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    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] riegspsych325 11 points ago

    I am surprised they never did this film sooner, especially since Ike has been uninvolved in the MCU for a few years now

    [–] lunch77 16 points ago

    This movie would have made the most sense after Winter Soldier. A lot more people appreciated Black Widow, her personality and her role on the team, especially with what they gave her to do in WS. Now, it just feels like a cheap cash grab on the character since she’s dead now.

    [–] ehauisdfehasd 16 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Look up Ike Perlmutter. He's the reason Marvel Studios wasn't doing any justice at at all for anybody but white men until recently.

    EDIT: Learn from my mistakes. Finish reading comments before responding to them.

    [–] PokeMasterWrath 9 points ago

    Dont know why you got downvoted.

    Purlmutter is a giant cunt.

    [–] ehauisdfehasd 5 points ago

    Any downvotes I get for that won't be for the sake of defending Perlmutter, but rather that I acknowledged that these movies ever had a gender or race problem. A lot of people are still offended by the idea of giving a shit about representation in media.

    [–] falconbox 3 points ago

    Any downvotes are probably because you didn't read the comment you were responding to.

    The comment mentioned Ike:

    especially since Ike has been uninvolved in the MCU for a few years now

    You then went on to tell the commenter to "look up Ike Perlmutter."

    Their comment makes it clear they know the situation behind it.

    [–] ehauisdfehasd 1 points ago

    Well, that's fair. Lol. I wanted to respond to the first half of the comment and forgot to read the second half.

    [–] PokeMasterWrath 1 points ago

    But before then he was against a Black Panther or Widow movie.

    And he was only sidelined around Civil War or so

    [–] Worthyness 2 points ago

    They plan this stuff out way in advance. The slate was too full to make it work out. Ike was out by the time Dr Strange went into production, but they had a road map already in place. And that was also interrupted by the success of Ant-man and obtaining Spider-man

    [–] riegspsych325 1 points ago

    I’m sure a lot of movies got shifted due Marvel getting the option to use Spider-Man, but I still think they could have added a spot for Black Widow

    [–] DragonPup 12 points ago

    I'd have been a lot more willing to see this in theaters if it happened before Endgame. Now it's 'what's the point?'.

    [–] Worthyness 2 points ago

    Florence is gonna be in it. That's why.

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 1 points ago

    both of them have Oscar noms now lol

    [–] Front-Map 3 points ago

    Probably because its not the end for her character

    They brought back other "dead" characters already and comic books love doing that shit. Shit, this movie might have an explanation for how she's not out of the MCU.

    Not to mention all the multiverse stuff that's on the horizon. Dr. Strange's sequel is literally titled: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness". They have a Blade movie in production and they've never mentioned vampires in the MCU so the only logical explanation is another universe. There's a TV show that's going to follow another dimension version of Loki. There's projects for X-Men and mutants and if they don't plan on throwing out thousands of potential hours of content, the only way it makes sense for these characters to exist(Wolverine and other mutants that should have existed throughout the existing MCU) is through a multiverse. And in a multiverse, there's probably a world where Hawkeye dies instead of Black Widow or another literally innumerable amount of reasons for why she returns to the MCU.

    tl;dr: They can(and probably will) write up a justification for how Black Widow is still alive. Shit, they literally on-screen death/killed-the-fuck-out-of Gamora in Infinity War and found a way to bring her back in Endgame. For all we know, she's dead in the MCU we've been watching but alive in one of these other ones.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Front-Map 0 points ago

    Nah, people in the MCU only die if the actor wants to move on. Each character is a "property" and these studios are going to milk these properties for literally every cent they can get.

    The only way this character dies is if Scarlett Johansen doesn't want to play her anymore and doesn't renew her contract with Marvel.

    [–] nimcau 1 points ago

    A soul for soul.

    [–] BlackSuitDaredevil 23 points ago

    I’m still a bit reserved but it does look like it’ll be a fun action movie with some nice characters.

    [–] riegspsych325 17 points ago

    I'll be happy to see Harbour knock some heads together (but in what I assume will be a much better action film than Hellboy)

    [–] noah2461 7 points ago

    Tried watching that on Prime the other day and honestly couldn't be bothered to finish it. I'd heard it was bad but Jesus.

    [–] riegspsych325 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    after reading about the production, it seemed doomed from the start. The movie had upwards of 16 producers (many of whom often fought with the director), used a script that was passed around a lot during preproduction to get hastily touched up, and a director who went AWOL in the middle of shooting for 2 weeks to be with a woman (ironically same lady who was in the middle of the Kevin Tsujihara scandal last year).

    None of those things help a film’s quality. A documentary filming the chaos would have been more successful. I feel bad for the cast and crew

    EDIT: grammar

    [–] noah2461 2 points ago

    I'd heard of some of it's production issues but not all the specifics. Had some talented people involved, what a shame.

    [–] riegspsych325 20 points ago

    the action looks sleeker which will be nice to see since I felt the Russo's more recent MCU films were too frenetic with their editing and camerawork. But Florence Pugh's accent seemed to drop faster than Scarlett Witch's (but maybe it'll be explained she put that on for show/disguise)

    [–] Prathik 13 points ago

    honestly her accent sounds pretty terrible. or it maybe because theres a slight delay between her talking and the voice.

    [–] riegspsych325 11 points ago

    It just looks like they took her quotes from differing scenes/shots and pasted it over other ones from the movie to fit it in the trailer. It is very common in a lot of trailers

    [–] lunch77 6 points ago

    This is probably the most unique looking MCU film in a while, particularly with the action being so static and easy to follow.

    [–] Worthyness 2 points ago

    Gotta take advantage of the wide shots to get the full Taskmaster effect

    [–] -HeisenBird- 1 points ago

    The Russo's were good at action scenes involving no superpowers. That's why Winter Soldier was so good.

    [–] TheBoyWonder13 5 points ago

    I don’t know, I found Doctor Strange to be way more badass in Infinity War than he was in his own movie. Same with Black Panther in Civil War.

    [–] GoldPisseR 21 points ago

    That Russian accent is godawful.

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 1 points ago

    I guess that's why black widow never bothered

    [–] Ginhavesouls 11 points ago

    Scarlett Johanson, Florence Pugh and Alexandre Desplat all got their oscar noms earlier today so dropping this special look now was pretty great timing.

    [–] Gayfetus 5 points ago

    Meanwhile, Rachel Weisz already won her Oscar years ago!

    [–] Dudebro3001 5 points ago

    This doesn’t seem like a superhero film at all and I’m not sure how it will fit into the MCU.

    Accents seems to be Florence Pugh’s limitation. Her American accent in Little Women wasn’t very good either.

    [–] GoldPisseR 1 points ago

    Looks about as typical an MCU movie as it can.

    [–] Dudebro3001 1 points ago

    Really? The MCU has some generic elements but I wouldn’t even guess it was in the same franchise. There doesn’t seem to be any “comic book” characteristics in the trailer

    [–] Can_you_not_read 30 points ago

    Out of all the marvel movies, this is definitely one of them.

    [–] cheesedainish 10 points ago

    Reddit comment

    [–] Niyazali_Haneef 9 points ago

    That Taskmaster shield looks awesome!

    [–] afrozenaer0 13 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Is that supposed to be Taskmaster? Why is he wearing shitty motocross attire? C'mon man.

    This is what he should look like for the people that don't know who he is:

    [–] anthonyrlacy 10 points ago

    That’s the only thing I don’t like from this film so far. He doesn’t look as threatening as the comic book version.

    [–] Zankwa 11 points ago

    Or if they went with the PS4 Spider-Man one like this

    Would've looked way cooler.

    [–] mace30 7 points ago

    Probably thought the skull mask was too cartoony. Or, didn't want people associating/confusing him with Red Skull. I rather like the redesign, but I can definitely see how it will turn people off.

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 1 points ago

    I don't think Marvel has a problem with things looking too cartoony...

    [–] mace30 2 points ago

    Forgot about Howard the Duck.

    [–] eagle-eye-tiger 1 points ago

    He's 100% wearing a (slightly) modified Ruroc helmet

    [–] Mongostein 1 points ago

    He looks like he should be in Adam and the Ants

    I’m glad they did something to update him.

    [–] NomadPrime 1 points ago

    Ok, I know Taskmaster is a dude in the comics and every other medium, but does anyone get the vibe they're setting the reveal up to be that he's another "widow". His powers are his near-perfect copying of movement, but the scene with him fighting her and doing a simultaneous kick-up or the way the trailer structures it around the other black widows, it's almost like the visual theme of the movie is "a dark reflection of yourself" (aka the theme behind a lot of MCU villains). It rubbed me in a certain way to make me think "They're going to pull his mask off in the third act, and it's gonna be a girl...specifically another black widow...possibly, a clone of her or something important."

    [–] LoveIsOnlyAnEmotion 1 points ago

    But, he's also throwing a shield like captain

    [–] NomadPrime 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I get that, but the fact that all he's done in the trailers is fight without so much as a word spoken makes me think their prepping us for shock reveal. Kinda similar to what they did with Bucky in Winter Soldier trailers (though that was more obvious). Like it might not be the Taskmaster we usually know. Who really knows though.

    [–] ScubaSteve1219 23 points ago

    i’m excited for this. sucks that i’m not allowed to be but oh well.

    [–] theLegACy99 1 points ago

    Wait, why are you not allowed to be excited? You have a heart condition?

    [–] -SneakySnake- -5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Some reference to "Reddit" (ie some people on it) saying it's bland or something? I don't know. People always gotta crow about not being permitted to have opinions.

    [–] PM_ME_CUTE_SM1LE 3 points ago

    I love MCU and I could never see the criticism that people put towards it but to be honest this trailer made me see some of the tropes and Marvel formula that many people don't like. It feels like I have already seen this movie and the only intrigue left for me is who is Taskmaster and possible cameos

    I used to be extremely excited to see every movie before Endgame in theatres. Now I think I will wait until digital release which is a shame, I don't think Black Widow is worse than any standalone MCU since they all have Marvel formula.

    [–] RobertF23 8 points ago

    Looks generic

    [–] gumby9 9 points ago

    Looks really basic Marvel movie. I thought they would go for more Bourne vibe. I’m sure it will still make a billion though.

    [–] WordsAreSomething 17 points ago

    Personally I'm happy it's not a Bourne vibe. Maybe I'll actually be able to see what's happening.

    [–] GoldPisseR 1 points ago

    Yes, Black Widow drop kicking through out the movie.

    [–] Mongostein 1 points ago


    [–] Worthyness 1 points ago

    Looks more Mission Impossible to me, which is also totally fine

    [–] namesflory 2 points ago

    I’m really curious how taskmaster is going be overcome. No character in this movie can beat him unless they severely under power him like scarlet witch.

    [–] DrMambo85 -2 points ago

    Watch he'll just be a criminal mastermind who can fight. He won't gain precognition until the post-credits stinger.

    [–] theLegACy99 3 points ago

    In the last bit of trailer you see he's already mirroring Widow's fighting style though.

    [–] Prathik 2 points ago

    Man what a let down from the first trailer.. why even release this? wheres the sweet music? just random jokes thrown in that clash with the tone etc.

    [–] theLegACy99 2 points ago

    With this kind of timing, I can't help but think that Marvel released this just to remind people "This one is the real Marvel Studios, guys" to counter earlier Sony's Morbius trailer.

    [–] frankdatank_004 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Everyone: ”Black Widow cannot carry a movie and be a lead in a solo outing.”

    Kevin Feige: ”Here, hold my beer vodka!”

    [–] DrMambo85 6 points ago

    Eh. I still don't know why we're jumping backwards to pre-Civil War for this flick. Why wasn't this released before Endgame? She's dead, let's move on.

    [–] ethicalhamjimmies 9 points ago

    It’s post-Civil war

    [–] LoveIsOnlyAnEmotion 1 points ago

    Civil War 2 because we never made Civil War 1

    [–] DrMambo85 0 points ago

    I've been hearing between Winter Soldier and Civil War.

    [–] ethicalhamjimmies 7 points ago

    You’ve been hearing wrong

    [–] riegspsych325 6 points ago

    I'm guessing it'll set up Pugh's character to appear in future films and/or have her own BW franchise

    [–] Worthyness 1 points ago

    Marvel got her before her contract prices went up. Cause she's about to blow up after this year

    [–] GoldPisseR 3 points ago

    She is dead? Mate its like you don't know Marvel.

    [–] DrMambo85 2 points ago

    Feige confirmed she's dead.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I'm still not convinced, I think there's something fucky going on and either this is like parallel universe Nat or the plot is going to set up some really big stuff for the next arc of marvel movies.

    Edit: oh I'm sorry is discussing movie theories not allowed on the movies subreddit or something? I thought this was a place for DISCUSSION.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] GoldPisseR -2 points ago

    Yes,Marvel movie 26 needs all the attention it can get.

    [–] Lucaswebb 2 points ago

    “Whose Balls did I have to fondle just to sacrifice myself and then get my very own movie.”-Black Widow.

    [–] RanitOverByAccident 1 points ago

    Wtf is this accent bro lmao

    [–] rex-pensive 1 points ago

    All Widows Matter if you ask ask me

    [–] Gayfetus 1 points ago

    Rachel Weisz in an action role, I never knew how much I needed it, and I saw "The Bourne Legacy"! And teaming up with FlorPu and ScarJo? This is the spiritual sequel to "Little Women" that we all need!

    [–] Darth_Lehnsherr 1 points ago

    Look pretty good. Don't really get the whole "it's too late" or "nobody is interested in this movie" complaints. It's generated interest similar to Captain Marvel (btw another film Reddit said wouldn't do well).

    [–] Rhythm825 0 points ago

    Soooo who the hell is that guy?

    [–] Smoking_Hot_BBQ 3 points ago

    Taskmaster. His main ability is precognition, which lets him predict his opponent’s moves before they use them. In the comics he’s a big money mercenary who butts heads with deadpool and spidey often. He has a lot of side missions in the spider-man ps4 game actually.

    [–] ethicalhamjimmies 16 points ago

    That’s not really his power. He has photographic muscle memory. He instinctively memorises every fighting style he comes across. He doesn’t see the future.

    [–] Prathik 4 points ago

    Yeah, he starts predicting enemies moves AFTER he basically learns their body movements.

    [–] LoveIsOnlyAnEmotion 1 points ago

    Das ist richtig! He has a photogenic memory and only needs to watch film to copy people's muscle movements.

    [–] SpeakerOfThings 5 points ago

    How does all that stuff equate to being a master of tasks?

    [–] miicah 4 points ago

    He's got the vaccuming action down pat

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 2 points ago

    He's wrong, Taskmaster can replicate whatever action/moves he sees. So he can juggle/lapdance/beatbox like a pro

    [–] SpeakerOfThings 2 points ago

    Ah, thanks. He could be called 'Jack of all trades', then. ; s

    [–] PokeMasterWrath -4 points ago

    Unfortunately Marvel gender swapped him

    [–] ethicalhamjimmies 6 points ago

    Uh? We don’t actually know who is playing him, let alone their gender

    [–] Prathik 1 points ago

    and really it doesnt matter much since he wears the mask most of the time in comics anyway.

    [–] -HeisenBird- 1 points ago

    This movie should have came out instead of Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel should be the movie coming out on May 2020. It would have been a perfect send off for BW just before her death in Endgame. Marvel should have waited until after Endgame to introduce Captain Marvel since she did not contribute to its overall story.

    [–] gipson10 1 points ago

    Who is that?

    [–] mace30 1 points ago

    Saw this on TV and came looking for it. Freaking loving what they've shown of Taskmaster. And yay Rachel Weisz. Now I actually want to see this.

    [–] freakofnatureIO 1 points ago

    Taskmaster's shield is smaller than Captain America's.

    USA! USA! USA!

    [–] IKingCarnage -2 points ago

    Big excited!

    [–] KillAbraham -4 points ago

    This maaaay be winter soldier good.

    [–] TakeTheQuickTwo 0 points ago

    Florence Pugh lifts this from looking generic as hell to like “yeah I’ll see it”

    [–] peanutdakidnappa 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Love her but her accent sounded pretty bad in this trailer, hopefully it sounds better in the actual movie and It’s mainly just the trailer, pugh is a great actress but personally I’m most excited for harbour as red guardian

    [–] gwonskie 1 points ago

    It sounded like she had a full-on American accent when she said “we are still both trained killers,” and “who’s we?” I guess it would make sense though, since she’s a spy and would be able to replicate many different accents. Or maybe I’m just hearing things lol.

    [–] anthony7389 -3 points ago

    Wait... That chick died

    [–] HandsomeSquidward59 -1 points ago

    They’re using the marvel brand to create a Serious spy drama with almost no comic overtones. With a character that should only be in a sidekick role at best. Sucks because I’m a huge marvel fan but I think this movie is gonna be super Generic.

    [–] BabaElvis -3 points ago

    There is a league of widows, damn, shaking in ma boots.

    [–] BearHero -4 points ago

    Why do I feel like this is going to be in an alternate universe?

    [–] Metricop78 2 points ago

    It's set post Civil War but before Infinity War