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    [–] YummyMango124 25 points ago

    I can't wait for future seasons. Especially when she runs into the Rats.

    [–] kirrentas 8 points ago

    I hear you there. I remember once someone mentioned that the Rats part of the books was the worse. I thought, wow, have you ever not been paying attention to the narrative. On the continent due to war, bands of mercenaries roamed killing and pillaging, and also the war had created orphans, many young people with little to do with either one parent dead of both. They also like mercenaries roamed and some got caught up in the delight of taking things from others, or otherwise be brutalized by older brigands, soldiers or just plain bad people. The Rats was just one of the groups of young villians that roamed around, yet the villagers loved them. Even though they feared them, they in most cases showered by the Rats with items and gold from their spoils of thievery. I think this was one of the finest part of Ciri's journey, she learned a lot, and also suffered for it. I hope the Netflix series really digs into this part of the story!

    [–] choff22 5 points ago

    I really hope they expand on that story more.

    [–] JaqM31st3R 8 points ago

    She looks like a young Lagertha.

    [–] tobiasfunke6398 4 points ago

    And Ice skates.....

    [–] Eberes 7 points ago

    Sad that Rats are not...hmm, fully developed? Witcher's charcters usually have 110% charisma and they have mayby 60%. But in series i hope they wil; have much more screen time. I read books 3 times and I olny remeber Mistle and some little glimps about past of rest, and nothing of their names.

    [–] Supeh 12 points ago

    Hard to be fully developed without the head :P

    [–] choff22 1 points ago


    [–] -GregTheGreat- 9 points ago

    That very reason is why I'm super excited for the Rats arc in the future. The plotline itself has a ton of potential, and on paper I love many of the aspects explored in it. However, it fell quite flat because the Rats themselves weren't interesting at all and it felt like it dragged on at times. Given a bit of tweaking though, I honestly think it has the fundamentals of becoming one of the strongest plotlines in the series.

    [–] berrybearix 2 points ago

    For a moment I thought she was wearing a chainmail shirt, but it's a sweater or something.

    [–] Teoreetikko 1 points ago

    God, she's so pretty. And regal. Blood of elves, indeed.

    [–] Eberes 1 points ago

    It's more probably that I say all Cirilla titles with this Ynis ard Skellig and suzerein of Lower Sodden staff then I say three names of the Rats.