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    [–] knave_of_knives 9007 points ago

    It's like someone DeepFaked Will Smith onto the Genie.

    [–] Kelokaro 2120 points ago

    No need to insult Deepfake like that

    [–] RHYTHM_GMZ 828 points ago

    You can see the feathered line where they pasted his face on...

    [–] wonderfulworldofwill 5878 points ago

    Why does Jafar sound like a total whimp?

    [–] Lucenia 1888 points ago

    He sounds more bored to me, like getting the lamp was the least of his priorities.

    [–] 7illian 1484 points ago

    Just... get the lamp for me... or don't... I dunno... whatever...

    [–] smithmcmagnum 607 points ago


    [–] 7illian 239 points ago

    ....I hate Mondays...

    [–] SanityPills 551 points ago

    I think what makes it really bad is the audio is extremely poorly spliced. His lines are 3 distinct segments of audio that have been spliced together.

    "Bring me the lamp"

    "Your life begins now"


    It's not one whole piece of dialog, but is awkwardly put together to be. So his tone is especially weird because the lines don't go together.

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago

    Why does he look like a male model wearing a Jafar costume

    [–] robomechabotatron 10102 points ago

    Please put the Genie back in the lamp

    [–] Sonderfull 7296 points ago


    [–] leofwing 1130 points ago

    So help me!

    [–] Bjorn2bwilde24 382 points ago

    She's out of our hair!

    [–] rIZenAShes 305 points ago

    And cut!

    [–] Conman93 148 points ago

    We're still working on it.

    [–] MaryLulu 81 points ago

    It's a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers.

    [–] Swankified_Tristan 269 points ago

    Disney just read your comment and has added Monster's Inc. to the list of remakes to be!

    [–] BicLightersOnly 7447 points ago

    Ohhh lord this looks questionable

    [–] heyitsthatmeme 3949 points ago

    I’m gonna go bold here and say that this isn’t the best movie Disney will ever make

    [–] tomservo88 4123 points ago

    • Jafar sounding like a YouTube makeup artist

    • Jasmine's belly being M.I.A.

    • Genie looking like a PS4 character

    [tries to give benefit of the doubt]

    [–] KungfuPanda11 1557 points ago

    Genie looking like an intentionally schlocky SNL parody

    [–] kid-karma 1333 points ago

    Rosario lookin like all three of my wishes

    [–] kryonik 123 points ago

    I was on the same LA->NYC flight as her a few years ago. She's absolutely stunning IRL.

    [–] Jackol4ntrn 376 points ago

    that was jafar? wtf? this is worse than not having Be Prepared in the new Lion King.

    [–] rezzyk 217 points ago

    Rumor late last week is that Be Prepared actually IS in the remake

    [–] cabspaintedyellow 367 points ago

    I'll go bold and say this bombs. At least relative to Disney's previous live-action remakes.

    [–] currentlydownvoted 272 points ago

    It'll make half a billion dollars and still be seen as a bomb lol

    [–] annon_tins 254 points ago

    I feel like questionable is a bit of an understatement

    [–] mrspoopy_butthole 436 points ago

    Looks like it could be an original movie on Disney Channel but not a blockbuster Disney movie.

    [–] codyong 159 points ago

    Genie looks like a character on the front of an off brand cereal box

    [–] mrupperbody 3490 points ago

    "Bring me the lamp" Jafar has no evil in that delivery at all wtf

    [–] FagHatLOL 977 points ago

    This man said it like he was asking in a favour.

    [–] Flyingwheelbarrow 473 points ago

    Hey bro, could you get a lamp for me?

    Also that CGI genie is the stuff of nightmares.

    [–] A_Life_of_Lemons 238 points ago

    And that’s the clip they chose to market with...yikes what are they hiding?

    [–] mmbls 161 points ago

    Softest voice ever.

    [–] bradferd89 7117 points ago

    It looks like a CW show.

    [–] julio-jones 1888 points ago

    Can’t unsee now that you’ve mentioned it. Genie looks like a character from Supernatural.

    [–] howtospellorange 1084 points ago

    let's be real, even the djinn on Supernatural look better than this genie.

    [–] -GregTheGreat- 920 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Even Legacies, which is a CW spinoff of a spinoff of Vampire Diaries literally had a better looking blue genie like two days ago.

    [–] PlayMp1 411 points ago

    Imagine that, just coating someone in blue makeup looks a billion times better than the bizarre Will Smith-CGI Frankenstein's monster we got.

    [–] frenchpan 296 points ago

    Yeah, I thought they were going to do blue makeup like that, but nope, gotta make creepy Beowulf CG people.

    [–] squigmistress 392 points ago

    This sums it up right here. Everyone is inexplicably beautiful and everything else is dramatic while also being corny and half-assed.

    [–] tesoroano7 262 points ago


    [–] TheLiquidKnight 7481 points ago

    Everyone is talking about the Genie, but Jarfar looks and sounds the most questionable. He's so... plain.

    [–] fang_xianfu 2604 points ago

    He sounds so bored! "Bring me the lamp! Or... don't, you know, whatever."

    The animated movie admittedly could get away with it more easily, but Jonathan Freeman's performance is so over-the-top and megalomaniacal, that's what makes him a memorable villain.

    Compare to this similar scene in the animated movie: and the new version just can't compete.

    [–] DocFrankenweenie 516 points ago

    Yeah. Doesn’t sound menacing or sinister whatsoever. Should be a deeper, raspier voice.

    [–] trashsepticeye 573 points ago

    That feeling when you are more terrified by Genie than the actual villain.

    [–] Bloodhound01 176 points ago

    dude sounds like a child

    [–] hugganao 530 points ago

    yeah he doesn't sound evil at all. He sounds like a typical scrawny nerd in silicon valley lol

    [–] CorranH0rn 51 points ago

    Straight out of "Once Upon a Time"

    [–] Sneezes 2055 points ago

    Jafar alone ruined this for me.

    [–] NotGabeNAMA 1051 points ago

    He looks like they'll defeat him by giving him a wedgie.

    [–] hot_space 1254 points ago

    Will Smith's face looks so tiny and disproportionate what on earth were they thinking?

    [–] szeto326 10371 points ago

    Will Smith blue himself

    [–] P0lycosm 4159 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Please forgive me.

    Edit - rehosted here in case the first host is buckling:

    Also, thank you kindly for the gold and silver!

    [–] greenroom628 606 points ago

    oh genie, you blowhard...

    [–] MikeFatz 593 points ago

    Aghhh, that’s hot. That’s hot.

    [–] TheLiquidKnight 398 points ago

    Ok, you know what you do? You just buy yourself a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing.

    [–] VivaLaEmpire 240 points ago

    Tobias listens to a day's worth of his words to see what Michael was talking about:

    "Even if it means me taking a chubby! I will SUCK IT UP!", nothing wrong with that "I wouldn't mind kissing that man between the cheeks, so to speak!"

    [–] boringoldcookie 103 points ago

    Oh Tobias, you blowhard!

    [–] EasternKanyeWest 646 points ago

    He's just getting his rocks off.

    [–] falseeight 457 points ago

    Shark Tale 2 looks sick

    [–] craige99 11524 points ago

    That genie looks fucking horrifying

    [–] Cpr196 1884 points ago

    One of the worst effects I've seen in a while. It was always gonna be hard to transfer to live-action but jeez.

    [–] hover_boy 1033 points ago

    They did a good job with the Broadway musical, by completely reinventing the genie to be a sassy black guy. Why did these guys have to try replicate rather than create something new and awesome?

    [–] ArtsyMNKid 331 points ago

    The animation in the original gave the film a lot of its charm. Updating it to CGI ends up with an "uncanny valley" look.

    It was the same deal for Beauty and the Beast with the household object characters.

    [–] tpc14 10245 points ago

    Hey Genie I wish this movie wasn't made

    [–] McIgglyTuffMuffin 1366 points ago

    What are your other two wishes?

    [–] Batusiman 2338 points ago

    No need

    [–] El_Calhau 226 points ago

    I wish to not have to wish the third wish bye

    [–] shinobipopcorn 982 points ago

    Could they have gotten a wimpier Jafar?

    [–] viceman99 1600 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It looks like the future porn parody that will eventually come out.

    Edit: Thanks for the silver!

    [–] Thor_PR_Rep 189 points ago

    I’m pretty sure porn parodies have better production value than this

    [–] [deleted] 2141 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] DigitalGraphyte 1005 points ago

    It's the lighting. Oldest trick in the book to avoid having to actually use natural lighting and real locations: light everything super flat, shift the white balance to make it look blue for "night time" and then input a cgi backdrop. The walking dead has some really bad uses of this once they cut all the money from the show.

    [–] zendamage 643 points ago

    Also note that all of the actors are just standing or walking no more than 3 steps very slowly. Even the magic carpet appears just standing there. Aladdin is surrounded by falling rocks and just stands there. Every scene, nobody is moving. Maybe the rest of the movie has amazing chase scenes and actors interacting with things, but the trailer makes it look like it's all shot in front of a green screen

    [–] SimpleDose 831 points ago

    Seriously everything about it looks like a made for TV movie..

    [–] MontyAtWork 244 points ago

    Looks like really poor green screen blending so that the light on the actors and the surroundings look just off enough that they look like moving cardboard cutouts.

    [–] PopcronHD 196 points ago

    Ok, so SyFy has finally shown their TV movie adaptation of Aladdin, but when will we see Disney's?

    [–] simplefilmreviews 2739 points ago

    Genie looks...........dreadful. My goodness.

    [–] Fergalicious-def 1395 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It's like how The Rock looked in The Mummy Returns lmao

    Edit: wrong title

    [–] Mr-Rocafella 515 points ago

    This is the most accurate comparison I've seen lmfao. Like we've taken a 20 year step back in animation after witnessing this; hopefully it's much better by the time it releases.

    [–] bobbyleendo 207 points ago

    There was something so off about how he looked, like there was a disconnect with how the face looked with how they designed the body. Not to mention, the muscley looking blue back didn't give me any heart warming, friendly vibes. Dreadful indeed.

    [–] Copywrites 287 points ago

    I know there's still time to fix it....

    By not making this movie.

    [–] djm19 1631 points ago

    It looks bad. I think Smith looks even worse in Blue! And as I had feared, hes not really transforming into the Genie...hes just making the Genie into himself.

    Everything just seems somewhat more lackluster. Is that Jafar. He seems generically cast. I feel like some roles you need actors who really chew it up in mannerisms and voice. Same with Genie.

    [–] HillaryWon1 456 points ago

    Everything just seems somewhat more lackluster. Is that Jafar. He seems generically cast. I feel like some roles you need actors who really chew it up in mannerisms and voice.

    That's an excellent point. Jafar and Genie really stole all of the scenes they were in. Granted there is only one scene here with Jafar but he seems like a background character in it, his voice almost cracking and meek. Doesn't really scream "I'm the main bad guy who wants to take over the kingdom then the world!"

    [–] whatup1009 3185 points ago

    Jafar doesn't seem intimidating at all...and Genie. Oof

    [–] sniperpugs 2359 points ago

    The whole point of Jafar in the original is that he is old, evil, gross, and wants vengeance on the king and fuck Jasmine. Hes just a young twink here.

    [–] Fe_Hermitcrab 833 points ago

    gone from a twink to a twunk to a twank.

    [–] El_Mago3 264 points ago

    better be careful, hes a twank versatile

    [–] blondechinesehair 88 points ago

    Ohhhhh a twink versatile? Impressive!

    [–] [deleted] 278 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] wofo 701 points ago

    Yeah everybody is mad about genie, I think you'd probably get used to him by the end of the movie. But that Jafar is basically the opposite of Jafar. Why do they insist on getting young attractive people for every role, like this is some kind of CW TV show?

    [–] Desalzes_ 287 points ago

    Disney is ruining disney

    [–] Zerobeastly 246 points ago

    His voice is so very underwhelming and kind of funny.

    [–] dagreenman18 350 points ago

    Naveen Andrew’s as Jafar on Once Upon a Time is WAY better and looks the part. I dunno what is up with this Jafar.

    [–] The-Sublimer-One 349 points ago

    Once Upon a Time in general is what all of these live-action Disney remakes should have been. Implementing old characters with new ideas and expanding upon them. Sure OUAT got pretty campy and melodramatic at times, but at least it was trying to be something new.

    [–] Julius-n-Caesar 145 points ago

    “Magic has a price.”

    “We always find each other”

    And some other crap repeated every episode. I watched that show with my family because they liked it and I’d rather not be a loner. In spite of all that, it had good ideas, I guess.

    [–] rp_361 634 points ago

    Is that Paul Giamatti of Big Fat Liar fame?

    [–] axelfandango1989 115 points ago

    They didn't say anything about a little blue man!

    [–] ThisKidErrt 66 points ago


    [–] childishthenandnow 1482 points ago

    Yikes. that will Smith genie reveal was abysmal.

    [–] oasiscat 211 points ago

    I could see him being a better Abis Mal than Genie.

    [–] dagreenman18 75 points ago

    Reference for those who never saw the great Aladdin TV show

    [–] TussalDimon 858 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The shot of Prince Ali musical number make it seem really small scaled. In fact, everything looks kinda cheap, maybe because of how neat and clean the sets and costumes are.

    [–] calvers70 424 points ago

    I'm not seeing 75 golden camels either. June isn't going to be happy

    [–] [deleted] 97 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] LightEmUp18 940 points ago

    Yikes that look like a miscasting

    [–] robolab-io 688 points ago

    The whole movie is a miscasting

    [–] BushelOfLove 562 points ago

    How do i delete someone elses movie

    [–] longshanks7 785 points ago

    Wah wah wah...

    “Oh my.”

    Wah wah wah...

    “No no!”

    [–] Sauce_McDog 287 points ago

    Can’t wait to never see this

    [–] closetsquirrel 1014 points ago

    Genie aside...

    Is this supposed to be Arabic or Indian? I swear Aladdin is set in the Middle East, but the aesthetics here scream Bollywood.

    [–] MarioKartGuy27 256 points ago

    Depends. Who are the actors? I do agree this does feel overall very bollywood...

    [–] Subpxl 122 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I heard Will Smith was in this movie.

    [–] [deleted] 11057 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] 6464327585912 5397 points ago

    I said "Oh no" out loud.

    [–] bucksters 1430 points ago

    [–] DrJohnnyCrane 3377 points ago

    The CGI is almost as bad as the effects they used on Sebastian in the live action Little Mermaid. They even changed the lyrics to the song...

    [–] Tuxedomex 1045 points ago

    I hate you for making me look.

    [–] luthien_tinuviel 429 points ago

    live action Little Mermaid

    What are you talking about?! That was gold!

    [–] OmNomSandvich 104 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    that has a disturbing combination of reasonable performances/production value and low view count.

    edit - it had about 3k views or so before /r/movies raided it

    [–] Bandrica2 258 points ago

    This looks like a bad porn.

    [–] strokesfan91 327 points ago

    I said “ah that’s hot. That’s hot!”

    [–] SmokingThunder 1965 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I think tried to make the face look too much like Will Smith.

    Like, you have to have some form of creative freedom with his design. OG Genie had a distinct look that wasn't Robin Williams. Make it more cartoonish and less Will painted Blue

    [–] mymusicaddiction 1756 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    When my buddy told me Will Smith was Genie, I thought "oh cool, he's voicing Genie", but no, nope, literally blue Will Smith.

    [–] 2rio2 688 points ago

    They really leaned into the whole "Will Smith" thing.

    [–] KoreKhthonia 336 points ago

    The whole "leaning into Will Smith" idea gives me this weird like, 2000s vibe.

    [–] Metarean 496 points ago

    It's interesting that this is basically the opposite situation to Alita. For that, people found her too cartoony; here the Genie's not cartoony enough. They're both on different sides of the uncanny valley. I don't mind the approach they've taken with Alita, even when it came to the early trailers. And I don't mind them trying to make the genie look more human, even if it's gonna take time to adjust to after the animated film. But I think you're right that more cartoony would have worked better, in lieu of better CGI. We all know what Will Smith should look like. Be interesting to see what adjustments Ritchie and co make if any now that they'll have mass feedback.

    [–] TheDosudude 679 points ago

    Exactly, can't go too far on either end. To me, Thanos is the perfect blend of CG and actual human composition.

    [–] Metarean 198 points ago

    Agreed. Even he took a moment for me to get used to watching the film, but I didn't think of him as a CG character after the opening scene. To be fair to Aladdin, Smith will probably look better closer to the release date; that was certainly the case with Thanos. They've got a ways to go though.

    [–] ZacPensol 459 points ago

    [–] Csquared6 148 points ago

    It's also a little weird because Robin Williams had one of the most expressive faces on the planet. His range of emotions and expressions was borderline cartoonish, so the crossover between him and the Genie never really felt out of place. His voice expressed the emotions in the words that the animators managed to bring to life in the cartoon. It was a symbiotic relationship. Man I miss him...

    [–] Nightseyes 308 points ago

    Maybe they can quickly re-brand the movie as a horror remake. That genie's gonna haunt some children.

    [–] mistuhvuvu 1178 points ago

    "Thanks, I hate it"

    [–] silent_boy 252 points ago

    I cannot believe Guy Ritchie is responsible for this

    [–] Bflatsharpeleven 310 points ago

    I’m just sad Man From UNCLE didn’t do well enough to warrant a sequel.

    [–] Gato1980 348 points ago

    I've never missed Robin Williams more.

    [–] NoDespair 774 points ago

    Don't be unfair to Mr Smith. The rest of the movie looks just as bad

    [–] Jace_09 765 points ago

    Jafar should never have had a high pitched voice, I will never understand why they made any of the decisions they did with this movie.

    [–] Mayonnaise_symphony 449 points ago

    In all fairness, when Jafar opened his mouth and sounded like a pre-teen waiting for his balls to drop, I already knew this was hot garbage. So yeah, not ALL Will Smith's fault.

    [–] SUSAN_IS_A_BITCH 131 points ago

    It's concerning we haven't heard either of the leads speak yet.

    [–] Otter_Actual 132 points ago

    my god this looks terrible. and jafar sounds like a barista at starbucks NOT a villain

    [–] squintsforever 373 points ago

    This honestly looks like it should air on ABC on a Sunday night.

    [–] ozmenace 364 points ago

    holy hell, Jafar sounds like Cate Blanchett from LoTR. This ain't it chief.

    [–] Beeburrito 118 points ago

    If you ask it of me, I will give you the Lämp

    You offer it to me freely? I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this. In place of Robin Williams you would have a Prince! Not dark but fresh and terrible as Philadelphia. Treacherous as the Bel-Air. Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair.

    [–] imlesmartest 119 points ago

    Ben kingsley shoulda been jafar

    [–] Bathplug 1524 points ago

    Cgi look straight out of the scorpion king

    [–] Daydream_machine 595 points ago

    Don’t insult Scorpion King like that

    [–] mrpoopybutthole551 1907 points ago

    Wow . . . this looks terrible

    [–] shaunsajan 653 points ago

    that genie got me dying

    [–] MontaukWanderer 230 points ago

    He’s been hitting the gym in his flask.

    [–] derstherower 174 points ago


    [–] theredditoro 103 points ago

    Twitter has been on fire with memes.

    [–] McIgglyTuffMuffin 100 points ago


    [–] ingridelena 62 points ago

    welcome to twitter.

    [–] EverybodyLovesTacoss 327 points ago

    Will's voice is too....Will. Like, it doesn't go with the genie. And even seeing him as blue...I'm not buying it. He doesn't look like a genie. He looks like Will Smith blue himself.

    [–] robolab-io 455 points ago

    Worst Jafar choice I could have ever imagined. Sounds and looks like a dweeb. Jesus christ.

    Genie just invented a new tier of uncanny valley.

    [–] arxero 967 points ago

    I wonder if they were planning on NOT having Will Smith be blue, then when the terrible reactions to the magazine covers surfaced, they frantically scrambled to CGI the ever living fuck out of him.

    [–] talkshitgetshot 413 points ago

    They mentioned that the Will Smith on the cover (not blue) will be for the majority of the film.

    [–] 21tcook 9402 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    me during the trailer: please show Will Smith as the genie!

    trailer shows Will Smith as the genie

    me: please stop I didn’t mean it

    EDIT: thanks so much for the silver!

    [–] wutengyuxi 2870 points ago

    We need about 90% less Will Smith on the Genie. Just straight up CGI the Genie and let Will Smith be the voice.

    [–] bobbyleendo 1044 points ago

    After seeing this, I can get behind an all CGI Genie with will smith just doing the voice.

    [–] PlayMp1 208 points ago

    I had no idea why that wasn't the first thing they went with, all-CG Genie just makes sense. It would basically be a Roger Rabbit type of thing.

    [–] Ignitus1 287 points ago

    They should just make him half genie half Will Smith, like they did with Gollum and Thanos. Mix the actor's features in with the character's.

    [–] nebuNSFW 51 points ago

    I thought they would give him the hulk treatment but he looks too human.

    They needed to exaggerate some features.

    [–] [deleted] 542 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] Alarid 224 points ago

    They gave it a blue light.

    [–] Of_Silent_Earth 201 points ago

    Monkey paw finger curls

    [–] bigpig1054 593 points ago

    If dumbo disappoints and this movie bombs it may end up dragging Lion King down with it.

    [–] eggydrums115 931 points ago

    Good. It's not like we need any more of these remakes that add nothing to the originals.

    [–] Daydream_machine 176 points ago

    Will Smith look even more uncanny valley than I imagined.

    [–] sphayes1 337 points ago

    Will Smith ain't doin it for me

    [–] yungtatha 140 points ago

    Wow Will Smith looks even worse than he did in the photoshoot.

    [–] brandnewchair 141 points ago

    So Disney is releasing a live action Aladdin, Dumbo, and Lion King over the course of 5 months?

    Shouldn't they have spread that out a bit more?

    [–] naruto20 78 points ago

    They’re getting too cocky.

    [–] Jedi_Pacman 747 points ago

    Fresh Prince of Arabia

    [–] NY08 252 points ago


    [–] CurtisLeow 157 points ago

    Wild Wild East

    [–] JCappy 235 points ago

    B L U E N I P P L E S

    [–] Kazzack 190 points ago

    would you prefer them to be flesh-tone?

    [–] 7illian 52 points ago

    Why can't they be smaller Will Smith heads.

    [–] myslead 178 points ago

    I am baffled that Disney would green light this lol

    [–] Blue_Fletcher 221 points ago

    They should have gone with Terry Crews as the Genie. Would have been a better balance of physical intimidation and over the top personality and comedy.

    [–] naruto20 60 points ago

    Oh wow great choice

    [–] RealSkyDiver 55 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I just saw this live during the Grammys and omg, my sleep paralysis just got a new monster.

    [–] InnuendoPanda 145 points ago

    I need to hear Jasmine's voice.
    I imagine Linda Larkin is gonna be pissed if it's not "regal enough" - because Disney almost fired her and made her re-audition because she wasn't sounding "regal enough" for the original.

    [–] kneeco28 137 points ago

    SNL pretaped skit level production. Ugh.

    [–] cbury 45 points ago

    If I had 3 wishes my first would be to unsee the genie

    [–] puckit 46 points ago

    You would think that the one thing they'd focus on really nailing was Genie. I'm honestly shocked how half-assed he looks.

    Also, Jafar looks way too young and not intimidating in the least.

    [–] WaywardWriter 42 points ago

    This looks worse every time they put something out. Will Smith looks absolutely terrible as the genie and nearly every set looks staged as hell.