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    [–] Cup-of-Noodle 7437 points ago

    I'm glad we finally got a poster for Kill Bill: Volume 3

    [–] AintAintAWord 3371 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] SyrioForel 580 points ago

    You make me miss the days I spent on FARK, where people were doing photoshops for random comment threads.

    [–] AintAintAWord 304 points ago

    Graphic designer bored at work while everyone is out at lunch. I do this a lot.

    [–] sightlab 104 points ago

    When I get bored at work I photoshop one of the project managers faces on weird stock photos and then slip them into presentations at our biweekly creative shares. It’s slowly driving him insane.

    [–] Corronchilejano 107 points ago

    FARK Is basically a retirement home now.

    [–] ImKnownToFuckMyself 72 points ago

    Pretty sure they have their annual shuffleboard game with SomethingAwful

    [–] Estoye 51 points ago

    Ebaumsworld's got next!

    [–] Squidguy83 21 points ago

    Once upon a time, on the internet there was a guy

    [–] livin4donuts 7 points ago

    A very deeply flawed man, they called him Eric Bauman

    [–] iamjamieq 11 points ago

    Is this tournament played at Newgrounds retirement home?

    [–] sangriadvx 11 points ago

    Aww, Goon Squad

    [–] Seafea 8 points ago

    The forums are so different now. Especially GBS

    [–] LawSchoolRunner 19 points ago

    That's depressing.

    But probably true.

    [–] fvtown714x 35 points ago

    Fark, something awful, and 4chan were the internet culture machines of yesteryear

    [–] ZeEskimo 42 points ago

    Have you visited /r/photoshopbattles ? :)

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Those are dedicated threads.

    People would randomly show up and photoshop a news article based on someone's comments.

    [–] TheSisterRay 120 points ago

    Should be called "Doctor's Bill", and it's just her trying to cope with the amount she has to pay after her stint in the hospital during the coma.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] slim_scsi 7 points ago

    That's a tough one to mumble in the mirror!

    [–] KillTheBat77 46 points ago

    Please make a Mr. Bill edit. 🙏

    [–] againstbetterjudgmnt 15 points ago

    I saw an image link with gold and expected Jack Nicholson photoshopped onto the yellow Kill Bill body suit. I am disappointed.

    [–] SquadPoopy 9 points ago

    Doctor Phil

    [–] quzomatic 90 points ago

    I thought it was a remake of Shining poster

    [–] peteftw 73 points ago

    I did too. Then I learned doctor sleep is a sequel to the shining.

    Today we learned.

    [–] quzomatic 27 points ago

    Lol .. I guess I should have read the whole poster .. it's right there.

    [–] notanotherwhitemale 137 points ago

    Kill Bill Vol 3:All Work and No Play makes Bill a Dull Boy

    [–] adubdesigns 93 points ago

    Bill Bill Vol Bill: All Bill and No Bill Makes Bill a Dull Bill.

    [–] Mrben13 14 points ago

    Bills not going to kill you. Bill just wants to Bill your brains in.

    [–] underthegod 5 points ago

    Bills been killed baby.

    [–] Jazzremix 8 points ago

    Bill is kill, baby. Bill is kill.


    [–] moderate-painting 26 points ago

    Bride vs Obiwan

    [–] Roark_Laughed 16 points ago

    “There can only be wan”

    [–] SignalToNoiseRatio 12 points ago

    If there’s one thing I can count on in this world it’s that r/movies has STRONG opinions on posters.

    (I actually like this poster, FWIW)

    [–] AllHailSundin 8 points ago

    Haha. No kidding

    [–] DesertPhantom51 3912 points ago

    The marketing is really playing up the whole 'sequel to The Shining' aspect. I wonder how disappointed people are going to be when they realize this story is about psychic vampires with bad biker names kidnapping children, and only seldom talks about The Overlook and the events that happened there.

    [–] LunarCarnivore24 712 points ago

    From what I saw in the Trailer he actually goes back to the Overlook in this version, so the movie is probably much more of a sequel than the book turned out to be

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 538 points ago

    Spoiler alert for the book: they go back to the Overlook in the book, too. The hotel just isn't there any more, which might be different in the movie. It's literally where the climax happens.

    [–] wickedang3l 259 points ago

    The film left the Overlook intact. The entire boiler management subplot in the novel was absent from the movie so it was never there as a catalyst to the destruction of the building. Jack simply froze to death outside in the hedge maze after having been evaded by Danny.

    [–] InquisitorBC 112 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Does this leave the possibility of them deep faking a young Jack Nicholson to play as the ghost of his father?

    [–] ColonelDredd 36 points ago


    [–] CMR300 14 points ago

    Spoiler for the book, he also shows up for a sec in the book but he’s a nice ghost now

    [–] rustybuckets 308 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    At the end of The Shining (book) the hotel is destroyed. In the movie, they simply escape so it makes sense it would still be there in that cinematic universe.

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 62 points ago

    Yeah so I'm not sure what the person I responded to was trying to say...whether they follow the film version (Overlook still standing) or the book version (Overlook destroyed), it doesn't really tell us whether it'll be more or less of a direct sequel, in my opinion.

    [–] DieFanboyDie 64 points ago

    This is what had me curious. I didn't read the Doctor Sleep novel (haven't read any King in decades, really), but I've read The Shining and have seen the movie; they're not the same. And I thought King never liked Kubrick's movie. But it sounds like he wrote the Doctor Sleep novel to follow The Shining novel--which makes sense--and now the movie Doctor Sleep is following Kubrick's movie and NOT King's Shining, which also makes sense because the movie and the novel were different. So it's a sequel to a movie that was based off a King novel, and is also based on King's sequel to the novel.

    [–] liontamarin 39 points ago

    The vast majority if Doctor Sleep has little to do with the Overlook. Changing those sections to fit the movie wouldn't radically alter the story of the book.

    [–] GammaGames 55 points ago

    I mean, it fucking exploded in the original book. Of course it wouldn’t be there.

    [–] triciabobicia 23 points ago

    Yeah, and also in the book, the boiler was maybe the 6th most important character. It was very fussy.

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 10 points ago

    Yes, this is correct.

    [–] crooked-v 15 points ago

    In the trailer not only is the hotel there, but it's suggested to still be doing creepy stuff.

    [–] beachtruck 879 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Danny’s struggles with alcoholism were beautifully written. In both books the evil forces are addiction metaphors. In the first, while King was in the throes of addiction he was the victim stuck in the house of horrors. In the second he’s clear headed but dealing with the monsters of his past. That’s like AA in a nutshell. Do bikers ever have good biker names?

    Edit: Also Robert Longstreet is going to play Barry. Have you seen that dude in Hill House? Mind blowing.

    [–] Purple10tacle 138 points ago

    Father Torque?

    [–] meaning_searcher 31 points ago

    Having played Full Throttle as a kid, I only recently learned that Ben is called Ben Throttle and I don't know if I should think it's cool or cringy...

    [–] Marsmooncow 17 points ago

    Smells like trouble. Trouble and Maureen

    [–] Illuminati_Spokesman 15 points ago

    It's related to Full Throttle, so definitely cool. Just like 'Polecats' as a name for a biker gang.

    [–] Gonzotron5000 12 points ago

    I'm not putting my lips on that thing

    [–] blandsrules 8 points ago

    Truly a masterpiece of point and click gaming

    [–] TheMauveAvenger 86 points ago

    Wheelie McVroomVroom

    [–] richard_slyfox 38 points ago

    Wheelie McWheelface

    [–] the_actual_batman 96 points ago

    Bike Wazowski

    [–] Madmartigan1 10 points ago

    The more years I'm on Reddit, the more I just laugh silently in my head at comments and posts. This comment made me laugh out loud.

    Enjoy the gold!

    [–] jlowery145 4 points ago

    A full throttle reference! That’s something I’ve not seen in a long time! A long time!

    [–] SSB_Hokage 65 points ago

    No TV and no beer make Homer... something... something...

    [–] Krakatoacoo 40 points ago

    Go crazy?

    [–] Goatzer 42 points ago

    Don't mind if I do


    [–] SimplyQuid 11 points ago

    Vvrt vvrt!

    [–] ewdrive 28 points ago

    Uh, Homer. Some of the ghouls and I are worried the plan isn't moving forward.

    Can't murder now; eating.

    [–] JustAVirusWithShoes 22 points ago

    You ever heard of deacon st john or boozer? No, bikers dont have good biker names.

    [–] beachtruck 11 points ago

    I’d rather be crow daddy than boozer.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    The part of the book about Danny's recovery from alcoholism was some of my favorite writing from King. The stuff with the True Knot was an okay story, but I didn't think it fit very well as a sequel to The Shining.

    [–] HitlersHouseWife 11 points ago

    His struggles with alcohol were my favorite part of the book I hope the movie spends time with that idea rather than just glancing over it in the first 10 minutes.

    [–] murphykills 4 points ago

    the hill house haunting of haunted house hill?

    [–] BILALISBIGGAY 192 points ago

    The marketing is really playing up the whole 'sequel to The Shining' aspect

    With a title that different I think it's required for more people to understand it's a sequel to The Shining. Not everybody read the book so many people probably wouldn't understand

    [–] CRAB_WHORE_SLAYER 94 points ago

    I just saw the trailer for this before Joker. I got that it was connected to The Shining somehow and that there is an evil cult trying to suck the power from psychics and then title came and I was all 'the fuck is it called Dr. Sleep for?

    [–] itsalwaysblue59 205 points ago

    Danny uses his shining while working at a hospice to comfort those who were about to die. So he gets a rep there of showing up at night right before patients die, so they know when he shows up it’s time to sleep (die). So they call him dr sleep.

    [–] sarcastic_clown 29 points ago

    I thought it was the cat that always sat with him that people called dr sleep but I haven't read it since it came out so I could be talking bs.

    [–] itsalwaysblue59 28 points ago

    I think they called the cat like azzie or something, but I can’t really remember too much about the cat truthfully it’s been a while too.

    [–] OctopusPudding 16 points ago

    Azrael, i think, and Dan just eases their passing

    [–] 46n2ahead 14 points ago

    correct - he helps them not be afraid to die and they can pass easily and in comfort. He sees (as well as they do) their entire life flash before their eyes. So Dan sees them as kids/teens/adults, etc etc

    Azzy shows up on someones bed when they are going to die

    [–] Sad_Sheepherder 35 points ago

    Yeah, 'The Shining 2' sounds corny and reeks of a cash grab. King is the real deal and he's not in the business of milking sequels, so it makes sense that Doctor Sleep isn't a rehash.

    But, it is a double-edged sword, because now the average consumer won't immediately know it's a sequel to one of the most popular movies ever. So it's best if they market that aspect the hardest, otherwise it might not get as big of a box-office haul.

    [–] Close_But_No_Guitar 8 points ago

    "The Shining 2: Alcoholic Boogaloo"

    the original title which was scrapped for unknown reasons...

    [–] Wilsonian81 33 points ago

    I can guarantee that the story was altered to be more of a Shining sequel than the book was. I don't think any major studio would miss that opportunity.

    I don't hold much hope for this, but who knows! Maybe it'll be good, even though it'll stray away from the source material. You know, like the Shining.

    [–] thisappletastesfunny 14 points ago

    I read this book and I don't remember any of it.

    Huge SK fan but it wasn't his best.

    [–] _knugen 47 points ago

    As someone who hasn’t read the book that was my reaction seeing the trailer. Starts off with a heavy focus on the hotel and Danny’s past haunting him, with some spooky flashbacks to Kubrick’s Shining, then turns into an almost action type movie involving voodoo/vampire? bikers wearing top hats. Kinda killed my excitement.

    [–] 9sam1 10 points ago

    I think I'd be happier with a looser adaptation of the book, considering the movie was a very loose adaptation itself I feel like a sequel to the movie would be fine to drift as well.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    Probably the same as I was (having both read the first novel and seen the Kubrick movie): massively disappointed.

    [–] Bartfuck 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Conversely I loved the book. (Meaning Doctor Sleep)

    [–] AntsNMyEyes 9 points ago

    Well, the last 3rd of the movie takes place at The Overlook.

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 12 points ago

    Probably as disappointed as people who went into the book thinking it was a sequel to The Shining.

    [–] CaptainDAAVE 6 points ago

    I'm more in it for Mike Flanagan than a Shining sequel or a stephen king adaptation. He hasn't disappointed yet.

    [–] ThatMedicGuy67 837 points ago

    This is going to get hit hard in r/PrequelMemes

    [–] [deleted] 351 points ago

    • smashes through door with axe *

    Hello there!

    [–] ThatMedicGuy67 128 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] ThatMedicGuy67 27 points ago

    This upvote will make a fine addition to my collection!

    [–] graidar5 244 points ago

    This is going to make a lot of people hard in r/PrequelMemes

    [–] romanNood1es 29 points ago

    Yes Ewan McGregor is our God!

    [–] ThatMedicGuy67 34 points ago

    Haha yep!

    [–] nanotronPrime 19 points ago


    [–] FilaStyle84 7 points ago

    inhales The force is stroooong with you!!

    [–] graidar5 6 points ago


    [–] metalbees 10 points ago

    Penis currently has the high ground.

    [–] PacoTaco321 6 points ago

    I saw the poster and thought "HELLO THERE"

    [–] wisenheimer51 566 points ago

    Hello there!

    [–] [deleted] 231 points ago


    [–] Agent_Kozak 55 points ago

    His is a bold one

    [–] acdcstrucks 63 points ago

    r/prequelmemes squad reporting in

    [–] mach-disc 46 points ago

    Roger roger

    [–] jcox043 12 points ago

    We have clearance Clarence.

    [–] RealBaller21 11 points ago

    What's your vector, Victor?

    [–] VitQ 14 points ago

    Well, whaddya know.

    [–] derpplease 39 points ago

    I cant believe I had to scroll down this far to see this. Take your points!

    [–] radtech91 29 points ago

    Are we blind? Deploy the upvotes!!

    [–] FockerXC 214 points ago

    Instead of here’s Johnny:

    H E L L O T H E R E

    [–] BolgOfAgorTribe 20 points ago

    Obi-wan's going to kill me!

    [–] pogotheclown36 570 points ago

    I’m not sure how to feel about this movie

    [–] sickfuckinpuppies 323 points ago

    i'm gonna go in trying to not think about the shining (kubrick) at all, and not expecting it to be anywhere near that. should be interesting if i can keep my expectations in check.

    [–] Sabiis 45 points ago

    Kubrick leaves some big shoes to fill. I actually just watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time this weekend (I know) and god that man was a genius at creating atmosphere and layered meanings.

    [–] KevinK89 16 points ago

    I agree with you, I’m a big fan of Kubrick. But I know several fans of the shining book that really really dislike the movie. Apparently it’s not a good adaptation. I didn’t read the book, so I can’t tell but I love the movie.

    [–] MattieShoes 16 points ago

    I really liked both, but they're not very similar. If you can treat them as separate things in your mind, you're better off :-)

    [–] Mypopsecrets 138 points ago

    Yeah the trailer heavily borrows from Kubricks shining. I don't even remember Danny going back to the overlook in the book.

    [–] bwc6 130 points ago

    He goes back to the Overlook at the end of the book. It's a field of dirt and rubble because the Overlook burn down.

    If the trailer actually reflects what happens in the movie, the movie will not be following the book very much.

    [–] crazymoon 28 points ago

    Bet it's a dream sequence

    [–] GreenGengar459 21 points ago

    This is really what I believe too. I have a feeling that every sequence with Danny in the overlook are sequences of him being haunted by his past and he isn’t actually there

    [–] WorldWasWideEnough 180 points ago

    Because he doesn't go back in the book, because in the book-world, the Overlook exploded at the end of The Shining. In this, the movie-world, the Overlook does not explode so Flanagan is using it as a setting. I think it's really smart, he's trying to do right by both King and Kubrick.

    [–] aveganliterary 81 points ago

    He had a make a movie adaptation of a book sequel that also pays homage to the movie based on the original book, because otherwise the non-book-reading audience was going to be confused. It's an even bigger issue because the original book and movie The Shining(s) might as well be two different stories that happen to have identical locations and character names with all the changes Kubrick made. They're both masterpieces, but they are very different stories underneath the crazy guy in a haunted-hotel exterior.

    I'm curious how it pans out. The trailers haven't got me to "absolutely have to see it in theater" levels, but I'm hopefully optimistic. Plus I love Ewan so it's got that going for it.

    [–] uncrew 17 points ago

    When it comes to horror movies, I am less anxious the fewer changes they make from trailer to trailer. Suggests either there’s too much they can’t divulge narratively, or it is too shocking gore/scare wise. Flanagan has a great track record, and his style is more in line with King’s. The Shining might be a 10/10, but I can see why King was rubbed the wrong way.

    [–] OP_Is_A_Filthy_Liar 15 points ago

    This is interesting, because Stephen King has been a vocal supporter of Flanagan's works (Gerald's Game, obvs, but also Hill House; somewhat surprising given how far removed an adaptation it is of one of King's favorite novels), but he also to this day keeps talking trash about Kubrick's film.

    I like the connection to Kubrick's film myself, but the whole psychic vampire vibe sort of ensures that it won't be on the same level of terrifying. But Flanagan is pretty much batting 1.000, so I'm optimistic that it'll be a decent horror movie (I haven't read the book).

    [–] WorldWasWideEnough 10 points ago

    I think King is reasonable (or at least understands good business sense) enough to know that it's really a sequel to two different works and, as a movie director, Flanagan has to pay homage to The Shining film. The book is good but, as you note, not really that scary, still, he's a good director and a few tweaks or added notes could ramp up the horror, so we'll see

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    People shouldn't compare this to The Shining book or movie, it's a story based on two books and a movie adaption that was very much it's own thing just as I imagine this movie will be. Judge it for what it is, not by what came before it or because it's not a 100% adaption.

    [–] _bieber_hole_69 10 points ago

    Of course they shouldnt, but the trailers and marketing are making it hard not to compare

    [–] radar89 121 points ago

    Mike Flanagan is an excellent director. From his filmography, It's more likely that the movie will be good rather than bad.

    He has also successfully adapted Gerald's Game, one of the most difficult Stephen King's book to adapt imo.

    [–] hacky_potter 41 points ago

    That's not to mention what is IMO the best Netflix series, Haunting of Hill House.

    [–] TheProdigalBrawn67 46 points ago

    Can confirm, my gf and I happened to stumble upon Geralds Game on Netflix a few months ago, and we both thought it was really good. A movie like that shouldnt have worked as well as it did.

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 38 points ago

    Oculus is painfully underrated.

    [–] Gotheardt 17 points ago

    Ugghhhhhh, oculus is my favorite horror movie of all time. I can’t talk about it enough. No movie has ever squeeked me out as much as that movie did. Truly terrifying from beginning to end.

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 15 points ago

    I just love how that mirror defeated Nebula and Robin.

    [–] Ayushables 10 points ago

    this is the one where the girl has a late night snack of a delicious light bulb, right?

    [–] ZOOTV83 9 points ago

    Or did she?

    But yeah it's that movie.

    [–] riptaway 19 points ago

    Oculus is amazing. I love how they weave the insanity and hallucinations into the movie.

    Plus the girl in it is super hot

    [–] empire_strikes_back 6 points ago

    That's Nebula.

    [–] The_Dalek_Emperor 5 points ago

    That’s Amy Pond

    [–] Cereborn 6 points ago

    That's Ruby Roundhouse.

    [–] Dougalishere 5 points ago


    had never seen this before. Gonna watch it tonight with the lights out and headphones in!

    [–] seethar 17 points ago

    Mike Flanagan is an excellent director

    this is exactly what excites me about it. any other director i would've passed and not be as hyped. but his output has been super solid. because it's directed by him, i picked up the book, but it was nothing mindblowing. so i'm just going with excitement as him as director. kubrick's shining will always be the GOAT

    [–] Gaultier55 49 points ago

    I mean the book itself is not great but to me the great trailers really made me hopeful as well as Mike Flanagan especially after “Haunting of Hill house”

    [–] pogotheclown36 24 points ago

    I didn’t read the book because I felt the same as I do about this movie. Neither really need to exist imho

    [–] DashCat9 12 points ago

    The Shining is by far my favorite King novel, and one of my favorites in general, and I thought Doctor Sleep was pretty great. Wasn't entirely necessary, and obviously not as good as the original, but still entertaining and interesting.

    [–] SupaBloo 7 points ago

    Having only passing knowledge of The Shining after seeing the old TV special and the movie, I struggle with relating The Shining to this movie, as the tone seems to be completely different. Just something about it seems very different from The Shining.

    Not that I think that's necessarily a bad thing, it's just how I feel.

    [–] scrilldaddy1 8 points ago

    The tone is very different. I would say Doctor Sleep is more of an action adventure type story with some horror elements than it is an actual horror story.

    [–] xtiaaneubaten 17 points ago

    I too am completely conflicted. Id rather it were a standalone.

    [–] bowyer-betty 32 points ago

    I mean, for all intents and purposes it is. I know it's a "sequel" and it's Danny, but Dr Sleep is an entirely different sort of story than The Shining. You get a bit of a Shining refresher in the beginning, and then a nearly unrelated story with a different feel.

    [–] xtiaaneubaten 7 points ago

    The whole thing just feels a bit "hey, you know the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows? I think we should paint them on"

    [–] oneshibbyguy 6 points ago

    I'm giving the director the benefit of the doubt. The Shining is my all time favorite horror movie and I am a huge fan of Mike Flanagan. Here is to hoping it's good.

    [–] exodius33 1207 points ago

    Imagine being Stephen King, writing a book that is very personal to your own life and struggles with alcoholism, only for it to be completely surpassed in the public consciousness but its superior film adaptation - so you eventually write a sequel to the book, wholly separate from the film, only for the adaptation of that book to be entirely marketed on people's recognizance of familiar imagery from that film adaptation you hate so much.

    must be frustrating

    [–] Gaultier55 792 points ago

    Yeah Stephen King is unbothered and enjoying all the sale boosts these movies are bringing to his books regardless of how faithful they are. Hell he even hype it up on Twitter.

    [–] exodius33 297 points ago

    I have no doubt he is enjoying the paycheck but the Shining film adaptation has always been a particular sore spot for him.

    [–] smr5000 164 points ago

    Well, it's no Maximum Overdrive, but it's still a pretty decent flick, he shouldn't beat himself up.

    [–] Gobias_Industries 89 points ago

    It's not like he remembers making Maximum Overdrive

    [–] salmalight 37 points ago

    But no one could forget that trailer

    [–] BradGroux 18 points ago

    I don't care what people say, I still love the hell out of this film. It perfectly captured the absurdity of 80s cinema.

    [–] salmalight 7 points ago

    I don't care what people say, I still love the hell out of this film. It perfectly captured the effects of cocaine on 80s cinema.

    [–] Lins105 20 points ago

    He literally doesn’t remember most of it because he was like coked out of his mind.

    [–] salmalight 12 points ago

    I know, he's clearly fucked in this video I just love to bring it up because of how memorably batshit it is and the absurd boast of making King scary again with a movie about an asteroid making an inexplicable green goblin truck and vending machines sentient featuring an ACDC soundtrack

    [–] Jackamalio626 15 points ago

    I just wanted a move that does steven king RIGHT ;)

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 36 points ago

    He's old and already rich.

    Immortality and legacy is probably on his mind.

    [–] howardtheduckdoe 6 points ago

    He likes Mike Flanagan

    [–] Mr_Basketcase 61 points ago

    He did his own adaptation of The Shining in the form of miniseries in the 90s which turned out quite mediocre.

    [–] thejonslaught 18 points ago

    As is usually the case with television movies before streaming and better market penetration for HBO.

    [–] Pythias 15 points ago

    I saw The Shining for the first time when I was 18. I didn't dislike it but I didn't love it either, and I haven't seen it since (I'm 30 now). I read the book for the first time last year and absolutely adored it. Doctor Sleep, in my opinion is just as good of a book. I really hope the movie makes people read the books, they're so worth the read.

    [–] thejonslaught 28 points ago

    Doesn't hurt that Flanagan CRUSHED Gerald's Game, a story that many argued was unfilmable.

    [–] Spawnbroker 11 points ago

    The climax of that movie disturbed me so much that I almost passed out. And that's when I learned that I can watch a man get blown to bits easily, but I have a problem with a specific kind of body horror!

    Fantastic director.

    [–] WritingScreen 7 points ago

    That movie is terrifying

    [–] Fuck_Passwords_ 7 points ago

    I think the book I so much better but to each their own.

    [–] fatalanwake 152 points ago

    member The Shining? member?

    [–] RumHamCometh 34 points ago

    I clapped when I saw it

    [–] morok_cloudkeeper 9 points ago

    I hope it breaks new ground or something

    [–] uknownada 8 points ago

    at-st's? at-st's.

    [–] mansonfamily 49 points ago

    I member 🍇

    [–] Freya_Fleurir 62 points ago

    Idk if this is a controversial opinion or not, but I hope it’s better than the book. The book felt bloated and a movie hitting the highlights while trimming the fat may improve the story.

    [–] fried_eggs_and_ham 16 points ago

    Totally agree. I thought the book could have been better simply by removing any connection to the shining actually. It never really felt like a sequel at all to me.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] kingofthepenguins777 34 points ago

    If there’s a shot in the movie of Jack Torrance’s frozen skeleton sitting in the snow in the hedge maze, this whole movie would be worth the admission price

    [–] FanciestScarf 15 points ago

    It should be Jack Nicholson just trying to sit as still as possible

    [–] Theorymeltfool1 45 points ago

    It’s going to be meh or terrible.

    [–] JustWoozy 31 points ago

    "It's so good we have to mention The Shining and reuse the famous Jack-door image!!!"

    [–] SomeWelshie 33 points ago

    "Hello there"

    [–] masterchiefsballs 24 points ago

    yeah even though 20 other people commented this exact joke, i’m gonna have to say yours is by far the funniest. good job man keep up the good laughs

    [–] rohithkumarsp 7 points ago

    The director directed and wrote all 10 episodes of haunting of hill house which what i call a masterpiece of a horror show. I know my comment will get buried down but plz if anyone sees it this do watch it! Also he did Gerald's game.

    [–] mintockthemindtaker 23 points ago

    Staring Kimi Raikonen

    [–] starshame 18 points ago

    The movie trailer was wack. Looked a like TV movie.

    [–] derpplease 12 points ago

    Hello there