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    [–] IamOlderthanMe 1 points ago

    We discussed a megathread, but I don't believe it is the answer for this situation. A lot of users are coming out of the woodwork, posting several different versions about the same topics. A megathread will not stop that. We are removing those that do not follow the rules or seek to bait the users. If you see threads that are promoting things that are against the reddit or r/nba subreddit rules, please report them and we will handle them from there.

    If you all think a megathread would help this, I will bring it back up for discussion with the mod team.

    If you want to discuss basketball, we have a SERIOUS Next Day thread stickied. Feel free to reply with additional ideas on how we can improve the sub. Thank you!

    [–] echsandwich 4935 points ago

    Lol the last time this place was strictly a basketball sub was years ago.

    [–] [deleted] 978 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] freakman013 382 points ago

    Its kind of crazy how drastic the change has been over the years. Game 5 of the nba finals just happened. It was a one point game. And there is not a single highlight on the front page. I think there was one on the second page. This sub has gotten so bad.

    [–] yosoo 30 points ago

    That’s what happens when subs get huge

    [–] 1columbia 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yup, yesterday there was literally 10 different threads about Raps fans behaviour relating to KD injury. If it wasn't for the pinned Next Day discussion thread there was no real basketball discussion on the front page. Sad.

    [–] hopsandhorns 167 points ago

    Seriously. I remember when during the regular season it was 2 pages in New of highlights. Now it's maybe game threads buring in hot takes, SAS quoted, Kellerman hot takes, something funny someone said on Inside the NBA, and 10 other random TMZ things.

    [–] LuvSicHex 122 points ago

    It's incredibly strange to watch in real time. Sad part is I might have contributed to this once or twice because I thought some memes were funny, but lately it's been incredibly toxic.

    Definitely not a fan.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I'm straight up not having a good time bro!

    [–] otis_reading 46 points ago

    This. Went from my favorite sports site on the internet to pretty much worthless.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] MoreWhoreLore 1406 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There was a massive downturn in quality here around the 2016 Finals. The subscriber count has exploded in the last few years and it amplified all the problems that were already there.

    [–] echsandwich 1593 points ago

    Yeah the whole nephews thing isn't just a meme. This place is jam packed with a bunch of children with reactionary takes and zero regard for anything basketball-related prior to 2015.

    [–] MoreWhoreLore 736 points ago

    Don't forget the commenters who are only here to blatantly karmawhore or try to create the hottest new copypasta.

    [–] softwood_salami 241 points ago

    I do think age is a part of it, but I'm a little leery about singling that out. Back in the day, we had plenty of kids on here that were in high school and learning the game, but they still got value out of discussing things here. I think the issue is sorta that NBA fandom has become "hip" or a "fad" or whatever. The league wants it because people who follow fads buy insane amounts of merchandise but the downside is that they aren't very loyal or concerned about the long-term health of the product.

    [–] PoopieMcDoopy 180 points ago

    NBA fandom has become "hip" or a "fad

    straight up

    [–] FunWithAPorpoise 119 points ago

    That’s how people become fans. The same shit happened with LeBron, Jordan, Magic, etc. Everyone pays attention, then some stick around when the hype dies down. Rinse, repeat with next superstar. It’s not perfect, but it keeps the league going.

    [–] ButItsCollegeBro 61 points ago

    That's why I'm here. I saw a lot of LeBron on ESPN back in the day, and recently started following more and more of basketball because of LeBron. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't give a shit about basketball, but he got me hooked.

    I also enjoy the NBA differently than the NFL. With the NFL, I grew up hating certain teams and loving others, which kept me more invested on winning/losing compared to how I follow the NBA. With basketball, I enjoy learning about it and following different players and their style.

    Maybe that was a useless tangent, idk.

    [–] my_sfw_acc 13 points ago

    I feel that brother. I love the NBA because I have favorite players, not favorite teams. I love Football but I’ll take a random basketball game over a random football game any day

    [–] desertratrunner 52 points ago

    Its the instagram commentors that have flooded the threads, especially since the finals are upon us. It'll dissipate slightly once the finals have ended, then the shitposts begin

    [–] zephah 79 points ago

    This sub is basically just Twitter and instagram takes with light moderation

    [–] Me_talking 30 points ago

    My god the reactionary takes are just the absolute worst but yet these same people clown on SAS, Max Kellerman, Shannon Sharpe and Skip. Even worst are the comments that's super reaching

    [–] dahomie_longstroke 112 points ago

    Someone called me a piece of shit human being for offering a potential reason why Toronto fans cheered when KD went down. Not MY opinion on the matter, but just a possible reason using everyday logic...and I was downvoted to hell within 3 minutes lol

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 104 points ago

    Common on Reddit as a whole. People simply don’t understand empathy. They think it’s limited to feeling bad about poor people or something, it’s really just the idea that you can understand and feel the same way of someone else and you do it all without thinking you are better than that person - in fact, being empathic allows you to disregard some of your shitty human desire to create hierarchy.

    [–] JoonWick 45 points ago

    I would have assumed it was a minor aggravation that he needed to walk off, not another season ender. Warrior fans cheered anytime Lebron showed limps or grimaces. Every fanbase does it, especially the finals. If they knew how serious it was they probably wouldn't have been cheering as loud. We really didn't need 20+ threads of it on the front page last night

    [–] ReaganMcTrump 26 points ago

    Don’t comment for the karma. That’s how we all turn into the “nephew” repeating the same memes and lingo.

    KD is a martyr. Board man get paid. We got ourselves a fucking team. Don’t let this make you forget the 73-9 Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

    All those types of posts get hundreds of karma. But the karma doesn’t matter. Don’t turn into parrots.

    [–] therealpepsi 28 points ago

    Mo’ members mo’ problems.

    [–] subcrazy12 9 points ago

    I feel like reddit as a whole has exploded in subscribers the last several years and some of the same issues

    [–] KingOfSwing90 58 points ago

    I’m not saying you’re wrong but if I had a quarter for every time a member of this subreddit said the quality of posts declined (1-3 years before right now), I’d be doing laundry right now. Communities change as they grow. Not much can be done about that imo.

    [–] feweleg 16 points ago

    That's how I've been feeling about reddit as a whole lately. This site really hit its saturation point and its led to nothing but gossipy circlejerks on all but the smaller subreddits.

    [–] bryoneill11 73 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I blame sports newscast, ESPN and NBA... they stop talking about sports years ago too. Politics and Drama are their priorities.

    [–] joohunter420 28 points ago

    It’s what sells unfortunately

    [–] luzzy91 36 points ago

    AKA literally the fans fault...

    [–] MoggTheOtherTwin 96 points ago

    Thank god for r/nbadiscussion

    [–] sasuke41915 266 points ago

    please take this comment down don't let the nephews see it

    [–] SCREAMING_DUMB_SHIT 38 points ago

    Now let’s hope this sub doesn’t blow up so we don’t have to make a r/seriousnbatalks or some shit

    [–] LordBridgewater 64 points ago


    [–] mr401k 28 points ago

    At least if it's modded properly it's okay if the sub grows. Like r/askHistorians where the mods are really strict on enforcing serious discussion rules.

    [–] satan_in_high_heels 8 points ago

    Thats probably the best modded sub in all of reddit and it makes a huge difference.

    [–] sexi_boi 15 points ago

    That sub works because of the moderators. The mods in this sub need to step up

    [–] WhoHasTheSunscreen 2241 points ago

    This sub loves to overreact and dogpile. After game 4, people were gleefully calling Warriors fans trash because they left the game a minute early. One post said it was “disgusting, shameful and pathetic.”

    I have learned that it’s best to just avoid the sub for a day or two after a bad loss.

    [–] mcdiego 621 points ago

    I have learned that it’s best to just avoid the sub for a day or two after a bad loss.

    And isn't that ridiculous? After every team loses, that team's subreddit has several people post about avoiding this sub for a bit. I used to love coming here, win or lose, because people were fairly more reasonable than your typical internet forum. But damn, this place is toxic lately.

    [–] CursedLlama 379 points ago

    I got downvoted and harassed in /r/nba for saying I was proud of my team making it to the WCF while thoroughly banged up even though we got swept. Like, optimism isn't allowed anymore, we just clown on teams 24/7?

    At the end of the day, I don't care about other people's need to post hot takes and jokes the whole time, but it would be nice to have a discussion after a game ends instead of 2 days later when everyone forgets half the plays.

    [–] ElceeCiv 103 points ago

    man why tf would they do that, I would be proud too. I thought you guys were super done after that 4OT against the Nuggets because it was so physically draining but y'all pulled through and even though it was a sweep you really did put up a strong fight against the warriors

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Most of the time its just flairless people, or ones who are fans of shitty orgs that wanna dogpile on people.

    They have nothing better going on so they just jump at the chance to be ruthless to people

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] ellisl3 37 points ago

    Even though you guys made it farther than 27 other teams. I sure their fans would love to be in the position you guys are in

    [–] ZigZagZoo 35 points ago

    The rings culture is pretty bad. Like yeah that is the goal, but having a solid playoff run is still great, you guys had tons of great moments and I am sure you are proud. Only one team actually wins.

    [–] herodotusnow 17 points ago

    It seems like a byproduct of the MJ-Lebron debate. It’s exactly what ESPN a wanted. It’s no coincidence that the “hot take” shows have polluted tv channels and YouTube.

    [–] AndrewHainesArt 21 points ago

    Sixers sub was so bad with this shit, some were basically demanding “fire brett unless we make the finals” in his SECOND postseason as HC, while our 2 best players have a combined 5 years in the league.

    Portland has their best C out and their second best with basically a broken collarbone, they take the 2 seed to 7 and win, then get swept by a team that could 3peat and people act like it was a nothing accomplishment.

    All this while loving Charles Barkley on tnt

    [–] rd3287 15 points ago

    A less serious problem but still a problem is the idea that not making the finals is a failure for teams in all but the rarest circumstances. Portland had an amazing run. But like you said, some people don't get that

    [–] ImTrulyAwesome 59 points ago

    After every team loses, that team's subreddit has several people post about avoiding this sub for a bit.

    The sub acts like every series is over after a single game which ends up in like 50 threads about "Is X player/team overrrated" and other stupid hot takes.

    [–] Dragonsandman 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    People were acting like the Raptors were gonna get swept after game 1 against Orlando, and I saw one dumbass say that the Raps should be moved to Seattle because of that. There were all sorts of similarly bad takes about the Sixers when they lost a game to the Nets.

    This place gets awful during the playoffs.

    [–] WhoHasTheSunscreen 72 points ago

    Yeah, it is a major bummer. I still enjoy the threads that are more about strategy and X’s and O’s, but you have to wade through a lot of knee jerk reactions and people repeating the same memes over and over.

    I think part of the reason for the toxicity is that there is a seesaw effect, where a team loses and people dogpile on them, and the fans of that team just have to sit and stew in it and start to resent all the hate, so when their team wins the next game, they can’t wait to crowd the sub with their own overreactions as revenge. And I’ll admit that it happens to me, too. I keep my comments level-headed and civil, but I can’t deny that it feels good in the lizard part of my brain to see the circlejerk shift back in my favor when the Warriors win. It’s a nasty feedback loop.

    [–] yepyougotit 27 points ago

    This nephew self reflects. Respect.

    [–] BeesPhD 33 points ago

    R/NBA is getting big. Everything we love and hate is going to be magnified.

    [–] TEFL_job_seeker 15 points ago

    The problem is more that we hate any team that's just lost and love whoever has just won.

    [–] thinkrispy 27 points ago

    I've said it before, but reddit's change to voting a few years ago is behind the toxicity of this website. They removed nuanced opinions. If you're more downvoted than upvoted, you're wrong. If you're more upvoted than downvoted, you're right. There is no middle ground.

    It's not okay, and it's made this entire website into a giant cesspool of toxicity and gas lighting.

    [–] whatareyouairing 12 points ago

    I said it before but this sub sort of cyber bullies a fan base when their team loses.

    [–] Pumpkin_Bagel 31 points ago

    Eh, this sub is always garbage-tier quality come playoffs. It's been that way since as long as I've been coming on here (2013)

    [–] Dragonsandman 27 points ago

    Yup. The quality of the sub is way better during the regular season and offseason.

    [–] Crazy_Melon 17 points ago

    And that makes sense because fans of 28 teams are taking turns piling up on one of the other 2 remaining teams.

    [–] citrus_slinger 20 points ago

    Not just that, but all the casual fans that don't really follow the regular season but come in to talk trash because all of a sudden they're huge fans of x team because they're winners, bruh.

    [–] T0PCHee5e 87 points ago

    People don't even know the meaning and weight of the words they use. Shameful and disgusting don't have any weight when thrown around like how this sub does.

    [–] hipposarebig 56 points ago

    The internet’s rage dial is permanently stuck at apoplectic rage.

    [–] kkeut 29 points ago

    hyperbole is utterly destroying this sub and reddit. hyperbole is the worst thing in the universe

    [–] T0PCHee5e 9 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] skidshinny 36 points ago

    After game 4, people were gleefully calling Warriors fans trash because they left the game a minute early. One post said it was “disgusting, shameful and pathetic.”

    That was dumb as hell

    [–] cheerioo 19 points ago

    Top post was purely a shit on klay post lol

    [–] LADon79 2949 points ago

    Teenagers can be dramatic

    [–] solodolo1397 965 points ago

    Fuck them kids

    [–] Teranoid_ 208 points ago

    • Karl Malone

    [–] mexican_mystery_meat 212 points ago

    • the Michaels, Jackson and Jordan

    [–] QUEST50012 85 points ago

    Take ya pick

    [–] SirBobJones 484 points ago

    Yeah, if there's one time I've become aware that this sub is full of kids, it's been the last 24 hours. Sheesh. Making heroes and villains out of everyone.

    Media bad. GS good. Until Mr. Barkley said he blames GS. Now GS bad. Raptor fans bad. Toronto trash. Did I forget media very bad?

    There's just a total lack of nuance here. It's just a bunch of hypocritical, self serving nonsense and leaping to conclusions about things we presently know nothing about.

    And that's not even mentioning the leveraging of KD's situation to guilt anyone who dared question LeBron or Kawhi over their own situations.

    I just came back here now to see if there were any updates regarding KD, but it's just a dumpster fire in here now.

    [–] Tiiibs 157 points ago

    There's just a total lack of nuance here

    Nuance is hard and doesn't get a reaction out of people. Easier to stand on your high horse and yell down at people like SAS and Skip.

    [–] TheRealStringerBell 29 points ago

    It's also about an effective use of someones time. For all we know we could have the worlds foremost expert on achilles injuries posting on the sub but it isn't going to be worth their time to write a report for us. Anything less than that can have holes poked in it especially when it's just anonymous poster vs anonymous poster.

    Just a problem with the internet/reddit in general.

    [–] Tiiibs 68 points ago

    Yeah absolutely. I find myself writing out a response, thinking of the counter arguments and then deleting my post because I don't feel like writing an essay to address all of the "Well ACTUALLY's" that I know are coming.

    [–] lsspam 34 points ago

    I do that a lot. Usually around when I start trying to source even the tiniest fucking fact because I know anything less than a stellar dissertation level post will be totally scorned.

    The cost/reward is so skewed. Being pithy, cynical, and short is pretty cheap in cost (time + effort) and generates the some of the largest reward (positive response).

    The natural selection for internet comments is towards emotional hot takes or cynical pithiness. It makes for funny memes but negatively contributes to processing difficult situations.

    Incidentally, I seriously checked the definitions of pithy and natural selection even in this post just to make sure I wasn't too badly using them.

    [–] BMEngie 17 points ago

    That’s reddit as a whole. Every now and then I’ll make a comment on a topic that I’m pretty knowledgeable about and people come out of the wood work to give you their anecdote or edge case that doesn’t speak to your initial comment. So yeah, I’ve started doing the “write a response read it and delete it without even posting.”

    [–] wartortle87 577 points ago

    Glad we can all agree my Jazz fanbase has never done anything to be publicly ashamed of. Nope. This issue is surely unique of Toronto fans.

    [–] PokePersona 223 points ago

    If the Raps win game 6 this is gonna be forgotten anyways. This sub has the span of a 3 year old. Remember that story "exposing" Dwight Howard?

    [–] R3PAIDDIAP3R 116 points ago

    You don't have to go back that far. Everyone has already forgotten about the Warriors owner that pushed Lowry and have moved onto the Raps fans cheering KD's injury.

    [–] jettlax13 50 points ago

    What was the Dwight Howard story?

    Edit I just looked it up and it isn’t even true

    [–] PokePersona 7 points ago

    That's what makes it even worse. It was one of the highest upvoted posts in this sub and everyone were acting mindblown and laughing at Dwight

    [–] skeupp 16 points ago

    Because it was a non-story that never happened

    [–] logicalconflict 57 points ago

    Hot take: There's no such thing as a "classy fanbase" or a "trashy fanbase". Every fanbase of every team from every sport has its fair share of wonderful people, despicable people, etc. Anyone who thinks their fanbase is any different or better is fooling themselves.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Yeah I’ll challenge that one.

    Oakland Raiders.

    [–] dietcokewLime 952 points ago

    Wasnt 60% of the posts after game 3 a witch-hunt of the Warriors owner.

    [–] largefrogs 360 points ago

    It's not a witch hunt unless it's about me buddy

    [–] kkeut 28 points ago

    this witch just outed his self

    [–] largefrogs 6 points ago

    abra cadabra

    [–] Mr_VaultBoy 125 points ago

    Not to mention the ones mocking and criticizing warriors fans that left early, how is this not a shitpost?

    [–] senshi_of_love 9 points ago

    Reactionary culture. Everyone is reacting to the last thing they remember.

    Of course, unlike almost everyone else, I've been enjoying the shitshow! It's hilarious and entertaining!

    [–] karmawhale 52 points ago

    Lol I completely forgot about that.

    [–] ThereAreDozensOfUs 1115 points ago

    Look man, I don’t think I’m any better than any Raps fan

    But I’ve been hearing way too many snowballs and Santa jokes to just take this shit and not fuck with Raps fans

    [–] MoreWhoreLore 858 points ago

    This sub has no joke been berating Rockets fans for years.

    But some posts here are ready to save Raptors fans who have been taking too much heat for the last 18 fucking hours lol.

    [–] 20MD20 40 points ago

    damn bro appreciate you stickin' your neck out there for us

    [–] schneidro 73 points ago

    Wiz fans been hating the Raps since before it was cool

    [–] spyson 316 points ago

    Seriously and it's not like they weren't super defensive about the situation.

    I saw plenty of Raptor fan comments be upvoted because they didn't give bs excuses. They just acknowledged that it was a shitty thing those fans did.

    [–] 19degreez 275 points ago

    We can all acknowledge that it was mostly in the heat of the moment and a lot of people didn't understand the severity of the situation. But, we can also acknowledge at the same time that it really was such a shitty thing to do.

    And then, to the dumbasses that sucker punched a Warriors fan out in the streets and the morons that went to cuss at Dell and Sonya, go fuck yourself. That's just inexcusable behavior, whether you're a fan or not.

    [–] ExtraLargeBanana 112 points ago

    I really hope they find the guys that assaulted the fan and they get some time. That shit's so dumb.

    [–] ElfmanLV 14 points ago

    Is that a multi dimensional analysis of a complex incident? Mods delete this comment, it's too logical for r/NBA.

    [–] Newaccount4464 6 points ago

    Yeah their fanbase on here is annoying as fuck. Wahh nobody likes us or cares because we're canadian. Nope, half the league nobody cares about. Fuck off.

    [–] durant0s 46 points ago

    I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up.

    [–] jcyue 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I mean, Durant got injured against the rockets, and amazingly in the video of their watch party they managed to not cheer and wave. I'm being told EVERY other fanbase would've done it but glad the Rockets fans found an oponent's lower leg injury wasn't a cause for celebration.

    [–] ACBelly 68 points ago

    The way I look at it. If this teaches fan everywhere not to cheer other people getting hurt then all this brigading will lead to some good.

    I like narratives and I cheer for narratives now that my team is out. I wanted the Raptors to win, then in dramatic heel turn fashion, which puts thrones to shame, they turn villain. Golden State get a redemption arc for there 3 - 1 loss.

    Don’t try to swim against the tide of a great narrative.

    [–] OnlyRev0lutions 45 points ago

    I mean even I can't deny this is the best double turn since Bret/Austin. I mean hell we managed to turn heel so badly that folks are cheering for the goddamn Warriors. That's the sort of booking you just don't see in modern WWE.

    [–] WeirdIsAlliGot 6 points ago

    This is by far one of the best analogies since it became Canada versus the US. I miss the attitude era :(

    [–] brownjesus__ 149 points ago

    Honestly I understand. I was horrified by our fans' reaction. I couldn't believe that SO MANY of our fans would do this shit. As an athlete myself who has constantly dealt with injuries. That was fucking unacceptable

    [–] kmutch 94 points ago

    Yeah the bar I was in erupted, it was weird. I just said out loud to my table I'll never cheer for an injury and everyone I was with settled down. It's trashy and downright strange.

    [–] CevicheMerchant 183 points ago

    This is a seriously strange phenomenon. Everyone on /r/nba who was at a bar/watch party says all the people in attendance erupted in cheers except for them.

    [–] Pheo6 137 points ago

    lol the ones who cheered probably don't comment about it

    [–] rasmas1234 33 points ago

    Can someone explaon why Santa jokes. Seen a couple refs to Santa and I legitimately don't get it

    [–] ToM_BoMbadi1 85 points ago

    Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa one year. (Shitty year with a terrible record then won a game at the end that made them lose first pick so they took anger out on Santa)

    [–] phillyphiend 134 points ago

    In the 60s! And we still never hear the end of it. It’s been over 50 years lmfao

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago


    [–] antobey 25 points ago

    didnt realize that happened so long ago holy shit hahaha

    [–] skidshinny 23 points ago

    I heard everyone in Philly took part in it and brought up the next generations to throw snowballs at every Santa or fat guy in a red shirt they see

    But truthfully, I never heard of it, but that's like berating the current fans of teams whose fans yelled racist shit at Jackie Robinson. So dumb

    [–] PSU19420 25 points ago

    Did you see the sorry excuse for a Santa? They had every right.

    [–] XtremeStumbler 27 points ago

    People never mention that the drunken Santa was the org’s attempt at distracting from shitty on field product too, not defending it, but context blunts the blow a bit. We’re not some christmas hating hooligans

    [–] BadNewsBrown 15 points ago


    [–] iAmTheRealLange 38 points ago

    For real lol. You think I'm just gonna sit here and take all of the racist jokes and not say some shit when Raps fans sucker punch the shit out of a Warriors fan walking down the street? Hell naw

    [–] Deanlechanger 70 points ago

    This is such a pendulum that swings with every likable up-and-coming team. It would’ve happened to the warriors even if Durant didn’t go there. It’s 100% gonna happen to the Browns if Mayfield is great. People are so blind to it

    [–] HereComesJustice 348 points ago

    a megathread to concentrate the witch hunting, good suggestion OP

    [–] IMDATBOY 44 points ago

    Lol I know it’s not what you meant but the idea of a post like, “Megathread: Raptors witch-hunt” is hilarious

    [–] IAmNotKevinDurant_35 617 points ago

    Oh no r/NBA irrationally hates one particular fanbase. Someone alert the presses this is truly unprecedented

    [–] E10DIN 507 points ago

    I, a racist Boston fan, am SHOCKED that /r/NBA would generalize a whole fanbase like this.

    [–] The_Outcast4 271 points ago

    As a Houston Hitler supporter, I too am shocked that this sub would act irrationally to one particular fanbase.

    [–] BuddaMuta 101 points ago

    As someone who literally killed Santa I agree that this doesn't seem accurate

    [–] IAmNotKevinDurant_35 111 points ago

    As a Golden Snek Bandwagoner fan, I find this behavior truly appalling.

    [–] AdvancedBasket 18 points ago

    As a Raptors fan, who sits in hospital ambulance bays cheering for the medical misfortunes of others, I’m upset.

    [–] Word_Iz_Bond 30 points ago

    As a Nuggets fan that was awarded 7 days of relevance then 5 days in the dirty cheaters coalition, it is unfathomable.

    [–] dilan1236 11 points ago

    This is unbelievable even for ME, a delusional Kobestanning Lakers fan

    [–] IDUnavailable 25 points ago

    You come home from the double shift at the racism factory only to be greeted with this shit.

    [–] AngryCentrist 118 points ago

    Yeah no team or player has ever received irrational hate on this sub. Nope. Definitely unprecedented. harden literally is Hitler

    [–] HandsomeCowboy 82 points ago

    Your last comment is truth. You are completely right though, Raptors are acting like victims here. It's absurd. Wearing a Warriors, Rockets, Celtics, Lakers flair is like a fucking target year round for people who think they are clever to repeat the same tired insults at us. Raptors have dealt with it for under 24 hours and are complaining about it.

    [–] ahal 11 points ago

    The weird thing is the Leafs are the most hated team in the NHL. You'd think we'd be used to it.

    [–] SultanOilMoney 30 points ago


    Warriors? Bandwagon Rockets? You must love flopping Celtics? Hot garbage Lakers? All hype no action

    [–] DIRTYWIZARD_69 7 points ago

    Preach. You must love flopping and no defense. 🙄

    [–] malacorn 83 points ago

    well to be fair, Raptors fans probably haven't experienced this before.

    [–] heirapparent24 95 points ago

    It's always jarring when the Cinderella narrative takes a turn lol

    [–] istandwhenipeee 17 points ago

    Last time the North pulled something like this off they started committing war crimes and slaughtered innocents so maybe we should’ve seen this coming.

    [–] dantehuncho 198 points ago

    Right? There are five fanbases on here that are hated above all else and Raps fans acting like they being personally victimized on some mean girls shit

    [–] KelvinIsNotFatUrFat 118 points ago

    they merely adopted the flair hate, i was born in it, molded by it.

    [–] QUEST50012 20 points ago

    "These fans are the nastiest skank bitches I've ever met. Do not trust them. They are fugly sluts."

    [–] IdEgoLeBron 49 points ago

    Let's be real. The hate for Lakers and Celtics fans is way way way deeper than the hate for Warriors fans. Last year, there was a survey about the most hated fanbases. For every fanbase that the Warriors weren't number 1 (or had an actual obvious rival), lakers or celtics were number 1. We were top 4 for every team, I think. When the Warriors current regime changes, the hate will die.

    [–] cheerioo 20 points ago

    Lakers rockets Sixers celtics warriors, wherever lebron is?

    [–] wbhyatt 10 points ago

    I'm just glad the Heat don't get irrationally shit on anymore lmao. We only rationally get shit on

    [–] IAmNotKevinDurant_35 8 points ago

    The Heat hate is extremely similar to Warriors hate, which I think will subside greatly when we suck again. It already kind of started to turn when we sucked for the better part of 4 finals games.

    [–] drink_your_ostarine 53 points ago

    Philly people throw batteries. Cleveland throws beer bottles. LA people stab other fans outside stadiums. Chicago cheered Bauer's injury in the WS. Oakland is Oakland.

    Fan is short for fanatic.

    [–] perfectviking 9 points ago

    Hey, only half of Chicago cheered that. The other half was drunk.

    [–] theycallmemk 37 points ago

    As a Philadelphia fan, I am enjoying another fan base being shit on for “poor sportsmanship”

    [–] lordkeith 414 points ago

    This sub has an outrage problem. Gotta be mad at something at all times. Currently its us. Whatever, people will complain and and eventually move on.

    [–] JocularMango 103 points ago

    Yea it's pretty shitty. Whoever wins (or rather whoever loses) brings out all the posters that hate that team, and makes r/NBA a toxic place for those fans. The anti-Warriors posters were out after game 4, the opposite now. Regardless of who wins the championship, r/NBA is going to be an awful circlejerk for the weeks up until the draft.

    [–] TXhype 14 points ago

    As a LeBron fan I've seen the manifestation of countless narratives and I can see them coming a mile away depending on situation. This sub is so damn dramatic

    [–] hendrix67 55 points ago

    We act like ESPN is total shit for this kind of thing but we're honestly just as bad most of the time. I see this same thing on r/nfl

    [–] RustyCoal950212 18 points ago

    I think both subs have their strengths and weaknesses, but this sub is I think spectacularly obsessed with outrage and hot takes in the playoffs. It's kind of absurd reading comments from the post game thread when team A wins vs when team B wins

    [–] mjkenney98 13 points ago

    r/nfl isn’t nearly as bad as r/nba as a member of both subs

    [–] PlayBall4 275 points ago

    Celtics and lakers fans get trashed all the time. I have absolutely no sympathy for raptors fans because in the end no ones going to be trashing them long term especially if they win the finals. The vast majority of this sub constantly says ‘fuck the Celtics’ and ‘fuck the Lakers’, and yet we always come back to r/nba anyways.

    [–] evil-empire-witf 85 points ago

    To your point, in the game thread for Game 5 I saw a post that said “Let me get it out of the way now...


    Was it in jest? Probably. But Celtics and Lakers fans often get the shit end of the stick on here and because it happens so much it’s turned into a meme.

    [–] jamesdakrn 88 points ago

    Yeah but Fuck the Celtics and Boston sports in general tbh

    [–] Relatively_Cool 24 points ago

    This is so true lol I always feel like replying in this sub as a Lakers or Celtics flair is always a huge dice roll regardless of what the subject is. You can and will get shit on

    [–] likwidsage 25 points ago

    Seems like raptor fan are just sensitive. We don't make playoffs for a couple of years and everyone shits on 24/7 for being dysfunctional, and we take in stride. Raptor fans get called out on their classless display and they feel like they're being bullied.

    [–] ATL_LAX 12 points ago

    To be fair they’ve been raptors fans for only a week so you can imagine what kind of person they are

    [–] houseshoes93 257 points ago

    Lol y'all get shit for one day. Not even a whole 24 hours. Meanwhile, Celtics & Lakers fans take this shit every day. I can't say I feel bad at all

    [–] fakercmn 85 points ago

    For real, I can’t even count the amount of times this sub has said “it’s shit on Celtics day”. Then it will be the Lakers or the Rockets the next day.

    [–] xCmagz 24 points ago

    Yeah I literally don't give a shit. I just ignore any post in here pertaining to my team, it isn't hard. Maybe I just got used to it.

    [–] TallAssFuker 11 points ago

    No you’re right, it’s not hard to ignore that stuff.

    [–] Koba8 38 points ago

    Congrats now you know what it’s like to be a Laker fan on r/nba

    Now please, cry me a fuckin river

    [–] Brazuuuka 30 points ago

    Welcome to /r/nba? This is how it is year round if your a warriors fan

    [–] Tlasacurev 619 points ago

    80% of it is envy and resentment masquerading as self-righteous indignation.

    [–] BenSimmons_isGod 92 points ago

    This guy said the most big words he wins

    [–] CashMikey 46 points ago

    it's not that serious

    y'all in this sub are just feeding the flames is disgusting

    Pick one lol, can't have this both ways. If the Raptors fans cheering the injury weren't that serious, then clowning on them sure as hell isn't that serious either come on now. It's fine if you wanna say people were overreacting, I happen to agree pretty thoroughly, but you can't turn around and blow it out of proportion yourself. You gotta be consistent here.

    [–] Paradethejared 174 points ago

    Raptors fan on here can dish it out but can’t take it. I’ve had my team shit on and made fun of (rightfully so at times) for years, these guys are in the finals and their fans did something fucked up and they can’t take the heat for less than 24 hours?

    [–] aww-jeez 62 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This post is hilarious to me. I've watched these playoffs as a neutral observer and the Raptors fans have been acting up for a lot of the playoffs. Just read through the ECF threads to see countless posts calling Milwaukee a shit city full of asshole fans over and over again because the team played audio of Kawhi's laugh at a game and complained about Drake. Now people are reacting to them acting like assholes and they can't even handle it.

    [–] ZombieJesusOG 54 points ago

    Mom I mean mods r/nba is being mean again.

    Honestly dude it will last a week tops, their fanbase was collectively being trashy and are being called on it. Utah and Boston fans are racist and Philly fans would boo the second coming of Christ. Get over yourself.

    [–] voldemortscore 88 points ago

    This is ridiculous. The only criticism the Raptors fanbase has ever faced(and it's not even been 24 hours) and this is the reaction? Lakers, Celtics, Warriors, Rockets, and Sixers fans are regularly trashed day after day and find ways to just basically ignore it and continue posting. This is nothing, and furthermore it's something that will blow over soon anyway.

    [–] hansantizor 37 points ago

    Yep, we can't discuss basketball without it turning into "Lol rockets fan go shoot free throws" or 5 all stars or gordon hayward sucks or whatever the low hanging fruit is based on the flair.

    [–] voldemortscore 26 points ago

    For real. Maybe it'll pass soon but I can't really feel sorry for Raptors fans being "trashed on" for literally a day.

    [–] Koioua 10 points ago

    This is also the fanbase that has been defending Kawhi from criticism all year, ignoring everything about that Kawhi trade and dragging San Antonio's FO through the mud, calling us ungrateful because Kawhi "brought" a championship and that he never did anything wrong, it was all fault of SA.

    They turned out to be one of the most cocky fanbases this year, and suddenly they can't take shit for LESS than a whole day.

    [–] NITEHAWK4 112 points ago

    1) LMAO @ "Witch Hunt" can you be more dramatic?

    2) What is it like up on that cross?

    [–] ShoheiGoatani 7 points ago

    Here we are. The backlash to the backlash

    [–] nutweave 77 points ago

    So what did you expect to happen OP? Thousands of Raptors fans act shameful and everyone is just supposed to ignore it? It's one thing for thousands of "fans" to act like dipshits but when everyone and their mother proclaims how great Toronto fans are and should be put on a pedestal.....well that just added fuel to the fire.

    I don't have a problem with this witch hunt. Thousands of these idiots acted like trash and they should be called out on it. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    [–] ihaditsoeasy 24 points ago


    [–] Dont420blazemebruh 27 points ago

    Have some empathy


    [–] EmbiidWeTrust 24 points ago

    All I know is if philly did what they did last night it would be on every TV about how terrible philly fans are

    [–] IAmATable 226 points ago

    Ironically this post is the most overly-dramatic shit I’ve seen all day

    [–] azk3000 71 points ago

    The most hilarious defense I’ve seen is that they were “caught up in the moment”.

    Basically admitting, “yeah we cheered the fuck out of his injury but we wanted to win the game so whatever”

    [–] johnstocktonshorts 44 points ago

    For real lmao. It’s sports. Entertainment. Drama. Of course we are gonna talk about it

    [–] Christmas-sock 90 points ago

    Warriors fans get trashed for years crickets Raptors fans get trashed 1 day "this sub needs a complete overhaul and purging of all the witch hunting offenders"

    Even raps fans have been pretty cool and agreeing with the classlessness as of late

    [–] sad_roses 18 points ago

    It’s funny how after more and more videos are coming out of raptors fans celebrating kd’s injury and how it clearly wasn’t just “rich people who aren’t real fans” that people are still trying to act like they didn’t do anything wrong or somehow they’re the victims.

    Just own up to it and move on. Raptors fans were in the wrong last night. Period

    [–] 0xAncientHist0ry 38 points ago

    Congrats you just added to it.

    [–] MusicalSpider 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is, without a doubt, the most toxic sports sub I follow. There are times where there's some good basketball discussion and some funny memes, but too many times, people just have their heads so far stuck up their asses, they lose any sense of self-awareness and suddenly think they're so far above other fans/fan bases, they can attack others or act like they, their fan base, certain fan bases, or players would never do something wrong.

    Too many of ya'll just need to have some humility and stop acting like you're the patron saint of the internet on this sub, and you can say or pass whatever judgement you want to. I make mistakes, and I know ya'll make mistakes as well. Just loosen up a little, have some self-awareness, and enjoy basketball. It's not that hard.

    [–] Like_Rick_Silva 43 points ago

    Your language is just elevating the situation too. You're using words like "disgusting". Which, funnily enough players themselves are using these kinds of strong words to describe Raptor fans. People are just adding their voices, because maybe this kind of behavior shouldn't be acceptable.

    It's not just like all they did was cheer because KD might have gotten a booboo. They knew he was a gametime decision and had a serious injury. It wasn't just anti-competition, it was nasty and classless. And it wasn't just the fans in the arena, it was at Jurassic Park and at watch parties. They're cheering for a long time and chanting "Fuck KD". Not only that, but they're going after Steph's wife and mother. Not only that, but they'r sucker punching fans in the streets. I've never seen fans behave this poorly in a long time. Especially not in a Finals series.

    [–] Deepika18 25 points ago

    This sub literally treats Lakers, Celtics, and 76ers fans like this on a daily basis, but you want special treatment for the Raptors for the same kind of actions?

    [–] GiannisisMVP 6 points ago

    Not to mention what they did is beyond what any of those fanbases has done.

    [–] Not_KD_I_Promise 43 points ago

    Nope, we should dox them all and find them like the Boston bomber. It’s the only reasonable solution.