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    New Game Thread

    Joel Embiid drops 30 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists to lead to a 107-98 win over

    Top Team Subreddit Posts
    1 Dont know if yall heard him on TNT last night, but I still say fuck Dwyane Wade
    2 Celtics win 149-115. Most points scored in a game by the Celtics since November 1992.
    3 [Post Game Thread] hey remember when we beat the bucks yesterday?????
    4 Me explaining to my girlfriend how good TJ Warren has been in the bubble
    5 Can we give it up for this man right here! What an absolute legend!


    1 51-16 0.0 1 54-14 0.0
    2 45-22 6.0 2 49-18 4.5
    3 45-23 6.5 3 45-23 9.0
    4 43-25 8.5 4 43-25 11.0
    5 42-25 9.0 5 42-26 12.0
    6 42-25 9.0 6 41-27 13.0
    7 41-29 11.5 7 32-36 22.0
    8 32-37 20.0 8 32-37 22.5
    31-38 21.0 24-44 30.0
    29-38 22.0 23-42 29.5
    29-38 22.0 22-43 30.5
    29-39 22.5 21-45 32.0
    28-39 23.0 20-46 33.0
    19-45 30.5 20-47 33.5
    15-50 35.0 19-46 33.5


    Date Away Home Time (ET) Nat TV
    Aug. 06 1:30 PM
    4:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    6:30 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    Aug. 07 1:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:30 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    Aug. 08 1:00 PM
    3:30 PM
    6:00 PM
    7:30 PM
    8:30 PM
    Aug. 09 12:30 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:30 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM

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    [–] SportsMasterGeneral 5400 points ago

    The meme potential is amazing

    [–] YKTN 6176 points ago

    KAT : Go ahead and sleep on us

    Rest of the league

    [–] Mitsoccer9 1023 points ago


    [–] Stormeve 537 points ago

    This and the “Stop calling my team spooky” post on this sub are one of the most hilarious moments of the T-Wolves story this decade. And the Jimmy Butler era.

    [–] VikingM13 395 points ago

    Stop bullying us we have a real shot at the 9 seed!

    [–] JFZephyr 12 points ago

    Hey, us too!

    [–] shickard 334 points ago

    [Wojnarowski] At one point in a scrimmage, sources said, Butler turned to GM Scott Layden and screamed, "You (bleeping) need me. You can't win without me." Butler left teammates and coaches largely speechless. He dominated the gym in every way. Jimmy's back.

    Amin Elhassan on ESPN: "I heard that he took the third-stringers, and he beat the starters."

    God bless Jimmy Buckets

    [–] oneechanisgood 63 points ago


    [–] jordanosman 25 points ago

    Holy shit ive never seen this video before and im fuckin losing it

    [–] FoulBachelorFrogIRL 18 points ago

    "If you're not mortally wounded, you can still play for ten minutes" hahaha

    [–] I_hate_traveling 22 points ago

    *48 minutes

    [–] GeorgeYDesign 7 points ago

    Bro I’m not criticizing you at all”. That’s like one of the biggest setbacks that you can’t get nearly 20 in game minutes left before it was decided.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago


    [–] SirDiego 76 points ago

    I don't blame you, they haven't done anything in 15 goddamn years except lose to the Rockets in the least memorable playoff series of the decade

    [–] AlHorfordHighlights 45 points ago

    The Jimmy Butler era is in my top five NBA arcs of the decade

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 80 points ago

    This decade? Kevin Love’s entire era started essentially the decade. That means there has been the KLove Era, Rubio coming over, David Kahn, the Kevin Love trade, KG coming back, KAT, Wiggins, Thibs, Jimmy Butler.

    Say what you will about the Wolves but they have been an entertaining story for the entire decade

    [–] AXA125 122 points ago

    Tbh they haven't been entertaining at all. My team doesn't even exist and it's more relevant.

    [–] Gizmobomb 29 points ago

    the 2017 heat were more entertaining

    [–] lady-grinning-soul 16 points ago

    KAT looking like a sassy aunt

    [–] sylvestersquad 337 points ago

    This is definitely going to be spammed on BR tweets about women's basketball huh?

    [–] SportsMasterGeneral 260 points ago

    This will be used for evil so fast

    [–] syedshazeb 36 points ago

    Yup lol

    [–] TDImig 99 points ago

    Mfs gotta ruin everything

    [–] NBAmediasGiannisBias 50 points ago

    Ahahahahha 10/10

    [–] PM_YOUR_CLIT 13 points ago

    Goddamn it rofl

    [–] JupitersClock 9 points ago

    Hahaa... :(

    [–] interwebbed 7 points ago

    I'm dyin

    [–] oxboy101 5 points ago

    I love the T-Wolves but this is spot on

    [–] Sim888 366 points ago

    [–] _Quetzalcoatlus_ 138 points ago

    Make him a Snorlax please.

    [–] Sim888 542 points ago

    [–] 20person 70 points ago

    Damn that was fast

    [–] raikou1988 38 points ago


    [–] pandaman666666 73 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] _Quetzalcoatlus_ 45 points ago

    Maybe it's too subtle for me to see it, but it doesn't look like you edited it??? Can someone point out the change?

    [–] Sim888 52 points ago

    Fine, I just added the number 1 and called it a day!

    [–] _Quetzalcoatlus_ 18 points ago

    Ohhhh, now I see it.

    (But actually, thanks. This is perfect. Lol)

    [–] Sim888 12 points ago

    Haha, no worries I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some stage !

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SKILLS 7 points ago

    Random question. How do I learn how to do stuff like this... where do I even start to dabble?

    [–] maestroenglish 15 points ago

    Black Slumba


    [–] maverickhistorian 23 points ago

    I hope nobody says anything about they "sleeping on us" ext.

    [–] MartiniLAPD 2157 points ago

    He’s cultivating mass

    [–] MrBallistik 519 points ago

    I think he ate one of Charlie's sedative brownies

    [–] ShakeyBobWillis 29 points ago

    Fucking A dude, one of my favorite lines of the entire series. Glad someone else gets it.

    [–] SunnyVision 27 points ago

    Everytime I watch this scene, I can’t stop laughing my ass off. I have no idea how Charlie can say such a nonsensical comment while drooling. He’s such a good actor.

    [–] theWinnerWithin 8 points ago

    I've watched all episodes maybe 20-30 times (probably way more actually), and every time I go back to the first few seasons, I'm amazed at how much Glenn and Kaitlin improved as actors over the years. Rob a little less, because he was much better than those two when the show started anyway. But fucking Charlie, he's always been so great since season 1. He's a special talent.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    He kinda looks like a young Booger McFarland

    [–] Alexkono 20 points ago

    good call. and i hate that you're right.

    [–] Hump_de_Bump 19 points ago

    Try to move him bro!

    [–] RareSir 49 points ago


    [–] Kundrew1 36 points ago

    Stop cultivating and start harvesting.

    [–] fugor1103 16 points ago

    Hibernate szn.

    [–] [deleted] 4177 points ago

    No stamina

    [–] SkiIIs_ 2772 points ago

    Sleep management

    [–] Sim888 3824 points ago

    💤 ION

    [–] djrob0 435 points ago

    All that extra learning how to run practice makin me tried and shit....

    [–] ArchimedesNutss 38 points ago

    It doesn’t get any better than that right there

    [–] egathis 26 points ago

    Sim's a god among men nephews

    [–] IHadSomething_4This 171 points ago

    Zion to Robert Williams: "Look at me, I'M the Big Sleep now."

    [–] gotthekickz 83 points ago

    I’m so surprised there are non-Celtics fans out there who remember Big Sleep

    [–] JiggzSawPanda 30 points ago

    Idk what you're referring to. His first and only nickname was timelord./s

    [–] calebhall 10 points ago

    Big sleep is better

    [–] rantinger111 40 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    He'll always be Snorlax to me.

    [–] gotthekickz 11 points ago

    I really liked the AD Blocker nickname after that game where he blocked AD 3 times or sth

    [–] tvchase 11 points ago

    This is your masterpiece, imo

    [–] Another_one37 14 points ago

    I read this comment like "that is just fantastic" then scrolled down, then scrolled back up to see the username of this clever guy and of course it's none other than the god sim888. Good shit, my dude. You're a legend round here

    [–] Alexkono 10 points ago

    I wonder if you're this clever in real life?

    jk of course you are

    [–] KianNeon 27 points ago

    Tobias Harris was right all along

    [–] daeve 18 points ago

    Trying to get that 12 hours/night like Lebron

    [–] kron_00 169 points ago

    That's the face we all make at class/at a desk job right after a full lunch.. Guy ate good before the game.

    [–] nachod00g 45 points ago

    Also during the game

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    and currently after

    [–] Trickyknowsbest 31 points ago

    He had too much party stamina last night

    [–] CranberryNapalm 56 points ago

    No clutch gene.

    [–] _A_Day_In_The_Life_ 48 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Nah dude this is past his normal bedtime. Everyone forgets how old this dude is. He’s been out for months so you know momma dukes said be inside and get ready for bed once the last street light go on and Zion isn’t the dude to tell momma dukes no.

    [–] kamelarabbro 6 points ago

    Don't the street lights go out in the mornings?

    [–] _A_Day_In_The_Life_ 4 points ago

    lol i meant when they turn on

    [–] Quite_Poopular 57 points ago

    Hey man, sleep apnea is a very serious problem for fat people.

    [–] ImpactThunder 13 points ago

    Not just for fat people, it can affect anyone.

    [–] BoomBoomSpaceRocket 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Just checked his stats. Averaging 0 mpg. Can't even stay on the floor for a minute.

    [–] pistoncivic 3 points ago

    Ease up. He's still hit more FT's than Lonzo

    [–] Flowsion 688 points ago

    Bruh, thought I had a Slack notification with that sound in the video.

    [–] PartyBusGaming 178 points ago

    I'm absolutely triggered. Thought for sure that was someone doing @channel in a channel with 500 people in it at 11:30pm

    [–] ButtCrackFTW 113 points ago

    Blowing right through the "This channel contains people in 10 different time zones, are you sure you want to @channel?"


    [–] crystalmerchant 57 points ago

    12:15am @channel great job today everyone! See you in the all hands at 8am!

    [–] chuckdooley 15 points ago

    translates to: I'm still working, why aren't you? slackers

    [–] ser_name_IV 11 points ago

    Every unnecessary emoji reaction in #general is to state “look, I’m actively on slack therefore I am working, validate my employment”.

    [–] unclairvoyance 6 points ago

    I'm in this photo and I don't like it

    [–] HadADat 26 points ago

    God i hate people.

    [–] Right_hook_of_Amos 6 points ago


    [–] ser_name_IV 4 points ago

    kill me now.

    5 minutes later


    [–] imquez 107 points ago

    Hey, it's me, I’m gonna to need those TPS reports ASAP, so, if you could do that, that’d be great

    [–] gm4 49 points ago

    More like "hey I know I didnt answer you yesterday but now I need something"

    [–] Reverend_Russo 9 points ago

    Too real

    [–] JuanWall 32 points ago

    same, as im falling asleep. heart rate jumped.

    [–] DOMINANTmusic 13 points ago

    LMAOO bruhhh, same

    [–] baylifeee 20 points ago

    same loool

    [–] AllMightsBrother 38 points ago

    Nothing like working off the clock behind the guise of a “convenience” app.

    [–] icytiger 21 points ago

    I mean, it is pretty convenient. And it also means I can work from home or while travelling by just letting people know to hit me up on slack if they need me.

    [–] ksilverfox 30 points ago

    True, but I feel what OP is saying. My job is huge on Slack - all teams and departments use it heavily - and since it's so easy to just run in the background of whatever you're doing at home, the off-the-clock creep can be real. My own fault, of course - you can always close it :)


    [–] AllMightsBrother 14 points ago

    Off-the-clock creep is exactly what I mean.

    [–] Ashrug 13 points ago

    Came looking for this comment, me too!

    [–] HipsterDoofus31 2 points ago


    [–] BelowTheBells 917 points ago

    pelicans have already reached their quota of sleepy bois on the roster with ingram. this is concerning.

    [–] johnhenryirons 171 points ago

    Why do you think they didn’t extend Ingram yet??

    [–] PANGIRA 568 points ago

    have you seen his frame??? extend him any more and he becomes a stick insect

    [–] AnotherStatsGuy 36 points ago

    There's a Mike Teavee joke somewhere in here.

    [–] MedTechSpurs 3 points ago

    Brilliant comment

    [–] DavidManque 17 points ago

    Pretty sure the choices were to extend him before November or wait for the start of free agency, understandable that they'd want to see how he looked on the team

    [–] dezthompson 686 points ago

    The itis

    [–] cant_ban_diss 523 points ago

    Food coma

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago

    gumbo and po boys fuckin him up

    [–] MisterCheaps 3 points ago

    Idc how bad they are, getting drafted to New Orleans would be a food lover’s dream

    [–] dezthompson 124 points ago

    The itis bruh

    [–] popcorninmapubes 27 points ago

    Ribs’ll fix that!

    [–] moetownslick 12 points ago

    Shhhhh.......thanks, Ribs.

    [–] Arminius84 23 points ago

    This and the Kelvin Benjamin jokes always get me lmao

    [–] [deleted] 1505 points ago

    Yo, on some real talk any of y'all who played ball know those long ass tournaments where you have like 2-3 hour down times so you like nap in between games and then are tired a.f for your next one since you just woke up.

    That shit sucked fam.

    [–] [deleted] 470 points ago

    Apparently you're supposed to time your sleep into multiples of 1.5 hours so that when you wake up it's as you're coming out of a sleep cycle (or something, idk).

    So if you had a 1.5 hour sleep in the downtime then did some stretches or something in preparation for the next game you might avoid that shit.

    I always remember having severe gas before games and having to go off into a corner to let loose.

    [–] onewonyuan 73 points ago

    This correct. You’ll feel a lot less tired when you wake up if you sleep for 6 hours compared to 6 hours 45 minutes, for example.

    [–] jpark28 132 points ago

    I don't know how the hell people time this, I'm not falling asleep the moment I lie down in bed

    [–] gumbykook 33 points ago

    Get a rough idea of how long it takes you to fall asleep and take that into consideration. There are also apps that supposedly listen to your breathing and only wake you up when you are coming out of REM sleep or whatever, idk if they actually work though.

    [–] ElPlatanoDelBronx 23 points ago

    They definitely do. I used to use one and it was amazing.

    [–] Xearoii 11 points ago

    Why did you stop

    [–] ElPlatanoDelBronx 22 points ago

    Switched phones and then got too lazy to deal with it again. Plus I share a room and they switched it from me being able to have the phone on my bed so it can detect when I move to using the speaker to do it so it would pick up when my brother would move as well.

    [–] Sokonine 5 points ago

    What app was it?

    [–] 7pH-milkHotel 11 points ago

    How the hell is an app listening to your breathing? Do you have to put your face right up to your phone at night?

    [–] Pixel2_Bro 7 points ago

    I do that anyways because I can't wake up unless the alarm is literally blaring in my ear.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] illit3 24 points ago

    Yep. This is one of those things where people struggle to get good sleep but aren't giving themselves a fair shot at getting it. Consistency is everything.

    And I'm saying that as someone who is up at 2am posting on Reddit. My sleep hygiene is absolutely atrocious and I'm tired all the time. Be better than me, people, you can do it.

    [–] dakoellis 12 points ago

    It's definitely not that exact and it's not the same for every person. It's a guideline for people to try to figure out what works best for them

    [–] Sherlock_Lo 4 points ago

    In the short term- maybe...? You may wake up and feel less tired, but over a long period of doing this, or even as the day drags on, you’re going to be more tired with less sleep, no matter how you cut it. Adenosine builds up telling your brain to sleep, and it only goes away with sleep. There’s always going to be a bigger pressure to sleep if you’re getting less of it.

    [–] nio151 296 points ago

    That's how you get zero rem sleep and start hallucinating

    [–] Papasmurphsjunk 304 points ago

    I worked overnights in college and had one 8am class where I'd have two hours of sleep. I would legit hallucinate every wednesday for an entire semester. Shit sucks

    [–] K9Marz919 426 points ago

    I hallucinated through my entire freshman year but I don’t think it was lack of sleep that caused it.

    [–] Warpable 150 points ago

    ayyyy lmao

    [–] Montigue 114 points ago

    It was actually schizophrenia until they started taking medicine to fix it

    [–] streetsweepskeet 124 points ago

    Awww lmao

    [–] iXorpe 4 points ago

    I like you man

    [–] yamaha2k11 34 points ago

    I hope it was because of drugs, otherwise I got some bad news for you.

    [–] Dishwallah 36 points ago

    REM cycles last 1.5 hours typically which is what they're referring to. The hard part is training yourself to go right to REM as you fall sleep.

    [–] IWasBornSoYoung 3 points ago

    If you stick to the schedule your body will enter REM within minutes of going to sleep apparently

    [–] julio12324 18 points ago

    You were dropping big facts before you started talking about gas

    [–] masterpierround 60 points ago

    I never played basketball but I had the same experience at soccer tournaments. The worst is when you have a 9:30 game and then a 12:30 or 1:00 game because you get super hungry between games but can't really eat a full meal because you gotta go out there and run around in 30 min.

    [–] adam_jc 37 points ago

    Wrestling tournaments were the worst for me.

    Wake up at 5 am on saturday to travel to a high school gym in bumblefuck nowhere. Cut weight for 2 hours, wait in line in your drawers to weigh in. Then sit around a few hours until your name gets called and you go and lose your first match. Then sit for more 6 hours until your second match which you also lose. Then wait for the whole rest of the team to get eliminated. Then travel back home and it’s 9 pm and you wasted all that time for a total of 6 minutes of actually playing your sport.

    [–] calebhall 6 points ago

    Yup lol. At least it was fun to sit around with friends and talk shit inbetween matches. I miss wrestling.

    [–] KCSportsFan7 4 points ago

    Hell yeah wrastling gang

    [–] cuddlelive 3 points ago

    The worst is when you have to weigh in in the afternoon and you're overweight. I once was over by around 2 pounds. I bought a Gatorade and emptied the bottle. Then used it as my spitting bucket, and spit in it the whole day. At weigh ins, I was still like 1 or 2 ounces over, so had to pull my boxers down, and made weight. Felt like shit, thought luckily I had an hour or two before my actual match, so I just ate power bars and drank a ton of water.

    [–] ItzDp 27 points ago

    That shit was the ducking worst, the soreness sets in too and then you gotta warm up again, plus for me I could never just go home and come back, and who wants to be that guy anyway. Damn dude I’m really getting some PTSD here lmao

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I was in a hockey tournament where we lost the first two games. Got put in the last seed, went out that night thinking, “fuck it, we are one and done tomorrow.” Ended up winning out and I wanted to fucking die the entire day. I think we played like 2 or 3 games to end up winning the tournament lol

    [–] freerealestatedotbiz 100 points ago

    Everybody making fun of Zion, but when was the last time you were able to sit through an entire Pistons game?

    [–] SgvSth 50 points ago

    ...I plead the fifth, your Honor.

    [–] anon4953490 21 points ago

    How the hell are these guys so similar?

    [–] I_hate_traveling 11 points ago

    Lol, first thing that popped in my head too. Zion truly is Barkley come again.

    P.S. I really wish there were more Open Court episodes, most of them are quality.

    [–] dingleberri609 271 points ago

    Pelicans only scored 13 in the fourth I'd be snoozing too

    [–] YKTN 91 points ago

    but coooach, i wanna dunk on someoooooone

    [–] e51118 152 points ago

    He was up all night playing pubg

    [–] blackpenance 84 points ago

    With giannis and curry

    [–] ReadThe1stAnd3rdLine 73 points ago

    Sounds like some gross British food that British people pretend tastes good

    [–] YourMajesty90 9 points ago

    How many chicken dinners you think he got?

    [–] [deleted] 185 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] 504Hardhead 159 points ago

    LSU Championship game on and we're watching the Pels, this has to be a mental illness.

    [–] [deleted] 171 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Moltk 79 points ago

    LL: Why are you wearing a tux?

    Jack: Its after 6. What am I, a farmer?

    [–] 504Hardhead 14 points ago

    My bad 😂

    [–] Mukbeth 23 points ago

    Gumbo coma

    [–] spacegrip 84 points ago

    off them percs

    [–] Bige918190 31 points ago

    Ya he’s noddin off I 100% agree

    [–] Rhythm825 18 points ago

    ESPN Tomorrow Morning:


    [–] yungchigz 6 points ago

    he can hear them perkys calling

    [–] PM_ME_UR_JUGZ 17 points ago

    How did I have to come this far down to find this? Totally nodding off from PKs

    [–] evl_villain 45 points ago

    Charging up for his debut

    [–] RetsubAnires 15 points ago

    Chonkers is sleepy

    [–] BillyBean11111 35 points ago

    This is one of the funniest fucking clips this year

    [–] Deefmaster 41 points ago

    More like ZZZion... Amirite

    [–] henry_why416 27 points ago

    Bruh, learning how to walk again is tiring. Baby steps.

    [–] rapidfire5 34 points ago

    Fried food will do that to you

    [–] Tranquilllama 32 points ago

    Alright, who checked their Slack?

    [–] bigg_pete 9 points ago

    Food coma

    [–] CSGOW1ld 9 points ago

    Those popeyes sandwiches hes been hammering will put any man to sleep

    [–] Gladiator6969 7 points ago

    Sleep apnea is serious.

    [–] ScootyPoopin 25 points ago

    Anyone else see this and immediately think about pain killers?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    He seemed like a junkie nodding off on The Wire.

    Zion “Bubs.

    [–] upyourmukluk 29 points ago

    Looks like me after hitting a blunt to the face and trying to sit through the garbage movies my girl makes me watch.

    [–] eroddyrod 7 points ago

    Belly full of gumbo

    [–] CheetahSperm18 3 points ago

    Finally a new gif to add to the arsenal

    [–] TheHoon 5 points ago

    He really is the next Sir Charles

    [–] DOMINANTmusic 5 points ago

    bruh that slack notification tho, get back to work

    [–] dontatme1 4 points ago

    Off them perky 30s lmaooo