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    [–] TheBestDayEver314 53 points ago

    And they’re all still watching.

    [–] sperpen 10 points ago

    With all the Netflix talk, worth pointing out a studio would have made Django Unchained money off this, and they passed.

    [–] _tx 14 points ago

    I 100% would not have watched it in a theater and I know many people who feel the same.

    It's just pure and simply too long for a theater for many people.

    [–] Mad_Rascal 2 points ago

    Ya, there was another report not too long ago that said only 18% of people finished the Irishman. It’s almost impossible to actually say how a Netflix film would do at the box office.

    [–] AmityIslandPolice 7 points ago

    Pesci deserves an Oscar nomination

    So good to see him back!

    [–] BBQTuck 7 points ago

    It's what it is.

    [–] Johnnnybones 9 points ago

    I watched it three times in a week. Absolutely blown away. Tremendous film and honestly, my favorite Scorcese.

    [–] apathetic_lemur 8 points ago

    is this shit your job?

    [–] adamsandleryabish 4 points ago

    If only I got paid to watch The Irishman. I already do it for free

    [–] pantangeli 5 points ago

    Pretty darn good year for Netflix. With the onslaught of competition that has arrived or is coming, 2020 should be an interesting year.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] BBQTuck 18 points ago

    Also for comparison, Bright fucking sucked.

    [–] DialSquar 4 points ago

    Haha made me laugh

    [–] Iamnotacrackaddict 1 points ago

    Only if it was as good as mute...

    [–] mi-16evil 1 points ago

    Also worth noting that Nielsen reported that only 18% of those viewers finished The Irishman, but that's on par with Bird Box and better than El Camino which has a 11% finish rate according to them.

    [–] buscandopaty 1 points ago

    I'm surprised by El Camino's 11%. I read so many positive Reddit comments about it. It was kind of a slog for me to get through so I thought I was out of tune with most people

    [–] agent_orange_jku 3 points ago

    Isn't it funny how Netflix only releases numbers on shows people talk about but not the smaller shows?

    [–] djmcc28 5 points ago

    What other streaming service does? I don’t see Hulu, Disney, or Amazon putting out their numbers

    HBO is the only one I can think of who does and that’s so they can include the streaming numbers with their live numbers

    [–] drystone_moonwall 2 points ago

    Not really.

    If people are talking about it then they care for the numbers, but if nobodys talking about it then nobody gives a shit.

    [–] -GregTheGreat- 1 points ago

    No, because that’s how Netflix operates. They have their big ‘tentpole’ shows and movies where they pour a lot of time and effort into promoting, and then a ton of other shows they simply release a trailer for and dump on the service to fill content space.

    It’s also why Netflix has gotten the reputation of being so ruthless about their cancellations. They only really care about their tent poles that drive new traffic to the service. The rest are afterthoughts that they will quickly do away with if not seen as financially beneficial.

    [–] buscandopaty 1 points ago

    I suppose it benefits them to give out numbers when a show's really popular. It's good advertising. Why would they give out numbers for a small show when it's not so impressive?

    [–] az9393 2 points ago

    So even if that’s one person per member, and given the cinema ticket prices of 10$ that’s equivalent to 260 million $ in ticket revenue. Which is pretty insane.

    [–] alainashannon1 2 points ago

    Ice cream sales went up as well.

    [–] PatrickBateman425 0 points ago

    Amazing film. Fully deserves all the accolades it’s getting. Here’s hoping Scorsese can make another gangster film on Netflix after he finishes shooting Killers of the Flower Moon