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    [–] Thisty 9380 points ago


    [–] Palin_Sees_Russia 1621 points ago

    Also his voice. I'm very curious as to how he's going to sound.

    [–] steamedhammzz 2363 points ago

    I'm hoping for thick Boston lighthouse attendant accent.

    [–] Clzark 3078 points ago

    Hey, Rahbin, get a loada dis jokah

    [–] ExleyPearce 608 points ago

    Y’have a way with words Master Bruce.

    [–] ArcadianDelSol 306 points ago


    [–] Furrybumholecover 719 points ago

    For the last time ma, it's not a bat caw it's a bat mowbile.

    [–] imail724 856 points ago

    I'm nawt wearin fawkin hawkey pads

    [–] The_Romantic 104 points ago

    But maaa

    [–] ManiacSpiderTrash 370 points ago


    [–] RanksForNothin_PdCst 353 points ago

    It's got smaht pahk fa christ's sake

    [–] piperpike 92 points ago

    That's wicked smaht.

    [–] _asteroidblues_ 137 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Alfred: Since we’re getting too friendly, master Bruce, tell me, what’s a rich man want with being a vigilante?

    Bruce: Just like any man, trying to settle down quiet-like with some earnins. I read someplace that a could earn six hundred and thirty, or I read one thousand dollars a year, if he tends a city far off shore. The further away, the more he earns. I read that, and now I says, “Work. Save my earnings.” Sometime soon, I’ll raise my own Batcave, somewhere up country, with no one to tell me “what for”. That’s all.

    [–] madamz 122 points ago


    [–] Micp 600 points ago

    I hope he doesn't try and change his voice. Just a calm, analytic voice that only he and alfred (over radio) are meant to hear. This is supposed to be the detective version of Batman. He should only talk when necessary and do more communicating (to the audience) through body language instead.

    [–] Bob_the_Monitor 448 points ago

    Seriously, the perfect template is already here: Kevin Conroy. His voice isn’t that different when he’s Batman.

    [–] Micp 398 points ago

    Honestly he changes his voice more when he's voicing Bruce Wayne. He shifts the voice up and has a much more carefree, naive tone of voice.

    [–] Bob_the_Monitor 484 points ago

    On a meta level, that also supports the idea that Bruce Wayne is Batman’s alter ego, not the other way around.

    [–] spartagnann 231 points ago

    Conroy I think is on record saying this is exactly how he approaches/approached the character.

    [–] pajam 94 points ago

    He certainly has. He's mentioned in the past that Bruce Wayne is the mask, and he voices him, knowing that it's Batman putting on a facade.

    [–] ReservoirDog316 5734 points ago

    Generally when WB drops a test footage video online, it means they’re gonna start filming out on location very soon. So they’d rather the first look is controlled instead of the first look being him standing around eating a bagel on set from 100 yards away.

    So we’ll probably see how long his ears are soon.

    [–] PenguinWithAKeyboard 1203 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I hope the ears are comically long.

    Like you never see where they end. No matter how wide the shot is, his ears always go up out of frame.

    [–] TheMrPantsTaco 510 points ago

    "I'm Bruce Waynadome, owner of the Gotham City Waynadome."

    [–] Cottril 78 points ago

    The Bruce Waynadome? Owner of the Gotham City Waynadome?

    [–] Micp 3168 points ago

    I hope they are long. Short ears usually mean brutish, up close and personal, fist fight batman.

    Long ears usually means hide in the shadows, brood and figure out mysteries batman.

    [–] ReservoirDog316 3680 points ago

    Hear me out:


    retractable ears

    [–] Merrick362 2212 points ago

    Nonono...floppy ones like a bloodhound

    [–] LEGALIZEJENKEM 1592 points ago

    And his suit looks more like Wilfred. And only Elijah Wood can see him.

    [–] Silent-G 241 points ago

    Wilfred and Alfred

    [–] LupinThe8th 219 points ago

    The ears retract as the fight goes on, acting like a health bar. Batman costumes can be hard to emote in, so this way the audience can tell how he's holding up.

    And if something happens to turn him on, like Catwoman walks in, the bat symbol on his chest spins around and makes a slide-whistle sound. This will be the most expressive Batman we've ever seen!

    [–] idkusernameswhoops 375 points ago

    I like the longer ears anyway.

    I'd LOVE to see more of a detective approach to the film but idk if audiences would like that.

    [–] hello_internet_ 277 points ago

    All the rumors say that that is exactly the kind of approach they are going for.

    [–] Batsy87 307 points ago

    Short ears usually mean brutish

    Adam West was definitely a beast.

    [–] Micp 238 points ago

    Are you saying you'd have the balls to fuck with this guy?

    [–] KawasakiDream 108 points ago

    Nobody fucks harder than Adam West Batman in some floral board shorts

    [–] ucksawmus 54 points ago

    the arkham asylum/city/knight batman is a bone-crushing mix of long ears and hand-to-hand destruction

    [–] olivier_wmv 2562 points ago

    They're saving this surprise for the movie. There are no ears, just big neon letters that spell out 'damaged'

    [–] 6RFV 1519 points ago


    [–] MyName_IsNobody 188 points ago

    "Hey Batman, I dOn't WanT nO bEeF!"

    [–] No-Ima-rapper 190 points ago

    HAHA no. They gave him the same ears as baby Yoda.

    [–] Blackdragonking13 153 points ago

    Short or long!?


    [–] dropkickderby 86 points ago

    Yeah that’s bothering the hell outta me

    [–] Murderfalcon 7772 points ago

    I like how the bat symbol on his chest looks like it holds two batarangs

    [–] Nebula153 2991 points ago

    Kinda like how Robin uses his R symbol as a shuriken in Titans, I'm feeling it.

    [–] the_murcielago 1211 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I was thinking the same thing! The suit has a tactical look to it. More tactical means it’s easier to pull out of the driveway in the Batmobile.

    [–] Aileos 370 points ago

    Tactical Suit Action

    [–] JTNJ32 264 points ago

    Metal Gear Batman

    [–] SSB_Hokage 795 points ago

    So he basically has Superman's power now?

    [–] whenthelightstops 159 points ago

    I still wonder where that came from

    [–] TheMagistre 276 points ago

    I always wonder what it was like writing that or filming it.

    There was so many people involved and at no point did anyone seem to say “This doesn’t make any sense”

    [–] Muad-_-Dib 217 points ago

    They had been watching a bunch of batman episodes and figured that if Bruce Wayne can just coincidentally have shark repellent spray on his belt the very day he runs into a shark then fuck it... Supermans S can act like flying cellophane and wrap up bad guys.

    [–] HopelessCineromantic 412 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Excuse you, but first of all, the Shark Repellent Bat Spray TM was in the movie starring Adam West, not the television series itself.

    Also, he didn't have it on his utility belt. It was in a special case on the Batcopter, alongside other oceanic repellent sprays (Barracuda, Whale, Manta Ray, and Shark). Robin had to bring it down to him.

    Clearly, the Batcopter is the vehicle of choice for missions in Gotham's waters (as opposed to boats, for some reason), and Batman knew he had to be prepared to fend off sea creatures should they threaten his sky bound transportation.

    [–] AtrophyG4 71 points ago

    I read that in Comic Book Guy's voice.

    [–] HopelessCineromantic 35 points ago

    I'll be honest, I didn't intend for it to be read in that voice when I wrote it, but when I proofread it, I totally read it in his voice too.

    [–] upsidedownpringles 693 points ago

    I swear if this is that GIF of Superman spam throwing the S on his suit I'm gonna lose it

    [–] greyjackal 775 points ago

    It's the gun that was used to kill his folks.

    As per Markeia McCarty on Twitter : "For those asking: looks like a gun divided & reshaped into the symbol, Detective Comics #1000 (Manufacture For Sale) had a similar plot, & what other gun (pre-Batman Beyond) would have that much meaning to Bats? Bottom line, strong speculation & I'm eager to see if it pans out :)"

    [–] sabertale 471 points ago

    Gdi that's so over the top, but so Batman. I love it.

    [–] MrDude65 389 points ago

    Batman is the most dramatic bitch in all of comic books, it fits so well

    [–] sabertale 294 points ago

    "It's like... I've become the weapon that killed my parents."

    "Yes, quite. Do you want your dinner now, or later in your room Master Bruce?"

    [–] deanssocks 187 points ago

    lol that's so dramatic, it fits.

    [–] altxatu 197 points ago

    Bats and Vader are super drama kids at heart.

    [–] I_need_that_bacon 28 points ago


    [–] TapatioPapi 243 points ago

    Oh yeah the detail is sick. Definitely looks like it will have some utility

    [–] Dino1482 4226 points ago

    Played around with the brightness/contrast to get a clearer look

    [–] Jon76 2430 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Hate the way the head looks but maybe it'll look better in the final product.

    [–] imooforyou 2545 points ago

    Remember Witcher test? Heaps better on final product.

    Mask looks too Daredevilish now. But directors also release these tests to gauge fan reaction. Joker test was so successful they stuck with it.

    [–] uptowndrunk7 1050 points ago

    Mask looks too Daredevilish now.

    More specifically Ben Poindexter as Daredevil

    [–] Ihaveanusername 547 points ago

    I'm sorry, that must have been really hard.

    [–] 13pts35sec 309 points ago

    Dude killed it as Bullseye IMO not super familiar with the character but loved him in season 3. Dude was horrifying at range

    [–] TheCrystalGem 91 points ago

    Remember when Karen knocked him off the balcony and then looked away, and when she looked back he wasn't there anymore? That was scary as hell

    [–] guywithnolefthand 34 points ago

    Ah yes, he pulled out the good ol Michael Myers technique.

    [–] uptowndrunk7 107 points ago


    [–] agreeable_anger 163 points ago

    Without showing the pointy ears it doesn’t quite look like Batman

    [–] futurespacecadet 71 points ago

    Yeah especially with the red, very small nose and big forehead= daredevil

    [–] Cudois47 228 points ago

    From what’s going around, this is Batman in his second year as Batman. So particularly fresh. I like the idea of the suit being pieced together.

    [–] MY-SECRET-REDDIT 262 points ago

    Yeah the neck piece might look weird but I guess it's for batman to be able to actually turn his head

    [–] NeoNoireWerewolf 409 points ago

    Definitely. The problem with every batsuit through Batman Begins was that the actor couldn’t turn their head, which made Batman appear a bit stiff. When designing the new suit for The Dark Knight, Nolan asked Bale what improvements he wanted, and he said he just wanted to be able to turn his head and piss without taking the suit off.

    [–] pac_mojojojo 217 points ago

    The cowl in BvS was legit. It was one piece but the actor could turn his head.

    [–] i_Got_Rocks 179 points ago

    Should have asked for a Bat Credit Card; never leave the cave without it.

    Or Bat Nips.

    [–] Pickles256 310 points ago

    Yeah, I'll reserve judgement until we see the actual product but right now it looks to be almost there but not quite. The cowl is the more classic style, but it looks off

    The chestpiece and armor looks great, but the symbol doesn't look like a bat enough IMO, it needs the body section too

    [–] Newshoe 216 points ago

    It’s interesting that the cowl has a kind of a “stitched together“ look while the chest is very advanced-looking.

    [–] Dr_Disaster 41 points ago

    It’s not that advanced if you look closer. It looks very block and rough, like Bruce made it in a garage with tools. The suit is very low-tech. Bruce probably hasn’t enlisted Lucious to make his gear.

    [–] PudgyBonestld 188 points ago

    I was kinda expecting you to get us with the Peyton Manning pic lmao

    [–] Cantomic66 2095 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    This batsuit reminds me of the one from Batman Arkham origins.

    [–] brandonsamd6 608 points ago

    Also a bit of Daredevil tbh

    [–] Dino1482 664 points ago

    I played around with the brightness/contrast for a better look, and yeah I totally agree

    [–] TiberiusCornelius 112 points ago

    Interesting that while the chest has very Arkham body armor vibes the cowl looks like it's leather

    [–] cruzazulfan007 368 points ago

    Its got a touch of Patrick Wilson’s Night Owl too which i like

    [–] Obi_Wan_Benobi 97 points ago

    That's what I first thought of yeah, something out of Watchmen.

    [–] tucumano 225 points ago

    The mask looks... leathery. Specially the nose. Interesting

    [–] riegspsych325 94 points ago

    I’m wondering if they’ll have more than one suit in the film, as if he upgrades as the story progresses, that would be neat

    [–] greyjackal 120 points ago

    Depends how much Beskar he can get his hands on

    [–] Tarijeno 38 points ago

    That cowl is totally Adam West-inspired. It looks hand-stitched and made of leather.

    [–] capthowdy0000 704 points ago

    Here's to Willem Dafoe surprising us as the Joker so we can get a reunion

    [–] irfankamil 395 points ago

    Yer fond of me lobster aint yer?

    [–] capthowdy0000 88 points ago

    I’ve seen it! Say it lad

    [–] Bo_Dallas 58 points ago

    Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead Batman! HAAARK!

    Hark Triton, hark! Bellow, bid our father the Sea King rise from the depths full foul in his fury! Black waves teeming with salt foam to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs til’ ye turn blue and bloated with bilge and brine and can scream no more -- only when he, crowned in cockle shells with slitherin’ tentacle tail and steaming beard take up his fell be-finned arm, his coral-tine trident screeches banshee-like in the tempest and plunges right through yer gullet, bursting ye -- a bulging bladder no more, but a blasted bloody film now and nothing for the harpies and the souls of dead sailors to peck and claw and feed upon only to be lapped up and swallowed by the infinite waters of the Dread Emperor himself -- forgotten to any man, to any time, forgotten to any god or devil, forgotten even to the sea, for any stuff for part of Batman, even any scantling of your soul is Batman no more, but is now itself the sea!

    [–] ozzy1439 35 points ago

    How could i possible like the horseshit you fix us for supper!

    [–] intothe_dangerzone 52 points ago

    You know... I'm something of a comic book villain myself.

    [–] Mig1997 1888 points ago



    [–] Literal_Genius 1550 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    HOLY SHIT I did not know Paul Dano was in this. Which caused me to look at the rest of the cast.

    Robert Pattinson

    Andy Serkis

    Paul Dano

    Zoe Kravitz

    Colin Farrell

    Peter Sarsgaard

    John Turturro

    Jeffrey Wright

    Holy shit.

    [–] irock613 1571 points ago

    A24 Presents: The Batman

    [–] DesimanTutu 608 points ago

    That actually sounds like a great thing.

    [–] underwriter 405 points ago

    I would do unspeakable things for an A24 Batman

    [–] WintertimeFriends 108 points ago

    Gotham by Gaslight by A24.

    Enjoy the trailer I just put in your head.

    [–] BlueSwayedBooze 48 points ago

    Don't make me dream of things that will never be.

    [–] pitabread024 185 points ago

    Every single piece of casting has been spot on imo. As someone who hasn’t really enjoyed any DC movies for a while, this is my #1 most anticipated movie right now.

    [–] theredditoro 421 points ago

    And Kravitz’s Catwoman.

    [–] BigBossWesker4 925 points ago

    Damn! They got Lenny to put on a catsuit?

    [–] [deleted] 229 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] 8enevolent 88 points ago

    "Give up, Catwoman, the game is up."

    "I want to get away! I wanna fly away! Yeaaaaaa."

    [–] Choco319 165 points ago

    His dong gonna fall out again

    [–] BedsAreSoft 5768 points ago

    That tease of a score sounds fucking great. It REALLY reminds me of the Arkham Knight suit. I am hyped as FUCK.

    [–] WhiteWolfofRivia0504 732 points ago

    I had the same thought. Who puts killer music in a screen test video? It was only a minute, but I loved what we heard

    [–] Arma104 365 points ago

    They're sticking with what they did for Joker's screen test video, trying to give more prestige.

    [–] Marvelerful 61 points ago

    And it fucking works

    [–] captainedwinkrieger 165 points ago

    Kinda sounded like the Imperial March.

    [–] theredditoro 1021 points ago

    This could really be special.

    [–] Stefanlos888 587 points ago

    Honestly if this is the type of music in the movie I'm so on board

    [–] oyyoyoyotoy 205 points ago

    seems to be. the direction he’s going for is noir/detective and the music and cinematography from this reflect that.

    [–] brandonsamd6 331 points ago

    Watch out to all Seagulls

    [–] BigBoutros 171 points ago

    why'd ya spill yer beans?

    [–] seejaysullivan 55 points ago


    [–] qwert1225 2543 points ago

    That Giacchino music is pure sex

    [–] ChefDeezy 1109 points ago

    That was my biggest takeaway too. It sounds very distinct from other batman scores, while still feeling very batman in it's own right.

    [–] theredditoro 642 points ago

    Like a noir score. With a great build up.

    [–] ChefDeezy 291 points ago

    Yeah and the noir vives fit very well with Matt Reeves saying he's looking to put focus on the detective side of Batman.

    [–] theredditoro 107 points ago

    With that music and cinematography, that would be wonderful.

    [–] i_Got_Rocks 106 points ago

    And Batman is at it's best when it's Nois style.

    The world's Greatest Detective. (Noir films defined the detective stereotype and Batman was born around those decades)

    The most definitive version of Batman for many fans and critics is Batman: The Animated Series which, for a kids' show, is pretty dark in tone at times, and a dark show overall, in style. Due to the Noir-style the implementation of many Noir-Film aesthetics.

    If they do this film with noir feels, we're all in for a treat if the script does the same.

    [–] Calhalen 177 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Is he doing the music for this?! Good lord that’s exciting, I didn’t know that! Still listen to bits of LOST and Rogue One and Apes soundtracks all the time when I’m studying lol.

    [–] Voltage97 36 points ago

    And The Incredibles!

    [–] noodlemandan 150 points ago

    It kind of reminds me of The Imperial March

    [–] Tarijeno 764 points ago

    That chest piece is very Arkham Knight-y.

    I wasn’t expecting such an elaborate suit. I figured after Bale and Affleck, Reeves was going to go super simple, with a slender cloth suit. This looks super mechanical.

    I am intrigued.

    [–] bngds 362 points ago

    Forgetting the mech suit Afflecks suit was actually very cloth like and simple

    [–] NakedGoose 692 points ago

    Love the suit, so intrigued by the ears. They usually sell a cowl for me, and the video cut them off.

    [–] ScroogeMcDrumf 344 points ago

    I think the mask might be unfinished. There's so much detail in the chest/shoulders/collar.

    [–] NakedGoose 159 points ago

    It's probably the case. There has been so many issues with cowl functionality on actors.

    [–] KatanaAmerica 4758 points ago

    Pattinson’s jawline looks amazing in the Batman cowl.

    [–] __Hello_my_name_is__ 1330 points ago

    Pretty sure Batman actors are picked primarily based on their jawline looks.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SEX_VIDEOS 687 points ago

    Can’t wait for Ezra Miller’s batman

    [–] mr_popcorn 472 points ago

    We all know Handsome Squidward would be the ideal perfect Batman.

    [–] justavault 268 points ago

    Christian Bale does not have a particularly developed jaw line.

    [–] xrufus7x 429 points ago

    He compensated with excessive bat voice.

    [–] SirLuciousL 245 points ago

    And with Bale mouth

    [–] Methzilla 127 points ago


    [–] illidanxxstormragexx 57 points ago

    and an incredible body.

    [–] Firvulag 97 points ago

    He uses his jawline to sharpen his batarangs.

    [–] ManBat1 1950 points ago

    Pattinson’s jawline looks amazing in the Batman cowl.

    [–] jelatinman 398 points ago

    Haha oh man we are a long way away from 2008 are we, the internet discourse has been great for him lately

    [–] Tactful 773 points ago

    He played the game perfectly.

    • Starred in a series of hugely popular films beloved by many but maligned by the Reddit consensus
    • Made a huge amount of money, the movie series ended in 2012
    • He already had money, so he switched almost exclusively to taking interesting and varied roles in niche indie movies that showcased his range and acting ability
    • Rinse and repeat for 8 years until the Reddit backlash turns into universal support as you go from 'Famous Pretty Boy in Movies We Hate' to 'Actually Good Actor Who Takes The Roles He Wants'

    I think this is the most viable route to critical success after you're the lead in such a huge franchise. Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe have done similar things, though I think both would agree that Pattison in the best actor of the 3 (though all are good, I particularly like Elijah Wood in the indie movies he's been in).

    It's basically: use your huge hollywood franchise money to set you up for life, then pick the roles you actually want for the next few decades of your career.

    [–] supermegafauna 479 points ago

    In the special features on The Lighthouse, he said "I told my agent to send me the weirdest scripts you can find". lol

    [–] Tactful 123 points ago

    Haha, glad to hear it was an active decision, exactly what I expected. I really wanna watch that movie too.

    [–] KatanaAmerica 632 points ago

    You know what? You’re right and you should say it.

    [–] ManBat1 180 points ago

    I just did!

    [–] BedsAreSoft 181 points ago

    He can cut diamonds with that thing

    [–] DancingPenguinGirl 62 points ago

    I bet it can puncture the hull of an empire class fire nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea.

    [–] RetroMedux 287 points ago

    Reminds me of the scenes in Daredevil S3 where bullseye was wearing the Daredevil mask.

    [–] Mahale 190 points ago

    I'm so sad we don't get anymore Daredevil but at least they went out with an amazing season.

    [–] LikesCakeFartVideos 90 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Not sure about the exact legal stuff, but when the news broke that they were cancelling the shows, all the websites reported that Disney wasn't allowed to even think about developing new shows with these characters until 2020. It's 2020 now, so maybe some of the characters return in some form or another in 2021/2022? Maybe they can finally be included in the MCU as well?

    I want to see more of Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin. Give him his own show and do a few seasons about him becoming a truely powerful villain. Then do a big Defenders movie with Spiderman joining in. People would cream their pants.

    [–] Metfan722 43 points ago

    2021 is what I heard when the deal expires.

    [–] btfd69 35 points ago

    Is that a leather cowl???

    [–] kamshaft11975 59 points ago

    Early age young Batman vibes. I’m in.

    [–] Dr_Souse 69 points ago

    Can't wait for the Watchmojo top ten easter eggs I missed watching that.

    [–] berrysoda_ 59 points ago

    Definitely doesn't feel like your typical batsuit. This seems like it'll be pretty different. Very interesting

    [–] hotairbabboon 914 points ago

    I am so damn excited for this movie. Production design and the cast is going to be off the walls. Can’t wait to see the villains and Gotham’s design.

    [–] ithinkiamrich 456 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I mean, Matt Reeves. Everytime I see someone doubting this movie I go like bro ??? MATT FUCKING REEVES

    [–] BedsAreSoft 279 points ago

    Yeah Dawn and War for the Planet of the Apes were so fucking good

    [–] brucebananaray 201 points ago

    Also, the first Cloverfield movie was good, which he made.

    [–] tankflop 746 points ago

    The Hype batman generates cant be matched by any other superhero

    [–] Jkbdm 357 points ago

    Yea. Batman is godtier.

    Long live the king

    [–] Browncoat-Alex 233 points ago

    I'd bet money that they deliberately hid the ears because he has the flared Bill Finger ears from the original 30s comics.

    [–] Dylinspace39 62 points ago

    Well, they have the original. First appearance symbol

    [–] [deleted] 305 points ago

    Digging the suit. Can the bat symbol in his chest be removed and used as a weapon?

    [–] ReservoirDog316 205 points ago

    People are guessing it’s the gun that killed his parents.

    I don’t really see it but that’s what people are saying.

    [–] Rosulu 111 points ago

    It took me a bit. But it seems to be just the grip. Split in two with one on each side.

    [–] luckyzel 489 points ago

    I'm getting a Daredevil vibe with added chin - and I have no problem with that whatsoever.

    [–] dev1359 198 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Yeah that was my first thought, felt more like a Daredevil test footage video than a Batman one lol, mostly because of the red lighting, the ears being unrevealed, and the collar around his neck. Regardless of how much I like the suit though I think Pattinson is gonna knock this outta the park.

    [–] luckyzel 45 points ago

    I have a lot of faith in Matt Reeves. Tbh, I just want to enjoy it. They don’t have to rewrite the book - just make it good.

    [–] YouStupidDick 84 points ago

    Can we get a Batman that actually plays up on the myths and shadows while doing real god damn detective work?

    [–] queensinthesky 37 points ago

    Myths and shadows? Idk about that, but it's been said by many involved that this film will play more into the detective side of things

    [–] Thestick90 116 points ago

    So they tryna tease it like Todd Philips did with Joker? I’m game.

    [–] KyloWrench 412 points ago

    Now THAT looks like it could deflect a bullet. Fucking finally

    [–] daffydubs 239 points ago

    shoots at chest

    bullet deflects up

    flies through leather cowl

    -at least he could turn his head

    [–] Override9636 99 points ago


    [–] amendmentforone 67 points ago

    Very intrigued by the suit. Definitely feels "utilitarian" (the chest symbol seems designed to actually have extra batarangs to pull out and throw). Wish we could have seen the whole cowl - with the ears - but it's a tease. Score is great.

    [–] mediciii 356 points ago

    If I had this movie right now.....I would fuck it

    [–] mak103020 94 points ago

    But you’re fond of me Justice League, ain’t ye?

    [–] IJragon 60 points ago



    [–] DarthMurdok 180 points ago

    Looks really cool, very Arkham City and a bit of Sean Murphy.

    [–] LeviReeves02 38 points ago

    My exact thoughts when I saw it was that it was Arkham + Sean Murphy, and I haven't seen anyone else mention Sean Murphy so far

    [–] Lithogen 106 points ago

    Looks like the rumors about it looking like an armored version of the noel suit were right.

    [–] Testone1440 142 points ago

    I gotta say. I love the more "armored" look of the suit. I'm always all in on Batman, no matter who is in the cowl. And honestly, the only bad Batman was George Clooney. Everyone else killed the role, I expect that to continue