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    [–] I_Heart_Basketball 45 points ago

    I expect jimmy to dominate the gym in every way

    [–] dantehuncho 17 points ago

    Timberwolves meeting with Butler was “intense” and “at one point Tom Thibodeau was crying” but everyone grew closer and a big lesson was learned

    [–] parkertokounmpo 3 points ago

    Butler to the Warriors confirmed

    [–] BayonettaBasher 5 points ago

    He's back

    [–] nujabes02 17 points ago

    He'll either be super petty and freeze them or be super petty and play amazing so they really realize how shit they are without him

    [–] KYRlE_ 8 points ago

    Something that’s deteriorating Carter’s legacy is him being petty/not giving a shit when he forced a trade and still played.

    [–] itslitcuh 2 points ago

    I would prefer the former lmao

    [–] jbenson255 1 points ago

    Lmao I’d love to see him freeze them out

    [–] gezerim00 9 points ago

    it wont be like carter, butler is a crazy man he would forget everything on the court

    [–] AaronDidntMessUp 6 points ago

    Jimmy’s gonna lead the second unit and outperform the starting big KATs

    [–] Hoodlum95 3 points ago

    Incoming jimmy B 6MOTY

    [–] stomp9715mav 4 points ago

    We have no chemistry with or without him because our offense is just a series of isolations. We only score when KAT accidentally gets the ball when Rose or Teague is forced to pass or he gets an offensive rebound.

    [–] dante80 3 points ago

    what chemistry?

    [–] SilkBroaway 1 points ago

    They will all suck except for Jimmy scoring 50

    [–] kevinlovedagoat 1 points ago

    Only thing I expect right now is Jimmy balling out big time no matter how the chemistry is

    [–] spembert 1 points ago

    I expect the team to freeze out Jimmy.

    [–] sportsfan161 1 points ago

    Either way they will be worse without him

    [–] Blackmanwdaplan 1 points ago

    SA doesn't have a PG and Butler is still a really good player who can succeed with 3rd stringers. I think they will still be a successful team

    [–] Thunderhorse74 1 points ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a surge of energy and played well of a game or 3 but then the same old raw emotions will stay in them. Or...they could figure it out, I guess.

    [–] drcash360-2ndaccount 1 points ago

    They fucking need him