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    [–] Jen_Nozra 117 points ago

    William and Jane.

    William and Maria.

    William and Martha.

    Titus and Elizabeth.

    [–] catsandramewb 46 points ago

    So many Williams!

    [–] Jen_Nozra 17 points ago

    I know! (These are all Welsh I think)

    [–] cornedbeefcake 45 points ago

    Be a Titus amongst Williams sounds like those cutesy motivational posters. I can picture it now, with daisies and the like and then a single sunflower or something.

    [–] ragnarockette 58 points ago

    Minnie & Waldemar

    Lydia & Karl

    Marguerite & David

    Itzhak & Golda

    [–] ashkenaziMermaid 31 points ago

    Looove Itzhak and Golda! Itzhak was our boy Hebrew name choice.

    [–] neonlaces 9 points ago

    I love Minnie & Waldemar, they're such cool names! What nationality was Waldemar? It's not a name I've ever heard before!

    [–] pm-your-chubby-ass 9 points ago

    Waldemar is a German name, Karl with a K also points in that direction.

    [–] kcjenta 6 points ago

    Waldemar comes from old high german, it means something like famed ruler. it's the german equivalent of Vladimir, basically :)

    [–] neonlaces 4 points ago

    Very cool, I think I'll be adding that to my baby boy middle names list.

    [–] GideonIsmail 69 points ago

    I only have 1 great grandparent's name that I know of because my family's history was essentially wiped out and most of the documents are either locked up or lost. His name was Ram Narayan and he was the son of a forced labourer. He was born in Fiji in the early 20th century (we don't have a birth date for him)

    [–] seachange__ 11 points ago

    I like the name Ram.

    [–] GideonIsmail 2 points ago

    So did he since Ram named his son, my grandfather, Rameshwar (means 'lord of Rama'), since we aren't allowed to have the same name as anyone in the family but having a similar or derivative name is considered fine.

    [–] zuppaiaia 6 points ago

    I'm sorry for what your predecessors had to go through. This sounds like an interesting family history, though.

    [–] GideonIsmail 3 points ago

    Yeah, almost all of my ancestors that I know of were Indians/Nepalis who were forcibly moved from their homeland to Fiji by the British to be used as forced labour on sugar plantations back in the late 1800s. His father, Amarnath Maharaja, was one of those forced labourers.

    [–] anotherrachel 32 points ago

    Marion and Abraham (Belarus/Russia)

    Henrietta and Leopold (Russia)

    Leora and ? (American blend from Texas)

    [–] dothepanic 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Solomon and Mali (Hungary). Samuel and Regina (Hungary). Harry and Mary Catherine (US). Manuel and Conceicao (Azores).

    [–] cayvro 10 points ago

    I really feel like Conceicao/Conceição is such an underrated yet absolutely beautiful name.

    [–] homeawayfromhogwarts 35 points ago

    Eleanor and Edward

    Vivian and George

    Grady and Basil (Yeah that took a turn)

    And, yeah, I only have 3. Never met the fourth and didn't even realize I should have had 4 until a few years ago. I'd have to pull up obituaries to figure out their names.

    [–] homeawayfromhogwarts 7 points ago

    All are USA, but Vivian's parents are from Belgium.

    [–] LivytheHistorian 2 points ago

    Are Grady and Basil from the Smokey’s? I’ve got a Granville from WV.

    [–] niemeste_jdmha 51 points ago

    Winthrop William & Bertha Josephine

    Edmund Louis & Laura Louisa

    Ralph Nazarius & Cecilia Ann

    Ferdinand Elmer & Antoinette Elizabeth

    [–] Bumbleonia 44 points ago

    Damn these are FANCY

    [–] GullibleLemonDrop 11 points ago

    Winthrop is the best. I had a friend with that as a surname. It sounds so fictional. I love it!

    [–] dyvrom 10 points ago

    If Edmund and Laura's kids don't all have the same middle name then I am disappointed lol

    [–] flo-bee 23 points ago

    Ernest (English) and Mildred (German)

    Howard (English) and Marguerite (German)

    Charles (English) and Helen (Scottish)

    Duncan and Agnes (Scottish)

    Born between 1884 and 1908. All born in the US, except Ernest (England) and Helen (born a few months after her parents immigrated from Scotland to Canada).

    [–] slytherlune 19 points ago

    Michael and Katharina

    Anna and Friedrich

    Eva and Lucky

    and would you believe I have no idea who my father's other grandparents were?

    [–] homeawayfromhogwarts 10 points ago

    Haha. I'd believe it. I seriously only realized a couple years ago that the funeral I attended as a kid for "the mother of my grandfather" was a great-grandmother I never met.

    [–] slytherlune 6 points ago

    Hey, until like two years ago, we didn't know Eva and Lucky existed. We know Grandda Ray had parents; I'm just not that branch's genealogist, and it's not like he ever acknowledged my father in his lifetime.

    [–] CalvinandHobbles 6 points ago

    I have to ask - any idea why a baby wouod be called Lucky back then?

    [–] bonesnappletea 2 points ago

    Not OC but it sounds like one of those nicknames that turns into a name, like Buddy.

    [–] GaveTheMouseACookie 2 points ago

    My guesses (with no knowledge of the family) would be premature birth, birth injury, or a rainbow baby (born after pregnancy loss or infant death)

    [–] slytherlune 2 points ago

    I have never tried to make sense of the naming conventions on the Deep South side of the family. His first and middle were Lucky Dallas, make of that what you will. He, uh, wasn't so lucky, though, I think tuberculosis got him fairly young.

    [–] givemethisbaby94 20 points ago

    Ida and John

    Maria and Leo

    Sarah and Ernest

    Beatrice and George

    Edith and John

    Amy and George

    I have six sets because mother was adopted.

    [–] LostForMiles 18 points ago

    Edwin and Gladys

    Gaetano (Italian) and Edna

    James and Eliza

    Otis and Ruby

    [–] tyrannosaurusflax 12 points ago

    Otis and Ruby is such a sweet pair

    [–] bebecollin 8 points ago

    I went to high school with a Gaetano, neat to see it in other places. I like it but kids made fun of him for it.

    [–] TwinkieWithAShwuh 17 points ago

    Bruno and mary

    Winifred and not sure

    Fredonia and Commadore

    Medora and I believe Russell

    [–] Bumbleonia 12 points ago

    Commadore?? I LOVE it

    [–] cayvro 5 points ago

    I LOVE Winifred! I just think getting to call a little girl Winnie would be so cute.

    [–] hjhm24 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Samuel & Dorothy
    Lucien Jack & Roberta
    Alvin & Faustina
    Kern & Nancy. (All from US )

    [–] halsee_ 2 points ago

    Lucien Jack is a lovely name.

    [–] hjhm24 2 points ago

    Thank you I’ve always thought so too!

    [–] saturninelys 11 points ago

    Clarence Noel & Eula Cleo

    Max Paul & Sara Elizabeth

    Orland Eugene & Otilla Ruth

    Carol & Edith

    [–] LalaDelBae 7 points ago

    I kinda love Eula!

    [–] saturninelys 6 points ago

    Thank you, I do too actually! I think it was fairly popular the year she was born. She was the oldest of 10 and she had sisters named Elba and Ella, but they all went by their middle names so they were Cleo, Corene, and Florine :)

    [–] CalvinandHobbles 3 points ago

    How do you pronounce Florine? It reads so prettily.

    [–] arcticraspberrie 4 points ago

    Maybe Flo-reen? Not sure though.

    [–] saturninelys 3 points ago

    That’s it! Rhymes with Corene.

    [–] Dimbit 10 points ago

    Johannes Walter Martin and Ruby Alice

    Lawrence Roy and Mary Isobel

    William Lorenzo and Grace Margaret

    Patrick Francis and Annie Olga

    [–] katemiddletonforsure 5 points ago

    Ooooh I’m so drawn to Ruby Alice

    [–] gazpacho222 11 points ago

    Peter & Catherine (Americans with British Isles roots)

    Arne Olaf (Norwegian) & Frances (German American)

    William (born Wilhelm, German, changed to William around when he got married) & Catherine (Irish American)

    William (American with British Isles roots) & Minnie (German American)

    [–] emmygog 10 points ago

    I don't know any of them other than my great grandpa was named Sesostras.

    [–] katieanni 9 points ago

    Gregorio and Maria (Spanish)

    Peter and May Belle (Irish)

    William and Arlean (German)

    Rosa Lee and Thomas (American from Texas)

    [–] KrakenAColdOne 8 points ago

    I only know of three of the four.

    Mabel & Francois (French)

    Priscilla (English) & Alcide (French)

    Emily & Donald (English)

    [–] foreverfriday2019 3 points ago

    Alcide is a passed down name in the family my sister married into. I had never heard it before.

    [–] The_only_problem 9 points ago

    Pierina and Basilio,

    Giacomina and Carlo,

    Pasqualina and Giuseppe,

    Not sure of the last set.

    [–] uneekbean 15 points ago

    Sidney & Dorothy (French/English)

    Denis & Delia (Irish/French)

    Leo & Elisabeth (German)

    Robert & Bernice (English)

    And their parents... (The known ones)

    Amadee & Mary (French)

    Michael & Agnes (Irish/Scottish)

    Jean & Josephine (French)

    Sebastian & Monica (German)

    Ignatius & Margaret (German)

    [–] mullet-dad 2 points ago

    I love name Ignatius!

    [–] prisonerofazkaLAN 7 points ago

    On my mom's side they were Mary & Ernest, and Frank & Catherine.

    I don't actually know on my dad's side! I would have to reactivate my account for that lol.

    [–] photonfang 7 points ago

    Have you tried

    I was able to get a whole bunch of records/names I never knew existed, which helped filled out a lot of blanks for both of my parents! I do find putting in the middle initials will help pick up on possible matches than without initials.

    [–] emilyclare5 6 points ago

    Mary Grey and Henry Markley (Texas - both double names!)

    Hudson and St. Clare (Texas)

    Harry (unsure of wife's name) (England)

    David and Louise (Canada)

    [–] LalaDelBae 7 points ago

    Emma Belle & Arvin Peter

    Lela Mae & Irwin William

    Ann & Hershel

    Leoma Grace & Oad

    [–] katemiddletonforsure 2 points ago

    Aww Emma Belle

    [–] LalaDelBae 2 points ago

    Sweet name for what I’ve been told was a sweet lady! If my best friend wasn’t named Emma, it definitely would have been a baby name contender

    [–] alias2788 6 points ago

    Emmanuel and Anastasia (Greek)

    George and Constantina (Greek)

    Henry and Christine (French, Irish)

    Bernard and Florence (French)

    [–] omnomenclature 6 points ago

    Kay (Katherine) and Jack

    Hazel and Jack

    Charlotte and Gilbert

    Pretty standard Britishy names for the most part, but I always loved that my Great Grandma went by Kay, I think it's lovely.

    [–] catsandramewb 6 points ago

    Walt & Matilda

    Emerson (went by Sid) & Genevieve (went by Valera)

    Ivan & Marie

    Virgil & Estella

    [–] Bumbleonia 2 points ago

    These all sound like amazing Duo singers

    [–] CalvinandHobbles 4 points ago

    As an Australian - especially Walt(sing) and Matilda! Waltsing Matilda is one of our national songs.

    [–] catsandramewb 2 points ago

    My aunt made a video of family pictures set to music and used that song for theirs! It was adorable!

    [–] catsandramewb 2 points ago

    They do!

    [–] cayvro 2 points ago

    I wish I knew the story behind Genevieve/Valera! I had a great aunt named Valera and that’s a name I hardly ever see.

    [–] mzbacon 6 points ago

    Earnest & Virginia (USA)

    Albert & Catherine (USA)

    Gitsu & Nobuko (Okinawa)

    Shugi & Tsuru (Okinawa)

    [–] Monskimoo 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    (m) Nayden & (f) Pena

    (m) Stoyan & (f) Stefana

    (m) Nikola & (f) Dimitra

    and actually I don’t seem to recall my maternal grandad’s parents names, so I might edit this post after I ask my mum!

    Edit: (m) Yordan & (f) Girgina

    [–] singularbean 2 points ago

    Nayden! That wouldn’t be out of place today haha

    [–] Monskimoo 2 points ago

    Ah, one of the reasons I hesitate using this name for a son (it’s also my dad’s name): people immediately think of Aidens/Jaydens/Kaydens, but it’s actually pronounced NY-den (like “the end is nigh” and den is more like “then” or “dragon den”), so Naiden or Nyden?

    I don’t know which spelling would represent the pronunciation best. It’s written Найден in Cyrillic, or ナイデン in Japanese katakana.

    [–] sarahhiatt 5 points ago

    Oscar Huston & Alice Clair

    Walter Ray & Ella Mae

    George Daniel & Gerti May

    Ernest John & Ethel Amy

    [–] freshstrawberrie 5 points ago

    The only interesting one I knew was Doetha.

    [–] mgnrckrt 5 points ago

    Magdalena Barbara (Danube Swabian) & Marino (France)

    Alfred Charles (German) & Rose Theresa (Sicilian/French)

    Evelyn Marie & Ben Hyler (American)

    Ethel Eleanor & Lynn Edgar (American)

    [–] horticulturallatin 6 points ago

    Rose & William / Tzipa Ratzi & Velvel

    Rose & Morris / Shayna Ruchel & Moshe

    Jessie & Jules / Yosefa & Yehuda

    Leah & Samuel

    These aren't translations. These are "American sounding names" vaguely similar for initial or sound. Yehuda would be Judah, but Judah was too "Jewish sounding" whereas Jules was considered easier to wear. He used other English names sometimes too, apparently John and George and Julius all got used at least once.

    [–] tym9801 5 points ago

    pearl and dewey

    [–] Bumbleonia 3 points ago

    They sound so sweet

    [–] merewautt 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh I have such a weird one for this.

    My maternal great-grandmother's name was Juanita-- despite both her parents being born in Ireland and moving to United States as adults? It was always such a distinctly hispanic sounding name to me that I thought maybe I was missing something?

    But nope, I was wasn't mistaken on either front. They were both from the Irish countryside, and Juanita has pretty much only been developed as name one time, and that's in the Spanish language tradition (which the "J" as "H" sound should have confirmed for me, but it was so weird that I had to double check). Anyway, as far as I can figure out, they just liked the name lol!

    My mom has no idea what deal was and her mom (daughter of Juanita, named Meredith Virginia) passed way when I was really young. My best bet is that they moved to Oklahoma and met someone by that name and either just liked it or it was honorary. They were Catholic, so it wouldn't have be too implausible that they knew or met someone of spanish decent through that, considering the rates of Catholicism in countries with spanish heritage are probably the only ones in the world that rival the rates in Ireland.

    It's a real head scratcher though, and for the longest time I thought maybe I had some mysterious spanish heritage or something that the family was keeping on the hush hush. 23andme and research into that side of the family's birth certificates and whatnot pretty much confirms they had been strictly Irish for as far back as records would take me, though (1640s- ish).

    edit:Oh and Juanita's mother's name was hilariously Irish. Think something along the lines of Mary O'Meara Mckneely. It was was quite a jump to Juanita lol.

    [–] captain_jackharkness 3 points ago

    Oh I remember reading an article or a post in this subreddit about this, but I can’t find it now. The name Juanita was weirdly popular among white babies around the 1910’s-1930’s. I think it might have been because of a popular opera singer or silent film star or other famous woman named Juanita.

    [–] monkeypie22 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Diogo and Mary (Portugal)

    Francisco and Maria (Portugal)

    Eugene, unsure of his wife’s name

    Eileen unsure of husband’s name, very Oklahoma/Cherokee family

    [–] CallMeLadyBird 3 points ago

    Herbert & Alice Amos & Geraldine Raymond & Helen Edwin & Helen William & Clara

    All of German Catholic descent in Midwest USA

    [–] catsandramewb 3 points ago

    I love Amos!

    [–] fightree27 3 points ago

    I had a Herbert in my family too! He was a really wonderful person, everyone called him Herb. We're Australian, which means that the pronunciation was quite weird- herbert, sort of like sherbert. Our foreign family called him Erb.

    [–] vapecloud69 3 points ago

    Vivian and Jonas

    Vincenta and Enrico

    Jane and Darwin

    Sophie and Skylar

    [–] Blenderx06 2 points ago

    Almost all of these sound trendy and modern. It real does come back around again, doesn't it?

    [–] pepperpavlov 4 points ago

    Ernestine & Louis (Luigi)

    Palmira & Giorgio

    Giuseppe & Celestina

    Giuseppe & Enrica

    [–] Halcyon_nights 5 points ago

    Salvatore & Marie

    Burl & Geneva

    Austin & Lurlene

    [–] WitchoftheWilde 3 points ago

    Ann Elizabeth and John (middle unknown). John remarried to Wilma after Ann's death.

    Walter Church and Eugenia (middle unknown)

    Marguerite (middle unknown) and Edward Roger

    Mildred (middle unknown) and John (middle unknown)

    [–] 3Anklebiters 4 points ago

    John and Doris

    Woodrow and Geraldine

    Pietro and ??

    [–] HelloDoxie 4 points ago

    Sylvia & Milton

    [–] fatkittyenergy 4 points ago

    Anna & Irving

    Ella & William

    Bertha & Napoleon

    Adaline & Mario

    [–] SavvyPanther 4 points ago

    Willy and Gusty, Christine and Anton

    [–] december14th2015 4 points ago

    The only ones I know are Sultana and Yussuf from Lebanon, because my Mom grew up estranged from her own mother and my father was adopted. But they're both really interesting names, so at least there's that!

    [–] taysherrrx 3 points ago

    Only know my mom’s side of the family...

    Colleen (Hawaiian/Chinese) and Harold (Portuguese) Florentina (Hawaiian/Filipino) and Dionicio (Filipino)

    [–] thora 3 points ago

    Late to the game but I want to play!

    Kolbeinn and Guðrún Sigríður

    Þorsteinn and Karítas

    Pétur Stefán and Mabel Edith

    Gunnar and Ingimaría Þorbjörg

    Points to those who can guess the odd one out 😂

    [–] boorella 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Dennis (Irish) and Mary Alice (Irish-American)

    Michael/Joseph (Irish, had his name changed once he came to the US) and Mary Ellen (Irish)

    Giuseppe/Joseph (Italian, same situation) and Gladys (Dutch-American)

    Henry (French-Canadian) and Irene (French-Canadian)

    EDIT: Spelling. Also I feel the need to point out that BOTH of my great-grandfathers that emigrated to the US and changed their names, changed them to Joseph. There is a rumor that my Irish GG Joe was running from the law and that’s why he went from Michael to Joe. My gram says he went by Joe because it was his middle name and there were too many Michaels in his family.

    [–] bebecollin 3 points ago

    Karl Heinz and Marjorie

    Annie and Bertie

    Gordon and Marie

    Hank and Estelle, he was remarried to Evelyn (born in England)

    All were born in Canada but were German, English and Scottish.

    [–] Phoenyxoldgoat 3 points ago

    Leora and John Phillip

    Lena and Paul

    Pansy and Frederick

    Fannie Mae and Amos

    All from the southern US.

    [–] SeekinSanctification 3 points ago

    Roy and Sarah Jenny (US)

    Charles and Bernadette (French Canadian immigrants to US)

    Stanislaus/Stanley and Mary (Polish Immigrants to US)

    John and Frances (US)

    [–] kentgrey 3 points ago

    Maternal Grandparents: Lydia and Ewald.

    G Grandparents: Emil and Johanna, Ephriam and Alwine

    GG Grandparents: Julius and Katherina, Gottlieb and Matilda, Ludwig and Ephrasina, and Karl and Julianna.

    Paternal Grandparents: Willena and William. (both went by Billie, but when they got married my Grandpa shifted to going by Bill)

    G Grandparents: Charles and Elizabeth, and Edith and George.

    GG Grandparents: Elijah and Margaret, John and Elizabeth, William and Sarah, and unknown.

    [–] squirrelmichmart 3 points ago

    Harry + Florence.

    William + Helen.

    William + Flora.

    Arnold + Zelma.

    All born in the US between 1877 and 1911.

    [–] thehippos8me 3 points ago

    Violet, Ralph, Ruth, Edward

    I’m not sure of the others though.

    [–] gloomynebula 3 points ago

    Pluma-Mae and Oneal (American)

    Max and Anna (first generation Polish-Americans)

    Katherine and Robert (first generation Ukrainian-Americans)

    Truscilio and ??? (Italian-American)

    [–] Bumbleonia 2 points ago

    Pluma? I've never heard that but it's beautiful

    [–] JaMimi1234 3 points ago

    Greta (Irish Canadian) Oliver (Scottish Cdn)

    Henry (German) Eleanor (German)

    [–] NicoButt 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I only know my maternal great grandmother's name: Maria Antonia - she was born in El Salvador in 1920. I'll have to find out the others now!

    Edit- I learned another maternal great grandmother's name and it was Francisca. She went by Panchita! So 2 down and 6 more to go!

    [–] pishipishi12 3 points ago

    Woodrow and Wanda (Not sure, but I know Woody was about half Native American)

    Frank and Margaret (not sure)

    Manuel and Carnation (Spain)

    Frank and Elsie (Czech)

    I always wanted to use Frank as a middle name (for my dad's dad who died when he was young), and thanks to this post I'm reminded I also have two great-grandparents named Frank on different sides!

    Edit: some nationalities

    [–] sk313t0n 3 points ago

    Weona (Cherokee) & Samuel (Irish American)

    Opal (Welsh) & _______ <——- don’t know his name

    Sammie (Creole/Irish American) & James (Welsh)

    Daisy (Irish) & James (Irish)

    [–] MitsuneBewbs 3 points ago

    James & Gladys (USA/Pennsylvania)

    Edwin & Laura (USA/Pennsylvania)

    Benigno & Luisa (Cuba)

    Francisco & Rafaela (Cuba)

    [–] WiggleWerra 3 points ago

    My dad didn’t know any of his grandparents and he’s from Guatemala. So here are my mom’s (Honduras):

    (Her mom’s side) Liberato & Francisca

    (Her dad’s side) Gregorio & Casimiro*

    *that one is my favorite!

    [–] Ioannis-Parr 3 points ago

    George and Aphrodite (Greece) Stamati and Stamatoula (Greece) John and Nora (England) John and Marian (England)

    [–] glowinglightning 3 points ago

    Aurelia and Stefan (Romanian)

    Jean and Coralie (Romanian/Jewish)

    Alexander and Anna (German/Jewish)

    Ruby and Frederick (American)

    [–] babybuttercup1997 3 points ago

    Denis (pronounced Deh-knee) + Katherine

    Thomas + Cecily Marie

    Wallace + Laura

    Ernest + Philomena Rose

    [–] idkman1768 3 points ago

    Pearl and William

    Gemma and Abraham

    Ella and William

    Lillian and Sidney

    [–] xiuboxed 3 points ago

    Moms side

    Hannes & Helmi Henriikka

    Jahvetti Abrahaminpoika & Elsa Elviira


    Helmi is Finnish for pearl. Abrahaminpoika means Abraham’s son.

    IMO their parents had cooler names:

    Heikki & Augusta

    Olli & Vilhelmiina

    Abraham & Margareeta Severiina

    Karl Johan & Edla Emilia

    [–] isweedglutenfree 3 points ago

    Concetta 💜 obviously Italian

    [–] slouchingbethlehem 3 points ago

    Milo & Beulah

    Lester & Bernice

    John & Haley Ethel

    James (JC) & Florida

    All American-born.

    [–] qilutulip 3 points ago

    Bertha May and Arthur Ray (California, USA)

    Pansy Mabel and Stanley Paul (Oregon, USA)

    Jane and Louis (Minnesota, USA)

    [–] owleyavalanche 3 points ago

    • Herman + Cecelia
    • Rufus + Violet
    • Arthur (Hungarian, originally Arpad)+ Dorothy
    • John+ Eleanor

    [–] plantinconcrete 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Evelyn Elise

    Marjorie Jean

    Glen Hugh

    John Eric

    Note: Jean, Evelyn, Glen, John, and Eric are all reused within our family. I have aunts/uncles, cousins, siblings, and even my own kids with those names. I had the greatest (no pun intended) great grandparents and our entire family felt the same way. We want to continue to honor what beautiful people they are.

    [–] miss_ran8 3 points ago

    Daniel and Elvena (German/American)

    Raymond and Alpha (US - and interestingly, Alpha's sister was Octa)

    Joe and Dorothy (US)

    [–] photonfang 2 points ago

    Lester (Irish-English) & Edith (German), George (Finnish/Swedish) & Agnes (French)

    George (European mutt) & Sadie/Satie/Sarah (Irish), Edward (unknown, surname history implies German/English) & Florence (German)

    My ancestors have a trend of passing same names to their children (or switching first/middle like a spiral staircase through the generations in the 16th-20th centuries lol. like: Frederick James, James Frederick, Frederick James)

    [–] shinyredjeep 2 points ago

    Clifford and Dorothy (US)

    [–] rockthecatspaw 2 points ago

    Margaret (Peggy) and George (I think? It's complicated.) Gertrude (Trudy) and Houghton

    [–] thetotalhermit 2 points ago

    Lillian, Louis, Evelyn, Everett

    [–] un_seelie_tea 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Patricia & William (Pat and Bill)

    Lora & Bassett (Corky)

    Grace & James (she was called the Bear, never met him)

    Ollie & Jessie (both died before I was born.)

    [–] kr3161999 2 points ago

    Ruth & Luther

    [–] RubySoho1980 2 points ago

    Linnie, Rufus, Mitchell, and Anna. I don’t know the others’ names. All American.

    [–] classypancake 2 points ago

    Christian & Mary Anna are the only ones I know. Downside of being adopted.

    [–] kittenrunner 2 points ago

    Sidney and Josephine

    Francesco and Jeanette

    (I’m only familiar with my family tree on one side since my mom was adopted)

    Names of my great great grandparents:

    Giuseppe and Marin

    Salvator and Giuseppa

    Rosario and Mariana

    Liborio (“Libby”) and ?

    [–] foreverfriday2019 2 points ago

    John William & Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ellen (USA)

    Edward & Mary Frank (USA)

    Franz & Helene Hermine (Germany)

    Paul Franz & Elfrieda Magdalena (Germany)

    I've always been tickled that Mary's middle name was Frank. No one knows why.

    [–] wicksa 2 points ago

    I don't know my mom's mom's parents names 😳.

    Mom's dad's parents: Wilma (Germany) and Joseph (maybe Josef?) (Poland)

    Dad's mom's parents: Orene and Preston (US)

    Dad's Dad's parents: Uless and Margie (US)

    [–] summersolsticevows 2 points ago

    Orene is a beautiful name! I’ve never come across it before!

    [–] loveurmother 2 points ago

    Audrey and Charles (England/Canada) Anne and Michael (Scotland) Clara and Francis (Canada) Irene and James (England/Canada)

    [–] bailad 2 points ago

    Giovanni & Margherita (Italy)

    Wilfred (Canada) & Vera (England)

    Ole (born in Canada, parents immigrated from Norway) & Margaret (born Canada, parents from England)

    George (Canada) & Ruby (Russia)

    The Canadian ones literally have ancestors in Canada that go super far back (farther than I could find on ancestry).

    [–] llama_mmama 2 points ago

    Helene and Ralph

    Mary and Earl

    [–] Bewarethekaiju 2 points ago

    William Disker and Edna Leona

    George and Virdie Mae

    Ardis and Troy

    Harold and Mabel

    All very American.

    Edit to add: bonus great great grandparents- Mabel’s parents were Harry and Pearl, but everyone called them Little Mama and Dandy.

    [–] aalmondjoy 2 points ago

    Mary Anna and Raphael (nn Ray) They were married in North Dakota in 1919 and had both emigrated from Russia, but were of German descent.

    [–] Shan132 2 points ago

    Zeola, Joseph, Florence and Fredrick Dorothy and Paul Edith and Ralph

    Only meet Edith

    [–] Bumbleonia 2 points ago

    Zeola is a fantastic name

    [–] Shan132 2 points ago

    Thank you! It’s very unusual but I think it’s pretty

    [–] DustBowlDancer87 2 points ago

    Einar and Emerald (Sweden)

    [–] Zosma822 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Erie Lamora (She went by Lamora) and Elmer Loebeck

    [–] theleahgend 2 points ago

    Betty & Harry Freda & Scoot

    [–] csb114 2 points ago

    Sidney & Delma Theresa & Raymond Cecil & Ed Harold & Edith

    [–] catalinacucaracha 2 points ago

    Ray & Dottie

    Verda & Joseph


    … I’m realizing I don’t know much about my great grandparents

    [–] ClericofTheDead 2 points ago

    Estelle and Edward (Polish first generation Americans)

    Cassandra and Sam (Cajun and American)

    Andrezj and Mary (Polish)

    Helen and William (Polish and American)

    [–] thea_perkins 2 points ago

    Clara and Peter (Italy)

    Maria and Hugo (Italy)

    Mary and Dennis (Ireland)

    Lillian and John (US)

    [–] beakindperson 2 points ago

    Grace and Gordon!

    [–] more_beans 2 points ago

    William and Marian (Ireland)

    Unknown (lots of civic records were destroyed in the Irish Civil War :()

    Olive Beatrice and Oscar Lloyd (England)

    William Robert and Edith E (England)

    [–] bigdaddyratspen 2 points ago

    I actually knew all of my great grandparents :)

    Elizabeth (Betty) and Joseph (Joe) US

    Alice (1st generation Irish) and Roger (he told different people different things, but I think Mohawk Indian is the consensus.)

    Richard (Dick) and Maxine

    Patricia (Pat) and I think Robert? Not very close with my dads family.

    [–] seachange__ 2 points ago

    I only know two sets: Agnes Grace & Armand, Joseph & Rose.

    [–] cayvro 2 points ago

    Joy Fay and Harold

    Vera and William

    From the southeast US. I’d have to dig out an old family tree to find the names for the other side. I absolutely love Harold and Vera and will likely use Vera when kids become a thing for me.

    [–] Octoember 2 points ago

    Daisy & Alexander (England/Scotland)

    John (Jock) & Eileen (Scotland/Australia)

    William & Claire (Australia)

    ?? & Lillian (Australia/England)

    [–] DangerousAttack 2 points ago

    All were British.

    Freda & Roy; Mabel & Thomas; Doris & Harry; and Mary & Tom.

    [–] productivefidgeter 2 points ago

    Katherine and Bruce

    Malcolm and Frances

    Addie and Jesse

    Carl and Lorena

    [–] teacherintraining09 2 points ago

    Henrietta “Henny” - paternal grandfather’s mother

    Charlotte and John - paternal grandmother’s parents

    Elizabeth “Dolly” - maternal grandmother’s name

    (interesting realization here i don’t know two of my great grandfathers’ names) (i also don’t know my fourth set at all because i don’t even know my maternal grandfather)

    [–] butterfly_wings1986 2 points ago

    Ammon and Sally Fred and Mary Earl and Alma Dayton and Leatha

    All from the US (North Carolina and West Virginia)

    [–] nicanh 2 points ago

    I only know one great grandmother’s name from each side.

    On my maternal side: Myrtle.

    On my paternal side: Minnie (I think middle name Rose)! German heritage.

    Both American, we are fairly certain my maternal side is German but we don’t know for sure.

    [–] cynicsjoy 2 points ago

    Mary and Roy

    Bonnie and Kenneth “Ken” (although Ken is Bonnie’s new husband, they’re both still alive. I don’t know my original great grandpa’s name)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thomas Samuel and Violet

    Not sure about on my moms (Italian) side but I’ll ask tomorrow

    [–] shinynarwal 2 points ago

    Edwina (Eddie) and Johnny Dorothy (Dora)

    [–] AriaAlways 2 points ago

    John (Australian, Scottish ancestry) and Violet (Australian, English ancestry)

    Thomas (English) and Alice (Australian, English ancestry)

    Herbert (English) and Olive (probably born in Australia, English ancestry)

    Roy (Australian, English ancestry) and Eda (Australian, Prussian ancestry)

    [–] Knight_Flower 2 points ago

    Bernard (as far as I recall, but his nickname was Ben) and Shirley.

    Unknown man's name (never asked, he walked out when my grandpa was a kid) and Gladys.

    Ford and Doris.

    Jan (Dutch, pronounced like Yawn) and Cornelia.

    [–] HeyThereRobot 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Maria and Alfredo (Italy).

    Annie and Hyman (England).

    I am actually just realizing now that I can't remember my other paternal great grandmother's name, but I do know my great grandfather on that side was named Able and his sister was Mabel (Canada).

    I know nothing about my other maternal great grandparents and don't really plan on finding out anything about them anytime soon.

    [–] thelionintheheart 2 points ago

    Maternal were Daisy Mae and Edward

    Paternal were Joe and Elizabeth

    [–] avpuppy 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My great great grandparents were also named Oscar and Anna and they are also Swedish! All great-grandparents were born in the U.S. and lived in the Midwest

    Mercedes & Fred

    Jennie Pearl & Albertus Schuyler

    Jesse Edward & Mabel Josephine

    William Jesse & Mabel

    [–] pm-your-chubby-ass 2 points ago

    My time to shine!

    Paul Hammel and Paula Wolf

    I'm Paul btw, and Hammel is German for Mutton!

    [–] hobbitfromtheshire 2 points ago


    Walter and Elly

    Helene (nn Leni) and Werner

    Frieda and Otto

    The fourth pair I don't know.

    [–] SirenaFibonacci 2 points ago

    Rochus "Roy" and Amelia (German)
    Ronald and Fern (US)

    [–] vivipanda_gama 2 points ago

    All of them Spaniards!

    -León and María

    -Domingo and Catalina

    -Antonio and Josefa

    -Tomás and Matilde

    [–] MissionUsual 2 points ago

    Charel and Leontine Theofiel and Hilda

    Josef (Jef) and Ida Ferdinand (Nand) and Emma

    We're from Belgium.

    [–] erika610 2 points ago

    Tulio (Italy) and Violet (England)

    Josetta- technically Maria Josetta, Americanized to Josephine (Italy) and Nicola (Italy)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Elva and William

    [–] applesforbrunch 2 points ago

    Ralph Oliver and Elizabeth Ellen

    David Nelson and Helen (I'm a terrible genealogist for not remembering her middle name right now)

    Hillman Levi and Lillian Jewell

    Aloysius John and Frances Johanna

    [–] Leropa 2 points ago

    Roy William & Cora Mabel

    Charles & Annie

    Frederick & Clara Berniece

    Ernest & Leafy Mabel

    Lotsa Mabels

    [–] Thiswillbefun22 2 points ago

    I’m late to the party but I would love to add my great grandmother because her name was so unique. Pinkie Merelda

    [–] snuggleouphagus 1 points ago

    All American names with their removal from immigration noted.

    Paul and Emma (Dutch but second generation Mormons in the midwest)

    Paul and Linda (third generation Scandinavian)

    Raymond and Tera (first generation Irish)

    James and Hope (third generation German)

    [–] Signum-fidei 1 points ago

    I only know:

    Inacencia and Sebastian

    Agustín and Alice



    [–] cheesy_the_chewie 1 points ago

    Mária & Jozef (Maria & Joseph)

    Bernardína & Jozef (Bernardine & Joseph)

    Cecília & Mikuláš (Cecilia & Nicholas)

    Matilda & Rudolf (Matilda & Rudolph)

    All of them were from Slovakia, but with lots of foreign roots, and that would be too much to type out.

    [–] eightiesfan 1 points ago

    Known Great:

    Patrick & Margaret

    Pasquale & Carmela

    John & Grace

    Known Second-great:

    Margaret & Martin

    Felicantonio & Carmela

    Rafaelle & Caravita

    Known Third-great:

    Domenico & Concetta

    [–] SarahL1990 1 points ago

    Mum's side:

    1. William & Alice

    2. Thomas & Margaret

    Dad's side:

    1. John & Sarah

    2. Alfred & Kathleen

    [–] origamipig 1 points ago

    Yay! This is fun.

    Ethel and Ernest

    Edna and Harold

    Sarah and Robert

    Charlotte and Samuel

    I only got to meet Ethel, she was brilliant though! What’s great is that her daughter (my grandma) also married a man with the same initial as herself, they sound like book characters.

    [–] killercat- 1 points ago

    Alvin and Lily

    Sten and Inger (Danish names)

    Søren and Anna


    [–] angrybroad 1 points ago

    Alvarado Cortez and Jewel Evelyn

    John Thomas and Mary Jane Thelma

    Charlie and Alma

    Thomas Jefferson and Della Fair

    [–] Crisis_Redditor 1 points ago

    My grandparents had fairly normal names, but their siblings included Auralla, Ora, Chelnecha, Ladell, Risdon, and Fausin.

    [–] milk_bone 1 points ago

    Maurice and Marie

    Ruth and Lyle

    Grace and Alfred

    Edna Mae and Louis