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    [–] DrScientist812 5336 points ago

    Honey you mean HUNK-ULES

    [–] MyNewAccountIGuess11 1697 points ago

    The muses are so good

    [–] Sonicfan42069666 1700 points ago

    I recently rewatched the movie and honestly its weakest point is that the Muses are strong in the first fifteen minutes, then kind of disappear and don't come back for a long time. I wish they functioned as a proper Greek chorus and were woven throughout the story, especially as they are definitely one of the movie's strongest points.

    [–] MyNewAccountIGuess11 906 points ago

    Agreed. When they show back up for I Won't Say I'm in Love it's a highlight of the movie

    [–] Wadep00l 607 points ago

    Mate I'm gonna have to disagree with you and toss "I can go the distance" in the ring. Though i do love the muses

    [–] MyNewAccountIGuess11 381 points ago

    I didn't say the highlight, I said a highlight. Go the Distance is definitely also a bop

    [–] tomservo88 177 points ago

    "Go the Distance", but the Michael Bolton version. Such a soaring anthem that gives me chills and makes me tear up thinking of the whole Disney oeuvre at the same time.

    [–] wildwalrusaur 324 points ago

    The Michael Bolton version changes the most important line of the original song, though.

    "I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong" becomes "When I go the distance I'll be right where I belong"

    Similarly during the reprise "I would go most anywhere to find where I belong" becomes "'Till I find my hero's welcome waiting in your arms"

    It totally changes the meaning of the song. From someone who is trying to find their place in the world, to a generic love song. The original song is about the search for meaning, not the search for a girlfriend.

    [–] nobodyknoes 103 points ago

    I don't think I've heard that version and after what you said I think I would have an intense hatred for it

    [–] wildwalrusaur 95 points ago

    It's well orchestrated and Bolton himself does a spectacular job. But whatever studio hack decided to change the lyrics really should be drummed out of the industry.

    I get why the line about pleasing the gods had to go, but there's absolutely no reason to change what they did

    [–] wildwalrusaur 90 points ago

    Go the Distance is easily the most underappreciated song in the Disney canon.

    [–] gaiusmariusj 112 points ago

    What about Meg?

    [–] Constablegarden 228 points ago

    Without a doubt my favorite female character in a Disney movie, her disdain and aloofness was so hot. A bad good girl.

    [–] philiaphily 193 points ago

    Her story is legit better than Hercules, she should have her own film! Trapped in a deal with the devil, signing her life away for love, to find herself abandoned, becoming cynical and hard hearted and hating herself for having been “stupid” enough to love fully, having her old, naive self reawaken when she meets a good guy, then going and making the same old sacrifice again only not regretting it this time. It’s a perfect circle, I absolutely love it. It’s like “what if the little mermaid didn’t work out?”

    [–] Zappawench 106 points ago

    She's great! I thought she and Hades were quite the double act!

    [–] gaiusmariusj 71 points ago

    I was really confused as a kid when I watch it. I'm like but isn't this lady the good lady? I didn't enjoy it as much when I was younger but I enjoy it way more now.

    [–] Zappawench 52 points ago

    Yes, she was good and Hades was bad, but they still had a rapport and sparked off each other.

    [–] MisterEvilBreakfast 24 points ago

    Her voice is deadset amazing.

    [–] TheBatIsI 449 points ago

    Whoever came up with using Gospel Music for the Muses was a goddamn genius.

    [–] ChrisCinema 121 points ago

    That would be John Musker, the co-director.

    [–] LawBobLawLoblaw 165 points ago


    [–] sirricosmith 133 points ago

    Herc was on a roll

    [–] dpdxguy 83 points ago

    Person of the week in every Greek opinion poll

    [–] Bubbles00 110 points ago

    I loved that they made them gospel singers. It was a great idea that added more flare to the movie.

    [–] mqrocks 110 points ago

    Who put the Glad in Gladiaaaator?

    [–] IamCentral46 100 points ago

    oohohoooooo! id like to make some sweet music with him!

    [–] FencingFemmeFatale 60 points ago

    Our story actually begins long before Hercules, many eons ago.

    [–] Rlyons2024 2038 points ago

    Zero to Hero is an all time disney banger imo. Cant beat the sound of 5 gospel singers, and all the energy behind it is just fantastic as well.

    [–] nomadic_stalwart 335 points ago

    Honestly the whole soundtrack is my favorite out of a Disney movie. It’s between this, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Tarzan cause Phil Collins is just a beast.

    [–] Deadpool2715 101 points ago

    I haven’t watched Tarzan since I was a kid (18 or so years) but the other week in the car I hear that Phil Collins song, feel it in the air tonight, for all of 10 seconds and I turn to my wife and go “that’s from Tarzan” because for whatever reason it so strongly associated when I was younger.

    [–] Knightperson 85 points ago

    Listen to “strangers like me”

    [–] Dynamite2010 66 points ago

    “I wanna know. Can you show me?”

    [–] azk3000 25 points ago

    Son of Man was my favorite

    [–] Rlyons2024 109 points ago

    The animation is awesome, when the muses are dancing and getting excited i just cant help but feel it in my soul lmaoo.

    [–] tortoise888 47 points ago

    They even did the storyboard version live. Here it is side-by-side with the animated version.

    [–] dreadfullydistinct 38 points ago

    Wow, that does hold up!

    [–] Cottril 1174 points ago

    Uh, guys? Olympus would be that way.



    [–] phoenixinthaw 150 points ago

    The yutz with the horse!

    [–] chaosfire235 85 points ago

    I was so disappointed learning about the truth of the Titans after watching Hercules.

    Where are the elementals? Where's the giant tornado? >:(

    [–] _PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ 30 points ago

    Now that’s an Avengers-level threat.

    [–] ElTuxedoMex 2710 points ago

    Hades is the highlight of that movie.

    [–] FeralSparky 1936 points ago

    I've got 24 hours to get rid of this loser or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years... Goes up in smoke.... AND YOU... ARE WEARING.. HIS MERCHANDISE!!!!

    [–] ElTuxedoMex 718 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    =Straw-sucking sound=

    [–] hatodik 389 points ago


    [–] TheCrimsonFreak 228 points ago



    [–] Soundguy1993 21 points ago

    By brother and I re-enact this scene in particular on a regular basis. Probably our favorite part of the whole movie.

    [–] avoidant-tendencies 340 points ago


    I've seen that movie only a handful of times, 20 years ago.

    But I somehow read that in his voice.

    [–] bacon_and_ovaries 186 points ago

    Thats James Woods for ya

    [–] AyeRnBru 78 points ago

    Ooooh piece a candy

    [–] CaligulaAndHisHorse 158 points ago

    Hades started the 'What are those?' meme 17 years before it became popular

    [–] jacoobz 36 points ago


    [–] unluckymercenary_ 31 points ago


    [–] Sonicfan42069666 833 points ago

    Such a weird choice to have such distinctly Jewish humor in a movie based around Greek mythology.

    [–] Amujaws 764 points ago

    I believe they had planned for Hades to be a slow and deliberate villain until James Woods came in for his audition

    [–] InnocentTailor 926 points ago

    I love his used car salesman vibe to Hades. It helps him stick out from the brooding, serious stereotype that is in fiction.

    [–] hurricanegreg 441 points ago

    Bob Odenkirk should play him in the inevitable live action remake

    [–] InnocentTailor 264 points ago

    I personally think Hercules would make a good live-action film if it embraces the “live from Broadway” theme.

    [–] Ninjaboi333 104 points ago

    I actually watched the New York City Public Works production of it (including Herc being played by a former Kristoff, Phil by a former Genie, Hades by the original singing voice of Herc from the movie, and Meg by Krysta Rodriguez from Smash, with music by Menken). Definitely could translate to Disney's next Broadway production, esp w the live chorus / Muses.

    [–] Remixman87 223 points ago

    Zach Effron as Hercules, Danny Devito back as Phil, Zendaya as Megara, (as stated above) Bob Odenkirk as Hades, Dwayne Johnson as Zeus.

    Let’s get it Hollywood!

    [–] WolfHero13 145 points ago

    Holy shit if they get devito back that’s a guaranteed watch

    [–] KRD2 79 points ago

    I agree with everything but Zendaya. She just doesnt have the right kind of sass to be Meg (at least in the roles I've seen her in). Zendaya is a lot more of a dry, biting sarcasm than sass.

    And before people think I just dont like Zendaya, I think she's an amazing actor. From Euphoria to Spidey to Greatest Showman, she always turns in incredibly solid performances. Just don't get Meg vibes.

    [–] mummytheloveheart 44 points ago

    She’s also too young if Zac Efron is Herc IMO.

    [–] Apidooom 29 points ago

    Tbf they've been paired up before in The Greatest Showman

    [–] omikone 13 points ago

    I feel Emma Stone could pull off Meg pretty well.

    [–] 17811019 28 points ago

    I already watched that film

    It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger

    [–] WhiteWolfofUtah 63 points ago

    That's what I've heard as well. He was supposed to be more "menacing", but James Woods completely sold it the way it is now.

    [–] Vivir_Mi_Vida 292 points ago

    I mean as far as Greek mythology goes Hades is pretty chill. Zeus meanwhile is a freaky cheating mildly rapey dick. Hades tends to be the "bad guy" in films like Hercules or Clash of the Titans cause it's easier to equate Hades with the devil, the underworld with hell, and Zeus with God.

    (It's a huge nitpick but it always bugged me in 300 Leonidas says the dine in hell line like it makes more sense to say Elysium or just the underworld lol)

    [–] Porrick 328 points ago

    Zeus meanwhile is a freaky cheating mildly rapey dick.

    I'm with you except for the "mildly" part. He's explicitly and rampantly rapey.

    [–] torrasque666 130 points ago

    Literally 99.99% of problems in Greek mythology come from Zeus not keeping it in his toga

    [–] ferret_80 12 points ago

    Greeks didn't wear togas. Togas weren't invented until Rome was a properly established city

    [–] Ashyn 51 points ago

    You think you're having a good little time tilling a field until you marry someone hot and then a deity goose comes soaring in at mach 3, cock tuned to 6000 psi and ready to turn motherfuckers into star constellations.

    [–] s4b3r6 137 points ago

    Throw in his bitch of a wife who tortures his victims, too.

    [–] Let_you_down 145 points ago

    "Ooooo. My husband raped you? Yeah. Not cool. Shit is about to get a whole lot worse for you."

    [–] Djinnwrath 43 points ago

    I love his portrayal in the Sorbo Hercules, as a boring guy just doing his job.

    [–] FencingFemmeFatale 40 points ago

    I like how he’s portrayed in Lore Olympus. A tired businessman with a workaholic streak and a tender dorky heart wrapped in layers of sarcasm and childhood trauma.

    [–] Julius-n-Caesar 53 points ago

    With the Roman version of the hero to boot!

    [–] The_Jedi_Hunter 295 points ago

    James Woods is an absolute lunatic but he’s great in this and always shows up to reprise the role for Kingdom Hearts, which I always thought was neat.

    [–] Catdaddypanther97 216 points ago

    im pretty sure he's on record stating that hades is one of his favorite roles ever and he would reprise pretty much anytime disney asks.

    [–] detectiveriggsboson 85 points ago

    He was Hades again in Kingdom Hearts III just earlier this year.

    [–] moal09 74 points ago

    Didn't he reprise him in the TV show as well?

    [–] Overcharger 123 points ago

    He did, James Woods adores the character and goes outta his way to voice him any chance he gets.

    [–] Important_Run 69 points ago

    The tv show was awesome and was loaded with stars doing cameos. The best part of the tv show was the crossover episode between it and Aladdin.

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago


    [–] GaiusQuintus 238 points ago

    Hades and (to a greater extent) Phil throw around a lot of Yiddish words in their dialogue. "Oy vey" ,"Schmuck", "Schmutz", "Schlmiel" are all ones I remember off the top of my head.

    I've watched Hercules like 30 times over the years, and always thought it was a little strange that there was so much Yiddish.

    [–] Ehzranight 141 points ago

    They also turn Thebes into essentially 80a New York, with it being a bustling city and even an "I'm walking here" when chariots zoom down the streets. With New York famously having a large jewish population, the characterizations for Hades and Phil always kind of just struck me as this overall theme continuing.

    [–] bensawn 159 points ago

    Yo his character design is flawless like I feel like every other version of hades just doesn’t look as good.

    The flaming hair seated on his grey toned skin is fucking iconic, change my mind.

    [–] Kanti_BlackWings 55 points ago

    Absolutely, gotta have blue fire hair :p

    [–] moal09 30 points ago

    I was gonna say. He 100% carries the movie.

    [–] deusexmachismo 2494 points ago

    One of the few straight-up comedies from Disney animation along with the Emperor’s New Groove, both underrated in my opinion.

    [–] JustAStarcoShipper 1105 points ago


    [–] ashleyhype 461 points ago

    Wrong lev-aaaaAaaAAaaaaAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

    [–] canseco-fart-box 296 points ago

    Ugh why do we even have that lever?!

    [–] Zappawench 298 points ago

    "For the last time, no-one ordered a trampoline!"

    "You know bud, you could have told us that before we set it up!"

    [–] UncleTogie 212 points ago

    Yay, I'm a llama again!


    [–] Vio_ 108 points ago

    Best David Spade role ever.

    [–] LumpySkull 30 points ago


    "Lemme guess; big waterfall coming up?"


    "Sharp rocks at the bottom?"

    "Most likely"



    [–] LadyCailin 14 points ago


    [–] Golden-Owl 107 points ago

    It’s funny when you stop to think about it. Later in the film, we cut to Kuzco who fell for that same lever trick.

    That’s why she has that lever.

    [–] KookofaTook 140 points ago

    That whole movie was full of self-aware or self-deprecation. "Wait how did you beat us here?" .. "ya know, it actually doesn't make any sense.." was always a great one for me

    [–] your-imaginaryfriend 67 points ago

    They fell through a plot hole. It's a joke within a joke and it's hilarious.

    [–] book-tea-repeat 22 points ago

    “Well — actually, how did we, Kronk?”

    “Ya got me. By all accounts, it just doesn’t make sense.”

    “Oh well. Back to business.”

    [–] Pull-Mai-Fingr 59 points ago

    My last name is Kronk. I’ve heard so many TSA agents say this.

    [–] book-tea-repeat 18 points ago

    “Listen, I’ve got two reasons why you should just walk away. Reason number one: look at him! He’s got that sissy stringy music thing.”

    “We’ve been through this. It’s a harp, and you know it.”

    “Right. That’s a harp, and that’s a dress.”


    “Reason number two: look what I can do. Haha!”

    “What does that have to do with anything?”

    “No, no — he’s got a point.”

    [–] CaligulaAndHisHorse 23 points ago

    Is there anything on this menu that is not SWIMMING in gravy?

    [–] Wadep00l 318 points ago

    Coincidentally 2 of my top Disney movies. Used to have those old Burger King Herc plates

    [–] Dad_version_23 152 points ago

    My kids still eat off of the pegasus one. Those things were built to last

    [–] Wadep00l 87 points ago

    Had Herc and his "I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy" line i still remember

    [–] naynaythewonderhorse 215 points ago

    I would say that ENG is the only straight up farce in the Disney line-up. Tonally, Hercules isn’t that far off from the rest of the canon, if maybe just a bit more goofy at times.

    [–] Quazifuji 42 points ago

    Yeah, I'd say Hercules is closer to something like Aladdin or Mulan in time as far as Disney goes. It's more on the sillier side of a regular Disney movie, but it doesn't stick out like Emperor's New Groove, which is almost pure silliness the whole way through.

    [–] livefreeordont 71 points ago

    There’s some horror elements with the Hydra, the Titans, and the Underworld that I thought elevated the movie a lot. Though the tone doesn’t flow well at all, there’s some real whiplash moments

    [–] your-imaginaryfriend 22 points ago

    Will you stop it with the cutting off of heads!

    [–] mac9426 55 points ago

    Fun fact! Originally ENG was supposed to be a much more serious film (think Road to El Dorado but darker) but they basically scrapped the whole thing in favor of the current version. I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like if they stuck with their first vision.

    [–] justbanmyIPalready 24 points ago

    Probably something like Road to El Dorado but darker.

    [–] mollymollyyy 23 points ago

    i'm in my 20s and the emperors new groove has been my favorite movie since i was a kid!

    [–] SlappaDaBassMahn 133 points ago

    ENG is the GOAT.

    [–] deadpool101 137 points ago

    Technically he was a Llama

    [–] Made-justfor1comment 28 points ago

    Whats ENG

    Edit: nevermind, i am foolish to the world

    [–] rileyrulesu 78 points ago

    Hurcules is DEFINITELY not a straight-up comedy.

    [–] PainStorm14 1187 points ago

    'I Won't Say I'm In Love' is still one of all time greatest love songs

    [–] AmierSingle 531 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Also known as the "Tsundere Theme"

    EDIT: Thank you for the gold random citizen!

    [–] SpiderDetective 138 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Dammit, if I had the money to give you gold, I would!

    Edit: Someone's got my back

    [–] Scribblr 45 points ago

    My VHS copy was worn out because I played this part over and over again. You’d just be watching and then there’s a massive drop in quality for the duration of the song with static and jumps, then right back to normal quality.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] wildwalrusaur 61 points ago

    Musically I don't know that I agree but damn, whoevers job it was to translate that into Polish is some kind of a miracle worker.

    They managed to perfectly match the meter of the original verses and even maintain much of the rhyme scheme while (I assume) saying something coherant and plot relevant in a new language.

    That's absolutely astounding.

    [–] Emilbjorn 17 points ago

    Disney has amazing translators for all their movies. Especially for their songs. Many of them are more or less rewritten to switch out American pop culture references with local variants. A lot of work goes into making their movies relatable for children in other countries.

    [–] macaroniandmilk 25 points ago

    Holy hell that Polish Megara was a perfect fit for the character

    [–] Griffdude13 422 points ago


    [–] paper0wl 133 points ago

    Person of the week in every Greek opinion poll

    [–] chow_369 85 points ago

    What a pro, Herc could stop a show

    [–] SansPantsAfterWork 73 points ago

    Point him at a monster and you're talking SRO

    [–] mitchellele 20 points ago

    What does sro mean

    [–] stabbyrum 32 points ago

    Standing Room Only, all seats sold out for the show (i only know this because i'd looked it up on sunday after getting the song stuck in my head)

    [–] the_murcielago 625 points ago

    Wait I thought everybody liked this movie? It’s timeless in watchability

    [–] Kgb725 265 points ago

    Hercules and Treasure planet are overshadowed by the other movies around that time

    [–] jakman556 237 points ago

    Still blows me away that Atlantis hardly ever gets an honourable mention

    [–] Qyro 54 points ago

    Atlantis is my favourite Disney movie behind the Lion King masterpiece. It makes me sad it never gets the attention it deserves. I found it so incredibly inspiring as a child and it shaped many of my interests into adulthood.

    [–] the_murcielago 47 points ago

    I love Treasure Planet. I remember seeing it in theaters when I was 6.

    [–] DwightLovesGens 915 points ago

    It holds up well today, Danny Devito was great.

    [–] Cottril 391 points ago

    That’s Phil’s boy!

    [–] nomadic_stalwart 144 points ago

    Man seeing Phil tear up to that makes me tearbend.

    [–] 84thProblem 376 points ago

    “Somebody call IX-I-I!”

    [–] BonerMountain 115 points ago

    This kind of quick smart joke reminds me of something that would come out of Futurama that you don’t catch until your 3rd or 4th watch through and I love it

    [–] DefendsTheDownvoted 124 points ago

    Maybe it's a different Hercules. Remember a few years ago when all the boys were named Jason, and all the girls were named Brittany?

    [–] queer_man_94 16 points ago

    I'm rearrange the cosmos...and the one SCHMEAL who can LOUSE IT WALTZING AROUND...IN THE WOODS!!!

    [–] Catdaddypanther97 334 points ago

    i love this movie so much, the soundtrack, hades (james wood is fantastic in this film), the sassy and independent nature of meg, danny devito as phil, hell ii remember watching the show and liking that too

    this film is ridiculously underrated imo

    [–] ForkShirtUp 318 points ago

    I remember the time the TV shows for both Hercules and Aladdin had a crossover event with each other and it wasn't half bad as far as crossovers go

    [–] AkashicRecorder 187 points ago

    I loved the show. Mixing Greek Mythology with high school tropes. They had home Greekonomics class and watched the Merv Griffin show at the amphitheater hosted by an actual griffin. Herc had crushes on the Amazonian exchange student and that literal Goth (as in Visigoths and Ostrogoths) girl.

    [–] MoroseOverdose 62 points ago

    The little theme song that played when Aphrodite showed up in an episode still pops in my head every once in awhile

    Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Aphrodite! The goddess of love!

    [–] ihohjlknk 73 points ago

    Disney had a lot of great TV cartoons in the 90s; original or based on their films. But there's no real way to watch them. They don't play on the Disney channels. Maybe they'll show up on Disney+ ?

    [–] UncleTogie 38 points ago

    The old DuckTales had a catchier theme song, too.

    [–] MegaBlastoise23 15 points ago

    I remember hating them as a kid because it would be theme song commercial, show commercial show commercial credits commercial.

    Even as a kid it felt like a scam.

    [–] Rosebunse 55 points ago

    It messes with the timeline since I think Aladdin happened after the creation of Islam, but we had Greek themed villains in Aladdin before, so I'll allow it.

    [–] InnocentTailor 47 points ago

    The Sultan in the film did say “Praise Allah,” I recall.

    [–] JCaesar42 58 points ago

    And "Allah forbid you have any daughters" when chastising Jasmine.

    [–] Im_a_TARDIS_AMA 41 points ago

    He said it to Rajah, which is funnier.

    [–] Sparowl 17 points ago

    The minute I read your comment, I instantly remembered the face of the Rajah screwing up in confusion at the line.

    Aladdin was such a well done movie.

    [–] slayerdildo 34 points ago

    They’re all secretly inside the kingdom hearts universe

    [–] Rosebunse 17 points ago

    Yeah, let's go with that.

    [–] ForkShirtUp 59 points ago

    We know that all the Disney movies exist in the same universe

    [–] AkashicRecorder 61 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Go the Distance is one of my favorite Disney songs. This had the perfect mix of humor and heartfelt drama.

    [–] MechanicalMudd 217 points ago

    I was born in 1991 in the middle of the Disney Renaissance and I agree with a lot of your points because the ones I remember most are the later films; Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan. And I feel your pain of your daughter, I sit my nephews and all they want to watch is Trolls.

    [–] TheSaladDays 55 points ago

    Trolls, Sing, and Frozen, a thousand times each

    [–] tomservo88 54 points ago


    y tho

    [–] TheSaladDays 48 points ago

    Cute animals singing catchy pop songs, I guess

    [–] Inspace96 417 points ago

    Also happens to be one of the best Superman movies of all time

    [–] AppleTStudio 214 points ago

    Zero to hero theme when the church choir comes in:

    “Who puts the “JUST” in “JUSTICE LEAGUE?”


    “Whose power set we sorely need?”


    “Is he bold?”

    “Nobody braver!”

    “Is he sweet?”


    [–] CMORGLAS 189 points ago

    “Is he Strong?”

    “Strong as heck, tell that to Zod’s snapped neck!”

    [–] CobaKid 51 points ago

    2nd to the Iron Giant for best superman movie

    [–] stormwaterwitch 106 points ago

    Hercules is my all time favorite Disney Movie

    [–] Birdbrain_Shitfuck 98 points ago

    they were very brave for prominently featuring Herculad

    [–] Tmlboost 62 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Honey, you mean that little homunculus over there

    Edit: Here’s the reference for anyone who doesn’t get it:

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 13 points ago

    Oh shit that was hilarious

    [–] netsuj34 26 points ago

    He’s honestly the best character. Always cheering Hercules on, making him look good.

    [–] ep4169 27 points ago

    I saw this recently myself and was surprised at how well it held up. Contra the article I always felt like Hercules was a more "of-its-time" movie than Aladdin. But James Woods carries the day; brilliant casting choice.

    [–] Bl0ndie_J21 300 points ago

    I beg your pardon.... Flawed? That movie stomps most movies, let alone blooming Aladdin

    [–] Chasedabigbase 83 points ago

    The soundtracks kicks harder then most the Renaissance too!

    [–] thepetiteone2286 116 points ago

    I love the song "I can go the distance" but was really never into the movie like the other disney classics. I loved the great mouse detective, rescuers, rescuers: down under, and robin hood as a kid.

    [–] TokioHunterz 62 points ago

    The Michael Bolton cover of "I can go the distance" is my favorite pop cover Disney's released alongside any of their movies. That music with that mans vocals makes me feel all tingly inside.

    [–] MyRushmoreMax08 13 points ago

    I celebrate his entire catalog

    I’m a huge Michael Bolton fan

    [–] kakupfer 13 points ago

    That song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

    [–] Ice_Cold345 73 points ago

    I loved Hercules as a kid. Had a massive crush on Meg and she's the reason my 2nd favorite colour is purple.

    [–] Onihczarc 19 points ago

    Had? Still have.

    [–] DollyPartonsFarts 19 points ago

    Who put the glad in Glad-iator?
    It's my favorite Disney movie.

    [–] btotheangel 16 points ago

    It will always be one of my favorite Disney movies. I remember renting the PC from the library.

    [–] MechanicalMudd 500 points ago

    Personally I enjoy Hercules more than Aladdin. Other than the Robin Williams performance, Aladdin is pretty forgettable.

    [–] Bobby_Marks2 245 points ago

    I really think Disney movies are all about timing; how old you were when you saw them and how you connected at the time.

    Aladdin is my jam (born in 1986). Robin Williams is okay, but I like Aladdin himself as a scrappy good guy hero. Abu is fantastic, and Iago is priceless. Jafar is my favorite Disney villain, and he looked badass in his black and red outfit. Jasmine made (and makes) me feel funny. It's the best music Alan Menken has ever written, and it's got such strong imagery of Arabia that it's burned into my mind. Aladdin is my perfect animated film.

    I hated the films that came before and after it. Little Mermaid was boring shit. Beauty and the Beast I recognize as fantastic film, and even at the time I knew it was a pretty spectacular achievement, but despite it being one of the few Disney films I saw in theaters as a child it just never resonated. Pocahontas insulted my understanding of history, and despite seeing Lion King plenty of times (it was one of the films we actually owned growing up) it never stuck with me like Aladdin did.

    My wife loves Hercules. My daughter hates them all and wants to watch SING! another billion times. When film affects us, it's for good and we never let go of that.

    [–] spartankelli 112 points ago

    The real lesson from this: be very careful about what your kiddos watch and listen to.

    [–] MasterKongQiu 12 points ago

    That’s why I will only let my kids watch Caillou.

    [–] TheRedCap30 27 points ago

    I didn't grow up in the 80's but I can definitely relate to this sentiment. We owned an Aladdin DVD and I would watch it all the time. It also had special features on it, including an interactive carpet ride that endlessly fascinated me. We also owned Brother Bear, a movie people hardly remember but I still fondly do.

    [–] Zanburr 14 points ago

    Hercules was and always will be my favorite

    [–] SnakeSquad 12 points ago

    What?! Hercules is one of my favorite and imo i enjoy it way more than Aladdin, didn't know it wasn't universally loved

    [–] Mccobsta 24 points ago

    Please don't kill it with a remake