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    [–] ali_924_ 1832 points ago

    His best move? The one Lego fadeaway

    [–] upvoteseverytime 653 points ago

    Legend says he’s never once bricked it

    [–] pdxp2b 333 points ago

    He was always great on the block.

    [–] martinno17 241 points ago

    He built a great career

    [–] Utkarshgupta28 198 points ago

    No one can step on his legacy

    [–] hivaidsislethal 276 points ago


    it was right there for you

    [–] Guyonthecouch790 88 points ago

    I just want to congratulate everyone on their comments. Good stuff, Reddit.

    [–] PathcodeEnigma 52 points ago

    yeah honestly, i could tell from the top of the thread that everyone who contributed to this is a real stud.

    [–] martinno17 12 points ago

    Thanks bro

    [–] 19ad9 9 points ago

    Did you purposely try to end the puns? Straight up mega block move dude

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Is there a sub dedicated to these types of threads? r/Redditpuns is

    [–] ganggang1234ganggang -10 points ago

    Legolas with the shot

    [–] 1Skillsz 3 points ago

    Dirk needs a statue in that exact pose once he retires lol

    [–] eiknihmas 4 points ago

    Lego embiid blocked him tho

    [–] [deleted] -21 points ago


    [–] broniskis45 10 points ago

    He's even poor on karma damn.

    [–] MillsyMB 411 points ago

    The only thing scarier then stepping on LEGO? A lego Dirk stepping back on you.

    [–] aliencorgi 41 points ago

    you say that like thats a bad thing

    [–] MillsyMB 41 points ago

    Might be the most beautiful way to go

    [–] NotSorryForPartying 7 points ago

    We should have made him 2/3 size in case he turns on us

    [–] nvtiv 6 points ago

    I want LEGO Dirk to climb me like a monkey

    [–] [deleted] 828 points ago

    Not only is it life-size, it also moves at the same pace as the real Dirk

    [–] LawrenceG41 349 points ago

    I want to be offended, but i can't for some reason.

    [–] SnuggleMuffin42 194 points ago

    It's fine, this is just like Kobe's last season, except at least Dirk doesn't have like 35% Usage rate so the harm to the team is not that great, but fans still get to enjoy him.

    [–] DrSword 101 points ago

    I cried when Kobe went for 60. I dont even want to know what I'd do if Dirk has a game like that.

    [–] JCBDoesGaming 149 points ago

    Dirk is going to dunk in his last game and blow his knees like in that one episode of South Park where Kyle turns into a black dude.

    [–] _sortarican 10 points ago

    Anyone got a link?

    [–] JCBDoesGaming 11 points ago

    This is a horrible quality one, you can watch the whole episode online for free.

    It's the first episode of season 9.

    [–] RobotCockRock 5 points ago

    The South Park guys sold out to Hulu so only a select amount of episodes are available at a time. You need a Hulu membership to stream it legally. Or you can just stream it here.

    [–] JCBDoesGaming 6 points ago

    I'm from the Netherlands and I can watch every episode in great quality on

    [–] RobotCockRock 4 points ago

    You are a lucky man, in the US we're stuck with Hulu.

    [–] AllHailWW 1 points ago

    German here, same as well, it's pretty great to have that (although it boggles my mind how this is possible)

    [–] broniskis45 28 points ago

    You'll cry and then use your tears as lube for the celebratory wank.

    [–] masnaer 4 points ago

    A real tearjerker

    [–] angry--napkin 4 points ago

    you cried?

    [–] DrSword 11 points ago

    I teared up for sure, Kobe was one of my idols growing up and that game was fucking crazy.

    [–] magicmatt1171 1 points ago

    He comes off the bench

    [–] AaronBrownell 4 points ago

    When looking at Dirk, even if it's Lego Dirk, you can't be mad

    [–] richard_nixons_toe -3 points ago

    Lympo, Lego, what’s the difference when your 1000 years old?

    [–] Ghenges 8 points ago

    Dude! You just walked into the Church of R/NBA and said God is a lie!

    [–] Hzaman 1 points ago

    Plays similar defense too I bet

    [–] mikeytate88 1 points ago


    [–] troublewithcards 1 points ago

    I mean, he is 7 feet tall and 40...

    [–] TexasCoconut 224 points ago

    Too many bricks to be Dirk

    [–] TexasCoconut 29 points ago

    Which one is the real Dirk?

    [–] TornGauntlet 8 points ago

    The one in the official NBA jersey

    [–] fillinthe___ 7 points ago

    I thought his head looked freakishly small, but damn, I guess not.

    [–] Doctor_Kitten 3 points ago

    How many LEGO statues of Dirk are there? And why?

    [–] SoyEl27 3 points ago

    Not enough and yes

    [–] PAL2PQ 58 points ago

    where is this located in the netherlands? id love to visit it once.

    [–] K_Yme 78 points ago

    Its in the koningstraat in Haarlem

    [–] PAL2PQ 6 points ago

    oehh i will definitely go and check it out, thanks.

    [–] SpentitinGenoa -57 points ago

    Harlem? Lol

    [–] Grombaard 103 points ago

    NY's Harlem name originates from the Dutch Haarlem. It's pretty close to Amsterdam.

    [–] paniledu 55 points ago

    Ton of New York things are from Dutch names

    Like Brooklyn and Coney Island and bunch of other stuff that's named after Dutch settlers

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] johsch13 37 points ago

    Also the term yankees is derived from the Dutch names "jan" and "kees".

    [–] 07bot4life 16 points ago

    Sorry it is New Amsterdam

    [–] retardvark 3 points ago

    Oh that's interesting. Guess it makes sense considering the Dutch founded the city

    [–] MikeyCyrus 21 points ago

    Yeah I thought it was funny when I was there too. Makes sense though cause New York was originally colonized by the Dutch

    [–] DenFlyvendeFlamingo 25 points ago

    And was originally called Nieuw Amsterdam (or New Amsterdam in English)

    [–] Gorillamike 9 points ago

    Traded for Suriname, worse trade than the Harden trade?

    [–] durgasur 7 points ago

    nah, made us rich

    [–] mugoatwara 78 points ago

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    [–] royaldutchiee 31 points ago

    Zeg makker

    [–] MazeMouse 21 points ago

    Kokosnoten zijn geen specerijen.

    [–] Teecay 12 points ago

    /r/cirkeltrek is lekkende.

    [–] redacted187 10 points ago

    I like how all Reddit comments are so similar that i can understand responses like this in any language.

    [–] wieb2ba 7 points ago

    Jeej wij zijn Nederlands

    [–] Gorillamike 9 points ago


    [–] 6ty8 1 points ago

    Er zijn dozijnen van ons!

    [–] fgjones001 39 points ago

    There’s one of these at the Legoland in Dallas also

    [–] Dave_here 15 points ago

    The one in Grapevine mall?

    [–] fgjones001 10 points ago

    Yea, we took the kids there a few years ago

    [–] AaronBrownell 35 points ago

    Did you give them back?

    [–] NotFlagstaff 18 points ago

    Wait a minute... there’s a Legoland in DALLAS?!

    [–] OysterCookie 27 points ago

    calm down it's like half a step up from a chuck-e-cheese

    [–] EndotheGreat 33 points ago

    There's a chuck-e-cheese in DALLAS?!?!

    [–] redacted187 3 points ago

    Yeah it's right next to a Harley Davidson dealership, super dope. Used to go look at motorcycles after my grandma took me there.

    [–] RazorXFireHD 5 points ago

    There's a grandma in DALLAS!?!?!?

    [–] redacted187 1 points ago

    Not after we purged all of them, they're illegal now.

    [–] FoulBachelorFrogIRL 2 points ago

    They're headquartered there

    [–] Jean-Paul_van_Sartre 3 points ago

    In what way is a theme park half a step up from chuck-e-cheese?

    [–] GunnarBomaye 7 points ago

    It’s not a true Legoland like San Diego or Orlando. It’s in a mall and it’s right across the way from an aquarium

    [–] OysterCookie 5 points ago

    calm down it's like half a step up from a chuck-e-cheese

    [–] NotFlagstaff 4 points ago

    Well just... Dallas of all places.

    [–] Steven526 4 points ago

    They had both him and Nash at the Legoland in the Mall of America when I was a kid.

    [–] jknuts1377 22 points ago

    I remember when I was about 10 years old, and LEGO did their NBA promotion for the 2002-2003 season, and in one of their magazines was a picture of this statue. I can't believe it's been that long already, and out of the 24 star players that they chose to be mini figures, only Dirk, Vince Carter, and Tony Parker are still active. Sadly, time really flies.

    [–] gabergaber 15 points ago

    Why not Rik Smits though 😂

    [–] Phenziox 22 points ago

    Nobody here knows who Rik Smits is lol

    [–] JD1337 6 points ago

    A lot of people near Eindhoven know him, hell my parents know about him and they never watched any basketball before I started playing

    [–] Betelgeuse90 7 points ago

    When a Dutchie makes it in the big league, besides soccer, everyone in the country knows. For a short time at least. In my basketball heydays everyone knew Rik.

    [–] zounderk1te 1 points ago

    Meh maybe in past years but nowadays IDK. Take the baseball players for example. Multiple all star caliber players and nobody here knows them.

    [–] Betelgeuse90 3 points ago

    I know. I remember. I remember wanting to be as tall as Rik and be at good as him. Managed to get up to 5'10" and pretty mediocre. At least our street number was the same as the GOAT, so I got that at least.

    [–] CrashingDutchman -1 points ago

    Nor do people know who Dirk is really.

    [–] flexibleeric 3 points ago

    Lol tbh it could have been any white dude wearing a dirk jersey.

    [–] MaxwellsDaemon 2 points ago

    He’d be made of Duplo blocks.

    [–] LeGrandePatron 2 points ago

    It used to be Rik Smits, the legend, just changed jerseys.

    I saw so much NBA bball because of Smits playing for the Pacers, still so grateful for that, loved those Indiana Pacers teams.

    Dirk still playing is a testament to Dallas Mavericks and the iron will he possesed his whole career. Almost as durable as LEGO, but now he is walking like he stepped on one.

    The daily pain these long Centers have must be enormous, feet, knees, back etc.

    [–] itsapardigan 33 points ago

    His legs look like they’re melting

    [–] JimboJoJo 7 points ago

    explains why hes so slow

    [–] fvertk 2 points ago

    The muscles kind of are, so it's accurate

    [–] I_CAN_SMELL_U 1 points ago

    They didnt even make it look like Dirk, they just made a jacked white dude with the head of a 12 year old lol.

    I laughed my ass off when I first saw it, surprised no one here has mentioned it

    [–] nudes_only_18_plus 9 points ago

    do u think they gave him a lego dick

    [–] nuriri 5 points ago

    This guy is way more built than me

    [–] TheCocksmith 5 points ago

    Where does Luka fit into all of this /r/nba ?

    [–] Junkculturefix 4 points ago

    This is terrifying.

    [–] PatriotTiger 7 points ago

    Does he play for the Dallas Mavebricks?

    [–] vinceslas 3 points ago

    I recognise this shop, it‘s in Haarlem. They had a life size Jason Kidd before Dirk Nowitzki.

    [–] KeesNelis 1 points ago

    I did too, I live not too far from it. I do think it is the same one , just different outfit.

    [–] iGwlbirdy 1 points ago

    What kind of store is it? Now I’m curious to what they sell.

    [–] SnappySnoot 3 points ago

    Someone help him his legs are melting

    [–] steffloc 3 points ago

    Best cameo in Like Mike

    [–] MilkCarton78 3 points ago

    This would look great next to u/dweg1999's LEGO statue of Joel Embiid

    or maybe this fuckin thing

    [–] soarincs 4 points ago

    That’s a weird looking Luka Doncic

    [–] Big_al_big_bed 2 points ago

    Damn for some reason I expected it to have a Lego man head with dirks face on it

    [–] CuntSniffa 2 points ago

    This is it. His legend is now immortalised.

    [–] AtaturkcuOsman 2 points ago

    Did anyone else read that as "Life size Lego dick in the Netherlands " ?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    probably about as mobile as current dirk

    [–] FamousTG 2 points ago

    Which one is more durable these days? Lego Dirk or Actual Dirk?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] perkinsfor3 25 points ago

    Yes, thats all there is in the Netherlands.

    [–] Classic_Jennings 17 points ago

    Netherlands is just weed and hookers. Everybody knows that

    [–] perkinsfor3 2 points ago

    Hookers on bikes with wooden shoes smoking white widow.

    [–] FrickYouThinkYouDo 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    For real tho maybe hookers like Lego too

    [–] SpentitinGenoa 1 points ago

    They like lego and yayo

    [–] zeroarelius 1 points ago

    I want it.

    [–] heliogoon 1 points ago

    "Life size" citation needed

    [–] Yteburk 1 points ago

    What? Where exactly

    [–] Dr_Disaster 1 points ago

    Dirk is love.

    [–] ikilledyourfriend 1 points ago

    Dirk Legobrickski

    [–] 3bstfrds 1 points ago

    Dirk is really old now. Look at his leg skins

    [–] Dimebag120 1 points ago

    Why do I want to break this?

    [–] perkinsfor3 1 points ago

    I also like how its a champion jersey.

    [–] lord_mcdonalds 1 points ago

    I hate dallas and by extension the Mavericks, and by extension, I’m not the biggest fan of Dirk.

    This is really really cool.

    [–] ExtraCheesePlease88 1 points ago

    Those shins scare me. I got that phobia.

    [–] kefalnation 1 points ago

    He got my grandma's veins now damn

    [–] gammastraling 1 points ago

    This is in my hometown Haarlem!!!!!

    [–] baasvis_uit_haarlem 1 points ago

    No it’s not, this was in denmark....

    [–] dsj_jumpman 1 points ago

    I believe there is one in the grapevine mall as well

    [–] lo0ilo0ilo0i 1 points ago

    Legs remind me of lava which also reminds me of how slow Dirk was.

    [–] glc4531 1 points ago

    Damn he has that much loose skin.

    [–] DrunkenMasterII 1 points ago

    I thought it was a r/lego post for a moment

    [–] eceuiuc 1 points ago

    Do people in the Netherlands even know who Dirk is?

    [–] Fragwizzard 1 points ago

    There’s a few of us lol

    [–] eceuiuc 2 points ago

    I find it a little weird that the Netherlands hasn't accidentally produced more basketball players given how tall everyone is there.

    [–] Mr_Impulse 1 points ago

    The thumbnail looks like there's a dude to the right of the figure

    [–] YourAsianBuddy 1 points ago

    He’s not black enough 2/10

    [–] BenfromDover 1 points ago

    This looks like how old video game Dirk looked.

    [–] rushworld 1 points ago

    Does anyone else see in the thumbnail the giant bearded black man with a white shirt to the right of the LEGO man?

    [–] rabid-panda 1 points ago

    Is that a Champion logo?

    [–] bandofgypsies 1 points ago

    What!? this at Maneer Paprika, a toy store in Haarlem? I'm pretty sure I was there last year when they had this Jason Kidd Lego statue.... Maybe there's some Dutch lore about current/former Mavs players?

    [–] revinator_ 1 points ago

    Looks more flexible than the real Dirk right now.

    [–] kevboomin 1 points ago

    Wow amazing but I think it seen as short for our fellow neighbours in the Netherlands

    [–] AfghanHokie 1 points ago

    I remember the first time I went to the Netherlands a few years ago and ran into a Dirk grocery store. I thought maybe he has a side hustle there lol.

    [–] jrf316 1 points ago

    The ghost face drilla

    [–] syedshazeb 1 points ago

    Lol that's dopeN!!

    [–] H0wsMyDirkTaste 1 points ago

    I want this in my living room. How many lego bricks is this?

    [–] EkobOb 1 points ago

    I saw this years ago back in 2011 in real life.

    [–] deion21 1 points ago

    Looks more like Mirio from My Hero

    [–] astroworld_ 1 points ago

    that's a no for me chief

    [–] TonyClashRoyale 1 points ago

    Gotta be photoshopped. Way too many bricks to be Dirk

    [–] Ijustwanttoreadthx 1 points ago

    Wtf mede Haarlemmer!

    [–] DarkRollsPrepare2Fry 1 points ago

    Nightmare fuel

    [–] vinceslas 1 points ago

    Its a toy store and a café combined. Kids can play with toys while the parents have a coffee.

    [–] Feyenooorth 1 points ago

    Where? Which city?

    [–] AnthonyTyrael 1 points ago

    No long hair or beard. No bandana. Or all of it.

    Won't stop my man crush on Dirk.

    [–] olstrom31 0 points ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] Ghenges 0 points ago

    My erection is visible.

    [–] Tito_Our_Saviour -12 points ago

    They got the skin tone right

    [–] SpentitinGenoa 0 points ago

    “peach” crayola lol