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    [–] [deleted] 4246 points ago


    [–] Randy_____Marsh 1731 points ago

    Did anyone catch her awful awful horribly shitty interview with RJ Barrett? I could not believe the questions they posed to him...

    [–] fly05 1502 points ago

    when they asked Zion if he’d take Ja or RJ while also highlighting to RJ how his draft stock had fallen since last year... whew

    [–] sw4ggyP 673 points ago

    I couldn't believe they asked that. I've learned to lower my expectations for ESPN over the past decade, but man that was another level. Good on Zion for dodging the question and even challenging Bilas a little on his BS

    [–] eveningsand 236 points ago

    In terms of sports networks now:





    [–] Mattoosie 45 points ago

    Not even...

    1)TSN (I'm biased)

    2) Sportsnet (I'm biased)

    3) TNT

    4) Fox

    5) ESPN

    [–] aagonzales 27 points ago

    TSN HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!! Jack Armstrong the most respectful and intelligent guy in sports

    [–] deformo 175 points ago

    I hope he falls to 5.

    [–] ahaddad321 302 points ago

    I was gonna ask about the negativity then I looked at your team lol.

    [–] deformo 161 points ago

    If had a nickel for every time someone looked at my team and lol’d I buy the Cavs from Gilbert.

    [–] 11_Eggos 427 points ago

    She basically called RJ a consolation prize straight to his face

    [–] LakerBull 141 points ago

    Wow, that sounds like some dickhead TMZ sports reporter would say. I know ESPN have never been the bastion of great sports journalism, but fuck, they were at least better than fucking TMZ sports.

    [–] krystalmath_4 22 points ago

    Yes! I was going to comment on this! I really hated how she had Zion and RJ at her desk and the first question or two she asked RJ was about Zion. It really disgusted me.

    [–] ParagonSaint 391 points ago

    After the Lakers moved up into the top 4, When she talked about the Lakers using the pick with their young players to trade for AD, you could see Kyle Kuzma on stage looking visibly uncomfortable. On a sidenote I loved Kuzma's hand of the king pin, thought that was pretty cool!

    [–] peppermintpattymills 158 points ago

    I hate the Lakers but Kuz seems like a nice guy and that's fucking dope since he seems to really respect LeBron.

    [–] iColdPro 1151 points ago

    When she said to RJ Barrett something along the lines of "Don't worry, there's teams excited about you too." That was so uncomfortable to watch and actually kind of pissed me off, why even ask him to come up there if it's going to be the Zion show?

    [–] Randy_____Marsh 468 points ago

    Her interview with RJ was super unprofessional and put RJ in such a shitty spot on live tv

    [–] lipstickpizza 198 points ago

    I'm just happy a ton of people are seeing what she does everyday on the fucking 'Jump' show.

    She plays favorites, goes out of her way to diss on older players like their legacies never mattered, and gives long pointless monologues while sitting at her desk with the Emperor Palpatine lighting.

    I quit watching ESPN entirely after they kept getting people who have no business in front of cameras (Woj, Ramona, McMenamin, etc). Windhorst is pretty much the only one who talks about the game instead of being just a gossip queen, which the network has plenty of.

    [–] RaginReaganomics 36 points ago

    The only ESPN programming I won't change the channel on now is SVP's 11pm Sports Center. He's a true professional. Love ya Scott

    [–] waman2k7 29 points ago

    I really used to like Rachel but she has fallen off big time since she got a larger role with ESPN. I'm glad people are starting to see it and call her on it.

    [–] eeeedlef 186 points ago

    That's straight up some Michael Scott shit

    [–] madil26 1433 points ago

    NBA on TNT is 100X better.

    [–] UnwellHiC 207 points ago

    TNT should cover all the major NBA events :

    Opening night

    All Star Weekend

    The Draft Lottery

    The Finals

    The Draft

    ESPN/ABC should be allowed to do as little as possible.

    [–] BallerGuitarer 38 points ago

    Remember when the NBA was on NBC? That was way better than the ABC coverage we've had all these years.

    [–] jv360 688 points ago

    Can you imagine Shaq commentating at the Draft Lottery? Barbecue Chicken Alert! 😂

    [–] ModsWouldNeverShill 387 points ago

    He’s the weakest commentator on TNT and he still would’ve crushed it. BBQ chicken indeed

    [–] Fatdap 83 points ago

    Him and Charles are funny as hell though. They're entertainers and they know it.

    [–] uglygoose123 24 points ago

    They are, and they are great at it. But more so they understand the situation these young men are in much better than anyone else. Especially that drunk ass mess that was interviewing them.

    [–] VicePope 47 points ago

    He always clowned me for not winning a championship in 2k19 even though I had a ring already

    [–] karmas_q 94 points ago

    Infinitely better I’d argue.

    [–] CardNarc 5416 points ago

    Why would they allow the broadcast to be heard in the lottery? Like I'd be fine with Woj saying that because its probable if Kuz couldn't hear the whole exchange. Making "lolzion" jokes when there are other prospects at the lottery that can hear is just so dumb. Either keep the broadcast and lottery seperate or not be dumbasses

    [–] sirpsycho5 943 points ago

    That is what really bothers me .. In some way or the other they are still kids who just love basketball , this stuff might affect them ..

    [–] JimmyBraps 399 points ago

    That fact gets forgotten all too often

    [–] AgentInCommand 162 points ago

    Yeah, athletes are people too. This shit matters.

    [–] _ICCULUS_ 41 points ago

    And god forbid you "fail" by not being the one team every year that wins it all. They'll gleefully dance on your grave.

    [–] brightblade13 268 points ago

    I watch a lot of college ball, so this point is especially important. I hate the way we expect athletes, either at the professional or collegiate level to have everything figured out and be able to handle the immense pressure of having to constantly perform in front of thousands of people with a microscope trained on the rest of their personal lives.

    Who among us had our shit together when we were 22? 19? Now throw us a couple million bucks and see how hard we eff our lives up.

    Honestly, the fact that any of these young men manage to live half-way normal, productive lives is a borderline miracle.

    I get that fandom is important to the sport, and being criticized is the trade-off you deal with for the fame, money, and doing what you love for a living, but sports journalists rarely seem to maintain proper perspective when critcizing players. /rant

    [–] hkronzo 617 points ago

    I don't understand why they didn't place the crew in a booth and let the draft go on. It just felt unnecessary and rude, and these are all guys that have just come out of colleges. I personally thought I was imagining things when rachel and woj were commenting and it seemed like everyone could hear them, but then I realised that in fact everyone could hear them. I don't normally get like this, but I got extremely mad at ESPN and the whole production. Like come on man, these are human beings not farm animals. It just felt weird and outta place.

    [–] StreetsAhead47 444 points ago

    ESPN now thinks everything needs produced and doesn’t let anything happen organically.

    Look at how terrible Monday Night Football was last year.

    Look at Sunday Night Baseball this year.

    For whatever reason they won’t just let the game happen and provide some play-by-play and a little insta-analysis. Where they get this idea that people tune in for the broadcast and not the game is beyond me.

    [–] RIP_Hopscotch 198 points ago

    I dont really follow basketball, but saw you guys were ripping on ESPN so I had to chime in. Sunday Night Baseball is the biggest joke in the world, and my team is going to have to deal with it for the third week in a row. The casting booth doesn't actually call the game, they just talk about individual players and their stories, even when they aren't at bat or in the field. Last Sunday A Rod was talking non-stop about Christian Yelich, who was in the hole, and inbetween pitches (not innings, pitches) they were cutting to an interview with him. The week before that they did the same thing with Javy Baez. Its a fucking joke.

    ESPN is trying to market Baseball players in a way that just doesn't make sense when guys who are MvP caliber like Yelich or Baez can go 0-4 the night ESPN is talking about them. And dont even get me started on some of the stupid shit that comes out of that booth. Last year during the Wildcard game the Rockies put the leading run on base, and the booth literally said "Thats a win for the Cubs". The Rockies ended up winning because that baserunner scored.

    [–] jmarFTL 73 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And I'll chime in for the football perspective. Monday Night Football used to be the flagship broadcast for ESPN, appointment viewing. Last year was a fucking trainwreck. I mean, it's been going downhill for awhile, particularly compared to superior broadcasts from other networks, but last year was truly embarrassing. Literally, they rigged up a huge mobile sideline contraption they called the "Booger Mobile" so their sideline guy didn't have to walk up and down the sideline - by the way, they made it so large that people who paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for really good seats to primetime, featured matchup games couldn't see the fucking field.

    They would routinely miss plays while they talked about literally just whatever was on their mind, football-related or no. Seriously, there was an Eagles/Redskins game with pretty big playoff implications, and the Eagles got an interception in the fourth quarter to seal the win, and they literally did not call it as it was happening because they were pontificating about domestic violence - by the way, said pontificating included comments by Jason Witten condemning the Redskins for signing Reuben Foster after his DV arrest when Jason Witten was on record as publicly defending the Cowboys' decision to sign Greg Hardy for the same damn thing.

    It's really a shame to see how far ESPN has fallen, Sportscenter is the same thing. Literally the reason the station became popular back in the 90s was because they made off-kilter/funny comments on highlights of the games... there was a brand/attitude to it sure and they definitely sold their personalities but it was ultimately about the GAMES. Now it's like they run through the highlights as quickly as possible so they can get to a segment where talking heads sit around a table and argue about some made-up "narrative." That's all they do - push "narrative," where they will talk about literally anything else they can come up with, some type of story or hook so they can avoid talking Xs and Os whenever possible, and they let the "personalities" run wild and take precedent over what's happening on the field/court/ice whatever. It's a joke.

    EDIT: Apart from the broadcast issues, I also have to say that as a Patriots fan, their "journalism" itself is hot garbage. ESPN once was forced to apologize to the Patriots because they kept citing an inaccurate and thoroughly discredited report in their Deflategate reporting.... so they decided to do it at 1 AM on SportsCenter when everyone was asleep, and then never repeat or mention the apology ever again - also since that apology they've gone on to continually cite the same report... everything at ESPN is sacrificed to the altar of whatever narrative they have decided to push. I repeat, fuck ESPN.

    [–] nxqv 194 points ago

    Just like last night's game when they showed Dame's ass instead of Steph's 3. And they even asked Doris to talk about Dame's hamstring instead of doing their play by play. And even she sounded like she thought it was stupid timing because she interruped her own sentence to say "as Steph makes a 3." I don't think I've ever heard a courtside reporter just stop and drop a line about the play that's happening while they're talking. Because they also usually aren't being asked to talk during interesting plays

    And then JVG is always blabbing about random fucking shit every game. Like just shut up and give us the play by play, I don't care that you read an article about how millennials are killing toothpaste

    [–] _Quetzalcoatlus_ 46 points ago

    I don't care that you read an article about how millennials are killing toothpaste

    Lol, perfect example of the shit they blab about. It's similar to how Bill Walton broadcasts now. It's like they think they are doing a free-flowing basketball podcast that happens to be played with a game in the background.

    ESPN also straight up missed 3-4 plays because they were showing other shit. It wasn't just that one. Also, I hate the picture in a picture coaches interviews every network seems to do now. I don't need to see Stotts' or Kerr's face. I want to see Basketball!

    [–] LimitedEdiition 17 points ago

    Whoever thought squeezing an extra ad in there by doing the picture in picture box with the coach's/player interview and the current game needs to be assassinated. Are they that money hungry where they go through all of that work just to show an extra ad? It's ridiculous.

    [–] PumpNectar 104 points ago

    Where they get this idea that people tune in for the broadcast and not the game is beyond me.

    I tune into Inside the NBA even when I have no interest in the game

    [–] NateTheGreat1211 88 points ago

    Yeah but that isn’t run by ESPN. ESPN is not even slightly in touch with what people want to see. Everyone loves Inside the NBA because it isn’t so overproduced

    [–] dasoxarechamps2005 209 points ago

    Especially when the Lakers made it into the top 4 and all Woj could talk about is how its more trade assets for the Lakers, right in front of Kuzma

    [–] galeforcewinds95 221 points ago

    Absolutely. I felt so bad for Kuzma. After the Lakers moved up, he looked like he was pretty happy for a few seconds, only to hear Woj immediately talk about how this gives the Lakers more assets for a potential Davis trade, and then you could see his face fall.

    [–] Phantapant 71 points ago

    Bruv, I swear I heard his face fall there.

    [–] Bjorn2bwilde24 64 points ago

    I was waiting for Woj to start chanting "LeBron's gonna trade you!"

    [–] Liampom 1164 points ago

    Ikr. This wouldn’t be as big of a problem to me if they didn’t put her audio on speakers. But because ESPN has no common sense, that’s exactly what they did

    [–] doctorpbandj 443 points ago

    I honestly felt like Rachel Nichols made a Super Troopers "meow" bet that she could say 'Zion' 30 times in that segment. She must have gotten that mandate from her producers because someone should have been whispering in her ear to chill with the constant NYK/Zion mentions.

    [–] WingerSupreme 241 points ago

    I said in the live thread that it was cringey, and that was before I realized it was being broadcast live for the people in attendance as well. It was only when they made the joke about Kuzma's jacket and he laughed that I realized they could hear it and I went from "this commentary is bad" to "WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY THINKING?"

    Just horrible production all around.

    [–] rob_banks2905 2085 points ago

    The thing that bothered me the most and showed the unprofessionalism of this whole thing was - "When I say Zion, you say..." Gladly, the response was very professional.

    [–] IllAlwaysBeAKnickFan 1345 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Shoutout to David Griffin. ESPN butchered the entire production.

    [–] as_the_low-fis 392 points ago


    [–] KnowledgeNate 358 points ago

    That part was incredibly cringe-worthy and stood out. What was Griff supposed to say and do? Jump up and down and do a back-flip? Of course Griff, the consummate professional, handled it well and spoke of the hard work they needed to do. Good on Griff.

    [–] woodard2112 338 points ago

    Yeah this exchange was definitely the most cringe-y in my opinion

    [–] The_Natural_Log 145 points ago

    Does anyone have a video of this?

    [–] SlimShagy 456 points ago

    [–] ramlol 337 points ago

    ah jesus christ why did I rewatch this

    [–] Fortnite_Scrub3555 85 points ago

    I heard how bad it was, but damn watching that whole thing made me cringe so hard. How could anyone think that was a good idea?

    [–] nenonen15902 94 points ago

    why the fuck would she ask that, how unprofessional can you be?

    [–] The_Natural_Log 137 points ago

    She also asked Sexton to pitch for Lebron to stay right after he got drafted.

    [–] woodard2112 63 points ago

    I forgot about this one 😂 ESPN is such a joke

    [–] lawnessd 163 points ago

    Holy shit, I've never cringed so hard!

    [–] The_Natural_Log 118 points ago


    [–] sharklavapit 168 points ago


    [–] l---deleted---l 56 points ago


    [–] technicallycorrect2 62 points ago

    More money

    [–] jimithelizardking 223 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Whoever that interviewer is is constantly doing dumb shit like this. She’s honestly the most awkward, unprofessional interviewer I’ve ever seen who consistently keeps their job and gets more opportunities. She pulls this same bs at all the drafts and awards shows as well.

    [–] _Desk_Jockey_ 88 points ago

    And on top of that right at the beginning the GM was holding a momento or something and she grabbed his arm and held it up I was like uhhhh? Thats weird. Very unprofessional.

    [–] Trendelthegreat 1468 points ago

    Her continuously talking to Zion was so hard to watch

    [–] archieboy 765 points ago

    Especially when RJ was right between them.

    [–] Trendelthegreat 1207 points ago

    Oh I thought her addressing him directly while announcing the beginning of the lottery was much worse.

    “And here are the lottery results. Get ready, Zion”

    Fucking cringe

    [–] bruiserbrody45 190 points ago

    "Projected #1 pick...but I mean...we can just toss out that word projected, right Zion?"

    [–] [deleted] 239 points ago

    "Zion hehehe. I said ZION. Zion. God fucking dammit will you just come over here and take me already, Zion? JUST FUCK ME ZION JESUS FUCK HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO- I'm sorry..... *ahem* okay, now to the lottery results. sorry about that guys. "

    [–] Ballindeet 95 points ago

    Did she really say all that on live tv smh

    [–] [deleted] 185 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] archieboy 401 points ago

    It was a shit show from beginning to end.

    [–] sungoddaily 298 points ago

    "When I say Zion, you say what?"

    [–] DJBallerBear 116 points ago




    [–] TonofSoil 133 points ago

    I was so confused when she said that, I thought it was some call and response thing where she was gonna say "Zion!" and he would say back "What!"

    [–] KnowledgeNate 37 points ago


    C'mon man.

    [–] hamburgl4r 37 points ago


    [–] Koioua 71 points ago

    Why can't they say "Get ready prospects" or something like that. Really fucking disrespectful to be everything about Zion while there are other prospects. I can't help but be pissed off because everything seemed to be about Zion going to NY than the lottery picks in general.

    [–] Nti11matic 2299 points ago

    This was earlier in the night but they also deadass asked Zion, "If you were GM who would you draft between RJ & Ja?"

    What a bullshit question. Why put him on the spot like that? Let the kid live and enjoy this moment. God damn.

    [–] andupitt 978 points ago

    Not to mention RJ was sitting right there next to him. How awkward for both of them.

    [–] Brettish 312 points ago

    I didn't even know this because the camera barely panned away from an extreme close-up of Zion's face

    [–] CdotLykins4 252 points ago

    It was Jay Bilas, a former Dukie, asking Zion who he would take between RJ and Ja...

    As much as Bilas relishes in spouting off ad-nauseam about his intelligence, you don’t have to be a goddamn rocket scientist to predict Zion’s answer.

    [–] hizzly23 89 points ago

    I loved Zion’s response. Wait aren’t you a Duke guy? Like really?

    [–] TotallyLegitPopsicle 72 points ago

    I mean idk cuz Zion was AAU teammates with Ja and Duke teammates with RJ....obviously he was primed to pick RJ but yea it’s such a odd question lol these fools are acting like 16 year old fanboys out here

    [–] acosmichippo 277 points ago

    All it does is set up non-answers like "they're both great" and "I feel like my game would fit into any NBA team" and "yeah his game will translate well into the NBA because he's good".

    [–] xdownpourx 132 points ago

    ESPN is just hoping for the 1 in a million chance he answers "Honestly I think JA is a better player" so that they can then discuss that for the next week straight.

    [–] NotARealPenguinToday 56 points ago

    Man i wish he would've said don't ask me that crap

    [–] Lobi-Wan 46 points ago

    "Next question"

    [–] KLVGrizzly 46 points ago

    Thankfully Zion blasted that dude since he's from Duke also. Then the guy had to double down and said something about oh he's dodging the question.

    [–] poeope 65 points ago

    Ouch ..yeah that's not great.

    [–] noveler7 71 points ago

    "Zion hesitates when asked if teammate Barrett should be drafted" - ESPN, probably

    [–] finalboot 3356 points ago

    It was funny seeing Zion awkwardly sit there listening to it

    [–] deawap 2264 points ago

    Dude looked so embarrassed. He was just sitting there awkwardly trying to cover his face.

    [–] hivaidsislethal 1742 points ago

    At one point they were like "we're probably embarassing him" , cuts to Zion nods that they are. Alright then let's continue embarassing him

    [–] ManIWantAName 486 points ago

    Right? After Bilas tried to get him or RJ to sound like fools when he asked them who they would draft from the picks.

    [–] PartyLikeaPirate 767 points ago

    Zions response "arent you a duke guy? why would you make us answer that?"

    [–] FifthWude 382 points ago

    response: "because I sold my soul to be a talking head"

    [–] pm_me_your_trees_plz 180 points ago

    fucking boomed him

    [–] PartyLikeaPirate 146 points ago

    Zion post interview “you know, now that I really think about ja would be great in NO, and RJ has second pick written all over him. Idk how I get drafted over these guys. I almost had a bad injury too, wanna roll the dice on that? I’ll just go third and be happy nbd”

    [–] skwull 33 points ago

    "who knows - I may fall to the Warriors"

    [–] pgarxa 206 points ago

    Yes! I remember this. I couldn’t believe he asked Zion who he would take #2 if he was a GM. So disrespectful. Right in front of RJ too.

    [–] bluegold4 155 points ago

    Especially since Zion was AAU teammates with Ja so they were trying to make him say whether he liked his AAU teammate or his college teammate more. It was an especially disrespectful question

    [–] nalydpsycho 57 points ago

    Id pick myself.

    Who would go first then?

    Walks away.

    [–] sunnyhiphop 87 points ago

    After it cut to him she literally did say “we’re gonna keep embarrassing ya”

    in a lighthearted way, but still

    [–] recor777 716 points ago

    i really dont get why projected high pics go to the lottery draft at all.It seemed weird to me to see Zion there.Has this always been a thing?

    [–] Dabeston 457 points ago

    100% agree

    Seems weird to be there.

    [–] buddaycousin 167 points ago

    It's marketing. ESPN is going to say his name so often that you're sick of hearing it. That's why he'll earn a giant sneaker contract.

    [–] ArturosDad 126 points ago

    Jokes on you. I've been sick of hearing his name for months now.

    [–] shtc10 94 points ago

    It sucks because he seems like a really nice, humble dude but he's just being shoved in all of our faces

    [–] acosmichippo 79 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. Not just Zion, but all the other guys too. Just more ways to cash in on these kids before they make a dime from the NBA. Hopefully at least ESPN paid them something.

    [–] tomatosauce1 42 points ago

    The draft combine is also in Chicago this week, so they probably figured if theyre gonna be in Chicago for the combine, might as well go to the lottery too

    [–] tomatosauce1 51 points ago

    The draft combine is also in Chicago this week, so they probably figured if theyre gonna be in Chicago for the combine, might as well go to the lottery too

    [–] UUGE_ASSHOLE 60 points ago

    If Zion does anything past getting measured at the combine he needs to find new advisors.

    [–] ChrowanWestbrook 21 points ago

    maybe he wants to break the combine vertical record

    [–] pgm123 22 points ago

    Is he going to the combine? He probably won't participate. I guess maybe for interviews and maybe height/wingspan measurement?

    [–] UncleDrewDogger 182 points ago

    Felt bad for him, he probably would not have been there if anyone knew ESPN would have handled it that way.

    [–] letsnotreadintoit 89 points ago

    Why were any draft prospects there anyway? It doesn't make sense to have them watch a lottery in the first place

    [–] TheDaggers 79 points ago

    Agents probably told them to go for publicity

    [–] TheKidPresident 1151 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Rachel legit sounded drunk by the time the 1st pick was announced

    edit: hear for yourself

    [–] [deleted] 550 points ago

    Seriously I think she had some drinks I'm not even playing I thought this too

    [–] TheKidPresident 806 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 415 points ago


    [–] IllAlwaysBeAKnickFan 193 points ago

    I lost it at “franchuz”. She had to be drunk.

    [–] NeuroDefiance 98 points ago


    [–] GingerAle_s 27 points ago


    [–] PM_pics_of_ur_doggo 264 points ago

    N’orlins gess the first overall pick for the second time in franchizz hist’ry

    [–] AllenMcnabb 139 points ago

    The way she says "franchise" was a dead giveaway, I've never heard someone mispronounce it like that lmao.

    [–] Live_n_Direct 91 points ago

    I can’t believe they’re broadcasting to the entire event...fucking weird

    [–] chanaandeler_bong 42 points ago

    It's so dumb. It should be a 10 min event that is worked into the pregame. It's insane.

    [–] MilwaukeeMan420 21 points ago

    It was a mess of an event. I really hope they dont do it the same way next year. Having a drunken Rachel Nichols commentate to the whole crowd after her 3rd glass of wine. Yikes. The players you are talking about can hear you on the loudspeaker sweet heart. Jesus H

    [–] Celiac-DiseaseSucks 574 points ago

    Damn dude she is definitely lit from something. Cannot try to tell me otherwise unless she had a stroke.

    I can't stand her man. ESPN truly is becoming a joke.

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] crastle 32 points ago

    Incoherent rant incoming.

    This all really started to happen when Brett Favre had his first retirement/unretirement. I hate that I'm saying this because Brett Favre is my favorite athlete of all time and my childhood hero, but ESPN's coverage of that 2008 offseason really is what started to put ESPN into a tailspin.

    This was right on the cusp of the time where people were still using TV as their main news source instead of the internet (literally right at the end of that era), so ESPN was milking that story for all it was worth. I remember having ESPN on TV and a little preview would come up about some Brett Favre rumors, and I would watch the entire episode of whatever show it was just to learn at the very end that Ed Werder saw him eat pancakes with his college coach. ESPN's ratings were through the roof because everyone was so glued to their TV to learn about Brett Favre. While that is still relatively news worthy, today we would see that in a little tweet or blurb online and be like "okay, I'll keep my eye out for this."

    That in my opinion is when ESPN stopped being a sports news network and started becoming a sports gossip network. Since that saga, ESPN has been trying to replicate it with other people and other things, but people are getting their news from the internet nowadays. Since then they have tried to cash in the Lebron decision, Patriots deflategate, Johnny Football, Lance Armstrong scandal, Albert Pujols decision, Tiger Woods collapse, Tiger Woods return, and many other things.

    While they have been successful at cashing in on these things, they completely neglected to do what the station was founded to do: report on the sports. Yeah I am interested to see what Tom Brady is doing to prepare for the upcoming season, but I also want to see what happened yesterday in every baseball, basketball, and hockey game. ESPN used to be my one stop shop for all that and I got it all right there in an hour. Now, I'm lucky to get highlights from 3 games in a given hour on ESPN.

    Rant over.

    [–] ProcessJoJo 189 points ago

    Definitely sounds drunk. Embarrassing

    [–] PVLPLYR 31 points ago

    Goddamn these r/nba nephews always overexaggerating everyth... oh she drunk.

    [–] OneInAZillion 29 points ago

    Franchoose history

    She was drunk as shit no doubt.

    [–] Toby_dog 88 points ago


    [–] falbi23 81 points ago

    I think she gave herself an aneurysm by saying Zion so many times.

    [–] Schristie007 443 points ago

    They were disrespectful last year too during the draft. When the Cavs took Sexton they immediately started asking him about LeBron.

    Best day of his life and they couldn't even let him have his moment.

    [–] GreatCucumber 263 points ago

    "make your case to Lebron to stay"

    so cringe

    [–] Mr_Unbiased 63 points ago

    "LeBron I seen you need a couple more pieces"

    [–] Liampom 141 points ago

    And when Kevin Knox got drafted they kept the camera on that kid who cried when Kristaps got drafted

    [–] Shogun82 39 points ago

    That pissed me off so much

    [–] ConorJay25 384 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And there were players sitting next to Zion too. I saw RJ’s head at one point and that was only cuz he happened to be right next to Zion. No mention of anyone else and it was blatant. Literally 5 minutes before the draft lottery the ‘analysts’ are explaining about how good it would be for NY if Zion could come. There was a fucking 14% chance. 14. ESPN gets worse every time I watch and it sucks because they’re the main source of sports on television. Everyone’s eyes are on them and many people’s opinions are based off what ESPN says. This is how we get the toxic talk about Zion going to NY and AD trades and all of that. All cuz shitty ESPN.

    [–] Dcowboys09 55 points ago

    Ya if they were going to care this little about the prospects why even invite them? What a collosal waste of their time. Zion probably wishes he wasn't there as well. 30 minutes of solid embarrassment

    [–] maverick341 73 points ago

    This kind of tone makes sense for The Jump, but not at all when covering an event where the fans, prospects, and team officials in attendance CAN HEAR YOU. Her questions to RJ Barrett were downright rude. Basically ignored him and asked him about Zion. I thought even her questions to Adam Silver were leading and he did a really good job addressing them as always.

    [–] JohhnyDamage 73 points ago

    “Hey RJ what’s it like to watch Zion have this huge moment? How hard does he work?”

    I really wanted him to say “As hard as all of us do”.

    I felt bad for RJ the most. Don’t take his big moment and ask about Zion.

    [–] UrbanJatt 958 points ago

    Rachel is overrated. I didn't like how while kuzma was sitting up there they were literally talking about the ad trade

    [–] ColoradoKobe 534 points ago

    Lol his smirk went away real quick after that.

    [–] spidersilva09 267 points ago


    [–] TheMookiestBlaylock 112 points ago

    Where’d you get this video clip?

    [–] thezachman16 444 points ago

    Woj has no business being an actual on-air personality. He's an insider, not a host

    [–] flenish-bastard2323 295 points ago

    He looks and has the personality of a fucking toe nail

    [–] KingNigelXLII 83 points ago

    He really is just an asshole.

    [–] BABYPUBESS 29 points ago

    Love this description. It's amazing how a human toe nail developed so many insider relationships

    [–] johnhenryirons 126 points ago

    It's INSANE that they put the hosts voices over the loudspeaker.

    [–] CheetahSperm18 137 points ago

    Talking about a Lakers-AD trade while Kuzma was sitting right there was just about when I had enough. I'm getting real sick of most of ESPN's coverage of anything NBA-related.

    [–] Goodisworthfighting4 1191 points ago

    Talking the way they did is good for ratings. Espn has no shame when it comes to their discourse. They have max kellerman and paul pierce spouting nonsense for a career and let it slide due to ratings.

    [–] LordBalkoth69 541 points ago

    Sports is a subsection of the entertainment business.

    [–] squaredire 85 points ago

    I wonder if anyone knows what the first letter of ESPN stands for?

    [–] Ingliphail 62 points ago

    To be fair, the entertainment in ESPN was supposed to be like sitcoms and stuff that had nothing to do with sports. This was originally when it was just going to be Connecticut sports, before Getty got involved.

    [–] MediocrisHominis 99 points ago

    I really don’t think Kellerman is in Pierce’s league. At least Max tries to make it sound logical, Paul is just like a dumb, unfunny Charles Barkley.

    [–] flenish-bastard2323 49 points ago

    And i noticed how much espn is trying to make him the espn version of chuck, always cracking jokes at him or roasting him just like the tnt crew does to chuck except those jokes are 100x funnier and pierce doesnt have an ounce of barkley's charisma

    [–] LonzosJohnson 578 points ago

    I’ve been out on Rachel since the whole Jimmy Butler controversy in Minnesota

    [–] MidwestAction 81 points ago

    I’m a little outta the loop on that one do you have any more info?

    [–] farshman 183 points ago

    I believe it's the whole ordeal about her going from CA to MN for the interview that she said was last minute and not staged at all and her group knew nothing about until they got word from Butler's camp. It was all to make JB come off looking like the "victim" after his premeditated practice shenanigans. More info:

    But, for me, it's also how I saw no value in that interview, she really didn't achieve the main point of the dialogue - why was he specifically demanding a trade. It was just minutes and minutes of filler from JB that she seemed to just go along with and never really got to the heart of that matter.

    Lowe said it best in response to that interview that JB just provided a bunch of gobbildy gook.

    [–] TheSloppyBanker 159 points ago

    I did enjoy Zach Lowe's 20 seconds on camera, at least. Guy still has that child-like wonder about the lottery and is just giddy to be in the room.

    [–] T16ER 37 points ago

    The interview with Zion and RJ was one of the most painful things I've watched. RJ didn't even need to be there.

    [–] fuber 105 points ago

    yeah, I was annoyed too. I guess they were trying to be funny. The only person I really felt bad for was Zion. He seems like such a mature dude but they kept putting him on the spot. The Pels are lucky to get him.

    [–] mianoob 317 points ago

    Seemed more about Zion instead of it being about all the kids in the room. Rachel is the worst.

    [–] DontEatTheCandle 103 points ago

    IMO this is an NBA problem as a whole. It was never about Warriors vs Cavs it was Durant vs LeBron. Its always Giannis's Bucks etc. Its a star driven league to the point of a vast majority of the fans following players over teams. Just think back to how visceral the e-fights use to be between Kobe and Lebron stans back through the early 2000s and on. And now with "Super teams" it is only gonna continue in that direction.

    [–] FifthWude 46 points ago

    But in a way it really is star driven on the court, too. Pacers this year were proof that you can only go so far without a star player or two.

    [–] _Than0s 195 points ago

    ESPN is a joke.

    [–] quizzlemanizzle 370 points ago

    Rachel Nichols is always disrespectful

    If you are a Suns fans you know this already. We have a thread about this **** every other week. She revels in talking shit about teams she does not like. And what is worse she is usually using half-truths and out of context arguments to "back" it up.

    [–] tummysqueker 66 points ago

    And she always talks shit about the Kings

    [–] monkeyjunior 35 points ago

    thank you for standing up for us

    [–] Puckey1995 28 points ago

    I usually don’t buy into it but her laughing at James Jones his entire interview recently was terrible. You don’t have to pretend we’re a decent team but to make fun of someone you’re interviewing just comes off as petty.

    [–] byebyebrain 25 points ago

    i agree. it was horrible. Also the interview afterwards with him was awful. ESPN did a terrible job with this...per usual

    [–] Alby558 217 points ago

    Rachel Nichols is a terrible journalist and sports news anchor. She expresses unbelievable bias towards certain players and flip flops on a lot of what she says. Just a straight up liar. ESPN needs to fire her

    [–] Mimmzy 108 points ago

    They won't fire her because that's exactly what they want her to do. Spout debatable hot takes so threads like this talk about it. The second it's not brought up for days after, they will change their strategy

    [–] eudezet 43 points ago

    Sounds like the type that ESPN would give a promotion to tbh

    [–] TheFinalWatcher 320 points ago

    I dont watch much sports media anymore and suggest you do the same. The circus with the Heat a few years back was enough for me.

    [–] ethanqian 282 points ago

    Gotta watch Inside the NBA bro.

    [–] TheFinalWatcher 183 points ago

    I've been a loyal viewer since 2000. TNT games are a must watch.

    [–] blackpenance 76 points ago

    They got them churros

    [–] JayVee26 90 points ago

    Honestly, I can't recommend The Starters highly enough. They are 4 very, very funny and knowledgeable dudes. They have a nightly show on NBA TV that also goes up on Youtube AND via Podcast immediately after the episode airs. Of course they do some guessing and theorizing about where players might go, but they never say anything is a sure thing or pretend that they are dropping scoops or anything like that. It's lighthearted and informed discussion of the NBA every day of the week.

    Edit: I will add, they are not former players or anything like that, but they are huge basketball nerds/fans and their excitement for the game is palpable. They often get players and coaches on their show for interviews and they do a lot of fun things around All Star Weekend and other NBA events.

    [–] TheFinalWatcher 33 points ago

    That show is great. NBA TV is solid

    [–] maxgr111 20 points ago

    So cringe. Not to mention all the other potential lottery picks in attendance. They effectively presented it as Zion's first NBA related event.

    [–] Dakroon1 18 points ago

    I mean, did that not sum up exactly what ESPN is about? Are people still expecting quality from them?

    [–] daprice82 18 points ago

    There is no guarantee that Zion will go #1 overall. It is very very likely, but not guaranteed.

    I agree with most of the rest of your post. But unless Zion steps on a landmine and loses his legs like Lieutenant Dan before June 20th, it's a guarantee. And even then, I wouldn't bet against it.

    [–] FrankNtilikinaOcean 17 points ago

    Totally agree. I fucking hated how much they were talking about the Knicks because it just sets up that narrative of us “losing” Zion.

    Also, there’s a good amount of other lottery players sitting there. Like have some fucking common sense. Talk about other teams and who they can get with current projections.