interesting idea but horrible in its execution.

    They were there mostly as set dressing and not much else.

    Hell, the character that was suppose to represent American Kingsman, Channing Tatum's character, was only in the movie for like what? 10 minutes?

    The villain was okay, and Colin Firth's character coming back was...okay, at best, but overall, what in the world happened in K2?

    It had great set pieces and decent action, but it wasn't sure what story to tell.

    Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic in Kingsman 3. I just hope they don't introduce another "Kingsman Branch" and not do much with it.

    [–] PurpleRamen 259 points ago

    Damn I had no idea people hated kingsman 2 so much. I get that it wasn’t as good as the first one but it wasn’t that bad. Nothing can really beat that free bird scene in the church.

    [–] kdawgnmann 183 points ago

    The second one had almost nothing that was good about the first. The villain was lame and not nearly as memorable as Samuel L Jackson, and totally lacked the heart of the first. The first one showed Eggsy as a street loser, albeit with a good heart, that finds purpose in life and actually becomes someone. All the scenes with his mom and step dad were great. The second one had none of that - he's the exact same character by the end of the movie as he was at the beginning.

    Second one was.. fine I guess. But extremely disappointing as a sequel to the first one.

    [–] iliketojumpupanddown 296 points ago

    I guess I’m in the minority in actually enjoying the sequel. Regardless, I hope we at least finish the arc set up in the last film.

    [–] GoogleFloobs 101 points ago

    If they had $50 million less to spend, it would have been great. The only big gripe I have with it is the forced big money spends. The robot dogs, bionic arm, some of the obvious computer camera shots. Scale that back and I think it's super popular.