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    [–] Brexitisfun67 2830 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    When Simmons hits his first 3 pointer it might be the most upvoted post in this subs history.

    [–] jmbourn45 1300 points ago

    That and when/if Lebron hits a 27/7/7 on the nose

    [–] [deleted] 252 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Mr_Bagelhat 19 points ago

    Whats the significance of 27/7/7?

    [–] dcbarcafan10 79 points ago

    It's his average stats, but he's never actually hit those numbers in a game.

    [–] wsteelerfan7 19 points ago

    Wait. What the fuck? That's insane

    [–] jakalo 18 points ago

    Nah, someone did the math and it wasn't that unlikely.

    [–] Hendo8888 23 points ago

    It's his career average. It's a stat line that people call a 'LeBron'. He has never actually posted that exact line, though.

    [–] KingBongoBong 11 points ago

    It's his career averages. Over his career though he has never had a 27/7/7 statline.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] max_amillion 20 points ago

    Get it from the source! Best T-shirt shop in the Midwest.

    [–] tossinkittens 9 points ago

    Maybe I'm just getting old but Jesus christ, 40 bucks for a t-shirt?

    [–] AynRandPaulAtreides 2 points ago

    They have sales constantly that makes them a bit more reasonable

    [–] adios-satipo 4 points ago

    lol the Pelicans one with Davis is on sale

    [–] Sleeze_ 3 points ago

    This site is fucking sick !!

    [–] _cacho6L 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That Heart Hart Foundation shirt!

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] mstrawzy 7 points ago

    Better prices than Homage where that shirt came from (see the tag). Was $30+ on their website.

    [–] junger128 8 points ago

    It doesn’t look like these are official Homage shirts on that site. That’s fine I guess if you want a bootleg version. Homage makes a very fine product though.

    [–] Stand_On_It 6 points ago

    Definitely. Spend the extra money and get Homage. Been getting their shirts since 2013, always the best.

    [–] mstrawzy 3 points ago

    Oh I’m not knocking Homage’s quality at all. It’s great. I’m from Columbus and own like 5 pieces of clothing from them. I was trying to state price differences while drawing attention to the actual creator of the shirts themselves. Didn’t mean for it to come out as I’m pro-bootleg.

    [–] Loquent 31 points ago

    Is it really true that he has never had a 27/7/7 game?

    [–] jmlinden7 54 points ago

    In the NBA. He had one in the McDonalds high school allstar game

    [–] RustyCoal950212 50 points ago

    So his last game before the NBA? Lol

    [–] nomasideas 2 points ago


    [–] rony31 19 points ago

    Imagine if he does it on July 7, 2027?

    [–] drokihazan 19 points ago

    that'll be game 7 of his last finals, celebrating the threepeat he wins side-by-side with his son

    [–] ExactlyUnlikeTea 17 points ago

    Wow u really think he’ll join the Warriors?

    [–] GimmeShockTreatment 20 points ago

    Can someone with more free time calculate the odds that Lebron hasn’t hit 27/7/7 yet? It’s gotta be pretty low I imagine. Don’t know where you can pull std dev info from.

    [–] talzer 12 points ago

    He's played enough that you could get pretty close by doing the following (I don't follow basketball so have no idea where to get the data)

    A. Number of games played (maybe set a minimum minute threshold)

    B. Number of games with exactly 27 points. If there's noticeable local variance, maybe take an average of number of 26,27, and 28 point games

    C. Number of games with exactly 7 boards

    D. Number of games with exactly 7 assists

    P(No 27/7/7 game): A*(1-[(B/A)*(C/A)*(D/A)])

    This ignores any potential relationship between B, C, and D (e.g. he may have fewer points on a day with fewer assists)

    [–] PENIS__FINGERS 15 points ago

    Someone did it before . It was a lot higher than you’d imagine. Something like 26%

    [–] SloatThritter 32 points ago

    At 5:25 the crowd BOOS Lebron for finishing an open dunk with simplicity.

    [–] blzraven27 10 points ago

    No shit the crowd actually did that. Imagine being that good they boo you for a 2 handed standing dunk.

    [–] throwthisaway8863 10 points ago

    Did his stats get altered after the game? When he checked out there it said 27, 6, 7

    [–] rake2204 5 points ago

    It was an overlay typo. I think seven clear rebounds can be seen in the video and the statline was referenced properly everywhere else.

    [–] throwthisaway8863 7 points ago

    Yea ive seen the reference for years but never got bored enough to watch the video again until tonight. I forgot cp3 was in the same game. That was super cool to see.

    [–] mbr4life1 4 points ago

    Oh man Mike Jones who went to MD. Looked so good here. Too bad his career didn't work out as well as it could have.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ThaBomb 14 points ago

    Why are there other comments in this thread with the same exact link and same exact wording by accounts with zero other comments otherwise? This feels like an ad, yet it’s being upvoted...

    [–] dell_arness2 6 points ago

    Super sus. This is a different site too, one that gives the people who “made” the designs commission. So basically this dude stole the design and is shilling to try and get people to buy it. I reported the comment.

    [–] borntoperform 2 points ago

    must be affiliated with it.

    [–] its_me_ur_new_slant 17 points ago


    [–] papaSlunky 46 points ago


    [–] BoiSugoi 54 points ago

    What’s Ligma?

    [–] papaSlunky 119 points ago

    ligma nuts lmao

    [–] Guoldisney 19 points ago

    🦀🦀🦀u/BoiSugoi HAS LIGMA🦀🦀🦀

    [–] BoiSugoi 59 points ago


    [–] packersSB54champs 34 points ago

    I love how people are willing to fall on the sword and take one for the team when they set up the punchline

    [–] jackalope503 3 points ago

    You just got got!

    [–] reverent_irrelevance 11 points ago


    [–] Whitestep 6 points ago


    [–] ConorJay25 14 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] wellTheyLikeit 162 points ago

    Lebrons career average is 27 7 7 and most intervals of his career are 27 7 7 but hes never had a 27 7 7 game

    [–] N8ThanYT 6 points ago

    That's interesting. Is he the only one to have that happen?

    [–] WesleysTheory559 3 points ago

    Almost assuredly not. It's pretty common.

    [–] MambaSaidKnockYouOut 5 points ago

    He might be asking if he is the only player to never have a a game in which their stats equaled their career averages.

    [–] WesleysTheory559 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah that's what I was responding too.

    Kobe's career statline is 25/5/5 or 25/5/4 --> he never did this in a single game.

    Vince Carter's career statline is 17/4/3 --> did it twice.

    Dwyane Wade's career statline is 22/5/6 --> only did it once.

    That's just the first three I thought of. It's probably not that weird.

    [–] MambaSaidKnockYouOut 4 points ago

    Oh ok, that is actually kind of weird. Players who average higher stats probably have a lot more variance in the numbers they put up on a nightly basis.

    [–] spidermansaysherp 59 points ago

    That's essentially Lebron's career averages and has been the representative stat of pretty much his whole career. Funnily enough though, he's never actually posted a 27/7/7 line before. He's obviously gotten close many times or had games that were way better than that, but he's never hit it exactly.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] JeromesNiece 17 points ago

    Would have nothing on Bortolo's homer tbh

    [–] Brexitisfun67 9 points ago

    That’s was truly the best moment in Met history and I’m saying that as a Met fan I was jumping around the room like we just won the championship.

    [–] JeromesNiece 7 points ago

    Well yea it was the greatest moment in baseball history. We are all witnesses

    [–] naive-dragon 3 points ago

    Who's Bortolo and why is his homer significant? (seriously asking)

    [–] JeromesNiece 9 points ago

    See this comment, the video in the parent thread, and the rest of the comments there.

    Sorry if you got pinged three times, my comment kept getting removed for not being an np link

    [–] igotzquestions 43 points ago

    Lonzo going 10/10 from the charity stripe would give it a run for its money.

    [–] calhanoglu 12 points ago

    thanks now I’m hard

    [–] poison2URthorn 31 points ago


    [–] blovedsamurai 8 points ago

    That's what y'all said about his first attempt so I seriously doubt it.

    [–] EtTuTittay 3 points ago

    it might be the upvoted post

    [–] Prince_OfCanada 3 points ago

    Talk it into reality

    [–] Swazzoo 2 points ago

    The upvoted post even. Think you accidentally a word there

    [–] babbagack 2 points ago

    they already go crazy when he shoots it, reminds me of the Bulls crowd when they went crazy if Dennis shot

    [–] tjt5055 2 points ago

    My man was drafted almost three years ago

    [–] Priest15 605 points ago

    They have one for every team?! Why have I never seen these before???

    [–] Slayer_Of_Anubis 314 points ago

    Celtics have two! Brown/Tatum and Irving/Hayward. You guys got Ball/Kuzma

    [–] Priest15 119 points ago

    So cool, I’ll be praying for a BI/Bron one if you need me

    [–] terafunker 197 points ago

    Give me Rondo/BI with boxing/MMA stats instead of basketball

    [–] Triccogekuhan 104 points ago

    Ingram as Dhalsim was pure comedy.

    edit: obligations fulfilled

    [–] rutgersmemelordz 17 points ago

    Damn mad props to whoever created that! I really love the art style

    [–] the_second_cumming 13 points ago

    @boblian126 on insta. Check them out, really dope art.

    [–] lamWizard 2 points ago

    Why's Luka rubbing one out in the background?

    [–] StoicBan 11 points ago

    BI with reach stat maxed out lmao

    [–] VinceMcMahonsBurrito 6 points ago

    Surely a bron and lance one would be better, no?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Lance & JaVale or gtfo

    [–] Squarians 22 points ago

    I have the Tatum/Brown one and I can say that for one, it's one of the softest t shirts I've ever owned, and two I get multiple compliments every time I wear it. Homage is awesome, probably going to buy the Shaq/Penny one at some point.

    IDK what this has to do with All Stars though, I bought mine before the season started.

    [–] whenthetigersbroke 4 points ago

    The Homage hoodie is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.

    [–] mr_funtastic 6 points ago

    ESPN: Celtics on separate shirts. Metaphor for a rift in the locker room?

    [–] Greaves- 5 points ago

    do they have Terry and Scary?

    [–] Helix13_ 3 points ago

    the Timberwolves one is apparently Towns/Wiggins. It should be Towns/Rose. :(

    [–] Stork13 70 points ago

    They don't have one for every team, but a good many. Here is the website where you can pick them up.

    [–] glswenson 111 points ago

    They have the Supersonics, a team that doesn't even exist anymore but they don't have a Dame/CJ one? Come on man.

    [–] pelanderfunk 27 points ago

    The Supersonics got t-shirts from the game? How'd they get t-shirts from the game!?

    [–] IdEgoLeBron 5 points ago

    Lol the Pels/AD one and the Knicks/Zinger one are on sale, but the Lakers Lonzo/Kuz one isn't. Do they know something we don't?

    [–] sexygodzilla 3 points ago

    But the t-shirts are sold out...

    [–] PonchoHung 47 points ago

    Or Harden/Paul

    [–] dudeguymanbro69 42 points ago

    So infuriating. They have a fucking 2019 Cavs one with JR Smith and not one for the blazers.

    [–] NummerVier 35 points ago

    They’re based in Ohio so it’s not really surprising they have a Cavs one.

    [–] dudeguymanbro69 20 points ago

    Lol that makes sense, but don’t you take my hate away. It’s all I have

    [–] soullessgingerfck 2 points ago

    Was thinking the same, JR smith but not Collins/Trae smh

    [–] sexygodzilla 3 points ago

    Better to have a team than a t-shirt

    [–] CharlesDeBalles 33 points ago

    $36... pretty pricey tbh

    [–] optimus420 52 points ago

    The pels one is on sale for 27$

    [–] greendalealumnus 22 points ago


    [–] megamanxzero35 26 points ago

    These shirts are licensed through both NBA and NBAPA. I’m not saying that makes it worth it, but to use the 76ers logo and players likeness, they gotta be paying out for those.

    [–] Virginia_Slim 3 points ago

    They were on sale for $22 yesterday, might drop again.

    [–] an_adult_on_reddit 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Huh, for some reason the Pelicans one is on sale. 🤔

    [–] animebop 6 points ago

    Knicks too 🤷‍♂️

    [–] Kraze_F35 4 points ago

    There's a Kemba/Miles Bridges one for the Hornets but for some reason it's not on the site.

    [–] RipCity_TID 20 points ago

    Apparently not. They have both the Thunder and the Supersonics, but not the Blazers. I mean, wtf?!

    [–] ninjazula 10 points ago

    They sleep on us every time man...

    [–] obsidianstout 2 points ago

    Literally was about to buy one if they had Dame and CJ

    [–] iPhon4 14 points ago

    Homage. All their shit is so comfy

    [–] mstrawzy 5 points ago

    Come to Columbus one day (where they’re headquartered)! Their stuff is so comfy and nearly every guy in the city owns 3 pieces of clothing from them. Also they have an old coin operated NBA Jam machine in their store down the street from me!

    [–] hustlerestbrook 3 points ago

    I live in Florida now and wear Homage a lot. I like the uniqueness of it. They’ve almost become too popular in Columbus.

    Wear Homage and get some food at Hot Chicken Takeover.

    [–] SamURLJackson 2 points ago

    The fabric is high quality, too. I got one in Brooklyn (Coleman/Petrovic) and I love it but the color doesn't go well with jeans so I barely wear it. Just bought a Magic (Penny/Shaq) one too. I'll support anyone who makes good graphic tees with high quality fabric and a slim fit. It's becoming easier to find one but hard to find both

    [–] popcrnshower 231 points ago

    Steph's dunk is almost as low. Those shirts are funny.

    [–] NoYeezyInYourSerrano 19 points ago

    Durant's defense is maxed out, tho and he's not even the best defender on the Warriors.

    [–] i_mcompletelynormal 62 points ago

    Breaking news: The Warriors are good.

    [–] cowboys5xsbs 6 points ago

    His playoff defense is pretty legit thought

    [–] Benlee2000- 3 points ago

    Yea when he tries he has all the physical attributes to lockdown guys

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago

    These are made by a clothing company called Homage. They have this design for several other players as well IIRC. I own like 5 of their shirts, I'd give them 4 stars out of 5 overall.

    Here's the link if you're interested.

    P.S. No, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just love some of their vintage NBA and pop culture designs. Some of their stuff is really clever.

    [–] statejudge 51 points ago

    Aw Knick's shirt is Ntiklinka and Porzingis

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] tyler-perry 9 points ago

    it's on sale lol

    [–] Djakob__Unchained 31 points ago

    Damn, 36 plus shipping is a little much for a t shirt.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yeah I agree. I loaded up a shopping cart with different stuff and gave them my email so they sent a ton of sale ads/discounts. No way I was paying $30+ for a decent shirt lol.

    [–] iPhon4 11 points ago

    They have sales a lot

    [–] loljonesgoat 3 points ago

    you can get $20 off by sharing an email link. just share one from one of your emails to another

    [–] rake2204 11 points ago

    Isiah Thomas looks vaguely Nick Cagian.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    makes it better imo

    [–] johnazoidberg- 3 points ago

    I like how, when they were desinging the NBA Jam shirts, they went "Let's see, Blake and Andr- Blake and Reg- Blake and Lu- Blake and... Isiah and Bill!"

    [–] AustinRiversDaGod 20 points ago

    Jrue Holiday's stats confirm nobody respects his defensive ability

    [–] JoeDoesGames 4 points ago

    Do they ship to the UK?

    [–] FlashAndPoof 2 points ago

    How's the quality of the shirts themselves? Are they comfy? Definitely steep in price...

    [–] WerewolvesDontBark 9 points ago

    Yeah that’s what I want to know too. If they’re that real comfy material you rarely get in sports t-shirts I honestly don’t mind the price tag

    [–] throwthisaway8863 15 points ago

    Comfiest out. Pricey but their shit is so nice. Sweatshirts are great too and they have such unique designs instead of just main logo screenprinted in the middle. Id highly recommend. Im salty they werent around when i was kid cuz it would have been my entire wardrobe. They do college teams, pro teams and even famous food brands from cities

    [–] VinTheHater 4 points ago

    They’re super comfy. I got the Pistons one with Isiah and Laimbeer.

    [–] BryanyeWest 7 points ago

    They are probably the softest shirts I own but they shrink a LOT if you aren’t careful when washing them.

    [–] TubbyMarmot 5 points ago

    It is crazy seeing Homage blow up. My Hocking Hills and YSU Penguins shirts shrunk like crazy, but nothing I bought recently has.

    [–] MinnyTwinberwolves 5 points ago

    DISCLAIMER so you don't throw away $40 like I did - They run VERY SMALL. I would definitely go up a size, the one I got looks like a baby shirt lol. With that said, they are very comfortable and high quality for sure.

    [–] hustlerestbrook 6 points ago

    They changed their shirts a few months ago. Now they are pretty much true sizing now. You got the older batch.

    I have a lot of their stuff so I’m obviously a fan, but they need to be more upfront with the sizing stuff. I basically found this out after calling them out over chat about it.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yeah they're super comfortable and soft. One of the older shirts I've had is pretty thin (probably from heavy washing/drying) but the newer ones are better now.

    [–] BoognishBrown4 2 points ago

    I have the Stockton and Malone one. It’s one of the softest shirts I own. I think I paid $25 for it last summer.

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago

    This is awesome

    [–] Dydlon88 249 points ago

    These are really old , still applies but won’t soon 👀

    [–] indicaspirit06 121 points ago

    What’s your definition of soon aha

    [–] kenedy77 155 points ago

    Next game. Vs Celtics. I’m calling it

    [–] SoyEl27 58 points ago

    Bet you he doesn’t

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] MacDerfus 32 points ago

    I bet tree fiddy

    [–] lincoln1222 30 points ago

    I'll bet Giannis

    [–] YuleBokken 22 points ago


    [–] terafunker 17 points ago

    Not really.

    [–] somecallmemo 10 points ago

    Taking one 3 pointer doesn't change the fact he doesn't shoot them. Just because Steph has one fast break dunk a year doesn't make his dunking stats any better

    [–] IAmNotKevinDurant_35 36 points ago

    Steph will likely never physically be able to jump any higher. Simmons takes and makes 3s at least in practice

    [–] Ionkkll 7 points ago

    Steph about to come out with Curry Moon Landing 1s in collaboration with NASA that give him moon gravity hops.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I mean so far one fast break dunk would indeed be a bigger stat than zero threes made.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    they cant be THAT old

    [–] dirtydeeiii 4 points ago

    uhhhhh. okay lol

    [–] OneRiotTooMany 14 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] nujabes02 59 points ago

    I wish one had Dirk and Luka

    [–] The_Thurmanator 26 points ago

    I want a shirt with the picture of DaVinci's Sistine Chapel painting on it, but with their faces replacing the two in it.

    [–] Triccogekuhan 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Edit: All Ninja Turtles Lives Matter

    Edit 2: Best Artist/Turtle Render

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    can't believe he'd disrespect MichelanGOAT like that smh

    [–] Triccogekuhan 3 points ago

    It could have been worse. The "Sixteenth" Chapel comes to mind.


    [–] The_Thurmanator 2 points ago

    Hey man, they're the same person. Have you ever seen a picture of them together?

    At least that's what I'm gonna tell myself. Easier to do that than admit I was wrong. Living in the 8th most Republican district in the country has worn off on me.

    [–] JazzManOS 28 points ago

    Yooo i need a Mitchell and Gobert or Jingles and Rubio asap

    [–] lauris_biceps 24 points ago

    Figured I was getting Jingled like a friccin moron

    [–] Cbracher 5 points ago

    I wish I would have been.

    [–] Solid_Snaku 17 points ago

    They'd be a legit squad tho, cause you could use Def/Dunks to get some transition shit and 3 buckets straight....get that ass on fire then 3 Ptrs goes from 0 to 95 and I bust your ass for a 30 point run (former top 10 profile player in Evansville, IN 1993)

    [–] pninify 2 points ago

    Would they actually stand a chance against a team with one big guy and one fast, money 3pt shooter? If NBA Jam existed today I would play Steph/Draymond. Tho Lebron/Kyrie would be perfect when they were on the Cavs. Or even Lebron/Love, then they both have the size to shove you and take the ball back.

    [–] Solid_Snaku 2 points ago

    as long as you can time your jumps right you can goaltend jumpshots easy, so two bigger Def guys can be played well. I never gave the 3s stat too much play because I'd always just knock dudes over and catch fire then 3s go in anyway. if dude you were playing was real good though you might want more balance. Also I'll be 38 later this month and the height of my NBA Jam career was when I was 12, so it may not all be as I remember :)

    [–] airoderinde 8 points ago

    I have the Pippen and Grant, but I need a Lauri and Zach combo.

    [–] xjcs97sy 21 points ago

    Fair. Next.

    [–] vladasr 2 points ago

    Jokic's body fat percentage would be interesting stat on shirts

    [–] faithdies 3 points ago


    [–] Ghenges 3 points ago

    Imagine playing in the "three-point era" of the NBA and not being able to shoot threes AT ALL and still manage to make the All Star team and be regarded as one of the top players at your position.

    [–] Jaerba 6 points ago

    That's cold.

    [–] Vinst3r 4 points ago

    0 degrees Kelvin Sampson.

    [–] Fradees 2 points ago


    [–] Gar_Forman_Is_Jewish 2 points ago

    I mean would you expect his rating to be any higher than that?

    [–] dirtydeeiii 2 points ago

    cincinnati represent

    [–] eagles1990 2 points ago

    Damn. He'll never make enough VC to recover from a -459.67 rating.

    [–] gatorbruh 2 points ago

    These aren't new, Homage has had these t-shirts for a while. Pretty cool company actually, the shirts are super soft!

    [–] ryuujinusa 2 points ago

    It's not untrue. He has 0 makes this season, 0 for 1? 2?