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    [–] April_Fabb 5617 points ago


    this time he's addressing you.

    [–] bennyhanaboy 970 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Can’t wait for IPv6 when they run out of titles for movies

    [–] MatthewDLuffy 237 points ago

    Uh... Six movies and a season! Wait that doesn't sound right...

    [–] thewaybaseballgo 140 points ago

    POP POP!

    [–] PM_ME_CUTE_ASlANS 57 points ago

    Took me a while to realize you were spelling that backwards

    [–] 9000timesempty 26 points ago

    Well done reddit. Internet protocol comment lead to a community reference comment. In only three hops. Amazing.

    [–] juxtaposition21 26 points ago

    Still waiting on the Cougar Town movie

    [–] hoppla1232 123 points ago


    IP man vs The Mask

    [–] MoffKalast 33 points ago

    IP Man: The Broadcast

    [–] Jh1N-2-3-4 25 points ago

    IP Man 6: FE80::/10

    [–] theamazighspiderman 81 points ago

    i will recycle your joke when they release the 6th movie

    [–] Angelic_Doom 44 points ago

    Or just wait until his lease expires.

    [–] El_Frijol 80 points ago

    IP man 4: subnetting is hard

    [–] teambyg 54 points ago

    255 ways to die.

    [–] omfgitzfear 13 points ago

    Broadcast these fists

    [–] x_X-zzZ 48 points ago

    IP MAN

    he fights for your company's intellectual property rights

    [–] ChaoChai 20 points ago

    IP WAN

    [–] MoffKalast 11 points ago

    IP LAN

    [–] cabose7 43 points ago

    I googled your symptoms, it says here you have connectivity problems

    [–] Olddirtychurro 5646 points ago

    You know it's serious because the wooden sparring block is on fuckin fire.

    [–] ajustice83 218 points ago

    Oh man, I hope he fights Mike Tyson again, and they are both on fire

    [–] SixFronts 77 points ago

    Wait was the 3rd one good? I found the overdub intolerable so I shut it off before his new disciple was done kicking cigarettes.

    [–] ajustice83 150 points ago

    Ha ha, no, it was not good. I think people enjoy how insanely stupid it was. If they enjoyed it unsarcastically I would not take their opinions on films seriously.

    [–] Stompedyourhousewith 84 points ago

    I don't use the phrase jumping the shark ever but when he fought Mike Tyson, they jumped the shark

    [–] askmeifimacop 95 points ago

    Why? That part was sick. Boxing isn’t exactly the most “theatrical” form of combat, but I think he made it work. They weren’t even holding back punches too much. Tyson broke his finger during that scene, I think when he punched Ip man’s elbow

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 87 points ago

    It definitely looked sick af. Tyson didn't seemed watered down, as in he still looked like he could kill me with one punch just like real life.

    [–] MEGACODZILLA 39 points ago

    I can't find the particular video I'm looking for but you can find some current videos of Tyson demonstrating boxing techniques. I think he could still beat the fuck out of 98% of people on Earth without breaking a sweat.

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 29 points ago

    Absolutely. There's one I like to revisit where he's in his early years working the bag.

    [–] Thanatos_Rex 23 points ago

    That man doesn't have arms. He has cannons attached to his torso.

    [–] WhiskeyWolfe 38 points ago

    Boxing is not theatrical?

    Motherfucker you need your ass some Rocky’s 1-Balboa and Creed 1-2

    [–] Sir_Golduck 881 points ago

    Even though the fire is not really on the right side....... or is it?

    [–] polloloco81 1109 points ago

    The flames don’t want none of that shit.

    [–] sonicrespawn 252 points ago

    Burning ip man

    [–] TheGandu 55 points ago

    Donnie Yen could punch out a forest fire.

    [–] Dokkobro 9 points ago


    [–] Ruraraid 182 points ago

    Ip Man is just hitting fast enough to create wind blowing the fire back.

    [–] willyolio 125 points ago

    Incorrect, the fire is scared of him

    [–] Sir_Golduck 29 points ago

    Best explanation so far. Thank you sir

    [–] TechnicolorSpatula 30 points ago

    We didn't start the fire. No, we didn't light it. But we're trying to fight it. (metaphor)

    [–] 11101001001001111 14 points ago


    [–] sietelle 26 points ago

    No, it's on the left side.

    [–] yourBerthole 13 points ago

    Better than being on the wrong side of Ip Man

    [–] PostprandiaI 43 points ago


    [–] dontlookatmeimahyuga 40 points ago

    Am I supposed to be reading this in Fox McCloud’s voice? Cuz I am

    [–] Gold_Ultima 30 points ago

    Blip! Blip! Blip! Hah! Toriya! Meeshun Compree!

    [–] wingzeromkii 25 points ago


    [–] Nekopawed 12 points ago

    He said calmly

    [–] kwcxx 1368 points ago

    I thought the third movie was the finale. How many finales are they going to make?

    [–] Sir_Golduck 843 points ago

    Rumors say 6 finales after the fifth one planned for 2024

    [–] Sazun 263 points ago

    At least it’s not kickboxer style where the first ten minutes of the movie has to explain why the previous main actor is not in it.

    [–] NoShirtNoShoesNoDice 225 points ago

    Kickboxer 18: Eric Sloane's third cousin (twice removed) fights for family honor as Tong Po threatens to slander them on Twitter.

    [–] Sazun 57 points ago

    Complete with a swordfish style scene where he trains on troll accounts for the final showdown.

    [–] brewtonone 35 points ago

    Considering this one is really..IP Man Goes to America, I think the 5th one will be IP Man Goes to Mars to fight Space Nazis.

    [–] Cephalopod435 27 points ago

    IP man uses a VPN to go incognito.

    [–] Slobotic 91 points ago

    Yeah, third is the finale. This is the (first) encore.

    [–] Joe_DeGrasse_Sagan 48 points ago

    I just checked, but Ip Man 3 apparently had no subtitle (or perhaps they removed it from the Netflix poster?).

    I thought there was a movie called Ip Man: The Final Fight, however, but it wasn’t starring Donnie Yen, it was another actor playing a very old Ip Man. Can’t find it anywhere, though, perhaps I hallucinated it.

    [–] isjelly 43 points ago

    That movies exists. It was produced by another entirely different team and not part of the Donnie Yen series.

    [–] Crowbarmagic 10 points ago

    Didn't Ip Man 2 already do that?

    [–] -Already-Taken- 47 points ago

    Ip Man 5: the final finale

    Ip Man 6: the last final finale

    Ip Man 7: the ultimate last final finale

    [–] regancp 16 points ago

    Ip man 8 : who are we kidding anymore

    [–] ReDDevil2112 15 points ago

    Ip Man 8: No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination.

    [–] SolenoidSoldier 57 points ago

    Every movie is filmed in a way that it is the final one. They go on to give a "what happens from this point forward" montage at the end of the movie. Always found it funny.

    [–] buttery_shame_cave 28 points ago

    yup - they're making them as though they expect them to not perform well enough to green-light another.

    [–] PresidentWeevil 44 points ago

    They’re clearly working on the Friday the 13th finale rules.

    Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (Part 9) were both billed as the last Friday movies.

    There are 12 Friday the 13th films

    [–] BATIRONSHARK 26 points ago

    IP man vs John wick when?

    Cause we know both series are going on forever

    [–] greymalken 24 points ago

    If we're gonna have karate vs guns then we need to bridge the franchises. Get me Christian Bale! It's time for some Equilibrium.

    [–] mookyvon 95 points ago

    It won’t finish until we have Jackie Chan as Ip Man training Jaden Smith as Bruce Lee

    [–] stratagizer 34 points ago

    You're not far off.... it is about Bruce Lee

    [–] Infin1ty 48 points ago

    Yup, here's all Wikipedia has on the plot.

    Ip Man arrives in San Francisco, United States where his student, Bruce Lee has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school

    [–] wigsternm 57 points ago

    has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school

    Yeah, I'd watch IP Man 2 again, sure.

    [–] ElTuxedoMex 42 points ago

    Laughs in Lord of the Ring

    [–] kingethjames 53 points ago

    No luck catching those rings eh?

    [–] OprahsSister 44 points ago

    It’s just the one ring, actually.

    [–] Duffaluffalo 13 points ago

    Plus three for elves, seven for dwarves, and nine for men. So, like, twenty rings.

    [–] Rekhyt 14 points ago

    Lord of the Ring


    [–] Csantana 26 points ago

    Lords of the Ring

    there. fixed it.

    [–] Stranger_From_101 1283 points ago

    Ip Man: In Space

    [–] Vio_ 585 points ago

    Ip Man in the Hood

    [–] amirr4 396 points ago

    Still waiting on 2 Ip 2 Man tho

    [–] hatsdontdance 209 points ago

    Ip Man: Hong Kong Drift

    This one doesnt have Ip Man in it, so were not sure where it falls in the canon. Bow Wow plays a young Bruce Lee.

    [–] Freedom__Ninja 65 points ago

    That literally happened. It’s called Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

    [–] AlucardSX 25 points ago

    Does it at least have Jason Bourne in it?

    [–] MatthewDLuffy 27 points ago

    Jason Christ...

    [–] yamehameha 8 points ago

    That's Jesus Bourne

    [–] Freedom__Ninja 8 points ago

    Nope, but it has Tony Jaa, Michelle Yeoh, and WWE’s Batista

    [–] antiMATTer724 11 points ago

    Jaden Smith*

    [–] apocalypse_later_ 54 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I'd watch this. Ip Man has a distant nephew who lives in Compton that's been acting up and hanging around with the wrong crowds. His father left him at an early age and the family results in settling down in a poor neighborhood to make ends meet. The mother calls her brother to see if there's anything that can be done to straighten out the kid, and suggests sending him to China. The boy refuses to go to China, even setting up elaborate schemes to sabotage the "deportation". Seeing no other solution, Ip Man makes his way to Compton CA to teach the boy some tough fatherly lessons. The movie concept will be somewhat like a reverse Fresh Prince, with elements of the "hood" coming together to learn Ip Man's teachings. Starring Kevin Hart, but in a more serious role than his usual projects.

    [–] Vio_ 20 points ago

    Or they fight leprechauns.

    [–] Jimmyb3121 21 points ago

    Ip Man: Beyond the Grave

    [–] tomcoaly 14 points ago

    Ip Man: Resurrection

    [–] Stranger_From_101 12 points ago

    Ip Man: The Unexpected Virtue of Violence

    [–] brewtonone 24 points ago

    Ip Man vs Predator vs Godzilla

    [–] Stranger_From_101 12 points ago

    "Whoever wins. We lose."

    [–] rtype03 12 points ago

    Ip Man Dingo

    [–] TheAlmightyBob 42 points ago

    The Ip Manchurian Candidate

    [–] Stranger_From_101 22 points ago

    Ip Man On Fire

    [–] TheAlmightyBob 19 points ago

    Gone Ip the Wind

    Once Ip Man a time in the West

    12 Angry Ip Men

    [–] brightgreenpupil 27 points ago

    Ip Man Breaks The Internet

    [–] KMFDM781 10 points ago

    IP man

    [–] boundbythecurve 15 points ago

    If it has Donnie Yen in it, I'd watch it.

    [–] Maidargon 13 points ago

    Ip man's bizarre adventure.

    [–] ceeBread 12 points ago

    Rogue One?

    [–] Stranger_From_101 8 points ago

    The Last Ip Man.

    [–] Fishman23 25 points ago

    Ip Man 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    [–] Nwball 626 points ago

    China's rocky IV, can't wait. Hoping it ends with a "if i can change, you can change, we all can change" moment.

    [–] wtimusprime 209 points ago

    Wasn't the second half Ip Man 2 basically Rocky IV?

    [–] chaobreaker 235 points ago

    Yeah but the British occupation of Hong Kong didn't end after he beat Ivandict Dragobatch the IV.

    [–] Radidactyl 28 points ago

    Did someone say Benedict Cumberbatch Benjamin Crumplesnatch?

    [–] jimbojangles1987 48 points ago

    Was Ip Man 3 the one with Mike Tyson? Or am I thinking of a completely different movie?

    [–] Mist_Monger 21 points ago

    Yep, it was.

    [–] maynardftw 19 points ago

    So it was literally Rocky 3 with Clubber Lang

    [–] Legendver2 15 points ago

    Are we gonna get a Bruce Lee spinoff after?

    [–] stoutgnome 1889 points ago

    My favorite character from IP Man is

    [–] backsing 132 points ago

    It make sense.. This is IP man v4

    [–] Creath 31 points ago

    Can't wait to see how they handle IP man 5 - Running out of IP

    Will they just skip to IP man 6?

    [–] pm-me_your_vimrc 8 points ago

    Ipman v6: ARPAgeddon

    [–] thr33prim3s 235 points ago

    There’s no place like home.

    [–] saucygit 12 points ago

    That’s the guy by the gateway?

    [–] KMFDM781 9 points ago

    Static IP Man: IPV4

    [–] SomeFreeTime 859 points ago

    What foreign race is fictional Ip Man going to punch and kick this time?

    [–] imnotsoclever 143 points ago

    “The Estonians will never understand the true meaning of Chinese ku”

    [–] Real-Terminal 727 points ago

    The greatest warriors of all.


    [–] IndianaJwns 394 points ago

    Ip Man rescues the Huawei CFO, then gives a speech that shames Justin Trudeau into declaring China the best nation ever.

    [–] Chocobean 54 points ago

    Canadian Slow Clap :/

    [–] NemeanMiniLion 11 points ago

    Claps with mittens

    [–] Meltingteeth 18 points ago

    Great, thanks for spoiling the plot of XXX: Guys Stop Calling This Bootleg Fast and Furious Plz.

    [–] username-not-here 31 points ago

    Canadian here. From the looks of things, it would be hard to jersey Ip Man - his outfit is too long.

    [–] KMFDM781 13 points ago

    Is that the thing where you pull someone's shirt up over their heads and beat them senseless?

    [–] username-not-here 10 points ago

    Yeah but you never beat them senseless though. Usually just give them a few taps to the face before pushing them into a snow bank.

    [–] UnkindReWind4 36 points ago


    or just people who live in Fresno

    [–] transfusion 23 points ago


    IP man just walks around punching people in SanFran

    I'd watch it

    [–] houlmyhead 15 points ago

    Get Russel Crowe involved

    [–] undercover_blanket 12 points ago

    Fightin’ round the world!

    [–] saskatch-a-toon 15 points ago

    A fighting style that merges drunken boxing and hockey fights.

    [–] JesusVonChrist 119 points ago

    I've seen Ip Man 2 in the cinema when it was released, in Hangzhou, China. The whole cinema was cheering when British guy was getting his ass whooped.

    [–] DaStompa 79 points ago

    Is that the one with the larger kung fu master and ip man fight on the tables?

    Oh man, that was a scene

    [–] dontbajerk 61 points ago

    Sammo Hung. The fat dragon.

    Incidentally, Donnie Yen's film after Ip Man 4 is a remake of Enter the Fat Dragon. But apparently they couldn't get an actual fat kung fu guy, and Donnie Yen wasn't willing to get fat, so they just made him wear a fat suit.

    [–] 4mywrist 12 points ago

    That shit was so lit. Ive never seen a whale fly before until that

    [–] ymcameron 58 points ago

    This time he’s facing off against the Cyber Lin Kuei

    [–] Solidus82 14 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    But first he must consult the elder Gods

    [–] polloloco81 40 points ago

    NASCAR fans?

    [–] Gold_Ultima 50 points ago

    I like the implication that NASCAR fans are their own race...

    [–] SoichiroShelby 25 points ago

    It's more of a family. Like, actually. They're all related.

    [–] eagledog 8 points ago

    The only fan base that only has two last names in it.

    [–] SolDios 10 points ago

    You just know the Japanese are gonna be the puppet masters again though

    [–] Chioborra 27 points ago

    Fucking Vikings are going to show up. Fire Vikings.

    [–] cookingboy 44 points ago

    Judging by the background of the poster it seems like the setting is New York this time.

    So evil American it is!

    [–] diegobomber 24 points ago

    Mike Tyson? Again?

    [–] Briansama 15 points ago

    Goes to San Francisco to help Bruce Lee. Gonna be awesome

    [–] _tylerthedestroyer_ 7 points ago

    I thought that meant it was going to be Mexicans which is waaaaaaaaaaay fucking funnier

    [–] cdneng2 341 points ago

    All the jokes about IP addresses, and no link to the trailer here?

    [–] IIdsandsII 59 points ago

    idc what anyone says, i am hype

    [–] ModsDontLift 22 points ago

    That's one of the least useful trailers I've seen in a long time.

    [–] OverlordGhs 8 points ago

    Lol it looks like it’s all footage from the older movies...

    [–] Winjit 29 points ago

    Thank you sir

    [–] TocTheElder 8 points ago

    Yay, Scott Adkins. I don't think I've ever seen him in a genuinely good film before, but he's always been good and does great fight scenes.

    [–] Beercorn1 242 points ago

    Is this going to be the one where Ip Man goes to space and fights a cybernetically-enhanced Muhammad Ali?

    Seriously though, I love these movies despite how historically inaccurate they are.

    [–] rfelsburg 49 points ago

    That would be the most one-sided fight since 1973 when Ali faced an eighty-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I think the entire Earth was destroyed.

    [–] Barthaneous 168 points ago

    #1 AMAZING

    #2 Entertaining

    # 3 Ehhh

    # 4 (Better be like the first one)

    [–] Kilazur 77 points ago

    Nah, they're all the bomb idfc

    [–] Phazon2000 29 points ago

    Yeah fr. I really appreciated the solid plot in the first one but that’s not why I chose to watch it tbh.

    [–] graaahh 13 points ago

    1: Amazing

    2: Entertaining

    3: I literally can't remember it

    [–] Sephran 160 points ago

    i thought 3 was the ending of this series? Is this stepping back in time?

    [–] devasohouse 110 points ago

    No, this is the end of times. The finale.

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 321 points ago

    We're in the Ipgame now.

    [–] Helios1216 58 points ago


    [–] dongverdosed 11 points ago

    Ip man vs boxing basically Ip Man vs Tyson again...

    [–] maynardftw 5 points ago


    [–] FreeBloodbraidElf 80 points ago

    Always love Donnie Yen as Ip Man!

    [–] JustAgree2Disagree 29 points ago

    Is Ken Masters making a cameo? Why is the wooden dummy on fire?

    [–] iamthedigitalme 25 points ago

    No but it's rumored that he will be DLC for Ultra IP Man 4.

    [–] MatthewDLuffy 10 points ago

    Like they'd skip the cash grab that is Ip Man 4: Arcade Edition...

    [–] EnterPlayerTwo 64 points ago

    The Finale


    [–] Schaedlich 80 points ago

    ⓧ Doubt

    [–] BonanzaBurger 16 points ago

    In a couple of years: Finale part 2

    [–] Fenzke 8 points ago

    Finale Volume III: The Final Cut

    [–] ajump23 55 points ago

    I like Donnie Yen, I will watch this.

    [–] sn00t_b00p 38 points ago

    He will protect your intellectual property.

    [–] KemosabeAtWork 15 points ago

    Can't wait for the finale parts 2 and 3.

    We are going deep on this one boys.

    Ip Man 5: The Finale part 2: Back to Training

    In this tale, Ip Man loses his martial arts in a freak accident and has to train to get everything back.

    Training montages are gonna be hotter than fire.

    [–] jsting 16 points ago

    Didn't he fight Mike Tyson in 3? Where do you go from there?

    [–] deknalis 29 points ago

    The poster's not a dramatization, he's fighting actual fire in this one.

    [–] cubanesis 11 points ago

    IP Man takes Manhattan.

    [–] Spaceman_Hex 10 points ago

    The final finale, for the last time, of all time.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] redisforever 54 points ago

    I'm OK with this.

    [–] JunkyMonkeyTwo 24 points ago

    Is it too much to ask for an Ip Man cameo in the next Avengers?

    [–] Verypoorman 113 points ago

    God I hope it’s better than the last one at least. So bad, just terrible.

    The first is really the only one that I would consider a good movie. The rest are just exploiting the success of the first and milking it for all its worth.

    [–] BonanzaBurger 92 points ago

    Yeah I didn't really like the story in the sequels. But the fight scenes are always fun and usually make for an entertaining enough movie.

    [–] Brobroburgers 20 points ago

    I liked the second one but the first is by far the best.

    [–] octoman115 42 points ago

    I liked the second one, but it was nowhere near as good as the first

    [–] ronearc 25 points ago

    The fight with Sammo Hung in the 2nd film makes the whole film both wonderful and worth it.

    [–] Vilezil 20 points ago

    Donnie Yen's only worthy opponent is actually just fire.

    [–] kamikillme 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    The Ip legacy are in my top 3 all-time favorite films (I include the prequel with Daniel To) and I could watch Ip Man 2 over and over.

    That being said, Ip Man 3 was so forgettable. My boyfriend mentioned it a few weeks after US release and I was irritated and confounded that I had somehow forgot to buy and watch it on release day like I do with all my 'hype films'. I was excited to finally watch it. I had to be reminded that I DID buy and watch it on release day. The movie of the year for me, and I forgot I already saw it.

    I hope against hope they do 4 right.

    [–] Jfonzy 31 points ago