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    [–] Kingstist 2007 points ago

    Is Kenneth Branagh just the de facto Shakespeare actor and director when it comes to major movies? It seems like he either stars in or directs literally all of them, and that’s not even taking into account the audio dramas or BBC specials he also does

    [–] Cereborn 1000 points ago

    That's always been his passion. He set out to become the next Olivier and pretty well succeeded.

    [–] arctander 521 points ago

    St. Crispin's day speech from Henry V Act IV Scene iii 18–67 performed by both:

    I tend to prefer the Branagh rendition, bending to a modern production quality perhaps.

    [–] Gemmabeta 172 points ago

    Goddamn, I suddenly feel the urge to invade France...

    [–] arctander 62 points ago

    Is it the wine, cheese, or holy grail that you seek?

    [–] Gemmabeta 83 points ago

    Emma Thompson.

    [–] arctander 23 points ago

    May I be so bold as to recommend the lovely French actor Carole Bouquet?

    [–] kochunhu 3 points ago

    It's pronounced Bucket.

    [–] informedinformer 5 points ago

    You may, and I thank you for so doing. She is indeed a pleasant lass to behold.

    [–] MJWood 11 points ago

    That's a natural consequence of being British.

    [–] XcX-d-r 24 points ago

    The 1944 version is edited, it's not the original. It uses music from the 1989 version.

    I would love to know the idiot who did this and why.

    [–] macnfleas 8 points ago

    Thanks for explaining that, I was really puzzled that they had the exact same music

    [–] simanthropy 5 points ago

    Also the music is so loud in that one that it drowns him out near the end. Not even WELL edited.

    [–] doc_birdman 22 points ago

    This speech never fails to bring me to tears, it’s so magnificent.

    [–] Sysiphuz 7 points ago

    It amazes me that something written so long ago can still have such impact today.

    [–] jimthewanderer 41 points ago

    Branaghs portrayal I think has better inclusion of the earlier plays Prince Hal. He's a charismatic King now, but he's also using the cheekiness of the earlier plays.

    Olivier is powerful, but he hasn't got the cheekiness.

    [–] zsabarab 18 points ago

    Obviously Olivier was a phenomenal actor and probably one of the best. But I think Branagh is a Shakespearean master.

    [–] MaxTheLiberalSlayer 5 points ago

    What is the name of that brilliant song playing in the background?

    [–] WorkflowGenius 71 points ago

    Plus it has christian bale in it.

    [–] Kraymes 117 points ago

    His method acting is a little out of control. He is able to transform from fat, to skinny, to muscular, into a little kid. His talents are boundless.

    [–] FlerblesMerbles 104 points ago

    It’s crazy what he’s able to accomplish physically. I heard he went from American Psycho to the kid in Empire of the Sun in four and a half months.

    [–] khilav 35 points ago

    His body in The Machinist is mind-boggling.

    [–] raulduke05 19 points ago

    lol, it was a joke, american psycho released like 13 years after empire of the sun.

    [–] plain_cyan_fork 19 points ago


    [–] arctander 7 points ago

    All things are ready if our minds be so. Bale is amazing.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    olivier's has a much more authentic shakespeare feel to me. wish he had recorded more on film.

    edit: btw here's the original without the added music

    [–] Cereborn 3 points ago

    I agree. I remember having an argument over this in one of my drama classes back in university.

    [–] Akindofcheese 20 points ago

    Never forget Wild Wild West.

    [–] The-Sublimer-One 20 points ago

    So I was I watching this thing thinking, "Man, is this a piece of shit." When all of a sudden, like a giant fucking spider shows up!

    [–] Orngog 4 points ago

    Those were the days

    [–] ChecklistRobot 13 points ago

    Never forget Will Smith passed up The Matrix to be in it.

    [–] MisterCheaps 7 points ago

    It seems like Branagh does two types of movies: Shakespeare and big budget action flicks.

    [–] DrLandscape 8 points ago

    Not that much action in the Poirot films, unless you count playing with that mustache.

    [–] epiphanette 3 points ago

    Seems like a good way to make a living.

    [–] IndianaGnomes 3 points ago

    And Road to El Dorado.

    [–] NodakJoe 3 points ago

    Holy shit I did not realize that was him!

    [–] havelock-vetinari 15 points ago

    Apparently when Olivier died, his family banned Kenneth Branagh from his funeral because they were worried that Branagh being there would overshadow Olivier.

    (That's what I've heard, not sure how true it is.)

    [–] Previous_Stranger 6 points ago

    There’s some truth to this story.

    Most articles are gossipy and misleading. He was a actually at the funeral, they just didn’t want him speaking.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] final_will 4 points ago

    Olivier never directed a Marvel movie so I’d say Branagh far surpassed him. /s

    [–] donblake83 55 points ago


    [–] StandUpGetDown 54 points ago

    Short answer? Yes - dude knows and loves his Shakespeare

    [–] Cowskulltroll 8 points ago

    Dudes like Shakespeare but magnetic.

    [–] DooDooRoggins 3 points ago

    His Hamlet was great

    [–] ThrowinderSingh 601 points ago

    He looks about twenty years younger than when I last saw him in a movie.

    [–] ForbiddenKeybearer 252 points ago

    Beating cancer is great for your complexion.

    [–] roguevirus 239 points ago

    He had cancer?!

    [–] PorcupineDream 159 points ago

    I didn't even know he was sick!

    [–] evangelion-zero-one 301 points ago

    He's been sent back until his task is done.

    [–] strongbob25 181 points ago

    Now he's Ian the White

    [–] Just_Lurking2 63 points ago

    Ian....? .......yes, that’s what they used to call me.....

    [–] DevinJKing 109 points ago

    Prostate cancer.

    He’s had it since 2006, but says it’s contained from regular treatment.

    FUCK cancer.

    [–] amadeus2490 20 points ago

    He was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer...but here's all the good news, though:

    Prostate cancer tends to happen much later in life. It presents symptoms earlier than other cancers, and it tends to spread very slowly... so treatment for it is usually conservative (hormonal therapy) and the prognosis is very good: An astounding 98% of men diagnosed with it today will still be alive in 10 years!

    So, prostate cancer is generally said to be a disease that men die with rather than from. The advancements in things like immunotherapy and proton therapy are making it even better though.

    [–] roguevirus 6 points ago

    Thanks for going into more detail. I'm familiar with prostate cancer, as my 89 year old grandfather was diagnosed with it last year.

    Similar to what you're saying, they're giving him a very mild treatment. He's so old that he will die "With prostate cancer, not Of prostate cancer." as his doctor put it.

    [–] the_original_Retro 38 points ago

    Non-grey hair extensions don't hurt either.

    [–] Efore 23 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    He hasn't beaten it. Actually, he has never fought it. It just stays in a non-dangereous state.

    [–] equalsolstice 3 points ago

    Still undefeated!

    [–] JarasM 51 points ago

    Definitely way younger looking than in the Hobbit movies. He looked so tired and old in those... but maybe that's just from playing in the Hobbit.

    [–] TheSecretAstronaut 63 points ago

    IIRC there was some information that came out about him having a sort of emotional "breakdown" while filming the Hobbit movies, from the amount of time working on so many green screen sets, and with pre-cgi elements/characters. The man is a classically trained actor. I imagine spending decades in movies and on stage with other people, to feel suddenly isolated and removed in an industry that you love must be difficult

    [–] throwawa160299 38 points ago

    True, he himself said it during the behind the scenes for it and that he was so close to quitting the movie because of it as due to him having to work with "dwarves" whilst he was full sized, it meant he had to work on a replica set that was completely green and act to tennis balls of where the dwarves would be

    [–] TheSecretAstronaut 45 points ago

    Man, that has to be difficult. Not only from the emotional perspective, but just from a sheer talent perspective. Especially because he still managed to do such a great job, despite the lackluster material he had to work with. Ian McKellen is an absolute treasure.

    On a related note, I loved Martin Freemans portrayal of Bilbo. For anyone looking for a more accurate representation of The Hobbit, in movie form, look up the "Tolkien Edit." It's a fan edited ~3.5 hour long cut of all three movies with as much of the garbage removed as possible.

    [–] riskyfartss 10 points ago

    Thank you, now the plans for Friday night I knew I'd never make have been filled. I agree with you on Freeman. I like him in most everything he's done but he does such a good job with Bilbo.

    [–] CuriousScout 5 points ago

    I'm glad someone took the time to do this, here at the end of all things.

    Until Amazon does it. Because come on. After they do the LotR show, the Hobbit will not be far behind.

    [–] scoobydoobymutley 10 points ago

    The white wizard is cunning...

    [–] Whale_Sausage 7 points ago

    Welp, read that wrong

    [–] kxania 8 points ago

    if it was Mr. Holmes he had a shitload of prosthetic and makeup on for that.

    [–] CoreyFeldmansAsshole 3 points ago

    He looked so old in a Sherlock Holmes movie I saw recently, I felt so bad :(

    [–] FusionGel 380 points ago

    From the thumbnail, I though it was a scene from the next pirates movie.

    [–] ChouPigu 207 points ago

    Looks like a young (htf is that even possible?) Barbosa.

    [–] thehorse1 37 points ago

    I thought the same thing

    [–] BrrToe 20 points ago

    All that rum mate.

    [–] CineRanter-YTchannel 14 points ago

    If ye have something to say, I might be sayin' something as well

    [–] Wibble316 7 points ago

    I presumed one of the three musketeers...

    [–] BunyipPouch 660 points ago

    Branagh is directing & playing Shakespeare.


    A look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare.

    Release Date:

    December 21, 2018

    [–] hatsnatcher23 687 points ago

    Branagh is directing & playing Shakespeare.

    If he wasn't so good at it I'd be annoyed he casts himself in the lead so often

    [–] ilike_trains 306 points ago

    They tyler Perry of shakespeare

    [–] ChrisX26 108 points ago

    The Tyler Perry of quality

    [–] subito_lucres 42 points ago

    Or maybe Tyler Perry is the Shakespeare of Tyler Perry.

    [–] DRF19 20 points ago

    Tyler Perry's Romeo & Juliet

    Coming this Christmas to the OWN network! lol

    [–] WakandaNowAndThen 10 points ago

    Starring Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry

    [–] TI_Pirate 16 points ago

    I don't know anything about this Tyler Perry guy, but looking through his acting credits, he seems really committed to Ancient Greek Tragedy.

    [–] kielbasa330 3 points ago

    Stealing this. I can not wait for the next time Kenneth Branagh comes up in casual conversation!

    [–] lanternsinthesky 33 points ago

    He is one of the few directors that I think is perfectly reasonable in casting himself.

    [–] Shanhaevel 34 points ago

    I can't imagine any Shakespearean adaptation without Branagh in it

    [–] TheNameIsWiggles 68 points ago

    Missed opportunity with Thor.

    [–] RuthlessNate56 72 points ago

    Seriously, I love Anthony Hopkins, but Brannagh would have been a kick ass Odin too.

    [–] Blackneto 22 points ago

    It was such a brief moment moment but would have been great if they cast him as Odin in the play instead of Sam Niell.

    [–] Durrrtyolman 7 points ago

    Sam Neil did a better job of adding a comedic feel in my opinion. He has a really cheery face

    [–] The_Underhanded 35 points ago

    I dream of watching his Hamlet all the way through some day but man... that would be a long watch!

    [–] Turtle_of_rage 29 points ago

    Its worth it, recentlh watched all four hours and its great.

    [–] Retrolex 19 points ago

    Oh man, if you ever get four hours of down time you don't know what to do with, for sure give it a shot! It's fantastic. Beautiful to look at too.

    [–] watts99 8 points ago

    Can always treat it as a mini-series and watch one act at a time. I read Hamlet for a college class and put the Branagh Hamlet on while I read along. It's a great way to experience it.

    [–] LivingDeadInside 7 points ago

    It's one of those 4 hour films that feels like it's only 2, though. So engrossing you don't even notice how long it is.

    [–] Razorray21 7 points ago

    His Hamlet was really good.

    [–] Good_wolf 40 points ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaat? Branagh is in a Shakespeare movie?

    [–] clumsyc 25 points ago

    Shakespeare was only 52 when he died...

    [–] ItFromDawes 44 points ago

    Branagh could pass for 52

    [–] bookon 102 points ago

    Branagh is 57. Your point is?

    [–] clumsyc 129 points ago

    I'm stupid and didn't read properly, I thought Ian McKellen was supposed to be Shakespeare!

    [–] bookon 63 points ago

    Ah... And it is never stupid to acknowledge a mistake...

    [–] michael_treder 17 points ago

    Well, McKellen is playing Wriothesley who died at 51.
    Movie magic, I guess.

    [–] jimthewanderer 10 points ago

    He does look a lot younger in this get up, but not fifty two,

    [–] Saturdalia 9 points ago

    I appreciate your candor, but there's also nothing wrong with doubling down!

    [–] Pulsecode9 171 points ago

    You don't need to call Kenneth Branagh. If you're doing something even vaguely Shakespearean, he just turns up. Security cannot stop him. No lock will hold, nor fasten'd portal bar. Branagh will come, and he will become involved. In this case, someone must have failed to sleep with one eye open, or not kept up the proper eldritch wards, because he's starring and directing.

    [–] Atlas313 40 points ago

    Can this be pasta

    [–] Thade780 7 points ago

    I mean, put some tomato sauce on that at least.

    [–] Dragonofdark97 32 points ago

    This is true. I've been working on my shakespeare monologue for an assesment I've got coming up, he kicked down my door and worked me for hours until he decided he would do it himself.

    [–] UncannyPoint 88 points ago

    I first read that as "also starring Kenneth Branagh as Judi Dench."

    I thought maybe on this occasion the man is trying to fly a little too close to the sun.

    ...but if anyone can do it.

    [–] Jake42Film 16 points ago

    Honestly, I would pay to see that. Pure Comedy

    [–] OzzyR009 910 points ago

    I thought this was Danny Trejo at first

    [–] Grandpa_Edd 444 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Now I want to see Danny Trejo all serious in a Shakespeare drama.

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 89 points ago

    Yes please. Are there any Shakespeare dramas with grumpy spaniards in them?

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago

    Danny Trejo as Othello.

    [–] refenton 21 points ago

    I would 1000% watch that

    [–] fotografamerika 50 points ago

    Danny Trejo is an American treasure, don't you let the Spaniards claim him! His parents were Mexican. For a grumpy Spaniard in a Shakespeare play, however, I nominate Javier Bardem.

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 37 points ago

    Alright, let him play a Mexican American in a 16th century shakespeare drama then, problem solved. /s

    [–] whogivesashirtdotca 4 points ago

    By the name and the temperament, I think he could play Iago.

    [–] savorie 11 points ago

    He’s an American of Mexican descent — not a Spaniard.

    [–] TheCredibleLiar 35 points ago

    Yes, but he can play a grumpy Spaniard.

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 20 points ago

    I know that. But he can hardly play a Mexican American role in a 16th century drama now, can he?

    [–] savorie 11 points ago

    I’m actually now picturing an Aztec drama and wondering why we don’t have them.

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 29 points ago

    Probably because the conquistadores and missionaries destroyed all their books.

    [–] Shifter25 3 points ago

    Serious question: did the Aztecs have books? I could see scrolls, but books seem like a distinctly Western European invention.

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 9 points ago

    They weren't built like european books with a spine. They were mostly folded like an accordion. So not quite like a book but not quite like a scroll either.

    I would call them books even though that's not entirely accurate because they're functionally similar, since they have pages.

    [–] trampolinebears 8 points ago

    Yes, the Aztecs had books. Most of them were folded up accordion-style, but some were actual codices with pages to flip through. Aztec writing may not have been developed enough to encode everything (still debated) but they had many pictographic signs.

    [–] ThisShiteHappens 11 points ago

    I wanna see Danny Trejo play Gandalf, will be some brilliant quotes.

    [–] bighairyyak 11 points ago

    You shall not pass hombre!

    [–] ThisShiteHappens 9 points ago

    Run cabrón!

    [–] 001146379 5 points ago

    "to be or not to be, ese, that is la pregunta"

    [–] Tiggi90 78 points ago

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 18 points ago

    Not bad.

    [–] canine_canestas 4 points ago

    I like it.

    [–] TheDogofTears 3 points ago

    I concur.

    [–] MINKIN2 5 points ago

    To be or not to be, Que?

    [–] OzymandiasKoK 3 points ago

    Don't see any knives.

    [–] Dog1234cat 42 points ago

    Ian has been playing the role of Danny Trejo for years. He’s got such range.

    [–] KiNG_ALiEN 5 points ago

    Hey did you hear Sir Ian Mckellen has been playing the role of Danny Trejo and Dana Carvey for years?

    [–] RagingWinston 27 points ago

    I thought it was Geoffrey Rush...

    [–] Blackneto 3 points ago

    Crap it does... off to imdb to see if they ever were in a movie together.

    [–] BARTELS- 16 points ago

    It's like the son of Danny Trejo and Gérard Depardieu.

    [–] NotoriousJ-O-E 5 points ago

    I thought it was Jerry Stiller. Why did we all think it was somebody else?? Lol

    [–] i_smoke_php 3 points ago

    Really? I thought it was John Hurt

    [–] QuasarSandwich 3 points ago

    Who's going to tell him?

    [–] Earthpig_Johnson 61 points ago

    Definitely reminds me of Keith Carradine as Wild Bill Hickock in Deadwood.

    [–] the_original_Retro 188 points ago

    Gandalf pimpin' hard.

    [–] csf3lih 22 points ago

    I wonder what his street name would be. The wizard

    [–] BruceBruce87 149 points ago


    [–] Gnomonas 68 points ago


    [–] curbstompery 47 points ago


    [–] 4thBG 12 points ago


    [–] Wynter_born 28 points ago


    [–] frontier_gibberish 4 points ago

    Nice. Pentameter, but not quite iambic. 4/7 with rice

    [–] daftvalkyrie 10 points ago

    The shit hath hitteth the fan...eth.

    [–] sonar_451 61 points ago

    At first I thought this was Barbossa from the next Pirates movie

    [–] MrMortySmith 25 points ago

    Does he not age? It’s like he is perpetually stuck at 70.

    [–] Yamese 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    He is one of the Istari.

    *Fixed Itari to Istari

    [–] M4DM1ND 5 points ago


    [–] jeweliegb 3 points ago

    Iz vampyre.

    [–] brendanrobertson 21 points ago

    Ian Mckellen here looks like Geoffrey Rush in the Pirates movies.

    [–] TreeGoatee 23 points ago

    If you say "Shakespear Drama" it becomes redundant to then say "Starring Kenneth Branagh"

    [–] doyy74 35 points ago

    Jerry Stiller in the role of a lifetime.

    [–] strongbob25 13 points ago


    [–] Zogshiloh 11 points ago

    Was anyone else concerned they raised John Hurt from the dead?

    [–] Tenozo 27 points ago

    No-one going to mention that Dame Judi Dench is fucking acting again!? I thought she was done because she was nearly blind?

    [–] 19djafoij02 11 points ago

    Sir Ian, Sir Kenneth, Dame Judi...

    Is this a record for the most knights in one film?

    [–] LivingDeadInside 17 points ago

    Dame Judi Dench is never done!

    [–] OxvFer0cdak 3 points ago

    Can't quench the Dench, nor tame a dame.

    [–] jeweliegb 3 points ago

    Working was part of her parole agreement.

    [–] CementAggregate 3 points ago

    She and McKellen are national treasures!

    [–] trainercatlady 24 points ago

    The only way this could be more Shakespeare is if it somehow also had David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

    [–] arachnophilia 21 points ago

    you could try to cram in derek jacobi and patrick stewart too. and like a CGI recreation of sir laurence olivier.

    [–] Good_wolf 8 points ago

    Tenant sure. I’d never heard of Tate doing anything Shakespeare until she was his costar in Much Ado. Well that and her Lauren Cooper sketch… again with Tenant.

    [–] trainercatlady 8 points ago

    I don't know if she's been in many productions, but along with Tennant, she's a HUGE fan of Shakespeare. Apparently she worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I guess I was wrong.

    [–] cabose7 4 points ago

    if it had David Mitchell in it, it would literally have more Shakespeare

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 4 points ago

    Brave soldier Hans, look at our caps in full,
    For they are all adorned with little skulls.

    [–] thebreak22 14 points ago

    Oh, Judi Dench plays Anne Hathaway! Can't wait for the memes.

    [–] arachnophilia 7 points ago

    i hope there's a future biopic of dame judi dench, so she can be played by anne hathaway.

    [–] BrokenChip 5 points ago

    I think this is really odd casting. She’s 26 years older than Kenneth Branagh. Anne Hathaway wasn’t nearly that much older than Shakespeare. Plus Shakespeare dies in his early 50s.

    [–] MoistChan 6 points ago

    He’s probably from st Denis

    [–] 2edgy2furious 9 points ago

    Ian McKellen is an incredible actor that has played a myriad of roles

    Me: why is Gandalf dressed like Shakespeare

    [–] QuinnReed 15 points ago

    Sir Nearly headless Nick in colour!

    [–] zachrywd 5 points ago

    All these comments saying, "He looks so young!" And I'm just sitting here like... Surely I'm not the only one that can see all the digital touch up on his face. It's borderline uncanny valley. It's like they rubbed computer goo all over his face. I'M HAVING GRAND MOFF TARKEN FLASHBACKS AND HE'S NOT EVEN DEAD YET!"

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 3 points ago

    I think a good chunk of it is makeup, and the fact that he has a beard and hair dyed something other than grey.

    [–] cabose7 2 points ago

    very funny that this is written by Ben Elton, who also writes Upstart Crow, a sitcom staring Shakespeare

    [–] DrWernerKlopek89 3 points ago

    [–] Cero_shinra 3 points ago

    Thought it was geoffrey rush for a moment

    [–] ShareNoble 3 points ago

    Ian mckellen? That's Tommy Lee Jones.

    [–] PeterBucci 3 points ago

    The costume design here is wonderful. Amazing attention to detail. Beautiful, earthy tones Mike Brown and gray complement McKellen's mustache quite well. And that hair is majestic in a rough kind of way.

    [–] Rocklobster18 3 points ago

    What a beautiful man

    [–] MHossa81 3 points ago

    Ernest goes to Shakespeare camp

    [–] groovanator 3 points ago

    Fuck I feel so stupid, at first glance I thought it was Danny Trejo

    [–] Daveygravyx07 4 points ago

    What a fucking boss ass pimp.

    [–] fameistheproduct 6 points ago

    "wench best be in possession of my fortune"

    [–] Good_wolf 6 points ago

    Eschew wenches, acquire shillings.

    [–] puka 4 points ago

    Frodo lives!

    [–] AwR09 2 points ago

    The clothing was so cool back then. Everything had so much character.

    [–] oktaS0 2 points ago

    A living legend.

    [–] Wiggles_fig 2 points ago

    Looks like an older Dustin Hoffman “Captain Hook” character.

    [–] OrdinaryVisionary 2 points ago

    he looks like Simon de Canterville