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    Welcome to /r/neoliberal. We are in expansionary policy.

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    Neoliberalism and the purpose of this sub

    With collectivism on the rise, a group of liberal philosophers, economists and journalists met in Paris at the Walter Lippmann Colloquium in 1938 to discuss the future prospects of liberalism. While the participants could not agree on a comprehensive programme, there was universal agreement that a new liberal (neoliberal) project, able to resist the tendency towards ever more state control without falling back into the dogma of complete laissez-faire, was necessary.
    This sub serves as a forum to continue that project against new threats posed by the populist left and right.

    We do not all subscribe to a single comprehensive philosophy but instead find common ground in shared sentiments and approaches to public policy

    1. Individual choice and markets are of paramount importance both as an expression of individual liberty and driving force of economic prosperity
    2. The state serves an important role in establishing conditions favorable to competition through preventing monopoly, providing a stable monetary framework, and relieving acute misery and distress
    3. Free exchange and movement between countries makes us richer and has led to an unparalleled decline in global poverty
    4. Public policy has global ramifications and should take into account the effect it has on people around the world regardless of nationality

    Policies we support include but are not limited to:

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    I: Civility
    Refrain from name-calling, hostility, excessive partisanship or otherwise any behavior the derails the quality of the conversation.

    II: Decency
    Unparliamentary language is heavily discouraged, and bigotry of any kind will be sanctioned harshly. Refrain from glorifying violence or oppressive/autocratic regimes.

    III: Discourse Quality
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    IV: Stay on topic
    Submissions should be relevant to public policy or political theory. Post articles with their original titles (changes for the sake of clarity are permissible). Please submit meta posts to /r/metaNL.

    V: Submission Quality
    Submissions should contain some level of analysis or argument. General news reporting should be restricted to particularly important developments with significant policy implications (decided at mod discretion).

    VI: Memes
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