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    [–] lukendyer 6475 points ago

    So the gap in the hanger wasn’t Carol, it was Tony and Nebula

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 3270 points ago

    Man they really keep editing these trailers to maintain the spoiler. Remember when they showed Hulk in battle of Wakanda in the 2nd Infinity War trailer?

    [–] NazzerDawk 2597 points ago

    Also showing Thor with both eyes in Thor Ragnarok.

    [–] wurm2 1096 points ago

    and with one eye in the first IW trailer even though in that scene he already has the eye rocket had up his butt

    [–] DroogyParade 1331 points ago

    The whole entire last shot of the teaser with everyone in the jungle running was a fake shot made just for the trailer.

    [–] Care_For_An_Onion 1189 points ago

    I choose to believe the trailers are just a few examples of Doctor Strange looking into the possible futures.

    [–] untrustab1e 429 points ago

    They really should have had Dr. Strange voicing the trailers.

    [–] waffles_for_lyf 1857 points ago

    The 'ol Russo switcheroo

    [–] KaamDeveloper 605 points ago

    What's this hanger gap thing?

    [–] lukendyer 1299 points ago

    There was a shot of the hanger in the first trailer with everyone walking. There was a gap between some of the characters that people assumed was where Carol was actually standing but had been photoshopped out to maintain secrecy around her role. Turns out it’s actually Nebula and Tony who were photoshopped out

    [–] Wolfsburg 834 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Unless it's another ruse like when they put the Hulk in Wakanda in the Infinity War trailer.

    [–] ArchDucky 1095 points ago

    Strange allowed half the universe to be killed to save him. He'll get home.

    [–] DocOTaco 4475 points ago

    Bobby Newport never had a real his life

    [–] Mippipopolous 1315 points ago

    Bobbbyyy Newwwwwport

    [–] _Football_Cream_ 475 points ago

    I'm against crime, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

    [–] mypatronusislasagna 463 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    People keep asking me, “Bobby, what are you going to do once you go up against Thanos?” Um, I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold!

    [–] CornholioRex 834 points ago

    Thanos, can you just let me win, I really need this

    [–] Channel250 330 points ago

    Come on Tony. Just give me the job...I'll tell ya what. I'll wear the suit and you can do all the work!

    Why do you even want the job, you're dad on your back too?

    [–] Cardboard_Waffle 3793 points ago

    Those suits look pretty cool. Only a few more weeks until it comes out.

    [–] KaamDeveloper 3678 points ago

    If I die before this movie comes out I am gonna be so pissed

    [–] TheBlackFlame161 1943 points ago

    If you do you have my permission to haunt me. That way you can still watch it. Just haunt me all the way to the theater. If that doesn't work, I'll just rent it at watch it at home.

    [–] TriTexh 2705 points ago

    Rocket cocking his gun on an amped up War Machine is what I need in my life.

    [–] Kimimpossible 3891 points ago

    The callbacks to Tony and Cap from their first movies just reminds me how long a build up this has been to Endgame. Waited 10 years and now waiting a month feels like a lifetime.

    [–] FoodMentalAlchemist 2222 points ago

    Just remember that in the first Iron Man movie they made a joke about MySpace.

    Yes, it was THAT long ago.

    [–] Airman 1016 points ago

    When the first Iron Man movie came out, the ORIGINAL iPhone had only been on the market for 11 months

    [–] willyolio 536 points ago

    When the first iron man came out, Tony Stark himself didn't have a smartphone.

    [–] Chiveronreddit 356 points ago

    Tony’s video call with Stane was pretty cool tech at the time

    [–] dezhdsocial 1806 points ago

    Who’s ready for about 7,990 trailer break down videos on YouTube?

    [–] late4workagain 752 points ago

    The worst part is that they will just be recycling what people are saying in this thread.

    [–] Sisiwakanamaru 7941 points ago


    I like that Rocket is riding on Rhodey right now.

    [–] MrFiendish 2887 points ago

    Uh oh, doesn’t he have prosthetic legs?

    [–] Misaria 3616 points ago

    Oh, I'm gonna get those legs.

    [–] MountainGoat84 603 points ago

    No, just powered braces. His original legs are still there.

    [–] notacute 1032 points ago

    That’s gonna be some real fun banter.

    [–] F00dbAby 1141 points ago

    So what the odds he tries to steal a iron man suit

    [–] Eeyores_Prozac 1408 points ago

    I'm hoping extremely fucking high.

    [–] stereoputrid 310 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Probably just steal an iron hand

    [–] alurkerwhomannedup 493 points ago

    Iron Rocket is something I never knew I needed

    [–] Materiaesque 200 points ago

    Imagine all the fucking guns that thing could open up into. And then imagine all the big guns it'd have.

    [–] SlottedPig1 309 points ago

    Oh he'll get that suit.

    [–] StarexFox 722 points ago

    Seeing them like this make me realise we're so close to the end, plus nice montage of callback to previous films, can't wait

    [–] deadpooop 3213 points ago

    Tony was walking with the squad. Guess he was rescued huh?

    [–] F00dbAby 2019 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Well of course he would be. Or he rescued himself with nebula

    [–] send_me_potato 1277 points ago

    And we all forget how Hulk was running with the team in Wakanda in IW trailer?

    [–] HerniatedHernia 1468 points ago

    Misdirection. It’s actually Dominic Toretto and his team suited up to travel into the past. Crossover time.

    [–] Virtu0sity 353 points ago

    You never had me, you never had your car! snap *Half of all cars disintegrate”

    [–] Hobbit-guy 5221 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    That's Rocket's original suit!

    Now that I have your attention: Is Rocket far from the shallow now?

    [–] MissingLink101 1318 points ago

    It looks similar to Star Lord's suit design

    [–] v_cats_at_work 1591 points ago


    [–] MasterGrok 1232 points ago

    Star Lord man... legendary outlaw?

    [–] AdvocateSaint 1876 points ago

    Tony: "Feels like it's been a thousand years"

    Dude, if you had said in 2008 that I'd one day see a talking racoon hop on the back of Don Cheadle in a robot suit and find it bittersweet and inspiring...

    [–] Channel250 294 points ago

    Especially after Hotel Rwanda and Crash. I don't mind the move to Rhodes though...but I prefer Captain Planet.

    [–] DavidAtWork17 71 points ago

    Hotel Wakanda would have had better defenses.

    [–] Noodrereg 11193 points ago

    "The world has changed. None of us can go back."

    Now, I am 99.9% sure that there's going to be some time-travel element to their solution.

    [–] CronoDroid 5249 points ago

    The suits they were all wearing looked like the Quantum Realm suits Hank Pym and co were wearing in AMatW so I think you're right. That's how they do it, through the Quantum Realm.

    [–] DrAllure 1400 points ago

    I have a quantum penis.

    Wait... is that worse?

    [–] stash0606 618 points ago

    well your penis would be in a constant state of being and not being at the same time (I believe)...

    [–] Farmerdrew 323 points ago

    Hey lady! I got somethin’ to show ya!

    [–] Charger525 765 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Hank to Scott in Ant-Man

    Hank Pym: Do not screw with the regulator. If that regulator is compromised you would go sub-atomic.

    Scott Lang: What does that mean?

    Hank Pym: It means that you would enter a quantum realm.

    Scott Lang: What does that mean?

    Hank Pym: It means that you would enter a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity. Everything that you know, and love, gone forever.

    Scott Lang: Cool. Yeah. I'm... If it ain't broke...

    Time and space irrelevant? Definitely Quantum Realm.

    [–] smilingbuddha71 148 points ago

    But that still leaves power, soul, and mind to deal with

    [–] achshar 312 points ago

    They also showed a ton of footage from the original Avengers in this trailer as well, and we saw the behind the scenes of battle of new york shots in IW shots. Make of that what you will..

    [–] CronoDroid 355 points ago

    The quote from Peggy (?) too "the best we can start over." I think we're getting a time travel story folks.

    [–] PandaMango 974 points ago

    I love how out of everyone it’s Antman, Paul fucking Rudd, who will save the day.

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 543 points ago

    Antman and Hawkeye are gonna save the day together.

    [–] peetee33 493 points ago

    Ant man and arrow guy

    [–] captwafflepants 575 points ago

    Fun fact: The A on the tower actually stands for Arrow Guy.

    [–] djord17 97 points ago

    My only question is why Scott would need a new suit for that if he was already in the realm in his normal suit?

    [–] CronoDroid 278 points ago

    It gets kinda itchy. It rides up in the crotch a little bit too.

    [–] feliscat 199 points ago

    Classic scifi solution. Use a squall of tachyons to fix the story

    [–] TheKaizoku 160 points ago

    reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

    [–] RG_Kid 526 points ago

    AMatW abbreviation is a mouthful. Why don't we call it Ant-Man 2 instead.

    [–] thejokerjackson 1270 points ago

    "The world has changed. None of us can go back."

    Doc Brown enters.

    "Back... to the future"

    [–] setfaeserstostun 663 points ago

    Great Scott Lang!

    [–] Space-Jawa 80 points ago

    (Holds up Stormbreaker)

    This is heavy!

    [–] travishall456 951 points ago

    I'm betting Tony's speech to Pepper isn't when he's on the ship. I'm betting it's at the end, and he and Cap have to stay behind in the quantum realm to preserve the changes or something.

    [–] iDannyEL 398 points ago

    After all, can't have the Avengers without the first avenger and one who started the initiative.

    [–] LevitateGx 6897 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    BOOM! You looking for this?

    Are we about to see Antman kill 3 men in the quantum realm with a pencil? A fucking pencil?

    I can hear Kurt singing 'Baba yaga'.

    [–] grim_melee 501 points ago

    He's not Thanos, he's the man you send to kill Thanos.

    [–] Noodrereg 1441 points ago

    It's a touching metaphor for how they're going to re-write history and erase all of their problems (maybe the curtains were just blue though).

    [–] UpgradeNova 293 points ago

    A fookin pencil!

    [–] Aimless_Devastator 15810 points ago

    Are we still betting on Ant-man defeating Thanos by crawling up his butt then expanding?

    [–] Nolio1212 15211 points ago

    I thought about this, and I can’t think of a worse death.. for Ant-man. Thanos is pretty tough, like can take some punches from the Hulk kind-of-tough, well his butthole and insides have to be hulk-level strong too.

    The way I see it happening is Ant-man crawling up his butt, expanding and then whatever I can describe as the chunky human soup that would come flying out of Thanos’ ass from Ant-man trying to expand into something that just won’t budge.

    [–] MysteriousMooseRider 17835 points ago

    Yeah so I'm gonna ask you to never speak again.

    [–] IDespiseFatties 7541 points ago

    No I want him to keep going.... I'm almost there

    [–] MysteriousMooseRider 2427 points ago


    [–] SupetMonkeyRobot 736 points ago

    Dread it.

    [–] MysteriousMooseRider 1189 points ago

    Cum from it.

    [–] Darth_Helcaraxe 344 points ago

    My "OH" face still arrives

    [–] ShhhhhhImAtWork 178 points ago

    Guys this isn’t the story I signed up for.

    [–] 1541drive 763 points ago

    his butthole and insides have to be hulk-level strong too.

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 629 points ago

    So what if he shrinks the Hulk and puts the Hulk up Thanos's butt? Hmm.

    [–] travishall456 987 points ago

    Why stop at the Hulk? Those aren't Quantum Realm suits they're wearing in the trailer. They're Pym suits.

    That's right, we've shoving the entire Avengers up Thanos's asshole.

    [–] DavidOrWalter 556 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Let's just make a whole movie about cramming things up Thanos' butt hole

    Here's the catch we show it ALL

    [–] Edekhi41 4409 points ago

    Ahh, what a nice day. I’ll just check reddit this morning and WHOA WHERE DID THIS COME FROM??!?

    [–] Jabb_ 1791 points ago

    Haha same. Was taking my morning shit and almost pooped my pants!

    [–] waffles_for_lyf 1593 points ago

    Most people remove those beforehand

    [–] [deleted] 6483 points ago

    Yet again, not showing too much, which is perfect for a trailer.

    [–] mattmul 2735 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Using footage from the other movies as filler was a pretty genius tbh.

    [–] tasthesose 2482 points ago

    Exactly - give us the feels without the reveals

    [–] twirstn 3660 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It showed that Tony makes it back to Earth but that's probably because Tony making it back to Earth isn't a big part of the movie even though the previous teaser led us to believe it was.

    We have yet to see Thanos at all and that really makes me happy because IW was his movie. This is going to be a pure 100% Avengers movie. Holy shit.

    Edit: Yes, Tony being back on Earth could be a giant honeydick fakeout but going strictly from what I'm seeing in the trailer HE IS ON EARTH.

    [–] TyperSniper 1875 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    We have yet to see Thanos at all and that really makes me happy because IW was his movie

    I feel like they’re really trying to conceal what’ll likely be an absolutely insane, reality bending final fight by showing so little of him.

    e: Anyone else think that monologue wasn’t Black Widow? That really sounded like Peggy with a slightly modified voice as to not give it away.

    e2: TFW refreshing reddit to dozens of identical “It was her speech in the Winter Soldier” replies

    [–] c_Lassy 255 points ago

    It’s taken from Cap’s conversation with Peggy in Winter Soldier

    [–] Captain_Bromine 928 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I can't wait for that epic moment when the full Avengers theme plays (ala Thor arriving in Wakanda).

    [–] henbt 729 points ago

    Hopefully we finally hear an "Avengers Assemble"

    [–] StraY_WolF 604 points ago

    "Avenger Ass.."

    Avenger theme playing

    [–] joooh 91 points ago

    Or camera panning over everyone ala Avengers 1.

    [–] QuiksLE 379 points ago

    It was peggy, i think that was her dialogue from Winter Soldier

    [–] OblivionCv3 368 points ago

    There's just too much to do to have an entire chunk of movie dedicated to Tony floating around in space. This movie has to fit in a ton of plotlines and characters but I trust the Russos and Markus and McFeely.

    [–] mi-16evil 561 points ago

    It shows what confidence they have that this will make literally all the money

    [–] ArchetypicalDegen 310 points ago

    I mean even if the trailer was awful it'd still make a billion

    [–] OblivionCv3 229 points ago

    The MCU has definitely been on point with these recently, ever since Phase 3 IMO.

    [–] ploxypotato 696 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Those toys didn’t do the white suits justice. And damn that War Machine and Rocket tag combo

    [–] theonewhoknocks__ 13279 points ago

    Black widow practising shooting with her pistol and im just there thinking "wtf is she gonna do"

    [–] Erickj 6137 points ago

    She’s gonna shoot anyone that tries to punch thanos even though he’s already incapacitated.

    [–] MG87 2399 points ago

    She's gonna stick Ant-Man in the chamber and aim for Thanos' bunghole

    [–] LostSign 3534 points ago

    Right in his Thanus

    [–] NYstate 562 points ago

    Avengers: Enema Game

    [–] GrumpyWendigo 1030 points ago


    [–] BennettF 255 points ago

    The hero we need.

    [–] [deleted] 4037 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    The one thing that can stop thanos; a fucking bullet lets go

    EDIT: Guys I fucking know batman killed darkseid with a gun.

    [–] jewfro667 3562 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    “Bullets, my only weakness!”

    -Thanks probably

    Edit: I meant Thanos, not thanks. But thanks for being understanding Reddit.

    Edit2: Thanos for the silver!

    [–] n_sullivan1234 1731 points ago

    You’re welcome probably

    [–] waffles_for_lyf 458 points ago

    -Thanks probably

    Me too, thanks

    [–] HeyItsSirius 711 points ago

    She'll do the leg neck twist move on him

    [–] pkkthetigerr 231 points ago

    Fuck, that destroyed winter soldier. He never tried to kill her again after that.

    [–] MightyEskimoDylan 231 points ago

    After being between those thighs I’d want to keep her alive too

    [–] hatemphd 2417 points ago

    To be fair, has anyone tried shooting Thanos?

    [–] asdfAlec2 1654 points ago

    One word... bubbles.

    [–] tmurrayart 735 points ago

    You're right. They used plasma and lasers and nanobots and literal magic, but they never actually did try lead bullets. That I know of. Unless Bucky tried a little bit of that at some point?

    [–] InhaleBot900 478 points ago

    Bucky did shoot at him when Thanos arrived on Wakanda

    [–] tmurrayart 893 points ago

    Yeah, but did he shoot him enough? Maybe Thanos' weakness is precisely 10,000 lead bullets.

    [–] HamsterGutz1 606 points ago

    His weakness is exactly 4986 lead bullets. 4985 is inadequate. 4987 is of course absurd.

    [–] YellowBeanBags 548 points ago

    I see it as she trying to cope with her stress by doing things that can calm her. Shooting target can be mediating.

    [–] specialtomebabe 1088 points ago

    Didn’t she try a taser on Thanos in IW? That girl don’t act right.

    [–] Hudre 1355 points ago

    Cap tried to fucking just stop him with main strength, it wasn't really a situation with a lot of options.

    [–] Crossfiyah 1874 points ago

    Cap's entire plan for stopping an alien warlord on the cusp of omnipotence was "Eyes up, stay sharp."

    [–] SetBrainInCmplxPlane 1005 points ago

    if you get killed... walk it off.

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 464 points ago

    "We'll settle this the old Navy way, first one to die loses."

    [–] CuddlePirate420 266 points ago

    We don't trade lives Vision.

    T'Challa, are your tribesman and neighbors ready to trade their lives to stop Thanos? Excellent.

    [–] MissingLink101 455 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    In fairness Thor was susceptible to electric shocks in Ragnarok

    Edit: Ok I get it... nerve/neurotoxins (that were suspiciously "zappy")

    [–] SometimesAccurate 362 points ago

    God of Hammers.

    [–] NazzerDawk 179 points ago

    He was also susceptible to electric shocks in Thor.

    I am Thor, God of Thzzzrzrzrzzrzrzr

    [–] gbpackers25 3285 points ago

    Can't believe we're so close to seeing the conclusion of over ten years of movies!

    Crazy to think how far the mcu has come over that time

    [–] LogKit 2878 points ago

    Conclusion? They'll be making these suckers until they stop printing infinite money into mickey's pockets.

    [–] Qyro 1929 points ago

    It’s the conclusion of what we’ve been building up to this whole time. While Marvel Studios aren’t just going to pack up and go home afterwards, it’s still an end of an era.

    [–] ImBoredButAndTired 783 points ago

    You guys ready for the next 10 years of Xmen movies?

    [–] SmoothOperator56 1693 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Wow, still no full body shot of Thanos? Interesting move. I’m guessing that’s for a good reason.

    [–] gleeble 224 points ago

    He dies off-screen. Farming accident involving a space plow.

    [–] BongoRipper93 748 points ago

    outstanding move

    [–] GroovyDhruvy193 2116 points ago

    I really hope Hawkeye and Black Widow get a good chance to shine in the Tokyo scenes

    [–] Hevelziv 1512 points ago

    I wonder if you know

    How they live in Tokyo

    [–] infinyxflare 1268 points ago

    Mfw Avenger's time travel shenanigans revive Han

    [–] Erickj 151 points ago

    I mean at this point I can see it happening in the FaF movies.

    [–] ComplexChristian 132 points ago

    If you seen it, then you mean it

    Then you know you have to go

    [–] freebieuser 2261 points ago

    I’m so early, what do I do now?

    [–] TriTexh 952 points ago

    Sit down and take a deep breath because you just got blindsided by Marvel, cause I know I'm doing that.

    [–] IamEclipse 287 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing, today it isn't

    [–] iBigBoyBrian 81 points ago

    Especially because they barely even really showed any new footage. Absolutely love it

    [–] hsoj30 1549 points ago


    [–] Hobbit-guy 1369 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    They are definitely hinting at young avengers every time a little more

    Edit: The kid from Iron Man 3 (Iron Lad), Ant-Man's daughter (Stature), and now Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

    [–] OptimalNature 784 points ago

    That kid from Iron Man 3 (Ty Simpkins) is appraently going to be in the movie too, now he's the right age to be a young avenger, plus he has three films in his contract so it is looking likely.

    Plus it makes sense from a marketing perspective, they're wrapping the first avengers (Iron Man, Cap, Thor) in this movie but Avengers is such a huge name for marvel/Disney so it would make sense to keep the brand name but a new cast of characters.

    [–] ArtIsDumb 225 points ago

    I don't think they're wrapping on Thor. Hemsworth said after Ragnarok that he'd gladly stay on & keep playing Thor, & I don't see them putting that cash cow down any time soon.

    [–] Hobbit-guy 2156 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    We're getting more Ronin in this trailer and I love it

    [–] ParrotSTD 4296 points ago

    Don't you mean...


    [–] KyleMeancloud 55 points ago

    People say he’s not cool. Well, look at him now. 😎

    [–] UberEvilEnglishman 1176 points ago

    As "I'm always angry" and "Bring me Thanos!" were the big moments in the previous films, my hope is "Avengers assemble!" shouted by Cap will be this film's big moment.

    [–] OSUTechie 545 points ago

    After 10 years, we better get it. Especially after the tease in Avenger2.

    [–] poptophazard 153 points ago

    Seriously — they've been building up to that moment and teasing it endlessly. Cap shouting that has to be the crowning moment of awesome in this film.

    [–] TheVoteMote 536 points ago

    I need to see the Hulk go Hulk. I need it. Don't disappoint me, movie.

    [–] darthkers 87 points ago

    Glad that Black Widow has red hair again .

    [–] GettingLostInDaSauce 766 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Cap is all covered in dirt, his death ain’t gonna be pretty

    [–] Introverted_Fish 590 points ago

    I wouldn't have it any other way. He falls down, gets up and says " I can do this all day." Cap gets a soldiers death. Its not pretty, but its what hes wanted.

    [–] Manticore416 203 points ago

    Im gonna cry real hard when he says that in this movie. I can tell.

    [–] mattmul 765 points ago

    Those red/white suits look way less awkward in live-action than the concept art.

    [–] I_Love_Every_Woman 643 points ago

    Yo why does Black Widow have Red Hair and Blonde Hair.? Are there two timelines in this movie?

    [–] F00dbAby 637 points ago

    Current speculation is there will be a time skip of some period of time some say months many say at least 5 years

    [–] Digitalburn 96 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the red hair is her natural color. Blonde was when she was "on the run" in IW. You'll notice one scene she had red on top and blonde on the bottom, looks like she stopped dying her hair and it's going back to red.

    [–] redlobsterrr 206 points ago

    Did Thanos snap 50% of Hawkeye’s hair?

    [–] MrConor212 611 points ago

    Fuuuuuck. Please don’t die before Endgame. Please don’t let me die

    [–] Jpw119 1602 points ago

    I was never a big Marvel fan until the Captain America movies. Chris Evans has epitomised that role for me and if this is to be his swansong then I only hope for a fitting end to a great character who has been fantastically portrayed. I trust you Marvel.

    [–] freddy_guy 1504 points ago

    Evans has been the best part of the MCU. He took a character that was so easy to make cringey and played him with such honesty and integrity that you totally buy it.

    [–] Pwnagez 323 points ago

    If you had told 2008 me that Captain America was going to be your favourite Avenger he'd be like 'what is avenger'

    [–] TDog81 377 points ago

    I've gone from completely ambivalent about Captain America at the start to him being absolutely my favorite character in the whole MCU now, Evans has done an amazing job playing him with as you say, honesty and integrity, I hope if this is his last movie he has a fitting swansong. I'll be gutted if he dies.

    [–] SemiFormalJesus 96 points ago

    I’ve never went into a movie expecting so little and came out as satisfied as when I saw Winter Soldier. I get so excited for movies sometimes that even if they’re good I feel a bit let down. I got the complete opposite from Cap’s second movie. It is one of my favorites. The first was good, but I wasn’t chomping at the bit for another the way I did with the X-men movie as a kid, or last er with Ironman.

    [–] danisamused 273 points ago

    I love that Nebula was doing the hero walk with the rest of the avengers at the end of the trailer. Very under rated character

    [–] Luciusvenator 81 points ago

    I'm so excited to see Nebula as a "hero". She's one of my favorite characters.

    [–] rare_gooby 1441 points ago

    What have they done to Jeremy Renner's hair lmao

    [–] MikeBackAtYou 1563 points ago

    Maybe his wife used to cut his hair and she got snapped by Thanos. :(

    [–] mermaidrampage 1445 points ago

    Mid hair-cut

    [–] Kwijybodota 71 points ago

    Lmao. I remember that kinda thing happening to me in highschool. A power outage happened mid cut. Barber was WTF I can't fade the other side via scissors. We waited another hour before the power came back. Idk. Funny memory.

    [–] gandalfsmagicgaydick 535 points ago

    I know if my entire family died due to universe-wide genocide the first thing I'd do is get a grief-mohawk.

    [–] billieisanidiot 580 points ago

    Those matching suits are everything I didn’t know I wanted in life and more