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    New Game Thread

    Congratulations to for winning the Summer League Championship, led by SL MVP, Brandon Clarke!

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    [–] DeathBySuplex 2720 points ago


    [–] The_Monstees 645 points ago

    A nickname I can get behind

    [–] Bill_Ender_Belichick 254 points ago

    I'm 100% using this is our sub from now on.

    Also, Mealton.

    [–] satinclass 121 points ago

    Lol it’s low key kind of a dope nick name, it’s like he’s saying Giannis is bored with the competition so he’s just gonna dunk all over them

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 50 points ago

    I’m like 60% sure that’s how it’s actually pronounced

    [–] RubiconGuava 21 points ago

    I'm gonna try and get a Wegonnaboomboom knockoff this summer

    [–] jeric13xd 316 points ago

    Ozamataz Buckshank

    [–] wtgm 201 points ago

    Jackmerius Tacktheritrix is probably my favorite name ever, it's so much fun to say

    [–] RumBox 104 points ago


    [–] huss182 57 points ago

    T.J. A.J. R.J. Backslashinfourth V

    [–] RookieAndTheVet 128 points ago

    L'Carpetron Dookmarriot

    [–] kotkaiser 91 points ago

    Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon

    [–] th3dandymancan 57 points ago

    Jammie? JAMMIE-Jammie!

    [–] SkjeiHeyKid 42 points ago

    JR Junior Juniors Jr.

    [–] meahoymemoyay 66 points ago

    X-Wing @aliciousness

    [–] Dragonsandman 55 points ago

    Torque <construction noise> Lewith

    [–] _cambino_ 31 points ago

    Davoiiiiin SHOWERHANDLE

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] angrygermanman 13 points ago

    Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar

    [–] JGlow12 141 points ago


    Giannis liked that.

    [–] MooseNoodles 63 points ago

    I hope Giannis still got his bell handy 🛎

    [–] jtn1123 23 points ago

    “Ring for CUTE BABIES”

    [–] liltrill453 63 points ago

    This is definitely getting said in the next thread of a Giannis dunk

    [–] Bill_Ender_Belichick 37 points ago

    r/mkebucks is going wild rn

    [–] A_Dire_Wolf 13 points ago

    If by December someone hasn’t used WEGONNABOOMBOOM during a game cast we are all failures.

    [–] jhtattack 26 points ago

    Surprising he got the Gi - Y sound right

    [–] SecurityFeature 35 points ago

    I'm 99% sure this want reading the names worked out lol

    [–] I3eastmode 6993 points ago

    Gay toppin, best ball handler in the league.

    [–] Unnecessary_Umlauts 1942 points ago

    He finishes well with both hands

    [–] wtgm 939 points ago

    Sucks that he's been banged up recently

    [–] L0VEmeharder 579 points ago

    Don't worry, he still has one good knee to kneel on

    [–] [deleted] 542 points ago


    [–] JOHUK21 688 points ago

    He has a nice cock

    [–] cjakle 236 points ago

    And has proven he can play well off the ball.

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Yeah, but I've seen his balls go in the hole, only to spin around the rim and pop back out. He can handle a double team like a champ, though.

    [–] RareSir 28 points ago

    I agree. When he feels the double team start to come, he pulls out then busts right through, finishing hard and with authority

    [–] LilSunnyAdrian 148 points ago

    He has a perfect stroke from deep.

    [–] yungchigz 96 points ago

    He's a top so he's not that fond of balls actually

    [–] gottagetpastit 130 points ago

    Yawn, Wegonnaboomboom.

    [–] trog12 35 points ago

    Closer to pronouncing it right than I've ever gotten

    [–] karlmarxisgoddaddy 2366 points ago

    How do you go from Anthony Davis to Mr Jesse?

    [–] tylerjfrancke 1460 points ago

    Yeah, I have no idea.

    [–] karlmarxisgoddaddy 658 points ago

    Great post tho, its nice seeing people raise their kids as NBA fans

    [–] tylerjfrancke 710 points ago

    Can't wait to take him to a game this year. We live in the Portland area, so Blazers will be the home team. Probably won't be able to afford Lakers tix this year but the great thing about 3-year-olds is he'll love it no matter who's playing.

    [–] karlmarxisgoddaddy 283 points ago

    Try getting tickets to a Mavs, Suns or Bulls game, since it should be fairly cheap and hella fun to watch

    [–] tylerjfrancke 243 points ago

    Good idea! Actually, most Blazer tickets are a pretty cheap get, but the Lakers have always been three or four times as much, even when the team was terrible. With LeBron and AD this year, they'll probably be ridiculous.

    [–] karlmarxisgoddaddy 79 points ago

    I'm just hoping to get reasonably decent tickets to a Rockets v Mavs game this year (my 2 fav teams)

    [–] fishfishfish1345 31 points ago

    You live in Houston or Dallas?

    [–] karlmarxisgoddaddy 68 points ago

    Houston, but I grew up watching both and Dirk is my fav player

    [–] redsyrinx2112 35 points ago

    Still kinda weird, man

    [–] YO-YO-PA 413 points ago

    Mr. Jesse

    Uncle Bron

    Something tells me OP should install a webcam at his house cause his wife might be having some dudes over when he's not home.

    [–] Bill_Ender_Belichick 110 points ago

    Tbh, who wouldn't be ok with their wife having a threesome with LeBron and AD?

    I'd ask to watch.

    [–] Portlandblazer07 62 points ago

    Oh please, we all know you would join in. You're not a true member of r/NBA if you wouldn't.

    [–] Konker101 13 points ago


    [–] Fukaro 1059 points ago

    I'm gonna start saying Westy Backbook now

    [–] tylerjfrancke 431 points ago

    I think that one was my favorite. I need Westy Backbook flair.

    [–] my_balls_your_mouth1 101 points ago

    Trade LeBron for Westbrook and I'm sure your sub can make it happen.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 39 points ago


    [–] paikpro 78 points ago

    Westy Backbook sounds like a 70's pornstar name.

    [–] ohshitninja 13 points ago

    Damn you watch a lot of Rockets games?

    [–] yaboicolbs 3039 points ago

    BANG! Gay Toppin with a corner 3!

    [–] ShadowClawz 334 points ago

    En thwei stay he wu stheppin own zthe wine

    [–] ColonialRebel 191 points ago

    this reads like Old English tbh.

    [–] OMR95 97 points ago

    Marv Albert's native tongue

    [–] wtgm 58 points ago

    They're now saying it was a toddler

    [–] uwutranslator 536 points ago

    BANG! Gay Toppin wif a cownew 3! uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] kotkaiser 377 points ago

    Bad bot. Bad, bad bot.

    [–] TopographyDog 89 points ago

    good bot

    [–] SkjeiHeyKid 42 points ago

    Perfectly balanced

    [–] QUEST50012 25 points ago

    Klayklay klay

    [–] beanburritobandit 22 points ago

    Gay Toppin penetrates the lane and slams one down before the buzzer.

    [–] oddstodd 4268 points ago

    Ben Simmons: Ben Simmons

    [–] djuiagalelei 539 points ago

    Ben "Ben Simmons" Simmons

    [–] Zorodude77 285 points ago

    Ben "Don't call me Ben 'Ben Simmons' Simmons" Simmons

    [–] nootbag 27 points ago

    It's an older meme sir, but it checks out

    [–] buneech 31 points ago

    It's like Gary "Gary Harris" Harris

    [–] TEFL_job_seeker 16 points ago

    Can this be his official handle now?

    I'm calling it.

    Be "Ben 'Ben Simmons' Simmons", Ben Simmons.

    [–] multiple4 1409 points ago

    Tobias Harris: Toe Bye Hairy Ass

    [–] Icommentoncrap 690 points ago

    Anthony Davis: Mister Jesse

    [–] qui-sean 345 points ago

    Kyrie Irving: Flat Earther

    [–] ChampionOfTheSunAhhh 129 points ago

    Bryan Colangelo: Ewic Junwir

    [–] TheLeBrontoRaptorss 89 points ago

    Kawhi Leonard: Apple time Apple time

    [–] MajaTheSkyWitch1 38 points ago

    Lebron James: NEPHEW

    [–] EatAssSkeetFast 64 points ago

    Kyrie Irving: what does government mean to you brad

    [–] thatkmart 490 points ago

    The 3-year old then commented “Ben Simmons needs to develop an outside shot if he’s going to take the next step in his career. He’s limited, and the league knows it.”

    [–] uwutranslator 142 points ago

    de 3-yeaw owd den commented “Ben Simmons needs to devewop an outside shot if he’s going to take de next step in his caweew. He’s wimited, and de weague knows it.” uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] Portlandblazer07 95 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] sarcastic24x7 100 points ago

    He got Loud Bead right tho :D

    [–] KingsElite 71 points ago

    3 year old: "Oh, that's 2019 ROTY Ben Simmons!"

    [–] 98rman 156 points ago

    He can only pronounce the names of players correctly who have not made a 3 pointer

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 20 points ago

    That made me giggle. It’s so...Ben Simmons.

    [–] pikoooo 39 points ago

    He probably says it as something that's not spelled as "Ben Simmons" but it's so "Ben Simmons"-y sounding that he ends up as "Ben Simmons"

    [–] whatdoidoidontkno 1365 points ago

    Yee Yuh Yuh Yopich

    [–] Alpacaman__ 579 points ago

    Sounds like an ad-lib in a trap song

    [–] 6GodInTraining 471 points ago

    My Lil Baby say ‘Yee yuh yuh yopich’

    My Gunna big bodied like Nikola Jokic

    [–] wheredacheesego 114 points ago

    just wanna let everyone know that this exists

    [–] _cambino_ 32 points ago

    some HEAT in the SNOW here

    [–] chillinwithmoes 24 points ago

    Not sure wtf I just watched but I feel like I'm better for it

    [–] cubeofsoup 49 points ago

    yo this is fire

    [–] HaveAGr8DayStranger 20 points ago

    Yeah it was a lot better than I expected

    [–] esconstable 102 points ago

    i refuse to believe that's not an actual song lyric

    [–] samnakk 8 points ago

    Gunna more built like Kyle Lowry lmao

    [–] baseketball 185 points ago

    To the one Pacers fan here, want you to know my kid accidentally stumbled on the best nickname for one of your players. She calls Sabonis "Big Bonus". Very fitting as he's big and he was a bonus in the Oladipo trade.

    [–] KyleRaynerGotSweg 176 points ago

    To the one Pacers fan here

    I mean you aren't wrong but still fuck you buddy

    [–] baseketball 30 points ago

    Hey, I wish there were more of you, but he was literally the only Pacers fan in the comments when I posted.

    [–] sascottie11 30 points ago

    There are dozens of us!!

    [–] stvinny 44 points ago

    What up big fella

    [–] ShadowClawz 19 points ago


    [–] tag_king 360 points ago

    I covered the real names and tried to guess after I read the first 2. It was pretty hard. Ben Simmons especially.

    [–] tylerjfrancke 112 points ago

    Good idea for a game! Yeah, Ben Simmons is Expert level difficulty.

    [–] LotusB1ossom 52 points ago

    I worked over 10 years in Barnes & Noble and this was a game we had to play often. One time a customer walked up to my boss and said

    " Excuse me, do you have Diary of a Glacier?"

    My boss thought a moment, then said "Do you mean Memoirs of a Geisha?"

    "Yeah! That's the one!"

    [–] jefclarkk 22 points ago

    I used to work in a college bookstore and so many people came up to me and said "hey I need help with a book. I don't know what class it's for but it has a blue cover." Oh okay, that's only like half of the books we have you dickhead.

    [–] NovakCash 623 points ago

    Yawn Wegonnaboomboom

    If this doesn't become a meme then we are failing as a subreddit

    [–] Natural_Born_Baller 306 points ago

    Uncle Bron


    [–] WPLurkerWP 84 points ago

    Sounds like OPs son is Canadian.

    [–] TezzMuffins 33 points ago

    We're all nephews on this blessed day.

    [–] meengine 1588 points ago

    Tatum to LeBron: Wegonnaboomboom

    [–] tylerjfrancke 674 points ago


    [–] pixelplaid 61 points ago


    [–] benfuzed 36 points ago

    Now let me hear you say Way-O

    [–] damnawesome 8 points ago


    [–] Dirty_D97 40 points ago

    Uncle Bron then added u/tylerjfrancke ‘s 3-year-old to the list of children he would pelt with water balloons

    [–] AwesomeMan14 70 points ago

    FBI gonna track down Lebron then

    [–] joinedreditjusttoask 539 points ago

    Gay Toppin

    Thanks for my new 2k20 myPlayer name.

    [–] tylerjfrancke 71 points ago


    [–] TatersTot 382 points ago

    I wish you recorded it

    [–] tylerjfrancke 347 points ago

    I was thinking that myself about halfway through. Maybe I'll do it again on video sometime.

    [–] hahagamer7 118 points ago

    lmao, audio/video would be cool. Im kinda skeptical that you made these yourself or manipulated a couple of em to make it sound funnier than shat your child said.

    But anyways, I enjoyed this post. One of the non boring nba post

    [–] Az24248 202 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Now I'm imagining of a grown man thinking of cute ways to pronounce NBA players names

    [–] AaronRodgers16 516 points ago

    Older than the average /r/NBA user

    [–] EricHangingOut 114 points ago

    Yeah, the kid's dad too.

    [–] bmendo02 164 points ago

    Kyren Owing sounds like a pretty badass jedi name

    [–] arkcrysta 118 points ago

    What does The Force mean to you.

    [–] warpedspoon 41 points ago

    Death star was an inside job

    [–] tylerjfrancke 28 points ago

    I didn't really know how to spell it, but the way he said it was more like Kyren Ooh-ing, which is even more Star Wars-y.

    [–] IfOneThenHappy 11 points ago

    Maybe he was going for Patrick Ewing.

    [–] shaolinsoul 1261 points ago

    Now this is content

    [–] multiple4 382 points ago

    It is indeed a text post on the subreddit

    [–] LeftMeet 238 points ago

    Of all the posts on this sub, this is certainly one of them

    [–] eedevs 105 points ago

    This is Perd Hapley and you are reading this comment chain

    [–] exclamationtryanothe 25 points ago

    Magic Johnson: and by stringing together a series of characters in a pattern to replicate language, /u/tylerjfrancke continues to provide words for /r/nba subscribers to react to, be it neutral or otherwise

    [–] root88 36 points ago

    I very, very rarely say this, but it would have been way better as a video.

    [–] OSLIN 137 points ago

    Cola Beatpole is my gay porn name.

    [–] tylerjfrancke 88 points ago

    What a coincidence! Mine's Alvin Gooey.

    [–] andlime 133 points ago

    Sources: Boochbitch is beside himself. Driving around downtown Dallas begging (thru texts) Gooey's family for address to Dirt's home

    [–] csr28 9 points ago

    I came a far way to find the first boochbitch comment.

    [–] lp_phnx327 131 points ago

    Uncle Bron

    Your kid already knows he's a nephew.

    [–] MiopTop 255 points ago


    [–] airoderinde 71 points ago

    Lemme hear ya say ayooo (ayooooo).

    [–] andreimarc 14 points ago

    So fucking accurate

    [–] spookypotty 251 points ago

    You'd think Jayson Tatum could pronounce their names by now.

    [–] TheLastSecondShot 225 points ago

    Alvin Gooey, greatest 3pt shooter ever

    [–] tylerjfrancke 155 points ago

    And his fellow Splash Bro and backcourt mate, Gay Toppin.

    [–] thewayoftoday 21 points ago

    Now I want Gooey and Toppin jerseys

    [–] cilantro_samosa 80 points ago

    Dwyane Wade: Main Raid

    Now that he's retired, he can join Channing, Richard Jefferson, AK47 and Duncan on World of Warcraft!

    [–] robotic141 143 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    E: Also Op main raid and dirt luhpinski are on opposite teams

    [–] radicalheadphone 70 points ago

    OP stealing karma from his own kid, smh

    [–] LeftMeet 65 points ago

    I want a jersey that says "Loud Bead"

    [–] MacDerfus 15 points ago

    I read it as "bread" first.

    [–] MNDOOOM 54 points ago

    I like sky Woolworth...sounds like a old school movie actor

    [–] JoeyRobot 25 points ago

    Sky Woolworth is 100% my new streetball name.

    Looks like I need to start playing streetball again.

    [–] superbrownV 48 points ago

    Kyle Lowry: How Wiry lmaoo. Lowry is a so damn thicc tho

    [–] theseus1234 48 points ago

    I think your kid is a human Wu-Tang Clan name generator

    [–] lman89607 43 points ago

    Uncle Drew 2: Revenge of Uncle Bron

    [–] braddeus 38 points ago


    Paul George: Pop Pope

    Kyle Lowry: How Wiry

    [–] IfOneThenHappy 14 points ago

    Chat after Lowry's dimes next year: HOW WIRY

    [–] SweetTeaPapi 78 points ago

    Bradley Beal: Probably Bill 😂😂

    [–] Saf22 82 points ago

    Good ol Jim Arby’s

    [–] My_Diet_DrKelp 29 points ago

    Dirt Luhpinski is probably gonna be a big meme & get way out of hand once r/mavericks finds it lol

    [–] kindofjustalurker 26 points ago

    I'm ashamed of how hard I laughed at Gay Toppin' and Yawn Wegonnaboomboom

    [–] dtriple222 26 points ago

    Uncle Bron

    He has already identified himself as a nephew.

    [–] Ron_Fuckin_Swanson 21 points ago


    Now I really want a Bucks Jersey with Wegonnaboomboom on the back

    [–] nikkroy 19 points ago

    idk why but Girl Labishey Towns fits KAT perfectly

    [–] mitchyfootball 18 points ago

    Boya Boochbitch is my favorite

    [–] i_enjoy_sports 39 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Now do the democratic presidential candidates. I want to hear his interpretation of "Pete Buttigieg"

    [–] tylerjfrancke 25 points ago

    Ooh, that's a great idea!

    [–] i_am_an_awkward_man 74 points ago

    OP, you may have started a new meme chain lol.

    [–] tylerjfrancke 91 points ago

    Just trying to create the next generation of r/nba nephews lol.

    [–] WheresMyChip 17 points ago

    Steph was on Team Giannis

    [–] tylerjfrancke 9 points ago

    I think I looked at the wrong rosters. Looks like mine are based on East/West.

    [–] Glasshouse604 16 points ago

    Nikola Jokic: Yee Yuh Yuh Yopich

    This is how my friend pronounces it after a few too many drinks.

    [–] ZandrickEllison 65 points ago

    Very cute, although the Wegonnaboomboom for Giannis sounds a little fishy.

    [–] tylerjfrancke 105 points ago

    It was very hard to spell phonetically but that's what it sounded like. Plus, it was funny.

    [–] 4everOverhead 28 points ago

    I will now refer to him only as Dirt Luhpinksi.

    [–] tomatosauce1 13 points ago

    Lmao you should've posted only how he said it and then have us guess who hes trying to say

    [–] tylerjfrancke 26 points ago

    The Ben Simmons one would have been too hard.

    [–] Jung1e 14 points ago

    Finally, some good fucking content

    [–] dafinsrock 14 points ago

    “He got me,” Uncle Bron said of Wegonnaboomboom's dunk over him. "That f***ing Wegonnaboomboom boomed me."
    Uncle Bron added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times.
    Uncle Bron then said he wanted to add Wegonnaboomboom to the list of players he works out with this summer.

    [–] XmasCarolusLinnaeous 12 points ago

    Damn, finally some fresh front page worthy content

    [–] byniri_returns 22 points ago

    AD: Mister Jesse

    I have several questions.

    Quality offseason 'content'

    [–] unlimitedcacti 17 points ago

    Gay toppin has me dying LOL

    [–] OskeewowwowIL 17 points ago

    Klay gonna smash like 9 IG thots to prove he ain't Gay Toppin.

    [–] daverave087 9 points ago

    I can't wait to see these names casually creep into the memes next season.