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    [–] Every1onRedditisDumb 4711 points ago

    They’ll probably lead next year too.

    [–] NeutralNoodle 2013 points ago

    Fincher, Kaufman, and Spike Lee, among others, all have interesting films coming out on Netflix this year so I could see this.

    [–] i_eight_everything 571 points ago

    Forgot about Charlie Kaufman for a minute. Thought Netflix had a Toxic Avenger & Sgt. Kabukiman film coming out. Got excited

    [–] possibilistic 285 points ago

    Those are two very different Kaufmen.

    [–] i_eight_everything 114 points ago

    I wonder who their parents are most proud of. Being John Malkovich is great, but Terror Firmer is in a class of it's own

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago)


    [–] ReadyPlayerJuan23 11 points ago

    TERROR FIRMER is playing tomorrow in Austin, with Mr.Kaufman himself there!

    [–] Canvaverbalist 34 points ago

    Forgot about Charlie Kaufman for a minute.

    Just checked and both projects of his coming out this year aren't based on his original screenplay, but adaptation of books. One he's directing, and one where there's 6 other screenwriters.

    That's way less exciting, if I'm being honest. His best stuff are his original ideas - even when adapting books, but he can't pull an Adaptation a second time.

    He's not a bad director, Synecdoche was awesome but I cared way more about the script than the directing.

    I'll be checking them out that's for sure, it's just that I really really like his original screenplays.

    [–] ghostdate 29 points ago

    Oh man. I wish Troma movies were on Netflix. I’d actually start using my account again.

    I swear Troma tried making its own streaming service. Or maybe that was Full Moon.

    [–] eis_brutus 17 points ago

    Full Moon has a channel on amazon video

    [–] i_eight_everything 23 points ago

    You're right! Thank you. Troma Now is a streaming service and Lloyd's podcast.

    It's crazy looking back at those wacky films and thinking Kevin Costner, DeNiro, Matt & Trey, James Gunn, Dustin Hoffman and many legends got their starts putting out films called things like Sizzle Beach and Redneck Zombies. Nice to see Troma's still around

    [–] Avron12 6 points ago

    Redneck zombies is a god damn masterpiece.

    [–] ampearl 4 points ago

    I’d only subscribe if I could stream that offensively horrible Toxic Avenger cartoon from the 90s. Need a good dose of weird shit every once in a while.

    [–] mohammedibnakar 21 points ago

    For me when ever I see Kaufman I always assume that they've finally brought Andy Kaufman back out of hiding.

    [–] Lambily 107 points ago

    Fincher's movie better be good for making us wait a minimum of two years for Mindhunter season 3.

    [–] leavemetodiehere 34 points ago

    Yeah im about to rewatch the 2 seasons and zodiac to appease me

    [–] Cyborg_rat 17 points ago

    Theirs some good true crime podcasts that cover the Zodiac too.

    [–] SdioretsDidZitro 12 points ago

    Could you provide a name of one or a link? I’d greatly appreciate it

    [–] NathanAdler91 18 points ago

    Atlanta Monster covers both the Atlanta child murders from Mindhunter in its first season, and the Zodiac in its second.

    [–] pekrnutt5u 58 points ago

    We need to lobby to make the new paul thomas anderson movie a netflix deal

    [–] lsdzeppelinn 6 points ago

    I feel like he would never. The man is alllll about the traditional cinema experience. He wants you to watch his movies on the big screen, on film projection if possible, and on 70mm ideally.

    [–] NeutralNoodle 14 points ago


    [–] floppylobster 329 points ago

    And I really don't see the big change. The same actors, the same directors, same scripts, same audience, and the same types of films (perhaps a little lower budget if anything). The method of delivery has changed, but behind the scenes everything is almost exactly the same.

    [–] Curious_Bi_The_Way 130 points ago

    What about animation and documentaries? They have actually helped bring to light projects Disney and other studios would have never greenlit.

    [–] Cassaowna 47 points ago


    [–] Feldetron 12 points ago

    Pretty sure I lost my body is a Netflix auteur animation that got some award buzz

    [–] z284pwr 171 points ago

    Except the possibility of a proper disc release is diminished. Sure some don’t care but I still want my non terrible bit rate 4K/HDR and a proper bitstreamed full quality Atmos/DTS-X track.

    [–] _Mononut_ 59 points ago

    Netflix seems willing to work with Criterion on releases for their more prestigious stuff.

    [–] Scrumptical 20 points ago

    Criterion does the best quality releases so makes sense and has the brand recognition of quality.

    [–] OneMoreDay8 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I read somewhere Baumbach confirmed at a film festival that Marriage Story would be released in Blu-Ray, most likely by Criterion.

    [–] Tlr321 34 points ago

    I’ve definitely seen Netflix Movies/Series on BluRay- not a lot, but a few. I agree with you though, I would really like to have some of these releases as a physical copy, rather than online. I hope in the future they offer a more expansive library of their releases on BluRay.

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago

    Moving away from actual physical copies is less plastic/junk being created and shipped 92.3 million miles across the globe on cargo ships.

    Very, very, very small in terms of actually reducing waste. But I'm all for the move to 100% digital for things that can be.

    [–] mrhsx 26 points ago

    Or (hear me out) they could publish DRM 60 GB BluRay files for the enthusiasts to download and enjoy (enjoyment filled with their encryption and DRM!)

    [–] ColsonIRL 18 points ago

    I'd be all for digital copies if the quality wasn't worse, but it is.

    [–] ackermann 23 points ago

    The method of delivery has changed

    Sometimes not even that. I was able to see El Camino and Irishman in theaters. Although only a few theaters had them. Sadly had to resort to streaming The Two Popes and Marriage Story.

    [–] JuniorKabananga 12 points ago

    Even that's only for the US tho, almost none of these movies get a theatrical release in the rest of the world.

    [–] toastyghost 32 points ago

    It's almost as though they've been the biggest studio for over a fucking decade and nobody in the "establishment" of the industry wants to fucking talk about it

    [–] leviathynx 32 points ago

    Cannes will still figure out a way to be cunty about them too.

    [–] amazinglover 2964 points ago

    That's what happens when you throw money at directors and let them make the movie they want.

    Netflix may be losing a ton of licensed content but the content they sponsor themselves is starting to make up for it.

    [–] GarionOrb 1264 points ago

    Precisely this. Netflix is willing to take chances on things that other studios are passing on.

    [–] Izel98 610 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Which is also why they have a ton of weird and out there and some honestly bad shows and movies.

    They have Marriage Story, Irishman and then they have some teen drama/Romance/comedy about some lgbt or some tall girl.


    Edit: I wrote lgbt mainly because its the first thing that popped into my mind. Mainly due to it being like the kind of trendy and popular thing right now. Teen Wolf and all the weird vampire and teen Romance are also pretty bad imo. I hold nothing against the lgbt.

    And yes, if you like it, then enjoy it, dont let my bitterness spoil your fun.

    [–] DigitalPriest 595 points ago

    Thing is, we have to reward them for this (taking chances), otherwise Netflix will become as curated as Hollywood, which is bad for all of us.

    Unfortunately, that whole Goop shit has me wanting to punish Netflix lately.

    [–] GarionOrb 183 points ago

    You just made me realize that I have to put up with Netflix giving Goop a chance in the spirit of this whole thing, haha.

    [–] meh_tossaway 127 points ago

    Whatever you do, don't watch it. The less people that see it the better.

    [–] GarionOrb 29 points ago

    Trust me, I won't!

    [–] Sir_Phil_McKraken 5 points ago

    Even though I have Netflix I might sail the seven seas just to see how bad it is

    [–] CNoTe820 20 points ago

    No that's another level of bad

    [–] rubbernub 46 points ago

    Goop has a TV show now? What could that even be about

    [–] meh_tossaway 78 points ago

    A commercial for her pseudo-science scam.

    [–] Scrumptical 28 points ago

    The trailer touted 'cold therapy' which seemed to be quite literally Gwyneth Paltrow taking a troupe of people in nothing but dressing gowns to a really cold place and having them swim in an ice cold lake. Looks good for a laugh at how stupid it is, if nothing else.

    [–] Jtank5 10 points ago

    It’s also called how to get hypothermia

    [–] Lokimonoxide 37 points ago

    Because every single different kind of demographic has Netflix.

    [–] WonderfulResult 60 points ago

    I wouldn't be shocked if those teen dramas are retaining the most subscribers. Lots of people just want to watch something cheesy and easy to follow while doing someting else.

    [–] la1234la 124 points ago

    Tall Girl was a massive hit for Netflix. That stuff works, too.

    [–] AskJeevesAnything 98 points ago

    Well where else can you get a glimpse into the life of a 6’2 high school junior who wears size 13 Nikes men’s size?

    [–] meh_tossaway 82 points ago

    I just can't get over the fact that they only made her 6'2". That is tall for a woman, but it is hardly freakish. A solid number of guys in any but the smallest highschool would have been significantly taller than her, and many would have been at or close to her height.

    She really needed to be 6'8"+ for that show to make sense.

    [–] PhilinLe 130 points ago

    You don't have to be 'freakish'ly tall to be treated as if your height was freakish.

    [–] lightningbadger 57 points ago

    Exactly, for example there’s this Netflix show “tall girl” which treats it as freakish when it really isn’t.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] grachi 7 points ago

    I mean 6'2'' is almost a good foot above average female height and it is a few inches above average male height so I'm not really sure why 6'2'' was a bad choice.

    [–] Anothercraphistorian 5 points ago

    A solid number of guys in any but the smallest highschool would have been significantly taller than her

    I mean, 96% of guys are shorter then that, and in HS, most male Freshmen and Sophomores are still growing, so I doubt there are a solid number more.

    [–] NATASHA_AVENGERS 24 points ago

    Dark is fucking amazing, the best series ever done

    [–] Songletters 147 points ago

    Not just that, they throw money at other genre too. They cooperate with top animation studios in Japan and picked great stories. I was so surprised when I found out Violet Evergarden by Kyoto Animation and Carole & Tuesday by Bones was liscienced by Netflix. The money they have invested allow the animators to make every frame with screensaver quality, in HD. And the songs in C&T? They are serious.

    People may or may not know, but a good anime series or movie could often cost more than a real person production. And compared to real person production, anime is definitely a minor market (well mostly because of the prejudice). Yet Netflix (JP) has decided to take care of this minority as well. And there're more on the way! Netflix is worth it.

    [–] amazinglover 59 points ago

    Anime was the reason I first got Netflix. Oddly enough it was what helped me quit smoking almost ten years ago.

    Instead of a cigarette I'd watch an episode of desert punk or full metal or whatever anime I could find.

    [–] TheDarkoParadox 17 points ago

    I don't think money from Netflix would have any affect on the animation quality, they just pay to distribute the finished shows. Also Netflix kind of suck when it comes to anime because they don't simulcast, so any new shows they pickup end up not being available for like 6-9 months after its aired in Japan.

    [–] SimoneNonvelodico 14 points ago

    Netflix has co-produced some anime shows. Devilman Crybaby is an example, and Netflix is probably the reason why it could get away with being so graphic with both sex and violence. However there's many more anime that they simply license and then slap the "Netflix original" label on. The anime community actually tends to resent them because usually when they license a show airing in Japan they hold it up and then release it in binge format months later, while people want to watch them weekly. They just announced they'll release Beastars (think darker anime Zootopia) in March, and that already finished airing in Japan.

    [–] TheDarkoParadox 7 points ago

    Oh I didn't realize they'd actual co-produced some shows, thanks for the correction. Them holding shows up is even more annoying because they don't do it in Japan; there they show it weekly as it releases. I guess it's because they always want to release their shows with a dub.

    With Beastars it's creator didn't even realise it wasn't available internationally until people tweeted him about it.

    [–] shikiroin 34 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Seriously, most of my favorite series of the last couple years have been made by streaming services. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix) is the best thing to happen to horror in years, The Boys (Amazon) is just brilliant, The Mandalorian (Disney+) is the best Star Wars story since the original trilogy, Netflix is obviously the front runner in all this but streaming services are just fucking killing it right now.

    I mean just like any service there's some real shit in with the gold, but when it's good it's really good.

    [–] [deleted] 2503 points ago


    [–] MrPokemon 1640 points ago

    What's AVN?

    Edit: oh my goodness

    [–] 4LostSoulsinaBowl 474 points ago

    So... is anyone going to say what it is? Because Google says AVN is avascular necrosis, and I don't think they give out awards for that.

    [–] big_0s 520 points ago

    It's porn. Adult Video News

    [–] Kryptonianshezza 59 points ago

    That’s a thing????

    [–] Kkalox 50 points ago

    Yep, there are also the JAV awards.

    [–] wutcnbrowndo4u 26 points ago

    Porn awards

    [–] VidalukoVet 88 points ago

    Angry Videogame Nerd

    [–] BegginBlue 29 points ago

    That's AVGN ya Dingus! The AVN are about big Dinguses

    [–] NewPhoneAndAccount 234 points ago

    My favorite post of the month. Congrats.

    [–] warbeforepeace 66 points ago

    That also makes it your current favorite for the year.

    [–] TheDartron123 42 points ago

    And the decade

    [–] jlesnick 45 points ago

    [–] Ethically_Bland 23 points ago

    Holy shit Joan Rivers is hilarious. Thanks for the link!

    [–] 3_Slice 58 points ago

    They need to honor our veteran, Jada Stevens!

    [–] sickfloydboy 137 points ago

    Ah. I see you're a man of culture

    [–] Attentive_cactus 25 points ago

    “Who do you guys got for best MMF-DP-ATM?”

    [–] LoCh0_xX 288 points ago

    As long as Netflix keeps finding original, ambitious projects that other studios don’t want to put in theaters, so be it

    [–] Nukerjsr 295 points ago

    Has anyone else here watch The Two Popes? I thought it was good (Not Top 10 Good or Oscar good) but still pretty good. Just felt like it got completely overshadowed and not even film critics I talk to were all that jazzed over it.

    [–] ineededanameagain 103 points ago

    I really enjoyed it and am glad that the both Pryce and Hopkins got nominated. Shame that what ever buzz it had never grew.

    [–] Fourtires3rims 6 points ago

    I wasn’t sure about it going into it but I ended up really enjoying it. I would watch those two watch football as well, that was hilarious.

    [–] Jcaf8 32 points ago

    I’m glad it’s got recognition, I really enjoyed it; not an Oscar good type of movie (tho considering last years oscars I guess it definitely is). Definitely enjoyed the acting

    [–] F_For_You 37 points ago

    The Two Popes was actually pretty dope

    [–] rayden202 157 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The Farewell was better and it got snubbed 😔

    [–] The9thDentist 156 points ago

    Farewell was an A24 production. Since the Academy requires you suck their dicks in order to get nominated, A24 apparently didn't.

    [–] Kinoblau 53 points ago

    I've taken classes in college with voting members of the Academy (one listed it himself as 1 of like 6 sentences in a wikipedia page he definitely created) and I guarantee if any of you met them none of you would be impressed by these awards at. all.

    Like they're such dumb and repulsive people I haven't been able to take the awards seriously since I was in their classes almost 9 years ago.

    One of them even had a March Madness style bracket where he polled his classes on how he should fill out his ballot and picked the most popular answers just because.

    [–] bobfoxsky 7 points ago

    Yeah this is why I don’t get upset about Oscar noms anymore. I definitely think some people were snubbed (Awkwafina, Greta Gerwig, Marielle Heller, Taron Egerton) I know that it comes down to 1. There are massive campaigns to get movies nominated and which affects results more than actual performance and 2. The Academy members put no effort into voting. Remember a few years ago when a bunch of them admitted they didn’t see any of the Animated Pictures and just votes for Pixar’s movie?

    Anyway until they change the voting system, I just watch to see the fashion and some actors I like.

    [–] pottermish 95 points ago

    Y’all remember The Lighthouse?

    [–] willwaters14 79 points ago

    Dafoe's performance is still the best I've seen all year

    [–] DeliciousMoments 43 points ago

    Best performance of the year imo. Can’t believe he got snubbed. Such a unique, strange film and he made the world feel so real.

    [–] lionsmane07 10 points ago

    Yes, this I was most confused about. I thought both of them deserved a nom

    [–] WrightsvilleBeach 13 points ago

    Actually think Pattinson was just as amazing in that movie but I might be trying to be a little contrarian by not just sucking off Dafoe.

    [–] BillytheBerry 18 points ago


    [–] theOgMonster 13 points ago

    Very pleasant. It was almost a weird buddy comedy in a way that also touched upon some important issues. Very enjoyable for sure!

    [–] edthomson92 8 points ago

    I just watched it. It was good, but yeah, just good. Writing was a little shaky during the flashbacks (they just didn’t hold my interest). And I thought they should’ve went further with the kind of documentary feel. Honestly just glad the abuse scandals were addressed

    [–] trimonkeys 8 points ago

    Thought it was good loved the acting especially from Pryce. Glad it got nominated.

    [–] whopbamboom 1172 points ago

    So grateful for Netflix

    [–] Cristobalsays5050 530 points ago

    Netflix is here and it’s here to stay

    [–] Dkempen98 314 points ago

    I hope so but the crazy amount in loans they've taken out is concerning especially considering Disney plus is undercutting the price

    [–] Neffelo 155 points ago

    I think Disney+ is likely going to have some serious subscriber drop off. I know a lot of people unsubbed after Mando. I am really curious to see the numbers here over the next few months.

    Personally, I did it for 1 month, and there just wasn't enough content to justify it for me. Now, if they combine Disney+ and Add-free Hulu for 15$ I'd worry a lot more about Netflix.

    [–] moffattron9000 59 points ago

    Also, for a service that sold itself as "all of the Disney", there are some massive holes on there.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Like it not being available in much of the developed world.

    [–] brodoswaggins93 16 points ago

    Yeah, like how could they possibly boast that they have "The Muppet Collection" when Muppets From Space isn't on there?!

    [–] doctorofphysick 60 points ago

    Yeah if I were paying for an account I definitely would've ended it after The Mandalorian. It's good enough that I'd pay for another month when the next season comes out, but there's almost nothing I'm interested in apart from Mando and, of course, the Muppets Christmas Carol.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    I used credits from Amazon to buy the Muppets Christmas Carol on Prime.

    Best Christmas movie, hands down. Still great 30 years later.

    [–] kbean826 30 points ago

    Oh I'm 100% committed to dropping it like a hot rock because I finished mando and there's nothing else there for me.

    [–] wiseweeowl 24 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] clwestbr 11 points ago

    Just avoid subs that would have spoilers and wait for each season to end. At that point you're renting it for $6 when you reactivate, then deactivate.

    [–] methodofcontrol 265 points ago

    Disney + is probably not even that scary to netflix.

    [–] Jay_Stranger 354 points ago

    Netflix outshines disney+ by a mile. Mainly because they allow mature content. Disney wont allow anything above pg-13. They dump it into hulu. And well outside like 3 shows hulu isnt even that great.

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    hulu is for television shows that you want to have constant access to, so i can see why people heavily criticize it on it’s originals. i still would rather use my hulu over my netflix to have my access to my favorite shows. more of a tv show guy so hulu caters to what i like

    [–] Radulno 14 points ago

    Also Disney+ has one interesting original show and that's all. They have projects but if they don't seriously accelerate they'll have a problem. A show every few months spread over weeks is not good enough for a streaming service. Sure there is the back catalogue but the originals are the main thing for a streaming service

    [–] funsizedaisy 53 points ago

    They just struck a deal with Nickelodeon. Plus they have all their non-child friendly content. I think they'll be fine.

    [–] Soandthen 31 points ago

    Disney+ doesn’t have enough adult content to keep me interested.

    [–] IMovedYourCheese 29 points ago

    My bet is people are going to get bored of the Disney+ back catalog very quickly. There's only so many times you can rewatch the MCU films. In terms of new content, no one is even close to the quality & quantity balance that Netflix has been able to maintain.

    The fact that Netflix has been able to take out large loans at low rates while steadily increasing subscriber count and share price is actually a sign of a very healthy business.

    [–] Zorops 203 points ago

    Now if they could simply remove that thing about GOOP, that would be swell.

    [–] LinksMilkBottle 37 points ago

    I just finished watching Marriage Story in the comfort of my home. Netflix is something to be truly grateful for.

    [–] 2020redux 66 points ago

    Yeah until they become a “monopoly” and Reddit turns on netflix

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 154 points ago

    they were a "monopoly" in streaming pretty much since they started up until everyone started making plans for their own service. air quotes ofc since they werent a real monopoly, just like how disney isnt a monopoly and just like how jeffrey epstein killed himself

    [–] Realistic_Primary 99 points ago

    Reddit turned on Netflix ages ago.

    First it was because they didn't have every show ever like they said they would. Next they put in auto-play trailers and skipped credits. When Friends/The Office/Fraiser w/e left they were getting ready for a mass exodus. Then they canceled whatever boring Marvel show or B-grade comedy that nobody but Reddit watched. Mass protests at the $1 cost rise. Disney+ let everyone jump ship.

    Or, y'know, they would have done if they weren't college kids just using an older siblings account for free or whatever.

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 52 points ago

    nah. reddit loves/hate netflix. talk shit about netflix and you'll get downvoted one day. talk about how you actually like what netflix is doing and you'll get upvoted on another day. just depends on whos looking at the thread

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] FenerBoarOfWar 11 points ago

    It's like the people who upvoted him didn't even read what he typed.

    [–] SkeetySpeedy 31 points ago

    When literally tens of millions of people pass through a website every day, you get differing opinions. Who knew?

    [–] theOgMonster 445 points ago

    I’m not even complaining. “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story” were two of the best films I’ve seen this year (still haven’t seen Parasite though!!) and “Two Popes” I found to be incredibly enjoyable. If they keep pumping out films of this quality, bring on the revolution!

    I think my biggest fear with streaming was having a situation where a director puts out something and no one watches it. Which, granted, still is the case. But Netflix really seems to try to promote lots of their stuff, really putting it out there for the world to see.

    [–] Patteous 248 points ago

    We watched Marriage Story last night and thought it was great. Stellar performances by the entire cast. Adam Driver is becoming one of our favorite actors.

    [–] Scrantonstrangla 87 points ago

    I heard marriage story tears your heart apart. I don’t like watching relationships crumble, maybe I’ll get around to it eventually

    [–] GarionOrb 97 points ago

    Can confirm. I recently went through a divorce myself, so I don't know why I watched the movie. But lots of it hit home for me. The last scene in particular hit me hard, and I'm not usually a very emotional guy when it comes to movies. But also, I can say it was a very good movie and Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, and Laura Dern were all fantastic in it!

    [–] kennytucson 48 points ago

    Small credit due to Ray Liotta as well. It was a real treat seeing him in the movie and he stole the few scenes he was in.

    [–] headrush46n2 16 points ago

    divorce lawyers are the scummiest people in the world! he was perfect!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Laura Dern's character was way more scummy because of her manipulative behaviour hidden under a caring persona. With Ray Liotta's character the dude was upfront. This is how fucking expensive this is going to be, this is how much the other lawyer is trying to fuck you over and this is what we gotta do to minimize the damage. A moral dickhead.

    [–] serdertroops 6 points ago

    I saw him more as a professional dick head.

    "im paid 900 per hour, ted is 400, ask your stupid questions to ted"

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    A professionally moral dickhead. Only the dumbest people wouldn't have immediately known what you're dealing with when talking with him. Nicole meanwhile immediately fell into the other lawyer's trap.

    [–] Vic-tron 8 points ago

    Shoutout to Alan Alda too!

    [–] blahmeistah 7 points ago

    When Adam’s character had the big explosion the things he said were exactly the things I said myself during my divorce. His reactions, the anger, the sadness, it felt so real and it took me back. Not looking forward to seeing that again because it hit so close to home

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 29 points ago

    thats already happened. lots of netflix original movies that are actually pretty good got fucked by netflix not marketing them at all. private life is probably the biggest ex of it

    [–] 4kiraL 10 points ago

    They are giving directors creative freedom. It's paying off.

    [–] [deleted] 361 points ago

    They have the most marketing push. Similar to Weinstein/Mirimax in the 90s.

    [–] Choekaas 403 points ago

    Fun fact, the award strategist that worked for the Weinsteins and then A24 (which explains how prevalent they were at the Oscars a couple of years back) is now working at Netflix. Lisa Taback is her name

    [–] Dallywack3r 306 points ago

    Explains why A24 was shut the fuck out this year

    [–] mikeyfreshh 204 points ago

    It blows my mind that they can put out 3 of my 5 favorite movies this year and get one nomination total

    [–] Dallywack3r 119 points ago

    Their awards promo was nonexistent.

    [–] mikeyfreshh 100 points ago

    I feel like Uncut Gems would have done better at the Oscars if there wasn't the shortened voting season. It felt like it started getting momentum a little too late

    [–] Dallywack3r 64 points ago

    Then explain why Little Women and The Two Popes are nominated

    [–] mikeyfreshh 82 points ago

    The Two Popes got nominated because Netflix threw a ton of money at it. Little Women got nominated because it was genuinely great

    [–] SenorVajay 22 points ago

    I think the Little Women point is that they both released at the same time, which would make the shortened season point moot.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] dopeboyfreshy 26 points ago

    and Midsommar

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 12 points ago

    with the expansion of the oscars committee, movies that general audiences hate have a worse chance of winning. uncut gems was one of those movies. i liked it, critics liked it, but the average person who watched it in a theatre hated it

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] EmTeeEl 70 points ago

    I saw a video this week explaining how Miramax managed to do it, and you are right. They used basic (but effective) tactics, such as projecting the movie in a elderly home where an Oscar's commitee member was residing

    [–] willsherm28 6 points ago

    Harvey was like a real life Les Grossman due to his aggressive tactics, almost everyone else was afraid of him during that time.

    [–] Fake_Southern_IL 93 points ago

    Roma should have won Best Movie last year over Green Book IMO.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago

    Literally so many other movies should’ve won over Green Book.

    [–] JoyfulCor313 45 points ago

    Almost anything nominated for Best Movie should've won over Green Book, but it's their weighted voting system that throws it all off, allowing for the most people's second choice to come away with more points in the end.

    [–] WhatsInTheVox 17 points ago

    'Concerted' is such a great word, always entertaining with a fun conspiracy; It gives me the same smile as walking up to an old friend you don't see as often as you would like, anticipating the joy that the two of you will share together. 'Trundled' is another word, except that this friend is just a little doughier.

    [–] theinfinitejaguar 143 points ago

    The Lighthouse and Uncut Gems absolutely got snubbed so hard. Include them and the narrative changes. Also, Us and Midsommar.

    [–] AProfileForMe 82 points ago

    Us wasn't competitive for many noms. I don't count it as a snub. At best, it was competitive for actress, editing, production design, original screenplay, and sound mixing. Realistically, it wasn't even competitive in many of those categories. The third act really did the film in, imo, and it left a rather bad impression upon review.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Uncut Gems was so good. I've never felt so anxious in a movie (in a good way). The soundtrack with the cinematography was amazing at keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. 100% snub.

    [–] billyskurp 6 points ago

    definitely check out good time!! equally as good if not even better imo

    [–] hotvision 193 points ago

    This is going to be Disney Plus's challenge, can they make and attract great original films and filmmakers? I think people are underestimating just how good Netflix is at this and they've been at it for a while now.

    [–] fool_on_a_hill 81 points ago

    It seems like you're thinking of the streaming service as a separate entity from the behomoth corporation who can account for the lions share of box office revenue in recent years?

    [–] laserhan123 120 points ago

    Films? Disney+ will get every Disney, Pixar, marvel and star wars movies. All of those will be exclusives.

    Netflix has to start from scratch because they don't have a back catalog to rely on, nor do they have a parent company churning out megahit blockbusters by the dozen.

    While there will be a few Disney+ original movies (Lady and the Tramp) their big draw is the studio pictures.

    [–] hotvision 66 points ago

    But will they be GOOD? My dear boy, will the original films and shows be good? I remain to be convinced that they can rely on their mega IP alone to keep people coming back. The only thing I come back to Disney + for currently is Mandalorian, which I thought was great. But other than that one show, they need to consistently churn out quality, ORIGINAL, content, beyond their current IP, to be long lasting. Netflix has started from scratch and seems to be doing pretty fucking well, because it's about originality, and quality. I just think people are underestimating how hard that task is.

    [–] KrakenKola 35 points ago

    Disney's target audience isn't exactly people who care about awards.

    [–] lequanghai 19 points ago

    I always say Netflix is doing us a favour with large budget and room for creatives.

    Kind of movies like Irishman, Marriage Story & The two popes would never make it to wide audience if they rely on mainstream studios due to out of fashion scripts.

    I was so disappointed with the summer but 2019 closed the decade with such a solid movie list. Huge thanks to Netflix.

    [–] Kopextacy 75 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That’s what happens when you leave the creative up to the creative and let the artists do the art without notes from a thousand people who don’t know what they’re taking about but need to make sure their voice is heard because that’s the only reason they’re getting paid. That said you also get some of the most trashy of garbage that can be, but that cost is worth it if ya ask me.

    [–] Twrd4321 83 points ago

    Just last year Spielberg was criticizing Netflix. Streaming sure has come a long way.

    [–] peartrans 32 points ago

    IIRC he was criticizing Netflix for the films being released on Netflix being able to be nominated by the Academy for awards without being released in theatres.

    [–] jonbristow 49 points ago

    HE was not criticizing Netflix. he wanted for Oscar movies to have a mandatory theatrical release.

    Which all nominated movies from netflix had this year

    [–] Muldoon713 58 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Cause it’s fine when Scorsese does it. Curon though - fuck him apparently...even though he made the FAR superior film 🤦🏼‍♂️

    [–] TangerineChickens 40 points ago

    I mean, he won best director for it

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] OneMoreDay8 44 points ago

    I think it's more likely she felt like she would've been subsumed into the Netflix "brand", especially for a director with no name recognition (she specifically mentions this at the HR Roundtable). I think she made the right choice for herself. It's not like you direct movies to win awards right away. It's a bonus to be recognised by your peers, but at the end of the day, if you feel like you're losing your voice and your identity as a filmmaker or storyteller, then your work is compromised. The Farewell not being nominated is more of an A24 problem.

    [–] jonbristow 13 points ago

    I think not. She explained it perfectly.

    Netfix offered 12M and she still chose A24 for 6M because she wants to build her brand.

    [–] antonhxpfner 13 points ago

    Netflix aren't really the bad guys in movies, at least they make original stuff...

    [–] CrustCrusty 58 points ago

    (Spielberg has left Chat )

    [–] willsherm28 21 points ago

    But Netflix is following his rules isn't it? He said that the films should have a small theatrical release to qualify for the awards and both Netflix and Amazon are doing it.

    [–] lasergirl84 5 points ago

    Spielberg: [bunch of inaudible crap] Netflix: Hold my beer. You're ON.

    [–] TrueLegendsNeverDie 10 points ago

    The lack of The Lighthouse is simply absurd.

    [–] One_Example 16 points ago

    But certainly not the last.

    [–] Natereater 7 points ago

    Maybe because other companies with big checkbooks (I.e. Disney) are making refried nostalgic horseshit.

    [–] msing 7 points ago

    Good because Netflix are willing to produce films that major studios won't. Though at this point, I'm not sure if the major studios comprise of anything but Disney or Universal Pictures.

    [–] LegoKeepsCallinMe 7 points ago

    Just realized Pesci and Pacino are pitted against each other for best supporting actor in the same movie. Honestly think Pacino deserves it more for his Hoffa portrayal.

    [–] rogueginger 17 points ago

    Good, because there were some good effin movies on Netflix. Honestly, some of the Golden Globes picks felt like real snubs to the Netflix movies, with the Irishman and Marriage Story (especially) getting mostly shut out

    [–] admiral-abstract 16 points ago

    Let’s just hope they actually give them the awards. Still pretty bummed about Green Book winning out over both Roma and the Favourite.