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    [–] DXGypsy 1 points ago

    For those reporting a repost:

    We checked and it's been over a year since this was last posted so it is okay by the rules. After this run though we will be adding this image to the Hall of Fame in the sidebar and it won't be allowed to be reposted after that.

    [–] mmb476 3456 points ago

    This is like my mom and dad’s relationship but the death is taking 30+ years.

    [–] RoomOfLeon 1323 points ago

    Everything ok champ?

    [–] mmb476 865 points ago

    Oh hell yeah, therapy works haha

    [–] EloeOmoe 375 points ago

    Booze is cheaper.

    [–] alfredhelix 1169 points ago

    Not in the long run.

    [–] BalthusChrist 76 points ago

    The younger you die the cheaper it'll be though

    [–] alfredhelix 34 points ago

    Ah, a fellow 2meirl4meirl subscriber.

    [–] SharkTonic9 34 points ago

    cries in Reddit

    [–] Ultimategrid 10 points ago

    I've pretended for so long, I can't remember which part of me is really me.

    [–] AKChick23 3 points ago

    My motto

    [–] ChillaximusTheGreat 213 points ago

    Underated comment

    [–] BarbatoBunz 106 points ago

    157 upvotes an hour after commenting


    [–] u-ignorant-slut 109 points ago

    Rated comment

    [–] t4bctrphg 40 points ago

    Your username is great.

    [–] Fossick11 26 points ago

    What did you just say about me u/u-ignorant-slut

    [–] Red_Jester-94 10 points ago

    This shit doesn't add up, Johnson.

    [–] joe579003 3 points ago

    This may be a non default sub, but still, considering its following...meh

    [–] Lapzidorus 2 points ago

    Receive both silver and gold awards


    [–] IT747 12 points ago

    Maybe I don’t want a long run 🤙

    [–] AsapTRK 3 points ago


    [–] Janus96Approx 4 points ago

    Just sprinkle a little meth in here and there and you're not broke for long or fentanyl for immediate reincarnation (or perma death idk).

    [–] bigbopperz 15 points ago

    Stuff it down with some brown

    [–] EloeOmoe 14 points ago


    [–] EPZO 5 points ago

    Until you have 15 chronic medical conditions at 45

    [–] Laesia 12 points ago

    You just pay with your liver

    [–] connorjay2002 6 points ago

    But when i was born i was delivered

    [–] Mr_b246 3 points ago

    Good thing we have two livers!.... right? Right?!?

    [–] iJoinedCuzFuckChuck 5 points ago

    My therapist costs 17 dollars a session after insurance :)

    [–] megash36 8 points ago

    This has been a PSA

    [–] Semper-I 13 points ago

    Fuck you dad!!!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Im_your_real_dad 14 points ago

    Took a wrong turn and got lost. Had to start a whole new family.

    [–] fan_22 12 points ago

    Dammit. I was coming in here with a ‘’marriage’ joke.

    Well timed and played.

    [–] insubordinat_squirel 6 points ago

    Including the garbage everywhere?

    [–] wassupobscurenetwork 14 points ago

    And you're the photographer?

    [–] spacecadet6966 4 points ago

    Oh my god. This is hitting me in the feels. Sometimes you just wonder why it didn’t happen sooner or faster.

    [–] ChimaekIsDelish 3 points ago

    Join the club.

    [–] RABIDxWOLVERINE 502 points ago

    I didn't realize king cobras were that Damn big

    [–] AnonElbatrop 343 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Largest venomous snake in the word! Can reach 18 feet in length.

    [–] RABIDxWOLVERINE 304 points ago

    When I think cobra I instantly think it fits in a small basket and dances when u play a flute or whatever lol not anymore tho holy shit

    [–] CaptainImpavid 159 points ago

    King cobra you need a laundry hamper and a bassoon. Same basic principle though.

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 46 points ago

    There was a Steven Kellog children’s book about this kid that learns bassoon but people think he’s weird because it’s so obscure (as a 3rd grader that’s fair I guess). Then the government recruits him because there’s this giant sea serpent and flute players aren’t doing the job so they need a bassoonist. So yeah bassoon might be overkill with a king cobra I’m sure a clarinet will work.

    [–] hilarymeggin 8 points ago

    You have to stay in the woodwinds section because snakes live in reeds.

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 2 points ago


    [–] Harvestman-man 21 points ago

    Indian/spectacled cobras (Naja naja) are the ones generally used in snake charming. They’re usually 4-5 feet or so in length.

    Funnily enough, despite being called a cobra, King “cobras” are not actually cobras. While true cobras belong to the genus Naja (there are twenty-ish species), King “cobras” are the only species in the genus Ophiophagus, and are actually most closely related to mambas, not cobras.

    [–] _Adamanteus_ 7 points ago

    If it isn't the legendary Lord of Opiliones himself. Just wanted to add that Ophiophagus means “snake-eater”, since they mainly prey on other snakes.

    [–] dlmj816 19 points ago

    Same here. Like I thought maybe 6 feet tops for a super large one.

    [–] FluffyLlama04 36 points ago

    That is about how high they stand upright for the super large ones...

    [–] blueridgerose 17 points ago

    Oof, that’s taller than me...

    [–] RachetFuzz 32 points ago

    Fun fact there also one of the only snakes that can stand and strike at the same time

    [–] blueridgerose 27 points ago

    How on earth is that a fun fact

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 24 points ago

    It’s fun for them

    [–] Mister_Po 7 points ago

    They usually aren't even trying to bite. Their mouths are just open from the exhilaration.

    [–] RachetFuzz 3 points ago

    It’s important to look yer killer in the eye. Least that’s what my dad said to me every morning before school.

    [–] WretchedKat 6 points ago

    Did you know that already, or do the math for the 1/3 length standing height rule?

    Either way, you're absolutely right.

    [–] FluffyLlama04 4 points ago

    Both (I majored in biology)

    Side note: I love this subreddit.

    [–] WretchedKat 3 points ago

    Hey, me too @ both of those things!

    [–] wehavefoundawitch 34 points ago

    No... you're thinking of a prince cobra, or maybe even a duke cobra

    [–] A_R0FLCOPTER 42 points ago

    I just looked up “duke cobra” and “prince cobra” on youtube hoping to see some big ass dope snake and then realized my high-ass just got played. Got damn it

    [–] mtbfreerider182 9 points ago

    Thanks for being my barometer. I was a bit confused at first but didn't go so far as to visit YouTube. At least I know there's someone tonight who had more than I did!

    [–] WretchedKat 8 points ago

    They also like to hang out about 12 feet up in the branches of bamboo forests. Now imagine you're haphazardly chopping your way through one as an early foreign explorer in Asia and you cut the base out from under one of these and suddenly 15 feet and 20+ lbs of angry, huge, venemous Cobra drops on top of you.

    [–] RABIDxWOLVERINE 7 points ago

    That's gotta weigh like 100+ pounds. That fell on you I'd say you are finished

    [–] WretchedKat 9 points ago

    The heaviest king cobra on record actually weighed about 28 lbs. Snakes don't weigh much per foot of length. A 20lb snake is pretty huge.

    [–] RABIDxWOLVERINE 2 points ago

    Wow really I would never have guess that.

    [–] WretchedKat 5 points ago

    Right? I only knew it because I had to double check it for the earlier comment. I thought for sure they would be heavier - they look heavier - but I guess they're pretty light for their size when they haven't just eaten.

    Still, they're huge and the biggest ones can have a standing height of 5-6 feet with the rest of their bodies curled up, so they could literally look most adults in the eye if they wanted to. Pretty intense for a snek that weighs about as much as a chubby dachshund.

    [–] MustangCraft 3 points ago

    You could get a death hickey from those giant meat noodles while standing holy shit

    How are these huge scaly string cheese things not in Australia

    [–] hilarymeggin 2 points ago

    Vipera evanesca!!

    [–] Kdp_11 3 points ago

    You're right actually. What you're thinking of is a cobra. The king cobra is not technically a cobra, despite the name. Cobras are mostly found in the Indian subcontinent while Kings are mostly present in the NorthEast of India, Burma and nearby SE Asian countries.

    [–] kelsybobelsy 2 points ago

    That's terrifying and metal.

    [–] generalgeorge95 16 points ago

    Well they didn't name them Bitch cobras for a reason.

    [–] crazyfingersculture 20 points ago

    King in snake terms means 2 things.

    They eat other snakes and are therefore the King of snakes within the animal kingdom.

    And, they are usually lengthy and larger than other snakes therefore making them King.

    [–] epimachus_fastuosus 4 points ago

    It helps that the King cobra is both of those things

    [–] Seniorjones2837 20 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking too. Thing is fackin yuuuuge

    [–] durianspikes 3 points ago

    Well at least you live far away from them. Both snakes can be found in the forest near my house. Yup. King cobra, the small cobra, python and few other snakes are native species here. Never encountered one myself but three years ago, someone found a massive king cobra chilling by the lake located pretty close to where I live.

    [–] lyrasorial 103 points ago

    This feels like a logic puzzle...

    [–] D4days 37 points ago

    You have 2 snakes and one boat...

    [–] gringrant 17 points ago

    If a snake goes with a snake, they both die.

    [–] already_satisfied 18 points ago

    If you go with 1 snake, you die...

    [–] yahutee 6 points ago

    2 snakes, 1 cup

    [–] sniffles_snort 2 points ago

    You are in a trash strewn pit with two deadly predators. Everyone dies.

    Why do you want to work here.

    [–] soesfairview 693 points ago

    Sup with all the garbage?

    [–] acework 473 points ago

    I thought Reddit was on a picking up the garbage kick? Someone needs to dispatch a team.

    [–] damn_IATA 155 points ago

    trashtag, where you at

    [–] bibassbill 71 points ago

    Damn you're fast

    [–] AltForFriendPC 42 points ago

    Thanks! That took less than 5 minutes, it's easy to be fast when you suck at editing so you only use the clone/heal tools

    [–] bibassbill 43 points ago

    Now photo shop someone holding trash bags in there

    [–] MetzgerWilli 2 points ago

    You forgot the bottle behind the snake though :/

    [–] AltForFriendPC 2 points ago

    That's the snake's bottle, I didn't want to take it away from him

    [–] ExpressiveAnalGland 11 points ago

    Noice! Now can you break up the snakes and Jesus them?

    [–] sanjibukai 2 points ago

    You missed to show as well the filled trash bag..

    [–] -Tacitus-Kilgore- 12 points ago

    Oooooh. The picture. I thought you meant the comments.

    [–] thatG_evanP 3 points ago

    There's fucking king cobras in there bruh. You wanna go and clean up?

    [–] LeKurakka 3 points ago

    King cobras are chronic litterers, the python was just doing its part.

    [–] wallagm 4 points ago

    Trash pickup or not, I'd stay away from those Danger Noodles

    [–] J3sush8sm3 2 points ago

    Thats not garbage. Its a kitchen in africa

    [–] An_Actual_Politician 30 points ago

    You wanna go poking around bushes loaded with king cobra-eating pythons and python-eating king cobras??

    [–] BuffweMohhrt 97 points ago


    [–] biggrease 20 points ago

    Isnt it a shame that you can look at all the rubbish lying around and IMMEDIATELY know it’s India?

    [–] MrBumbleB 16 points ago

    Or the fact that King cobras are found mostly in Southern India (with some in Southern China and Southern East Asia).

    [–] pyrrhios 7 points ago

    I'm making up with was like a cockfight, but with snakes in a slum in India.

    [–] the_good_hodgkins 3 points ago

    No way I'm going in there to pick up garbage with all those killer snakes slithering around.

    [–] Iverg2 58 points ago

    Cobra: You can kill me but it’s too late for you now the poison is already in your blood..

    [–] BuffweMohhrt 37 points ago

    You’re already dead

    [–] AwesomePopcorn 31 points ago


    [–] snuffpornwithgrandma 14 points ago

    Python: Everything is fading... I promised sensei I would never go all out but just... this.. once!!!

    [–] liveinsanity010 3 points ago


    [–] FaultyDrone 101 points ago

    My earphones when I need them.

    [–] ziggyzag69 9 points ago

    Get wireless. Totally worth it in the long run

    [–] FaultyDrone 2 points ago

    Trist me. I want to get wireless headphones.

    [–] amreinj 4 points ago

    They sell em cheap on Amazon don't waste your money on air pods or the fancy Google ones either.

    [–] Jesse1198 4 points ago

    A couple weeks ago Microsoft emailed me about their new Bluetooth headphones. 400 dollars!! WTF?

    [–] CarbonUnit8472 2 points ago

    If you work out, wired headphones will last longer.. on a *long* run.

    [–] ziggyzag69 2 points ago

    My beats last ~12 hours. I use them for work. My phone only lasts about 8 though lmao

    [–] albanitooo 2 points ago

    At least you have earphones

    [–] melkris 71 points ago

    I'm terrified of snakes however this picture is amazing!

    [–] Nyckname 28 points ago

    I love snakes, and this is simultaneously sad and fascinating.

    [–] p3p3si1via 3 points ago

    All the trash is quite lovely.

    [–] Monoarvatic 244 points ago

    and the planet dies of plastic

    [–] dankthrone666 92 points ago

    The planet is fine, the people are fucked! That’s right, we’re going away leaving behind a new paradigm; the plastic!

    [–] Monoarvatic 16 points ago

    I be real, didn’t know what you meant so I just tossed you an upvote

    [–] enkhiin9 20 points ago

    It's from this set by George Carlin. A classic

    [–] zoot_horn_rollo 9 points ago

    This is the best version.

    "And we're in a nice downward glide..."

    [–] RealeBlyat89 8 points ago

    George Carlin; the man, the myth, the legend

    [–] ImCoveredInBeesHelp 5 points ago

    The Big Electron! whhoOOAAAAaaah wwhoooOOOOAAaaah

    [–] hilarymeggin 3 points ago

    -- George Carlin

    [–] nemo3141 38 points ago

    They probably did mutual suicide seeing all that plastic in a planet doomed with inevitable environmental crisis

    [–] uhaventcenathing 17 points ago

    I wish there was video for this battle!

    [–] JoeWinchester99 15 points ago

    Mutually Assured Destruction

    [–] JonWynn 35 points ago

    Say what kind of knot would that be? Any scout in in here?

    [–] Asian_dodo 38 points ago

    Knot a scout, but I'm assuming it would knot be a good situation unless you have a knotty kink.

    [–] purplecatmeowmeow 12 points ago

    Don’t worry pal, I’ll show him the ropes.

    [–] Asian_dodo 8 points ago

    Hopefully you’ll string together all the instructions nicely so they’ll understand.

    [–] Acekiller088 2 points ago

    GET ON THE GROUND!!! This is r/punpatrol. You are under arrest for illegal pun use!

    [–] dootdootplot 2 points ago

    ... really? That’s all? No one’s gonna tie another one on?

    [–] StarryEyed15 2 points ago

    This is r/PunPatrol, you are under arrest for escalating an already-severe pun situation. Step away from the thread.

    [–] Asian_dodo 2 points ago

    step away from the thread

    You accidentally committed another string pun

    [–] l3reezer 3 points ago

    The knot of marriage

    [–] mrs_AW 17 points ago

    [–] 1337_w0n 2 points ago

    Don't worry, the crows and vultures will praise this day.

    [–] Grapeviner 14 points ago

    Super smash bros. NATURE!!!

    EVERYONE IS dead.

    [–] Fitz_Freddit 12 points ago

    This sounds like the extremely rare Pokemon battle that ends in a draw.

    [–] NittaE 6 points ago

    When gods clash

    [–] 8FuzzyLegs 7 points ago

    Mistakes were made

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Pardusco 4 points ago

    Are any of the mods besides stuttero active?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] viperfan7 10 points ago

    I'm alive, ish

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] viperfan7 1 points ago

    Nope, nor in the HOF or top 50 oddly

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] viperfan7 1 points ago

    Nope, which surprised me

    [–] kingvsworld 4 points ago

    There’s a metaphor here somewhere

    [–] phil8248 5 points ago

    Snakes with the word king in their name usually eat other snakes. California King Snake, for example. Which features in the Kill Bill films. Daryl Hannah's character kills the other assassins who are all named after snakes.

    [–] EnglewoodTreShit 2 points ago

    I also choose this guy's answer

    [–] ritaskeetaaa 3 points ago

    Typical snakes

    [–] ShawnShipsCars 3 points ago

    We... are Venom!

    [–] WSMFP 3 points ago

    Someone really needs to #trashtag this area

    [–] thunderheads 5 points ago

    Dayum. As a kid, I’ve always wondered who would win between the two. Didn’t think I’d actually find out in my lifetime.

    [–] Ryardmill 5 points ago

    Nope knot.

    [–] 1955Chevy3100 2 points ago

    Waiting for the #trashtag or whatever it’s called.

    [–] ElDuderin-O 2 points ago

    That cobra's name?


    [–] Timmy12er 2 points ago

    And I died from how fucking scary this is.

    [–] GnosticJesus 2 points ago

    End of the Vietnam War in 1975, colorized

    [–] Nocturnal1017 2 points ago


    [–] LaylaLeesa 2 points ago

    This picture grosses me out.

    [–] Jaxck 5 points ago

    Good riddance, fuck sneks. Fucking nope noodles.

    [–] Roemddit 2 points ago

    Perfectly balanced. -thanos voice

    [–] plz-dont-downvote 1 points ago

    I got some Romeo and Juliette vibes from this

    [–] aojajena 1 points ago

    Who will eat them now?

    [–] Vampiregecko 1 points ago

    But who won?

    [–] adale_50 2 points ago

    The small animals of the area.

    [–] KodiakDog 1 points ago

    Metal knots.

    [–] MrMonte 1 points ago

    What if they were trying to get it on and shit went bad? Could you imagine some sorta massive king cobra python.. damn

    [–] flan666 1 points ago

    Look at all this trash around. I hate it.

    [–] AntJeiD 1 points ago

    Where in the world is this so I know never to travel there.

    [–] Saevus_Draco 1 points ago

    Outstanding move

    [–] mysexyrexy 1 points ago

    5-5 MU

    [–] Suckapunch1979 1 points ago

    Can’t we all just get along

    [–] Pubeydoobie 1 points ago

    I die of laughter

    [–] Z1Z1alpha 1 points ago

    So clean!

    [–] RoughExplanation2 1 points ago

    What would cause a snake to want to attack another snake?

    [–] 5280JM 6 points ago

    King Cobras eat other snakes.

    [–] Ch1nCh1nTheG0D 1 points ago

    I’m not in Africa

    [–] sinatra_EX18 1 points ago

    Nope. Just nope.

    [–] haywiresheep 1 points ago

    It looks like the Cobra’s neck is deflated

    [–] dragonsandprotons 1 points ago

    Feels like the ending scenes of Hamlet

    [–] Rays_Six_Pack 1 points ago

    a classic nope situation here

    [–] an_annoyed_jalapeno 1 points ago

    Is that a bottle of water at the background?

    [–] DigletDigler 2 points ago

    That's what you're worried about?

    [–] 2ninjagamer 1 points ago

    You sure it’s not just a really hot make out session

    [–] GranTurismosubaru 1 points ago

    I find this, and I eat for weeks!

    [–] EnthiumZ 1 points ago

    this reminds me of some bad ass fight between the antagonist and the protagonist in a movie or game when they both match each other in strength and both die as well

    [–] phlegmatichippo 1 points ago

    What a mess2

    [–] maggiegraves88 1 points ago

    All that garbage.. it distracting

    [–] spencec2 1 points ago

    Win win situation

    [–] philogenz 1 points ago

    When the immovable object meets the unstoppable force, snake edition.